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Sailfish 3 is here!

I’m happy to share with you that we have today released the first Sailfish 3 software release, and made it available for all Sailfish users (Jolla devices and Sailfish X). 

Sailfish OS has matured to its third generation, Sailfish 3, which now fully packetizes the offering for multitude of corporate solutions. In line with the regional licensing strategy, Sailfish 3 has a deeper level of security making it a solid option for various corporate and organizational solutions, and other use cases. New enhanced features include e.g. Mobile Device Management (MDM), fully integrated VPN solutions, enterprise WiFi, data encryption, and better and faster performance. For daily users Sailfish 3 brings essentially better performance, deepened security, and smoother user experience. 

With Sailfish 3 we are also better equipped to offer full support for regional infrastructures including steady releases & OS upgrades, local hosting, training, and a flexible feature set to support specific customer needs.

Sailfish 3.0.0 and next steps

As we have noted earlier Sailfish 3 will be rolled out in phases, and thus many features are deployed in several software releases. The first phase is Sailfish 3.0.0, which is available as an early access version starting today. Sailfish 3.0.0 is named after the legendary National Park Lemmenjoki in Northern Lapland. We’ve always aimed at respecting our Finnish roots in naming our software versions: previously we’ve covered lakes and rivers, and now we’re set to explore our beautiful national parks. 

After the early access release today, we expect to roll out the 3.0.0 release for all the customers in a few weeks, and further the next release 3.0.1 in early December.

In addition to the security and corporate features mentioned above, here are some user experience highlights for Sailfish 3.0.0: 

  • New Top Menu: quick settings and shortcuts can now be accessed anywhere
  • Light ambiences: new fresh look for Sailfish OS
  • Data encryption: memory card encryption is now available. Device file system encryption is coming in next releases.
  • New Keyboard gestures: quickly change keyboard layouts with one swipe
  • USB On-The-Go storage: connect to different kinds of external storage devices
  • Camera improvements: new lock screen camera roll allows you to review the photos you just took without unlocking the device

Further we achieve much better UI performance in Sailfish 3 thanks to the rewritten way to launch apps and load views. You can start to enjoy the faster Sailfish already now with the 3.0.0 release and the upcoming major Qt upgrade will further improve the responsiveness & performance resulting to 50% better overall performance.

Sailfish X community program update

Next week, on November 8 we introduce Sailfish X support for various Sony Xperia XA2 models. Sony Xperia XA2 devices are great hardware additions to the Sailfish X program, and I’m happy to share that we’ll start the support for all the product variants from the very beginning – including all single and dual SIM models. Below are all the variants you can choose from. See more product details on Sony’s products page.


I trust you will enjoy Sailfish 3 and I hope to see many of you in our upcoming celebration events in Helsinki & Berlin! If you can’t make it in person we will also have a live stream available from the event – we’ll share the link in our social media channels.

Let’s Sail On even further together!

Sami Pienimäki

CEO & Co-founder of Jolla Ltd. Opportunistic entrepreneur, loves family, skiing and cars.


  1. Woohoo! Thanks Jolla! Exciting!!!

    • \o/ We are super excited too!

      • Beautiful! And now I can finally quick functions from anywhere!

      • Absolutely fantastic release, top menu is a joy to use and I can summon it anywhere, nice! Keyboard swipe is great!

        Initial feelings:
        - closing app from either upper corner could be a tiny bit wider and getting top menu from the middle narrower (in many cases top menu is summonable also dragging from middle of screen anyway)

        A wish list for the Santa Claus to Korvatunturi:
        - fast app switching gesture
        - allowing 4 digit security code instead of 5 digit + that annoying button to press to accept code
        - android version upgrade
        - triggering functions via ambiances (like wlan on/off etc)
        - focus on the camera! (focuses only once on my Xperia X, refocusing doesn’t focus anywhere near wanted subject) I really think Sony should do their part to help Jolla with camera (if they are SUPPORTING open devices program that is…should be in their intresses too to ditch Google)
        - less buggy BT operation (with car equipment e.g.)

        Quite a big list, but let’s see what gets done in the next release.
        I for my part can be very patient if I just get some bits of pieces of information what to expect and about when. Just like Sami told in this blog article; “next release in early December”, that’s more than enough for me. So, I’ll most likely get a Xmas present just in time to make it to Santa’s sledge :-)
        Thanks Jolla again and keep up the good work and especially this level of communication towards us.

      • Ps. I need a way to give you my money.. :D
        T-shirts could be a good start in the Jolla Shop ;-)

        • +1
          I would gladly support Jolla with some loose cash. Donations would also be great.

  2. Thank you, great news!

  3. Thank you Jolla. Looking forward to what we shall after updating … :) :)

  4. Excellent !! Very beautiful screenshots!

    Thank you once again !!

  5. Yeeeeeeeeeees!

    nice one Jolla Team

    With news of XA2 & XA2 Ultra….feels like Xmas has come early!!

    REALLY REALLY Brilliant news!


    • Indeed! We are super excited to share the news! <3

  6. Too Cool for skool

  7. How hard is it to install Sailfish on the Xperia XA2 Ultra. Not a techie. US user

    • Unfortunately we do not have sales for the US market at the moment. Installing it will not be that difficult as we have a step by step instruction available at launch.

      • What about release for India or any planning? How come we buy this phones in India with SFOS3? Please update on it. Will be glad to buy XA2 with pre installed SFOS3.

  8. This is overwhelmingly disappointing release – at least just by reading this blog and release notes. We were promised so many new features – and we got basically none that I consider important (MDM certainly wasn’t sought for by most of community members).

    We payed for Sailfish X license and one year support, and yet biggest bugs remain unsolved (cellular connectivity issues, roaming issues, bluetooth audio issues, missing some sensors, missing FM radio, account syncing issues, battery draining).

    How do you expect us to pay for support continuation, if support for most pressing issues is basically not existing?

    The browser is so old and full of bugs and security vulnerabilities that it should be removed from official repository if you think seriously about security.

    Rest of the system is old as well, kernel 3.10, Qt 5.6 (IIRC).

    • Thanks for your comment.

      We have worked extremely hard on this release, and we have not said that the promised features are not coming. The features we announced with Sailfish 3 are going to be included in Sailfish 3. It will not necessarily mean that they will be on the 3.0.0 release, but maybe a later one.

      • What do you think people expect when you say this and that features are coming in version x? Do you really think people assume ‘some in x.0, some in x.1,x.2′?

        Versions asideaside, what is the timeline? When can we expect all this to happen? Half a year, one year, two, three?

        When can we expect to get major issues solved on Sailfish Xperia X? We paid for one year support, can we expect to have all major issues be fixed during next year suppport subscriptiosubscription?

        • I was looking for Pgp support on emails. Community was asking for that since initial release.

        • Basically you are saying everything is bollocks but you do not clearly state what it is. What in browser makes it old? What bugs? How do you notice kernel being old in phone usage? How your bluetooth does not work? What cellular connectivity issues??? Never seen or heard of such. Whining without concrete facts is just childish ranting.

          Browser seems snappy and working with all web content I use. My bluetooth speaker has worked for the past 2 years without issues. My new SFOS 3 seems better and faster.

          • All these issues were reported by multiple people on TJC.

      • A roadmap would help manage expectations.

      • I’m very excited me too about SF3 and at the same time disappointed by what I read.

        The big features we’ve been waiting from day one are

        1) XMPP voice chat (and maybe video chat too)
        2) OMEMO support in XMPP (was OTR)
        3) gpg for emails
        4) support for paid apps in the store

        I add the Japanese keyboard to that list, I don’t know if I’ve been asking for 2 or 3 years now but I’m still waiting.

        I agree gpg could be done in a separate app that replaces the official mail client, but without support for paid apps I somehow don’t see that happening (I wouldn’t entrust my emails to a beta quality abandonware).
        Voice and video chat should just be integrated with the phone, the same as sms and xmpp messages are integrated, so I don’t know if a 3rd party app could achieve that.
        The same goes for the Japanese keyboard, I think it has to come from Jolla.

        Speaking of third party apps, is that issue that broke modRana fixed now? We lost offline maps from one day to the next, and that was an important feature for me.

  9. And the alien dalvik is version?

  10. Sailfish 003 lift off!

  11. Congratulations on the update.
    I’m saddened by the changelog for not having found any news that all users waiting is the Alien Dalvik with Android Suport.
    There are many apps with problems with touch screen sync, lag, and apps that can be finalized by themselves.

    Our browser is delayed, slow, full of bugs and hangs on several pages.
    Our email client is simply disappointing, slow, lifeless, with no interesting option.

    I will not even mention the Kernel and support of the Hardware itself because I know it should not be easy to mess with all of this, but we ask that in future and non-long updates Android Support arrives on behalf of everyone in the community!
    Thanks in advance

    • Yes, please Jolla sailors devs :

      - any comments on the future of Android on Sailfish X (Xperia X here in my case) ?

      - any chance to finally bring the upstream kernel upgrades from Sony into Sailfish ?

    • most supermarkets should stock Android phones

  12. Great Team Jolla, thank you!!

  13. Wow great. Good thing I was brave enough to buy the xa2 plus ;)
    Can’t wait to feed my phone with SFOS 3. Bootloader is unlocked since day 1. Android can be so annoying.
    For the meantime, I can’t wait to be at home to download it onto my Jolla 1, Jolla Tablet and Jolla c.
    Thanks Jolla

    • You were brave indeed! How did you know we were coming out with this surprise? ;)

      We can’t wait fro you to try this on your XA2 plus and other devices!

      • I didn’t know it James. Just my Xperia X broke one day before my vacation. So I had to buy a phone. And I need dual Sim and the shop only sold the new xa2 plus coz it was the newest one. So I just hoped ;)

  14. Have anybody made introduction videos from new Sailfish? My XA2 is waiting to have Sailfish..

    • I certainly assume there will be videos coming on social media from our community in a day or two!

      • Thanks a lot for the video!

  15. Thanks for the update Jolla and applause for staying in the announced timeframe! Looking forward trying it. It seems you decided to keep your deadlines on the cost of the full announced Sailfish 3 package.
    Unfortunately, as others said, some major shortcomings are not addressed here: catastrophic camera focus, no wi-fi direct, buggy roaming connectivity, no updated/new native browser.

    It looks like you delivered a beautiful new UI frame which now has to be filled with flesh.

  16. What about VoLTE/VoWiFi support?

    will double tap wake up work on XA2?

  17. Installed! Thank you for this first part of Sailfish 3! The new ambiences look gorgeous. The keyboard works fine, much better than Apple’s. The new shortcut screen is nice too.I will use it often. I also like a separate screenshot menu in gallery. That’s a bit cynical of me, sorry, because I get involuntarily screenshots on XperiaX, but now I can remove them more easily.
    I also like the encryption of memory card and files. Great!
    Yet, still waiting for a working CalDAV. That’s really important to me. And more sharing possibilities would also make the device more usable.
    Support for recent Android updates will be difficult. Google has thrown up barricades, so I expect we have to be patient for this.
    Good luck with the rest of Sailfish 3!

  18. Thank you guys!
    Lets enjoy SF3 together!

  19. is the white phone in the pics above just a mock up??

  20. Cool Release. Thanks. Regarding Android-Runtime on the Xperia X I’m also a little disappointed. I hope there is some more coming (before end of 2018).
    But one more Question: Is there still something about the Feature-Phones in the pipeline? Or has that been canceled?

  21. Question: if I would go for a bigger phone (XA2 Plus) when Sailfish 3 is fully released, could I get support with flashing?

    • I have the xa2 plus also. And it will be fully supported by Jolla.

    • You will get support indeed.

  22. Great News :) My XA2 just arrived:-D
    Is there any chance to make my hands a little bit dirty with the current version? I’m experienced in flashing android devices and also some Programming;)

    • Great to hear!

      Unfortunately though, the current version for XA2 devices is not in a shape where our end users should be fiddling with. We are working harder than ever to make it as stable as possible before the release on November 8th. Just a few more days left on that.

  23. What about enabling users to awaken their Xperia phones by tapping their screens?

    What about updating the default browser?

    What about the blockchain/cryptocurrency capability that was shown in the Sailfish 3 video?

    Are users going to be able to use Android apps on their phones soon?

    • And a cappuccino for me, please!

  24. It works excellent on JollaC! Keep up the good work. :-)

  25. Congratulations and thank you :)

  26. Is there a video showing the upgrade

  27. Nice job guys! Keep up your great job!

    I am just in the middle of upgrading my Aqua fish, I hope the best.

    • Hi, how did u manage to install the update in Aqua Fish. I’m trying to update via terminal, but it says /repodata/repomd.xml not found on medium ……

  28. Great work Jolla. Improved security is great, and I’m looking forward to more in the future. But the most immediate impact is always from changes to the UI. From the screenshots, it still looks beautiful to me.

  29. Runs great on my X. Thank you! Actually solved connectivity issues I had with my BT Headphones :-D

    • Fantastic to hear! Thank you for your support.

  30. I appreciate your team’s effort to improve Sailfish OS. However the update is still a bit disappointng for me.

    1. There is no improvement on Android-run time, neither a upgrade of the Android itself nor make the run time support the SD card

    2. The browser does not have significant update, the document apps still have large room of improvement

    3. Still missing some basic features, such as killing process, easy way to export contacts, improvement of share button, improvement of the build-in photo edit apps

    4. Seems there are bugs unfix, fingerprint performance get worse when used for some time, contactsd occupy memory

    5. People UI still have room for improvement, like I can’t simply roll down to see all of my contacts

    I can’t list all of the thing I feel, but the update seems lower than my expectation. I still have hope in your team, I believe you guys can make a better OS!

    • Small work-arounds I use for you point 3 :

      - for killing process, an app like “Crest” is great to handle processes without needing to drop to a shell
      - (sadly due to the Android’s security model of apps running each with a different UID, that doesn’t work well with Crest running as ‘nemo’. But things like ‘aliendalvik-control’ help by adding a switch that you can even add to the shotcuts menu, to kill and restart the whole android layer which sadly something that is often needed to fix thousands of small problems with apps that went bonkers)
      - contacts are automatically exported as VCF in backups.
      - ‘aliendalvik-control’ also includes ‘android-shareui’ built-in (or you can install a stand alone version). helping you to share from Jolla native apps (say Gallery) to any android app handling the file type (say WhatsApp can send image/jpeg attachments)

      • Thank you! I will download crest; I will backup my contact!
        I am not quite understand about ‘aliendalvik-control’ ; would you mind to explain more?

  31. This makes me happy! To those users who aren’t, well, we all want different things and they cannot deliver everything at once. Better browser and newer android support are in the line. But they ARE listening to us (we wanted support for all xa2 models, just to say). Most things will be released even if in not the order I want. So I will enjoy the progress, and this is a solid one. Thx sailors.

    • Well said too! And great progress!

  32. Would this be compatible for the essential phone?

    • Hi, thanks for your comment!
      We do not officially support the Essential phone.

  33. Thanks for releasing! And good to hear that all variants of the XA2 will be supported. Hope the missing features and bugs for those devices get resolved quickly so I can load Sailfish onto my XA2 Ultra.

  34. Happy to see Sailfish growing. I really miss my Jolla. Well Sailfish 3 looks pretty clean. Hope to use it soon :)

  35. First of all thanks & congratulations on the SFOS 3!
    (but then – a small complaint on the communication dept – I wish You had communicated the wider selection of XA devices EARLIER – since I now have a XA2 Dual SIM (H4113) – which is quite inferior to XA2 Ultra…)

  36. How much time does it take to upgrade on Jolla 1 phone? Now it is almost an hour stuck on the bootloader SAILFISH screen with no advance at all of the progress bar… thank you!

  37. Hello,
    could you confirm Sailfish 3 on Gemini Pda? Thank you

    • Hi! That is being worked on at the moment. More on that later!

  38. Oh no! I just downloaded the update on my XPeria X (F5122) and after starting the upgrade my phone is now stuck saying “Sailfish could not be upgraded. Please try again later.”!!!

    Did I the OTA upgrade just brick my phone?!?

    Anyone else run into this problem? How to recover?

  39. Excellent work at Jolla. Thank you guys! Already updated my Sony Xperia X.

  40. Great! But please update web browser. It is must have for me because only this is important for everyday use and can be as alternative to missing apps.

    • Noted! Our company is currently expanding, therefore we shoudl have more resources to dedicate to individual apps such as the web browser. Thanks for your feedback!

      • Yes, e.g. shuffling the order of tabs would be really useful

      • Great to hear (this sounds much better than last year). All the best to the company!

  41. Excellent work, hope you make finally some money to refund your Tablet Community.

    We feel like mushrooms here, kept in the dark and fed by shit !

    • Go out into the real world. It is bright there and food is good (maybe not in the netherlands though). It’s your own decision to be happy.

    • And I am so bored by these comments. Get over it.

  42. It is amazing and beautiful OS,I want you can adapt to more device like Nokia Android phone Nokia X7 and 7 plus

  43. Hi James, as stated above; security is a main requirement that is being addressed by this new release. But “software” security capabilities depends on “hardware” security. Therefore; Is it possible to “lock” the Xperia devices again after installing Sailfish OS? Thanks …

    • Hi Leon.

      As Sailfish OS is not the OEM operating system on the Xperias, you unfortunately won’t be able to lock the bootloader after installing Sailfish X on it. You can lock it back if you decide to go back to Android however.

      • Thanks for the reply. It would be great if this were possible in the future.

  44. Is Sailfish OS X (SFOS3 version) will be work on the new devices or it will be new product (SFOS3 version) for XA2 family? Called Sailfish OS X XA2 version or something?

    • Sailfish X will work on the new products. We will make it available forthe announced devices on November 8th. More on that later!

  45. Thanks for the release. Is there any documentation on configuring/using MDM? Other than the screenshot on this blog entry I couldn’t find anything relevant anywhere.

    • Hi. MDM is a corporate feature, enabled deep in the code of Sailfish. Corporates and companies using Sailfish OS will be able to access and configure it for their employees. It is not available to the end users as of yet.

      • I had also that question in mind. A candidate for a FAQ. Is there any FAQ available?

  46. Fantastic, I’m very happy. The next step is the return of the money that we are still waiting for. For when will it be?

  47. Runs smooth and I’m very happy with the new top menu. Keep up the good work guys!

  48. Hi, does it works on the original Jolla Phone ?

  49. This was the first update that required the “command-line” way on my Aquafish (Jolla C) and my Xperia X. But in the end everything worked. Thanks for that. However, I am wondering if Jolla plans to address the most important issues of Sailfish OS from a user’s perspective, such as outdated Android compatibility and native browser, as well as connectivity bugs and camera glitches? A major release that doesn’t contain any of the long-awaited fixes, but brings light ambiences? Really?

    • Yes, Android layer version is important.

      Such as VoLTE and VoWiFi support, especially in some regions (India)…

  50. This is super exciting~~~

  51. Does Sailfish 3 have properly working bluetooth on Xperia XA2? For exmaple audio streaming?

    If the bluetooth issues of past are fixed, i’m in! Otherwise I’m still stuck with Android…

  52. It’s sad how Sailish claims being a secure OS, but there are almost no security features for a normal user. I would love to be able to control apps on the background, app access to camera and microphone and location, and to control this on the go, not only while installing the app as it is on android. This would make Sailfish a much more secure OS.

    • This is a general problem on all platforms. In iTunes app makers show different privacy policies and sometimes no policy at all. Nearly all apps use Google Analytics/Firebase and much more. Consumers have to agree, or apps cannot be installed.
      In alternative Android marketplaces such as Yalp you get at least a list of permissions before installing the app so you know what they do. Yet, also Android does not give the opportunity to opt out for certain permissions. We just have to swallow it. This makes me angry too.
      Most apps do not need to have access to the identity on our device, nor to our contacts, the mic or camera.
      Probably only open source apps that are regularly controlled are to be trusted. We should more publicly object to the policies of official app makers and platforms. Shout it out!
      The only platform that intends to build in the security you describe is Pur.ism, but they are in an early stage.

  53. Given the unlikliehood of any tablet refunds will we be able to use part of the Tablet refund towards an Xperia XA2 Sailfish X license please? Will there be a payment option for this in the Shop? (some updates on progress with tablet refunds seems well overdue. How many refunds to go please and how many a month being refunded?)

    • Good question, I’d like to know too

    • I would also like to use a part of my refund for a Sailfish X license for my XA2. Will this be possible, James?

  54. Hi, Jolla Team!
    I own Sony XA2.
    Will SFOS3 be available for purchase and download in Russia?
    Also interested in the support of the Russian language.

    • Hi. It is not yet available for Download in Russia. But please stay tuned for that.

  55. Will there be a possible compatibility with Sony Xperia XZ2 in the future?

    • That unfortunately is not in our plans at the moment but you can download the community version already!

    • Hi. Android support update is going first for XA2. We shall see how feasible it would be for us to update the one on the Xperia X as well. Please stay tuned, we will communicate this.

  56. is the white phone in the pics above just a mock up or an actual handset?

    anyone know?


    • Because firmware, SoC, Wi-Fi module, cellular antenna etc. are probably all different, and thus need different drivers.
      If Google hasn’t managed to do this, what makes you think that Jolla can?
      It would b e possible had the hardware in the XA2 models been identical.

      • Heard about project treble? It’s like:
        An extra partition for device specific stuff.
        It’s since android 8 in every(?) android phone. So there is one big problem gone. Maybe because of this they were able to make it for all xa2 devices…

  58. why is sailfishX limited to Sony phones?

    • Because Sony is the only manufacturer which officially supports the use of third-party operating systems on their devices.

  59. What about the news from China consortium? The Christmas markets are coming and then going soon?
    No new news after last February 2018 – year 2017. Update should be very fine and wellcome after step to SFOS

  60. Hi
    I installed lineageos on my xa2. Is there any special thing to do to install SailfishOs3 ?

  61. I am SO excited to get my XA2 flashed to SFOS3. I can’t wait to get my hands on to my first ever SFOS. This wait has been feeling so so long and I feel so happy that I am able to get it on the eight. Thank you Jolla team.

  62. Hopefully it works out of the box with lots of new features, but I had and x and sold it , it was not bugs with old sfos2, now I got an XA2 but I will wait until December for the first update of SFOS 3.

    Thnx all devs

    • Typos error , I had an x and it was not bugs free with.

  63. Hello.
    Any possibility to see, one day, a release dedicate to all Ubuntu Touch orphans users?

    e.g.: BQ Aquaris E5 (Ubuntu edition, of course, :-) ).
    It could be a good opportunity for Sailfish to fill the gap left in their hearts after being stabbed behind by the “heads” of Ubuntu Touch.

    • That is unfortunately not in our plans at the moment…


  65. Hi
    I installed lineageos on my xa2. Is there any special thing to do to install SailfishOs3 ?

  66. I have already bought an Sony Xperia XA2 Plus and can’t wait to switch to Sailfish!

  67. Do You consider Support Chinese band smartphone?like oneplus,nubia,xiaomi,meizu?

  68. Pleae update your android support……at least android7.0 please.I hope android apps could have more system rights just like native sailfish apps.

  69. First, let me say that I think Sailfish is an excellent alternative to the other major mobile operating system vendors and I believe that Jolla is doing a fantastic job overall – especially considering how they are dwarfed by giants like Apple and Google. This is truly a David vs. Goliath story, and Jolla is doing a commendable job holding their own.

    I’ve been a Jolla customer since day one, and was a longtime Nokia user, having used the old “Internet Tablets” such as the N770, N800, N810, the N900, and the N9. I also own a Jolla 1 and a Sony Xperia X. Overall, I’ve been impressed with Sailfish, and I do my best to evangelize on Jolla’s behalf whenever I can. However, this latest release has been a disappointment.

    To be brutally, honest, it’s garbage.

    I know that sounds harsh, but it needs to be said. This release – which has been long heralded and long awaited, does not live up to expectations. Not only did the update fail to install on both my devices (forcing me to resort to the command line), it comes with essentially no new features that would appeal to new users. You literally have nothing to offer. The only significant changes are under the hood and a few functions that might attract corporate customers (if you can get any).

    If you’re looking to expand, draw in new customers, or attract a larger swath of customers (besides tech professionals and geeks like me), then you need to understand the importance of a store that accepts paid applications and better Android compatibility. I know, I know, if you want an Android device, go buy one. But there are A LOT of people in this world that would like the ability to run Android apps without having to deal with Google – and you could better fill that void.

    Beyond that, Jolla *must* recognize the importance of a paid store that can spur innovation and incentivize developers to write applications. This is a crucial piece of strategy that I do not see Jolla paying attention to in any way.

    Sami, James, I understand what a difficult journey you have against your competition, but you simply must focus your efforts on enabling an ecosystem that encourages – in a financial sense – the development of new applications. There are literally millions of people all over the world that could be writing applications for Sailfish, but they need a platform in order to earn a living or just make a little extra money. Give them that platform, and not only will you see an exponential growth in Sailfish, but you’ll also see a steady stream of revenue for Jolla.

    To quote Fry from Futurama: Shut up and take my money!

    • I so agree with you and I am saying this for years. Every alternative to the Bad Big Two strands because it does not have a consistent paid app store. Developers of quality apps and games are less likely to make something nice for a non paid alternative OS. There are two reasons that I can think of: one is the financial problem. Europe does not (yet) have a unified credit card system. The other is ‘political’: the alternative movement favours open source/free as opposed to proprietary. Of course we dislike the ‘surveillance capitalism’ of Google and the pricy arrogance of proprietary Apple. But I must admit they were capable of setting up successful businesses. It is time to compete.

    • “without having to deal with Google”

      this is the most important thing that brave (& saint) people like You should leverage on.
      WE are not anymore a silent minority.
      If you look your browser uploading a web-page sources, the google “services” are usually more than the webpage owner ones.

      Let’s stand up against this. And Jolla is a very good leading things changer.

  70. Update didn’t work for me. After reboot

    “Sailfish OS could not be updated.Please try again later”

    Followed by the logo and status bar and a “Reboot” link, which did not cause a reboot.

    Not promising. :(

  71. Hello.

    I would like to have the Sailfish OS on my Huawei P10 device. Is there a possibility?

  72. Any timeline on when the X/XA2 licenses will be available in India?!!

    On a second note, if I buy a license at norway, can that be used over the globe for download!?

  73. So it is thursday the 8. and I was wondering about the time of release of SFOS3 for XA2. Hmmm, maybe I am a littlebit eager to make my purchase?

    • You are not the only one ;)

  74. Good job guys! But don’t forget SIP integration!

  75. What would be a real thrill – get Sailfish on a phone with the 41mp pureview camera! Please!!

  76. So. Is SFOS3 for XA2 delayed or what is happening? I can not see it in Jolla store.

    • It is not delayed! Wait a few more hours :)

      • Hey sailors, I can´t await it! Go SFOS3! Go!

      • Hello James.

        Great! Thank you for such a rapid answer.
        I am so excited:)

  77. XA2 phone unlooked… there is no way back anymore ;)

  78. The shop site is under maintenance… what could that mean? ;-D

  79. SFOS3 is running smoothly on Jolla 1. Update procedure was absolutely flawless. Great job Jolla!!!

  80. Well, an issue: I unlocked and flashed my brand new Sony Xperia XA2 according to the detailed official instructions. After flashing, the XA2 has been (sort of) trying to boot for quite some time. Any ideas how long should I wait for the “Sony” logo to disappear and the Sailfish screen to appear?

    Or, does the announcement (at the Jolla Shop) “XA2 images are temporarily offline while reported issues are being investigated” have something to do with this? (Yes, I understand that trying to install brand new stuff right away after the release might not be the wisest thing, but being curious takes you sometimes to unexpected and even inconvenient situations…)

  81. Just performed the update. Nice work. Congratulations !!!!

  82. Updated my Jolla1 successfully to today. The UI feels faster now. And the new Top menu is really nice! In SailfishOS 2.x I always needed to install some patch to get similar functionality, no longer needed with SF3. I also like the new ambiences. Thank you for all the hard work during so many years. I feel really blessed to have a mobile phone that is still so well supported after FIVE years. In my opinion it is also a contribution to environmental protection if a company enables customers to keep their electronic devices running for a long time period. Jolla is doing an exceptional job here!

  83. I using win 7 installing Sailfish 3 to sony xa2 and phone workking good

  84. Thank you for another great Sailfish release.

    I messed up my upgrade by forcing some incompatible patches. (I knew what I was doing. I deserved trouble. ;-) )
    After a quick reset and a long update I reinstalled my backups and apps and the X is up and running again. Customer support and the community on together (special thx to Atlochowski!) were really nice and helpful. Thank you for that.

    All in all I am very very happy with my X and Sailfish.
    Great Job!

  85. Now you’re talking! Great news! This might be the point where I rejoin Sailfish; I’ve been using ios for 2,5 years after my two Jolla devices broke (screen), and I’ve been waiting for the device that would be good enough. Now it seems to be the time; if only the installation of the OS is meant for amateurs like myself… is it?

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