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Sailfish X Beta now available for Sony Xperia XA2 device range

Today we started offering the Sailfish X Beta software package including the much awaited Android application support. You can get it now for your Sony Xperia XA2, Xperia XA2 Plus, and Xperia XA2 Ultra devices from the Jolla Shop!

The awaited Android application support includes major architectural changes, and upgrades the support from Android 4.4.4 to Android 8.1, significantly improving the Android app compatibility. This is a major upgrade in the Android Runtime in Sailfish OS as it will open up a wide range of additional apps to enjoy in your beloved Sailfish device and, even though still in beta, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy using it to take full advantage of the latest apps – if you prefer to use Android apps on your device of course.

As already stated in our earlier blog post, the now released version of the Android app support is a public beta. At this stage it still has many known issues but we still wanted to make it available, and thus we had to make the call to offer the Android app support part of the package free of charge for the time being until the beta label is removed.

The Sailfish X beta will cost 29,90€ for the time being, and comes with predictive text input, MS Exchange Support, software updates and support, and a free beta option of the updated Android application support. If you purchase Sailfish X Beta for your XA2 range device now, you will get the future updates, removing the beta tag, without any additional costs.

How is Sailfish OS Android 8.1 Apps Support better than the earlier 4.4.4?

Along with this upgrade comes many improvements, and here are a couple of them:

  • Newer APIs allowing many more apps to work
  • Many mobile banking apps and apps that require non-rooted devices are compatible
  • More secure with latest security fixes
  • Improved memory handling
  • Improved performance
  • Better notification integration

Why do we call it Sailfish X Beta?

We’ve seen that many of our community members and Sailfish fans have been eagerly waiting for this update for some time now, and thus we wanted to release it even though it still has some known issues. Here is the list of the main common issues you will face with Sailfish X Beta on your Xperia XA2 range device. More details about these can be found in the Release notes.

1. Mobile data is not detected properly by some Android apps. These issues occur e.g. with Aptoide, Spotify, Messenger, and Twitter. We recommend to use WLAN for setting up Android apps.
2. Recently created files (e.g. photos) are not always detected by Android apps (device restart may be needed)
3. Audio and multimedia are not fully functional in all apps
4. Battery consumption is high when connected to WLAN networks

In addition, please remember that Sailfish OS Android Runtime does not support Google Play services; therefore certain apps requiring those services may not function properly.

Further info on Sailfish X can be found in and to put it simply here is what is currently available:


The non-beta Sailfish X software package is currently available for Sony Xperia X devices only (with the older Android Runtime).

We hope you will enjoy Sailfish X Beta on your preferred Xperia XA2 device! As there are issues with the release, please provide feedback to us at report issues, ask questions, help others by providing answers, and comment or vote on the issues. This helps us to prioritize our work to fix most important issues first.

Keep on sailing!

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

Manages projects at Jolla HQ. Likes gadgets, travel to warm places and spicy food.



  1. Avatar

    I have question, when beta will go to the end, I must pay something more or this is last price 29.90 Euro?

    • Avatar

      As mentioned in the blog: “…you will get the future updates, removing the beta tag, without any additional costs.”

      • Avatar

        Generous offer! Hats off, sailors…

      • Avatar

        Did I understand correctly. I can buy this beta now but wait until final version is out and install that without paying full price later?

        • Avatar

          Yes, that is correct. People who opt-in for the beta version won’t have to pay the full price for when the full version comes out.

  2. Avatar

    I am one of the few that have purchased full license for XA2 Ultra (end of Dec2018).
    How can I install Android Support? It doesnt seem to be available in the store…

    • Avatar

      OK, replying to myself, I just had a firmware update, I assume that after it completes installation, I will be able to download Android Support.

      • Avatar

        That should definitely fix the issue!

    • Avatar

      Hi @James, I purchased full license too at around end of Dec2018 but didnt flush it into my device. How could I get that firmware download? I can not find any download page on jolla shop 🙁

      • Avatar

        Hi Tyler. If you don’t see the option to download the software, please contact our customer care at Zendesk ( ) and by opening a ticket, let them know about the issue. They will help you out! Cheers.

  3. Avatar

    Hello, I am trying to make payment with Paypal but it’s failing.

    • Avatar

      Hi. Paypal is currently not available as a payment method, but that may change in the near future. Stay tuned.

      • Avatar

        Can I trust that I can still take advantage of the beta offer if I wait for Paypal payments to be restored?

        • Avatar

          I can’t guarantee that unfortunately as I don’t have any ETA for when the feature is restored…

      • Avatar

        “Shut up and take my money!”

      • Avatar

        hey james,
        any ETA on paying through paypal? my XA2 is waiting eagerly! 🙂

        • Avatar

          Unfortunately not yet. We will see how feasible it is (time-wise) to fix the issue with PayPal.

          • Avatar

            i hope you can get it done, or at least normal swift bank transfer. so there is an actual feasable way to buy/pay it…..

            • Avatar

              I can get some more vouchers from my pending tablet refund and resell them to you using PayPal. If you want, write me at

              • Avatar

                After @ should be my nick here, the comment system cut it out.

  4. Avatar

    No word about android support v8.1 for Xperia X?
    When do we get the roadmap for Sailfish OS?

    • Avatar

      I have the same question. Though according the FAQ on the home (point 13) page they seem to not plan to update Xperia X to Android 8.

      I would like to know if they still plan to update the X to something less than android 8 support. (I thought this were to be part on “sailfish 3” though)

      • Avatar

        Crap! They’ve changed the text! Previously it was stated that “we are looking into updating Xperia X as well to 8.1”.
        I guess they admitted that they don’t have the resources.
        This is really disheartening!!!
        I have really liked my Xperia X and I love Sailfish OS. But now Jolla you tell me that my 1,5 years old telephone is practically becoming obsolete by software?! I consider software becoming obsolete when totally common apps start to require newer version.
        And fine, I could go buy a new XA2, but the thing is, my X works fantastically and furthermore XA2 is too big to my hand (…X is already too big but I’ve accepted it just so I can get SFOS)

        • Avatar

          I absolutely agree with you!

        • Avatar

          Where are you seeing this, it is about the XA2 and the beta for it. They said in the past that they would try to bring it to the X after they got things working on the XA2. I have not reached the conclusion you are suggesting.

          • Avatar

            Please see “seiichiro0185″‘s comment a little bit downwards

    • Avatar

      It was said multiple times that Android 8 compatibility will not come to Xperia X. If we are lucky, there is an option for Android 7 compatibility lateron.

      • Avatar

        Actually, I’ve always seen Android API level upgrade for Xperia X mentioned as “after XA2 has Android” and I don’t remember any mentions saying “never”. Do you have some such statement you can link to ?

        In any case an official statement would be welcome. 🙂

      • Avatar

        There was never Android 7 mentioned in any post. It was said, when XA2 gets the Android 8.1 support, then maybe if it is not too much work then the X will get it too.

      • Avatar

        “Staying still with Xperia X as waiting for update of Android support to 5 – 7 from 4.4.4. I’m very interested in to know whether the android support of 8.1 for XA2 is enabling the use of Galaxy Wearables app from Aptoide? I thank you for the answer. This will show if there is any sense to wait for anything with sfos anymore.”

        • Avatar

          That comment seems not to come from Jolla.

  5. Avatar

    that makes me a little jealous! will there be android 8.1 support for the existing xperia x or do you expect people to buy a new phone?

    • Avatar

      The FAQ at clearly states that 8.1 will not be backported to older devices (Question 13).

      @James: Does this also mean that Jolla won’t further review the possibility to get an update to the Xperia X Android Layer to a older Level like Android 7? If this is still under review, is there any timeframe you can communicate, as there are more and more apps failing to work on the Xperia X due to the low Android version. As this now also extends to Company Apps (e.g. for Travel Expenses) it gets more and more difficult to use the Xperia X as my main phone.

      I think many of your loyal community members would really want to have a clear answer to the Question if there are any real plans to have Android Layer updated on the Xperia X.
      I’m getting more and more frustrated with the constant “we may be looking into it but can’t say anything substantial about it” approach, and I think I’m not the only one.

      • Avatar

        Agree completely – clearer answers are needed for this (and other similar questions).

      • Avatar

        Sailfish X for Xperia X devices is still a somewhat recent product and performs amazingly well given that Sailfish is not a demanding OS. It is a shame that those devices will soon be made obsolete on the Alien Dalvik side because the API in use comes from 2013. I mean, 2013. The number of compatible applications is decreasing every day, while the device still has high end performance with SFOS.

        I keep my fingers crossed and hope enough people will voice their disappointment together with their love for SFOS. Hopefully, it will be heard and deemed a reasonable effort for Jolla to upgrade to 7 or 8.1 for those many people still feeling that their X device is not outdated.

        • Avatar

          A bit disappointing if SFOS on the X fails to support a later Android emulation layer.

          The X is only 2 1/2 years old, hardly an obsolete device and I am quite happy with the general performance.

          There already a couple of apps I use that don’t work and there will never be an SFOS version.

          Disappointing 🙁

        • Avatar

          Not a question of hearing… Frankly I prefer if Jolla concentrates their limited forces.

          We get regular and free updates for Sailfish which is great!

          I think it is unreasonable to expect Android updates (unless it is very easily doable by Jolla). I understand your wish, but then, alas, you have to buy an XA2 device or switch to Android proper.

          • Avatar

            I had “Android proper” (V7.x) on the Xperia X and I disliked it the same way and for the same reasons I disliked all versions prior.

            SFOS, while far from complete or perfect is a step in the right direction of freedom from Google and there heavy handed presence.

            The fact remains that there are a couple of apps that I use regularly that will never exist on SFOS and Android support is a solution. I am not alone here.

            I guess I can convert my X back to Android and flip it for a few cents on the dollar when the apps I need all fail due to lack of more recent Android API support, but that will be a disappointing day

      • Avatar

        Agree. The situation is disappointing.

  6. Avatar

    I already had SfOS on my XA2, I bought the 29,90 Euro. I was able to install Predictive Text and MS Exchange from Jolla Store but not Android Support. Do I need to flash my XA2 again?

    • Avatar

      Check for updates. should appear. You need to upgrade to this SailfishOS version.

    • Avatar

      As Leszek said, you would need to have the latest update installed after you pay for the software. Then there should not be any problems.

  7. Avatar

    It’s out, it’s out!

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    Welldone Jolla. Xperia x kernel 3.10 to 4.4 or higher would be more important to me than android support upgrade. And I think kernel update is almost recuired in practice to upgrading android support.

    Btw 30€ is sweet price for commercial sailfish x for xperia xa2 devices! Now I’m even more interest to move from the xperia x.

  10. Avatar

    Thanks James now I am happy user of non android system (SailfishOS). I love Linux based system

  11. Avatar

    First christmas this year. I`m excited what will be fixed next.
    Not already for daily use but I´m looking forward to the next updates. So the Xperia X still has to be in use for the near future. I need to have a little patience, like some other guys here should have as well.
    But don`t take too much time because hardware is soon getting old these days.
    The price is unexpected cheap. Don`t sell your work in a dumping behaviour.

    Many thanks for your work, keep on sailing.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your comment. The pricing is justified as the software is in beta phase right now. It will increase when the final version comes out.

  12. Avatar

    At the end of 2017 (so a bit more then a year ago) SFOSX for Xperia X was released and propagated! Since then the Xperia X device was the only one new gen device that was officially supported. Not quite a year ago on MWC 2018 the support for the XA2 device was announced but only now (a year later) the OS is available. So, for the last 15 month the Xperia X device was the de facto standard device that a ordinary customer had to run SFOS. I bought two Xperia X devices! Now, I read that this Xperia X device is obsolete/legacy/:
    “With Android 8.1 app support we focus on the //newest// hardware (Xperia XA2 range), and currently we are not planning to deploy this solution backwards to //older// Xperia X models. ” [1]
    I normally do not behave like a know-it-all people but with all understanding for strategic and financial requirements which are not all known to me, I must say that this decision will and are offending loyal customers


    • Avatar

      I can only agree with leon’s remarks. It’s not a nice way to treat customers.

    • Avatar

      completly agree with leon too….

    • Avatar

      I strongly agree with leon here. Xperia X is not obsolete by hardware at all and I bought it for the sole reason of SFOS.

      If this is how Jolla wants to treat their long-time customers I don’t see how I would want to remain as one.

    • Avatar

      Yes, I have similar feelings.

      It seems to me that Jolla/SFOS really need friends, but this sort of strategy isn’t the way to make them…

    • Avatar

      Guys, I understand your concern.
      But on the other hand, if there are only limited resources of manpower and money what do you prefer?
      An older hardware with updated Android support and a newer device with lots of open issues? …

      I’m afraid if we like to sail on with an (the last) alternative OS for our phones there is only one way:
      We should Jolla give the chance to move forward with the latest device and use all there resources to make the software more stable and reliable as fast as they can.

      Just my thoughts on that …

      • Avatar

        Indeed, that’s my opinion as well.

      • Avatar

        Well, I understand your point in that one.
        But feels like Jolla is ending up with an armada of half working Xperias with this path.
        One cannot say that Xperia X would be complete or bug-free despite of long time used for programming. Far from it! Network connection is shaky, bluetooth is bugtooth, NFC shines with non-existence and the list goes on and on and on…
        And now same child diceases haunt XA2 also. I have to say I’ve become a bit pessimist to believe XA2 would ever receive more stable and/or robust operation than X have had..(?) And then it’s the time to launch some new devices…

        • Avatar

          Android update is orthogonal to Sailfish updates which, hopefully, make Xperia X more bug-free.

    • Avatar

      Strongly disagree. Most answers here do not take in account ‘business realities’.

  13. Avatar

    So, when I purchased Sailfish X for my Xperia X more then a year ago, it was stated, that there will be updates etc etc etc. From day one I was not able to use video calls in WhatsApp and some other apps (due to some problem with Android API I guess). Also – there are still questions with GPS and some other small issues. Then – Sailfish 3, promises for the Android 8 support. And now my device is legacy. Very funny! I was not even using the device because I need certain android apps and I was waiting for the support of newer Android version. Having alternative OS is cool, in fact i was using Maemo and Meego a while ago and was happy with them, then was waiting for new Sailfish device, and purchased the Xperia X. And now it turns out I could just throw it away soon, as none of the apps i was waiting to work properly – would not do it.
    So – well done for the update and all the improvements. But the fact that the guys from Jolla don’t care about their community (by not updating probably the majority of “legacy” devices) makes me think, that at this point I don’t really believe in the company promises anymore and would not purchase new products, unfortunately.

    • Avatar

      Why would you throw away your device, my jolla 1 device has been updated – for free! – all these years.

  14. Avatar

    I just bought XA2 Plus license and I don’t even have the phone yet.

    Will probably need multimedia and WLAN battery drain fixed before I will transition from my current Xperia Sailfish X.

    Thanks for working on it.

    • Avatar

      Same here. Just to support Sailfish.
      Except that I already got a XA2 device.
      Played a bit (while waiting 😉 ) with Android to see whats new on that front.
      Now I’m sure that I will sail on with JOLLA. (Jolla 1, Aquafish, Xperia X, …)

      So thanks a lot also from my side and please: KEEP ON SAILING!!!

      • Avatar

        Thanks to both of you! We are working hard on the issues, stay tuned!

  15. Avatar

    Well, sorry guys, but if Xperia X wont get any Android support update (6,7,8) i think i will drop sailfish, i am not going to buy a new phone every year.

  16. Avatar

    Any time-frame available for Gemini users?

    • Avatar

      We will get back to you on that.

  17. Avatar

    Yes! Updated OTA and was then able to install Android Support. Smooth sailing!

    • Avatar

      Smooth indeed!

  18. Avatar

    Anyone can explain how to get that store working? I upgraded to .14 version. It rebooted itself, them I went to Jolla store and installed Store Aptoide, but there is no icon to open the application… What am I missing?

    • Avatar

      You need to install Android Support, which should be available in the Jolla Store.

      • Avatar

        I don’t see that in Jolla store. I am having XA model 4113

        • Avatar

          P. S. I payed for full version

          • Avatar

            There is no full version available for the XA2. You hve most probably bought a license for the Xperia X which does have a full version. In this case, you would need to contact our custoemr care ( ) in order to sort this out. They’ll help you out!

            • Avatar

              Hi James. You are right. I purchased version for 50€ instead for XA2 which is even cheeper. I actually don’t need a refund of the rest, but only for my account to be associated for my version XA Model 4113. I did contact support yesterday but still I haven’t got reply. If you can do something from your side, I would appreciate that. Case link:

              • Avatar

                Thanks for confirming it here. Yes, your case is currently in queue with the others who made the similar mistake. We currently are working on our shop’s backend in order to make the transfer possible. When that is done, we will take your case and fix this issue for you.

                • Avatar

                  Thank you James. Looking forward to have additional functions being enabled. Have a great weekend

  19. Avatar

    Well, thank you Jolla. Everyone around were speculating about how you would give no feedback after passing the deadline you put in the last post about the alien dalvik; But no, you kept your word.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for this comment. We learn as we go forward!

  20. Avatar

    Hello, I don’t see Bluetooth mentioned anywhere in the release notes, is Bluetooth supported by android apps with the new Android layer in XA2?
    From my own tests it seems that it’s not 🙁

  21. Avatar

    I literally flashed the Trial version only yesterday to my new XA2 – only to get a tweet introducing the Beta software! Great news but will I lose my newly installed user data if I flash the new version?

    • Avatar

      I have the same question. I have free version. If I buy Beta, must I reflash the device? Then I will lose my user data (e.g. contacts), will I?

      Moreover, I am not interested in Android apps (why should I delete Android only to reinstall it?), can you form a distribution with all Sailfish goodies but without Android support.

      • Avatar


        You do not need to reflash your device from free version to beta version. You’ll just purchase, update to the latest version and you can download your designated extra features.


  22. Avatar

    @James Noori Can you tell me what the state of GPS is at the moment, I paid/updated to the new version and installed Waze GPS app, when it’s searching an address it throws up ‘ No GPS, Showing approximate location’ but seems to be finding a route, but the GPS icon on the phone is flashing and not fixed/white??

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave.

      The GPS should be fully functional on your device. Here is what I would recommend you do:
      1. Enable WiFi and Mobile data for AGPS t work
      2. Go outside and wait until you have an initial GPS fix

      After that it should work much faster.

      • Avatar

        Actually, it still don’t work very accurately, at least on Here We Go, and compass has some problems too. But is a beta, so i didn’t expected to work this good. Keep it up. Just a few things:
        Space bar on keyboard should be more large,
        We should have the ability to see rss feeds on events screen, more definitions on camera app, like exposure, brightness, 120fps, etc, VOlte and fingerprint support.
        More definitions on definitions app. It seems not much configurable. But its on the right track. Keep it up!

        • Avatar

          Thank you for your feedback! Notes taken.

      • Avatar

        And just another question: Android has security updates every month. How does that work on sailfish? do we will get security updates? What is the “default” time approximately?

        • Avatar

          Sailfish OS gets regular updates quite frequently, and those always include security patches as well. If there is a critical one, we will definitely release a hot-fix for it beforehand.

  23. Avatar

    I just installed the new Andoid Beta on my XA2. GREAT that it is now avaliable and I promote it from Hotspot for my X to full use. 😉

    the first thig I did was download an APK, but surprise: if I try to install the file it says that .apk file type is not supported. Am I missing something?

    • Avatar

      Ok, got it: Have first to go to Jolla Shop App, download and install Android Support. Wait a while, wait another while. Go to the apk file and start installing it. take a very long while.
      Don’t get nervous. At some time it will tell you it was installed and can be found with the other app icons.
      Thanks a lot Jolla. I will come back and report 🙂

    • Avatar

      That should not have happened. Have you tried with other files? Maybe the one you downloaded was broken or corrupted for some reason. You should be able to install .apk files if you have Adroid support installed.

  24. Avatar

    so i have to upgrade my hardware to have a higher android version? srsly? i bought jolla 1, ordered the tablet and am waiting for a long time that i can finnally use a higher androidapi and now u pull an applemove on me? even forcing me to buy the product of an other company than jolla… littlebit disapointed…

    • Avatar

      why no android8 for the xperia x?

  25. Avatar

    I Have a sailfish X license, that i still don’t use.
    Because i’m interested on the XA2 plus.
    May I use it for the acquisition of the XA2 plus?

    I’ve seen this license for sure on my account of the jolla shop (I think) for some weeks ago.
    Now I don’t see it any more…
    Where may i have an overview of my owned license please?

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

    • Avatar


      If you have a license for the Xperia X, it can’t be used for the Xperia XA2. You can try and open a ticket on our customer care platform ( ) and try asking them about your license situation.

      • Avatar

        I have a similar situation. I took two Sailfish X licenses instead of the tablet refund. One is used on my Xperia X and now I can’t assign the other one to my XA2.

        I submitted a request on Zendesk yesterday. Is there an estimated time until such cases are handled?

  26. Avatar

    Hi there, at the SFOS 3.0 meetups in Helsinki and Berlin jolla CEO and others quoted that badly needed Android update below 8.1 will come to Xperia X. In the FAQ you quote:

    “13. The Android app support of Xperia X is based on version 4.4.4 now. Will you update the Android support of Xperia X devices?
    With Android 8.1 app support we focus on the newest hardware (Xperia XA2 range), and currently we are not planning to deploy this solution backwards to older Xperia X models.”

    What is true?

    • Avatar

      We always said “After we have released the support for the new XA2 range of devices, we will evaluate the feasibility of enabling newer Android support on Xperia X.” But the current situation makes the feasibility of it extremely difficult.

      • Avatar

        For the record – I have one Xperia X with cracked screen that is otherwise fully functional, so I can certainly help with testing of any official of community images with updated hardware adaptation and/or Android support if needed. 🙂

        And I would guess there are others as well who might be willing to get involved as well rather than just continue waiting. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Hi @James, thanks for the answer!

        In the end I prefer for ecological and economical reasons, not to buy new phones every year. It makes no sense. Please help us to get on with the nice hw Xperia X. More and more Android apps only run properly with higher Android versions and make this necessary for the Xperia X ad daily device.

        Please try more than hard to manage the feasibilities you have in mind.

        Greetings to you guys at Jolla!

      • Avatar

        Well, I am sure that I am not alone in wanting to know rather more precisely “what” it is that makes it infeasible to release an Android 8 compatibility layer.

        That said, now that I own a phone running an operating system from which a critical subsystem has been discontinued, the next question should be obvious.

        Are X owners likely to receive any SFOS upgrades, ever? It’s not like the software is bug free and there are plenty of things related to core functionality that need attention (and I don’t mean the pretty fluff stuff).

  27. Avatar

    I will add my name to those hoping that Android 8 support will be added to the Xperia X.

    I have been watching the Jolla/Snailfish project with interest since its inception, and I just got a second Xperia X with a view to trying-out Jolla and maybe finally climbing on-board the ship (fears over DRM key issues during any rollback prevented me from trying it with my main phone).

    However if support for a newer version of Android isn’t extended to the Xperia X then I will probably decide to pass on the Snailfish experience and not buy the commercial version. The claims in some quarters here that ‘there were clear statements that it would not be ported to the older model’, are not true. What was actually said was more along the lines of possible porting depending on availability of resources.

    Snailfish X was released for the Xperia X in October 2017, and Snailfish 3 was released in late October 2018 – thus anybody buying an X for use with Snailfish would have only seen software update support for a maximum of 12 months, and then only if they had bought one of them more-or-less on the day of Snailfish X’s release. If it turns out that the Snailfish 3 release is the last one for the Xperia X, and thus development support is not continued on a device beyond 12 months (particularly when the number of devices supported is so small), then it sends out a pretty poor signal to potential customers, including me.

    Ongoing support of older products is important and in the light of some historical events I think it would be good for Jolla to show they now have that commitment. I suspect that there have been some issues with the XA2 deployment, as shown by the ‘reduced price Beta’ program now announced with that phone, but a clear statement over the future plans for Xperia X support, or otherwise, would be welcome.

    • Avatar

      I think you are mixing something up.
      Jolla does not stop providing updates for Sailfish X on Xperia X. The only thing is that the Android compatibility layer does not receive updates for a newer version than the current one.

      • Avatar

        Actually, this is not just about updating the Android compatibility layer, but also about updating the overall hardware adaptation on Xperia X. At the moment it is still running the vintage 3.10.x kernel & accompanying drivers, which have various issues.

        It has been said in the past that kernel and driver update (Sony has 4.4 & 4.9 kernel and driver bundles available for Xperia X on their website, see: would fix many of the current hardware issues, such as sub-optimal BIG-little core scheduling, broken echo cancellation, the Bluetooth & WiFi interference and others.

        This might get easily mixed up with Android API level upgrade as it is assumed a newer kernel and drivers are needed for that, but you will get many improvements from a newer kernel and drivers even if just using native apps.

        • Avatar

          I completely agree. It is most important to have an up to date kernel on your device to get a real open and secure device. Modern user land software an good HW support depends on newer kernel versions.
          That’s why I joined the Librem 5 funding and got my dev kit a month ago. Sure it has still some restrictions and there is still a long way to go. But you get a real open device and it runs already kernel 4.18, current U-Boot, Qt, Wayland and other important SW infrastructure.

          I’m still using my old Jolla1 as my daily device. I have a Xperia X flashed with SFX as a backup device. But it has to many small problems for me at the moment. I really hoped to get with SFX3 newer kernel, Qt, Wayland and Android but my hope decreases.
          That’s why the Librem 5 is my plan B!

    • Avatar

      Snailfish 😀 I love it.

  28. Avatar

    Hi, for a good news, it’s a good news.
    I’m about to buy Sailfish X Beta for a XA2 Plus and I wonder how I may use my Jolla tablet paiment still in Jolla pocket. I kept in mind to use it for Sailish X. So, questions are : is it possible to use it ? If so, how ?


    • Avatar

      I have same situation. I want to buy beta licence to my XA2 but how I can use Tablet refund money on Jolla store?

    • Avatar

      I answer myself to share info.
      I found the refund email about Jolla Tablet and I asked for a voucher. Once in my mailbox, I used the promotion code provided to “pay” XA2 license.
      That’s simple 🙂

  29. Avatar


    First a big thank to the Jolla crew for posting more regularly on the blog in 2019.
    It’s nice to see activity.
    (And if next week you don’t have any official announcement, then at least give us a glimpse of what’s happening currently, e.g.: what difficulties the dev team is currently fighting, etc.)

    Then I’ll join part of the crowd, and ask if Jolla would reconsider, and think providing a more recent Android layer on the Xperia X.

    – even if that means re-flashing a new different firmware (… very likely as making Android 8.1 Oreo would probably require the new kernel 4.4 that Sony had made available some time ago for AOSP, and corresponding newer Qualcomm drivers blobs)
    – even if that means paying for a new Beta too

    Xperia X is cool hardware, not obsolete at all (thanks in part to the very low requirement of Sailfish – heck even the Jolla 1 is still usable half a decade later !), it would be sad that it’s hindered by an obsolete version of API in its android compatibility layer.

    (Though in my specific case, I’ll probably have to change smartphone anyway, due to hardware starting to fail following 1 and half year of intense abuses. So I might get Android 8.1 compatibility anyway, but in general Xperia X should definitely not get obsoleted)

    And last but not least : big thanks to Jolla for the hardwork in keeping Sailfish alive.

    • Avatar


      Regular status updates (aside the highly anticipated return of the Roadmap) from the developing teams would be awesome, give us fickle and impatient fans/customers a little insight into the daily struggles of a code worker at Jolla. 🙂

  30. Avatar

    “13. The Android app support of Xperia X is based on version 4.4.4 now.  Will you update the Android support of Xperia X devices?
    With Android 8.1 app support we focus on the newest hardware (Xperia XA2 range), and currently we are not planning to deploy this solution backwards to older Xperia X models.”

    Thus, goodbye Jolla and Sailfish. It was such years 2013 – 2019, but no more any new Sailfish UI phones for me. Xperia X is the last stop for ever. Time to look other UIs (IOs or Android) with good and workinf services.

  31. Avatar

    if jolla didn’t support or give announcement about android in xperia x, why not we make anbox to running on xperia x, currently anbox now working on VINCE (xiaomi redmi 5plus/redmi note 5) I guess the android layer on anbox is better than 4.4.4 in xperia x now.

    • Avatar

      > why not we make anbox to running on xperia x

      Because andbox relies on LXC to function, and all the latest bells and whistles of LXC are only available is slightly more recent kernel versions.

      Currently Jolla uses and older kernel for Sailfish X on Xperia X (basically, the kernel available for Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, back when Jolla started porting).

      Whereas, we would need a more recent 4.4.yyy kernel (which Sony has made available for people wanting AOSP running on their phone, versions Oreo 8.1), but for which the adaptation layer for Xperia X isn’t available yet.

      ( ^- which is probably why Jolla aren’t keen on working further on Xperia X : basically, they’ll need to restart working on a new adaptation layer from the beginning, new flashing, etc. all this for an older platform. And all the trolls here and on TJC loudly complaining about all the new bugs that the newer layer introduced, which were already ironed out in the older layer)

      We could do it, but that would require from US :

      – first do an entirely new community build with a newer kernel (and fixing any potential new bugs, etc.)
      – then port Andbox to this new stack.
      – then add the missing bits that currently Andbox doesn’t have (e.g.: Andbox provides a virtual GPU which is then forward to the host so OpenGL does work in apps, but as far as I’ve heard, it doesn’t have something similar for bluetooth, so you’d still be currently limited to peripheral that Sailfish handles itself and have a standard API like speaker, keyboard, etc. No low-level bluetooth in Andbox like firmware update, non-Wifi smartwatches, payment apps, etc.)

      It’s not impossible, but that would require quite some work for us in the community if we do it without Jolla’s help.

      PS: Sony has started work providing a beta kernel 4.9 for Android Pi 9.0 for both Xperia X and XA2, among others.

      • Avatar

        @DrYak this was I’m talking about yesterday, currently anbox was working almost fine on VINCE (xiaomi redmi 5 plus/redmi note 5)

        what we need now to make anbox run on sailfish x is only patch the kernel, like tutor from 0312BIRDZHANG, maybe you more understand about patching kernel. I’m totally noob here

  32. Avatar

    Nice to have a discounted price on the beta,

    if i buy for XA2 Plus could i intall it on a XA2 if i can’t find a XA2 Plus or we should buy the right license for the right model?

    • Avatar

      That should not be a problem.

  33. Avatar

    I’ve been waiting for this release. Recently my android phone died. I really want something else than android, so I bought a sony xperia xa2 to be able to put Sailfish OS on it. I’m willing to try it, but given the known issues and the fact that this is a beta, i am wondering: if the beta turns out to be unusable for my daily driver, can I easily restore stock android on my xa2 and wait for the stable release of Sailfish OS? Or is it a one-way ticket?

  34. Avatar

    the more i think about the more im pissed…
    my xperia x i flashed got androidsupport for kitkat (2013). now i waited more than a year that you guys tell me i have to buy a new phone again….
    i bought an tablet, had to buy it again at a chinese website, and now u ask me to invest money in other hardware to get my first ever androidapiupgrade…
    wtf, srsly!?!

    • Avatar

      i don’t get it. did sony force you to do so? to sell more phones? how can u not provide such an upgrade to all those peeps who allready paid 50€ to use ur os?
      surely most of all sailfish devices right now are xperia x…. this is like destroying the only fundament jolla has right now: its loyal community… why the fuck should i buy a newer phone every year? tell me? im using sailfish to avoid that kind of bullshit. if you would force me to buy ur hardware i would say u learned from apple, like this it just feels like: thx for ur stupidity, but fuck you. buy stuff u dont want. didn’t u guys tell us something like blockchainblabla years ago? i even stayed calm after the first crowdfounded tablet became a fuckup. i bought 2 xperia x flashed em, not even 16monts ago and now you tell me that i can’t upgrade my 2013 android on my 2017 phone and i have to buy a newer hardware from another company and pay you money to install your os by myself… how do you think you gonna find new clients like this? please tell me…

      • Avatar

        You certainly have some good points.. I hope that they will keep their initial promise and bring an Android (+kernel?) update to the Xperia X users later as well.
        The Android version on the Xperia X is still 2 years ahead of the Jolla Phone, though..

        • Avatar

          Is it possible to install Sailfish X on sony xperia XA1

      • Avatar

        Sorry, but afaik the only fundament Jolla has, is its corporate customers. With us alone they were broke. It’s unfortunate but this is the situation.

    • Avatar

      you right man, maybe if we can see the graphic now, Xperia x is the only official support that surf on the internet now, did Jolla not think about what happens if they lost the loyalty from their community.

  35. Avatar

    if here are any peeps whith a xperia x not hoping since flashing it, that android version higher than that on jolla1 will finally be released please let me know. i doubt there are any….

  36. Avatar

    So I bought an XA2 as I wanted dual sim capability. Bought the full license (it was on sale before xmas). Found that fingerprint was not supported, so got a refund and sent the XA2 back (thanks, Amazon).
    Upgraded to Xperia X dual sim and transfered my X license to the new phone.
    Bought an Essential Phone PH-1 to use for android stuff, and took all the android off my X.
    When X OS is updated I am looking for (in order): better bluetooth stability; latest SFOS kernel; more d-bus ‘context’ programmability; android upgrade.
    BTW SFOS dual sim UI is the MOST useable I have ever come across. Well Done!

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback! We certainly look forward to bringing an even better experience to you!

  37. Avatar

    I’m realy missing Sailfish OS. I’m using a Sony Experia X Compact since one year because i like smaller Smartphones and i’m still hopeing to use a official Sailfish version

  38. Avatar

    Any plans to allow Asia users to install on their Xperia X2 ?

    I was hoping to finally replace my trusted AquaFish, but the Jolla Shop does not allow installs outside Europe

    • Avatar

      Cant be done through a VPN on ur pc/laptop?
      Maybe its possible when someone from EU pays and download all the necessary software and upload it to u ?

  39. Avatar

    I’m also disappointed. XperiaX should get android update.

  40. Avatar

    Dear Jolla Team,

    we got used to deathlines, that are exceeded, we got used to features that are promised but appear years later, f. ex. app permission control, promised with Sailfish3 never seen so far, also the blockchain function. It is clear Jolla has a small team and limited ressources, so this features will come when they are ready. What i don’t understand, for years you rallied against Android, its version partioning, the life cycle of its mobile devices. If now Xperia X will not get any update on the Android Layer, this will be exactely the same, that you critized for years. I am not talking about Android 8, but at least 5,6 or 7 There is also no excuse of non existing kernel, since there is an up to date kernel offered by Sony. So how could you argue that Xperia X would get no Android Update at all. Lets think about worst case scenario. Xperia X gets no update in its Android Layer. So if you don’t have the ressources, why not ditch Alien Dalvik for Anbox and supporting their team, in porting it to Sailfish OS. It was developped to run Android Apps on Linux, like Sailfish OS is a linux distribution, an adaption should be feasable. And seen that Anbox is just slowly entering the market, most probably they will offer a quite recent Android version, like otherwise they would directly disappear from the market again. So please Jolla, listen to the complains of your customers, otherwise in near future there will be no more customers. Which would be a nightmare for me, as a big Sailfish OS fan 🙂

    • Avatar

      Well said Firefox 84.

      I too am a Sailfish fan, but I need to be able to run Android apps as there are some that don’t exist for Sailfish and probably never will exist.

      I’m sure there would be acceptance by most users to paying something for an upgrade to a later version of Android, however that needs to be achieved and even if that means reflashing the OS to get later version.

      In my opinion, while not ideal paying extra money and or having to reflash, is far more preferable to having to buy a new phone to have updated Android support.

      James please provide a firm update on where Jolla intends to go with Android support for the Xperia X. We don’t want an answer like “We are investigating upgrades” we want some firm answers.

      Right Jolla’s silence on what the plans are for Android support for Sailfish 3 on the Xperia X is deafening.

      • Avatar

        There’s a clear statement about updates of the Android layer for Xperia X in the Sailfish X faq: “we are not planning to deploy this solution backwards to older Xperia X models”.
        Since Alien Dalvik in its original incarnation doesn’t support Android 5 or above, it seems we will stay at 4.4 with our Xperia X. My plan is to use it as long as possible, and let Sailfish X for XA2 mature in the meantime.

  41. Avatar

    Just bought and installed on XA2 Plus Dual Sim. Works really well and fast. Thanks a lot and keep on sailing 🙂

  42. Avatar

    Any news about tablet refund? How could customers still believe Jolla ?

    • Avatar

      no money, no information, no refound since 4 years

      • Avatar

        The information is there. It’s your choice to ignore it. But then, it’s a free world, isn’t it?

  43. Avatar

    First, let me commend you on posting more updates to the blog. It’s still not quite the transparency I hoped for, but it’s a start.

    I’m a huge Sailfish/Jolla fan. I am still disappointed at not having received a tablet, but I very much enjoyed my Jolla 1. In fact I liked it so much I decided not to ask for a tablet refund in order to support Jolla during its tough times. I was ecstatic about the initial news on the Xperia X, and bought three.

    That said, I see a very disturbing trend developing. While I think Jolla’s customisation of the OS for corporate and government environments could possibly be a good thing as long as consumers aren’t left out in the cold, I’m not sure this is the case.

    From “The mobile OS solution for corporations and governments”. Hello? What about us? Where is the addition of “… and consumers who want a choice” or “… and consumers who don’t want to be spied on”?

    Was this an innocent omission, or are you showing your hand?

    The decision not to upgrade the Xperia X’s android support is a huge slap in the face. I just discovered Skype is a new addition to the growing list of applications I am unable to now use. Yes, I’m still patiently waiting for the camera issues to be fixed, but at least I could still chat over Skype. Now, it refuses to launch because the version available from Yalp/Aptoide is no longer permitted to log on.

    So what is it going to be, Jolla? Will you right the course Sailfish is now charting and honour your customers, or will you turn your back on the loyal community and become what you and all of us hate, a faceless, unresponsive entity who answers only to corporations and governments?

    If so, I’m on the wrong ship.

    • Avatar


      I too hope I’m not on the wrong ship.

      You echo many of my sentiments.

      To pick up on your comment;

      “From “The mobile OS solution for corporations and governments”. Hello? What about us? Where is the addition of “… and consumers who want a choice” or “… and consumers who don’t want to be spied on”?

      Was this an innocent omission, or are you showing your hand?”

      I rather think an omission. I think they’re more thinking along the lines of what Blackberry was like when it was in it’s heyday. An OS that had the confidence of governments and corporations but also an OS that also was a choice of consumers.

      I cannot see see how an OS would be successful just with government or corporate customers. It needs a bigger market than that. However gaining government and corporate customers also gives credibility so I think the government/corporate move is a good idea.

      However Jolla needs to remember where it’s roots are and keep that core of support on board by looking after those users as well. That’s where they can test out their product while readying it for corporate/government use, plus they get the benefit of community development.

      Government and corporates don’t want an OS that is full of bugs. The bigger the Sailfish community is, the better their testing and bug detection will be.

    • Avatar

      fool me once, shame on you,
      fool me twice, shame on me!
      I’m glad that stopped at tablet!

  44. Avatar

    I think if Jolla not keep up the pace with keeping promises /updates from the past regarding features they should have all aplied in SFOS 2 and 3 on X , many fans/followers and users/customers/devs will loose fate and trust in Jolla and will jump off this ship.

  45. Avatar

    Hi guys, I’d like to share my beta license with a cowgirl in my Xperia XA2, I wanted to ask, how can you do that at Jolla? Thank You

  46. Avatar

    Thank you Jolla folks for making this happen, I am a new SFOS user (since SFOS3 for XA2) and I love to use it. Bought the beta but sadly I managed to destroye my XA2 (water damege) and now waiting for XA2 Ultra to arrive.

  47. Avatar

    Despite having followed advise to use dev.mode and having several times tried to install Mimer ( did not succeed), I still have no possibility to activate links. They don’t work. Mimer: get pop ups with ‘problem with installing’ and while I tap on ‘install’ it brings me to Notes.
    I also get the ‘problem pop up’ when I try to install Call Dav. Does not work either.

  48. Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

    Let me open up where we are with the Android application support. The Android application support in Sailfish OS upgrade from Android 4.4.4 apps to Android 8.1 apps is a major architectural rework, and depends on a whole new hardware adaptation software (aka baseport) based on Android 8. The Sailfish OS hardware adaptation for Xperia X devices is based on Android 6 baseport which as such is incompatible with the our new Android application support.

    With our very limited resources, we have the chance to work on either one at a time, and we chose to develop and maturise the new Android 8.1 app support in Xperia XA2 product range. As stated earlier we will look into whether supporting other Sailfish devices (like Xperia X) is feasible only after we’ve got the support in XA2 in good enough maturity level and well stabilised.

    This is where we are as of today; we just got the first Beta out on last Thursday, and are getting it to the hands of real customers, you. We have been happy to hear that some of you can fully enjoy it already now in the Beta, while some declare it almost unusable for their purposes. People’s use cases and expectations differ a lot, and this is the information we need to select where to prioritise our very limited resources.

    Also, please note that as communicated we will continue providing Sailfish OS updates for Xperia X, and the above concerns only the Android app support functionality.

    I wish this clarifies the status and many thanks for your continued passion to Sailfish OS!

    • Avatar

      Hi Vesa, it would be good if the post is edited with your reply as many people might not see yours.

      BTW congrats for releasing Sailfish X beta for XA2. Hope that I will buy one in the coming month.

    • Avatar

      and again: why u work on updates for hardware the large majority of ur customers is not using before providing them allready promised features? u probablly lost a big bunch of loyal customers-

    • Avatar

      or let me ask diffrent: how many xa2 devices currently run on sailfish and what is their precentage compared with all other devices running sailfish…
      seems like u rolled out an update everyone is waiting for for about max 1% of ur customers…
      if i’m wrong i would highly apreciate actual numbers. thank you in advance.

      • Avatar

        I am not saying your question is not valid. But I guess whatever decision you take, somebody will be unhappy. Moreover some decisions show to be right or wrong, when the train is already running and some even only in hindsight.

        • Avatar

          its not a question of happiness…
          if you have clients and u miss to serve their needs by making a product they can’t use they will leave…
          if there is less money, there will be less updates… no matter if xperia x or xa2.
          if u sell a product based on apromise u don’t keep, u loose the trust of ur clients, in my humble opinion jolla is loosing even more follower by releasing an update everybody waits for since years for less than 1% of their customers….

          • Avatar

            tamhou, then stop using Sailfish. Jolla must look forward and if funds are limited, one must choose. I don’t like the XA2 myself (too big) but still I think, focusing on this newer model makes sense.

      • Avatar

        one can say they invested into the future…

        we have to face the fact they always have to make decisions – if they go with updating Xperia X first then they would not give ANY Android support to XA2 users…

        Meaning no-one would buy XA2s, like me who are considering updating from my JollaC…

        So trade-offs to be made, business as usual in sw development…

        Let’s hope Sailfis X will get the support asap Jolla could provide. But the are late with VoLTE, too – and it is quite showstopper in some part in the world. See India, RJio…

        BTW. who owns Alien Dalvik source code nowadays? Is it Jolla?

    • Avatar

      Thank you very much for taking the time to address our questions.

      (I think this would even be worth a blog post, in itself)

      Your answer in turn rises question:

      – what about future new baseports ?
      Currently, sony is making a 4.9 kernel for Android 9 Pie on most of their Xperia devices, which includes Xperia X and XA2.
      At some point in the future Jolla will probably write a new baseport 9 for some upcoming device (e.g.: a new Sony opendevice Xperia in the next 2 years ?)
      Is Jolla thinking about organising a way to backport baseports ?
      i.e.: eventually leverage the work of this potential baseport 9, to create a baseport 9 for older device for which there are compatible kernel and blobs (e.g.: Xperia X and XA9 for which Sony is planning an AOSP 9. Obviously not the Jolla1 given the absence of help from Qualcomm regarding blobs)
      This would be absolutely awesome for (very) long term support of older devices
      A bit similar to how currently Jolla is able to provide the Sailfish 3 userland to most device including all the way back to Jolla1 smartphone.

      – needed resource :
      Of course as you mention, bringing baseport 8 to Xperia X would require resources (mostly devs’ time). And the business and government partner which finance Jolla are probably more interested in bringing support for *their* devices, rather than modernizing some older device.
      But could Jolla find a way to finance the necessary dev time by the community ? (e.g.: Owners of Sailfish X on Xperia X paying a new 1 year support extension license to help finance the back-port of baseport 8 to their device ?) Or has been Jolla too much burned by past backlash around failed crowdsourcing and prefers to avoid this type of financing ?

      Anyway, thank you for clarifying the situation.
      (And I’m holding thumbs and knocking wood hoping that Jolla will decide to go ahead with a baseport 8 on Xperia X)

    • Avatar

      Hi Vesa,

      I really understand, that you are still a small company and your main focus is in B2B with your businesses customers. But I as a loyal customer need to do my own decisions.

      Coming from N900 and N9, I funded the JollaPhone and than the tablet, donated the first half of the refund, bought the JollaC as a backup device, ordered 2 SailfishX vouchers in September 2018 out of the second half refund and donated the rest, bought a Sony Xperia X, flashed it myself with SFX and sold the JollaC to a friend.

      The Xperia X is still my backup device as it has for my daily usage too many small glitches and is not as smooth as the Jolla1. But SFOS3 on Jolla1 is still very limited even for a longterm Linux desktop user.

      Newer Android support was one hope for the Xperia X but more important for me is a long term support strategy. And for that it needs at the very base a lot newer Linux kernel, getting Big-Little support and better HW driver support. Next important part is the supported Qt version.

      Please comment on this and even better give it it‘s own blog post.

      Currently I will not buy any new Sony device without a really smooth working SFOS with really usable browser, mail, caldav, carddav …

      I support now Purism and funded the devkit and Librem 5 as my plan B. The HW is not low priced and it will be restricted at the beginning. But it is a really open source friendly and secure HW from bootloader to kernel to graphics stack and not dependent on libhybris or Android driver emulation, running already kernel 4.18 and newest Qt. They do care about their normal customers who like to have a secure and open source SW stack.
      Maybe we get Anbox earlier on the Librem 5 than newer Android support for the X.

      • Avatar

        @AxelT- Supported all. Plus not any support for smart phones excl. Pebble. Not any LE. Almost nothing that I now have in my new android phone. Post the end.

        • Avatar

          Thus AxelD_ as correction.

      • Avatar

        How the heck haven’t I heard of the Librem 5 yet??? It totally sneaked by me! Thank you so much for this post. If Jolla fails to deliver on updated Android support for the Xperia X, then my next purchase will be the Librem 5, not another license for another phone for which Jolla will continue to provide software updates but not Android compatibility support.

        • Avatar

          You don’t have an Android emulator in Librem 5. And the phone (hardware) costs considerably more.

    • Avatar

      The time of miracles isn’t over. We actually got communication from Jolla 🙂

      And that’s good! You can’t afford the whole future of OS to be based on wild rumours and users left in the dark..
      (..about that roadmap coming, eh? 😉 )
      James said we’d stay tuned for it. That’s what I’m doing, I’m very tuned 🙂

      You do NOT need to set exact dates when something will be finished, heck, even a roadmap without timeline would be amazing!
      Then one can start to write in Q1, Q2, jan., feb., etc when it seems that something is most likely coming to completion.
      And if it delays! Well, it happens to all of us all the time, but atleast you did communicate! I won’t be sorry for that.

    • Avatar

      It seem that many users confuse the Android layer with the Sailfish OS updates…
      Jolla is supporting the Jolla Phone after many years, before or later it comes the time to move on a new hardware: if you owned an Android you will never get more than one major update.

      Also, for who still really really wants try the tablet experience, there is this
      a nice find of 2018. Consider that this device has the same, little issues of a Jolla Tablet, and the Android support is 4.4, and will not move (!)

      • Avatar

        TL;DR: You will never get more than one major update *from some android maker*.

        But, specifically for the Sony Xperia X, you can get (Google-flavoured) Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, 7.0 Nougat, 8.0 Oreo, (fully opensource variant) AOSP 8.1 Oreo and the for 9.0 Pie, there’s work under way.
        That’s 5 updates covering 4 different major release (6,7,8 and 9).

        I get that Jolla needs an abstraction layer (baseport 8) that has a modern enough kernel to have the linux container tech used by the new beta android layer AND that provide the necessary APIs that a compatibility layer 8 Oreo would need to call (so baseport 8 is mandatory for the new beta layer).

        But in the specific case of Xperia X, Sony happens to be providing every thing that’s needed as part of their “open devices” program (newer kernels such as 4.4 and 4.9, corresponding blobs) in order to make a newer abstraction layer possible (a baseport 8 for Xperia X).

        Jolla is literally only lacking resources (paying enough dev hours). And it would be a shame if they couldn’t find a way to modernize the Xperia X.

        Jolla 1 smartphone is a different situation : Qualcomm isn’t interested into collaborating, and jolla is stuck with an old kernel and blobs. There’s no way to bring a new abstraction layer to it, and no practical way to running the newer Android layer there.

        SailfishOS 3 with the new compatibility layer on Jolla 1 smartphone is technically impossible. (unless very improbable miracle from Qualcomm).
        Sailfish X v3 with the new compatibility layer on Xperia X is only currently stopped by lack of paid devs at jolla.
        (thanks to efforts by Sony).

        • Avatar

          Thanks for the clarification on what it will take to get Xperia X up to snuff. I too hope Jolla realises that they stand to alienate a lot of loyal supports and contributors if they fail to bump up the Android support.

        • Avatar

          @DrYak, @AxelD Thanks for your knowledgeable comments, I was about to make some of the same points (including about the Librem 5 and Anbox).

          No-one has mentioned the other Android-related elephant in the room for SFOS. Even when a service offers a website as an alternative to an Android app, this doesn’t always help us because there are so many websites that the native browser can’t handle. (Neither can Webcat: Leszek has done a fantastic job with Webcat, but rendering problems are not under his control.) Even if I stopped using Android apps, I would still need Android support to run an Android browser! If Jolla could do something about the problems that plague native rendering/JavaScript, it would go some way towards easing the pain.

          Like others though, I’m keen to see what Purism and their dev community can come up with.

      • Avatar

        Has anyone bought the Aigo? If so, can you report a good experience with it? I’ve been burned already by both the Jolla tablet crowdfunding campaign and the Youyota. I’ve been waiting quite a quite for a non-Apple or non-Android tablet.

        • Avatar

          …it’s a good mini tablet, but consider that it has ALL the issues that afflicts the JT, starting with that standby draining.

    • Avatar

      @Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

      Thanks for the reply, but in re-stating the original nebulous promise to “look into supporting” the Xperia X, you are now contradicting the official Q&A which states:

      “With Android 8.1 app support we focus on the newest hardware (Xperia XA2 range), and currently we are not planning to deploy this solution backwards to older Xperia X models.”

      “Currently not planning” is a more definite no than the original (and re-stated above) dangled carrot of “look into supporting”.

      Obviously, companies should be out to make money, and we all want Jolla to succeed! That said, to ensure loyalty and long-term success, they have to take care of their base. By hyping the Xperia X while only bumping up Android compatibility marginally then telling customers they need to buy a new license AND a new phone to get 8.1 they are cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

      Sad. I had hoped the commitment we have shown to Jolla would be returned in kind.

      We are not demanding an immediate turnabout to abandon the development of the adaptation for the XA2, but a promise and earnest commitment to upgrade Android support for the Xperia X is something I think almost everyone who purchased the license and phone expected from the start and continue to expect.

      • Avatar

        I wonder how many X licences were sold? I’d be happy to pay some reasonable additional fee for this. I really do not want a Google tracking device in my pocket!

    • Avatar

      I guess that’s an answer to my Q further up.

    • Avatar

      Hello Vesa-Matti,

      From reading some of the other posts on here it seems that the problem with updating Android support for the Xperia X isn’t support for the hardware, but rather lack of resources at Jolla, the main problem I suspect being the lack of money.

      Here’s an idea, why don’t you survey all the licence holders of Sailfish X to see how much appetite there is for them to pay for an upgrade to the Android support for Sailfish X on their Xperia X?

      When I bought my Sailfish X licence I gained the understanding that support was only guaranteed for one year with that licence. I expected I may have to pay for some upgrades at some point in the future.

      I think there is a significant number of sailors who want to Jolla succeed and would happily pay a fair price for an upgrade to the Android support on their Xperia X handsets rather than have to buy a new handset.

      How much would I pay? Probably 50% to 75% of what I paid for the original licence. Perhaps more with some justification.

      Vesa-Matti, get you calculator out, work out what it would cost, then go and see how much interest there would be. I think it would be a win/win.

      • Avatar

        For my part an additional 49,90 eur of “one year’s license” would already be on it’s way to Jolla’s bank account if it was possible.
        Jolla has deducted 20,00 eur from XA2 license because of android support is in beta. So that way 20,00 eur would be quite justifiable in my opinion for the upgraded android support for X.
        I don’t even mind if those who won’t pay additional 20,00 eur would also get the update.
        I’m here for the cause. I just want to see Sailfish florish.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for the and even in time aaand to communicate it here!! 😀

      My question:
      When Sailfish X for XA2 leaves Beta, does Android-Support getting a bigger RAM limit?
      For now the 500 MB limitation is a JP1-like user experience. Hard to convince my surrounding to change their OS to Sailfish, when RAM-intense Android apps are barely usable.

    • Avatar

      Hi Vesa-Matti!
      Sorry, I accidentally sent the first copied message.
      Can I install Sailfish X OS on Sony xperia XA1?

      • Avatar


        The supported devices are Xperia X and Xperia XA2 lineup. The XA1 is not officially supported.

        • Avatar

          That is Xperia X supported?
          I understood correctly?

    • Avatar

      Hi, Vesa-Matti, sorry for perseverance, is Xperia X performance supported?

      • Avatar


        Yes, he means the Xperia X (f5121) is supported.

        The android support in it is now outdated though, so you can’t run mobile bank ID apps for example.

        Other than that, it’s fantastic!

  49. Avatar

    THnx for the clear explaining about the situation/status, it was about time someone from Jolla replied here on the blog.
    I hope u can make SFOS 3 as complete as possible so we can enjoy all the features planned in past and future.

    Greetz Sailors

  50. Avatar

    Hi. Is there any difference between Sailfhish X Free, and Community build?

  51. Avatar

    Been running the beta on my XA2 for a week now and I have two questions/requests:

    1. Waking up the phone with double tapping the screen
    2. Closing apps by swiping from top

    Do these exist anymore, can we get them back if not, or am I just an idiot and I simply need to turn the features on? If it is the last option, how do I turn them active?

    Otherwise I am quite happy, finally we have sailfish available on somewhat decent hardware. The android experience while test driving the device before flashing was even nastier I dared to imagine. After getting the sfos in, it was like removing a stone from the shoe.

    • Avatar

      Double-tap is deactivated for Xperia X and XA2 as it can lead to unexpected behavior, e.g. display freezes. There is a way to activate on your own risk:

      “Top swipe to close” is now “top edge swipe to close” (since Sailfish 3) in favor of having the top menu available from top center in all views. This seemingly was the wish of one of the large customers.

      • Avatar

        Thanks spark. I guess I will try the double-tap a bit later.

        The “top edge swipe to close” seem to be a gesture I am totally unable to master. Regardless of how close of the side edge I swipe, I always get the top menu. From the new name I deduce that if I swipe at the center (over the sony text, when portrait) I should get the menu, and I should swipe over the indicator-led next to camera, I should close an app?

        • Avatar

          Replying to myself: the “top edge swipe to close” is working okay in my old intex aquafish, updated to from jollaC repositories, closing apps as expected.

          So, as now I know how the swipe should work, I can see my original gripe #2 is not a feature, but a bug. In the xa2 with the swipe does not work properly, bringing on the top menu regardless of the swipe. I even did a factory-reset, but no change. Anyone else with the same problem?

    • Avatar

      Double tap to wake is something that didn’t work on XA2 Android. It’s a feature I miss (Lumia 950, still daily driver for me, has this too), but I think there are much needed features than this.

  52. Avatar

    I buy the beta version for sony xperia xa2 and all is good but i want setup vpn with L2tp/Ipsec with shared is this happening setup?thanks

  53. Avatar

    You are shouting around and do not think. If it were JUST COMPLETE THE OS, don’t you think they would do it? You have no idea.

  54. Avatar

    I have bought and downloaded the Beta for XA2. Thank you for making it available.

    Perhaps I am missing something, but I don’t see anywhere that lists MD5/SHA1/SHA256 checksums for the downloaded file. I am a little reluctant to flash with a file that doesn’t have a good checksum. Is the lack of publicised checksums something that can be remedied, please.

    If I have missed an obvious link, please accept my apologies.

  55. Avatar

    I have to say that I am glad that my XA2 was destroyed because I love XA2 Ultra that came for a replacement. Funnu tho I have noticed that XA2 was smoother experience than XA2 Ultra. Anuhow, I like big phones and this feels like a perfect match. Sadly I have to use some Android apps but SFOS3 at this point deliveres alk I need. Well, almost. It would be really really nice if I could use my android apps with mobile internet which is not working at the moment BUT I am still very happy for aal the progress Jolla has made so far. This is one amazing software for me to use. I like this system so very much.

  56. Avatar

    Good Work Jolla!
    Next step is Gemini PDA!

    I must say, i dont understand this debacle with Alien Dalvik and Xperia X.
    I dont understand people, who whining about it.

    SailfishOS is great because its not Android!

    Who heavy rely on Android apps, google services etc. should buy an Android Phone and be happy.

    Sailfish is good because here is no Android, no google services and other crap.

    Be happy, that you can run some Android Apps under SailfishOS. Jolla is a small company and we (community) are npt the main market for them. we bring very small income but big shitstorm if something not work.
    Jolla live, because they develop for Business.
    Be happy that you have avery good Android 4.4.4 layer on Xperia X. Be happy, that you have (beta) Android 8.1 layer on XA2, but when this is not enough for you – buy Android Phone or develope SailfishOS apps.

    But whining: “You said that Xperia X will get Android 8.1” is absolutely not correct.
    On Berlin Meetup Jolla said: We try to backport Alien Dalvik 8.1 to previous devices when its ready for XA2 and we have resources for that.

    Jolla still support Jolla 1, which is 6! years old with Software Updates. Show me another company, who do the same ?

    so come on!

    Be realistic, guys!

    • Avatar

      Yes indeed u should, before u put Jolla and sailfish on way too positive, u forgot about the things wich are still not done/completed or executed in some version of SFOS, and that started 5 years ago, details about features, promises and basic functions u can read all over the blogs , forums,, together.jolla.
      But there is progress for a small company like Jolla ,but still a long way to go , hopefully they grow in such a way that we as users/consumers are on the first place ,greetings to u all Sailors , enjoy SFOS …….

    • Avatar

      Living without Android apps would be much easier with a fast, up-to-date, and native browser! It is simply ridiculous that we need Android support to run a usable browser on a SailfishOS smartphone! The day Firefox needs a more recent Android version than 4.4 will be the day my Xperia X gets useless. Hopefully XA2 will have matured enough until then.

      And don’t tell us to write native apps ourselves. There will be no third party apps for many closed services because these services actively prevent such apps.

    • Avatar

      so as a loyal supporter and customer expecting some updates not only for 1% of the customers who already spend another 250 euro in a hardware from someone else and wishing a actual kernel and working browser or at least some allready promised features for the other 99% is unrealistic? i guess my understanding of building a market is completly wrong. i thought my contribution to jolla since they were founded are so pointless that they even don’t need to tell us how many devices of every sailfishdevices actually are xa2…. u wanted emerging markets? u think those peeps gonna afford a newer telephone every 16months… completly sustainable… great customerrelation they build here… AAA…

    • Avatar

      If resources are a problem and Jolla needs to focus its attention on newer products, then announce End of Support for the J1. Six years is a good run, and I think everyone would understand this announcement.

      The Xperia X, on the other hand, is still a work in progress — lots of hardware functionality still remains to be fully realised — even after almost a year-and-a-half (mid-October at least is when I purchased my license). And now, there is increasing evidence that the remaining issues will probably never be resolved and that updated Android support will not come since the limited resources are focused on the XA2.

      But it’s not just the hardware functionality. As mentioned above by @ziellos, the browser is atrocious. Most have abandoned it in favour of Firefox, but this is of course an Android app. When will it join the growing list of Android apps which no longer work under 4.4?

      I sure do feel like a sucker.

  57. Avatar

    The keyboard still does not have functionality to attach files directly from keyboard (to send a picture, one has to find it in the gallery and then attach to compose mms) This is a major drawback on Xa2 beta as well as the full Sailfish X for Xperia x.

  58. Avatar

    I liked SF… but after 1.5 years buying the next phone cause there is no new android support??? I will probably go back to googel… there is longer support… this is so sad… RIP SF!

    • Avatar

      Well, it’s rather RIP jofr0011! Google will analyse you left and right. But you know that.

      If Jolla would be swimming in money I’m sure they would hire 50+ engineers and much more could be done. One should happily accept the situation (otherwise it’s better imho, to go Android/iPhone or, maybe, wait for the Librem 5). I’m glad, Jolla keeps ‘fighting’, I would terribly miss SF.

      Currently Firefox works well with the existing (old) Android emulator. If that no longer works –> then buy an XA2. Isn’t it good, Jolla is working on a reasonably modern phone? Incl. license an XA2 can be had for about 250 €. Substantially less than an iPhone, comparable to mainstream Androids, half the price of a Librem 5.

  59. Avatar

    Most of us have mixed feelings now. We have to understand and to accept that Jolla is a small team, that it relies on some sponsoring from Russian and Chinese investors. Lack of money is the cause of delays. Actually Jolla should have support from the EU and from angel investors. This shows how difficult it is to compete with the big ones. If there is no good business model, no way to earn money and to be sustainable, then there cannot be growth. It is also the app market. Nokia made a mistake in not recognizing the importance of apps. Now most apps are made for iTunes and Google Play and with Sailfish you can get derivates. F-Droid and others still are not mainstream.

  60. Avatar

    I bought a Jolla 1 about 5 years ago. As a non developer I struggled a lot with it, because important apps could not be installed. I had to abstain from those apps on my daily driver and to buy an ipad as compensation.
    Yet Sailfish is a nice, elegant, easy to use OS, worth to maintain.
    I am stuck now, because the sim of my XperiaX does not work anymore, CalDav does not work (I don’t have gmail but something different) and links to browser don’t work. The XperiaX is not my ideal device, because I get screenshots all the time and the colours of pictures are too crimson. The sound however is good and so I still can use the radio app.
    I hesitate to bring the Xperia to factory settings, because I am not able to flash myself.
    What I really want is the possibility to buy a ready made device with Sailfish, a good device that lasts at least 4 years or longer.

    • Avatar

      If ur sim is out of order, the X is pretty useless, I don’t use stock browser or stock mail, using ff and chromium and for mail I use Nine, very good.
      Links in mail working here, maybe u must change ur mail app and or browser.
      And regarding color of my picture taken or downloaded , no problem here.

      Factory reset does not need reflashing, u just go to a previous build, then update and reinstall all ur apps u like .

      My phone is an XA2, I had N9,N900,Jolla and Xperia x before XA2, its gonna be my last phone with SFOS, or they must come up with a ready otb smartphone with decent hardware and a good working SFOS.

      • Avatar

        Thank you! I will put my Xperia into factory settings.
        At first I got the advice to install webcat browser, but that was no improvement, couldn”t install mimer. As a browser I use Brave, very fast and safe. As mail box I have, a good paid for servivice. This works in general mail, but CalDav doesn’t.

        • Avatar

          aQuick1, you gave a good advise. I have put my Xperia to factory settings now without having to flash anything. With Sailfish the sim still did not work, but after the newest update, Sipoonkorpi I suddenly got my mobile function back!
          About factory settings: it is a burden. Each time we have to download, install, subscibe everything again. A lot of work. And Jolla, each time I have to go to openrepos, to install search engines, because I refuse Google. Jolla, give us more options in search engines, like Qwant, Duckduckgo, Startpage, etc,

  61. Avatar

    To follow up on my suggestion that Jolla survey Sailfish users to gauge support for a paid upgrade to the Android support for the Xperia X.

    There are over 50,000 downloads of Android support from the Jolla Store. I don’t know if that’s just downloads or downloads plus devices which have activated the pre-installed Android support.

    However I think it gives some idea of the potential market for a paid upgrade.

    If only 15,000 sailors decided to opt to pay for an Android upgrade at 20 euros, that gives a 300,000 euro budget to do the upgrade.

    Is 15,000 a realistic market size?

    Is 20 euro an attractive price?

    Is 300,000 euro a realistic budget to do the upgrade?

    • Avatar

      I am one such user, with Aliendalvik installed on my Xperia X with Sailfish X.
      I would gladly pay €20 if it helps Jolla developing(1) Android 8.1 Oreo support in the Xperia X.

      I was even suggesting a few posts above to propose it as a “Support Licence Extensions” (those of use who bought the Sailfish X license at its beginning have more or less arrived at the end of our 1-year user-support period).

      On the other hand, I don’t know how much I’m representative: I’m the kind who already paid a Xa2 licence, just to show support, before even having an actual device in my possession.
      (Though my X is showing signs of wear, I’ll have to upgrade in some not so distant future)

      Also, I don’t know how much work Jolla would need to hire.
      (1) though more likely it should be described as “back porting the ‘Baseport 8’ abstraction layer currently used on XA2 family phone to the 4.4 or 4.9 kernels that Sony has written for android 8/9 on Xperia X”.
      According to several mentions by Jolla, it’s not the compatibility layer itself that requires work as much as the whole abstraction inside Sailfish X.

    • Avatar

      I am willing to pay for the use of Android apps, but first I would like to have more information about what these apps do on my phone. Do data still leak to Google? And I only wan to pay if the links to the browser can be activated, because this is not yet fixed. It is very inconvenient.
      A road map of Sailfish development would also be helpful. What is in the pipeline?

      • Avatar

        Regarding the leaking of data to google :
        have a look at the “micro G” project ( )

        it’s an open-source re-implementation of the API normally provided by the official Google Play Services.

        So all those android apps that do insist on requiring Google Services can work.
        But your data won’t be necessarily leaked to google (e.g.: you can use completely different location services – even entirely offline on the phone – instead of constantly streaming the list of visible Wifi and Cell tower for the Google servers to triangulate).

        There are HOWTOs by community members on TJC who explain how they did install microG on their alien-dalvik on their Sailfish X powered smartphone.

        (The base AOSP itself shouldn’t be leaking much).

    • Avatar

      > Is 300,000 euro a realistic budget to do the upgrade?
      Seems comfortable.

      > Is 20 euro an attractive price?

      > Is 15,000 a realistic market size?
      Not at all unfortunately. The 50,000+ Android support downloads is the total since 2013. If you want a better idea of the Xperia X usage, you should rather have looked at the downloads of the “Predictive text input”. They are now at 5000+ but were still at 1000+ before the XA2 release. I would thus estimate the number of Xperia X users to ~4000. If you remove those who have quit and those not interested, the budget becomes suddenly rather low :/

  62. Avatar

    Yeah, I have now XA2 with Android 8.0. And what especially best thing, indeed, Galaxy Wearables and Galaxy Watch operate excellent with my XA2. Thus, not any intent and wish to come back to SFOS … I quess that Galaxy Watch shall ever operate with SFOS X or …

    • Avatar

      Regarding smartwatches (and similar other smart-objects) :

      – Those which operate with a companion android app over *bluetooth* will never work on SFOS *in the near future*, as they would need direct access to the bluetooth (using the Bluedroid API from Android) and current alien-dalvik layer doesn’t have any access to it (there are no bluedroid-to-bluez translation layer), it can only access peripherals that the base Sailfish handles itself and which are exposed as standard peripherals to android apps (bluetooth speaker which appear as standard audio output, bluetooth keyboard which appear as standard input device, etc.)

      – In theory a smartwatch that works over Wifi could talk to its companion app over the network, but I’m not aware of which companion app can work purely over the network.
      (I’ve only personally successfully tested such wifi companion app with a few IoT gizmos, no smartwatch)
      (In fact, I’ve seen the opposite: companion app of purely Wifi devices like some Wifi enabled printers, instead of talking over the network, insist on taking over the low-level Wifi (e.g.: to force connect to the device specific SSID) which fails on Sailfish OS – e.g.: the Instax Wifi printer companion app refuses to work even if you manually connect to the Wifi)

      • Avatar

        Can you post this in Together/Maemo and ask about the same in Mer meeting if possible?

  63. Avatar

    First of all, I think it is good that jolla is still sailing and gradually improving both in terms of software and release schedule.

    However, I bought a Sony Xperia X not long ago and also would like to express my discontent with the Android support policy.
    What I think is even worse: full disk encryption was promised for SailfishOS 3 and appears still to be missing. I cannot even remotely think of using a device without this feature.
    Moreover, rooting any Sony phone will result in the rather ugly ‘your phone is possibly insecure’ screen on start up which is yet another significant security risk.

    Still, I bought/donated another license for the XA2 to back Jolla to hopefully make a positive impact.

    From my point of view, a much better direction would be to support the Fairphone2 *with* proper Android support and the other commercial features right from the start when ordering. This should also allow to secure the bootloader part, i.e., to have them sign what is needed to ensure security throughout the boot process.

    Rooting Sony’s phones and installing a half-baked OS is a lost cause from my point of view. There is simply no privacy if we do not have proper device security! Not to mention the driver issues on the Xperia X (fingerprint, etc.).

    Once that is done, we would need MicroG included and as an advanced option ‘deodex’-ing of apps without being a command-line guru.

    Just my two cents …

    • Avatar

      Leszek made a YouTube video some days ago and showed how to install micro-g on XA2 using F-Droid. Installation itself worked without problems, but the real problem is that I muss a further explanation/instructions how to use/set up the installed software package. I thought with installed micro-g the startup-messages from several apps would be gone an also apps that start at all cause of missing google services would perhaps run, but nothing really changed for me with micro-g installed. But I think I have to do some more steps to configure it right, but I’ve no idea what to do…

      • Avatar

        The whole point of using MicroG is to have it spoof the signature of Google Play Services. Hence, just installing MicroG will not achieve much, as most apps will continue to search for Google Play Services. Of course, this type of signature spoofing is also a security threat if every app can do it, for example, you do not want some app to pretend it is your banking app. That is why I think Jolla should provide a well-managed support for signature spoofing. Some Android custom ROMs apparently do that …

  64. Avatar

    Thank You Jolla of well working beta for xa2.

    open camera
    are working & installed.
    Also couple of public transport apps.

    Hopefully in the future people will move out of facebook-monsters those force You to use android-bots.

    Thank You once again,rip mitakuuluu & whatsup for “android 8 support” 🙂

  65. Avatar

    Since yesterday I can use my Xperia as a phone again. It is such a pity that the development of Sailfish is not fullfilling our expectations, because it really is too nice to let it go. I have a wish list and maybe others have their whishes too and we could collect them, so Jolla does have a better idea of what users want? Actually I am not eager to spend more money or to buy a new device for only one year, when this is not possible:
    sharing possibility , for example from mail or a news site or Telegram to Piepmatz of Tweetian,etc.,
    CalDav working for other mail services than gmail,
    better browser with possibility to use more search engines,
    possibility to activate links in mail and elsewhere,
    help with flashing.
    These are a must for me. Double-tap to open would be a nice option, but is not a necessity. An option to switch off access to our location by each app would also be an improvement.

    • Avatar

      CalDav works here with Fastmail (on a Jolla 1, don’t know on the X).

      For more search engines, e.g. DDG, you can add a config file (consult, don’t remember the details). Best is, to set developer mode and then ssh into the phone and add the file (ask on together if you need help). Btw, you can add entries to the ‘/etc/hosts’ file to block ‘stupid’ domains (google for ‘someonewhocares’, this may improve the browser ‘experience’ (but DNS blocking works system-wide). Some websites makes problems, then I switch to the (Android) Firefox (with the uBlockOriginal add-in) which in general works fine. — Email app could/should be improved, fully agree.

      • Avatar

        For more search engines than Google, Bing and Yandex it is much easier to go to openrepos and to install the Sailfish search engines list made by Coderus. However, my point is that Sailfish should offer such a list as default.

  66. Avatar

    Brought my Xperia to factory settings. Now mobile sim and connection works so I can make calls. When I try to activate Piepmatz, a paid for twitter client ( I paid), this does not work. Linking to the browser doesn’t work, so I cannot log in. The same with Tweetian. Switching the phone off and on does not help. There is something wrong with the browser. Links in mail etc. do not work. Please Jolla team, can you fix this?

      • Avatar

        Well, yes, I did that and others gave some advice too, but nothing worked. Did factory settings 3 times. Last time step by step. In Mouhijoki links can be activated. So Piepmatz etc. can be installed. Sim and memory card reader do not work. No mobile connection possible. In Sailfish 2.2.1 - both do not work. As James suggested there must be some rare bug. Now I keep the device in Mouhijoki, so I can only use it at home on wifi.

  67. Avatar

    I am in Canada. Can I purchase the license? The Jolla Shop says it’s not available for my country.

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately the license is avaialble to be purchased in EU, Norway and Switzerland only at the moment.

  68. Avatar

    Since Jolla are obviously short of resources I have to seriously question their logic in releasing Sailfish Beta for the XA before they have compeleted
    fixing the functionality for Sailfish X on the Xperia X. Having one more substandard version of the OS is plain dumb.

    I think everyone was prepared at the start to accept an OS with a few functions missing or with sub optimal performance, with the expectation that things would improve with time. Why wasn’t more resource put into developing the OS?

    So far as I’m concerned there has been no substantive improvement. Bluetooth works OK but could be better, NFC still doesn’t work, the camera is only average, the ability to attach photos to SMS is very sub standard, Microsoft Exchange is hit and miss and stops working every few days, the native browser is almost useless, (if it weren’t for Android support and being able to use Opera browser I would have left Sailfish a long time ago), I could go on.

    If Jolla want to have an OS that will get mainstream acceptance than they need to put some polish into the OS. They don’t appear to be doing that right now. Salifish 3 was hyped up but didn’t much in the way of improvements.

    • Avatar

      Yep, couldn’t agree more with ur statement , still a lot of work to do for Jolla, hopefully sooner than 2 late.

    • Avatar

      Considering the availability of Xperia X in the market, we definitely needed a newer device to carry our project forward in the community for those who wanted to get their hands on it but were unable to get a device. Plus, it never hurts having a newer, more up-to-date device to work with. We are working hard to get to those issues you mentioned.

      • Avatar

        I understand your needs to prioritize XA2 devices :
        after all, next after B2B and B2G contracts, your next source of revenue at Jolla is selling Sailfish X licenses (with android layer and support), so of course bringing SFX and android layer to a *current* device, that *currently sells* would be of priority, so you can keep getting much needed income from new licenses sold.

        But could you please reconsider the Xperia X ?
        (e.g.: bring the Sony newest kernel (4.4 or 4.9), backport on top of it the “baseport 8” compatibility layer, and backport the Android 8 compatibility layer ?)
        Even if that means selling new “extension of user support” licenses or whatever to help cover the dev costs ?

        In a way, that could also help boost future license selling as people see even more support to older platforms.

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s already great that you support Sailfish 3 all the way back to Jolla 1.

        But it would be even more awesome if slightly older platforms that are still compatible could get all the bells and whistles from latest development.
        (more modern kernels, more modern android layer, etc.)

      • Avatar

        Hello James, I can understand your reasoning for attracting new people to Sailfish, but in that process you appear to be shutting the door to some extent on those existing supporters of Sailfish who own an Xperia X.

      • Avatar

        Hi, James, sorry for perseverance, is Xperia X performance supported?

  69. Avatar

    Please release it to Nokia series phones. Especially lowend devices like Nokia 2. Android is so slow on such devices.

    • Avatar

      – the OS, by former Nokian, from the Maemo team,
      – running on hardware, by former Nokian, currently at HMD

      Yup, I would definitely +1 this.

  70. Avatar

    Dear Jolla, please don’t stop your streak of regular blog-post. Consider posting some “filler” material if you don’t have big announcements (e.g.: spotlight on the current work of devs, etc.)

    • Avatar

      Mostly there should be an article around MWC.

  71. Avatar

    Let me be the party pooper here: if I want to be the newest member of the Sailfish family but I don’t want to buy a Sony XA2 Whatever device + the Sailfish OS licence for 50 eur, how can I be? There are no other options, am I right?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not a cheapstick, I spend quite a lot of money on tech stuff. But this bugs me, as just to buy a new Sony device is not cheap plus I have to buy the OS and if I want to upgrade my device next year, as Sony will come out with the XA3 or something, I have to pay again 50/30 eur.
    Though the 30 eur version is upgradable to the full version, that is nice…

    I will not be able to convince my GF to change to Jolla, sorry. 😀

  72. Avatar

    I think that SailfishOS is developing quite well. Its a nice open mobile operating system which covers my personal smartphone needs. i don’t really need all the shiny android apps (some works – and this is enough for me). Browser is something what get critics very often… For me – its ok, to check some information – its ok, when something is not working – i use Webcat Browser which is also quite fine. I don’t really need Mozilla Firefox on a Smartphone. And i think we should stop compare SailfishOS with Android or IOS. This are different operating systems for the different needs. Sailfish will never be a direct concurrent for Android – so lets stop whining why myu app xyz is not working under Sailfish, or why i can’t use Google Pay on SailfishOS….

    SailfishOS is going its own way, we as community can support it, can buy and use it, trying making it better….

    But only critics withou support wouldn’t change the situation

    • Avatar

      I agree with you, Sailfish is to nice to let it go. Its gesture system is smooth and easy, easier to use than an iphone. Some apps are just brilliant in their simplicity. Others are crappy, so Android is a wellcome addition. Many here are complaining because they like Sailfish and want it to be continued and to be improved. (My XperiaX is in trouble and does not work as a phone at the moment). And I still hope that Jolla will become a serious business, where everyone can buy a ready, flashed device or can get a flashing service.

  73. Avatar

    When the bloody hell will the full version be available for download? To hell with this beta bullshit!!

    • Avatar

      Please keep it decent in your language, keep calm and patient.

  74. Avatar

    What about support of Xperia XA2 Plus 64GB version?

  75. Avatar

    This is a huge disapointment.
    No more Android support on Xperia X while Sony maintains the same kernel as for Xperia XA2.
    No support for QT 5.12 while this version is LTS: so impossible to get a decent Web Browser without going through Android apps.
    No clear roadmap even a short term one. I’m lost. I don’t know where you are going.

  76. Avatar

    Yes understandable , Jolla again is in lack of coms and that clear roadmap regarding missing features and promised app etc on every X.
    I think there are more people will be disappointed if JOLLA not clean or step up regarding these matters asap, for me im already looking at Lineage or flashing back to Andy, forced by the incomplete OS called Sailfish 3.

    Maybe I am to quick with my negative reply but I need a fully working phone and for now or still SFOS is NOT!

    • Avatar

      Sadly the lack of roadmap communication and promised features seems to never change. Somewhat discontinuing half way through the feature support for the Xperia X (my feeling) is not what I expected when I bought Sailfish X in 2017. It is barely usable as a daily driver – with very little expectations – but gets annoying especially when you want some basic Android apps working reliably.
      Whyever, I still have some hope in Jolla left, but the switch to an alternative Android ROM is always being reconsidered.

      • Avatar

        Already did for the time being, waiting until Jolla Updates, fix more bugs, drop beta andy and finally complete the features they promised from start of SFOS 3, and communicate more often about it all, roadmap still not there? etc etc etc.
        After all these years from N9->N900->Jolla->Xperia x->XA2 still not a fully/compleet , or a 99 % bugs free OS.

  77. Avatar

    Hi, guys, is Xperia X performance supported?

  78. Avatar

    Hello Jolla … wake up
    Can we have some updates? A roadmap perhaps? Any indication on when is Android support supposed to come out of Beta? It is pretty much unusable as it is …

  79. Avatar

    Jesus guys, I don’t know how you put up with these comments. You have some lazy fuckers who can’t seem to read the goddamn comments.

    I’ve got the tablet and the Xperia X and love the OS, it’s fantastic! Honestly a pleasure to use, feels like using OS X back in the 10.0 days, a buggy and basic experience but still an order of magnitude better than the alternatives.

    Ordering an XA2 today, hope you’re enjoying the Spring weather!

  80. Avatar

    This information is awesome ..but new mobile launched every new week and the features are not added which people wants…

  81. Avatar

    any News with PayPal?
    i literally can’t pay you guys for your effort^^

  82. Avatar

    I have one question.
    If i am from México, there will be some problems if i buy SailfishOS?

  83. Avatar

    Hi. I hope someone can help me with my following problem: I have an XA2 with Sailfish X Beta. But if try to download the update for Oulanka it doesn’t work, as well I want to download some apps from the Jolla store. I subscribe to the store, I can click on the apps and read the discription and watch the pictures but I can’t download them. In both cases in I click “install” but the system only shows “wait” and then nothing else happens.
    Does anyone now this problem? Have I forgotten something?


    • Avatar

      This sounds like you can try and reconnect your Jolla account and see if that makes a difference.

    • Mariana Perez

      Hello Muffel2.0,
      The right channel for this type of comments is I’m sure there more people are able to help you.
      Best Regards,

  84. Avatar

    I just bought an xperia xa2 ultra and was now trying to buy this beta sailfish os and had to notice, that i can’t. paypal is mentioned in the faq of the zendesk (i think) but it is missing in the payment selection.

    I think I really have to switch to some other phone os … it would be much to my regret but some things pile up until it’s over …

  85. Avatar

    Hi James, can I install a sailfish version on my Sony Xperia X COMPACT? If it’s possible, what software i must download/buy?
    Regards, Sebastian

    • Avatar

      Hi Sebastian,

      There is a possibility through a community port. You can search for it on TJC ( and get your answers there. There is however no official support for that device.

  86. Avatar

    Hi there,
    just succesfully installed Sailfish X free trial on XA2 device,…after a dozen or so tries
    … its simply amazing!
    1. Now I would like to get the full (beta) version incl Aptoide store:
    Do I have to re-do the whole installation process via a PC (not preferred for obvious reasons!),
    or is there a smart way, i.e. directly upgrading the smartphone, without repeating the whole flashing procedure via the PC?

    2. Can I migrate from my Jolla Phone, by downloading settings to SD card, then use new XA2
    with existing SIM- and SD-card?


  87. Avatar

    I have question, when will beta come out of the beta stage? I have XA2 and android support and store are not working as expected… Hence beta I guess… So do you know when can we expect a production version?

    • Avatar

      The production version is being released with the upcoming update whihc is now on early access!

      • Avatar

        Please, don’t forget you owe us money.. You can be absolutely sure there will be people like me who will never forget

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