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Sailfish OS 2.1.4 is now available on Jolla devices & Sailfish X

Update: Sailfish OS 2.1.4 is now publicly available to download on Jolla devices and Sailfish X!

After a few productive months of development, we are ready to release the next Sailfish OS update named Lapuanjoki to the early access group!

Lapuanjoki is named after the town of Lapua, located in Southern Ostrobothnia region, flowing from lake Sampalampi to the Gulf of Bothnia.

Release highlights

Lapuanjoki introduces a sizable number of added value to Sailfish OS such as a bevy of new languages translated by our amazing community, updated Qt framework which includes hundreds of bug fixes, security patches for kernel, display drivers and bluez, bug fixes in CalDAV sync, Dropbox account creation and much more.


With special thanks to our community for helping us translate Sailfish OS strings to their own languages, we now have added a whopping ten new languages to Sailfish OS. Those languages include Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovenian, Spanish (Bolivia), Turkish. On top of those, two new keyboard layouts, Hungarian and Slovenian, are also added to the localisation part of this update! The addition of these languages will help us and our users while we expand the market for Sailfish X and add new devices to the lineup.

Ease of use

It’s all in the details. New and smaller features always gets added to Sailfish OS updates in order to detail the whole finish of the OS and make the user experience more pleasurable and easier to use on a daily basis. On Lapuanjoki, we have added details like the ability to search on the Notes app, launching camera app with a long press of the shutter key (Sony Xperia X only), and last but not least, the ability to swipe away a notification banner with a horizontal flick.

Sailfish X exclusive

Alien Dalvik version has now been updated on Sailfish X devices, adding fixes and improvements to Android support such as a fix for audio recording issue on apps such as WeChat, improved camera startup in Android apps and more.

In case you would like to see the full list of improvements, fixes and the overall changelog for this update, please visit TJC.

You can also follow our detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device here. We hope you enjoy this update and kindly report any bugs found so we can iron them out before the public release of the software.

Special thanks to all of our engineers, designers, and testing team who worked tirelessly in order to get this update out! A massive thank you to our community contributors as well for their awesome feedback and proposals!
Kind Regards,
James, on behalf of Jolla team


James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    Cam got better, i hope its not placebo effect 🙂

    • Avatar

      Definitely not. Have to check in different lighting conditions, but now my Xperia is finally autofocusing properly 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Update went through quite well, all seems to be going good 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Why is the Dalvik update just for Sailfish X?

    • Avatar

      Because this update only fixes few hardware-bound issues?

    • Avatar

      We have very limited resources. We have to focus on newer devices for the more complex developments, which have device specific components, like on Android Runtime update has.

      • Avatar

        I think consumers have to focus their money on something that will at least last longer. If I knew I would get stuck with an ancient android version, I would never have bought the phone.

      • Avatar

        have you considered croud funding some extra dev hands ? maybe there are enough interested owners of legacy devices (I certainly still keep my Jolla 1 around).

  4. Avatar

    Hmmm… The Bluetooth nightmare is still not fixed or at least improved for Xperia X? I thought I could read it somewhere that this topic was on the list.
    Hopefully the X can be used now finally. Currently it is still sleeping on my desk.
    Anyway many thanks for this large new update package 😉

    • Avatar

      > Xperia X can be used now finally

      my daily driver is a X (since my Jolla 1 suffered some heavy hardware damage)

      It works more or less okay for me. My main gripe with X and the older ophono from is that on roaming, sometime the connection gets broken and can only be restored after a reboot (not even restarting the service does bring the cconnection back).
      Apparently, SFOS features Ofono 1.20 which fixes this problem.

      • Avatar

        As long as all Bluetooth car connections which I need are not working for the Xperia X is not usable and simply scrap ;).
        I am really wondering what is so difficult to implement the most essential Bluetooth profiles and how Jolla wants to handle this for future devices.

  5. Avatar

    Great! I prefer to wait for the Beta OTA but no need to hurry with that. You know what you need to speed up? Right 😀

  6. Avatar

    Works great on my Xperia X ! Thanks to all 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Thanks for the update. Update went well, and looks good.

    I wish you will spend some time to figure out how to fix the group SMS/MMS messaging and thread handling. This is the only additional feature that I really need.

  8. Avatar

    Nice update and excellent OS. keep up the good work

    • Avatar

      So you succeeded in flashing the OS!

      • Avatar

        Problem was PC limitations in the end. Tried on a new PC and all sorted

  9. Avatar

    Thank you Jolla for the fine update. Looking for the next progress.

  10. Avatar

    What it that thing about the dalvik update not being available to other phones than the Sony? Is that to fix very specific issues?

    • Avatar

      Hi Mazhe, as mentioned above, we have very limited resources. We have to focus on newer devices for the more complex developments, which have device specific components, like on Android Runtime update has.

  11. Avatar

    Thank you for the update. It is always a pleasure to see the new picture appear. And thanks for adding Dutch.

  12. Avatar

    Thank you for the update. Unfortunately I ended up with the “boot-to-black-screen” problem… I could ssh into the phone and try the update process from the terminal, but that didn’t work even with disabled openrepos and of course all patches unapplied. I had to hard-reset from Recovery mode…

    • Avatar

      Turns out a device reset can be healthy from time to time. My Jolla 1 ist now SUPER fast again 🙂
      Thanks very much for the new features!

  13. Avatar

    Great update, Im looking forward for buying Sony X.

    Can anybody tell me what version of enviroment of android is used now? I mean, my bank app needs android >4.5.

    • Avatar

      Xperia X is at Android 4.4 Kitkat
      Jolla1 is still stuck at Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
      (drivers provided by Qualcom to Jolla are too old, there are threads with more about this subject on Together Jolla Com)
      (also some Jolla officials should step in and tell what are their license situation with Myriad, how long are updates for older devices covered ?)

      4.4 Kitkat is the oldest version that is still officially supported by Google (gets security upgrade).
      It’s also the last one that still uses the “kind of Java-like” JIT that is Dalvik, so it’s the last one that can be supported by Myriad’s Alien-Dalvik.

      Starting from Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has moved to a different runtime. (compiled in advance)

      as far as I know, there is no such thing as Android 4.5. You e-banking app is most likely to be targetting 4.4 (most apps I’ve seen do) as it’s the oldest still supported, and still can be found in the wild.

      Note that some bank app might require services that aren’t included out of the box with alien dalvik (might depend on google services, on extra crypto libraries that google provides but alien dalvik doesn’t, etc.)

      • Avatar

        My bank app, Mobilt BankID, currently requires Android 4.1, but that will change to Android 5 in this summer. Looks I’ll get problems with this soon.

        They also explicitly state that they don’t support Blackberry, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, *Jolla/Sailfish OS*, Windows Phone.

        • Avatar

          I’m in the same boat as you. It’s already frustrating that one app is used to login everywhere, and you’re stuck with a phone that can’t run that one very important app, and it’s not even that old. It’s either you use Android or iPhone or be left behind.

        • Avatar

          > not support Jolla/Sailfish OS

          given the list it is in, means probably that they have not intent of writing a native QML app for SFOS (nor HTML webapp for FireFox and Chrome OS, etc.)

          Your stuck with the android app for now (like BlackBerry, ChromeOS, etc. users).

          Android requirements might be problematic.
          You could still try to force installation from some .apk package source.

          (if it won’t rely a lot on android 5 lollipop only APIs it might still more or less work, except for a few features)

          • Avatar

            I guess it will not work. The app currently warns about my old Android version. It will probably just refuse to work when the time is out. But I think it is nice that they at least are aware of Sailfish.

  14. Avatar

    As one hand use seems to be one of the leading themes for Jolla UI design, why not introduce the one-hand friendly keyboard ‘ComboKey Plus’ ( The Android app does not work on SaifishOS.

  15. Avatar

    This update doesn’t seems to solve issues that would make the XPERIA X more appealing to more people. Recent update has caused problem on Jolla devices. Simply my wishes:
    – bluetooth working properly (establish connection with car, and so on)
    – Hand free loudspeaker working properly, so it is loud enough, use both speaker on the Xperia
    – Internet sharing
    – Issue with apps, like WeChat, where it indicate the microphone is mute, and you can’t never unmute. It use to work, since last upgrade, does not.
    – Double tap to wake up. This feature is available on the Xperia X under Android. What happened?
    All these issues are highlighted in Together Jolla, but they seem ignore.
    Get one device working properly before trying to please everyone and get other device partly usable.

    • Avatar

      have you tried to triple-tap? This works sometimes for me. But it is unfort. not ery reliable. I also which back easy and reliable double tap!

      Btw, with new SFOS Version: double click the on switch goes straight to the app overview view

    • Avatar

      As long as all Bluetooth car connections which I need are not working the Xperia X is not usable and simply scrap ;).
      I am really wondering what is so difficult to implement the most essential Bluetooth profiles and how Jolla wants to handle this for future devices.

  16. Avatar

    And Again silence about the Tablet refund .. no updates .. So Jolla is still not profitable .. not making money ..

    It’s sad sad sad .. pathetic ..

  17. Avatar

    I was wondering if someone at Jolla could take a look at the audio issues on SailfishX. Wired headphones sound distorted, especially when the music’s volume is very low or staccato. It has been reported by several people in the bug tracker so it would be nice to get some confirmation.

  18. Avatar

    Just installed it and honestly I have to say it seem I have to go back to Android.
    I am aware that not all Android apps will work but the issues I have with apps like Line or Whatsapp makes Sailfish unusable for me. If I can’t use the voice calls feature of those apps it simply not working for me.

  19. Avatar

    It will be great if we have news regarding tablet refund !!!

    • Avatar

      Same here, I’m just waiting to get the remaining money back …
      As the company doesn’t hesitate to tell us about all the cool things that happen, I supposed that they didn’t payed new refunds to more backers yet?

      @jolla any feedback plz?

      • Avatar

        The lovely boffin heads at Jolla still haven’t learned a thing about PR or transparency.

        They will just ignore all the tablet backers requests for more information. Not like they have any reason to change now, after more than 3 years anyone still without their money is never going to trust Jolla again.

  20. Avatar

    Is it I or is anyone else’s SailfishX phone acting wonky? The Bluetooth doesn’t work (I have no option for Bluetoothing music) and I experienced glitchiness when typing on the Google Chrome browser.

    • Avatar

      My phone is even worse now: mobile network stopped suddenly, so it’s not a real phone at the moment. Have the latest update.

      • Avatar

        Mobile function refused while I was in the UK. Network connections not everywhere good working there. Now I am ‘home’ and my phone works well again.

        • Avatar

          With the roaming activated?

          • Avatar

            Yes, allowing roaming is necessary since the EU made it ‘free’. I had to put my phone on flight mode (hospital) and after that it refused to connect. But now it is ok again.

    • Avatar

      hmm, it’s a bit light on detail tbh and it’s hard to get truly excited as im still waiting for a device to run ANY SFOS on!

      im assuming the image with the 3 devices is a mock up but the device with the keyboard looks sweeeeet, anyone know what it is?

      • Avatar

        It’s a Gemini PDA (see press releases). I don’t think that kind of form factor is useful, you can’t use it as a phone, and it’s way too small to use it as a notebook. But why not, it’s already crowdfunded and is hitting production so, great for Sailfish!

        I agree for Sailfish 3, it’s really far away. I am a lot more waiting for the completion of Sailfish X (working bluetooth and sdcards, non-laggy webviews, vpn support, camera AF, missing sensors, …)

        PS: the next device will be Xperia XA2, maybe this one is available in your location?

        • Avatar

          thanks man, same here.

          I haven’t bought an Xperia X as I need a working phone which the Sailfish X isnt i feel

          I’m happy to get an XA2…..once SFOS is fully working on it! 😀

          • Avatar

            It works well and it’s worth trying. But with some patience you could also opt for another Sony.

          • Avatar

            Depends on your definition of “working phone”.

            If all you want is making call, sendinf/receiving SMS, running WhatsApp, having a browser to quickly check online info, and a mail client to check you mails :
            Sailfish X already fits the bill.

            If you have complex requirement (needing lots of specific android apps which might not all work, etc.. ) then yes, you might need to wait until it matures a bit more.

            • Avatar

              What I really miss is a better share option. There is no interference with tweetian, nor with pingvinii, etc. which is a shame.

    • Avatar

      Actually Im disappointed of SFOS 3, due to more details looks like android UI wich is not good.

  21. Avatar

    Sailfish 3 for intex aquafish?

    • Avatar

      ping @intexbrand for update too, think they are lazy

  22. Avatar

    Sailfish x is binding account or machine IMEI? My SONY Xperia X (F5121) has broken down, but I have purchased sailfish X. If I change my cell phone, I don’t know if I can use Android virtual machine properly.

    • Avatar

      Who can answer my question?

    • Avatar


      Please write to our customer care and open a ticket on our zednesk in order to transfer your Sailfish X to a new device or to get help fir your problem. Thanks!

  23. Avatar

    Case Jolla 1:
    Update available
    Result: “Sailfish-käyttöjärjestelmää ei voinut päivittää. Yritä uudelleen myöhemmin.”

    Windows has apparently sneaked into Sailfish: First failing update and then a vague comment with a typo…

  24. Avatar

    G’day, any idea when the public release will be released?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Avatar

      According to the release notes of 2.1.4 and the message on my Xperia X’s screen :


  25. Avatar

    Just updated my sweet jolla 1 🙂

  26. Avatar

    Do we know anything about the return of money? Some of us are having a bad time and we could use the money instead of playing with the cell phone.

  27. Avatar

    Updated both my J1 and SX without problems. WiFi hotspot now works without additional terminal commands as promised. Mail app still lagging a lot on SX, though.

  28. Avatar

    Successfully updated my Jolla 1 to, but for my Jolla C ( update not available – is something wrong with it?!

    • Avatar

      It doesn’t show up on my Jolla C either. It show up on Jolla Tablet though. Updating my Jolla 1 now.

    • Avatar

      Same here, on Intex Aquafish transformed in Jolla C, the update is not available. Some more information related to this would be helpful. Also from other users, not only from Jolla.

    • Avatar

      I solved it by going to console and as admin running the command ‘pkcon refresh’. After that, the update is available.

  29. Avatar

    I was hoping you’d have by now fixed double tap to wake and added support for the fingerprint and other yet-to-be supported sensors on the Xperia X. However this does seem to include a pretty comprehensive list of bug fixes, including a fix for the tethering issue (which was one of my main gripes with the Xperia X).

    Let’s hope the next update is the update where you finally fix those niggles along with genuinely important stuff like moving at least the Xperia X off the rather ancient 3.10 kernel as it reached EoL (End of Life) last November. Sony themselves has done most of the work necessary for a move onto 4.4, which has an EoL date set for February 2022. The fact that they haven’t moved on from this EoL:d kernel, specially after Spectre, is actually rather alarming.

    I see the usual I-don’t-understand-the-difference-between-crowdfunding-and-buying-something-from-a-store suspects are still here thinking that if they moan enough they’ll get their second refund faster…

    • Avatar

      Stop hoping and go reading Jolla’s plans 😉
      Support for missing sensors won’t come in the next update.

    • Avatar

      Nah, the swindled backers are still complaining about being lied to for 3 years now and not seeing the money that was supposed to fund a tablet development. If that upsets the fanbois, better. Even better if it upsets the clueless-repeating-the-same-old-idiocy-about-crowdfunding-and-buying.

  30. Avatar

    Any update regarding important stuff soon?

  31. Avatar

    I have a Jolla phone from November 2013 (one of the first batches if I am right). I have tried installing the Lapuanjoki update. But it does not go. I tried 2-3 times. Is there any reason why this should happen?

    • Avatar

      I reply my own comment. The update worked after one more try. So the problem solved. I still wonder though, if there will be a compatibility problem in the future with the oldest Jolla phones.

  32. Avatar

    Great to see on Xperia X and Jolla devices now.

    It is still very annoying that Jolla doesn’t seem to be able to implement at least a minimum set of traditional Bluetooth profiles (like HFP, A2DP, PBA…) according the Bluetooth standards which would work with most of the devices on the market.

    This gap prevents me to use the X as daily phone… Or I will use it and will have to use additionally the Jolla C just for car connections.

    Just sad that Jolla doesn’t listen to the complaints of many users in TCO.

    @James: Any comment on this?

    • Avatar

      Oops… TJC I meant 😉

      • Avatar

        I totally agree.

        I have been with Jolla since ordering my first Jolla 1 at the end of 2013. I have several Jolla 1’s, a Intex Aqua Fish, a Sony Xperia X and participated in both the Jolla tablet funding as well as currently participating in the Youyuta funding – so I’m what some might call a fanboy.

        However I am hugely disappointed with Jolla over their attitude towards all of us supporters purchasing a Sony Xperia X and subsequently the Sailfish image. Almost 6 months after purchasing the Sailfish X image I am still not able to use my Xperia X in my car due to the Bluetooth issue.

        I cannot comprehend that Jolla simply ignores a basic smartphone functionality like Bluetooth is not working properly. Other companies would have dropped everything else and worked flat out to make sure at least all basic functionalities are working in the image they are selling to people.

        Jolla, you need to get your priorities right – I can understand that some of the “nice to have” functionalities are postponed but please make sure all the “need to have” functionalities are working as they should, asap.

  33. Avatar

    Jolla store dosent work anymore on jolla1 🙁

  34. Avatar

    Just updated my Aquafish, that was quick!

  35. Avatar

    Hello, are you planning also port SFOS for Xperia XA2 Dual SIM? Because in my country (Czech Republic) is available only this model and I cant find any information about releasing singel SIM version here too.

  36. Avatar

    First I would like to thank you for a great update to a great OS. WiFi Sharing now works for me without the use of a shell script. I never had bluetooth issues with my car or several others I rented and I do not miss much on my Xperia X. The compass would be nice but not more than that. There’s is gps and glonass and beidou.
    For an alternative to googles or apples infrastructure I would happily pay the original download fee on a yearly basis or more if needed.

    But there is one thing I really do not appreciate here: It is a bunch of cry babies always complaining that their (!) decision to go for an OS under development was not wise. “Wah wah, my expensive device only rests on the shelf because the color of the LED won’t match my Hyundais dashboard light! Shame on Jolla!”

    Get serious people! You can’t go on whining for months and months about a 50 € investment. Reflash your device to google crap and go blame them. They will sure take care of all your issues. Maybe your better left off with the stuff all the others use.

    I am sorry if I hurt anyones feelings here. But then again… not.

  37. Avatar

    Where the bloody hell can I obtain a replacement battery for my AquaFish phone? I have searched high and low to no avail.

  38. Avatar

    Hi guys, I have the Sailfish X, everything is fine, except compass. That is not tragic. The big problem I have is that I can not read e-mails, when I make an incoming e-mail, I always have only a white screen. Who can help me. Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

  39. Avatar

    Hello Mr.noori this is syed, is that sailfish os 2.1.4 was not turned on hotspot for without mobile internet this is our sailfish lover big unsatisfied so pls enable that option. And we need a batter camera facility and sound equalizers too. Thank u, once again i m a sailfish os lover.

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