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Sailfish X – what’s next?

Sailfish OS reached a major milestone last year as we launched for the first time a downloadable, fully supported Sailfish OS – Sailfish X for the Sony Xperia X device which you can purchase by visiting our webshop.

Sailfish X has been a fun program for us and we can see that our customers are feeling the same way. We have received a lot of positive feedback and seen the OS spread far and wide. The amount of downloads has been a positive surprise for us and we’ve seen downloads in many places we didn’t expect. All in all, 2017 was a great start for Sailfish X. This year we want to continue on this exciting path and want Sailfish X to reach even more people.

Upcoming Releases

As usual, we target to make 4-6 Sailfish releases during the year, and publish those also for Sailfish X. We have recurring roadmap sessions with our licensing customers, and we’ll also go through all the input we receive via various channels and prioritize most important fixes and features based on the customer demand and community feedback.

One of the most important community feedback channels is and your votes on topics do really count. For example, last year we made 4 Sailfish OS releases and fixed over 100 items you reported in, benefiting all Sailfish users. Thank you for your valuable reports!

Our next release will be 2.1.4 Lapuanjoki. It’s almost ready and should go out in a few weeks. Specifically for Sailfish X there are fixes in Bluetooth support, mobile data reliability, WiFi tethering, and BTRFS support for SD cards. We also added many new languages to Sailfish OS. Special thanks goes to you, our community, for providing translations for: Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovenian, Spanish (Bolivia), and Turkish.

We will follow with 2.2.0 Mouhijoki couple of months later. With Mouhijoki we will add support of Dual SIM variant of Xperia X and expand the availability of Sailfish X to new markets where dual SIM support is a must have feature. We are also working on a new graphical installer for Sailfish X which makes installation simple and accessible also by non-technical people.

Our licensing partners have done significant efforts to improve business features of Sailfish OS and thus we will have several improvements and fixes for apps such as email and calendar coming up throughout the year. With Mouhijoki we will start to see results from that effort: it will include the often requested features of accepting and sending meeting requests for calendar events.

After Mouhijoki we will add support for some device features that have been missing, such as NFC and fingerprint authentication, and we have already started working on the next generation device.

Privacy is a key benefit of Sailfish OS and we are continuously improving the security of the OS. During the first half of the year, we’ll be adding memory card encryption, filesystem encryption, and email encryption. In the second half we will continue to improve security frameworks of the OS, and adding more security features like improved VPN support.

Other important areas that we’ll be working during 2018 are updating the Android runtime compatibility to a newer Android version, continue working on blockchain solution together with Zipper, and expanding the device portfolio even further.

Please remember that plans change and this is only the high level view of Sailfish OS and Sailfish X related work. We’ll implement a lot more features and continue monitoring the input carefully and adjust our plans based on the feedback we get.

Expanding availability

We want to make Sailfish available to as many people as possible in as many markets as possible. However, for a relatively small company like Jolla, there are markets that are easier to enter while some are more difficult. In some cases the legislation or competitive landscape makes entering difficult for us even if there is demand. We’ve been studying the markets carefully and we’ve selected handful of markets for our next expansions. These are markets where there is clearly demand and opportunity, and the business environment is suitable for us.

So far, Sailfish X has been a digital download targeting Sailfish fans and early adapters but we are expanding the offering also to business customers and our regional partners. During the first quarter we target to start sales in Turkey and India, then expand to selected Asian markets (Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand), and further expand to South America (Brazil, Argentina) by the end of Q2.

Further, we all know that Xperia X will be superceded by newer models. There are some very interesting devices that we’d love to bring Sailfish to, and we’re working in collaboration with Sony to make this happen. Stay tuned for this!

We’ve been really happy with Sailfish X, but this year is going to be an even more exciting year for Sailfish X and the Jolla crew and we can’t wait for all of you to see and experience all the improvements that are cooking up.


Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

Manages projects at Jolla HQ. Likes gadgets, travel to warm places and spicy food.



    • Avatar

      I have all but given up on jolla as you seem more interested in new features than fixing serious bugs where calls are dropped.
      For example on issue/case 166052 which a duplicate of others for “cell connectivity drops requiring reboot” remains unresolved after several years.

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    > Our next release will be 2.1.4 Lapuanjoki. It’s almost ready and should go out in a few weeks.
    > We will follow with 2.2.0 Mouhijoki couple of months later.
    > After Mouhijoki we will add support for some device features that have been missing, such as NFC and fingerprint authentication, and we have already started working on the next generation device.

    That’s sounds really bad for Sailfish X early supporters. The device is still not feature-complete, some features are delayed to N-release, and you’re already working on other device..

    • Avatar

      But.. but the early adopters are going to get those features! How is that bad for them?

      • Avatar

        Currently Xperia X is the showcase phone for Jolla, but it really lacking the feel of complete product. And the statement of working on next device with delays on supporting the current one sounds alarming(Android way :)).

        • Avatar

          No no, that is not the case. As you can see we still support the first Jolla device alongside Jolla C, Jolla Tablet and Intex Aqua Fish. We don’t just drop support just because a new device is coming. In other words, we don’t do things the Android way 😉

          • Avatar

            Again, thank you for thinking up your modular architecture (Adaptation layer + Mer core + Jolla’s special Sailfish sauce) so that development that you’re doing on my Sony Xperia X can also be enjoyed by my Jolla 1.

            (well… at least for the Mer/Jolla part. Of course, Qualcom being Qualcom, I don’t hold much hope of seeing kernel improvement and fixes on the Adaptation layer…)

          • Avatar

            I have to say I agree with ddark that it sounds bad. I’m not saying it is a bad move to work on some device; but it is easy to see why some of us (users) would prefer you to invest more resources in solving bugs (and potentially adding features for the existing supported targets); rather than invest those same resources in diversifying the supported target group.

            And therefore, it is really easy for us users to interpret it as an unnecessary development; costing resources where they are needed for us.

            Maybe it would help if you would indicate what proportion of the resources are used on each (supporting the Xperia X bugs squashing/features adding; vs supporting a new target). As I’m sure you only have a few people working on the new target (since you wrote that you don’t do things the Android way) that would probably help the morale of a lot of us. 🙂

          • Avatar

            thats what i love all the old devices get all the updates as long as humanly possible

          • Avatar

            Will Sailfish team support any flagship hardware like Xperia XZ1.

    • Avatar

      > “really bad for Sailfish X early supports”

      On the other hand, he did explain that Jolla relies on feedback to improve and fix problems.
      How would they get the necessary feedback if they didn’t get out an early release to be tested by users ?

      • Avatar

        Let’s say it was my first impression out of blog post, and James did a great job with his replies to me and to other questions at the comments section.

  2. Avatar

    Improved calendar app sounds good 🙂

    • Avatar

      It indeed does, and functions well too 😉

      • Avatar

        If that includes calendar search, it is all I want and am100% satisfied.
        Does it?

  3. Avatar

    Unfortunately, in our family, using Jolla and Sailfish have had to stop. Problems with the use of Google Play store and the use of Android applications with Jolla came to be overwhelmingly difficult. Too much work and need to constantly adjust to each new Android app (not to mention the difficulty of the updates). Very little has been done to remedy these issues.

    • Avatar

      That is rather unfortunate to hear. But sadly we can never officially support Google Play services (or store) on our devices…

    • Avatar

      Yalp store uses play store. I’ve used it and got all my Android apps without any problem.

  4. Avatar

    Hello, since I havent find any info about next supported Xperia device in this post.. I suppose u still havent decided about it?


    • Avatar


      Yes we indeed have decided about it. It’s said on this post that we are working on it as well. But we are keeping it under the wraps until we have something to show 😉 It’s one of the very latest generation Sony devices.

      • Avatar

        I wanted to ask about Xperia X Compact 😀
        Sorry for this confusion.


  5. Avatar

    to good to be true. hope you get half of those things running smooth. more would be better but it would be ok to go step by step

    • Avatar

      Well, we did not say that we are doing these all in 1 day. Some of it has been a work in progress from last year and some of it is just a plan and will be worked on as soon as possible. With that said, the second half of the year has some high-level plans included in them as mentioned in the blog post itself which means that details will be shared later when we get closer to the date.

      We are moving forward step by step as you said and will get these done accordingly.

  6. Avatar

    Gr8 news, Jolla! Thank you very much! Thank you for the Sailfish X!
    Now SailfishOS looks very good on strong HW!

    Encryption, NFC & Fingerprint are also very welcomed feature!

    One small question: If i want to switch from F5121 to F5122 in the future, do i need to buy Sailfish X again?

    Thank you

    • Avatar

      Thanks Pawel for your comment! It is our pleasure to bring Sailfish X into your hands and see the community grow with it!

      About your question: We have not had a decision made upon that as of yet, we will however get back to you when we are ready to release the software with a more proper answer.


      • Avatar

        Great news indeed that F5122 will now be officially supported! 🙂

        I already installed my F5121 image on my F5122 and got the 2 SIMs working as well -do I have to reinstall when the image for F5122 becomes available or will it be just a matter of tweaking some settings?

        Anyway, thank you and keep up the good work!

  7. Avatar

    Im Very Waiting it on Indonesia!!!! Its great news thanks.

    • Avatar

      That’s amazing, Arif! Terima Kasih 🙂 (Sorry, I don’t know much more of your language…)

  8. Avatar

    Satisfied Jolla 1 user here. Your planned upgrades look good, I especially like the encryption ones. But I do have some suggestions to make the system a bit better still.
    – System to locate and/or lock missing or stolen phone.
    – USB tethering (share internet connection to pc via USB).
    – Call recorder app should be in the official repo.

    Assuming my Jolla 1 keeps on going, I’ll probably use it for many years still. But, for my next device, I’d like the following.
    – Ruggedness (waterproof, shockproof, etc).
    – Not larger than Jolla 1, preferably 1cm less tall. It can be a bit thicker if it needs to.
    – Good quality camera. Perhaps a with wide angle lens, and/or a stabilizer. A physical shutter button is a must have, and I wouldn’t mind a button/slide/whatever that turns on the phone and starts camera app (think N900). Then again, I must thank you for the update that allows camera access from lock screen, for me it is the single most important update that has come to Sailfish.

    Although I sometimes buy stuff online, I prefer devices that are available in brick-and-mortar stores. As it seems that it’s the only way to go, I can buy a device and download the OS separately. But I’d like for you to consider some arrangement to have devices with preinstalled Sailfish sold somewhere. In Finland, perhaps one of the mobile operators or that large electronics store in Jätkäsaari.

    • Avatar

      Have you noticed that there is already a integrated call recorder in the phone app? You can find it in Settings > Applications > Phone.

      • Avatar

        Hadn’t noticed that, thanks. But looks like it has to be activated manually, I want automatic recording for all calls (unless I’ve specified that number for “do not record”, but I could manage without the “do not record” list). I’ve been using this one, does what I want.

    • Avatar

      your next device sounds like sony xperia x compact!

      • Avatar

        Perhaps. Although it would have to be on atleast 50% sale 😉

        • Avatar

          Well, it’s not supported officially, so you can’t buy the official version from jolla. I use the community build image on my x compact (F5321) since october as my daily device (as replacement for my broke down jolla 1). It works very well. I’d like to pay for it in order to get official support, OTA updates, and android support.

      • Avatar

        The X Compact isn’t waterproof. It was a massive disappointment for compact fans. It was slower than the previous Z5 Compact.

        Sony fixed that balls-up with the XZ1 Compact however which is back to being a smaller version of their flagship phone like a proper compact should be.

    • Avatar

      Hi, and thank you for your feedback!

      We will definitely take everything into consideration and will implement as we see feasible for our company. You have valid points and they are most definitely appreciated.

      • Avatar

        “System to locate and/or lock missing or stolen phone.” I mean. Clicked Submit too fast

  9. Avatar

    Great news. Thanks for your effort. We appreciate it.
    I wonder if the camera focus issue will be fixed in Sony Xperia X.
    Because it´s pretty annoying. Quality pictures are clearly behind they could be.

    • Avatar


      Thanks for commenting. You have a valid concern, and I can let you know that it is in the pipelines to be fixed but as we have other priority items on top of it, I can’t give you an ETA on which update the fix will be provided.


  10. Avatar

    Thank you for the update! Keep up the good work! I hope that the Sailfish ecosystem will grow and thrive. Looking forward for more hardware support.

    A question though: are aliendalvik updates also planned? One large show-stopper for Xperia X for me is inability to use videochat. There are AFAIK no native video chat apps and android ones have problems with the camera (

    • Avatar

      Hi Erik!

      Yes indeed, they are. There will be Aliendalvik updates coming your way as soon as we are done implementing them. No ETA for that yet but we will do our best to be quick and painless about it 🙂

      • Avatar

        The latest version of Wire (3.6.391, 25 Jan 2018) doesn’t work on SFOS. Maybe the upcoming work on Android compatibility will help, but it is not an option for SFOS users at the moment. There are a couple of mentions of this on TJC.

        A native SFOS Wire app would be great, but I don’t see any sign of anyone working on that at the moment

        • Avatar

          You are right. After the latest update Wire does not work anymore. What a pity.

  11. Avatar

    When sailfish x works all 6 cores?

  12. Avatar

    > Further, we all know that Xperia X will be superceded by
    > newer models. There are some very interesting devices
    > that we’d love to bring Sailfish to, and we’re working
    > in collaboration with Sony to make this happen.

    Now you’ve set me unreasonable expectations that you’ve been working in secret and you’ll announce support for this year’s devices that Sony will be unveiling at MWC…

    • Avatar

      I can tell you this much: You are wrong, but not so far away from the truth either. The device in question is already announced but it is one of Sony’s latest generation devices.

    • Avatar

      Check Sony’s website. I might be wrong, but I think James subtly told us 😉 From his clues, my guess is on the XA2. Announced but not out yet. It has small side bezels and rounded edges which perfectly suits the Sailfish Swiping UI (like a beloved device from 2011). And I’d say the XA2 over the XA2 ultra, as it is smaller and Sailfish is supposed to be operated with one hand. More: sailors are aware the community asked for Sailfish on devices that are not too big, like the Z1 compact. The XA2 over the L2 as it is higher end (James said it’s going to be a high end device). Happy Hype 🙂

      • Avatar

        I hope not. The XA2 has the same specifications as the X except for the weaker processor. I hope for something more powerful.

  13. Avatar

    I would like to talk about your decision to start sales in Turkey. I think most of the early adopters (I do not think there are many, but obviously you must have received some feedback before making this decision) have already bought the OS using a VPN. Also, if you are planning to create the infrastructure at least for the next device, please be aware not all the devices from Sony are made available here (I am looking at you XZ1 compact). If that is the case for the selected device, future sales may not be promising either.

    • Avatar

      Turkey is just a start. We do have quite a lot of requests coming from Turkey and our community is expanding in that particular country. We definitely are doing it for a reason! Especially with Sony’s next generation device, it should make a rather big amount of noise all over the place.

  14. Avatar

    It’s really nice to yet again have a roadmap and more importantly one with so nice and useful items being planned! 🙂

    But I’m missing one thing from the roadmap – is open-sourcing of some still closed-source Sailfish OS components planned as well ?

    I sincerely hope this has been just omitted due to the user-focused nature of this blogpost, but current (and potential!) Sailfish OS contributors would certainly appreciate a similar roadmap for the Sailfish OS open-sourcing effort! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Martin!

      Open sourcing is always a part of our plan. The reason you can’t see it here is because this is solely dedicated to Sailfish X and its features and its future. Open sourcing is not a part of this plan whatsoever. It has its own agenda which may or may not be shared here (no plans yet). But you will certainly start noticing as we put the plan to work!

      • Avatar

        Certainly looking forward to that! 🙂

      • Avatar

        Hi! Open-sourcing has not been mentioned here nor under general 2018 plans (same blog, ). At the same time you keep mentioning some open sourcing plans that may or may not exist, if I understood your message correctly.

        At the same time, you state that official channel TJC is important. It may come as a surprise to you, but there are several open-sourcing related threads at TJC with the latest one even splitting all requests by components. As a community member, I was expecting some kind of structured response regarding it.

        Note that response “we don’t plan to open source anything anymore” is a response as well.

        • Avatar

          >Note that response “we don’t plan to open source anything anymore” is a response as well.

          Sad, but true! Knowing some things will never be open sourced gives an important signal to the community to stop waiting and start developing an open alternative.

          This is already happening[0] with messaging due to the abysmal state of Telepathy and the closed messaging and account UI on Sailfish OS.


        • Avatar


          The plan for open sourcing definitely exists. I said that we may or may not publicly share it on our blog. Two different statements in total.

          We do plan to open source as much as we possibly can, but we can’t give anyone any ETA on when that will be happening. I can assure you however that it is being worked on. Slowly but steadily.

  15. Avatar

    would love to replace my jolla tablet with a new model, although i would miss my cute lastu case.

    • Avatar

      Could you please elaborate what you mean? Like sending back your tablet and… okay I did not understand it properly.

      • Avatar

        still hope once sailfish x ore y will run on another tablet, f.e. a sony.

        • Avatar

          We do not have any plans for a tablet at the moment. But nothing is impossible for the future!

        • Avatar

          Sony haven’t made tablets for 3-4 years now. They’re still pretty decent but only by comparison with other Android tablets. Android tablet hardware seems to have stalled compared to Apple.

  16. Avatar

    Do you have any plans about start selling sailfishX in Russia?

    • Avatar

      At this moment we are rather busy with the current roadmap. Further announcements regarding other countries may follow after we are done releasing Sailfish X to the mentioned countries.

    • Avatar

      it’s possible to use option VPN of Opera for buying.

  17. Avatar

    Brilliant news and thank you for the update 🙂

  18. Avatar

    Bug fixes for Caldav is the most important for me – my caldav calendars duplicate like mad …

    • Avatar

      That is always being worked on! Hopefully the problems will be fixed ASAP.

      • Avatar

        Always being worked on and never fixed.

        I’ve had bug reports in since the first few weeks of the Jolla 1 and gave up waiting for Jolla to to fix support for Apple’s CalDAV server.

        There were similar bugs with cPanel’s SabreDAV based CalDAV support. That bug was there for over a year. It might still be there now – I don’t know – I ended up selling my Jolla in frustration.

  19. Avatar

    Will the encryption feature be available to existing users? I.e. can I use it to encrypt an existing Jolla-1 device that has no encryption today, when the Sailfish release providing that feature becomes available?

    I know with encryption this is sometimes possible, but I think sometimes it is an option you need to select when setting up an account.

    • Avatar

      The main target is to make it available throughout all Sailfish OS powered devices.

  20. Avatar

    Caldav, Carddav and the Camera are of utmost importance for me.
    I’ve not seen any comment thrown regarding the poor camera performance. Are there any improvements to be expected in the near future?

    • Avatar

      There definitely are planned fixes for the camera. Unfortunately they are not as easy to implement as it sounds, therefore we would have to wait a bit longer and fix/implement other priority features first.

      • Avatar

        Are there any plans to update kernel to newest 4.4 AOSP 7.1 (or 8.x)? It is supposed to contain some fixes for bluetooth, camera AF/ABW and few other things

  21. Avatar

    So, no definitive date? That’s a shame. Definitive dates and more reliable information would be nice. I would love to use Jolla, but I am not buying yet another phone. Get your product working on the sony devices, that’s your best option. Proven manufacturer, quality handsets. Ditch all the other niche products and focus solely on sony.

    • Avatar

      Definitive dates are not provided because they are proven to be actually less reliable. As we develop the software, there almost always are unforeseen problems that come our way and as a result make us delay the “definitive dates” which is bad for our image. Therefore we will only announce any definitive date if we are 100% sure about it. We still have very limited resources which can’t necessarily guarantee such a thing at the moment.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      • Avatar

        > Therefore we will only announce any definitive date if we are 100% sure about it

        No one in software development is 100% sure of anything, especially of delivery dates 🙂 But still, people make estimations, and adjustments along the way. I don’t see how team size has to do with it… If you delay your release in a couple of weeks, or a month, with proper communication, it would still be a lot better than not knowing what to expect.

        • Avatar

          Well; they did that before, but every time that something had to be delayed or any other of their estimations had to be corrected a bunch of people jumped at their necks claiming all over the place that they were breaking their own promises, that their word had no value and that they didn’t know how to do their job. And I dare to say that it was not too good for their image when anybody interested in the project found those kind of comments everywhere

  22. Avatar

    Can we get update of telepathy for VoIP for video calls and voice calls over internet.

    any status on update for intel aquafish(stuck , or is abandoned?

    • Avatar

      as feature request can add for strongswan vpn support?

    • Avatar

      Aqua Fish is not abandoned. The device will receive an update as soon as Intex approves the newest version for their devices. VoIP is not yet a priority in our pipeline unfortunately. About the VPN: We have other options you can enjoy using.

      • Avatar

        thank you for the update

  23. Avatar

    Fantastic news! Looking forward to future updates.

  24. Avatar

    That’s great news, that even Jolla 1 stays on the list of the supported devices.

    To me personally the native app improvements – email and calendar – are the most important announcements. These indeed require a major revision…

    • Avatar

      Jolla 1 definitely stays! Hopefully you’ll be happy with our latest changes on those particular native apps when they land.

  25. Avatar

    These plans look very nice. However, one important issue is missing: camera. The pictures taken with my XperiaX in automatic are greenish/yellowish. Focusing does not always work. Not good, so I hope there will be an update that improves the camera.

    About the XperiaX: the look of this device is nice and it is well made. But the design has one flaw that is very annoying to me: the buttons. They are on the wrong place. Each time I reach for the phone, I involuntarily touch the volume buttons, or the camera button. That means: many unwanted screenshots that I have to remove. Or the volume is very low, so I cannot hear it when it rings.
    I am not willing to buy another phone at the moment, but I wellcome the support of other devices in the future.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Kea for your comment.

      The camera should be fixed in a future update. Unfortunately I can’t comment which update that will be as it is not a top priority in comparison to other features/issues.

      • Avatar

        The camera is a showstopper instead. I am thinking about using an Android phone until I can take decent pictures with my Xperia. For me, it’s the most annoying “feature” on par with the mobile network disappearing.

      • Avatar

        I forgot – The AOSP driver is open source, isn’t it? Couldn’t the community fix the issue?

      • Avatar

        I agree with jameson, the camera is a major drawback of the SailfishX. I’m generally very pleased with the experience (maybe except for occasionally slow/unresponsive emails app), but because of the low quality photos I’m even thinking about going back to android until camera is fixed.

    • Avatar

      Take this: Original Sony Flip Cover Case SCR52,
      and your problem of to many screenshots should be solved. 😉

  26. Avatar

    > fixes in Bluetooth support, mobile data reliability, WiFi tethering, and BTRFS support for SD cards

    and there was much rejoicing (specially about btrfs in my case)

    • Avatar

      Many have been waiting for those, and they will be arriving hopefully sooner rather than later 😉

  27. Avatar

    i can’t thank you enough about the SFOS X, it turned possible to me to get my hands on that so much desired OS! Looking further for the improvements and new releases, thank you Jolla for being another great option for anyone who do not want to be just one more user of the “mainstream” mobile OS’s market!

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your support and amazing comment! We are honoured to have such appreciative people around in our community! Hopefully you will be happy with the upcoming updates and added features of the OS!

  28. Avatar

    Typo fix:
    During the first half we’ll be…
    During the first half of the year we’ll be…

    Happy SFX user ;).

    • Avatar

      Thank you, I updated the post accordingly 🙂

  29. Avatar

    Ah! A roadmap, a roadmap! I’m excited. 🙂

  30. Avatar

    “Updating the Android runtime compatibility to a newer Android version” means that Alien Dalvik or whatever in its place will run Android later than 4.4 and therefore use ART as runtime?

    • Avatar

      I really hope Jolla C/AquaFish users won’t be left out in the cold on Kitkat, since many apps that I use are no longer receiving updates on anything below Lollipop.

    • Avatar

      I’m also very interested in this. Which Android version is Jolla targeting?

  31. Avatar

    “Our next release will be 2.1.4 Lapuanjoki. It’s almost ready and should go out in a few weeks.”

    Does this mean the early access version is out in a few weeks or the final version (meaning EA should be very soon now)?

    • Avatar

      You are absolutely correct.

      • Avatar

        I don’t know if this is meant to be funny, but I find it frustrating. Is the ambiguity on purpose on the post? If it’s only meant to confuse us, why say anything at all? 🙁

        • Avatar

          I think the news are excellent! It is merely a cautious approach.

  32. Avatar

    James noori! When sailfish x works all 6 cores? Now it’s only 4cores.

  33. Avatar

    Great news, Jolla ! Can’t wait to see my Sailfish X getting better, I already love that phone and it will be even more stunning by the end of 2018.

    Happy sailing !

  34. Avatar

    “started working on the next generation device.”

    oooo, please, some hints! 😉

    sw only, I guess – or up-to-date Jolla device?

  35. Avatar


    • Avatar


  36. Avatar

    ok, nice!

    but where is my second part of refound

  37. Avatar

    Nice to hear news!

    I have found little annoying thing with Sailfish X.

    When I choose mobile network helped positioning, all apps made fast positioning but it always shows that I’m near Helsinki railwaystation.

    From my home there are about 200 km to go.

    But when I use only GPS, it is very slow to position, and it works only outside and almost every time I have to move that it will find me.

    I don’t remember that it was this hard with Jolla 1 or Jolla C, and I used with them mobile network helped positioning.

    Or has my service providor did something with their settings? 🙂
    (Haven’t change service providor for years).

    Keep up the good work and sail on!

  38. Avatar

    Very nice. Go ahead Jolla!
    It was time to update the Android update.
    There are some new nice native app, like Sailbook, Prostragram, etc but it could be risky stay on 4.4

  39. Avatar

    Many thanks for sharing the plans, and thanks for all of the efforts!

    I especially welcome the inclusions of the community supported languages!

  40. Avatar

    Just as I started to get annoyed with no updates to Sailfish X, Jolla releases a roadmap that sounds too good to be true! There are many candies there written on the post and I do hope they will become reality also.
    Just today had my F5121 dropped mobile connection for some hours and showed me still “happy face” like everything would be in order, so I really really hope this update solves this!!! Its not the first failure of mobile connection…

    It is written again that Jolla is doing collaboration with Sony… erhm.. why is Sony not helping with the camera??? They are number one in imaging chip business and surely would like to see that SFX also takes good pictures (Xperia X is still sporting Sony badge although flashed to SFOS).
    Have you even asked for some help from Sony?

  41. Avatar

    Is an app related control of gps, camera, pictures, messages, etc. included in one those future updates, a feature similar to Cyanogenmods Privacy Guard, we can turn off gps for the moment, but just of or on for all applications, and also contacts, wether contacts are not synchronized with Android Apps, or with all of them, i miss some fine tuning here. Would be nice to see such a feature in a coming release 🙂 Good work Jolla! Keep on rocking 😛

  42. Avatar

    When next release roll out with BT support I probably sell my shitty Android based garbage Sony XZs and go buy an Xperia X instead. I am so sick and tired of shitty Android that I have know choice to go back to SailfishOS. As long as SailfishOS support dalvik+BankID I am fine with SFOS. The only good with XZs is it has a decent camera. FP2/Jolla1 did have a crap camera.

    But overall AndroidOS and it’s apps is broken pace of shit.

    I missing my SFOS apps. Huge mistake by selling my Fairphone wish atleast had unofficial SFOS.

    It probably will take years before SFOS comes to XZs since my guess is to few SFOS users have it.

  43. Avatar

    That’s the best news I have ever read on this blog!
    I’m really glad that selling Sailfish OS in Brazil is in the current roadmap, and that Brazilian Portuguese is going to be added to the OS. I was also looking forward to device encryption since day 1.


    • Avatar

      Hey Gustavo, i would like to share some info and contact with you, we’re from same country 😉
      Just in case, mail me

    • Avatar

      Thanks Gustavo – We look forward to officially bring our OS into your beautiful country!

  44. Avatar

    Sounds wery good. But there is one more thing you really should implement. Please create a screen reader and speech synthesizer for the Sailfish so that blind and other visually impaired users can use Sailfish too. I did buy the original Jolla. I am from Finland and I was one of those who pre-ordered Jolla. I was not fully blind at that time, but now I am. It is annoying that there still is no screen reader for the Sailfish. I also did start to develop some Sailfish apps when I bought Jolla, but I had to stop developing those because I became blind. I would like to use Sailfish because I liked it, I also would like to continue my Sailfish application projects. But I need screen reader, because as a blind user it is currently impossible to use Sailfish. Every other current mobile operating has a screen reader, so please create it for the Sailfish too. It is ok for me if you use e.g open source espeak-ng as a speech synthesizer, I use it on my Debian laptop too. But first there need to be screen reader. I am sure I am not the only visually impaired user who would like to use Sailfish. You did not tell anything about accessibility in Sailfish, so I am a bit worried that 2018 will be yet another year with no screen reader on Sailfish…

    • Avatar

      Jolla team, please take the comment above into account. Technology is most important for visually impaired people and for every kind of disability as well. I don’t like the way iOT now is used by people who can do things themselves, Homepods, personal assistents without needing it..but can give such a huge improvement of quality of life when you are limited in your movements or when you have other health problems. So a screen reader and a speech synthesizer, make it Top priority.

    • Avatar

      Hi Miskuh,

      That is indeed a very valid comment. So far we have added the feature to enlarge the fonts on the screen of a Sailfish OS powered phone and we do realize that is not enough. We will hopefully add more features for our dear users and community members with visual disabilities in the future. Unfortunately I cannot promise you any date or even a rough timeline as our work here at Jolla can get moved around due to our customers requests. But thank you for letting us know about this.

  45. Avatar

    It would begreat ifon Sailfish there would be screen reader like e.g Google Talkback on Android. Please create something like that for the Sailfish too.

  46. Avatar

    FM radio?

    good news re: Android version. Any idea which version & when?

  47. Avatar

    And please add also support for the bluetooth connected Braille display and Braille keyboard devices. There is braille support on desktop Linux, it is provided by brltty software. On android there is Google Brailleback, which makes it possible to read and write text using Braille display with integrated Braille keyboard. If you are visually impaired then it is much easier to e.g write SMS using Braille display with integrated Braille keyboard. it is much easier than using on-screen keyboard. Braille support would be great too, but screen reader is needed first..

  48. Avatar

    Excellent news. To me it seems like 2018 will be another great year for Sailfish!

    • Avatar

      It absolutely will! And these are only Sailfish X stuff. There hopefully will be other exciting things announced with different partners too!

      • Avatar

        without disclosing details, you are cruel, you must know… 😀

        these are the teasers that makes Sailfish community cry… 😀

        these are the announcements we are waiting for years… 😀

  49. Avatar

    Great news and just at the right time. One questions which bothers me though since the arrival of Sailfish X: even though you’ll come up with a graphical installer to make it more easy to install it on a Xperia, is selling Xperias with pre-installed Sailfish X impossible/too much of a hassle? I know you guys just want do OS development and no hardware development anymore, but selling existing phones?

    • Avatar

      Thanks Fooza for your comment.

      The thing that prevents us from selling pre-loaded Sailfish X Sony devices is that Sony is the manufacturer and the rightful owner of the product before anyone purchases the phone. Therefore it has to contain their own “official” software in it. For us to be able to have pre-loaded devices, we would need to purchase quite many devices (which means allocating a budget on it, while being on a tight budget) and then allocate the time to individually load up Sailfish X onto the devices which can potentially take a long time which again, means a lot of money. In that case we would need to increase the price of the device and the OS while reselling it and that is really not a very good option for the buyers.

      It would be a different scenario if a third-party company saw a potential market and decided to have a deal with Sony Open Devices about this specific case.

      So simple answer is this: We don’t manufacture the phone and we are not Sony’s retailer, therefore we can’t do it at least at this moment.

  50. Avatar

    Some words about the other devices (especially the Jala Accione P) would have been nice – or do we have to wait till MWC? Hope it will come to Europe.

    And I’m still waiting for the implementation of the mobile providers RCS services…

  51. Avatar

    Hello Jolla team and thank you for the update.

    Are you planning any changes regarding the app store, in particular allowing for paid apps or in-app billing? Will the store be available also for adapted Mer systems?

    Wish you best of luck.

  52. Avatar

    Dear James, Happy to see that the project is up and running.
    One question, we will see Sailfish OS over premium phones? Like XZ1, XZ Premium and XZ Pro (not released yet).
    Thank you! Regards!

  53. Avatar

    May I ask why focus solely on Sony devices?
    Is it the only manufacturer with a decent AOSP program?

    I ask because for some reasons, I’m not a big fan of Sony (to anyone who may wonder, no, you may not ask why, that’s not the subject) and I would like to see Sailfish OS on another device than my (aging but still great) Jolla Phone 1, especially with NFC being announced.

  54. Avatar

    Hello James, thank you for the great news – one of “the first one” here. For me, Sailfish remained the alternative OS always, due to the lack of a decent native email application, at least on par with the N9 one. Could you “borrow” it or improve it please? Thanks.

  55. Avatar

    I wondering, any updates for the camera and BTLE?

    And people – if we want to have a free world, not watched by google, we have to be patient and hopefully win in the end 🙂

  56. Avatar

    Im in the know that they want to look at the market in Brazil and get the native Portuguese Brazilian language.
    I wanted to comment that it’s great news for SailfishX users.
    2 upcoming updates and awaiting news

    Please listen to our requests a lot, as the one who makes the best sailfish is us users. Make us the daily problems of the users

    In my opinion the main problems most commented on the forum are the BROWSER, EMAIL, CALENDAR, CAMERA.

    Future Updates:

    Update from Android Runtime and Alien Dalvik makes people look at Sailfish as a new opportunity with new demands for new devices.

  57. Avatar

    Nice Program, especially when the Next Device (raisonably the new Sony XA2) will be up to date !
    Newertheless remains the concern of the lack of Sailfish OS apps, espcially a dedicated Office suite :
    Do you plain to update Sailfish Office with Calligra, as SailfishOS had moved to more compatible versions of QT ?

  58. Avatar

    Great news indeed! All items on my wosh list were mentioned in roadmap. It is funny that today LVPVS introduced USB tethering instructions in TJC and tethering is no longer the most important item for me.

  59. Avatar

    Awesome news indeed, keep going that way Jolla!

    I’m wondering about sailfish x double tap wake up feature enabling and other core apps updates like music player and browser. Do these improvements exist in your priority list or even already there in Lapuanjoki?

    Anyways I’m happy with my Xperia X and still very excited about sailfish. This roadmap drives me crazy, because then sailfish can beat and replace android completely for me! ;P

    Thank you Jolla about roadmap! 😉

  60. Avatar

    Thanks for the information! I bought a pre-owned xperia x with a broken screen just a few weeks ago, just to try out sailfishos. Overall, I was very surprised how good sailfishos is. Now after buying the full version, the only issue that is stopping me from switching to sailfish os is the unsharp camera photos. (And replacing the broken screen 🙂

  61. Avatar

    Where is Voice over LTE, WIFI calling and native SIP integration (over 680 votes on on this roadmap? These are important features for a phone.

  62. Avatar

    I am longing for and making plans to get hold of a device that can carry Sailfish OS. I bought an Xperia XZs just before you released your Sailfish X. Too bad for me, since I now am not able to get Sailfish OS. Hopefully this will be one of the new devices?

    Also looking for sales on the Xperia X to get it anyway. Any other alternatives for residents in Sweden or Europe? Spanish is not a problem.

    I have also tried to look at some of the more feature rich phones on this page:

  63. Avatar

    Re Joikkeli +1 +1 +1 Especially improvements in bluetooth and mobile connections are very wellcome. Unfortunately no news from China sofar. But good to hear that things are going ahead.

  64. Avatar

    It is nice to get some feeling on what you are currently working!
    But I miss a key feature for a phone and if I look at the community there is also a high rated request for a long time for this feature: SIP support.
    I never saw a statement within the last 4 years if there will be ever a native support within the phone app. Is the nativ SIP support considered at all?

  65. Avatar

    Thank you for this detailled informations about your plans for SailfishX!
    May we hear (or even see) more from the next generation sony device during MWC?
    Besides, one piece of information remains still quite unclear: What do you mean when you say that you will offer SailfishX support for just one year? One could read it as if you would drop the support for a certain device after this short time (which wouldn’t be a good thing), another could read it as if you want an annual licence fee (which i could understand), or maybe its just some kind of legal disclaimer.
    Anyway, the uncertainty could keep people away from using SailfishX, especially new users. Could you please give some clarification about that?
    Best regards

    • Avatar

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your comment.
      So one thing is certain that we won’t leave you deserted after the 1 year of usage. We will get back to you with some proper PR regarding the matter later on.
      Regarding the next generation Sony device at MWC, I’m not saying no, nor I’m saying yes. Not commenting until we are at MWC 😉

  66. Avatar

    Cool year ahead.

    But what about december refund? January refund and upcoming February refund?

    Without refund no success!

    Regarding buissness use case. You have to fix the exchange support handling meetings and calendar requests. Without that the OS is unusable for businesses.

  67. Avatar

    You’ve been quiet PR wise lately so great to get some updates 🙂

    I know that supporting 3rd party hardware is not an easy task. I just really hope that you’ll continue to work on the device adaption for Xperia X.

    (better camera, better use of multi-core cpu and maybe kernel 4.4)

    I understand that Sailfish X is work in progress I just hope that you can use the experience to get a new Xperia device to have a better hardware adaption.

    I hope that you’ll be able to make Xperia X hardware support on par with Jolla 1/Aquafish.

    • Avatar

      We were quiet for a reason 😉 preparing all of these things takes a lot of time and effort!

      We will definitely work on the adaptation more and we are doing that every day as we speak even. As stated on the blog, there are a lot planned for this year regarding Xperia X.

  68. Avatar

    Good news! But … I would appreciate it if you (Jolla) look at the working of the current state. UI issues (accidentally deleted items while the pull down menu opens), 10GB lost caused by the partition layout, camera focus, video recording with audio out of sync, bluetooth issues, tethering issue, battery drains while idle, missing native maps app (API issues?). After that enabling the existing hw features like FM-radio, barometer – and what about Meltdown and Spectre CPU bugs (security matters!)? These are only the surface issues that I see while still being on Jolla1. The migration is not possible because of the above issues. So, I would find for sure more inconsistencies when using it SFOSX on a daily basis and thats the point. Please focus on a working state.

    I understand that the company *must* run on the second or third track to get the doors in advance open but you can not start to run on the first track while a simple going is still a problem.

    I would pay annually for a subscription just to get a secure and reliable OS that is continuously developed/updated!

    Thank you very much for the hard work! I can imagine that it’s more complex than it looks like …

  69. Avatar

    Do not forget to fix following:
    – logging in using doubletap. This was working in Jolla 1 and Jolla C, but not in XperiaX
    – Compass. Jolla 1 had a working compass, Jolla C didn’t have HW. XperiaX has HW, but no working SW.
    – Jolla C had a working FM radio. XperiaX has HW, but no SW. I would like to have it just in case.

    The development of blockchain can wait until the basic functions of SailfishOS are fixed.

  70. Avatar

    Many thanks for the roadmap – please make it a regular thing to update it!

  71. Avatar

    Every month. Still waiting for refund!

    • Avatar

      @dimitri: Other people are unhappy and still question the purpose of their lives. You have found it. That’s really great!

  72. Avatar

    @ossi1967 I’m more happy now with your precious point of view about my life. Did you got your tablet or your refund sir?

    • Avatar

      @dimitri Of course I have my tablet. (Actually I have 2 meanwhile… you know, just in case one of them breaks.)
      It’s a beautiful piece of technology. You should have tried to get one while they were available.

    • Avatar

      That made me giggle 😀 perfect response!

  73. Avatar

    Omg again no word Aboutaleb the Tablet refund.
    All you enthousiasts know hoe dedicated thuis company is in stelling your money and making false promises!

    Jolla management is such a bunch of thieves and they still think they can get away with it, not in this life brothers … not in this life

  74. Avatar

    Omg again no word on the Tablet refund.
    All you enthousiasts know how dedicated this company is in stealing your money and making false promises!
    Jolla management is such a bunch of thieves and they still think they can get away with it, not in this life brothers … not in this life

      • Avatar

        As said previously I am still waiting on my money and your last updates is 3 months ago !! Your management should be ashamed !!

        Have you ever needed to wait so long on you wages ? Or anywone else ??

        As mentioned before the whole Jolla SCAM is one bunch of thieves ..

  75. Avatar

    Great news, looking forward for the new release.
    For a long time now the OS (ofono?) has been flawed by bugs affecting the most basic function of the phone, that is the ability to place and receive phone calls ( just have a look at TJC ).
    The latest fix a mere “you have to reboot” – barely acceptable.
    After more than 3 years the device is still not reliable as “phone”, which is bad.
    Is there any ongoing effort for addressing this? Does anyone have a clue how to address it?

  76. Avatar

    @ossi1967 oh! you’re a funny guy !

  77. Avatar

    @JamesNoori what is the excuse this month about the refund? I love your imagination !

  78. Avatar

    So does the upcomming update include CALENDAR SEARCH?
    Mr. Noori excels at avoiding answers to this question.
    Asked multie times though.
    Otherwise I am a very happy SFOS user.
    File Browser is one of the reasons I am on SFOS and not on iOS.
    Keep sailing. Keep talking.

    • Avatar

      Apologies, I was not avoiding the question. I was doing other tasks during these days and did not visit the comments section of the blog.

      The upcoming update will not include any search function in the calendar.


      • Avatar

        Apologies accepted.
        It is not a matter of days, months rather, as the question has been posted several times months before.
        Is this function so difficult to add technically?
        For without it, the app is still stone age, regardless of the elegant UI.

  79. Avatar

    Will the mentioned updates to Alien Dalvik (Android support) also be available to Jolla 1?

    Really don’t want to let go of this phone since I got a nice TOHKBD and find on-screen keyboards terrible in comparison… Besides, it still does everything I want from a phone, except running some Android apps I would like to have.

    • Avatar

      That would unfortunately be of a challenge due to the lack of memory and the age of Jolla 1 device.

  80. Avatar

    Can you provide a way for individuals to buy sailfishOS world wide? I can’t use my jolla1 phone any longer and I must switch this month. Will it be new jolla phone or android one? You tell me.

    • Avatar

      Use VPN built in Opera browser and buy SailfishOS.
      If you buy SailfishOS till 18.02.2018 you can use discount code BEMYVALENTINE and buy SailfishOS for half price.

  81. Avatar

    @james noori nothing new at the address you give me !

  82. Avatar

    I never received the tablet like ossi1867 did so I’d be moooore than happy to have the money (refund) or Sailfish XZ Premium instead…

  83. Avatar

    You say “your votes on topics do really count”, but as a couple other commenters have asked, where is support for SIP?

    I’ve been using Sailfish for a few weeks and really liking it, but because I can’t use my SIP account for calling, I have to spend more money to make calls with this phone.

  84. Avatar

    “We’ve been really happy with Sailfish X, but this year is going to be an even more exciting year for Sailfish X and the Jolla crew and we can’t wait for all of you to see and experience all the improvements that are cooking up.” – hopefully, these improvements won’t be like most updates, when something starts to go wrong. When I’ve updated one my apps, I couldn’t access and 2 other websites.

  85. Avatar

    please make it possible to buy it from indonesia.
    newer Xperia model would be awesome too.

  86. Avatar

    Any chance of a build for Sony Xperia xz1?

  87. Avatar

    Are there any news on the camera? For daily use it’s not realy usable. Please make it a priority for an update. Maybee Sony could help… I would buy a supported new phone if the camera quality would be significantly improved but would prefer to keep my current device.

  88. Avatar

    We look forward for you to come to Turkey… <3 <3 <3 Tired country from android, iOS and windows. please fast…

    • Avatar

      We are working on it!!

  89. Avatar

    seams all of you forogott about the jolla own device. So Xperia X is not a showcase anymore. Its the Future for Jolla. I mean I have no issue that such things as NFC or Fingerprint dont run and if they dont run until Sailfish 3 I dont care because they are not life threating for anyone. Paying things is still possible with other ways, and a password is sufficient to lock the device. Connection wise I cant tell as I got my Xperia X yesterday and only made 2 phone calls. But usually such things happen because people tend to install bad apps (Android) or have a bad configuration. But what I am complaining about is, that Jolla does not support Fairphone all the way. I had now change hardware because of this and Fairphone is an open phone already (which would have reduce the install way, which is on Xpria a pain in the ass for people who are not used to it) and as you can see Jolla I dont care about paying for your Sailfish again and again as I know its needed for all the license and work you had and still have. I even bought a second Xperia for my best friend and so I paid 2 times for Sailfish.

    Still PLEASE make haste with Sailfish for Fairphone so I can install it and my parents are up and running on the same OS as I do.

    • Avatar

      Hi! Thank you for commenting.
      Actually, the fingerprint feature is now added to the Xperia X with our latest update. But back to your point about Fairphone: We have been in talks with Fairphone, and unfortunately the chances of Fairphone 2 getting Sailfish X support are very low. There may be something in store for the next generation Fairphone but that is not yet promised either. We would absolutely love to support Fairphone fully as it is one of the best phones out there in terms of fairtrade. Let’s keep our fingers crossed so that we can have full FP support in the near future!

  90. Avatar

    Hi, your second last paragraph mentions newer models replacing Xperia X. Any idea when there might be some news on this, since X isn’t easy to find for me?

  91. Avatar

    Just curious, it’s August 8th, any updates on when we can expect the next OS update? Also, any progress in adapting Sailfish so that an Xperia with the OS installed can swap SIM cards between different operators without first having to be flashed back to Android and have the entire OS reinstalled? That’s a major drawback.

    • Avatar

      Hi, the next update is going to be released very soon. It has been worked on during the summer as we have had our vacation times with lesser amount of sailors on duty

  92. Avatar

    Wonderful news, can you please tell me how I can replace my mobile phone with Sony Xperia X price is Higher than my phone I can give you the remaining amount.

  93. Avatar

    More than a year has passed and the promise to fix a newer Android version has not been kept. Instead you rolled it out to a another phone which is even more expensive than a decent laptop. 🙁

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