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Sailfish OS Sipoonkorpi is now available

The release of Sailfish 3 has been a gratifying milestone for Jolla. Each new update completes the circle of the Sailfish 3 era, step by step, delivering new features and adding value to Sailfish OS.

This time, our name pick fell upon the woodlands of Sipoonkorpi. Sipoonkorpi is a 19 km² Finnish National park located in the municipalities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Sipoo. Sipoonkorpi is well known for its peaceful settings that combine nature and small villages to create an astonishing view.

Release Highlights

Sipoonkorpi’s beautifully diverse setting reflects in this update, which delivers plenty of features that enhance both the functionality and design of Sailfish OS. Key elements are related to security, communication and user experience. Also, we’ve enhanced the light ambience feature by adding basic support for user-generated light ambiences.


Privacy is one of our top priorities, and our focus on security is reflected on each of the updates made to Sailfish OS. We understand our corporate partners’ need for a secure system and one part of that is to provide dynamic security for network connections. A good example is when you connect to a wireless access point we can restrict the network traffic based on configuration added to system. This firewall configuration is set to block ICMP requests and for developer mode it allows access to SSH only over WiFi or USB.

Light Ambiences

User generated ambiences as a way to personalize your device has always been a key feature in Sailfish OS. In 3.0.0 we added two new ambiences with a dramatically different style with a light background and dark text. Now we’ve expanded this, and you can create light ambiences from any of your favourite pictures on your device. Light ambiences can easily be created from the gallery by selecting your favorite picture and then pressing the “Ambience” icon and choosing light as the style for the created ambience.

light ambience

Image Editing

We have added a redesigned image editing dialog that enables you to apply several actions at once such as cropping, changing brightness, contrast and rotating dialogs. After editing, both the original version and edited version are saved. Also, the edited version will be opened automatically, which allows you to see the changes made.

light ambience 4

Look & feel

For style and improved legibility we have added a nice blur effect to the backgrounds in Top Menu, App Grid and system dialogs. Also, you can choose to see the current weather information on the Lock screen.




Bulgarian language was added to Sailfish OS. Massive thanks to a handful of Bulgarian students for translating the OS from scratch, благодарим!

Sailfish X

The 3.0.1 update will be delivered to all devices supported in the Sailfish X program. With this update we will expand Sailfish X to support Planet Computer’s Gemini PDA. We’ll be opening downloads of the Free trial version of Sailfish X for Gemini PDA with a beta release as soon as few final details in distribution have been solved. We will notify of this separately.

Further, the Android app compatibility for Sony Xperia XA2 variants is soon ready to be published and we will start delivering it via Jolla Store at the end of January. The initial version will be a public beta.

Bug Fixes

As always, we want to thank our community for your continuous support and help! Some bugs that were fixed include; Contacts disappearing if google account sync failed, and graphic glitches, just to name a few.

For more information please read the release notes and for detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device please check out here.


Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.48.23 PM

James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!



  1. Avatar

    Please update Android compatibility also for Xperia X. Thank you.

    • Avatar

      The Android Support of Xperia XA2 will be based on Android 8.1. After we have released the support for the new XA2 range of devices, we will evaluate the feasibility of enabling newer Android support on Xperia X.
      There are some device specifics in the Android runtime implementation, which restricts our ability to bring the new runtime to other devices.

      • Avatar

        So you don’t have any detailed plan for Xperia X yet, right? “We will evaluate the feasibility” doesn’t sound very confident.
        Updated native browser and Android runtime are MUCH more important than UI tweaks and light ambiences. Waiting eagerly for basic features and getting UI gimmicks instead is just frustrating.

        • Avatar

          I am also frustrated at this and “evaluate” is not a confident statement.

          Already I have one Android app that I would use regularly that will not run on Android/SFOS.

          I wonder what the statistics of installation ratio on the X v. XA2 are?

          Don’t forget us!

        • Avatar

          I am so frustrated that am already selling my Xperia X and have no idea of buying tha XA2

          • Avatar

            You should have adjusted your expectations a bit. Jolla is much smaller than the mainstream closed down or privacy intrusiv alternatives (which likely will serve you better – Sailfish is not for everyone atm).

        • Avatar

          +1 for the updated native browser. It is not competitive in 2019 and a big downer. I love Sailfish from Day 1. But the browser seems to be stuck.

      • Avatar

        Thank you for the answer!

    • Avatar

      What year are we in, 1999?

  2. Avatar

    Dear Jollateam, I was able to test the update a few days before and am really excited. Bit by bit Sailfish X continues to grow and I’m really happy to be part of the community. Keep it up!

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your awesome words!

      • Avatar

        Guys, I appreciate your diligence to comply with EU rules… but could Sailfish X(XA) be available in some day for another country as well?! Please, I’ll try to buy it on your price. At really question arises from availability of some useful Android -apps are not available in SFOS right now and far (like Qiwi, 2GIS, Vk, RuTaxi etc.)

        • Avatar

          (hmm, but following maybe partially sheds light)

  3. Avatar

    Yay, thanks for the update !!!
    \o> \o/ <o/

  4. Avatar

    Now a couple of extremely technical question (if they could be relayed to the relevant Jolla devs, please):

    – does Sipoonkorpi has the fixes against “System Down” exploit of systemd-jourland ?
    – plans to shift mer core to GCC 8 (even if in “produce GCC-4 compatible output” to keep backward compatibility) and uses protection as the “-fstack-clash-protection” ?

  5. Avatar

    Yeahhhh,thanks a lot to all of u.
    Great news !!!

  6. Avatar

    Thank you for the nice update Jolla!
    I am surprised how much of a visual difference the background blurring of the menues in the light ambiences. Thanks for picking up this user request.

    • Avatar

      It indeed made a huge difference! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

      • Avatar

        Yeah, last update bring it a really great default main background wallpaper! I’m really surprised too as much as I left it as default instead of Hertzsprung–Russell diagram! 🙂
        …also decided to keep default sounds too for now. Is it real photo of Aurora took at some place in Sipoonkorpi National Park? Great Terminator Sightseeing someone’s had at really! 🙂

  7. Avatar

    I hope the official release for Gemini is out soon.

    Do you have any concrete plans to offer Sailfish for Cosmo Communicator, the Gemini’s successor yet?

  8. Avatar

    As usual: many thanks for the update which ran smoothly. Any news on the planned upgrade of the Android compatibility layer (Alien Dalvik) for Xperia X?

    • Avatar

      +1 – Also very eager for the Android upgrade on the Xperia X!

    • Avatar

      Yet another +1 for an Android layer upgrade on Xperia X.

      It’s slowly starting to get urgent : more apps (including a bit more critical ones like banking apps) are switching version requirement to 5.0 Lollipop minimum.

      • Avatar

        Luckily, we have received offial, written promise of update for android support of Xperia X after Xperia XA. Looking forward that. Also Android min 5 + 1,5 Gbs in required for wearables app.

        • Avatar

          Jolla not keeping promisses as expected.

          Android update was planed for sfx3. But we get only for one Phone and only after few updates. And “when” we will see update Android for xperia x is mistery. Maybe next year, or 2 years, or maybe never.

          • Avatar


            12. The Android Runtime of Xperia X is based on version 4.4.4 now.  Will you update the Android support of Xperia X devices?  

            The Android Support of Xperia XA2 will be based on Android 8.1.   We are looking into updating the Android Support of Xperia X, too, after we have released the support for the new XA2 range of devices.

            If this is not true, it’s a crime to show this bullshit officially.

            • Avatar

              @jps Whats your problem with this paragraph? It says basically what tordemus wrote above.

            • Avatar

              One has to read wording: “we are looking into..” very cautiously.. It promises only that they will look into it. Whether that “look” lasts longer than 1 minute noone knows yet.

              The pessimist me says that we might get communication about it few years after that nothing happened…or maybe not.

              Sorry about being cynical… but I’m also one of those that’d get quite unsatisfied about Xperia X not getting 8.1 support.
              Could even break the camel’s back (does this translate from Finnish to English..?)

              • Avatar

                The optimist me says that we’ll get it. We will get it!
                (maybe as this year’s Xmas present.. 😉

          • Avatar

            If Google allows it. Google is becoming more tough, more closed.

            • Avatar

              Technically, Jolla could still derive the android layer out of AOSP.

              The problem has more to do with the proprietary and closed source Google Play Services.

              Currently, there’s still the possibility to install them by the end-users.
              Also there are efforts to provide opensouce re-implementations (like MicroG).

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your comment. As for your answer, I will paste what I wrote above: The Android Support of Xperia XA2 will be based on Android 8.1. After we have released the support for the new XA2 range of devices, we will evaluate the feasibility of enabling newer Android support on Xperia X.
      There are some device specifics in the Android runtime implementation, which restricts our ability to bring the new runtime to other devices.

  9. Avatar

    Very Nice update. Updated my devices. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, I need group SMS/MMS working correctly before I can use the phone as my daily driver. Still suffering using Android and anxiously waiting for Sailfish OS to include group SMS/MMS feature. Do you have any update on when we can expect this necessary feature?

    Thank again for this beautiful update.

  10. Avatar

    Is out, is out!

    I have a question: there is some feature for the Jolla tablet?
    Can I install the 3.0.1 on it?

    • Avatar

      Hi ,
      my tablet update worked fine. Faster than on the J1 phone, better than the initial update to 3.0.0.whatever which had at least three failed update attempts on mine.

  11. Avatar

    Oops… Reading this while flashing my Xperia XA2. Lets look which version I got, downloaded,it an hour ago…

    • Avatar

      And yes, not to early, it’s Sipoonkorpi!

      • Avatar

        Did you get trial version or full? As I purchased full but I don’t have Android support…

        • Avatar

          Yeah, same here! Purchased full version before the end of 2018, hoping to get Android Support, but still waiting.
          They promised that, as soon as rollout is completed, the Android Support will be released. For the time being, if you check the “Buy Now” part of Jolla, it still says “Comming Soon” for XA2, XA2 Plus and XA2 Ultra devices…

          • Avatar

            It was said there was an error in the shop system so for a little time there was the Chance to buy the system. Seems you did so.
            I just habe the free version, but waiting for Android support and will buy a füll license then.

  12. Avatar

    Do you have a roadmap for releasing the promissed roadmap? 🙂

    • Avatar

      My guess is NOPE!

    • Avatar

      You have to excuse the devs working on Sailfish. A bunch of programmers, fighting against the 2 beasts, Google and Apple, but still doing a great job!
      Hope this Sailfish project survives through time!
      And also hope that Jolla will attract more devs, so that we get native support for apps like Skype, Viber, etc…

      • Avatar

        Telegram and Nextcloud Talk would be great.

      • Avatar

        Well, to be precise, they closed down the open front fighting with the 2 beasts when they had to cease the device side of the business. Neither Google or Apple can even notice in their sales figures about Jolla taking few russian customers.
        But in general I agree and hope to see Sailfish spread like wildfire with their current strategy (actually quite genious strategy).
        But then again why do I need to excuse? I just asked if we could see roadmap (which was promised to be published few months ago).

  13. Avatar

    Thanks for the update, turned out nice! Now looking forward to full features for XA2…

    • Avatar

      So the final version is not out yet but you can purchase it? Do you know maybe if us (who payed 50€) for a full version, will we be getting upgrade via OTA or we will need to download new installation and install it again?

  14. Avatar

    Thanx for the update! There are yet again interesting things in the future and new interesting apps in the store! Way to go Jolla!

    Just a few comments here, what is happening?

  15. Avatar

    The NOKIA N9 had a superb VOIP integration… Jolla since version 1.0…not so much or lets say NONE!

    Now we have how many years passed since version 1.0? And despite having VOIP in your tech stack already (just no UI for it) the cool new features are some ambience and photo editing…WOW!!!

    Me, who is traveling a lot and would love to see a proper VOIP integration gives a *** on these kind of features.

    Who’s making the priorities at Jolla? I know you have just a small team but I can’t believe it. As a previous loyal customer and tablet investor I am just frustrated about this senseless gimmicks.

    • Avatar

      We are two of them stalking Samy about VoIP. Exactly for this feature i still love and use my N9.
      And since i bought my Jolla was for Support Jolla and have a follower for my N9. For my is the same. The new futures, for me are irrelevant. Sometimes i thinking they will dont put this feature to have a chance with the Networt providers.

    • Avatar

      I’ll second that.
      I’m sorry that I can’t join in in the jubilations of most of the other comments but after 5 (in words F I V E) years of Sailfish the only things we keep getting is new colours, changes to menus and bug fixes (which often just involve removing the bug and replacing it with another). I thought Jolla kept the good developers and the others went to Microsoft. There is unfortunately a certain impression that it was the other way around.
      Jolla, it is really so annoying that still after 5 years (in words F I V E) none of the PIM applications are on par with N9 (except for being able to import Calender invitations from Outlook or mail attachments which I could never get to work with the N9), that still after 5 (in words F I V E) years the browser can still only be described as shitty, that after 5 … there is still no decent native map/navigation (can’t you talk to Here?, surely there must be somebody there who likes you), that after 5 … there is still no native messenger (can’t you persuade somebody like Threema?) or can’t you talk to Opera to help you with a decent browser? I wouldn’t even mind paying a yearly licence fee to support this. I haven’t licenced Sailfish X because what exactly is the use of a mobile OS which I can’t easily and reliably connect to an automotive infotainment/hands-free system? I still can’t get a VPN connection to my Lancom router (either over L2TP or VPNC). Maybe I am doing something wrong but there is absolutely no manual/tutorial/guidance to help.

      Jolla, I really would love to know what the hell your developers are actually doing besides fixing menues and changing colours. I’m an engineering consultant myself for embedded systems and I would feel confident to say that my lines-of-code output in the last 5 (in words F I V E) years has made more positive impact on my customers than what you are currently delivering.

      Jolla, I am still hoping to someday have a GOOD alternative to Android and iOS. But I am now 5 (in words F I V E) years older than when I bought my first J1 (I have three in all + a tablet) and even I don’t live forever! Although as the saying goes, old programmers never die, they just branch to a new address.

      (Words of a frustrated optimist)

      • Avatar

        Unfortunately I agree…

      • Avatar

        With luck, one of the many Matrix clients currently under development will be compatible with Sailfish OS. Maybe Spectral wich is based on QTquick and C++? Or Quaternion which features Qt and C++?
        Matrix is the messenger of the future: open source, decentralized, encrypted and feature-rich. With bridges, it can connect to other messengers like IRC, Gitter, Slack etc.

        A Mumble client for Sailfish OS would also be a good idea. Mumble is a very lightweight and resource-efficient audio and text-chat software.
        Mumble is the best messenger for talking/gaming due to its ultra-low latency, high audio quality, decent security, positional audio and resource-efficiency.

      • Avatar

        So true… but then, for the moment, I’m glad that they have survived the tablet disaster and supported new devices, so that Sailfish OS becomes available again to customers (if you can’t buy it it’s dead). It barely fits my needs, though still better than being spied out by Google/Apple.

      • Avatar

        It seems I have to agree with most of your complaints.

        However, there is also some good development. The bluetooth stack of Sailfish X works rather well, even if it is said to be in beta status. At least I have no issues.

        Openvpn has proved to be stable enough (with my Synology NAS). If your Lancom doesn’t support it, don’t blame Jolla. To me, openvpn seems the most obvious vpn protocol for Sailfish.

        Pure Maps, together with OSM Scout server, is a flexible and feature-rich navigation solution. Apart from live traffic information, no need for Here (Android) anymore for me.

        I fully agree with the request for a working viop client and a working browser. Especially with the lack of native apps, and when more and more Android apps are no longer useable due to limitations of outdated Alien Dalvik.

      • Avatar

        I can only agree!
        The main reason I bought the phone was the promised VoIP function. I’m still waiting.
        I asked some times in together forum … even was bringing incoming VoIP call to work – till to the next update.
        My old Nokia N97 has more relevant functions than my Jolla Phone – after all the time.
        In short words: I’m frustrated!

        I was thinking to buy a Sony XAII but what-for? A call function I have in my 5 year old Jolla Phone 1. When the VoIP function is working … then I’ll think about again.
        All other mainstream functions are maybe nice for someone – I prefer Open-Source connected solutions for my daily work.

      • Avatar

        I have to agree too..

    • Avatar

      I’m really trying to be positive in the comments, but I’ll have to agree with this. I raised this problem a few blog posts ago ( and got no reply besides “use openrepos”, which I don’t want to and either way I don’t think it solves the problem.

      cfgardiner, about the maps app we used to have modRana that was quite nice. Unfortunately we lost it after a system update last year. See the situation is pretty much still that, 7 months later: modRana’s developer doesn’t care and suggests to just use openrepos, Jolla doesn’t care and suggests I complain to modRana’s developer and fellow users don’t care and suggest I get an iPhone instead.

      Seen how this update is still not relevant to any of the stuff we really, really need (PGP for email, voip on xmpp, offline maps) I think I’ll listen to none of the above advices and start investigating what my next device should be, with LineageOS in mind.

    • Avatar

      For me Meego was the OS of the future, as a brand new OS it was so much better than other OS’s and it had a lot of promise.

      I like many others saw Sailfish as a successor to Meego. I didn’t expect Sailfish to be better than Meego right from the start, but I would have expected better functionality improvements in the past 5 years than we have seen.

      I don’t care about such things as basic photo editing functions, if I want this I’d install an app, I don’t really care about having new ambiences, but I do want messaging group functionality, I don’t care about nice blurry background effects, but I would like Android apps to be able to access bluetooth and other features.

      The Microsoft Exchange functionality is flawed to the point it is unusable. The Jolla Weather app isn’t capable of updating to a new location, this has to be done manually. Where is the support for NFC?

      Please stop fiddling around the edges and focus on core functionalities.

      • Avatar

        you are right.
        Meego on nokia n900 was the best smartphone-os ever.
        It just worked.
        Every Textmessenger (SMS, whatsapp, E-Mail etc) was integrated. Phonecalls, VOIP, skype was integratet.
        Exchange sync worked. On jolla it’s not working because my server says: “you have to encrypt your device”

        Jolla is doing the same misstakes like all other android-ios-alternatives: investing to much time for not necessary features and forgetting basic features.

        I had expected the same working functions like my n900. Now i have a system like my old openmoko. I nead more android-apps as on my android-phone because of lacking basic-features.

        But i can edit photos and i have a blure-effect on background-images…

        At the Moment, it don’t want to wear my “first one” t-shirt, because i don’t want to explain i’m the first one and i’m waiting since nearly 6 years for a full working OS. And i don’t know how long i have to wait. Maybe as long as i had to wait for usefull second halfes or batteries to change for my jolla-phones…

        • Avatar

          sorry, it was maemo, not meego

        • Avatar

          Whatnare the basic Features of a modern Smartphone? Calls, messaging, email, calendar, photos, perhaps documents. Calls and messages need support for RCS messages, email app could be better, the camera software is worse (and following this photos are far from the quality of XA2 Android, also 4K video is missing). That’s what I need most, together with the promised integration of network storage (at least system integrated WebDAV).

    • Avatar

      Im too bro. Release of sfx3 is just new ambiences and New design in menus waht a *!!! Is team made fully of frontend developers and designers? I think problem is in managment, and devs are on our side, but all this new-gen managers with “we should do what user can see” and so on are crap.

  16. Avatar

    I got me an Xperia XA2 in order to install Sailfish X only to discover the incompleteness. I couldn’t even buy the OS, what I am prepared to.

    Many things do work and the nice look & feel, the openness, the simple integration of third party software ( in particular) and so forth are great. I trust that the OS will eventually mature even more.

    My issues: no fingerprint sensor support, flakey proximity sensor, no Android support, no smartwatches etc. make me look for new updates all the time… also the high percentage of old or unmaintained software in the store is a drawback. It’s time to download the SDK I guess!

    • Avatar

      It is like that for loooong time))) Im sailfish fan from first Jolla, and after they changed team updates of OS is more like UI updates and bug fix. Adding new devices gives nothing as OS works well even on old hardware. But there no way for dayly use of OS. No banking apps, no normal working messangers, no normal email client and so on. And that not changing for 5 years. And what we have? New ambient!!! Wooohooo

      • Avatar

        +1 for Jolla to stop wasting effort on useless stuff and repurposing the dev resources to get the xa2, etc. out at last. Yet, contrary to tordemus’s view of adding new devices giving nothing, I would dare to say that having a compatible device available for purchase as new, is a big plus. Especially if one is after a daily-driver.

        It has been quite disheartening for a sailfish fan who has been happy first with Jolla1 and then with aquafish (both starting to near the end of their life) to simply not being able to replace them with reasonable effort. The window for having xperiaX still available on the market _and_ sailfishX at the same time was short and the window for XA2 has not opened yet, and after it opens the remaining availability of XA2 might not be long.

        Getting a device and the os separately and then flashing is sort of okay, given both are available by simply clicking the ‘Buy’ -button, if that is the only way to have a phone I find usable. Instead hunting for a used device with questionable condition and tired battery is not, as is case at the moment when xperiaX is sold nowhere.

        • Avatar

          I am sorry to say, but this method is not usable for me , as it isn’t for most people.

  17. Avatar

    « This firewall configuration is set to block ICMP requests and for developer mode it allows access to SSH only over WiFi or USB. »

    That is a shame. No ssh over VPN ? This was a really useful feature :). Is there a way to configure this firewall ?

  18. Avatar

    Very nice Jolla, got to get that Gemini rooted 😛

  19. Avatar

    Any news about when you are going to fully refund my tablet ?
    Funny how you guys are not spending any energy in the refund process in spite of all the promises you made in the past. Not mentioning them does not mean you do not have to keep them !

    Maybe this music video helps

    • Avatar

      There is no energy even in developing os. They have time only for spending your and investors money for managment team 😉

      Year ago Android Update for XA was promissed to be in 3.0.0 update, and we have update for XA2 and not even for X, what a …

    • Avatar

      i’m realy start thinking that the stollen our money.

      refound process was a only a lie

  20. Avatar

    Good news, looking forward stable (daily-driver) adaptation on the Xperia XA2 and Gemini PDA….

  21. Avatar

    Is there an update on open sourcing the last components of the UI (as promised). it’s been over a year since the last mention of this. Has Jolla changed their minds and decided not to open source?

  22. Avatar



    • Avatar

      I just flashed my Xperia XA2 two days ago. I never did something similar before and just followed the description published by jolla. Worked well with Windows 10, but the install folder should be on drive C. I had it first on drive D (SD-Card) and the Installation failed cause of some accessibility problems, so I moved the folder to C tried it again and it worked.

    • Avatar

      The requested videos will definitely come when it’s time.

      As for the Bluetooth issues: We currently do not officially support it, hence the issues you may experience with it.

      • Avatar

        Mr. Noori. Please provide thorough instructional videos on flashing Sailfish with Windows 7-10 and Linux when the time arrives. Furthermore, it would be helpful having a video of how to undo blunders/cock-ups with Sony’s Emma Tool; I hear it does wonders!

  23. Avatar

    So if I red the start of this blog correctly jolla saying Further, the Android app compatibility for Sony Xperia XA2 variants is soon ready to be published and we will start delivering it via Jolla Store at the end of January. The initial version will be a public beta.

    Means not a fully working andy app compatibility , so must wait longer for a correct updated version of it?

    Or is it full with bugs?

    James Noori can u please elaborate or explain in detail, thnx .

    • Avatar
      The full Sailfish X software with all commercial components for Sony Xperia™ XA2, XA2 Plus, and XA2 Ultra will be available by the end of 2018.
      Further, the Android app compatibility for Sony Xperia XA2 variants is soon ready to be published and we will start delivering it via Jolla Store at the end of January. The initial version will be a public beta.

    • Avatar

      Hi and thanks for your comment!

      It will be a public beta, as stated, which means that there might be quirks or some misbihaviour experienced while using it.

  24. Avatar

    I posted a message two days ago but it seems it never made it past moderation. What was wrong with it?

  25. Avatar

    How do I disable the display of weather information on the lock screen?

    • Avatar

      I believe its in settings weather app, meecast or jolla.

      • Avatar

        Do you know or do you believe? I looked through every place, but can’t find any toggle for the lock screen weather info..

    • Avatar

      The answer is: you can’t. Not a really nice thing, since the motto of SFOS has been about the ability to choose.

      I don’t mind having the weather info there personally, but it should be an option which could be turned on/off. Same as with the weather info on the Events View.

  26. Avatar

    U have an option in settings in Meecast(my app), u can use widget on lockscreen(on/off).

    Or u have a patch installed called Lockscreen analog clock? wich also have an option to show or not show weather widget.

    So in reply to ur Q2 yes I do know.

    • Avatar

      No, I neither have Meecast or a analog clock patch installed. I’m talking about the new feature introduced in this Sailfish release (, as described as “Also, you can choose to see the current weather information on the Lock screen.”.

      • Avatar

        You can choose to, but you can’t choose not to, display weather information on the lock screen. Jolla only promised the first feature. Maybe in a future release. :/

      • Avatar

        The toggle to activate the weather information on the lock screen is in the same place as deactivating it. But I am not quite sure, if this is a new feature…

        • Avatar

          And where do I deactivate the lock screen?

          • Avatar

            If this is the same lock screen as earlier in SFOS 2.0, then the lock screen is “deactivated”, when no shortcut is defined. But if there is now another lock screen in Xperia (and maybe not in Jolla), then I don’t know.

  27. Avatar

    Thank you for the update.
    Unfortunately there is not much in for me. I have no Google account and so my alternative mail does not sync with CalDav. I don’t use Exchange either. And there is a problem: it is impossible to activate a link in mail, which is very inconvenient. Is this due to the latest update or is this a bug?

  28. Avatar

    Hey guys, does anybody else experience a battery drain while on stand-by?
    With device charged @ 100%, I get a 15% drop while my night sleep (approximately 6:30 hrs) with only my WiFi on (GPS, 4G Data, Location all off, and all apps closed).
    My device is an XA2 Ultra Dual. Any recommendations?
    Would a clean flash of solve the problem?

    • Avatar

      wifi on drains the battery. Try to turn it off 🙂

    • Avatar

      We have not experienced such an issue in our testing as of yet. It could be a one in a thousand case which can probably be fixed with a factory reset or a clean flash as you suggested.

    • Avatar

      Hi kostas12ldb, this is a known issue with the XA2 (every variant experiences this). Look at this thread on together:

      Especially these comments are decsribing your problem:

      My personal experience with this is, that turning off wifi and using 4G network solves the battery drainage problem. With wifi on I get ~30 hours of battery life. But with wifi off and using mobile data instead I get ~70 hours of battery life.

      So whenever you don’t have any possibility to charge your phone, it is highly recommended to turn off wifi.

      Jolla has marked the thread on together as monitored, so we can at least hope for a fix…

  29. Avatar

    I will keep writing hatefull coments as im realy big fan of sailfish and cant seat calm as i see what all this “roadmapers” do with OS.

    – Update of Android version is critical

    – Browser update is critical

    – Monetization in store is critical

    And all that ambients, XA2 suuports and so on is noncence. Each day you loose users and app devs, WhatsApp wrong with you guys????

    • Avatar

      *whats worng with you

    • Avatar

      Facebook is the owner of Whatsapp and that means FB extracts data from Whatsapp. That’s wrong. Telegram works fine on Sailfish.

      • Avatar

        Autocorrect changed wahts wrong to WhatsApp)

    • Avatar

      Why is a native browser critical when there are Android browsers which are current?

      I get that Android is not optimal, but it’s not like it is unusable. I get that in the long run Android support can die a natural death.

      Maybe someone can get the PaleMoon Android code and port it to SFOS. I quite like it.

      • Avatar

        For me at least, the native browser is critical because I have never used and will not use Android. I want nothing to do with android or iOS for that matter. I have not installed alien dalvik.

        I understand that for people who have prviously used android and who Jolla/Sailfish are trying to entice away, android compatibility is an easy opener.

        Before using Jolla, which inspite of all it’s short-comings and the miserable development progress is currently just about usable as my standard phone, I used N9/meego.

        Meego had a much more usable browser which I think came from Opera. So if Jolla can’t fix the browser themselves then why not get Opera to adapt the N9 browser for them. I, for one, am perfectly prepared to pay for this, assuming it actually works, even with an annual subscription if need be.

        If I eventually get fed up of Jolla and their lack of progress, my move will not to be android or iOS. It will be back to N9 or Blackberry Leap (for which I also have a phone in my bottom drawer). And if I need 5G, which is not supported by N9/Blackberry leap, it will be the smallest laptop I can find with BT headset, 5G network card etc. etc. but never ever Android!

        • Avatar

          Yeah, I still have my N9, my favourite phone, but I needed dual-SIM and the Xperia X with SFOS was an easy choice.

          I dislike Android intensely and Google an order of magnitude more. SFOS is as much to escape Google’s tentacles as it is a moral decision to support something different and better.

          Porting a more recent version of PaleMoon Android to SFOS would be a good option … PM is a good browser.

          Are you listening Jolla?

          Actually, what is the current SFOS browser based on? It seems unlikely they wrote one from scratch.

          • Avatar

            The native browser is according to sources on TJC based on Firefox 38, from May 2015.

        • Avatar

          We can pay for any app, and want that, we even pay for OS itself. Lots of devs left project and developing of apps cause of this empty promises about monetization. If I remember correctly they said that payments in shop is primary objective 3 years ago, and as you can see….

          All this “its our primary…” is only bullocks.

    • Avatar

      Who hurt you…?!?

  30. Avatar

    OK gr8, but when will be secound part of refound available?

  31. Avatar

    Ahoy. I did (and probably still) have this naive trust of a truly open-source, alternative, community backed OS – Which eventually pushed me to invest in a costly XA2, not really minding the occasional cli approach nor patch nor hack – whilst forgiving some hasty roll out – should this be the price to pay for a certain idea of freedom.

    To (recent) date and in its current form, SFOS can barely be used for daily drives – and, no, Android support isn’t a (personal) priority, core functionalities rather (bells and whistles later), that’s why I’ve turned to a monolithic-suse-derivative in the first place (so others it seems)!

    I quote “Today the reality is that Sailfish OS is the only alternative operating system for mobile devices on the market” – careful here Jolla, in nowadays data-sensitive, privacy-threatened environment, other alternatives are on the rise!

    Ahoy. I did (and probably still) have this naive trust…but for how long?

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your comment.

      We have a ton of users that use their Sailfish OS device on a daily basis. It is unfortunate that some users’ needs are not completely satisfied with our OS. But we are working as hard as we can to make this OS as good as it gets for our community and at the same time keep the business alive by keeping our corporate customers happy. There is a balance there which is hard to achieve for a small company like Jolla. I hope you understand and I thank you for your petience!

      • Avatar

        Reason of last rise (before death) of Windows mobile at eruopean market was corporate sales. But if people dont use phone as daily driver they wont use it as corporate also.

        My opinion. We (as users) need monetizationt at market and newer Android support for all devices. We cant use banking apps and some taxi apps due to version of Android (req.: 5.0+).

        Sailfish OS works perfect on any hardwear, so adding new phones before making OS work perfectly on previous phone is somthing I don’t understand. Why XA2 gets Android update before X, if you promised it last year for this model.

        P.S. Do you use daily basis Sailfish OS at your main mobile device?

  32. Avatar

    So, I updated to which as per usual failed, so I had to do it manually via the terminal supplied with developer mode.

    I checked, it’s 2019 and the VT102 had it’s 40th anniversary last August. The command line interface to an OS has been around for a while.

    So why is the terminal provided so bad?

    I mean, it is AWFUL.

    Characters disappear, the popup indicator of which key is struck doesn’t understand case and after an installation that sends output to the screen it is unusable and in some sort of split screen schizophrenic state.

    If I am going to have to install EVERY TIME via the terminal, can we have a decent terminal please?

  33. Avatar

    Links in mail do not work nor do they in Piepmatz. So if there is an interesting link in mail or Piepmatz, I cannot open it.
    Can this be fixed?

    • Avatar

      Strange, links in mail on my XA2 latest build works, hope u can fix it asap.

    • Avatar

      Hi Kea. Opening links works fine for me from the email app. It might be a rare bug created while you updated the phone. I would suggest a factory reset would fix that problem.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for the answer James. Will a factory set of my XperiaX mean that Sailfish again has to be flashed on it? On my Jolla 1 I have done a factory set several times, but that was different of course.

      • Avatar

        I have had webcat in the past, but not anymore when I did the latest update. I checked in Files and in Transfers if there still was a download, but nothing. The suggestions in jollatogether are quite complicated.

        • Avatar

          If you had webcat installed, it will be automatically set as your default browser. You need to fix this, even if you already uninstalled webcat.

          Go to openrepos (or use storeman if you prefer that)

          Download mimer

          Set standard browser to native browser (reconfirm it if it already says so, it will overwrite the setting)

          Enjoy opening links from emails again. 🙂

          • Avatar

            Thanks for the suggestion. I installed Webcat again. Then went to Openrepos and downloaded Mimer. However installation of Mimer did not succeed. Got an error pop up. Since the last update there is something wrong on my device. Hopefully this will be fixed with the next update. I do not know if I need to flash Sailfish again on my XperiaX if I set it back to factory settings.

            • Avatar

              Hi Kea,

              do you have developer mode enabled? If so, open your terminal and type the following:

              devel-su pkcon refresh

              (You will need your SSH password which you can set to your liking in the GUI where you activated developer mode.)

              This will update your packages and installing software from any source should not be a problem anymore.

              Best wishes

              • Avatar

                Thank you. Maybe a stupid question, but do I have to use the return button after typing this code in Terminal?

                • Avatar

                  Well, I did it, with password etc. Downloaded Mimer, at first it would not install. Downloaded Mimer again. No installing, but my Notes app appeared. This has happened begore when I tried to install apps. Weird, that there is a connection with Notes.

                  • Avatar

                    Harbour Mimer: ‘problem with installing’ and : ’empty file’.

  34. Avatar

    “the Android app compatibility for Sony Xperia XA2 variants is soon ready to be published and we will start delivering it via Jolla Store at the end of January.”

    Does this mean the XA2-phones who already have Sailfish installed (via de Free version) don’t have to be re-flashed to get all functionality, or is a fresh install still needed to get the full Sailfish version?

    • Avatar

      That is correct. No need to reflash, and you will receive the Android layer via the store. We may release a hot-fix style update beforehand if we see necessary.

      • Avatar

        That’s great! Thank you!
        Does this also mean the keyboard/text-prediction will be included via a non-flash update on Xa2’s?

        • Avatar

          That’s correct. As long as you purchase the license. Stay tuned for more updates!

          • Avatar

            Awesome! I already bought the license so will sure to keep checking the updates! Many thanks for the good work <3

  35. Avatar

    so I’m running SF03 on XA2 and getting really annoyed that I keep putting people on hold accidentally mid-call

    if i cant even run SF as a basic phone then what’s the point??

    not really a fan of SF3 either tbh, anyone know if its possible to put an older version of SF onto a phone?


  36. Avatar

    A year ago, in your post you wrote:

    “After Mouhijoki we will add support for some device features that have been missing, such as NFC and fingerprint authentication”

    What happened to that? I don’t need a new ambience and other cosmetic brush ups. I need to use my NFC Yubikey!

    • Avatar

      I have an Xperia X (5122) and the fingerprint authorisation works, albeit it’s somewhat hit and miss.

      Am I unique?

      I can live without NFC

  37. Avatar

    Yes indeed, and there are or where more features they announced and still not added, basic ones like NFC and fingerprint auth are just a few examples, BUT MOST IMPORTANT IS VOIP ! please listen to the Users and devs more and reply / communicate , so this SFOS 3 or which version u come up with in the future will be more complete than u launched.

  38. Avatar

    What can we expect about the promised returns of money? We are waiting for what was promised. Was not going to return the money in a group of 100 or more people? All lie.

  39. Avatar

    Jolla helloooo … Wake up ! Today is Jan 29 …

    The Android Support has been coming soon since November …

  40. Avatar

    when the sailfish x will be sold to around the world?

  41. Avatar

    Good Morning, when I can buy SailfishOS for my Xperia XA 2 single SIM

  42. Avatar

    @James looks that in Finland, time passed really slowly… 😀 now being serious. One criticism (which you can take it however you like – positive or negative) but Jolla is failing in project management and engineering seriously… For example. I have been following you for 5 years now, and starting with that Jolla tablet fiasco, where you failed to deliver the item, and overdue multiple deadlines when it comes to software part…, you guys have serious issues with project management. You’ve publicly made a statement as PR that Jolla will release XA2 beta Android support by the end of January. Unless you perform a miracle tomorrow, you will fail to deliver again. My advise would be, rather give community plenty of time for delivery of something, and then if you do manage to deliver sooner, people would be happy and plesently surprised. Having short deadline, breaking promise every time is sign of “lack of commitment” and professionalism. Also in terms of engineering, not being able to switch SIM card after registering one network is serious issue that needs to be fixed. Colorful UI Ambience whatever…, is definitely not… Again, this is my fair criticism, and you can take it however you like… I hope you will finally set priorities straight and get better bearing.

    Best regards.

    • Avatar

      *passes (just one correction as my autocorrect is killing me). Oh btw, browser definitely needs to be fixed. Stuttering while scrolling is very annoying…

    • Avatar

      Well spoken, and agree with u all the way, same story all over again .
      This way is not good advertising for new users/companies in the near future.

  43. Avatar

    On someone wrote that they have some problems with software, so end of January is not correctly for release SfOS for my Xperia XA2. I`m affraid that I must forgot about buy the licence because I don`t want spend money for system that could be forgotten in every moment, or stop supporting, or don`t get update for a time

  44. Avatar

    Misery goes on. Links could not be activated and sim reader refused. Three times I brought my XperiaX to factory settings. Third time updating step by step, checking links in mail, with Mouhijoki as latest. So far links worked into browser. I cannot check it in Nurmonjoki and Lemmenjoki, because they are included in 3.00.8. And Sailfish 3 certainly has that bug on my device. So now I have links, hurray, but no mobile connection, nor a back up restore, because the card reader does not work. Very sad.

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