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Sailfish OS Fiskarsinjoki available now

Update 2016/11/14: Fiskarsinjoki software update is now available for Intex Aqua Fish devices.

Update 2016/10/26: Fiskarsinjoki software update is now available to all Sailfish OS users. Feature addition: Fingerprint Sensor!

It’s our great pleasure to announce that we are now starting to speed up deliveries of Sailfish OS updates.

This post, as mentioned in the title, is about our software update Fiskarsinjoki. Fiskarsinjoki is a small Finnish river in the village of Fiskars. It passes through a park-like cultural landscape and lands in the Gulf of Finland – just some trivia for you to learn!

Quite a few new features and a lot of bug fixes has been added to this version of the OS. Highlights are:

  • Saving pictures/videos directly into an SD card. This feature gives you an option to save your pictures and videos directly into an SD card (if inserted) in order to keep the device storage light. In order to access the feature you will need to open your settings app -> Apps -> Camera -> Storage and from there you can select your preferred storage.
SD functionality

Click to enlarge the image for instructions


  • Conference calls: This feature will give you an option to have conference calls on your Sailfish OS powered device using the Pulley Menu while on a call and selecting “Add a call” option.
Conference call

Click to enlarge the image for instructions

  • Scientific calculator: This feature allows you to access a scientific oriented calculator while having the calculator app open in landscape mode. It will give you options such as brackets, trigonometric, exponential operations and more.


  • More edit options in gallery app: You can now edit the brightness and contrast of your photos by using the pulley menu and selecting edit, then selecting Light and Contrast and tapping once on the image afterwards.

Editing images

  • Launch synchronisation from the calendar app: This feature allows you to directly and manually synchronise your calender using the pulley menu on your calendar app.

Calendar sync

  • Share files directly from file manager: This nifty feature allows you to share your files directly via Bluetooth, MMS, Twitter or any other account you have from system file manager, which is accessible from settings -> storage -> File manager (use pulley menu)
File manager share

Click to enlarge the image for instructions


  • Fingerprint Sensor: you can now use a fingerprint sensor/scanner for unlocking a device. This feature works on devices that have hardware support for this feature. Turing Phone users will be able use it on their devices starting today. See this video of how it works. If you want the device to lock itself immediately when pressing the power key or closing from the pulley menu, choose ‘no delay’ for the automatic locking.

In addition to the new features we’ve done a lot of bug fixes aiming to make Sailfish OS a better operating system for you to enjoy.

Full list of new features and bug fixes are now available here.

Check out basic installation instructions, and if you have any issues try following the instructions to free up space on your device.

Jolla Team


James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    Useful stuff! Thanks 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Great, thanx a lot!

  3. Avatar

    Nice hopefully the place I lived in gives my Intex LTE EU fq:s

  4. Avatar

    Thank you Jolla! Looking forward to notice all the improvements.

  5. Avatar

    If anyone is interested, I got hand on 2 Intex Aqua fish phones – one originally packed – one unwrapped to try it out – contact me

  6. Avatar

    Hi, did you add threema messenger to chat application list for getting direct message-notifications?

  7. Avatar

    Sweet! Gonna spend this evening with my Jolla. 😉

    BTW I think it’s nice to know some background about the names of the OS releases. It’s difficult to find all those rivers on a map if no further hint is given. 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Well.. bumped the version from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4.. just don’t know if 2.0.3 see the day of light.

    As far as features concerned, I was already crazy, now I have gone bonkers. .. 😀 ..

  9. Avatar

    You have done a good job. Hope you continue deliver such updates and make the os stable.
    I am currently facing an issue. I have two devices running Sailfish. One is Aqua fish and other is Jolla 1. I got early access to Jolla 1. But I cant have early access to Aqua fish. I didn’t see any option for device specific early access. What to do ?

  10. Avatar

    Sweet, oh wait no Jolla where to install it.

  11. Avatar

    Sounds great… but would be nice, if I could buy a device. There is no available device outside of India… that suxx.

  12. Avatar

    Glad to see frequent udates! I am eager to get a SFOS device (Europe) in my hands – an official port, more Jolla C, whatever, we so badly need devices… If my N9 was a human being, it would be 100 year old (5 x 20) and still at work every day. Help him retire!

  13. Avatar

    Great news, the regular updates are something that differentiates Sailfish OS from rest.
    If only we could have a high-end hardware with official Sailfish support…

  14. Avatar

    I have been using the first Jolla since Xmas 2013 and I actually have 2 devices available. All updates have gone smoothly in but I haven’t updated the early access releases, just the official ones. Now it is time to update the hardware and I am looking forward to seeing a brand new Jolla high-end or at least “mid-end” phone available in Europe.

  15. Avatar

    First of all, still more than happy with my Jolla. It still out performs my wifes Android thing, at least on my metrics of usability !

    I’ve just updated to [Fiskarsinjoki]. Before I did, I moved the Gpodder files to my computer in advance, to create the file space needed. They were located in .local harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish

    After the update the .local seems not to be there. I’ve downloaded another podcast to try and locate, but I just can’t find it. And the .local seems not to be there, even with the “show hidden files”. Does anyone know where Gpodder keeps its files post update so I can transfer my files back ?

    I’ve posted this to Jolla Together as well, so hoping for a useful reply soon !

    Thanks, P.

  16. Avatar

    Amazing! Good job guys! 😀

  17. Avatar

    Very nice, updates one by one but what obout new devices? I’d buy something new, old one is hardly used.

  18. Avatar

    Cool update. It also runs on my Fairphone 2, but we FP-2 really waiting for the official support!
    Make it happen please!

  19. Avatar

    Is possible to buy Jolla C or similar phone soon in Finland?

    • Avatar

      According to Jolla official announcement, not yet. My estimates are around June 2017. Waiting for that hair raising announcement. .. 😮 ..

      • Avatar

        yeah but it would make sense for new batch of Jolla C maybe 3000 released before end of year. maybe price could be higher 199€. I would get it.

        • Avatar

          3000 is bit small. I personally feel that Jolla should kick on and enter the 10000 levels, for that it takes both time and effort. Let us hope this happens sooner.

          • Avatar

            Jolla C is just developer device part of devkit with no warranty. 10000 seems a large number for such device. if consumer device THEN 10000s make sense.

            • Avatar

              The whole idea is to enhance the developer community, hence it takes lot of time. The second level is to enhance the developers who can contribute. Sorry for not making that clear earlier. 🙂

  20. Avatar

    Great, lots of features I’ve been waiting for! I hope to see the update go live soon outside of early access!
    A bit disappointed to see that there is no Japanese input support yet, not even a basic thing or some copy/paste app. Please don’t forget about this feature!

  21. Avatar

    Please let the calculator have an RPN mode, please….. 🙂 Longing for my old-school HP model.

    • Avatar

      Did you try RPNCalc from Jolla store? It’s great, I hardly use my HP 48 GX anymore!
      Greetimngs from another HP fan

  22. Avatar

    Do jolla plan any new hardware with a release party like jPhone 1?

  23. Avatar

    Cool.. where is the rest half my Tablet refund?

  24. Avatar

    super happy about the calendar sync! Also I just realized intex AF is available via eBay UK so I’m pretty excited to let my jolla 1 retire soon 🙂

    • Avatar

      I recently moved to the Intex and it was such a crazy upgrade, the extra RAM makes it feel ten times faster than the Jolla 1. It’s a fantastic phone.

      • Avatar

        glad to hear it! 🙂

  25. Avatar

    Thanks, nice mix of things.

  26. Avatar

    Good release. Love it, and batterylife is back to normal = excellent.

  27. Avatar

    How can I get early access on Intex Aqua Fish? I’m eagerly waiting for update.

    • Avatar

      Hello! Updates to partner devices (like Aqua Fish) are distributed once our partners’ testing has approved it. Our aim is to have the public software update available to all devices at the same time. Early access is unfortunately not available for partner devices. However, the final version will be available after their testing and approval.

      • Avatar

        Thank you for your reply 🙂

  28. Avatar

    i bought new intex sailfish mobile, lte setting is not working .. where i can change lte network setting,

    • Avatar

      What exactly is the problem? What kind of error do you get and what exactly do you want to change/configure?
      I also suggest you to check out for your questions and have a search there. If you couldn’t find your answer then you can ask your question there.

  29. Avatar

    how can i download this latest os update.. pls help

    • Avatar

      Updates to partner devices (like Aqua Fish) are distributed once our partners’ testing has approved it. Our aim is to have the public software update available to all devices at the same time. Early access is unfortunately not available for partner devices. However, the final version will be available after their testing and approval.

  30. Avatar

    Where is my update for my Jolla C? I’m waiting.

  31. Avatar

    My Jolla 1 feels great with the stable version of Fiskarsinjoki update. Many thanks to all Sailfish team!

  32. Avatar

    In India, when it will be available? I checked on my Intex Aqua Fish,but it is not showing any update available.

    • Avatar

      Updates to partner devices such as Intex Aqua Fish will be released after Intex has done their testings on the device with the new software version. You will likely receive it soon after their approval.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for your reply…

  33. Avatar

    Very nice version
    It would be great for a next version to have the hability of resizing photos for the “ambiance” and for each new version to join an “ambiance” based on the photo of the version.

  34. Avatar

    Nice update, but no device to use it on. No tablet, no Jolla phone and no money to invest in your products that are hard to get and it would be immoral to give more money to you when your company’s last promises are still unfulfilled. So how about the refund?

  35. Avatar

    Downloaded and installed this fantastic update.
    Security Certificates in this update has made Sailfish very serious mobile OS. Congratulations.. 😀

  36. Avatar

    “Fiskarsinjoki software update is now available to all Sailfish OS users.” Not yet to my Intex. It says that version is newest.

    • Avatar

      Okey that update text is dated tomorrow 😀 So maybe it will be available tomorrow 😀

  37. Avatar

    Downloaded. Update works nicely.

    The direct Camera Pictures/Videos save to SD Card is a very useful new feature. (And I can confirm that it also works with unusual file systems: My SDXC card is BTRFS-reformatted).

    Does Jolla plan to introduce the same feature on Alien-Dalvik ?
    Being able to move stored data onto “external SD card” instead of “internal storage” (just like on an actual android device) would be great.

  38. Avatar

    What about refund part 2? Any news?

  39. Avatar

    Great – now all we need are DEVICES !
    Please !!!

  40. Avatar

    Oh, and speaking about “hardware-driven” updates :
    will there be a way to pay developers to make an official update for FairPhone2 ?

    Is there an official status on the development of discussions between Jolla and Fairphone ?

  41. Avatar

    Love these overview blogs 😀

  42. Avatar

    Great Update! Thank you Sailfish-Team!

  43. Avatar

    The e-mail notification sound can not be muted with “no sound”, it is annoying. This bug was already fixed in Aurajoki, but now here again.

  44. Avatar

    Editing in gallery doesn’t seem to work but like being able to save pictures to SD card.

    • Avatar

      works fine on my jolla1

  45. Avatar

    Hi, has anyone any idea when us Intex users might expect the update. I’m very much looking forward to it, Thanks

  46. Avatar

    This awesome update is the proof that Sailfish is well and alive! It feels as exciting as the early days when we used to get regular updates.

    I hope the Jolla Together site will be used to determine what will be done next. It was such a great idea to let the community vote for what they really want:

    BTW: Hm, the native HERE Maps app looks very good. I had not realized that it already can produce a list of driving directions. Maybe we are not that far away from a native turn-by-turn navigation 🙂

    • Avatar

      it would be great if someone from Jolla atleast commented on the top ideas on Together, at the moment it seems like no-one even reads the suggestions

  47. Avatar

    Thank’s to the Jolla-Team….

    My question: Does this official update supports also the Intex Aqua Fish ?

    The Early Access won’t, I know…

    • Avatar

      Hi! Updates to partner devices (like Aqua Fish) are distributed once our partners’ testing has approved it.

  48. Avatar

    Please in short…. What device do we have to buy to get your OS Sailfish ? I asked the Jolla Support several times and I got always the answer: “No Jolla Device by Jolla”. But this is clear since a long time.

    What many Sailfishes needs to know: Is there any other mobile phone with sailfish on the market except.
    – Jolla 1 (not available anymore)
    – Jolla C (not available anymore)
    – Intex Aqua Fish (not available anymore, especially in Europe…Device runs out 🙁
    – Turing Phone (not affordable)
    – Yota Phone (only some devices for russian political leaders)
    – Oyster Phone (russian company… no reaction on any contact attempts)
    – Fair Phone Sailfish Model (as soon as I know still not yet available)

    If there is no other device, that means… Sailfish OS-Devices are not available at the moment for european SFOS Enthusiastics ? A clear “no, at the moment is no one available” would help a lot for us.

    Thank you for a clear answer

    • Avatar

      Well, clearly at the moment there are no mass produced devices available which are officially supported by Jolla. For that, you will need to have more patience as we are working on it hard. We might have some announcements soon. No promises yet though! ;)I apologize if my answer was not clear enough, I think at least the “no” part was indeed clear.


    • Avatar

      I’m from finland and I bought an intex af via ebay uk a few weeks ago they still have some 🙂

  49. Avatar

    My Intex says Aurajoki is the latest :'(

    • Avatar

      Hi! Updates to partner devices (like Aqua Fish) are distributed once our partners’ testing has approved it. They have not approved the update yet unfortunately. It will come sooner than later!

      • Avatar

        Thanks for your answer!

  50. Avatar

    Since 5 days my comments are unpublished 🙂

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    • Avatar

      Apologies for that!

      • Avatar

        Thank you James for the clear answer now. It helps us very much when we know what’s the real situation at the moment. I was just in sorrow because I don’t want to be without sailfish anymore. In my opinion the best OS on the market and the one with the most potential. Thank’s for your work 🙂

  51. Avatar

    In Fiskarsinjoki My Jio and Jio 4G Voice apps are unable to detect jio sim card.Kindly do the needful to rectify the telephony(voice) support via JIO 4g Voice app like other android LTE only smartphones.Otherwise please release a firmware and software update for enabling VoLTE.


    • Avatar

      But this is not a LTE only smartphone. Anyway, you should follow the discussion here for more information.

  52. Avatar

    Hi James
    Is there a way we can name the SDCard while formatting ?

    Thank you

    • Avatar

      Hi Girindhar!

      At the moment, there are no possibilities to rename your SD card while formatting it using Sailfish OS UI.

  53. Avatar

    i am waiting…for your reply..

  54. Avatar

    Terrible user experience. Can’t install this update even after restore the phone to factory setting and tried both with new and old jolla account.

    Please get your updates to work if you want users to use this as daily driver. To failed one in a row now. Before These two latest one it has worked excellent. But now, Disaster!

    • Avatar

      Hello Dave999, on what Device do you try to install After Factory Reset do you update via regular SFOD-update-app or direct via release mode in terminal ?

      • Avatar

        JPhone 1. Using the update app from settings and update all the way to saimaa. Tried to install Fisk both via app and terminal. The qoustion is way all the others work while Fisk doesn’t. But it’s a problem with jolla store/account. Why? Don’t know. Tried to create new one too. It’s things like this that makes users leave sailfish.

  55. Avatar

    I do not get fiskarsinjoki update till now on my Intex Aqua fish..Plese help me…

    • Avatar

      Hi Arnees!
      Updates to partner devices such as Intex Aqua Fish are released after our partner has approved it.
      The latest update is not yet approved. You will receive it as soon as their approval reaches us.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for the Information …

  56. Avatar

    Sailfish Update to V failed.

    The Phone sees the update But after a few seconds banner appears with “Problem with Store. Could not determine Size of Update.”

    Proceed to download and the download hangs. Have rebooted phone and tried via 4G and WiFi, still hangs. All apps have connectivity so its not a connection issue, looks the the repository has issues.

    • Avatar

      dalvik disable and re-install

  57. Avatar

    Would be nice If You could add where to buy SailfishOS devices in EU…

  58. Avatar

    So we’re coming up on the end of 2016, when will we get an update regarding the second half of the refunds. Is it still on track, I’m getting sick and tired of having that carrot dangling in front of me, shit or get off the pot Jolla.

  59. Avatar

    Now downloading… fiskarsinjoki. on my Intex Aquafish… 🙂

  60. Avatar

    Is there a chance to know if there will be a second wave of sale of the jolla C ?

    • Avatar


      We will definitely keep you updated in that regards, but currently there aren’t any public plans announced.

  61. Avatar

    Updated my Intex Aqua Fish, changed saving pictures to SD card.
    Thank you Jolla 🙂

  62. Avatar

    It’s a shame that there’s no phone to buy. I had 2 Jollas, both now have broken screen. Also got tired of do-it-yourself solutions that were required for different applications in order to make them work properly.

    Now I have iPhone 6s (64gb). All in it works 100%. Hardware is perfect (except battery time).

    Still, I really miss the Sailfish architecture, structure and logic and overall feeling how it works. Perfect operating system. IOS is light years behind Sailfish in every aspect.

    I’ll be back to Jolla/Sailfish at the same moment when it is operating on a proper hardware. No question about it.

    Untill then, take care, wish you good luck and success.

  63. Avatar

    Do you have time to talk about the second part of the refund?

    • Avatar

      I guess James has time. But no info, the man that guanteed us the tablet preventing any info to the customers. At some point he must take a decision and communicate to the supporters. It just a matter of years…

      • Avatar

        I hope Antti Saarnio will grow some balls and own up to his empty promises. Just a few drops in the ocean.

        History just makes me sad:

        “Now I expect that those who pre-ordered the Jolla Tablet during August-September 2015 are asking “what about my tablet?” Well, we will certainly ship yours too, but only after fulfilling our early Indiegogo backers contributions. According to the current plan, this will also happen during December 2015.”

        “However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed. We might even have some positive surprises in stock for you. But more on that will follow, feel free to speculate!”

        Uh oh. Shall we speculate?!

      • Avatar


        You’re so right: “It just a matter of years…”.
        This can be confirmed by James comment: “we are going to pay the second round in a year-time after the first round and we still are saying the same thing”. Here I expect another post to officially close the first round somewhere in 2017. At the end of 2018 it may happen or we all forget about this bad experience.

        • Avatar

          Guys, thanks for your inputs and speculations but I’ll have to point a few things out.
          – The first round is officially closed, we did close it on September 26th if you can recall that blog post.
          – There are very few problematic cases on the first round remaining which we are solving but that has nothing to do with second round and they are considered a side topic.
          – It’s no use speculating something we haven’t communicated yet. It is a yet unclear financial situation and we will communicate that when it is clear to us first.

          • Avatar

            Thank you James… then we expect the second refund until September 2017

            • Avatar

              @tojocky “The financial situation permitting”, if you’re kind enough to remember what was originally announced.

              • Avatar

                Hi Ossi,

                Based on on January 28, 2016 by Antti Saarnio I see:
                “and the other half within a year, our financial situation permitting”
                My understanding was in max 1 year from the announcement, January 28, or earlier if “financial situation permitting”. After it turned 1 year after first refund.

                You quoted only “The financial situation permitting”.

                I think you just want to confuse everybody here.

                • Avatar

                  @tojocky Thank you that you (probably for the first time) took your time to explain how you interpreted said announcement. I see how the first misunderstanding can occur if one doesn’t take into account the context of the sentence. “Within a year” might have referred to the time the article was published if there hadn’t been the mention of the first half. Like if I say: “I will eat this cake on two evenings: One half on christmas eve, the second within three days.” – Nobody would assume that I’d count ‘within three days’ from *now*. But I see that you can misread it if you don’t concentrate.

                  I don’t understand, though, how one could possible interpret “our financial situation permitting” as “or sooner, depending on whenever we have the money.” Even now that I know how you interpreted it, I cannot read it as anything else but “if our situation permits it at this point” – which includes the possibility that the condition after the IF statement isn’t true, in which case no money will be payed in the second half at all.

                  So to me the meaning of this whole paragraph has always been:

                  We pay the first half. 12 months after we payed the first half, we’ll look at out bank account. If there’s money left, we’ll pay the second half. If there’s not, then we won’t.

                  • Avatar

                    Do you believe what you wrote?

            • Avatar

              You are welcome! That exactly depends on our financial situation of course. Let’s wait on an update blog post 🙂

  64. Avatar

    Hello James, what’s your statement to the other points of anttimontys post? The promises made by helm!

  65. Avatar

    Any Easter Eggs in this update? Native Netflix App? Refund App? Anything?

    • Avatar

      Sorry, incorrect post

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