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Introducing Sailfish X and all the details you want to know

Today it’s our pleasure to announce all the details for Sailfish X, aka Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia X! We are coming very close to the sales start, which is now only a few weeks away. We have now all the details planned, and we want to share them with all of you Sailfish OS fans and followers.

Sailfish X software maturity

To put it simply: it’s great, and it works very well! Sony Xperia X is a fantastic device to run Sailfish OS on, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback too. Let me show you a quick preview: 

Our teams have worked hard to get all the details in place. As you can see from the video, most features and functionalities work nicely and smoothly. Mobile data, and cameras are working well, Android app support is in place and so on. However, as it is a long-term development project, there are still  a few features that will not be officially supported in the first software release. Some of these features are already included in the software, but you can expect issues and beta level experience. The features that are not supported in the first release are: Bluetooth, new sensors (e.g. barometer, step counter), fingerprint, and FM-radio. Also,our aim is to provide an installation tool, which is as easy as possible, but in the beginning you do need to have a Linux PC and be somewhat familiar with command line tools to install Sailfish OS on your Xperia device.

Community is of course welcome to contribute on the missing features! We will open the hardware adaptation source code repositories for Xperia X device in the coming week, and we will provide instructions on how community can build their own Sailfish images from the sources.

Get ready for September!  

Here are the hard facts you need to know:

Sales start date: September 27, 2017
Product – what you will get:

  • Sailfish OS image to flash to your Xperia device – our target is to have the downloadable image ready by October 11
  • Android support, predictive text input, and MS exchange support as downloads from Jolla Store to your device
  • SW updates for one year, after which a continuation program will follow 
  • Clear instructions and support for downloads & installation 
  • Jolla Customer Care service

Availability: EU, Norway, Switzerland; US & CA to be confirmed
Price: 49,90€ (including VAT)

You will need to purchase the Sony Xperia X (single SIM version) yourself. Note: Do not buy carrier locked devices, since those might not work for this purpose.

Here are some recommendations for purchasing the device: 

Sweden: Netonnet
Norway: Netonnet

Remember that in order to get the software running properly on your Sony Xperia X device you will need to do some magic yourself on the device, i.e. you should be tech savvy and have a PC with Linux operating system to get through the process. Don’t worry though, we will provide good instructions for this.

For the all the pioneers of the Sailfish Community Device Program, we also wanna offer a discount for the purchase of Sailfish X thanks to your continued support and passion. More information on that will follow soon.

Sign up to our email list and discuss in

Please sign up to our Sailfish X mailing list here and we’ll keep you updated about everything. Closer to the sales start we’ll inform you about more details, as well provide some instructional material for the software installation process. For those within the Tablet refund program: there will be a way to utilize Tablet refund as payment for Sailfish X. We’ll update on that closer to the sales start day, stay tuned!

We have a thread for Sailfish X, and would love to see lively discussion there. Of course you’re welcome to comment here on the blog too.  

I’m sure you’ll be excited about Sailfish X when you get it!

Your Sailfish X program manager,

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

Manages projects at Jolla HQ. Likes gadgets, travel to warm places and spicy food.



    • Avatar

      Thank you Jarno! This is indeed great news. I hope you’ll enjoy using Sailfish X!

    • Avatar

      I for one is very happy with a launch so fast. I was afraid I’d have to wait much longer. I’ve absolutly ok with the 50 euro price, and I will gladly pay for a yearly/Monthly continious plan. I just wanna rid my X of Android!

      • Avatar

        Sry, android spell check is killing med…

    • Avatar

      Pl. do not make made in China product to carry your brand value..

    • Avatar

      Sailfishos era is over for me or is it? Well I just decided to sell my FP2 and my Jolla1 was sold two month ago.

      Now I bought XZs…

      No one can only hope SFOS get’s ported to my new Xperia XZs…. Will it? Lets see…..

      One can only hope………

      • Avatar

        Well, Mike, we have said that Xperia X is the beginning only. We will come back to you as we get more devices to play with 😉 Nothing is impossible.

      • Avatar

        I can understand that you have to focus on the X only at the moment.

        But I just say this my personal opinion:

        My XZs runs very fast in Android. But I really hate Android itself and all the bloatware on Google play and all it’s locked in crazyness. SFOS would be epic on such high end device.

        Sold my FP2 since Fairpghone does not listen They should have realized that if they choosed FP2 they may have bigger chance to success.

        But I already want sailfish back 🙁 But in the same time I need some of the Android apps(spotify/bitcounwallet/bankid). So I need dalvik too or else I will be stuck in Android hell.

        I could blame myself for not buy X but in the same time I want a fresh device not three year old HW. I took a chance bought XZs since I wanted a fresher hardware.

        So I really hope for SFOS+Dalvik in 2018 on XZs. I seriously willing to help.

        So lets hope many more than me buys the XZ(s) to make it happen.

        Let’s keep rock and hope Jolla can continue the work with sailfishos.

        I will buy SFOS license for X even if I can’t use it just as a supporter… Because SFOS is really needed.

        • Avatar

          If you buy the image for support, maybe you can consider to donate the image 🙂
          I’m from Paraguay and it will not be available here to buy, if you consider that, you can contact me carmeloferso (at) hotmail (dot) com

  1. Avatar

    Hö abouth Nokia 3,5,6 & 8?

    • Avatar

      Won’t ever happen :/ The bootloader is locked.

    • Avatar

      Those phones are not yet in our plans, but we will surely update you if anything comes up 😉

  2. Avatar

    Is it only the exact “Xperia X” or would it be possible to install it on “Xperia XZs”?

    Thank you!


    • Avatar

      Would also like to know.

    • Avatar

      Only the Sony Xperia X F5121, as stated elsewhere.

    • Avatar

      As per my reply somewhere down the thread, you’d need very specific hardware support; ARM isn’t plug-and-play, it requires a device tree that describes all the components and probably differs somewhat even between Xperia devices with the same age… and then you still need to make your OS and applications work. I doubt Jolla can offer and maintain lots of different branches, at least on a level good enough for end-users.

      I guess and hope that if this works out, Jolla will always work on support for one specific model.

    • Avatar

      Hi Martin. This software is tailor made for Sony Xperia X F5121. We will definitely inform everyone with further information when we support other devices. But for now, only 1 model is officially supported by Jolla.

      • Avatar

        Oh, if I had only bought Xperia X, it is way cheaper than the one I’ve got but the value is greater since I would have been able to buy Sailfish OS to go with it.

        Is there any Mod for XZs made by the community?

        Martin Book

  3. Avatar

    >should … have a PC with Linux operating system to >get through the process

    That it. Impossible. I have only PC with Windows 10.
    Thus, I am out.

    • Avatar

      Your answer is a nonsense like it’s so much easy to have a PC with Linux.

      • Avatar

        No, it’s not. I am an electronics engineer working in an electronics design company, including software designers, and I don’t have access to a Linux PC.

    • Avatar

      You could use virtualbox with ubuntu image…? but yes, it’s not nice if you need an linux installation. for my self i use macOS 😉

      • Avatar

        I have a Mac too. Can we install Linux on our Macs? Has anyone experience with this?
        The choice for Linux at first is not so bad at all. I think many more people should use Linux and this should be implemented in schools and public services more. Somehow the monopoly of the big giants should be broken.

        • Avatar

          You can install linux on your mac without any problems.

          If you want an easy way the advice of using virtualbox also works flawlessly on macs.

        • Avatar

          Oops I just realized that I replied to two of your comments with basically the same answer.

        • Avatar

          Kea I’ve run both Gentoo and Arch without any problems on the Macbook Air, though you have to check your particular model. As good as the Apple hardware may sound, it offers very little compatibility, especially when it comes to the wifi. In my case I also got that working, but just keep in mind that getting a normal computer might be a better option in the future 😉 (see system76 for example)

            • Avatar

              This is a good suggestion. I will have to try this.

          • Avatar

            No need to spend ridiculously large sums of money on system76 laptops just to have properly compatible hardware. I have very good experience with Acer, bought about a dozen of different laptops over the course of last 12 or 13 years and Linux experience on all of them is perfect.

        • Avatar

          I’m running Linux Mint 18 on my 2010 Macbook Air without any flaws – if you want to use the proprietary nvidia driver just dong forget to run nvidia-xconfig as root in the terminal before rebooting 😉

      • Avatar

        Live USB is your friend. 🙂
        No need to install and it won’t touch your windowz partition.
        And you won’t have to screw with mapping your usb devices to the VM.

    • Avatar

      We are working on making it possible to install the SW also on other platforms, but can not promise yet schedule before those solutions are ready. Linux is what we use internally for development of Sailfish OS and therefore we start by supporting it.

      • Avatar

        I and many other people should appreciate this much. It’s impossible to jump into other PC UI due to e.g. many programs and apps we have to use in many works. I am very, very, very disappointed at the moment. The choice only to PC Linux will reduce and restric the number of customers very dramaticly.

          • Avatar

            Thank you sedric! Wow, it’s great if it does not affect on the normal Pc operation. It works as intalled in hard disc? It should be fine if the instructions for Sony XX update contain also this alternative. So Jolla, please.

            • Avatar

              Yes, it works as installed, except that obviosly, slower. It put some things in RAM and the rest will be read from the CD/DVD/Pendrive.

          • Avatar

            One simple question:
            I looked the address and tried to installing to usb. Stopped the installation beceuse a question raised:
            Why there happens some loading to c://data… of the hatd disc allthough the destination is usb memory stivk in z:// …
            Could you please help on this also? Thank you in advance.

            • Avatar

              UNetBootin downloads a live image of chosen distribution to somewhere before writing it to the USB stick (if you didn’t download one manually). IDK what path does it use on Windows but it’s the most likely reason for writing to C:

              • Avatar

                I have had problems with UNetBootin. For me Arch Linux Wiki has best tutorial, how to create Linux USB booting media. You can do this on Linux, Windows and on Mac. You only need some Linux Live ISO. Mint is my 1st, Manjaro 2nd choice. Both very beginner friendly.

                And yes, you do not need to install Linux on your hard drive, just send all to RAM when booting and it is very fast allso, like from SSD.

                Then you can install Linux to external hard drive allso, if you do not like to install inside computer. Then when you are booting computer, you need to pick booting from USB hard drive.


        • Avatar

          > It’s impossible to jump into other PC UI due to e.g. many programs and apps we have to use in many works

          How about jumping into another smartphone UI? Or you don’t have any smartphone apps that you «have to use in many works», huh?

      • Avatar

        Personally speaking and as a Linux user, that’s not something I’d need or see as a benefit at all. As I’m sure you know by now, I’d rather have Japanese input support rather than strange OS compatibility patches 😉

        • Avatar


          I, too, think that it will make more sense to spend developers’ time on other things, instead of trying to appease that 1% of SFOS users who don’t have Linux as their main OS.

      • Avatar

        Do you guys use opensuse?
        I ask cuz the use of libzypp and stuff I see on OBS.

    • Avatar

      Download any live USB image and boot into the Linux world. You don’t know what you are missing.

    • Avatar

      LOOOL. Good riddance.

      Why you even had an idea to buy a Sailfish distro in the first place, if you consider it normal to use Windows 10? You do know that it is basically a giant piece of spyware, do you?..

  4. Avatar

    What does “SW updates for one year, after which a continuation program will follow” exactly mean? Will the Xperia X Support not be like the one for Jolla C? Is it possible that one must pay again, maybe as monthly payment, to get updates?!

    • Avatar

      From what I understand for a year Jolla will work on Xperia X specific adaptations and updates and after year Xperia X will receive the general updates with all other sailfish devices

    • Avatar


      This means that we will provide everyone who purchases the software with updates for up to 1 year (Which naturally means until the end of October 2018). We will announce further planning prior to that date of course. For now, we are not yet announcing any concrete plans for the future.

      • Avatar

        Hi James,

        why exactly 365 days ?(!) Are those Xperia devices that diverese / difficult to handle ? IMHO that’s too short: 3yrs of SFOS updates per captia ( customer ID ) for 3 SFOS device of one’s choice for EUR 79.99 would be fine / EUR 129.99 acceptable. Up to EUR 149.99 for family packs. That’s how I expected SFOS proliferation would spell out … Windows 7 received 6 years of updates – still receiving security fixes …. BTW for how long will the jolla C’s receive updates ?
        If’ll download my SFOS “Xperia X” license on December 24th 2018 will I’ll be receiving updates until December 23rd 2019 ?
        Thanks for some info / clarification !

        • Avatar


          The reason we made this decision is our lack of resources which will eventually tie our hands with lack of time. Plus, at this stage there not a lot of families that are going to purchase the software as it is still in a relatively early stage with installation process only available to Linux computers at the moment, therefore you can see that our target in the beginning is not families or bigger groups, rather those who have enough passion to install this and eventually help with the process of making it ready for a bigger audience. Speaking of Windows 7, that is owned by a corporation a thousand times bigger than our little company with tons of resources to complete the task of updating their operating system in longer terms. Plus, we haven’t said that we are stopping everything after the year mark has passed. More will definitely follow beforehand.

          I hope that was clear enough.

          • Avatar

            Thanks James, that was clear enough : I got a picture 🙂 …. even though smiling a bit about some of your statements 😉 …


            (a) lack of resources / uncertainties : ok !
            (b) not a lot of families : have you been doing a representative survey ? 😉
            [ I spread 3 devices among family members – not counting myself ]
            (c) Linux-machines exclude families ? LOL One Linux-guy/gal/friend per family definitely suffices : they’re your true SFOS ambassadors out there
            (d) M$ is vast – you really needn’t to explain that 😉 – but typical life- & support- cycles / conditions exist : I could’ve mentioned other smaller businesses such as Nero or Mercalli as well ….
            [ NOTE : to clarify my POV to you : Does jolla want to gain markets or just getting by ? ]
            (e) great hearing that past the 1-year-mark the future will remain positively open … d ^_^)
            (f) ** Unanswered question ** : for how long the classic jolla / jolla will be ( presumably ) receiving updates / support ?

            Thanks again !

  5. Avatar

    If the only Sony Xperia X available to me is the Nano SIM version, how much will it not work?

    • Avatar

      What do you mean by “nano sim” version? Do you mean Dual-SIM?

      • Avatar

        I think I was confused by the product listing, it said; “Single SIM, Dual SIM, Nano SIM.” But they probably meant Nano SIM either single or dual.

  6. Avatar

    What about people present in the countries not listed?

    • Avatar

      Our target is to make t available to as many countries as possible. Please stay tuned until we get back at you with updated information regarding that.

  7. Avatar

    missing bluetooth is not nice.

    • Avatar

      I am sure the community will help out making it work properly in no time.

  8. Avatar

    Good news,I bought Xperia X just 2 days ago.
    Mmm.. no Bluetooth can be a problem.
    After 1 year is possible that Jolla stop to Update the SO?!?
    The installation will be reversible? (about to return to Android)

    50 € is not cheap.. but ok, it can do, but for only 1 year support?

    • Avatar

      I’m sure the community will make Bluetooth happen in no time. About the time limit presented here, yes, the software is targeted to receive updates for 1 year after the sales day starts and further plans will be announced prior to that date.

      The installation is reversible to Android.

  9. Avatar

    Is it exactly and only the Xperia X? Or will it work with the X Performance and X Compact?


    You should too explain more about the “continuation program” after one year.
    Do you plan to support the device in the long term?

    • Avatar

      I second the hope for X Compact support (as I’ve already got one of those).

    • Avatar

      X, X Performance and X Compact are different devices with different chipsets so definitely not for now. Though it was mentioned somewhere in this blog that this program will likely widen to other Xperia devices in the future.

      • Avatar

        Actually most of the X Compact is identical to the X, the obvious differences are the front camera, the display and the USB-C port.
        The drivers for the Chipset are identical.
        So adjustments for the X Compact should be very little if any at all.
        Maybe someone from Jolla wants to comment on this? Maybe UI needs to be scaled?

    • Avatar

      Not an expert, but ARM devices have a device tree that describes the hardware specifics. They are not plug-and-play: if you want to run on other devices, you’d have to support and maintain the tree for those specific devices. I assume there aren’t too many differences between Xperia devices from the same era, but it would require some pretty low-level work. You’d need deep and specific hardware knowledge for every component used in the device. Maybe Jolla has done some experimenting with other devices, but I’m not sure they’d release much of that as people would demand support and bug fixes.

    • Avatar

      As for now, the support is only for Xperia X F5121 model. No other model is officially supported yet.

      We are yet to announce our plans for the continuation program. We will however do so as soon as we are ready for it.

    • Avatar

      There is definitely work going on (at least by the community) to get the build working on the X Compact. The hardware is actually very similar to the standard Xperia X. I started working on building the source for my X Compact yesterday. The hard work has already been done by some other users and i was able to get some terrific guidance in the sailfish-ports irc. I don’t know how long the process is going to be for Jolla to integrate the updates or what the process is for them adding an image to the supported builds, but if you are willing to invest some time then Sailfish on your X Compact is right around the corner.

  10. Avatar

    Great news:)

    Does the Xperia X support the double tap gesture to wakeup the device?

    • Avatar

      Not currently, and we are unsure if we will make it an option later or not. Updates will follow if we were to make it work.

  11. Avatar

    The “one year support” has me a little worried. I sincerely hope there will not be a monthly payment scheme. I have no problem paying for updates, but I think these models should be thought through properly. I have made major changes to the software and platforms I use for work recently EXCLUSIVELY to avoid these monthly payment, you-don’t-own-what-you-buy, schemes. I understand that Jolla needs to make money developing the OS, but I hope they will come up with a solution here that does not force updates, and that does not make devices obsolete before their time.

    On a positive note: I HAVE bought an xperia, and will be jumping on board. I have been missing sailfish for the last year since my Jolla Phone started acting up.

    • Avatar

      First of all, welcome back! Secondly, with this price you get the software package + software support for a year. Related to the actual continuation program we will have to come back to that at a later stage.

      • Avatar

        Oh, so you’re not talking about one year of OS updates but rather one year of technical support? If thats the case then I REALLY think you should clarify that. I think a lot of people think they will only get software/OS updates for 12 months after purchase. After that they will have to pay more for subsequent bugfixes/security updates etc.

        • Avatar

          We do mean updates, by saying support. I understand the confusion here, I may have used a controversial set of words.

          • Avatar

            This was what propted me to think that you was not intending to stop the updates after one year:
            “We did not say that we will stop the updates. with this price you get the software package + software support for a year.”

            But what you are saying is that by paying the €50 we get a subscription to the OS for one year. We can still USE it after that year has passed, but we will not get any OS updates?

            Perhaps it would be better to continue supporting these users with security updates and bugfixes, but rather to charge for updates to the OS? Sailfish OS 3 requires you pay an upgrade price (lower then the full OS cost)? If there should prove to be a serious security hole in Sailfish OS 2 a couple of months after the release of OS 3 then OS 2 users still get a fix for that, but they won’t get the new features in OS 3 unless they pay. Something like this seem like a more sympathetic model to me, allthough it does not (greatly) reduce the income to the company if new iterations of the OS are introduced with frequency.

            Please remeber that a lot of people shun pay-to-use software, and subscription models.

          • Avatar

            > Please remeber that a lot of people shun pay-to-use software, and subscription models.

            These people just aren’t going to get some things in this world. It’s perfectly OK. I’d vote for Jolla worrying about this segment last. I’d rather have Jolla engineers get my subscriptions money, eat and live well, and produce their software to the best of their ability, than struggle with the basics trying to achieve some kind of a misguided “free” notion. It simply won’t work out for “free” until base energy production becomes abundant and “free”.

            • Avatar

              Well, Im sure those people are perfectly happy not getting everything in the world, that is beside the point. As a business you want to widen your userbase as much as possible, and chosing a financing model that is widely liked or accepted is a good idea in this regard. There are a LOT of options when it comes to financing software development like this, and free is not one of them, and I never suggested it is.

              Subscribing to get updates really isn’t very different from paying for yearly updates (OSX). But it sounds and tastes quite different. Well one difference is that the previous version of the OS might still get the odd update now and again IF there are big security holes (should you choose not to update to the latest version), and one sounds like paying for an update to the OS and one sounds more like renting software. The model presented here does not completely fall into either of these categories, but I am curious about more details in this regard.

  12. Avatar

    What’s the point of 1 year support ?
    Does that means we no longer have SW updates after one year ?
    But still on Jolla 1 / C ? Why should we spend nearly 400€ for that ?

    • Avatar

      We did not say that we will stop the updates. with this price you get the software package + software support for a year. Related to the actual continuation program we will have to come back to that at a later stage.

  13. Avatar

    I hope bluetooth will be enabled with Low Energy and support for AsteroidOS watches!

    • Avatar

      The amazing Sailfish OS community is there to make it happen in no time 😉

  14. Avatar

    Very pleased to read that you made this progress!
    Hopefully Bluetooth and FM will follow soon.
    I bought already the Xperia and I will buy Sailfish as soon as it is available.Because I have a Mac, I have to find a Linux owner who can port the OS to my Xperia?

    • Avatar

      You can use virtualbox to install a ‘virtual’ linux (which will run in a window inside macOS), install sailfish os from there and then remove it again.

      But I’m sure it will be a matter of hours after release until someone posts instruction on how to install it using macOS unless jolla uses something non-standard to install the image.

      • Avatar

        Thank you. See my reply to Codeandcreate. I only have had Macs because I am a not tech-savy senior, but really, it is time to support alternatives.

    • Avatar

      Thank you, Kea. We are happy that you already have the device and we can’t wait for you to try it out. Hopefully you can figure out a way to access a Linux OS in order to install it. It will not be that hard I’m certain.

  15. Avatar

    I love you guys. Really nice to hear. And people need to learn to use Linux more. All of my computers at home are running Linux. Been doing it for ten years. Family doesn’t mind, too.

    • Avatar

      Love back! 🙂 Glad to hear!

    • Avatar

      Does the Raspberry Pi 3 count as a Linux PC or do you mean an Intel/AMD Linux PC?

      • Avatar

        And why the hell when I posted a comment it was inserted as a reply to a question?

  16. Avatar

    There are some Android application that cannot be run on rooted devices. Is there any problem for them in Sailfish OS?

    • Avatar

      +1 my tan generator for banking doesn’t install on rooted devices – and the jolla1 is recognized as rooted by the app 🙁 – so I presume that I’ll still need one Android or ios device …

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately that is something we cannot control at the moment. There will be issues with some applications, but most apps will run fine. We apologise in advance if an application that is crucial for you isn’t going to run on the OS.

  17. Avatar

    Wonderful news! YAY!!

    You know how the boats blow their horn as they’re about to leave dock for the open seas? I think I just heard Jolla blow their horn. Woo hoo.

    I walked around to four different mobile phone stores here in Hong Kong where I am visiting. All four stores had Sony Xperia phones, but not the X that we need. After the second store, I stopped trying to explain about Sailfish/another operating system. They all kept trying to say that I could upgrade to Oreo on any of the Xperia phones they had there. I didn’t know how much was language barrier, or how much was innocent ignorance. Alas, I was not patient enough to tout the merits of the SFOS. The first guy I whipped out my N9 and started to talk about a successor to that and he was confused how the Sony was a successor to Nokia. That was when I gave up.

    This may have to be an online purchase after all.

    While Bluetooth will be essential for use while driving, I know you all know that and are actively working on all of these things. THANK you for all your hard work and patience with us.

    And to echo someone else who posted somewhere on here – thank you for giving me the option to pay for SFOS with currency rather than my private data.

    • Avatar

      We are indeed blowing the horn on our little boat 😉

      Thank you for all your support, again. About the Bluetooth, I personally am certain that the community will make it work properly in no time after the release. Our community has this great track record of making things happen the right way 😉

      We appreciate the fact that you understand why you are going to pay for this.

      • Avatar

        You, sir, are most welcomed. Thanks for replying to the various posts. It is refreshing to see someone addressing various community questions in such a manner.

  18. Avatar

    Thanks for the great news! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thank you for supporting us! Cheers!

  19. Avatar

    And what about availability in Russia?

  20. Avatar

    Thanks for great job! And
    please more details about “Sales start date: September 27, 2017
    …our target is to have the downloadable image ready by October 11”

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your support.

      Our target is to open our online shop on September 27th so we can gather orders, then on October 11th, we will release the images to those who want to download and use it.

      I hope that explained it. Cheers!

      • Avatar

        James, thanks!
        and more details about USB OTG please 🙂
        P.S. double tap is very necessary(after N9) 🙂

        • Avatar

          USB OTG is less likely to be available for the first release. Neither does double-tap. We will confirm more later on closer to the sales date as we know more.

          • Avatar

            @James, USB OTG works after installation of usbstick-utils by kimmoli from

  21. Avatar

    This are indeed gr8 news. Waiting is over!

    For all, who has no Linux PC: Use Linux in the Virtual Box. Virtual Box is OpenSource, Freeware it would run under MacOS and Windows and will not affect you current OS Installation. This is really easy…

    • Avatar

      Thank you for supporting us and thank you also for the brief instruction for those who are looking into this!

  22. Avatar

    now after seeing the video, i am really curious. just ordered a xperia x.

    • Avatar

      Amazing to hear. Keep up fighting for the future!!

  23. Avatar

    Specifications for the phone indicates NFC.
    Non supported features list does not show NFC.

    Is that because:
    – there is now NFC available in Sailfish OS (with this device)?
    – NFC will be available for Android applications on SFOS?
    – You just forgot to put it in the list but it will be available at some point (which way)?
    – You do not even intend to work on it?

    Thanks for the answer if anyone has it.

    • Avatar

      Since previous comment is still awaiting moderation, can you remove the last line which is a duplicate?
      In any case, this comment can be trashed, obviously.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your comment.

      I edited your comment and removed that last line, as you wished.

      NFC is currently not supported, at least not on the initial release. As for the future, we will be working on it but there is not an agenda for it to be published at the moment.

  24. Avatar

    Good job! How is the performance increase over the old Jolla phone ?
    Can you do a video of the common usages of the OS, the browser and of youtube, pretty please ?

    • Avatar

      Thanks for commenting, and supporting!

      The performance is miles ahead of the Jolla phone. More videos will definitely follow closer to availability.

  25. Avatar

    This is great news! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this and the informative update.

    Can you please tell me more about the problem with USA & Canada? I am in the US and really need this upgrade. I’ve already purchased two Xperia X F5121 phones for my wife & I and was planning to buy the Sailfish OS the day it is released. Now I’m concerned about the “US & CA to be confirmed”. Does this mean I won’t be allowed to purchase it?

    Is it going to at least be possible to purchase the OS for US customers without any support? I’m willing to live without the support if that’s what the issue is. Paying in Euros is certainly no problem. Linux PC and all the techie bits is not problem, either — I’m an “uber-geek”. I’m just a bit desperate for an upgraded handset that isn’t a spy machine. We’re using Intex Aqua fish phones currently, but they only work with 2G over here and my provider has been removing 2G towers and upgrading with 4G to the point where the phone is not even usable in many areas.

    I have friends in Europe who can facilitate a purchase for me if that’s important, but I’d like it to be in my name.

    I don’t mean to rush you, I know there are many things that have to be done with a release like this. But if you could please shed any light on the US “to be confirmed” situation, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks again!! And Long Live Sailfish! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hello Paul.

      We apologize for postponing the US and Canada sales program. We certainly are looking into making it work as soon as possible. The problem is definitely not “support” but it has more to do with the way American credit cards work in compare to European or Asian ones. But be certain that we are doing the best we can to make it available for the US and Canadian markets ASAP.

      More updates will follow as we have the information ready. Please stay tuned!

      Cheers, and thanks again for your support!

      • Avatar

        Thanks very much for the additional detail. I’m happy to hear that it’s just an issue with payment processing. If that’s all it is, then I’m confident that it will eventually get solved. Thanks for the info and updates and good luck with the development!!

      • Avatar

        Ah, I started reading from the bottom of the post and as I saw you replied all over throughout this blog, I am reading my way up.

        Yes, good information. Thank you!

      • Avatar

        James, according to your comment on the New Sales Release date, Sailfish X will not be available in the US in Canada on the initial release date and might not even be available in future releases. This is very, very, very upsetting. Could you please give us some more detail on our options… and I recommend updating this blog post to note the lack of availability.

        I’ve been waiting for YEARS for Sailfish that supports US bands and thought the end was in sight.

        At least I managed to get both of my Xperia X’s flashed with the community Sailfish port.. which is a huge improvement over my Aqua fish in terms of band, but I was looking forward to a stable, supported, and fully developed build with Android support.

        If there is ANYTHING we can do in US & Canada, even if it costs more or requires extra work, please let me know.

        Thanks for all the hard work the Jolla team has put into Sailfish X.

        • Avatar

          There are many parties that provide “create online store in minutes” -like services, which are targeted to non-professionals and easy enough to use. Most of those are based in the Americas, and can accept US and Canadian credit cards, and probably others too. What prevents you from making a (temporary) store to give support to U.S. folks this way, if your main store has a configuration problem?

      • Avatar

        Count me in as well to make it available in the USA! Would it be possible to use a payment processor like PayPal to process USA payments?

  26. Avatar

    Absolutely brilliant news!!! I really cannot wait

    • Avatar

      Neither can we!!!

  27. Avatar

    I am still using the Jolla phone, bought a new o.e when the first one broke down. I personally has always been a Sailfish fan despite the many times buggy software and lack of applications. I have always tried to neep the faith up and believe what they say, despite promising green forest and gold, and only delivering crap hardware if any at all (the xperia will be the first “real” device you would get with sailfish).
    I would actually (stupid as I am) be willing to pay 50€ for getting sailfish to a Xperia, but not only for a year. I will not pay until I get more detailed information about what you mean with 1-year software updates as a phone becomes more or less obsolete at the point the manufacturer stops delivering updates (I have had a Nokia N9 so I know what I am taking about). Please give more details about the 1 year plan and what you mean or I will be out, falling into the android slavery.

  28. Avatar

    Can’t buy it. Still not got the refund.

    • Avatar

      We are finalizing the sales mechanics now and once we have done this we will email all Jolla Tablet refund people separately with instructions how to purchase this with their refund money if they want to. So you still have your chance, Dave 😉

      • Avatar

        Does this mean you’ll support all countries that the tablet was available for?

        I’m in Australia (i.e. Not in any EU or North American country) and My Jolla1 Is definitely showing her age.

  29. Avatar

    You should offer 3 years support, and also offer it free to people still waiting for a tablet refund.

    • Avatar

      People who are waiting for their tablet refund can use a part of that money to purchase this product.

  30. Avatar

    Jolla really needs to solve this hardware unavailability issue. There are no normal avenues to obtain phones with sailfish OS. You can’t even get them on amazon and ebay. Now you have to buy an android device to overwrite with sailfish OS.

    • Avatar

      Pre-installed devices will pop up on ebay, eventually. Just the same as you can buy pre-installed raspberry pis with retroarch or libreelec I’d say.

  31. Avatar

    It’s really good to see the new product is coming to life for end users! I’m totally ok with a Linux-based install, and it actually makes me feel at ease.

    I’m not going to buy the hardware just yet, probably more like around Christmas, but I’m really happy to see progress being made, in spite of the haters! Congrats to everybody at Jolla!

    Question: what happens after the 1 year limit? Do we only get security patches, or nothing at all? And then is there a renewal option, or is it 50 Euros again? What else is going to change? 4 Euros per month is not
    that much, but if I’m to pay regularly then I’d expect some things to be managed differently, ie: updates at fixed intervals and better/more Jolla apps.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your comment and support!

      About your question, we have not yet finalised our plans for later, we will get back to you with updates once everything is concrete.

  32. Avatar

    Please tell me this will work on the US version of the phone. I’ve been dying to switch to Sailfish OS ever since I read an article about alternative mobile OSs. I was disappointed that none of the devices that come with it pre-installed are fully functional in the US, and that’s why I’m so excited about it being officially ported to the Sony Xperia X.

    • Avatar

      As long as you have a phone which is not locked by any carrier this should work flawlessly. The only issue at the moment is that we are figuring out USA and Canadian payment systems which should be solved soon enough for you to be able to purchase your software with ease. More on that later, please stay tuned!

  33. Avatar

    I don’t see the requirement to use Linux for the install, even though I don’t use Linux. I have dabbled with Linux in the past, I’m certainly not all that familiar with it but am happy to use it.

    The way I understand the Bluetooth issue is Bluetooth is included but not yet supported. It will work but potentially there will be issues. For me Bluetooth is an essential item. Every time I drive my car I need the phone to connect via Bluetooth.

    I’m expecting by the time the download is available in October these issues will be solved.

    The biggest disappointment for me is I live in a country that is not included in the list of countries where the OS will be sold. Until now there has been no indication the OS sales would be restricted to certain areas. To ensure I could source the correct device locally I have already bought an Xperia X.

    I really hope my money hasn’t been wasted.

    I have a Jolla C now. It makes no sense to restrict sales in the way that has been indicated. You are cutting off potential income. Jolla, I plead with you not to restrict where the OS is sold. Thank you.

    • Avatar

      An edit to my reply above.

      The first sentence should be “I don’t see the requirement to use Linux for the install as a problem,……”

      • Avatar

        What about Belarus just a neighbour of EU? I’ve been using my credit cards in EU online shops without any problems before.

    • Avatar

      Hello Alan.

      Good to hear that Linux would not be an issue in your case. But unfortunately I have to inform you that BT support won’t happen in the first release. An update may fix the problem but the initial release will come with a half-baked bluetooth support. It may or may not work with your car’s Bluetooth receiver.

      About the location where you live, we are doing our best to expand the availability as soon as possible and our target to reach as many countries as possible. Please stay tuned for that and in the meanwhile, may I know which country you live in? So I can check the status of sales there?


      • Avatar

        Hi James,

        I live in New Zealand.

        I read that the delay with the USA and Canada is due to the way their credit cards work. I don’t think there will be the same problem with my part of the world. I have had no problem wherever I’ve used my credit card. I was able to pay for the pre order the Jolla tablet no problem.

        I know there can be some fish hooks using PayPal but I have used PayPal to receive international payments with good success. Perhaps that might be an option you can offer for some countries.

      • Avatar

        What about Belarus just a neighbour of EU? I’ve been using my credit cards in EU online shops without any problems before.

        • Avatar

          We will definitely look into it and will get back to you with an update. Delivering the software is not an issue, rather the payment systems, as said before. If you have had no problems before, I don’t see that you would have a problem with this one, but it’s worth waiting for an official confirmation. Thanks!

          • Avatar

            What about India and other Asian countries? I have purchased uing PayPal and my credit cards and all transactions have been successful. I have purchased an Xperia X through my credit card and am awaiting delivery of the same. I have a Jolla 1 and it’s becoming extremely difficult to use it as my daily phone. Please make it available in India and other Asian countries too, after all, we have the biggest mobile phone markets.

  34. Avatar


    • Avatar

      Well, you are certainly passionate to have Sailfish, so that is a good starting point, right?

      I have found it somewhat ironic, if not humorous, that when they announced it was going to Cbeta, many of us said to just release what they have to us, even without Alien Dalvik and other features fully operational because we knew they’d release updates eventually. We just wanted to have SFOS on new(er) hardware as soon as possible.

      Now they have announced it will be coming out with some *initial* constraints of having to use Linux to install it, not all markets are being supported, certain technologies (e.g. Bluetooth) won’t work yet. As a result, now people are expressing dissatisfaction with the constraints and initial limitations.

      I think it’s reasonable to assume that Jolla would love SFOS to be available on all of the Xperia phones. As has been explained, there are different chipsets in the different phones. This initial port to a 64-bit environment is a huge first step. It makes good business sense for them to focus their finite resources on getting this one phone to work and work well with SFOS. Once it’s to a point where the masses are pleased, assuming they don’t even have enough income to expand their staff, they can start allocating some man-hours towards porting to new devices, while the other staff works on new versions of the OS, security patches, etc.

      And of course they want to make this able for people to load up from Macs or Windows PCs. They’re going to work on that. But hey, some enterprising person now has an opportunity to start their own small business loading up these phones with SFOS and selling them on eBay or something.

      With this active and brilliant community, there is undoubtedly going to be someone who posts a stupid-simple step-by-step YouTube video showing us non-Linux aficionados how to do this ourselves. AND, we’ll even learn something cool in the process.

      I’m not a Linux guy, but I’ve dabbled a couple of times with a spare USB thumb drive and used open source software to load a live Linux distro on them. I just booted to the thumbdrive and had a Linux computer. I reboot the PC, take the thumbdrive out and there was my Windows PC. So what can I possibly harm loading the phone via a live Linux?

      Someone mentioned that someone in the community could even make a distro that comes preloaded with the tools necessary for making the SFOS upgrade happen. I have ZERO clue how hard of a task that would be, but the thought of it is cool. But even if they don’t, step-by-step instructions and community support will make the dream reality. Plus, at least in my case, I’ll feel cooler and prouder of my phone because I’ll have overcome technical challenges to get it loaded.

      But I totally get the non-tech-savvy wanting an easier solution. I’m sure the Jolla people will develop and release such a solution.

      So to wrap up where I began, I’ll ask a question: would you rather we all wait another year for them to burn through whatever cash they have in the bank right now and release a refined product with installers everywhere and even somehow a SFOS pre-loaded option and possibly run out of money in that process and thus never get it done? Or do we all want them to start generating revenue in the fastest possible time so they can continue to pay their employees and bills thus enabling them to continue development so SFOS can be made available on new phone hardware in the future?

      As far as I can tell from WAAAAAY outside of Jolla, this has got the be the last-ditch effort. Unless they have some billionaire funding them, they have got to start earning money and the consumers’ trust in order to have any chance of surviving into the future. For me, I want them to survive because the alternative is pretty much unbearable for me. But I’m just one voice.

      I would hope that all of us who are passionate enough to log onto a phone OS manufacturer’s blog to post about a phone OS would be behind them enough to understand that they are doing their best with limited resources while trying to honor Dave999 and the others who are awaiting a refund.

      To be clear, I am not suggesting that we can’t all express our wishes/concerns/frustrations. I LOVE that Jolla has a forum like this where we even get a chance to talk to someone on the inside, AND have people on the inside that actually care enough to read/listen. I’m just saying that perhaps if we keep the bigger picture in view, waiting for the day-to-day events to catch up to our desires will be a little easier. Heck, I’ve been waiting since Sep 2011 for N9 to be supported in the U.S., then for SFOS to be supported in the U.S. on a phone that actually uses the LTE frequencies in use in the U.S. I’m excited to have the possibility of even a crippled version of SFOS on a phone that works properly in the U.S. and it feels like we’re entering a whole new era! I’m excited for the possibilities that lie ahead! ADVENTURE! Yeah!

      OK, caffeine appears to be kicking in. I better stop now. 🙂

      • Avatar

        And, to be fair, many here asked for an update. Now we got it! This makes the waiting easier.

    • Avatar


      We certainly understand the frustration and we do get your passion associated with the comment above. But keep in mind that this is the first smartphone that we are releasing such a software for and there definitely is a period where things are not going to be as easy as expected.

      Firstly, we are working on making installation on other platforms possible as well. It just will not be ready with the initial release. Secondly, we are starting with Xperia X and we have never said that we are going to stop there. More devices could follow this given the right circumstances.

  35. Avatar

    Please don’t ignore North America again. It is an image…there aren’t difficulties with shipping and distribution. Please do not lose out on the sales, and thus momentum on the OS, that allowing sales in the United States would give you.

    • Avatar

      We certainly are not ignoring anyone! The thing that holds us back at the moment is payment systems and their differences between North America and Europe. We are doing our best to make sales available in the US/Canada as soon as possible, most probably before the actual sales starts.

      We thank you for your patience and support, Richard!

      • Avatar

        This is a very helpful piece of information that should probably get added as an update to the original post. It’s merely a payment system hurdle to clear for each region, not a software limitation? That makes sense.

        To make sure I understand correctly, if people in Venezuela or New Zealand want SFOSX, it’s just a matter of whether they have the means to execute a purchase through you Jolla that is the issue? Or is this a tax issue where Jolla has to have the tax payment agreement in place with each of the countries in order to sell to residents of that particular country, and thus something that eventually gets worked out week-by-week, country-by-country?

  36. Avatar

    Yes, I think you’re ranting.

    If you do some research you will find when it comes to ARM processors one size OS doesn’t fit all. Sailfish will need tweaking for differing chipsets so having it available on all Xperia phones isn’t possible to start with.

    Using Linux to install Sailfish is just an initial requirement. Linux is what the Jolla developers use so it was quicker and easier to release Sailfish for Xperia using Linux. Other platforms will follow fairly soon along with processes for those less technically savvy.

    As much as some may wish for it Jolla have said for quite some time they are no longer in the hardware business. Therefore selling hardware with Sailfish preinstalled is not part of their business model. I’d like to think a successful Xperia Sailfish phone may trigger OEM’s like Sony or Nokia to offer Sailfish on their devices.

    I’m sorry I cannot agree with you.

  37. Avatar

    sailfish x available for intex aquafish?

    • Avatar

      Sailfish X is tailor made for Sony Xperia X smartphone. Intex Aqua Fish has its own version of Sailfish OS, called Sailfish India. The core is the same, some small features are different and made for different regions.

  38. Avatar

    sonyxperia x device available in india?

    • Avatar

      You would have to ask Sony for that.

  39. Avatar

    Hahaha again Jolla succeeds in making a joke of itself !

    Very user friendly but you need to have a Linux installation. And the fanboys still go YAAAY.

    You ignorant fanboys will think of an argument even if this would have only available on a C=64 !

    It is NOT easy just to install Linux if you are a windows users and STILL you are convincing people it is, and the should not complain.

    And than we go to the hardware support, not Experia’s are supported 🙂 .. you are just one big joke.

    • Avatar

      I can step back and see the humor. Yes, I am a fanboy. I accepted that before I made my username. 🙂 But I realized that I must seriously be a fanboy because when you said, “You ignorant fanboys will think of an argument even if this would have only [been] available on a C=64”, I thought to myself, “Hmmm. Aren’t there Commodore 64 emulators out there? It could be done.” Then again, I loved my C64 and Amiga back in the day, too. But I didn’t pine for them like I have SFOSX.

      Oh well. Things will get better. To be clear, I understand people complaining. I am simply sharing a perspective that by having some of the bigger picture in view, it will help ease the pain as one waits. But perhaps venting will help ease the pain for some, too. Certainly jokes help, too, yes?

    • Avatar

      Nobody forces you to join in. If you don’t like this adventure: there are plenty of (cheap) plain Android devices for sale.

    • Avatar

      Maybe this has passed you by but sailfish OS is Linux . . . . . . You don’t have to be a fan boy just because you prefer to use linux do you? If you think your PC skills don’t stretch to installing linux it’s not as difficult as it may appear,chances are, you won’t need to ‘install’ per se anyway(virtualbox/live USB) there’s tons of info on the net to help you but if you’re not someone that normally ‘tinkers’ then maybe SFOS isn’t for you, no one ever said a fledgling OS that’s not yet ready for the mass market was going to be a walk in the park.

      • Avatar

        Dave, you beat me to it.

    • Avatar

      I know many Win-users, who can set bios settings to boot from usb-drive, and install any Linux distro. If you are Win-user and you think that this is too hard job, I don’t think that it is so bad even if you stick in Win to rest of your life, we Linux-users are still big and growing community, where someone even never seen Windows at all. And maybe even not want to see.

    • Avatar

      Actually I do have a Commodore 64 but not a Linux box.

      • Avatar

        That made me smile!

        • Avatar

          On second thought, I’m wrong. I do have a Linux box, a Raspberry Pi 3 (not counting the Jolla 1 and Jolla C). I don’t think I will be able to use it for the flashing process though.

  40. Avatar

    > Availability: EU, Norway, Switzerland; US & CA to be confirmed

    Well… bummer. Good thing I haven’t bought the phone yet.

    I must say that it’s a really strange step from you to make the Sailfish X unavailable in Russia, considering that you’ve just called Russia your important partner in the previous blog post.

    • Avatar

      Why exclude any part of the world?

    • Avatar

      I question why there’s any regional restrictions.

      Though I did wonder if there were any contractual obligations where Jolla have signed partnerships(like Russia) for Jolla not to release a new version in those countries. In other words all Jolla releases are to be through the partner.

      However where I live there are no partnerships, yet New Zealand isn’t on the list of countries for release.

      Since there’s no supply and inventory costs I struggle to see why Sailfish cannot be available world wide.

  41. Avatar

    I waited such a long time for a Linux phone, then waited for the Jolla 1 and the Jolla C. Now my Xperia X awaits an official Sailfish OS port. Living without bluetooth for a while is just a matter of waiting again.

    Why create a third ecosystem for mobile devices? Because it is necessary.

  42. Avatar

    Perfect news! You’re doing a great job. The price is absolutely fair. I suggest a possibility to let me (and maybe others) optionally pay some extra money.

  43. Avatar

    Against what i thought was my better judgment I’m taking the plunge and mooching round fleabay for a nice unlocked S/H ‘X’ I would rather have had a newer phone that’s not going to be obsolete so soon but for what they cost used I think I’ll take a punt, even though my J1’s in good nick’ it’s too small for my daily use. . . . .

  44. Avatar

    Yes !!! , very peachy! (aivan mahtavaa!) I put place an order of Xperia from in right away. I was very dissappointed that contract manufacturer could not deliver our tablets, and I hope some day we can put Sailfish OS also in someone nice tablet…

  45. Avatar

    Do You plan to port SFOS to dual sim Sony device too?

  46. Avatar

    Can’t wait to have Sailfish on some premium hardware! I loved Meego on the N9, which I still have 2 of. My Jolla 1 and Jolla C are still going strong. I’ve been using the Xperia X for a couple of weeks now… great phone. First time using Android, though. Not bad, except for all the nonstop Google this, Google that. See you all on 27 September!

  47. Avatar

    The Blog Post is not a joke? No BT, no Fingerprint and no FM Radio? Do you want to have 50€ for this software? I could not use it in a full way. I need Bluetooth!

    I have to wait much longer for a better release. And I ask myself what the community testers have made the last weeks!?

    If this is the right way for Jolla in the future we will see next.

  48. Avatar

    Great news, thanks for effort!

    Warranty question: how warranty work for device after SF flashes factory installed Android?

  49. Avatar

    I too would like to buy a ready made Sailfish device, but we have to accept the situation as it is, because this is the only alternative. It is very difficult to compete with big companies that have got a lot of venture capital plus an outstanding selection of intellect due to long years of brain drain from other countries(US).
    Wouldn’t it be possible to organise help/service centers in the countries where Sailfish is being sold? Experienced developers/users who help others with boot unlocking and porting, if necessary for some money?

    • Avatar

      If somebody need help, they should just mention it, as I am sure the community will be happy to assist them.

      I don’t think it will be difficult, but I understand that some people might find it scary to flash the device and maybe also need help to take a complete backup before flashing.

  50. Avatar

    Plase make dual sim version too!! I have buy It some days ago and now i have discovered this… Please! Dual sim for me is vital. Thank You and have a nice day

  51. Avatar

    Do You plan to port SFOS to Sony dual sim devices? If yes, when? Sony device with dual sim is my condition for buying Sailfish X

  52. Avatar

    I am excited to see that the SFOS X image will soon be available.

    I love my Jolla 1 and it’s form factor, but might buy the Xperia just to have a fallback device (although 5″ is too big in my opinion).

    Congratulations to the amazing team at Jolla for successfully porting SFOS to the Xperia.

    • Avatar

      The Xperia X has the same size as the Jolla 1, except it’s a bit thinner and 1 cm longer. Put another way, it’s exactly the same as the Jolla C except for maybe 1 mm less thicknexx.

  53. Avatar

    Great to see this finally materialising! And the price was lower than what I had had in mind, so that’s a plus 🙂

    I would have liked to have Bluetooth, but I can live without it, too, if I must. Perhaps in some update then? Well, I really hope so… If not, it will be a huge dent in the company’s reputation…

    Having the community help with the actual hardware adaptation used and bug fixing (if I understood it correctly) is a huge thing! This is exactly what I had hoped for, but never dared say out loud.

    I like the idea that for this port at least the users must pay a little money for updates. If I consider the alternative, which is funding by ads, pre-installed crapware, and paying with personal information, this is exactly what I want to see. Please make it work!

    (Not related to Xperia, but now would be a very good moment to finally build paid application support to Store… That, too, is where the money is.)

    Fingerprint sensor is something I only tied with my Xperia X and I love it. Do you have plans to bring it in later on?

    Thanks for the hard work so far!

  54. Avatar

    Good news. For me, Sailfish OS is the benchmark of usability. I bought an Intex Aqua Fish. It is a weak device, but I could already experience the difference for everyday life.

    Unfortunately the browser on Intex is almost unusable slow, the VPN connection breaks often and essential security features are still missing.

    I would buy the announced image for everyday use, if the model with two SIM cards would be supported. I tired to take two phones with me, my business and private phone. Nevertheless I might buy the image and a device to testing.

    I think the target group of the image are anyway developers and potential partners. This makes sense. It was previously almost umpossible to test SFOS with an officially supported device. This is essential for an investment decision of licensing SFOS for the development and sales of mobile devices.

    Anyway, large scale sales and turnover for a consumer market needs hardware with a pre-installed OS. I don’t think, that an after market OS would scale. Thousends of customers wouldn’t enough for the break even of Jolla. It even wouldn’t be enough to cover the personnel costs of one month.

    I’m still not clear about the business plan and model of Jolla although the company clearly states, that their business model is licensing SFOS. I think it was not a good decision of the Investors to drop the hardware development, but I’m afraid they didn’t have another option with the limited available capital.

    Cyanogen Inc. had a similar business modell and much more partners but they did fail. And the former Apple CEO Gil Amelio also tried to license the OS and Hardware. Apple was nearly dead before Steve Jobs replaced Amelio and turned the things around.

    I hope, that Jolla will be successfull. The market needs an alternative for the duopole of iOS and Android, that respects privacy and offers better usabillity. Jolla would be a perfect candidate for an acquisition of a hardware vendor. With an assumed enterprise value of 150 to maximal 300 million Euro the strategic acquisition would be rather cheap but could leverage competition against Apple and Google repsectively Samsung and the growing importance of Chinese brands. Unfortunately HMD Globel seems to have not enough capital. Sony might have the capital and the company needs a strategy against lost market shares and money. Or a Chinese company could invest to grow even more aggressively. Huawai has great hardware but no unique selling proposition on the software side.

    It’s time for change in a boaring smartphone market that stucks in a more than 10 years old approach.

  55. Avatar

    Splendid news! I can’t wait!

    On a side note: I really hope the double tap to wake feature will be supported somewhere in the future. Such a signature move still, from the Nokia N9 days till now.

    • Avatar


      That is an unconfirmed bit of the features at the moment, but I can assure you that it is not off the table. Will it make it to the product is yet unknown at this stage.

  56. Avatar

    So you have to pay for Sailfish X to get the OS files to install??
    And are the OS support for other phones now your primary focus instead of making another dedicated Jolla phone?

    • Avatar

      Basically what you are paying for is the Android support, MS exchange, predictive text input and a year of updates and support. We are now a software company as we have been for quite while, therefore producing another Sailfish Os phone might not be in our agenda at the moment.

      • Avatar

        Ha, nice one! I do not need predictive text nor Android support nor M$ Exchange support. I bought 2x Xperia X, one for me and one for my wife, and I’ll buy a license on day one anyway. We definitively need to support something that’s not Google nor Apple, at least until it is not stealing our data just for some ads.

        • Avatar

          Where as I absolutely need MS Exchange support. I use my phone as a PDA, without MS Exchange a phone is not so much use to me. I bet I’m not in the minority in this regard.

          Not having predictive text is a bit like not having remote central locking on your car, it’s not necessary but very inconvenient if you don’t have it.

          I would guess far more Sailfish owners use Android support than those that don’t use it.

          I’d say Jolla are working to meet what the market needs.

  57. Avatar

    September coming up! How many refund mails will be sent?

    • Avatar

      This post isn’t really about refunds unless I got the wrong memo. We will update you when it’s time even if you don’t ask 😉

      • Avatar

        True, but no answer in Refund blog and so here I am. Ok, solid. But you know me, I’m always one step ahead of you.

  58. Avatar

    I recommend “Librem 5”. Check it out:
    It’s rather expensive, but you have time to put money aside …(and you don’t pay with your personal data, but with money)

    • Avatar

      The new iphone 8 will cost about E 1160……, you will have to pay this not only for features like face recognition, but also for financing that megalomane building in Silicon Valley!

    • Avatar

      This is also in the pipeline but very premature:
      They too will not have Robert Mercer behind them.
      I am glad that more people in the US are rethinking the bad system that has been created over the past decades.

  59. Avatar

    Is there something wrong with the Sailfish X mailing list subscription? I tried to subscribe several times but never received a confirmation mail.

  60. Avatar

    gr8 job bla bla bla, 50€ is a misteake!!! i’m still waiting for second part of refund!!!

  61. Avatar

    First of all, the subscription model is a great decision. 50 euro for a year of updates looks about right to me, it is a soft monetisation model which should work great.
    However, becoming a software company doesn’t mean you don’t deal with the hardware. Supporting more phones (One of the Sony compacts for me) and supporting them fully (Hey, double tap to wake should work, it is a part of the UI/UX package I am used to!) becomes more important. Good luck with that!
    I am still undecided whether I should buy the X or wait (it’s big), but I like the trend! 🙂

  62. Avatar

    dont know if this is wise, to buy an android phone, and then still buy an OS that loses many important features, who knows also Sony’s garantie. What is this compared with Jolla’s garanties for one year, when a trust is gone personally. What kind of a way is this, success or for loose?

    • Avatar

      Do you know where to buy a phone with no os on it ??? Warranty???? I don’t care, they find allways something against you. Important features? the only important feature missing i consider is bluetooth, but i never use it 🙂 . My Xperia X is waiting to be flashed and i will be happy to pay 50 € for this.

      • Avatar

        At first when heard of Sony SFOS, i thought there will be SFOS preinstalled, and Sony & Jolla care of licenses on that model, the same way as Meizu released Ubuntu phone. That was wrong thought though then.
        Dont believe this way SF phone will become popular.

      • Avatar

        True, there is always something to complain. About bluetooth: I just got hearing aids. They are digital nowadays. You can pair them over bluetooth with an app to regulate the volume. So bluetooth can be a nice feature. Everyone knows you can pair your device to a bt speaker, also nice. The downside of bt is, that it pairs you automaticly in shopping streets and on squares to public spying devices, if you have bt ( and wifi) on.
        Nevertheless I hope that the Jolla team will come with bt support later.

  63. Avatar

    You write “cameras are working well”. Does this mean, that the camera performance and features will be en par with the stock Sony Xperia X running the factory installed firmware? There used to be a procedure to backup the TA partition / DRM keys and restore it afterwards to keep the full feature set… I hope this will not be required.

    • Avatar

      Hello, and thanks for commenting.

      In the beginning, the camera is unlikely to support the full 23Mpx resolution of the sensor, rather it will be 8Mpx. But we have the goal of updating the software to use the camera in its full potential. Will it make it to the first release is yet to be decided.

      • Avatar

        Could you explain the initial camera work. Will the stated 8Mpx resolution be cropped from the actual sensor area, or will it use the whole sensor area downsampling the resolution to 8Mpx.


        • Avatar

          Actually the legend has it that the resolution is going to be 16Mpx when we release the software, I personally don’t know the answer to the sensor question however my guess is that 16Mpx is cropped from the whole sensor.

  64. Avatar

    Got a Sony Xperia X today and using Linux on my laptop from before, ready!

    • Avatar

      Ready, set, Go! Well not yet, but be ready and set until “go” later on 😀

  65. Avatar

    What about India and other Asian countries? I have purchased uing PayPal and my credit cards and all transactions have been successful. I have purchased an Xperia X through my credit card and am awaiting delivery of the same. I have a Jolla 1 and it’s becoming extremely difficult to use it as my daily phone. Please make it available in India and other Asian countries too, after all, we have the biggest mobile phone markets.

    • Avatar

      We are working to expand availability all over the world! Stay tuned!

  66. Avatar

    This sounds to me like great news, and the price of the software seems really low for a one year support (about 15 cents per day for a full-time user), considering the licensing fees are included. Hopefully you made your calculations right and you get some money to finance further development.

    I’d like to know what the payment entitles the user to? Is it the right to download and a unique identifier for 1 year support and updates (starting on the launch or buying day?)? Should we expect Sailfish X to support sooner or later other devices, so that users can “continue” their subscription and switch smoothly to new devices, once these are supported? This makes a lot of sense to me, as I’m ready to starting supporting the company in the effort of developing a software that becomes a generic alternative on all Xperia devices. However, I’ll never buy a new Sony Android-phone from a store to flash it because I don’t want to pay licensing fees twice. Unfortunately, the second-hand market for Xperia X is rather tiny.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your comment.

      So basically we are not going to make so much money off this, as our core business is focused on B2B and B2G at the moment. This is an effort to bring Sailfish OS to our community that has been waiting for such a long time in order to get their hands on a newer and better device. The purpose is not at all making money.

      About your second question, unfortunately I can not answer you since it is yet to be announced. But details will follow shortly, possibly before the sales start date.

      • Avatar

        James, in your checkout system, give the community members the opportunity to pay more if they want. $50 minimum, but hey, if a company wants to subscribe for $500/year (dirt cheap), why not let them? Just make the user flow easy to do it.

  67. Avatar

    Just installed Ubuntu to my laptop beside of Windows and found it quite simple to install and surprisingly easy to use. So everything ready for X, just one big BUT… For me dual SIM is also important because I don’t want to keep 2 phones with me (business & private). I don’t expect that this feature is ready at the start, just would like to have confirmation IF I could buy F5122 model, flash SF to it and in future updates get dual SIM working…

    • Avatar

      Hi. Glad to hear that you are almost ready!

      Please hold on your purchase as we will confirm if the F5122 will work or not. There is a chance that the second SIM may not work at first but as I said, it is yet to be confirmed. We will get back to you with an update on the same blog post so please keep your eyes on our Social Media channels and here for more information by hopefully next week when we are done testing.

    • Avatar

      Yay! A potential be Linux convert is coming out of this too!

      (You’ll love the rock solid reliability)

  68. Avatar

    Jolla team, please, I very much hope, you do not force me to use Paypal. Creditcard (mastercard), or IBAN would work well for me.

    • Avatar

      You will not be forced to use Paypal!

  69. Avatar

    Hi guys,
    first great new, then a little “communication” advise:
    Add a flashdrive as a requirement, PROVIDE a linux iso link (whatever work for you) and step by step to create the bootable drive and install the update, eventually a video (youtube) with all the steps, that’s all, easy.
    With a mandatory linux based os you’re scaring lot of people (and loosing sale) for nothing.

    Then, might it be possible to know more about the compatible hardware because there lot of xperia x and the f5121 is not easy to get, specially a new one; for example is the compact 4.6inch ok ?


    • Avatar

      Hi and thank you for your advice. We will definitely take it into consideration.

      Regarding the X compact, unfortunately it is not supported yet.

  70. Avatar

    Please do not use Very in the UK, they have a very bad reputation. This can be verified by searching the many consumer boards and seeing the issues with returns and customer support.

    • Avatar


      We apologize for that. Do you know another, better, place that offers Xperia X? If so, please paste the link here and we will update the blog post.


      • Avatar

        Hi James, did you look at the link on TJC that I suggested? Argos are selling the phone for £300 at the moment at (it was on special offer for £230 the other week, maybe that will be repeated?). Argos is a catalogue retailer in the UK, founded in 1973 with plenty of physical shops as well as offering internet/mail-order sales. The one time that I had to take something back to them, I had no problem at all.

  71. Avatar

    It would have been awesome if you include OnePlus devices (3/3T/5) which are has much superior hardware specs and more people are using it.

  72. Avatar

    Great to see SFOS running on a different device…..BUT what about the average Joe like me who isnt a programmer and has no Linux hardware???

    My J1 has now died so im pretty desperate but cant genuinely see how I can get back on board the SF platform

    What exactly is the Jolla plan for a user like myself??

    • Avatar

      In case Jolla struggle to provide tools for all users, I think you should use the next month to create a bootable Linux USB stick, try it, and wait to see what the install process will look like.

      You can create a Ubuntu live USB or use a tool like UNetbootin which looks even easier, and see that a Linux Desktop environment is very user friendly nowadays 🙂

    • Avatar

      Great to see your comment!

      We are working on bringing this to other platforms, no timeline announced yet. Fortunately, you can use a live USB or a virtual machine in order to process the install, it won’t be hard, as we are doing our best to make it as easy as possible.

      • Avatar

        Again, good to hear!

        Can Jolla PLEASE make a point of helping users like myself though?

        A really smart thing for Jolla to do would be to put together a SUPER-MEGA-EASY-IDIOTS-GUIDE on how to run this install if your a complete and utter noob to all this!

        “Making it easy” will be do-able if you guys reach out and help people scramble aboard as well as ensuring a larger uptake so would suggest a very BASIC install guide is a MUST!

        Please dont forget to cater for your non-technical users/fans!!!

  73. Avatar

    Well, does this mean that there is no market ready device again? Actualy i will need to replace j1p soon. What options i have? From my pov, none… In real life of great mass of people in need of reliable device, people which goes to shop and buy device to start it immediately after purchase. How Jolla will build big userbase, userbase which attracts devs, devs who develop apps, apps which make money, money which Jolla needs and those money is target of every business right?

    I foretold no success for such way of making business. I am still in hope that there will be time when i can simply go to shop and actualy buy a device with my favourite os. For now i will stick with j1p till its bitter end and after that i expect viable option from Jolla otherwise there will be no other option than look for another vendors. And i believe, i am not alone who will unwillingly migrate due to lack of options…

    • Avatar


      Thanks for commenting. Your concerns are understood. Allow me to clear the business side of things for you: We are not going to make a big amount of money out of Sailfish X, if any. Our business and money making is mainly focused on B2B and B2G contracts which we currently are working with Russia and China in that regards.

      It is also worth mentioning that this is an effort from us to bring Sailfish OS to a newer, better, and more available device where our community can just get their hands on it fairly easily if they want to. I agree that getting a device with Sailfish OS already installed on it is a better alternative but we are no longer a hardware company to be able to do that.

      I hope that cleared up some confusions.

  74. Avatar

    Well, it looks like I will continue to NOT run Sailfish OS on any device.

    I crowdfunded the Jolla tablet. FAIL!

    I wanted to buy a Jolla C but was not offered to tablet supports who were owned money, little availability, and not sold in the US.

    The Sailfish X project? Maybe that would work? Let’s see what I need to do…

    1.) Buy a Sony Xperia X for $300. OK
    2.) Own a Linux PC. OK but… Jolla you can see how this could be a problem for some people right?
    3.) Pay $60 for a beta product in September and maybe get it in October than maybe in a year it will be all working and pay again. WTF? This a joke?

    Shocker! No word it is being offered to the people Jolla still owes money for a couple of years now.

    Why doesn’t Jolla offer a officially supported image for the Nexus 5? A lot of people have that phone laying around.

    What is the point of a mobile OS that almost no one can use?

    I am not sure why even come here once in while to see what is happening so can just be disappointed again. Good luck Jolla in India and Russia…

      • Avatar

        No, I am not interested in another crowdfunded product and worse from an unknown company in Hong Kong.

    • Avatar

      Hello MJ,

      We are sorry to hear about your experience. But allow me to correct you on some parts of your statement above.

      Firstly, this install requires a Linux PC only for the first phase, and we are working on expanding it to other platforms as we speak. So that is not a big concern, plus, as many of the community members have been saying, you can run a live USB for an hour or even a virtual machine just to do this job and go back to whichever OS you are using.

      Secondly, if you read the post, we indeed are working on ways to enable those who we owe money to, to get the OS as a part of their refund.

      I hope that I could clear some of your concerns up.

  75. Avatar

    So no option to slice away from the tablet refund… That would virtually cost you nothing and in my eyes show at least some good will on your part since the first half of refund.

    • Avatar

      In this very blog post is written: For those within the Tablet refund program: there will be a way to utilize Tablet refund as payment for Sailfish X. We’ll update on that closer to the sales start day, stay tuned!

      • Avatar

        Oh my bad :/ I read it in a haste… Thanks for correcting me 🙂

    • Avatar

      We are actually working on that as I write this comment. We are all about good will, Antti 😉 Also, although it’s unrelated to this very post, but we are working on another part of refunds as well (Will update the respective blog post when we’re ready) so it’s all good in the refund land!

  76. Avatar

    @James Noori what’s the deal with bluetooth and radio, is it a hardware issue I presume and how soon is it likely to be addressed ?

    • Avatar


      There is no hardware issue actually, it’s just a software issue which will be fixed at some point. No timeframe announced, but it is open source so the community is more than welcome to contribute.

  77. Avatar

    @James Noori
    I know that Sailfish X officially only supports the single sim model of the Xperia X (F5121).
    But even though I ordered the single sim model(F5121) I received the dual sim model(F5122). Now I’m in doubt whether to sent it back or I should keep it as the benefit of the F5122 model is that has 64GB of storage capacity instead of 32GB for the F5121 model.
    Therefore the following question: Are there differences in hardware between both versions (singele vs dual sim) making that Sailfish X will not work properly on the F5122 model or will the current version of Sailfish X fully support the F5122 model except for its dual sim functionallity.

    • Avatar


      Please hold on to your device, we will get back to you with an answer in a couple of days when our testings are done.

      • Avatar

        Sorry James you must be kidding!
        You told us over and over again: The first supported device will be the F5121 only which is in Germany around 30 percent more expensive then the F5122 but therefore less equipped!

        Now you come off and say: Oh… just wait, it looks like it is running on the F5122 too, Hooray.

        BTW: The BT support or even no support is a great joke as well. Who on earth needs to use BT on his daily mobile phone?

        Honestly I couldn’t wait September to support Jolla with at least 50€ for the new SFOS X but now I’m really disappointed about that kind of information policy.

        Anyway… Paranoid Android looks like a good alternative on my new F5121! and it is already available.

        • Avatar

          I have opened my Xperia in order to unlock the bootloader ( difficult, perhaps not possible with a Mac) and I see Android working for the first time: how ugly, compared to Sailfish and iOS. And all that Google bloatware.
          So I will try again and again to unlock the Xperia. Does anyone have experience with this process on an MacBook?

            • Avatar

              Thank you,unfortunately the file on Homebrew does nothing.
              The Sony tutorial is not that difficult and there is also an instructive youtube video. I read all the tutorials, followed the Sony instruction,managed to install developer debugging mode on the Xperia. Got a code from Sony seberal times. But each time I got stuck when I had to give a commend, because my computer does not accept platform tools and commandline tools. I can install the sdk manager zip , but when I open it I get a warning.(I have no Java on my Mac).

          • Avatar

            Hi Kea,
            haven’t tried it especially on my Mac but with my Linux laptop and should be the same.
            Have you prefixed “sudo”on each command like: “sudo fastboot devices”?

            • Avatar

              See above. If I could type a command!

        • Avatar

          The first supported device will still be the F5121, that hasn’t changed, you are misinterpreting the sentence.
          They’ve also always said that they will try to support more Xperia devices in the future, so trying to run it of the F5122 is just the logical next step.

          If you wanted the F5122, you could have waited until Jolla or some community member try to run SFOS on it :/

          • Avatar

            “…If you wanted the F5122, you could have waited until Jolla or some community member try to run SFOS on it :/ …”

            I’m not sure about that.
            You are right, the first device will be the F5121 they said and more devices want follow (whenever).
            But the question is, wouldn’t it be much better to fix open issues like BT support and such things FIRST?

            If all is running well on the first device, a larger pool of supported phones would be welcome, no doubt.

            Last but not least:
            1) To leave the F5121 version in the rain and wait for a F5122 version of SFOS X seems not the right way for me to support Jolla. They have decided to go for the “Xperia X” and well that’s OK for me. BTW I’m willing to pay for the software may be a bit more then 50€ to support Jolla too…

            2) Most phones from the current Jolla users are not longer “brand-new” and waiting for a necessary replacement.

            … and bear in mind that nobody knows how long the F5121 version is still available.


      • Avatar

        That sounds good. I can’t wait for you to come back with an answer

      • Avatar

        You, sir, are a very nice person to help Vliegeraar with that answer. It’s clearly not that person’s fault that someone fulfilled the F5121 order with a F5122. In one sentence you showed kindness to that person to save them from the hassle of a return that *may* be unnecessary, AND you updated the community that other devices are coming QUITE POSSIBLY sooner than we realized. I’m sure if not for this person’s plight, you would have much rathered to keep this quiet until testing was complete because you just opened a proverbial “can of worms”.

        I admire that you took the risk to be nice to someone despite the obvious risks of backlash, not to mention the bevy o’ questions that may result.

        Good on you, sir!

        • Avatar

          @FutureSFUser: Yes, you are right, we were supposed to keep it quiet but it wouldn’t have been worth it for Vliegeraar, that’s why we came out and asked him to wait.

          And to the ones who are not happy with this decision, they need to understand that we could not just come out and say that F5122 is also a possible supported device while completely unsure about the features working or not. Even at this stage we still are officially saying F5121 is the one we have worked on but we have never denied the fact that we are testing other devices as well. Any other device will be announced when it’s the right time and when we are 100% sure that it isn’t going to cause a problem for our community.

          • Avatar

            Thanks James,

            hope you understand my position on this a little bit.
            And to say it clear: I will be happy to flash SFOS X on my F5121 asap. 😉

            Could you please explain a bit more about the BT issue? Is this feature completely out on the beginning, or just in beta?

          • Avatar

            Hi James, completely understand your position and it does make sense to only talk about devices you have tested. But I am very glad to hear that Jolla is actively looking other Sony phones as well. Keep up the great work guys 🙂

      • Avatar

        @James Noori
        I have the same issue (ordered through, vodacom-online GmbH & Co. KG).
        Ordered model number: 1302-9401 (F5121)
        Received model number: 1309-4287 (F5122)

        Have you gotten any further with your tests?

        Considering if I should return it within 14 days, and attempt to order it again from somewhere else.

        • Avatar

          According to our tests, F5122 will not be fully functional for the first release. We will support it eventually but no time frame is yet decided as we are yet to be fully done with F5121. The recommended action is for now to get yourself the F5121, else you can wait and try the OS on your F5122 anyway until every feature is fully supported.

          • Avatar

            Hi James, would it be possible to have more info about those “not fully functional” parts?
            Because depending on the missing features, some people might want to go with the F5122 anyway.

    • Avatar

      Same problem here, TWICE!
      Ordered a F5121 and got a F5122 – sent back + wating for refund. Ordered another F5121 from another shop and got the F5122 again.

      And now i don’t know what is the better decision:

      -Sent back and leave the Jolla-Path/order a different Android-Phone (can’t wait for another device, my Jolla1 broke a few days before)?

      -Or should stay with the F5122 and wait for SFOS-support for this device?

      Please hurry up with testing for F5122 – Really!
      I have to send back my device in the beginning of next week if F5122 is unsupported.
      And I am really sure, that this is not only me having dealers selling F5122 as F5121…

      • Avatar


        Apologies for my late response on this.
        Unfortunately there are possible issues with the modem of the device if you have the dual-sim version. Depending on your SIM card, it may or may not work and unfortunately we don’t currently have a way of telling what the issue is. Other than that the rest of the OS should work similarly but because of that critical issue we do not officially recommend anyone to buy or stay with F5122.

        • Avatar

          Hello James,

          Any development on this front ?

          Ways to predict which SIM will work and which won’t ?

          I more interested in F5122’s bigger flash storage (64GB), I’ll be using the second slot in microSD mode.

  78. Avatar

    Hi there,

    is the licence a user or a device licence. If I have two devices connected with my jolla account can I flash both?
    Also one year of updates seems like a short period of time. Any more infos on this and the continuation program?

  79. Avatar

    Which Android version will this Alien Dalvik correspond to? There is an increasing number of apps that refuse to install on the original Jolla due to too old Android.

  80. Avatar

    Please don’t ignore India. It is an s/w image…there aren’t difficulties with shipping and distribution. Also, regarding the payment, u can integrate with paypal or such.

    • Avatar

      We are currently doing our best to make this available worldwide. We will get back to you as soon as we have more details.

    • Avatar

      Do you know that Paypal is a company, founded by Peter Thiel, an alt-right guy, who is good friends with Trump? Paypal is a company that uses a lot of tracking and spying, each time you use it. This company is part of the ‘surveillance capitalism’ that we should not support. Therefore it is not something that is suitable for Jolla.

  81. Avatar

    Another 5″ smartphone? What for? And priced at 350 euro? Telephone interface in Sailfish is garbage, not to say more. Sailfish devices are only usable as tablets – and to be a tablet, it should be 7″ at least.

    • Avatar

      It’s a high-end phone listed at EUR 650. 5″ is small but many people are complaining that it’s unacceptably huge. I own it and it’s really tiny with respect to almost all other smartphones around.

  82. Avatar

    The article says:
    > Product – what you will get:
    > Sailfish OS image to flash to your Xperia device

    What are the limitations on the usage of the image? Is it tied to a single device? If single device only, can the license be transferred from one to other?

    What are the odds of a Dalvik version upgrade during the support period? 4.4.4. is quite old.

    • Avatar

      Basically, Sailfish OS by itself is free, what you are paying for is Android support, Predictive text input and MS exchange + VAT. The services mentioned above are going to be tied to your Jolla account, therefore what you pay for will be registered to your Jolla account. I hope that was clear enough 🙂

      About updating Dalvik, as we have said before, we prefer to make the one that we already have as good as possible before migrating. Considering our limited resources, we are yet unsure when we will be upgrading the android support.

      • Avatar

        So after buying Sailfish X one could install these commercial components also on a different device, say a Fairphone 2 running SF community port?
        If so, that could help making community ports much more useable. I like the idea of a software license not tied to one specific piece of hardware that might be obsolete some day.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for the reply.

        KitKat market share is currently about 16% and declining, as old phones go out of use. Very few buy 4.4.4 anymore. The Dalvik version is likely to become an issue before the Xperias wear out.

      • Avatar

        Terribly sorry, I still did not understand.

        If I buy a bagful of these phones, install Sailfish and then sell at ebay as SFOS preinstalled phones, then at what step do you get you share?

  83. Avatar

    50,– EUR? No problem … if it were for the Fairphone 2! 🙁

    • Avatar

      (I’m a FP2 owner, successfully running SF for several months)

      If you don’t feel like switching to Xperia X, you could still buy the software for someone else and support the cause. The more succesful this official SFX project becomes, the better all the phones will do. FP2 is definitely a high-profile candidate for getting the full experience, esp. Dalvik, but somebody probably has to be paid quite a bit to make it happen (it’s difficult).

      I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with my FP2/SF after I migrate to Xperia/SFX… mom does need to upgrade from Nokia N9…

  84. Avatar

    I don’t believe in ‘free’. I think it is better to pay honestly for what others make for us. Somehow Sailfish as a software company has to monetize its product, in order to survive and to improve.
    Apple and Google have spoiled us initially with lots of cheap apps. Now Apple and ios developers try to monetize apps with subscriptions. Probably this will not work anymore. Apple lets you pay when you buy a device and Google lets you pay with your data.

  85. Avatar

    I love the idea of dedicated support for third party devices, and would be happy to pay for such support, but the Xperia X is a monster phone, much larger than the Jolla 1 that I use, which is already uncomfortably large. Any chance of something similar in size to the Nokia N9? Greatest phone ever made!

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately phones are getting bigger every day and that makes us with almost no choice to go back to the N9 days. Actually, Xperia X is considered quite normal in terms of its size compared to other phones of this day and age.

  86. Avatar

    Great news about X.

    Like others I don’t want to lose features though.

    James – Does your confidence in the community to complete the work on Bluetooth, mean Jolla aren’t going to do any further work on Bt for the Sony X?

    • Avatar

      That was why I asked about BT too, it just seems bizarre that something as simple and a staple feature like BT wasn’t given priority given that some folks use it daily, file transfers, BT speakers, headphones, sat nav’s . . . . the fact that it’s a software issue and not H/W makes it even worse IMO, fingerprint sensor I can live without, BT not so much…….. I hope this is given more of a pressing status in the grand scheme of things.

  87. Avatar

    Just wondering why just Xperia X not Xperia X Compact also? It is the same chipset and GPU, only the display is of different resolution.

    • Avatar

      What we have been working on, porting Sailfish OS and testing it, has been the one and only F5121, any other device has not yet been tested or verified by us. If the hardware is similar or different, it really doesn’t matter as long as we have not tested and confirmed it as a supported device. There is more to any device than the chipset, screen resolution and the normal stuff that everyone talks about.

  88. Avatar

    Done, I’m ready! I bought the Xperia 5122 and now I’m waiting for SFOSX. Good luck Jolla boys! 🙂

  89. Avatar

    This is nice. A good phone with a great OS.
    I have a question though. Will it be possible to have a dual-boot with Sailfish and Android? Or will the Android system be wiped clean after installation of Sailfish?

    • Avatar

      Android system won’t be wiped clean after the installation, we will be using Android drivers in order to run Sailfish OS on your device. But currently dual boot isn’t an option. There is no confirmation on if it will be an option later either.

      • Avatar

        Alright, thanks for the answer.

        My ordered Xperia X will arrive on Thursday. I’m looking forward to flash it and have Sailfish installed!

  90. Avatar

    Likewise, I’ve bought my Sony Xperia X -and await Sailfish

    (BTW, in the UK Argos are selling some refurbished models for £180 through eBay)

  91. Avatar

    OK I just want to by the xperia now have it by my computer and wish time to fly by until the official release… I still have my jolla and jolla-C but I just can’t wait for sailfish on a more powerful hardware.

    A shame fairphone guys never tried to get theirs here in America I would have gone for that one first.

  92. Avatar

    Good luck with this. I hope it doesn’t go the way Ubuntu Touch did. I purchased a BQ E4.5 Ubuntu version through the flash sales early on and have used it everyday since. I’m glad you have a “Buy our OS” business model as this gives me hope for the OS in the future. As I’m in the market for a new phone I will now consider this option very seriously. I don’t really like big phones so would like the X Compact. However at this point beggars can’t be choosers and I’m not waiting much longer to upgrade as my BQ E4.5 is feeling very slow whilst browsing the net. OK, I’m off to price check a few sites. 🙂

  93. Avatar

    Is there progress on releasing build directions to compile the sailfish image?
    I find myself with a long weekend and I’d like to spend it sailfishly.

  94. Avatar


    • Avatar

      Yep , you’re solo.

      By the way turn the Caps lock off when you type. You’ll discover everyone will find it easier to read your posts.

  95. Avatar


  96. Avatar

    Yup Caloma – you’re solo.

    The amount of work, resources, time and money required to support multiple handsets is way beyond the 100 or so staff at Jolla.

    The choice of Sony Xperia X depends upon the official cooperation and support of Sony – i.e. there has to be a commercial agreement and Sony release some of their confidential engineering data to Jolla.

    That’s the reality for a small company like Jolla.

    If you’re unable to accept those restrictions then Sailfish may not be the right choice for you.

    • Avatar

      I agree with You, that´s reality.

  97. Avatar

    Looking forward to this. In the UK, the F5122 version seems to be much cheaper than F5121 so even if we can’t use the dual SIM or larger internal space, if the F5121 image worked it would be very useful info!

    • Avatar

      Hello jonquark,

      Where did you find the F5122?

  98. Avatar

    If they will hopefully have better sd card management for android and home, and get rid of all those bugs and the poor browser…

  99. Avatar

    What are information about the camera of Xperia X with SFOS? Is the camera working with 23 MP?

  100. Avatar

    Unlocking the bootloader with a MacBook is not without problems. I downloaded the platform tools files from Android (lifehacker also has a good article about this). Following the instructions from developersony I type the command ‘fastboot devices’ in terminal, while the platform tools files in Finder are opened. All the time I get: ‘command not found’. That’s an error and I cannot complete the process.
    I have changed the security of my Mac in order to be able to open the files, nevertheless I get these answers. What do I wrong?

    • Avatar

      Either your tutorial is bad or you missed a step. You didn’t install fastboot properly.

      The best way (imo) to do this is by first installing homebrew from and then running

      brew cask install android-platform-tools

      that properly installs both adb and fastboot.

      • Avatar

        Thank you. With ‘howtogeek’ I installed homebrew. So far so good. But brew cask is not possible. Get an error all the time.
        In de tutorial of developersony is a link to the site where you can install Android SDK . They advise you to go to the files below, the zip files. But the zip file for Mac does not contain platform tools!Got a link to article in Lifehacker that did contain platform tools. That was the first barrier. Second barrier: Mac did not accept ‘unidentified’ commands. Changed safety settings. But no result. I have had to go through that Google reCaptcha about seven times and now I give up. Now searching for someone life in my city who can help.

        • Avatar

          What error do you get when trying to run

          brew cask install android-platform-tools


          • Avatar

            Thank you Oulot. I had already tried to inlock with exactly the same video. When the guy on the video opens his phone (Xperia X?) we see a picture with the android figure. I do not get that at my Xperia and I cannot fulfill the procedure.

  101. Avatar

    Hopefully Android 8 update won’t enter before SFOS X update on the Oct 10th. SFOS X is dedicated at the moment for Androids 6 & 7. I read that Android 8 is expected to roll for Sony Xperia phones within two to three months from Android 7.1.1 updating.

  102. Avatar

    Bartered on ebay UK and bagged an experiax at the right kind of money, I should have it Thursday, can’t wait to have a daily phone with SFOS on again that’s finally a decent size screen ! Now hurry up sorting that Bluetooth out !

  103. Avatar

    Thank you @Jolla for giving an early access to Sailfish X. Thats how I see it. There can be more done to have a straight forward process but right now it allows “real” users for example to produce feedback.

    Before that – following questions:

    a. F5121 arrived yesterday :-). Are there any howto’s or instructions already available to prepare the host linux system (needed tools etc.)?

    b. What about the phone itself. Any preparation necessary (thought read about unlocking stuff etc.)?

    c. Any dangerous trap known? Steps/activities that need additional attention?

    • Avatar

      Hi Leon,

      First of all, thank you for your comment! Secondly, I changed your email to display name as you requested (and deleted your other comment since it would look strange after everything was fixed.)

      To answer your questions:
      A- No how-to instructions are yet available from our side, rather, they will be available closer to the launch date.
      B- Yes, you can visit Sony’s Developer World website in order to unlock your boot loader. Other than that, you’ll need to wait for our instructions.
      C- As long as you are aware of the risks that are written on the website I linked above, you are going to be fine. For now, there are not any traps or dangerous steps. We will inform you however, if there were something from our side that you are supposed to pay extra attention to.

      • Avatar

        Is it any difference with unlockig my Sony XX now one month or then one week before the Oct 10th? Thus, if I opened it much earlier, should it cause any damages on my Sony XX? When you are suggesting us on to unlock boot loaders? How does the phone operate after unlocking? Thank you for your help.

      • Avatar

        I’m having problems unlocking the bootloader on my Sony Xperia X.

        Using Sony’s recommended method (*#*#7378423#*#*), the bootloader on my phone shows “unlocking allowed”.

        And with both W10 and Ubuntu I can connect with fastboot and use the command ‘fastboot devices’ to ensure that the PC can see my phone (both platforms return the same device code if the phone is connected).

        However when I try ‘fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (using the Sony-supplied unlock code)

        On windows:FAILED (command write failed (No error))

        On Ubuntu:FAILED (remote: Command did not succeed)

        Looking on various forums, there seem to be many examples of the same issue – unlocking is (apparently) allowed – but doesn’t work.

        The one thing I cannot check is whether an Android upgrade (now on 7.1.1) has also updated the bootloader and possibly broken the unlocking process.


        On Windows 10 you may have to also disable signed driver enforcement whilst following Sony’s instructions.

        On Ubuntu – use sudo.

        • Avatar

          Maybe you have enabled “my Xperia”, this function must be turned off before you can unlock your device.

          • Avatar

            Thanks for your tip Oulot – unfortunately My Xperia has never been activated on this phone.

            • Avatar

              The video is clear, but I do not have ‘Android debugging’ on the Xperia, but USB debugging instead. So the guy on the video has another device? I cannot take the next step he suggests.

      • Avatar

        As much as unlocking the Android / Sony bootloader is not Jolla’s responsibility – it will put-off many potential Sailfish users – if some people buy an Xperia X, only to find that the bootloader cannot be unlocked.

        • Avatar

          I did not succeed in, either. Does the Sony unlocking code is getting unvalid while unsuccesfull action. Are we doomed to stay in Android now. It is not obvious that Jolla should help us.

              • Avatar

                This is too complicated. Download to Android MM? Then you need to have a Google account first. The Xperia I bought has 7.7. I have opened the phone without a Google account and without a mobile carrier. Only admitting ‘terms and conditions’. That should be enough.

            • Avatar

              dpu … command did not work either with this sevond way. I have Winfows 10 ver 1703.

              • Avatar

                Installation of Fastboot seems not to be possible with Windows 10 ver 1703. It is received information that program is not suitable for Windows 10. Where do we receive the update available for Win 10?

          • Avatar

            I’ve now tried – and failed – one more time on a completely separate Windows 10 laptop.

            Exactly the same failure with the fastboot unlock command as I described previously:

            FAILED (command write failed (No error))

            But – fastboot happily responds correctly to other commands:

            fastboot devices
            fastboot getvar all

            I’m under the impression this is a Sony problem – perhaps as a consequence of an updated bootloader.

            My phone is running Android 7.1.1

            Can anyone else confirm successfully unlocking the bootloader with this Android version?

            • Avatar

              I have successfully unlocked the boot loader of my Xperia X running Android 7.1.1. To do that, I followed the steps from the documentation provided by Sony on my Linux (Debian) notebook.

              • Avatar

                Thanks Joerg. That kills-off that little pet theory of mine then!

            • Avatar

              In Android 7.1.1 you have to enable also “OEM-Unlocking” in settings, developer options. The unlocking code from Sony is okay.

              • Avatar

                Good reminder. Unfortunately I’d set that one too.

                I’m mystified why my unlock is failing.

                • Avatar

                  If the unlocking procedure went well, the procedure should not be too complicated. At the moment there has to be both some failures in the existing information and some program components need to be updated. Hopefully Jolla will give us hints, otherwise high number of buyers of SFOS X will stop to their intention for updating their Sony XXs at all.

                • Avatar


                  As a final “I’ve tried everything else” – I tried cutting and pasting the unlock command from the Sony webpage to my bash command line.

                  It appears that the command requires a TRAILING SPACE after the 16-digit hex value.

                  Yes – that was the only difference between what I typed, and the cut-and-paste command.

        • Avatar

          See my comments further on about a TRAILING SPACE required after the unlock code.

      • Avatar

        The Sonydeveloper website tutorial lets you link to the Android SDK site. They suggest you do jot need to install the whole package ( more than 1 GB), only the zip file below on that web page. But the zip file for Mac does not contain platform tools. And that is what you need.

  104. Avatar

    Hi James,
    I was just thinking of The tool Marius Quabeck (; Installed Sailfish on my Nexus 4 with it, and yesterday tried out the Snap. Very easy to install and allmost no “terminal-work”, even dummy’s can do it easily; just copy and paste. You only have to have a Linus distro that supports Snaps. Maybe you could fork that tool ????

  105. Avatar

    50 bucks… and alien dalvik will be based on android 4.4.4? That’s not funny. The laughter sticks in my throat. That’s a crappy offer.

    • Avatar

      be careful Moo-Crumpus…’ll annoy the fan boys who are currently all high-fiving each other!

  106. Avatar

    Will there be a signal tethering function (usb or wifi)?

    • Avatar

      I wonder this too. I’m using mobile wifi hotspot as my home internet connection.

  107. Avatar

    I’m happy to hear the announcement for the upcoming SFOS release, however, I do have some concerns.
    The version of Alien Dalvik and its Android support will need to be updated very soon to cater for the users of the apps from the big players (Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc…) as they progress towards Android 8.
    I would highly expect the updating of Alien Dalvik to happen at least once or twice during the 12 months of support and updates that I would be paying for. Please confirm.

    _”I am sure the community will help out making it [Bluetooth] work properly in no time.”_
    @James Noori – I also appreciate the community’s willingness to get involved, but Jolla staff should not publicly leverage their self-assured reliance on the community to help build them the features (Bluetooth) that they wish to sell as part of their software.
    Not all the buyers of the SFOS are giving their money for the Exchange support and predictive text. Some are paying just to get their hands on the operating system itself and the basic functions (like Bluetooth) that it should be able to provide. I can probably manage even without the Android support – I’ve never used Android.
    Nevertheless, I’m very excited to hear of the imminent release and look forward to it.

    Which leads to another question – how about an SFOS Lite? Sailfish without the proprietary components you need to licence. True, it would be not of much use to existing Android users, but for someone such as myself, it’s a perfect opportunity to start bolstering the variety of native apps in the Jolla Store. I wouldn’t expect pricing to be completely free, but a fee for Jolla’s services could be half or less that of the current pricing model.

    I’m deciding whether or not to unbox my shiny, brand new Xperia X today, and apply the (3D-curved) screen protector and case to it.
    Is there any point in me switching it on right now? Given that I have no intention of using Android on it, what would be the point in registering the device with Google?
    The sole purpose of using this phone is to use SFOS. I see no other reason for switching it on otherwise, unless to start preparing the unlocking of the bootloader?

    I’m hoping that by my next post, SFOS will already be on the device.

  108. Avatar

    What Jolla plans to do is half-assed and insane. Jolla needs to make Sailfish OS fully operational on the Xperia X, for that matter, every Xperia phone. It doesn’t make any sense as to Jolla wants its fans/users behind them whilst Jolla does a piss-poor job of integrating Sailfish OS potential phones!! SHAME ON YOU, JOLLA!!

  109. Avatar

    it seems that many people have problems to unlock the boot loader.
    If you are on macOS and Android 7.1.1 (Xperia X) then it is very easy.

    First, you need ‘fastboot’ and ‘adb’ on your Mac – watch the video:
    If you are on Windows – don’t worry, follow Sony’s instructions below.

    You should then check if you have ‘My Xperia Theft Protection’ (MXTP) enabled. If so, turn it off!
    Tap on: Lock screen & security -> Protection by my Xperia -> DEACTIVATE
    If you see ACTIVATE on your screen then it is already off – that’s fine.

    Now read about ‘voiding the warranty’ and the ‘risks’ …
    … and follow the instructions – watch the video:

    Important: When the step comes to enable ‘USB debugging’, please also activate ‘OEM unlocking’!

    After a few minutes everything should be finished successfully.

    I hope my little description was a great help 😉

    • Avatar

      Thanks for this! I love this community 🙂

    • Avatar

      I’m repeating my comment above as it was such a gotcha for me. I found the unlock code 0x0000000000000000 requires a TRAILING SPACE after it.

      • Avatar

        Very good work there. This is the sort of information that needs to be put up on some official site. Thank you for your perseverance, I for one am very grateful. Thanks.

  110. Avatar

    @James Noori, I’ve got an Xperiax that is network unlocked (carrier) as we were told to get via this post & Jolla, turns out the bootloader is also locked up entering the *#*#7372489#*#* code, so what now?
    Why was it not made clear that the BL might still be unlocked and that we’d have to get someone selling one on eBay to put that code in before we could be sure to buy it?

    • Avatar

      Note: Do not buy carrier locked devices, since those might not work for this purpose.

      Seems pretty clear to me. Plus, people told you explicitly to not buy such a phone on TJC :/

  111. Avatar

    After several trials, following several types of advice (also homebrew), following developersony tutorial, I still didn’t succeed in unlocking the bootloader. Have to get physycal help and have to pay for it. In october the same story, because I don’t have a Linux computer . (Maybe in future, but my Mabook is to good to replace.) This certainly is not for everyone, to my regret.

  112. Avatar

    With all of the issues people are reporting I have been having my doubts about setting a Xperia X to try this OS. Is there some official forum for this OS? I have found many using Google but they all seem rather poor.

  113. Avatar

    @Sthocs the phone is carrier/network unlocked, so which part of that don’t YOU get, I merely ASKED about buying a phone on o2, at NO POINT did I say I’d bought one you numb ****, now go troll someone else like a good girl.

    • Avatar

      It probably wasn’t unlocked originally, is it possible to have a locked bootloader on a vanilla phone? So either your seller lied to you about the origin of the phone, in which case you should send it back, or you didn’t ask him the good question as suggested on TJC, in which case you should resell it.

  114. Avatar

    Show me on the Jolla blog instructions above that states quite clearly ‘ ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ‘

  115. Avatar

    Exactly where is says –
    Before purchasing a phone get the vendor to open up the phone dialler and enter the following code:
    And if this returns that the bootloader is locked, DO NOT BUY.
    And then I’ll concede that you were right all along and I chose to ignore peoples advice and read evevrything wrong because I must be thick?

    • Avatar

      No need to bother the vendor with that, you just need to ask for the origin of the phone. If the device comes from carrier, do not buy. That’s what the sentence “Do not buy carrier locked devices” means.

      (If removing the carrier lock was sufficient, they wouldn’t have put this warning at all, because all carriers let you remove this lock.)

  116. Avatar

    And that still doesn’t stop someone selling one that doesn’t know whether or not it had ever been locked to a network does it? So still I am correct, and understoos everything you suggest I hadn’t perfectly. Jolla should make it abundantly clear that people MUST get verification from ANY SOURCE that the phone has never been locked to a network. And what then for the phones that have never been locked to a network and STILL have a locked bootloader like MINE? SIM card IMSI:NETWORK 0, NETWORK SUBSET 0, SERVICE PROVIDER 0, CORPORATE 0, SIM 0. How much more info would you like to prove that the phone isn’t network locked? Still doen’t detract from the fact that you can still, apparently, buy an unlocked phone with a LOCKED bootloader, and Jolla have not informed anyone of this possibility in any published way that I have seen before, anywhere. Two minutes searching on the net will tell you this, it’s a shame they didn’t bother to tell anyone this beforehand as I won’t be the last to fall into this trap I imagine.

    • Avatar

      Sorry but what you have copy/pasted doesn’t prove that your phone has never been locked to a network. The seller can have unlocked it before selling it, so he can tell buyers that the phone is not locked and that any SIM card will work (which is true).
      I believe that’s the case here. Could you confirm with the vendor?

      I’ve searched two minutes and didn’t find the information you claims about unlocked phone with locked bootloader. Can you share a link where you found the info? The Sony’s FAQ indicates that the locking of the bootloader is depending on operator restrictions: So for now I still think that yours was network locked at some point, but if that’s not the case, indeed please share the info, it’s important to let Jolla know.

  117. Avatar

    Sailfish X … oops I mean iPhone X – Intuitive Gestures:

    “Familiar gestures make navigation natural and intuitive. Instead of pressing a button, a single swipe takes you home from anywhere.”
    –– Apple

    Now (six years later) your ideas were “copied” by Apple. If manufacturers are thinking about the future, they should also create full-screen-devices with Sailfish OS on it. I personally believe a “Sony XZ9” that is entirely screen would be a great success!

    Sony Xperia X should be the first and last phone where we have to do something manually! – There are too many barriers …

    Jolla, set the spinnaker up and sail to the hardware vendors 😉

    • Avatar

      @Oulot I find it very funny how Apple copies the good old SailfishOS gesture control now… However, I guess Jolla can see it as a compliment.

      As for “full-screen devices”: Useless crap. The smaller the bezel, the higher the probability of a faulty operation. When you hold a phone, usually part of your fingers may unintentionally touch the display. I have a Samsung with a relatively small bezel to the left and right of the screen… I know what I’m talking about. 🙁

      • Avatar

        Yes you have right. On a “full-screen-device” the touch sensor should be smaller than the display.

  118. Avatar

    And facial recognition will cause many problems. Apple is showing off, but this invention can be abused easily. Now new technologies are implemented that do not solve problems, nor are they an adequate answer to public demands, they are just invented to show what people are capable of. That worries me: everything that is possible, has to happen.

  119. Avatar

    My Xperia X is unlockable, so that’s ok. Developer option on phone: OEM on and USB debugging allowed. I have an Android Map with adb and fastboot on my Macbook. Typed adb and fastboot into terminal as described by the video that Oulot mentioned. Then followed the sony instruction: connect usb to computer, push volume and connect usb to phone at the same time. I see a green light on top of the phone, but the screen is black. When I type ‘fastboot devices’ in the terminal ( the same that has adb and fastboot) I get ‘command not found’. That is what I get with every trial.

    • Avatar

      Somehow my message hasn’t been arranged as an answer to your’s. Have a look at my comment below (September 14, 2017 at 3:29 pm).

    • Avatar

      First of all, it’s great that you don’t give up 🙂

      If you copied the files mentioned in the first video (my comment from September 10, 2017 at 12:39 am) then the files are in your “Applications/Android” folder.

      When you open your terminal (Sony video at 03:16) you are in the wrong directory! Please write …

      cd /Applications/Android
      ls -l

      … you should see adb and fastboot listed – now type the command:
      ./fastboot devices

      If you have all steps done …
      ./fastboot reboot
      … and you can use Android until the Sailfish X image is ready.

      I wish you success!

      PS: I guess you pressed the wrong volume button (connect usb to computer). The light should be blue not green!

      • Avatar

        Thank you! Will try this today. I guess it’s not necessary to type ./ fastboot reboot if I do not want to use Android. I still want to use my Jolla 1 untill Jolla releases Sailfish for Xperia. My only purpose is to make the Xperia as empty as possible.

  120. Avatar

    “Command not found” means that your Macbook’s shell isn’t able to locate the executable (fastboot in this case). Typically, a Unix shell utilizes a fixed algorithm to locate and open executable files. This algorithm is based on PATH variable, shell aliases, environment variables, and so on. Without knowing your Macbook’s shell configuration, I would guess the current working directory (.) isn’t part of the PATH variable, so you would have to use “./fastboot” to start the executable.

    • Avatar

      In general, whenever an executable isn’t located in one of the directories listed in the PATH variable, you have to specify the filesystem path to the executable. This is possible either as an absolute path (e.g. /usr/local/bin/executable) or a relative one (e.g. ../../bin/executable). If the executable is located in the current working directory, it is necessary to use “./” as the relative path (usually the current working directory “.” isn’t part of the PATH variable for security reasons).

      • Avatar

        This helped a lot. Thank you, Oulot and Joerg.Zielosko.
        Maybe Sony should change its tutorial, because it is not suitable for Mac.

  121. Avatar

    Is there a forum so we can help each other out? I did find a couple but they seem a bit poor. It would be good to know where to go for help.

  122. Avatar

    A few days ago I’ve got my Xperia X F5121, which is carier unlocked so far but the configuration says “Bootloader unlock available: No”. So, could that be a problem for installing SailfishX or is there a solution avaible to have “Bootloader unlock available: Yes”?

    • Avatar

      Could you develop a bit? Where did you buy it? Are you certain it has always been carrier unlocked?

      PS: yes this will be a problem, you won’t be able to install Sailfish. You need to try contacting Sony, or send it back to the seller.

  123. Avatar

    49.90 Euro for install system hmmmmm, it is not good way to show a good system to be heard for world. Android apps work not good (it cannot use google play services) system don`t offer nothing more than android, and I can`t find good music app to hear my music from Google Play

    • Avatar

      50€ is good price for independent of global players.
      On my Jolla device play Google play nice (but, I do not use it). 🙂

      • Avatar

        when Google block run android apps on SailfishOS?

  124. Avatar

    If I remember correctly Jolla 1 has a micro sim slot, so to switch from Jolla 1 to Xperia X, one needs to request a nano sim from the mobile service provider?

    I don’t trust myself with scissors…

  125. Avatar

    Is there any up-to-date information on what the camera peformance is going to be? In some previous comments there were speculations that Sailfish X were going to support 16MP in the first release (compared to HW specs 23 MP). Can Jolla provide sample pictures from the Xperia X with Sailfish?

    • Avatar

      The software is not yet final to provide any sample pictures, but yes the resolution is confirmed to be 16MP.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for your fast reply. Hopefully you can fix samples when you are ready for it. I’m a Jolla 1 user and would like to continue my Sailfish journey, but the camera is quite essential so I would like to know that I get a good enough camera before I order an Xperia X. In any case I’m sure it’s better than the Jolla 1 camera.

  126. Avatar

    I fell in love with SF when I had Jolla 1, and I never got over the SFOS even though I haven’t used it in three years (Jolla got stolen and I’ve used Android since).

    I was excited to hear the news of an “official” SFOS for Sony Xperia X, even though I wasn’t going to buy a new phone because my Honor 7 was working very well. Anyways, that phone was stolen this weekend (excellent timing!), and it’s time to buy a new phone.First I thought Oneplus X since there is an “unofficial” SF for it, but then I compared the Oneplus X and Sony Xperia X’s specses and set for Sony.

    However, I now have concerns that if I install SF for Sony, it will “lessen” the phone’s features. I read that the camera will at first have 16 Mpix, but will it have its full quality later (and not only the 23 Mpix, but generally the same specs and same picture quality than without SF)? Lack of fingerprint reader is ok and if bluetooth will be fixed later, it’s fine, but the camera is a big deal to me, and if the phone’s major features won’t have their full potential after I install Sailfish, I’d rather bleed my heart out, say bye for now for Sailfish and buy Huawei P9. So, could I get some info regarding this camera business? And if there are some other features missing / not working properly, I’d like to know.

  127. Avatar

    @miojolla I have exactly the same issue and have complained all over the place that Jolla have not made it clear enough to people that they will have to confirm with a vendor about the BOOTLOADER status and not just to buy a carrier unlocked phone. Totally misleading to title the blog post ” all the details you want to know ” becuase it clearly ISN’T! Just wait for the complaints to roll in when people pay for the software to flash only to find their bootloaders are ALSO locked and then watch the sh*tstorm ensue. I have been messaging/emailing/pleading with the cra* ‘support’ from Sony off the net contacts and can’t get a straight answer, yet, but I’ll let you know if I do. This is going to blow up in Jolla’s face because they didn’t give clear enough instructions, i for one would have messaged every ebay seller I contacted over a phone before buying if I’d have known, and asked them to input the code to let me know the bootloader status before I’d even consider buying as I don’t like leaving things to chance and ‘thought’ I’d done my homework, so now it looks like I’ve got to roll over and get used to android unless some anti-phone-bricking solution comes to light.

    • Avatar

      You don’t stop complaining but are still avoiding the only important question to help others to not make the same mistake: have you checked the origin of your phone with the seller?

  128. Avatar

    I’m beginning to feel sorry for Jolla. I don’t think
    I’ve ever seen so many moaners and complainers whining about the 50Euro price, about the bootloader on the Xperia X, the one year updates, etc. There are people on here raving about why Jolla hasn’t made a tool for Winblows or Mac even though Sailfish is based on Linux.
    Jolla has made it perfectly clear that the first version that will be available will be for those who are somewhat savvy in regards to unlocking phones, being intermediate to advanced linux users and knowing how to flash their phones.
    If you’re not able to do any of that then you should wait until people start selling Xperia Xs that have been flashed with Sailfish. There will be some enterprising individuals that will make a mini business selling phones that have Sailfish preinstalled.

    • Avatar

      Wise words Desmo. You don’t buy a car when you when you don’t a notion driving it 🙂

    • Avatar

      For non-developers it can be a real burden having to unlock the bootloader without a good tutorial. I have had time to fiddle around because I am senior, but a good directory is absolutely necessary. Linux has not become very popular among ordinary people. Maybe this will change in the future, I hope so, but now we have to adapt to the situation and that means: helping each other. So, when someone gives me a good advice for installing Linux on a Mac, that will help. Sailfish is not only for developers, is it?

      • Avatar

        Sorry to say, but individuals selling devices with Sailfish, is that realistic? Sounds more like a hobby. Sailfish will never make it as a serious alternative when fans/developers are keeping the OS for themselves. Jolla has to find an easy way to sell and implement its product to as many people as possible!

    • Avatar

      I agree, it’s been pretty bad, but it’s everywhere. I recently followed a Kickstarter campaign, and half of the posts are just horrible: random complaints, self-centered entitlement whining and even threats. I avoid social media like the plague. I wish people would solve their emotional issues themselves, preferable offline, and let me just have facts, thanks. The signal to noise ratio is just insane.

  129. Avatar

    @Sthocs haven’t you got bored of trying to troll me yet? What fkin difference does it make about the origin as you put it of the phone ‘NOW’ ?? It’s too late, I bought it, the instructions said –
    ” Do not buy carrier locked devices, since those might not work for this purpose. “(read it above and tell me i’m wrong??) So I bought an unlocked one as they instructed.
    Now what you call ‘complaining’, and what I’m trying to achieve, is to get Jolla to CHANGE the instructions to read –
    Make sure the phone is OEM UNLOCKED/Factory Unlocked, not by the vendor (Big difference) AND
    CHECK the BOOTLOADER lock status.

    Is that clear enough for you ??

    • Avatar

      You’re unhappy I got that, but I just want to be sure of what you did so other people don’t make the same mistake (including me, I’m not an expert at carrier/bootloader locking).

      So as I understand it, you bought a phone that was originally carrier locked and which was unlocked by your vendor. Logically, the result is the same as if you had bought a carrier locked device and unlocked it yourself. I think that was implied in Jolla’s statement, but I agree, they should make it more clear and educate us on this point.

      PS: you were the one saying that you have complained, I just reused you word.

      • Avatar

        Come on guys, keep calm. To answer your question @Sthocs: I’ve bought a refurbished Xperia from at Ebay, which was worth about 40% of the commercial price. You are right, the phone was originally carrier locked and was unlocked by the vendor or distributor perhaps. This can be seen from the O2-carrier-app still installed on the Xperia. So I will return the Xperia to the distributor and will buy a new one at mediamarkt, where I can examine in the phone’s configuration if the bootloader is unlocked or not.

        • Avatar

          You can try *#*#7378423#*#* as service menu mentioned above.

          • Avatar

            Thanx @filip.k: This I’ve already done for the aforementioned Xperia I’ve purchased from Ebay. The “Rooting status” under the configuration menu says: “Bootloader unlock allowed: NO”, and as Sthocs already mentioned, in this case the Xperia can’t be flashed with Sailfish. Otherwise you can give me a hint how to get
            “Bootloader unlock allowed: YES”
            I’ve already asked Sony Xperia Support for this issue but they couldn’t help me. They only directed me to But, in my opinion, if it is not allowed to unlock the bootloader the explained unlock procedure written there (also explained by Kea below) wouldn’t be succcessful in this case.

            • Avatar

              I’m really sorry but this is beyond my abilities.

  130. Avatar

    Today I managed to unlock the bootloader! Thanks to all of you who gave advice. About 7 times I had to do that nasty reCaptcha of Google (each time you use that, Google makes a screenshot and saves it, etc.).
    The Sony tutorial is not ok when you use a Mac. There are least three mistakes in it.Do not download the zipfile from the link that Sony has, because it does not contain platform tools. This is what I did:
    1) downloaded sdk file from this
    (because the link in sony tutorial has no platform tools)
    2) following a tutorial in a Youtube video “HowtoAndroid install adb and fastboot with Mac” (that guy with the big brown eyes and a woollen hat has the best tutorial)
    3) searching the web for Sonydeveloperworld- unlocking bootloader Xperia, then following the Sony tutorial, until you have to use a terminal
    4) following the second video of ‘HowtoAndroid” about unlocking the bootloader, but keep in mind that you have to type ./ before each command. Sony omits that.
    About connecting the device with a usb cable: first connect it to your computer, then allow OEM and debugging on the Xperia, power off and immediately thereafter push the top of the volume button (up) and then attach the cable to your device. This is different form the Sony tutorial.
    Now type the commands.

    With each trial you have to allow OEM and Debugging AGAIN, then power off, etc.
    I first got a green light because I followed exactly the Sony tutorial.That was not right.

    • Avatar

      Congrats Kea 🙂
      I hope the next step on October 11 will be easier …

  131. Avatar

    Bootloader unlocked 🙂

  132. Avatar

    I have just successfully unlocked the bootloader on two Xperia X F5121 phones. I’ve applied flexible screen protectors and installed them both in gorgeous wooden cases. They are now ready to rock and roll once the image is ready for download!! It’s going to be so good to FINALLY be able to use 4G in my own country with a decent Sailfish phone.

    For me, the process was pretty smooth, overall, but I thought I would post a comment to share some notes about my experience that hopefully will help someone else. I am using Ubuntu Mate 16.04 and my F5121 phones were purchased from Amazon USA and both shipped with Android 6.01. Here they are, in no particular order:

    1) The Sony instructions tell you to enable Developer mode and “Allow USB debugging”. However, the process will fail with the error “FAILED (remote: Command not allowed)” unless you ALSO enable a setting called “OEM Unlocking”. I suppose it’s obvious, but because it’s not listed on the instructions it took me a few minutes to figure it out.

    2) When you have the device powered off, you must hold the volume up key while connecting the USB cable in order to unlock. When you do this, watch the color of the LED at the top. When it turns BLUE, you are ready to unlock. However, if it turns GREEN instead, it means it is in ‘charge mode’ and you must disconnect the cable, wait 10 seconds, and try again. It took me a few tries to figure out that I had to wait 10 seconds between attempts to get the blue light. On one phone, I had success on the first try, but on my second it took 7 until I figured out to WAIT more than 1 second between attempts. 🙂

    2) I first backed up my TA partition/DRM keys using the DirtyCow tool linked earlier. If you also want to do this, you need to back it up BEFORE you unlock the bootloader or else the keys will be lost. Since I already had Android 6.01, I didn’t have to downgrade and the whole process only took 2 minutes. I’d never dream of actually using this phone with Android, but I wanted a backup in case I want to restore it to factory condition for any reason one day. In my case, the sudo ./ command failed when I connected the device with the volume up+USB connection method like you have to use when unlocking the bootloader. In order to get it to backup the TA partition, I had to boot the phone and connect it normally, selecting ‘mtp’ and ‘allow USB debug’ on the device when prompted. Once I did that, running sudo ./ worked perfectly and created the backup image file. HOWEVER, with it connected this way, sudo fastboot devices returned blank results. This clearly isn’t a problem when just backing up the TA partition, but I wasted some time troubleshooting that before I just tried running the script anyway. The fastboot behavior may have been due to my distro.. I just used the default adb/fastboot packages from the repositories.

    3) When the device has been unlocked, when first powered on it looked like it was caught in a boot loop. It flashed a message that said ” Your device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted. Your device will boot in 5 seconds.” and rebooted TWO TIMES. On the third boot, it took a very long time (almost 2 minutes) to finish booting. This brought me to a little wizard where I had to enter default settings. Clearly it reset everything when unlocking the bootloader. This is nothing to worry about at all, but I was very nervous during those two minutes, thinking that I had possibly bricked the phone. Relax, it’ll be fine! 🙂

    4) After the unlock, it reset brightness settings to the lowest value. It was so dim, I was worried of negative consequences, but it was easily adjusted again in the settings.

    5) Just to see what would happen, I typed the unlock command in the terminal with no trailing space. It worked just fine for me, so my guess is that the trailing space issue only affects certain configurations/distros/Android versions.

    6) Sony accepted a temporary, disposable email address for the unlock code with no problem. I didn’t want to get on their SPAM list.

    7) Every time I power on the phones after unlocking, it displays the “Your device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted. Your device will boot in 5 seconds.” warning message. I haven’t figured out how to turn this off, if it is even possible. In my case, though, I find the wording absolutely hysterical. For some reason it makes me laugh every time I see that message, so I want to keep it anyway.

    Well, I hope these notes help someone else. My sincere thanks to all of the Jolla team for working on this project. This is going to be great!!

    • Avatar

      @paulwk Excellent work sir. I do however wonder why it takes a good Samaritan such as yourself to do this. Come on Jolla, I want to see this work out well. I have my €50 all ready to go so don’t make me doubt the decision.

      • Avatar

        Well, in fairness to Jolla they haven’t yet released their official instructions and image. I am sure it will be well-written and thorough but it hasn’t been released yet. I just got impatient and started preparing early! 🙂

        • Avatar

          Hi paulwk,

          I agree, I’m sure they will release some well written instructions. However, we are only a week away from being able to buy this OS, and like yourself, several people here want to get their devices ready. Others however are looking to buy theirs. I had hoped that the instructions for readying the device would have been released by now. I for one wouldn’t part with €50 unless I had my device all ready to go. At this point, I hope the instructions are released at the same time as the sales start. This will give people a little time to ready any devices they have.
          p.s Once again, many thanks for your efforts.

    • Avatar

      Is it possible to get rid of that message
      “Your device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted. Your device will boot in 5 seconds.” ? and maybe change the start SONY splash

  133. Avatar

    So the forums I have found are terrible. I also see that people are reduced to posting in the foot notes of a rubbishy little blog page. Meh. This all seems rather poor and it doesn’t bode well. With the release of this Sony Xperia version so close I would like to see an official forum where we can all help each other. Doing this in this blog is far from ideal.

    • Avatar

      We have 1 official Forum for the Jolla / SailfishOS Community:

      and 1 Forum for Maemo/Meego/SailfishOS Community:

      I don’t understand what you need else?

  134. Avatar

    I can not even see a responsibility:(

  135. Avatar

    Will it support all languages?(Turkish)

    • Avatar

      @emirelif20 SailfishOS has a Turkish keyboard, but the Turkish translation of the UI (started in Sept 2016) got stuck along the way. A new coordinator for Turkish was appointed only a few days ago. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      • Avatar

        happy news. Waiting Impatiently. Thank you.

  136. Avatar

    I keep throwing money at my Jolla screen and for some reason, it keeps coming back. US payment system…please…asap. Best, and thanks.

  137. Avatar

    If Sony collaborates to this project, why are there not available Sony xperia x sold without Andorid at lower price? It should have sense in order to not pay two operating systems.

    • Avatar

      This is a collaboration with Sony’s Open Devices division and which is not “Sony Mobile”. Apart from that, you are not paying anything for Android in the first place with your money.

      • Avatar

        hello James Noori,

        i was wondering will sailfish os come to xperia xz f8331? if not, i want to get rid of this phone asap.

        • Avatar


          It is yet to be confirmed what exactly will be supported after the F5121. Sorry about this.

  138. Avatar

    Now we have new Sailfish device. But do you have any plans to get new Sailfish applications and new Sailfish application developers? I’m little worried that dependency of Android system has been increased. Atm my Sailfish device Sony Xperia X is completely Google free (However, unfortunately my device isn’t Android free – yet).

    • Avatar

      Of course, thank you for new Sailfish devices of this year.

  139. Avatar

    Hey I bought a sony xperia xz .. now waiting for support for SFOS for this device. I will buy that for sure.. any way I can support that development let me know. thanks.

  140. Avatar

    Its better, to wait. At the moment the software is not to be used. The Android support is totally failed. Its possible, to get my money back?

  141. Avatar

    i was able to solve most of my problems. Now i almost happy with the mobile

  142. Avatar

    OK, I had a chance to see this OS in action on friend`s device (Xperia) with sailfishOS. I help him install Google Services and run some apps.

    -Google Maps (work but don`t get gps signal)
    -Google Music (open but can`t play any song)
    -Spotify (on premium account can`t hear online music but not from created playlist from local files)
    -VLC work good

  143. Avatar

    I’m a potential buyer and still trying to understand exactly what Sailfish 3 will offer. It seems there are still some omissions when compared to even a 3rd Ed. Symbian handset, for example a JVM, downloadable maps, voWifi, and a radio app. Have you considered building the Sailfish roadmap in part from the last Symbian feature set? (I realize these are two different lineages, but buyers want features, not nuances.)

  144. Avatar

    i was able to solve most of my problems. Now i almost happy with the mobile

  145. Avatar

    Had been nice if Jolla had been able to support a phone that you can actually buy. At this moment I can just get hold of Sony Xperia 10 IV, which not supported (no, I do not think buying a second hand with it’s potential hardware faults for almost the same prices as the SX10IV).

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