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Sailfish OS at MWC 2018: A Wrap-up!

Every year for the past 6 years we have attended Mobile World Congress alongside our community, bringing Sailfish OS to so many people’s attention by showing off new devices running the OS. We host press events packed with journalists, to illustrate to everyone how this duopoly of mobile operating systems is playing out and there is room for change. This year was no different and we brought in many new believers into the world of the only independent and alternative mobile operating system.

There were articles and event coverage on publishers like Engadget, Techcrunch, NDTV and many more major websites and publications that wrote about our adventure, latest news and how we are on our path to capture different parts of a market which is thirsty for what we have to provide.

Our amazing community was, as always, present with us at the stand, helping us out especially with demoing Sailfish 3 to the public and the media, taking photos and videos of the event, giving us a hand with practically anything we asked of them to and overall being fantastic booth-babes which is always a good thing! So as always, massive thank you for your contributions!

Having so many people visiting us who already know our story is always a great experience at big events like MWC and just like last year, that was what we experienced!

Sailfish 3

This year is the year of Sailfish 3, meaning that a lot of our focus is going to be getting the newest iteration of Sailfish OS up and running for our users to enjoy and take advantage of its new features.

Sailfish 3 introduces a number of UI improvements and new gestures for an easier and more intuitive user experience, but most of the improvements are happening behind the UI. We are updating core libraries and Android app compatibility. We are making deep system-wide security improvements to make Sailfish devices more secure and enable users to be even more sure about privacy of their data. We’re also improving support services for regional licensees to establish independent R&D centres by enabling steady releases & OS upgrades, local hosting, training, and a flexible feature set to support specific customer needs. We plan to roll out Sailfish 3 in phases to our customers and users starting in Q3.

Read more in our official press release

Sailfish 3 on feature phones

One of the biggest highlights of the MWC this year was the strong comeback of feature phones from many different manufacturers.

Here at Jolla we’ve also been hard at work, expanding the diversity of Sailfish 3 and bringing it onto 4G capable feature phones. Sailfish 3 makes them feel more usable, more premium and allows the devices to run selected Android apps. We believe there is a big opportunity in feature phone market for Sailfish 3. Millions of people are looking for an affordable solution that can take advantage of more modern applications available on current, more premium smartphones. Sailfish 3 for feature phones was showcased as a prototype on a sample device during MWC and was positively greeted by the audience.

Read more in our official press release

Expanding Sailfish X

Sailfish X as the world’s only downloadable mobile OS has become a great success in terms of sales and popularity in the media and we get the message! That is why we are working on expanding Sailfish X for more devices. As we stated in our latest Roadmap blog update Sailfish X is going to be available on the dual-SIM variant of Sony Xperia X (F5122) alongside devices that were not announced at the time.

We proudly announced during MWC that Sailfish X is soon going to be available on the new Sony Xperia XA2! We are also working with Planet Computers to make Sailfish X available for the the Gemini PDA!

Read more in our official press release

Sailfish on more INOI devices

Another highlight of Sailfish OS at MWC was a lineup of devices announced by our Russian partner INOI running Sailfish OS out of the box. The rugged INOI R7, made for tough working environments grabbed a lot of attention due to its shape and and durable appearance. INOI also showed off two tablets, named the INOI T8 and INOI T10 which will be targeted to Russian corporate customers.

Sailfish OS powered devices at our stand

This year, we had 10 devices running Sailfish OS ready for demos to the passers-by on the main table of our stand, with a glass box showcasing two of the hottest products, Sailfish OS on feature phones and Sailfish X on Sony Xperia XA2.

The Sailfish-powered devices we showcased included our very own limited edition Jolla C, the fresh and beautiful Sony Xperia XA2 alongside its brother, the Xperia X, Planet Computers Gemini PDA grabbing all the attention from the media and the people around it, Jala Accione and Accione P, Intex Aqua Fish, Inoi R7 and R7 Rugged and last but not least, the 8″ INOI T8 tablet.
A big thanks to all of the sailors who worked tirelessly to prepare everything for the event and put in long days during the event to spread the word as much as possible! Also, massive thank you to our amazing community both on the show floor and online, going above and beyond to help us with their positivity, superb skills and overall support towards our little company with big ambitions. We wouldn’t be able to do it without any of you 

James Noori


James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    Good to see things progressing. Looking forward to Sailfish 3.

    • Avatar

      Indeed! We all are eager to finalise the product and make it available!

  2. Avatar

    I would like to know if we are going to receive a refund of our money. It’s important to me and I think they laugh at us.

    • Avatar

      Nobody is laughing at you. It is as important to us as it is to you. However, this post does not reflect on refunds whatsoever and we will get back to you on that with an update to the actual refund blog post.

      • Avatar

        If after years, I still have not received the money. We have to make ourselves heard either in this article or in another. And yes, I think this sounds like a joke and they laugh at us. I hope this is over soon.

        • Avatar

          Well, didn’t you already get ½ of your money back?

          They are refunding the rest when they make profit.

          This year or the next will possibly look bright for the company so you will get the rest.

          • Avatar

            In what universe half is enough if you paid full ?
            Are you ok if your employer only pays you HALF your wage this monht ?
            And will you loan me 1000 dollar and I will only pay you HALF back ?

            Maybe this is ok with you, but for 99,9999999999999% of the population of this planet this is NOT OK !!

      • Avatar

        And what year would that be?

  3. Avatar

    Great. Looking forward to Sailfish 3. Android app compatibility means new runtime? Can you say which version of android?

  4. Avatar

    I slowly started to save money for XA2 🙂

    • Avatar

      That’s fantastic! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a speedy delivery of the OS. different chipset, different Android version, all makes it a more challenging environment for our engineers to work. But it is happening!

  5. Avatar

    That was pretty good wrap-up! Done!

    Take a step back and evaluate the situation.

    The refund blog post needs some love after months with of silences.

    I know you don’t have any news but when jolla takes 4 month refund break one can get some bad thoughts.

    A wrap app would be good. At least to keep up with reality.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Dave.

      You know the answer to your comment already. We are not putting this behind, and we will come back to you with an update when we have it.

  6. Avatar

    Great things are to be coming all the time…

  7. Avatar

    It’s great to see all these devices on the pics. Knowing that these aren’t even all “official” Sailfish devices, it’s really amazing what Jolla has been able to achieve in spite of all the bad times they had. Congratulation! 🙂

    (And I love the MWC video. It really makes us feel the atmosphere.)

    • Avatar

      Thanks Ossi!

      Although, out of the 10 devices, 9 are official Sailfish devices, supported by Jolla for different markets. The only one that wasn’t official was the Gemini PDA which we are working with Planet Computers in order to make it happen. Let’s see how it plays out!

      • Avatar

        I should receive my Gemini next month. Most people seem to want this device as productivity and developer device whereas phones are more suitable for consumption.
        It would be great if there was a way to run arbitrary Linux (GUI) software on it with Sailfish, not only Sailfish, Android and text mode applications.

        • Avatar

          Well, it boils down to the devs from Jolla having picked up a graphics server a bit too modern : Wayland (instead of staying conservatively with X-server like most modern distro)

          Your solutions to run arbitrary Linux GUI apps would be :

          – hope that the toolkit used by your app is working on Wayland (GTK and Qt are getting there eventually) so the app can be used directly on Jolla.

          (I used to have a VNC viewer running on my Jolla 1 that was done using pieces of KRDC – it uses Qt toolkit which is obviously supported on Wayland as that’s what Jolla native apps use too)

          – or use XWayland to have X-server apps running on top of Wayland
          (there are people playing successfully with this kind of setup on forums)

          • Avatar

            Well, GTK and Qt would be fine for me and they both support Wayland. Ubuntu is now Wayland by default, so Wayland is mainstream already. I don’t think that XWayland would be required anymore.
            But without ‘official’ gtk+ libraries and a desktop, I don’t think anything will ever leave the proof-of-concept phase. Then it’s easier for people to go for Debian on Android or pure Debian.

      • Avatar

        Hello James,

        Long time no see. Any news on updates?

  8. Avatar

    Great. Now you can give back the money you took from tablet backers!

    • Avatar

      I’m with you on that

  9. Avatar

    What about the Fairphone 2? I thought it was with sailfish also….

  10. Avatar

    I just can’t help thinking about what the heck that feature phone was and how I can get in touch with one… 😉

    Especially if dev. SDK supported it…

    Not to mention any new Nokia (smart) models with Sailfish – instant buy. I have to to admit I love Scandinavian design. 😉

  11. Avatar

    I’m not really convinced the rather substantial re-tooling of the UI necessary for feature phones is what you want to spend your time and money on unless you’ve got paying license partners asking you to do just that.

    Let’s hope that you can finally get those last sensors on the Xperia X working sooner rather than later…

  12. Avatar

    Smartish feature phones can be a niche where Sailfish could gain some volume.

    User expectations are not that high, app gap is accepted fact and still providing some of popular Android apps is taken as a big plus…

    Not to mention, that market is still huge in volumes and is reborning – thanks to the new 3310(?).

    And something in the video ‘looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, thus… ‘ 😀

    So, this movement could be really fruitful one from Jolla. Especially if they can get ones like HMD on board…

  13. Avatar

    Thank you Jolla!
    Last year at the same time we dreamed about a new potent HW to replace our Jolla 1, Jolla C and Fairphone 2 Handsets. Thanks for giving us Sailfish X. Looking forward to Xperia XA2 and (my absolute Nr.1 ) Gemini PDA. SailfishOS with Psion Series 5 Keyboard – thats exact, what we freaks a dreaming about….

  14. Avatar

    @James Noori…don’t get me wrong now… I have registered already 8 devices (3 Jolla 1, 2 tablets, 1 Jolla C, 1 Aqua Fish, 1 Xperia X) and I am supporting you whereever possible. Even my wife is close to use a Sailfish device in the near future… either an Dual SIM XPeria X or an Xperia XA2 in case Dual SIM is supported for XA2 as well.

    But one thing I really don’t understand:
    You are releasing SFOS for more and more devices soon even though you are NOT able to implemented at least a minimum set of Bluetooth profiles on the Xperia X which are working with most of the devices on the market. Blutooth is an international standard and it is not acceptable that
    1) you are not able/willing to fix this Bluetooth nightmare on the Xperia X which is simply pure scrap.
    2) you are ignoring tons of comments in TJC and here in the blogs.
    3) you will release SFOS more more devices and will keep this Bluetooth bug unsolved?

    For all official Jolla device there never was any problem connecting them to all cars I am using…. but the Xperia X doesn’t connect to any car and is just sleeping on my desk since 6 month now and it is not usable as daily device due to this Bluetooth scrap.
    And in case your team is not able to fix the car connection issue ASAP! based on international Bluetooth standard profiles I will have to retire the X before having used it one single day.

    Can you please comment on this here in this blog since your team is ignoring this nightmare in TJC completely?

    I am expecting an answer from you here and now!!!

    Happy Easter 😉

    • Avatar

      Yes, they run ahead for visions, but what they have, Xperia X – can you use it on daily basis for all what you need and wish with your phone. I was so disappointed with the cam and photo editing with Sailfish compared with original Sony technology, that i did away with Sailfish for Android, and there you have now a phone for use.
      I think that they are with too less resources and Sailfish should go to the team that have those resources and make things ready.

      • Avatar

        I am also waiting for an improvement of the camera software. The pictures are very disappointing (weird yellow coloured, focus not good working). Now I take my ipad with me when I intend to make pictures, which is not very convenient. So I too hope that the Jolla team starts working on it, as with bluetooth.

    • Avatar

      I am sorry to contradict you, but my Xperia X is able to connect to both my Volvo V40 (2017) and my wife’s Audi A3 (2006).

      • Avatar

        @lupastro…. good for you ;)…. However.. when I am reading the complaint in the “Sony Xperia & Bluetooth” thread in TJC I still doubt that it was implemented properly resp. completetely. For MB C-Class Audio 20 (11/2016) and for KIA Rio (2013) it definitely doesn’t work at all and it is a shame that all old Jolla devices don’t have any problem to connect but the X just Fails.

        • Avatar

          After playing a bit around this Bluetooth topic it is working now… Seems there was some SIM card related problem.
          I can confirm now that car connection is working for:

          KIA RIO (2013)

          C-Class Audio 20 (11/2016)

          Both audio systems could be paired and also reading the address book is possible which was not at first tries.

          Now finally the X is on the way to become my primary device…. looking forward 😉

    • Avatar

      Which unsupported/missing standard profiles are you talking about ?

      I haven’t found a Bluetooth (non-LE) device I couldn’t pair with my Xperia X yet.

      There are some occasional devices where the UI in Preference app starts the wrong type of pairing (e.g.: asking for a PIN on a keyboard less device)
      but on each such occasion, I’ve been able to fall back to command line (hcitool cc ; hcitool auth) – something which is impossible on a non-rooted Android tablet I have that fails on the same devices. And once auth is setup this way, the device then works as it should

      To me it seems that the Bluetooth driver stack works correctly and supports the needed profiles, only the UI sometime initiate it the wrong way around when pairing.

      LE is another matter (command line tools exist, but no a single UI apps use it yet).

      As is Android support (Alien-dalvik doesn’t translate BlueZ-to-BlueDroid, so only standard devices handled on Sailfish side (e.g.: keyboard, speaker, etc.) work, but no custom Android apps).

      • Avatar

        Well…I don’t know which profiles a device usually is supporting… I guess at least HFP, A2DP, HSP, PBAP (PBA), (maybe SIM?), OBEX, OPP and maybe some more should be implemented in that way that other devices are able to handle it. For HFP I can say that it is working for Jolla 1 and C but not for the Xperia X in my cars. I know it seems to be related to the bluez4/bluez5 switch.

        MB Audio 20 (11/2016) tells me that the Xperia X doesn’t support the required profile. And KIA Rio is somehow shown as paired device but without any functionality.

        So please don’t tell me that the Bluetooth stack was implemented correctly. Using command line maybe can help with the KIA Rio.. but for the MB Audio 20 for sure it will not.

        And I am still waiting for a statement from James 😉

  15. Avatar

    Hi guys,
    nice to hear that Jolla is alive and kicking. What about the Youyota tablet, which seems to be the same hardware as the Jolla tablet. Are you already in negotiation with the Youyota team for licensing Sailfish OS?
    Happy Easter 🙂

  16. Avatar

    Hi there,

    nice news! Looks like I might finally put my Sailfish X license to some good use. 🙂

    Looking at the Sony website, I found a bunch of XA2 devices. Will the full XA2 series be supported or only the one linked? I’m asking because the XA2 Ultra looks quite promising as well and if SFX would work on it, I might even be tempted to spent more money…

    Happy Easter everybody!

  17. Avatar

    I wonder, is there specific version of Sony Ax2 in which Sailfish runs?

  18. Avatar

    Jolla has great designers for their OS, they really need to help their OEM hardware manufacturers design a good-looking phone!!!

    just some suggestion for Jolla.
    – Hope for a Nokia E90-like phone, dual screen phone, front display for feature phone mode, when unfold, you have the normal sailfish OS mode.

  19. Avatar

    All the best for the coming new Sailfish OS 3 for Sony X.
    I’m user for two phones one Android (for business) and second Sony Xperia F5122 with SFOS (for fun) why two??, because Sailfish OS is simple super but have mistakes.
    I miss some app for real business work:
    – swype keyboard for faster swyping, I use swype years on Android and typing (not swyping) is like prehistoric for me.
    – office with dropbox, mega sync support.
    – WhatsApp much better than apk app (camera is horrible..,and not working properly).
    – Bluetooth (in car working just music but not telephony.. DS5, didn’t connect with my Pioneer speakers, not with my Suunto watch…)
    – horrible sync with Google calendar
    -and connection with external display like Samsung or Huawei.
    I’m years user of Linux on my main computer..and early contributor of Jolla tablet, so SFOS is really close to me and I think that we need Sailfish OS, but properly for us who lives in 21 century. Best regards Marko

    • Avatar

      You already made the step from Android to Sailfish. Time to take the second one and find alternatives to WA, Google Calendar and Dropbox. This solves half of your problems.

  20. Avatar

    We like Sailfish. My husband still uses his Jolla 1 and I use an XperiaX Sailfish. They are our daily phones, but because of the many things lacking on Sailfish we also use ipads. No google/android for us! We would like to make calls with Telegram on our phones. This is not possible. When will it be?

    • Avatar

      @spark: maybe threema (Android version) is an option? Works great (and I trust them)

      • Avatar

        Threema is nice indeed. Downloaded it years ago, but could not convince others to join. Yet, our whole family is on Telegram and I have to admit, Telegram is a brilliant medium. And family does not want to change again.
        Wire is also nice. Recommended! We use this instead of Skype. But not with Sailfish, because it is not supported.

  21. Avatar

    Would it kill Jolla to rectify the battery problem with SailfishX on the next update? I can’t speak for others, but the battery drains quickly and that is frustrating!

  22. Avatar

    It’s nice to see all this devices, bit the main problem is that most of them are not available. What about the Jala Accione (P) – can this phone be bought with Sailfish OS right now (after half a year that it was announced)? Will it come to other markets than Bolivia? Will we see this feature phones in stores or is it just a tech demo?

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like Sailfish, but my current Sailfish Hardware (Jolla C) is much to slow for a every day use. A lot of Apps need newer android versions to run or even start (Okay, Work in Progress).
    We need more device, we need a better app store, and perhaps the major android apps should be in sailfish store (I know, it’s nearly impossible to convince the major android developers to do so; they mostly even don’t use the Amazon app store or if the do forget to publish the updates there…).

    Looking to future technical requirements there was still no word if Sailfish 3 will support Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and if the implementation of RCS-Services (the future of a mobile phones main use which is communication) for calls, messages and even video chat will ever happen.

    So I keep dreaming (of the upcoming Nokia 7 Plus to get Sailfish 3)…

    • Avatar

      I have the same issue

      Currently have a J1 but the battery is so poor now that it isnt practical to use it

      So what to do?

      I too would love SFOS on any of the new Nokia products!

      • Avatar

        Less than 20 hours and sparely using it, that’s how it is now. I think this is also a problem with other devices and OS-es.

        • Avatar


          But at least on other devices or OS-es you will have the option of buying another device or simply a newer one

          You simply cant do that on the J1, Jolla C & Jolla Tablet

      • Avatar

        There is a sufficient discussion on about fitting batteries you can buy for ~10€. I used the PolarCell without problems in the J1. You won’t have guarantee anymore anyway.

          • Avatar

            JuBaTec actually sells a battery *specifically for Jolla 1* :


            Okay, it’s still a 3rd party battery, not one directly sold by Jolla, but at least this one is specially meant for the Jolla, down to even having the firmware in the battery controller speaking compatible interface with the Jolla 1
            (e.g.: in battery monitor, all the stats are correctly reported)

            Had been using that one for nearly 2 years (since they were launched, until very recently) without any problem.

            • Avatar

              hmm, interesting!

              Thanks for this, I will definitely look into this option

              Appreciate the help

  23. Avatar

    Hi James,

    Once again Jolla tantalises its fans with the promise of new toys to run SFOS.

    Please confirm what the timetable is for the release of an Xperia XA2 which can run SFOS. (I’m hoping that this isn’t another announcement made way in advance of an actual release!)

    I’m also looking for confirmation as to what models of the Xperia XA2 will be able to use SFOS as there is a Xperia XA2 and Xperia XA2 Ultra

    I feel these points should have been clarified at the time of the announcement to help manage expectations as previously discussed 😀

  24. Avatar

    Dear Jolla team and fans, this is what I often said to Jolla too: only a paid for system is sustainable and will give quality. Developers need to earn their living and customers need good working devices and privacy safe apps. You only can get it when you organize a solid paying system. Until now only Apple did this although its devices are overpriced.
    Facebook and Google need ad-free options says Jaron Lanier

    • Avatar

      > only a paid for system is sustainable

      in principle agree, but in reality the sailfish environment is too small. Paid apps only work with a reasonably large number of potential customers, a few Euros here and there won’t cut it for a developer. In the current situation imho a solid paying system won’t help.

      (EU taxing of each and every google/facebook/.. advertisement with 30 – 70 % and then use these funds to support newspapers, public media, jollas et al. would help. Advertisement needs to be treated as cigarettes, gas, alcohol, … and be strongly regulated and taxed!)

  25. Avatar

    It has been 4 months since an update on the Jolla Tablet refunds? It is starting to look like you are attempting to sweep this under the rug.

  26. Avatar

    please refund the remain part from the tablet! By doing it ASAP you may gain new clients!

  27. Avatar

    When the sailfish x available in asia? Im really want to try it.

  28. Avatar

    Jolla Update Watch: Day 203:

    Still no news after the heady reports from MWC promising Jolla fans the earth.

  29. Avatar

    I would like to thank you very much, all the team of Sailfish OS. I am using your OS since november and I love it ! And my family too ! I like the feeling of freedom, this sense of not being in spy permanently, the battery which lasts a lot longer and the gestures of the OS. I hope never have to go back one day on iOS or Android (my last OS phones). I’m going to list, according to my experience of these last few months, what I missed personally using Sailfish X and some of the problems I met. In the hope that my post can be useful for you. Thank you again!

    It would be great to have:

    – Possibility to have multiple accounts with the e-mail application
    – Receive notifications of mail reception in the different folders. For now it is only for the inbox.
    – Turn on with a gesture, for example the double tap
    – Lack of shortcut without having to unlock the phone (for ex: set airplane mode)
    – Possibility to add notes to contacts.
    – Possibility to have a best volume control : especially for alarms, reminders (and also a bigger sensibility for adjusting: not only 0 / 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100%)
    – Possibility to put double reminders or more
    – Choice of the search engine for the Internet browser : allow to choose the one that we want and not only from a limited list (I prefer using duckduckgo or qwant for example).
    – A complete user guide. With all the tips and tricks, for example how to make a screenshot with the buttons, ….
    – Possibility to have a shortcut or a gesture which prevents the phone to go in standby while reading a text or a recipe without having to turn on permanently
    – Allow to select more functions for the ambiances

    – when the phone is charging : the touch screen become hypersensitive. For that I met some difficulties using it while charging.
    – Sometimes there are problems while the phone is charging : if the phone is turn off, it restarts constantly.
    – problems with video calls of android applications : video doesn’t work.
    – The screen turns off when I am recording video. Recording does not stop but we don’t see anymore what we are recording.
    – Sometimes there are difficulties to copy text, especially in Android apps

    • Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are happy that you are using Sailfish OS and are rather satisfied with it. We hope that we can get to implementing the features you have requested as well.

  30. Avatar

    Jolla Update Watch:

    Day 876: Still nada

    • Avatar

      BraapBraap, can you clear up your counting a bit ? 203 days on April 25 and 876 on May 4 ?

      My guess the 876 is more accurate and I join you in my concern if we EVER get our money back from these thieves.

      • Avatar

        If you belief that the money from the tablet project would be reimburced, then I guess you might have to change your expectations on this!
        Since the tablet project ended time went by. In the meanwhile Jolla has one major owner, and its’ interest resides not in “burning” cash-flow. Beside the owner structure
        (Boardmembers and similarous share holders left, CEO,Marketing…and so on)also the strategy of the company changed.
        While the founder of Jolla where interested on the consumer market, the “new” owners are not. They want to sell Sailfish on the B2B field.
        So you make up your mind about it, but I think we as a consumer of sailfish are just a part of the past Jolla cannot get rid of it without destroying the working and development groups doing their job more or less for free. 😉

        • Avatar

          From a purely pragmatic point of view, there’s one reason to not completely exclude tablet re-imbursement : PR / Marketing.

          Managing to eventually reimburse the tablets would make the the company (and thus the “Jolla” and “Sailfish” brands) look good, which is still a nice thing to have if you attempt to do business (even if you mostly do business with other businesses).

          So it’s a small cynical argument in favor of not completely dropping the idea.

          On the other hand, the main target for Jolla for now is to survive, so don’t hold your breath waiting for the money.
          They’re going to progress extremely slowly, only very rarely doing reimbursement here and there, when they happen to have some left-over cash.

  31. Avatar

    No blog post since 1.5 months. Waiting for Jolla status update.

  32. Avatar

    Jolla Update Watch:

    Day 1756: Still no sign of a Sony Xperia XA2 running SFOS

  33. Avatar

    It’s been months since the last update and years since the tablet fiasco. Are you hoping enough people will die in the meantime so you don’t have to pay them out?
    Seriously tho, I don’t think Jolla understands how bad this is for their business.
    Even if there are only a few people posting here and complaining about refunds – all of them will remember.
    I’m usually not one to be vocal in comments about things like this and it’s my first time posting here but even I will not stop to tell every friend about how awfully things are handled at Jolla and that they should never buy any Jolla or Sailfish branded device, ever.
    Until I receive my full refund, that is.

    It doesn’t matter if Jolla is now no longer targeting end-users – we are still the people that have to buy devices with your OS on it to make you any buck.

    • Avatar

      I don’t understand, why you guys don’t understand, that Jolla is a company making business in the corporate sector. They do no business with “normal customers”like you and me!

      Jolla try to support the community, here and there, and Sailfish X is a very good proof for it, but we are not important as customers for Jolla anymore.

      You can cry, so loud and so often you want, but you will get the second half of refund, as soon, as Jolla has free cash, which the company earned!
      At the moment they burn Investor cash.
      Only if SailfishOS will be successfull on the corporate market – they might earn some money and pay you (and others) the second half of the refund.

      What would you change, if you tell your friends not to buy by Jolla? What could you friend buy?

      Xperia X license?

      People, who know what is Sailfish – will buy it, other – probably not. But you will not able to change something.

      So: Relax, sit back, drink tee. When Jolla has some cache – they will pay you the second half.

      I think its fair enough. Because crowdfunding is risky. Do you know, what happens to Pebble 2 or Yoyota Tablet crowdfounders ? They will probably get no cash back at all. Not a half, not a third.
      So keep calm!

  34. Avatar

    Can afford too travel to shows and even Sponser come. If money is available to Sponser then it should have been used for Tablet refunding

  35. Avatar

    As the only Costarrican with a Jolla phone (well I actually have the original jolla (bought it twice) the intex and two xperia x) how can I get a Jolla shirt or a sailfish 3 shirt?

    It would mean a lot to me to support the community with a shirt here at home.

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