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Sailfish OS update Aurajoki now available

As a Sailfish OS user, you can now download and install the latest software update released for your Sailfish OS powered device.

The new update is called Aurajoki, which we released as an early access version a few months back.

Aurajoki is a river in the beautiful city of Turku in western Finland. As you may have noticed, we moved away from lake names to river names (‘joki’ means river in Finnish) for our new wave of updates as we wanted to add more motion to the release names.

This new update is one of our biggest releases in a long time, which has required a lot of effort from our developers – we hope you enjoy it!

Highlights of Aurajoki:

  • Gallery: Cloud backup with OneDrive and Dropbox support integrated into Gallery. You can now view your Dropbox and Onedrive albums directly in your gallery in separate folders. Sharing to the cloud can be done only one-by-one for now.
  • Settings: Simplified backup experience in the settings menu. You can now backup your local, non-synced calendar as well. Restoring backups to device will be implemented in the upcoming software release You can store your backups to cloud or to SD card. OneDrive and Dropbox services can be used for storing backups.
  • Browser: Links from other apps are now opened to new tabs
  • Camera: Flash can now be used while shooting videos, and camera launch time is improved
  • People: you are now able toΒ delete and share multiple contacts at once
  • Messages: You can now see the remaining character count for SMS messages, and view the progress of MMS downloads
  • Other: You can now take a screenshot of your phone view by holding down volume up and down keys for 0.5 second

Jolla C and Aqua Fish only:

  • Jolla C’s LTE connectivity issue received a fix. The device now supports all of the featured LTE bands making high-speed LTE connections available in more areas.
  • The dual-SIM capabilities are now seamlessly and natively implemented into the OS. You can choose default SIM for data connections, and cellular features, or you can have cellular features in ask everytime mode and choose SIM when you are sending a message or making a call.
  • Support for Mozilla Location Service positioning assistance, which can use nearby WiFi access points and cell towers to help determine your location.

And that is just a fraction of what our sailors have been working so hard on e.g. in terms of getting everything ready for the new devices Aqua Fish and Jolla C. You can read the full release notes here and the complete changelog here. Please give those links a visit for more information.

Check out basic installation instructions, and if you have any issues try following the instructions to free up space on your device.

We certainly hope this update makes your Sailfish OS powered device, be it the Jolla phone, Jolla C, Jolla Tablet or the Intex Aqua Fish, more enjoyable and practical.

Greetings from the whole Jolla Team!


James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    “Jolla C and Aqua Fish only:
    β€’Jolla C’s LTE connectivity issue received a fix. The device now supports all of the featured LTE bands making high-speed LTE connections available in more areas.”

    Is Intex AF supporting 800 MHz band now?

    • Avatar

      That line (As mentioned in the beginning of the sentence “Jolla C’s LTE” ) is only for Jolla C devices and not related to Aqua Fish.

      • Avatar

        If it’s possible to improve the same feature in Intex AF (in next release)?

        • Avatar

          Since the Aqua Fish is release specific to Indian market, I would doubt that the bands will change on that phone unfortunately.

        • Avatar

          @pawled Have you check on Indus OS? seems like a much better option for the Indian Market.

          • Avatar

            It is just a useless fork of Android in Indian branded Phones aimed at People who don’t know English. No way comparable to sailfish. But yes, better suited for Indian market as it will help more Indians online. As it is based on Android there can be larger number of regional apps

  2. Avatar

    Thank you. I just comment because I am the 1st in line. I am wondering if my still untouched jolla tablet is worth opening and using given that they are only a few out there in the wild and jolla is unlikely to support it software wise.

    • Avatar

      If your Jolla tablet it untouched and unopened, it would get a much better home with me! Are you interested in selling it? … πŸ™‚ …

  3. Avatar

    Can we expect a search in the main applicatino menu

    • Avatar

      You could submit your feature requests on πŸ™‚

  4. Avatar

    Thanks, I have just installed it. Great to see that Sailfish OS lives on!

    • Avatar

      Glad you like it!!

  5. Avatar

    Really matured update, Sailfish has grown wings and ready to fly, in this update the ultimate utlity for me.. native file view.. πŸ˜€ ..

  6. Avatar

    While I appreciate the blog post I certainly miss some important information regarding the Jolla future as a serious organization. First and for most, situation regarding second part of refund. Will we have it before new year?

    I want to support you but can’t do it becouse you still “owe” supporters the option to request refund.

    Hope for another update soon. Do you have any community meetings we these questions can be answered?

  7. Avatar

    its getting much much better. although i am facing a lot of issue, i still love this phone and the OS which was the main reason to buy this phone at the first place but i miss sending files using Bluetooth. hope there will be a sharing app soon enough like shareit or some unofficial version or hope that next update will get something to share files.

    • Avatar

      Good point Muhib, next update my wish is a Nokia phone or Sony phone running Sailfish 2.03.. πŸ™‚ .. πŸ˜€ ..

  8. Avatar

    concentrate on official Sailfishos for fairphone next PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE πŸ˜‰

  9. Avatar

    After this update, my jolla become death. I’m on PuTTY now…

  10. Avatar

    The only question is: where can I buy a phone that runs Sailfish?

  11. Avatar

    OMG we can see emojis on sms! Progress πŸ˜€ I love the update, the minimized sms app now shows messages nice and clear too. Hope we’ll soon be having native emoji keyboard too, love those minimalist htlm faces – they fit the overall minimalist look of sailfish.

  12. Avatar

    Good job guys! Liking the filebrowser and ability to save files in browser. πŸ™‚

  13. Avatar

    Nice, but a big battery drain problem, esp overnight. Some people don’t seem to have the issue, but others do. This is a Jolla1 with original battery.

  14. Avatar

    Wtf…this update broke My jolla. Installed and now I see the jolla logo a few seconds and then a black screen(screen is on but black)

    Tried remove battery but same thing again.

    What can I do? Just laugh or is this fixable…

      • Avatar

        Are you stuck?

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave, I got exactly same problem as you, but removing the battery helped me. Try to get into the recovery menu, maybe you’ll be able to do something from there?

      • Avatar

        Yes, was forced to do a factory reset in recover mode. It bad, but not a total disaster. Now the phone is working again. Just have to install some software. But atleast the phone is back in buissniess.

    • Avatar

      Well. It’s easy too get some money to the refund. Just go public…

  15. Avatar

    Any plans to include VoLTE in the next update?

    • Avatar


      So far there are no plans about VoLTE


  16. Avatar

    @james noori:

    Hi, nice update! Things seems to work better! Btw: Please explain, why it is not possible to add secure

    THREEMA messenger app

    to chat application list. Since Android messenger apps can show up with sound and lights, Jolla didn’t make it, to add three lines in the list. For us it’s not very comfortable to do this workaround with every device after every update…

    In the end SailfishOS is an OS for people who care about data security, so I don’t get the point why there is any problem to get rid of this issue.


  17. Avatar

    What about 2.0.4 EA ? When we can expect it?

  18. Avatar

    I think I also get this higher battery usage problem. For the first time in 2 years now my phone went to 0% battery overnight and shut off.

    Also, I was hoping to see some way to input Japanese (even just hiragana and katakana would be fine), is that going to make it into the feature list soon?

    For the rest, I’m glad to see there still are updates, especially in the face of all the rumours about jolla being dead and stuff. Looking forward to buy a new jolla phone soon!

    PS: still no update log in jolla apps… πŸ™

  19. Avatar

    I experience the same battery drain (on my Jolla 1) after updating from to I always log my battery level using the “battery log” app, and the higher power consumption after the update is clearly visible in the recorded battery level curve.

  20. Avatar

    how ican download aurajoki version in my intex aqua fish mobile and one more thing is share it is not supported how i can use it

  21. Avatar

    hotspot is not started it show there is a problem with connection how i can fix it please suggest me its my mail id –

  22. Avatar

    Any update on second tablet refund part?
    Any plan to fully open source sailfishOS? You can add a license condition to protect you.

    Only in this way you can attract more contributors and compete with Android and iPhone.

    I’m in a stage to upgrade my devices and really hopped to pick up a phone compatible with sailfishOS.

    If you continue behave as before you will be another example how do not do IT business.

  23. Avatar

    unfortunately my jolla phone’s screen cracked so I’ll need a new phone soon. are there any SFOS phones available for the European market? great update tho!

  24. Avatar

    Don’t know if right forum, but I need help with upgrading to
    I get the ‘update screen’ “A new OS update….” and click the ‘Start Optimizing’. Get the ‘Optimizing in progress’ and it runs for approx a couple of minutes. Then it returns back to the update screen and nothing more happens. Have tried to run the ‘Start Optimizing’ over and over again but I’m stuck. Have searched and can’t find any case that seems to reflect my problem. What to do???

    • Avatar


      Please feel free to contact Jolla Zendesk to get a proper answer and solution to this issue.


    • Avatar

      I wonder which term you’ve searched for, because there are many topics about your issue…
      Just free some space and retry, the message saying that you need 1.5GB is wrong, you’ll need more.

  25. Avatar

    Oh my god. Every update went fine until now, but with the last update my battery management got lost! Very wired battery charging activities are shown on the display. Sometimes it claims to charge the phones’ battery but doesn`t and vice versa.
    This is the first time I had such an experience. I was very released as I could finally find a sd-card management possibility in this update, but with a battery management failure this improvement is just worthless!!!
    As long the battery management is not working reliable I do not need any upgrades anymore…
    And really, I am not interested in if the update was in the beginning just planned for Jolla C or something else (have Jolla 1).
    So Jolla, please fix this battery management issue for Jolla 1 otherwise I have to leave the Jolla boat and switch to a “tree product”. This is no joke as there is no available product in Europe that actually sell sailfishOS. Waiting now for the turing phone to get on track because Jolla cannot serve an own good quality phone to their own customers and community members. To save money is one thing, to keep and win customers is the step before making profits.
    I believe that sailfish could become a real competitor on the mobile phone market, but with this kind of management and investors behavior I have to doubt the ability of the management to do so.
    As a successful firm you need to be trustful, reliable and need to deliver quality in time. As long as Jolla ignores these attributes there will be the end of the firm closer than the success on the market.
    So, please fix the battery charging issue NOW, and donΒ΄t wait until the rest of supporters left the Jolla boat.

    • Avatar


      Thanks for your feedback. Could you please write to our customer service at Zendesk regarding this issue? I personally don’t seem to have this issue present on my device.


  26. Avatar

    Been a month or two since I’ve been to the blog, are we going to get any update on the 2nd half of refunds, is the plan to refund in Q1 of 2017 still a go?

    • Avatar

      Waiting for that too. Hope to get some info soon.

    • Avatar

      I’m as well this step as well.
      But it is not enough to attract us.

      What the point to buy a sailfish OS phone with key packages closed source? The community and application range in minor.
      Android is more open source than Sailfish.

      • Avatar

        I’m WAITING this step as well.

  27. Avatar

    Having updated my Jolla to Aurajoki some days ago I experienced a really simplified backup and restore experience today: unbelievable how unprofessional you are to make such a bug available for all… And searching in respective posts and communities does not provide confidence that you will resolve this issue soon. Am I wrong? Otherwise this will be the graveyard for my Jolla.

  28. Avatar

    Hey James, is there any device with sailfish os available in europe right now? Or will there soon be?

    • Avatar


      Not at the moment but we are working on it πŸ™‚


  29. Avatar

    I have sent an email to But no one replied. Looks like folks at jolla are interested in develoing apps only and not making people familiarising it. I have made a blog on jolla C based on my experience at

    • Avatar

      Please send your email to community[at] instead!


  30. Avatar

    kindly help about cellular Data setting bcoz have recently purchase new Aqua fish and i am facing problem in setting up the 4g LTE seeting in India.
    how to run my 4G LTE sim

    From Dilip Sawaner

  31. Avatar

    hello,i am using aqua intex sailfish doesn’t support reliance Jio 4G voice calling.In this device we can’t save monile No. from whatsaap directly.Again there are few apps in jolla store,there is no option to install google play store.if i have installed it ,doesn’t come on screen.also if you have signed with one google account ,you can’t remove it.there are a lots of bugs that needs to be solved.How i these problems will be resolved?

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