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New Year’s Greetings from Jolla!

Today it’s time to close 2015 and enter into a new exciting year. 2015 has been a memorable year for us, to say the least. Sailfish OS has matured substantially this year, evolving to Sailfish OS 2.0 and supporting multiple form factors. Even though we’ve said it often, now we really feel that the software is ready for scaling, and new partners are able to utilize it easily and powerfully in their projects. In the summer of 2015 we were honored to announce the first major licensing deal with India’s largest smartphone vendor Intex Technologies. We’re super excited about this partnership and look forward to making a new Sailfish OS powered smartphone available in India by spring 2016. As mentioned in Antti Saarnio’s previous post we also have some other exciting projects cooking and we can’t wait to tell you more about those as soon as they mature.                   

In November 2015 Antti Saarnio talked about the start-up life of Jolla at SLUSH 2015 explaining also the death valleys we’ve faced along the way. Right after the SLUSH event Jolla as a company had to face its hardest challenge so far, as we learned that our C financing round was hit by some unexpected delays, putting the entire continuation of the Jolla story in jeopardy. This naturally affected the whole operation of the company, as we also had to temporarily lay off a big part of our staff. Our dear community was also there to support us through the toughest times; check out e.g. the absolutely brilliant initiative ISupportJolla. Again, huge thanks for the support folks. It means the world to us!      

In December our skillful team managed to solve the immediate financing struggle, and Jolla was back in business, meaning most importantly that Sailfish OS development can continue. The boat was of course hit hard by this, and now we’re in the process of getting operations up and running again.       

Jolla Tablet project

During 2015 we also worked hard on the Jolla Tablet project, which was first introduced in November 2014. Our very talented team made a lot of progress in the project, and the first small batch of Jolla Tablets were shipped in the autumn to our Indiegogo contributors. The project altogether had some serious unexpected setbacks in the autumn, and we were forced to postpone the whole project schedule many times – these were communicated in several blog posts along the summer and autumn.  

The serious financing challenge in November-December had unfortunately a bigger impact on this project than we could even anticipate. Now that our financial situation has improved and we are slowly starting to get back to the normal operations, we are actively planning the best way to finalize the project and to find a solution that fits to both all you dear Jolla Tablet contributors and to our future business plans, together with our investors.

We don’t have all pieces of the puzzle figured out just yet, but a few things are now certain: we are happy to say that we will be shipping an additional small batch of the Jolla Tablet to early backers during early 2016, targeting to send invitations during January. The bad news here is that we are not able to complete the production to fulfill all contributions. In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet. However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed. We might even have some positive surprises in stock for you. But more on that will follow, feel free to speculate!   

Moving to 2016

Year 2016 is definitely going to be a year of growth for Jolla in many ways. As said, we now need to get the operations running efficiently again to support all the current and upcoming customers of Sailfish OS, and also to answer to the needs of all new business partners. Next  year we are looking to scale Sailfish OS into new levels through new partnerships – recently we have had a huge increase in the interest towards Sailfish OS licensing from different kinds of device vendors.

We are sure that the year 2016 will very interesting and successful for Jolla and Sailfish OS after such a challenging and stormy year as this one. Let’s make 2016 a great year for Jolla and Sailfish OS – together!

We wish all Jolla fans, followers and all others too Happy New Year! 

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,



Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


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    Thanks for the update.. Eager to hear more news about tablets.. Happy New Year!

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    “However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed. We might even have some positive surprises in stock for you. But more on that will follow, feel free to speculate!”

    Ugh… I wish you guys would just stop dangling this carrot in front of us. Just offer refunds so we can put this all behind us.

    • Avatar

      Indeed. For the past three months I’ve been genuinely afraid of loosing the money I contributed. Give us more info! Be more open, as you have promised!

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        I live in the states, so I’m worried that the consolation prize (phone probably??) will be useless for me. From what I hear the Jphone doesn’t work in the states.

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          It better not be the damn phone. I lived with it for almost two years.
          All I want is my money back.

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            The campaign was explicit in that there was no guarantee for a delivery. We all went in to this with open eyes, did we not?

            It was a gamble with a certain risk and I for one was fully aware of it. Yes, it sucks if I not get a device but I knew what I got myself in to.

            The pros and cons of crowdsourcing are as Lemmy put it: “You win some, lose some, all the same to me, the pleasure is to play”

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              Stop lying! Read the God damn terms of use!

              • Avatar

                I am not lying. Who should I lie to and why should I lie? Preposterous…

                I just read the terms of use and you have a point. However, at the end of the campaign text Jolla writes “Delivery of rewards/perks are subject to best efforts and not guaranteed.”

                I read this verbatim and since I realise the risks of crowdfunding, I thought nothing of it. If that clause contravenes the terms of use or if it provides Jolla with a way out, I am not sure. This is where things get legally tricky.

                • Avatar

                  I really what to tell you to go F yourself but I will try to be civilized.
                  a) No matter what Jolla said the terms and conditions are binding and there is no way out.
                  b) There is no scenario in any civilized country were one can take your money fail to deliver what he promised and that is that. If you fail you pay the price. They cannot go about as if nothing happened. There is no gamble and no risk in that sense. The have to compensate us one way or the other.

          • Avatar

            I am quite sure the investors don’t want to see money from the new financing round spent on refunds.

            However, perks must be delivered (1) if Jolla wants to avoid the risk of spending time in US courtrooms. (Unless there were different terms of use for Jolla’s Tablet campaign).

            So Juhani and Jolla can’t simply say “we’re sorry, but we can’t deliver”. Jolla must supply enough tablets, or offer alternatives that sufficiently many backers opt for (so remaining backers can get the promised perks).
            There is of course another option, which means declaring bankruptcy. I hope no backer, no matter how angry & frustrated, wants that to happen.


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            I also want my money refund! I don’t trust Jolla anymore, nor do I want their phone as “We might even have some positive surprises in stock for you.”!

        • Avatar

          I have been using the Jolla phone in the U.S.A. for almost 3 months now without any problem, with a SIM card I bought at the airport, so there shouldn’t be any problem for you either 🙂

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        Don’t feel to bad , I bought 3 tablets got none

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      Nice. You are developing Sailfish OS and it’s going well. What about those of us who have been waiting almost a year for our tablets? We funded in good faith. I’ll never do a crowdfunding again. I want my money back as the tablet will be too old for use by the time I get it. Support is one thing but this borders on fraud as you are taking care of later projects without honouring our contributions.

    • Avatar

      I’m really tired of all the promises. I just want my money back. All of it. You sound like the American president before the election. and now it’s 7 years later and we get nothing but disaster and more promises.

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      yes amount lossing money is nowdays fear

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    So do I get my 64gb tablet or not. That’s what I need to know? Thanks

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    Happy New Year! Thank you for this blog post! Unexpected, but very welcome.

    Have a nice 2016 with lots of tablets and shit! It will be AWESOME!

    More Champagne, please.

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      Wow, 180° turn back. What happened with if they don’t deliver till 1.Jan 2016…?

      • Avatar

        I am pretty sure he was sarcastic.

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    Happy New Year!
    Keep Sailing!

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    Good luck with projects in 2016, especially as my Jolla1 phone is starting to get a little long in the tooth 😉

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    Thanx for the post, but did not get much out of it. Just clear the table for the tablets. It’s clear that those of us that bought the tablet autumn 2015 will not get them. So why don’t you do what you’re supposed to do and refund. I love Jolla, but also need my money back!

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    Did he say: feel free to speculate??? I’m a super star on just that!

    I think we will get a free Disc Phone!

      • Avatar

        Yeah, we will get a free iLMAO too!

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    Happy new year!
    Good luck to everyone getting their tablet arrived. :-)Hopefully some more improvements on that and more apps in the store for next year! 🙂 I wonder when there will be battiers in the store because mine is getting serious issues it seems. Barely can make it through a day when using for a while… If no batteries I will have to lookout for a new phone, either intex or jolla’s 😀

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    Wake me up if and when Jolla ever get a top quality flagship smartphone on sale in Europe.

    • Avatar

      Please, just go to if you are primarily interested in telling everyone how much you paid for your phone.

      • Avatar

        Where do I even remotely suggest I am primarily interested in telling people how much I paid for my phone?

        Do not put words in my mouth!

        • Avatar

          You remotely suggested it by indicating that you are only interested in a “top quality flagship” telephone.
          However, let me start the new year on a good note by apologizing for putting words in your mouth. It is not a nice thing to do.

          Instead I could and should have asked you to be more specific about why you are only interested in a «flagship» product – or some specific requirements. Such as «Full HD screen», «20+ Mpx camera», «externally accessible SD card slot» or whatever you think is needed for the phone to be attractive.

          Personally I think it is more important that they support storing photos/videos on the SD card, and I would like to see integration (a minimum of upload possibility) for Flickr/Instagram, make it possible to charge for applications in Jolla Store and so on.
          The phone hardware is (still) not the main challenge in my opinion. Although we are at version 2 Sailfish still has a long way to go before we have the full feature set of the main competitors.

          PS: There is already a “top quality flagship” Jolla telephone available. You can order it today on their website.
          It is their best phone, so it is their flagship phone 🙂
          And it is top quality, mine works just as well two years after I got a crack in the screen – 30 minutes after I opened the box 🙁

          • Avatar

            The phone is nothing more than a nerd phone, the promise about Android compatibility is a mere lie. What is Android worth without Google Services ? so might just as well not tell fairy tales to the customer. Security and Privacy is their top credo? Maybe then they should start to be honest themselves. Now as the Russian Government has put an eye on Sailfish OS, I guess my privacy is just about as safe as within the hands of the NSA.

            • Avatar

              Not having Google Services in default install is an advantage for many people. If you want them, you can set it up — read the instructions on
              And you give Russian authorities too much credit. In this particular case I will trust Jolla and its partner on their software side.

            • Avatar

              So you’re concerned about privacy, but want Google Services ?! You must be jocking. I probably trust M. Poutine more than any US company (not to talk about the govt) for preserving my privacy !!!

            • Avatar

              Most Google(Android) apps play well, but there are a few that don’t. So it’s not a lie. And it’s not easy to set up the Google Play store if you er not in to it.

              I also have problems with compatibility due to the old Android version supported, but that does not make it Android incompatible.

              That IS a lie.

              • Avatar

                Most Google apps cannot be found without the playstore and without Google services, there is no playstore. The Yandex store is a joke, I am not getting much warmer with apptoide. I use Google for my communication matters. However, installing the Google services is inofficial and not supported by Jolla, but only by the community. If you sell a product as Android compatible, I for sure know, what the customers would expect. Installing, the Google services after all is not all too easy and not a task I would want an IT untrained person to commit. My Jolla phone anyway is a brick, as after an update, it started to show the start screen but nothing else. So yes, I consider it not compatible to my Android requirements, by far not ! I consider it useless for daily use, so useless, I currently couldn’t be bothered to start a recovery and upgrade it to 2.0. On top of the whole software experience disappointment, I learn in the new year’s message, that not everyone will be served. Call me a heartless person. But Jolla has served me with half truths since the first software update of my Jolla phone. Ever since not a single deadline was kept. Like that the phone will never ever become commercially interesting. I am still very surprised about the empathy towards Jolla OY. I feel sorry for all the staff who have to earn their money with Jolla and I truly wish them a happy new year and safe jobs. From Jolla, I do not expect anything anymore. The last boss was unable to get the Jolla sailing, the new boss has taken over a sinking Jolla. Surprises and miracles would be welcome…

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    Hi all. As said in the blog post, we are preparing the plans how to finalize the tablet project – we are as open as possible in our communications, since we don’t have 100% clarity on all details, and we don’t want to promise things that we can’t keep. Of course you can argue that we’ve done that before, but honestly we have always communicated things based on good faith. Happy New Year to all from me personally as well!

    • Avatar

      Would be possible for you to buy a Nokia tablet, iPad or other tablet and ship instead?

      • Avatar

        That’s not a bad idea actually. I wouldn’t mind if they shipped a Nexus 9 with a fully working Sailfish OS build (with the ability to still run Android apps).

    • Avatar

      Communications means for You: let’s publish (as late as possible) news and let dear Jolla community comment them?

    • Avatar


      Surely by now you can be a little more detailed about the following in today’s statement:

      “we will be shipping an additional small batch of the Jolla Tablet to early backers…In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet.”

      So how many tablets will be in this “small batch to early backers”? As IGG backer number 2162 I am concerned this “small batch” is probably less than 2000? or less than 1000? or less than 500?

      It really does not see to be much to ask for this much clarification at least at this time.

      Happy New Year.

    • Avatar


      I am also concerned whther such a “samll” number of tablets that actually ship will have any SFO and apps support beyond what is shipped, or will they quickly become unsupported like my N900 and N9?

      It does not seem much to ask for an answer to this question either.


    • Avatar

      OK, so my typing is terrible, so I will ask again…


      I am also concerned whether such a “small” number of tablets that actually will ship will then have any SFO and apps support beyond what is shipped, or will they very quickly become unsupported like my N900 and N9?

      It does not seem much to ask for a clear and upfront answer to this question either.


      • Avatar

        If developers don’t receive tablets they wont develop for them, simple as that.

        Even those that do, there will be a very limited audience for Tablet apps like less than 1000 devices delivered.

        • Avatar

          So we all agree that the key issue is getting an increased number of Sailfish OS devices in the hands of people? Hopefully billions of people – but a few millions will be a good start 😉

          So let us hope Intex delivers their Aqua Fish in February rather than April and it sells by the millions. And let us hope that Jolla will successfully land additional partnership deals.

          The applications available for the phones will work fine on the tablet too I suppose, even those that have no special device support (layout etc).

    • Avatar

      Whatever it is you’re thinking about, it better not be another Jolla Phone. Most of us already have one or more.

      Also, we were given to understand that the meeting ‘after Christmas’ would give us the answer. The options on the table were finishing the tablet project or refunding. The refund option is now apparently off the table?

      And honestly, it is rather inappropriate to write ‘feel free to speculate’. Firstly, we don’t need your permission to speculate. Secondly, we’ve been speculating far too long now for lack of real information. Personally I’m done with that.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your new year’s greetings and for showing a sign of life in the comment section.
      Happy new year to you and the Jolla team too.
      I don’t want to doubt the good faith your communication was based on. But in any way you will have to justify some things (in order of appearance 😉 ):

      a) you extended your IGG campaign for the great success you had
      b) you advertised (pretty expensive because good quality) tablet cover deals for IGG backers
      c) you offered preorders and more covers
      d) you postponed the tablet delivery several times with cloudy communication
      e) you let people finalize their orders
      f) you delivered this small number of orders only partly
      g) you still said everybody will get their tablets (slush)
      h) you postpone the delivery of new tablets even more
      i) weeks and months of no or bad news
      j) the tablet we can’t get in our hands being sold by a chinese marketplace
      k) you telling us not everybody will get the tablets

      i know that it is not communication who is to blame for these incidents. but please let us know what the hell is going on.
      sometimes it’s rather about communicating what you know than about not communicating what you don’t know… i really don’t want to play guessing game anymore so i feel free – but definitely not urged – to speculate

      PLEASE let us know as soon as possible if our money and their accessories we may have already bought go to waste and we just have to get over with it or what else we can do with it. there’s no possibility to explain the aforementioned mess anymore anyways. i really hope that the next year wil bring less “death valleys” for your company and your mission (and a large part of your customers and supporters) than 2015

    • Avatar

      Juhani, Why don’t you for once respect our wish and that is a full money refund? Fist you’ve mentioned that we can ask for refund over Jolla support service, now you are still ignoring our request. Issue us a refund for God sake… Those who wish to stick with Jolla and wait for tablet for another couple of months, it is up to them, but us who want a refund, issue it…

    • Avatar

      Hi JuhaniLassila, In your blog, you had:

      1)“we will be shipping an additional small batch of the Jolla Tablet to early backers…”;
      2)”In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet.”

      There is obviously an error in the above. You can either say 1), meaning that a few backer will be getting tablets, OR 2), that’s none of backers will receive tables at all. Which one is it when you wrote your blog?

      I thought I was alone on this. Now I saw it has been mentioned a number of times by different people.

      And this is not to ask more and/or further information, but merely a clarification on your already published blog.

      Can you please clarify?

    • Avatar

      Good faith ? Good fairy tales. Either you or your boss must think we are all complete idiots. You haven’t done anything but breaking promises since 2013 ! How’s a company to survive if no deadline ever is kept ?? It’s not just a happy and nice community thing. You are a commercial companies. It’s not sufficient if your boss is a nerd !

    • Avatar

      If your idea of “in good faith” (not on good faith by the way) is embezzlement god help us all. I really don’t like commenting the way I do but you are so provocative and ineffective that you leave us no choice. I really hope you all have a nice and productive year and may you succeed to what you have failed until now.

    • Avatar

      I feel very unhappy and angry since your blog post and your reply.

    • Avatar

      @JuhaniLassila: it’s a REALLY good time to change your avatar, man. You do look kinda silly on the current one, like you made a selfie sitting near a bonfire somewhere in the woods in the middle of winter.

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    Here’s my thinking: The tablet is already complete. In fact, the factory is able to produce and sell the tablet all by itself now (as it had started doing a few weeks ago, before Jolla contacted them to put a stop to it).

    So, putting the issue of people who already contributed aside, what would be stopping Jolla from allowing folks to go ahead and purchase Jolla tablets direct from the factory? Jolla may not be able to afford to buy 10000 tablets to complete their shipments right now, but I suspect there are still a few individuals who could afford to buy a tablet or two.

    • Avatar

      Quote ” The tablet is already complete. In fact, the factory is able to produce and sell the tablet all by itself now (as it had started doing a few weeks ago, before Jolla contacted them to put a stop to it).”

      Do you know more than you are saying here? Because this is the first I have heard of such.

      • Avatar

        I’m not sure exactly when the sales began, but some folks noticed that Chinese marketer Taobao was selling Jolla tablets last month. In fact, now that I look at the site, they still seem to be selling them. Here are some links:

        Price is pretty cheap, too, and they do seem to have more than 1000 in stock, if their figures are at all credible…

      • Avatar

        “The tablet is already complete. In fact, the factory is able to produce and sell the tablet all by itself now (as it had started doing a few weeks ago, before Jolla contacted them to put a stop to it).”

        Looks to me like it is still available. And the price seems to have gone down in the last week or so.

        • Avatar

          this is so screwed up.. and it is 100$ less than a lot of us paid..

          • Avatar

            Ah, but this is the beauty of a business model where you steal someone else’s intellectual property and simply pump out thousands of copies of it for sale, rather than doing the hard work of designing a product yourself. 🙂

            • Avatar

              Are you talking about Jolla? Because
              (1) nobody will bother to make bootleg copes of a tablet which the world pretty much doesn’t know about, and
              (2) Jolla doesn’t have any “intellectual property” to steal to begin with, because jPad is just a reference design with a couple of changes.

              • Avatar


                1) By my latest count, Taobao is currently selling some 3600+ copies of the Jolla Tablet. (Mostly running Android, apparently.)

                2) Jolla put a significant effort into getting a very high-quality display onto the reference design. Given the amount of testing done, the number of displays thoroughly researched, and the level of rework required on the motherboard, I’d have to say yes, they’ve invested quite a bit into the intellectual property of the Jolla Tablet.

                • Avatar

                  Why don’t you get what obviously happened?

                  1. Jolla orders tablets from manufacturer. pays the up-front contract price for them to actually start(or the manufacturer just trusts that they will pay their bills, unlikely).

                  2. Factory starts manufacturing, delivers some units.

                  3. Jolla fails to pay the rest of the money.

                  4. Manufacturer stops shipments due to not paying the bills.

                  5. Manufacturer now stuck with thousands of tablets that Jolla did not pay for.

                  6. to recoup some of the losses the manufacturer puts them on sale.

                  Probably within the manufacturing contract as well since Jolla failed to pay. the cheap price reflects that, it is only for cutting losses made by a bad customer(also the taobao price does not include any licensing or sales or va tax).

                  – them running android out of the box might just be to make people buy them or that’s what the factory was loading them with anyways for test.

                  You might be asking what happened with the money that people gave to purchase these tablets then? Well, the simple answer is that Jolla used them to pay some of their owed wages and other liabilities – that’s why you can’t get refunds, possibly in court this might matter because they knowingly took orders they knew they had no way of fulfilling since they were spending the money elsewhere. This is bad book keeping if you’re crowdsourcing something and could show bad faith in court(there was never an intention to fulfill the orders).

                  it might matter if it goes to court either in states or Finland, because it looks like fraud.

                  Remember – essentially what happened was that people gave money to Jolla to manufacture tablets but instead of paying for the tablets the Jolla employees paid their salaries with the money – and said employees knew when they were promoting the tablet that they would be doing just that(this is where it gets into the fraud territory, because they were taking money and orders well into the time that they knew they would not be able to deliver because they already ate the money).

                  What makes this interesting vs. other failed crowdfunding cases is that they have a Finnish office and Finnish customers who got shafted – and the IGG fine print of it being a “donation” or other bs would probably not count much.

        • Avatar

          surely the debacle with the tablet is highly frustrating, but why not give it a try and see?

          well, I tried to order, but couldn’t:

          Item with batteries can not ship by airmail, i have send you full refund, usually will take 5-8 working days to your credit card.

    • Avatar

      “The bad news here is that we are not able to complete the production to fulfill all contributions.”

      I suspect a spoilt manufacturer relationship :/ ….

      • Avatar

        I suppose Jolla doesn’t have the financial wherewithal at this point to purchase 10000 units from the factory and provide support to 10000 users. On the other hand, I would imagine the factory can easily pump out thousands of units to various distributors, and I’m sure they won’t spend even a minute supporting anyone who buys one of those tablets…

  13. Avatar

    “feel free to speculate”


    • Avatar

      Honestly, I wasn’t surprised by their answer.

  14. Avatar

    If I don’t want to get something I didn’t order??

  15. Avatar

    Very disapointed. After stringing us along for 9 months the truth is finally coming out.

    Here are your options Jolla:
    1. Give me the tablet that I contributed for (Original 32 GB tablet upgraded to 64 GB version).
    2. Give me a 100% refund of my entire contribution package with no hard feelings
    3. Anything else which will include me providing unsolicited badmouthing Jolla at every single opportunity I have and badmouthing hardware Kickstarters that are not at minimum working functional prototype or better.

    • Avatar

      How dare You! shame on You! 😛

    • Avatar

      100% in agreement. Either the tablet, or, preferably, a 100% refund (including the tablet case). I don’t want the old jolla phone, that is for sure.

    • Avatar

      i don’t want the tablet anymore..
      at this time it has “obsolete” hardware..and still i don’t know when and if i will receive it !!!
      bad work at jolla.. i paid the tablet, accessories and shipping cost!!!
      i want my money back!!!

    • Avatar

      Yep another bs press release by Jolla. Seriously Jolla saw way back that they weren’t going to meet the budget and deadline. Yet they kept milking people with strech goals and preorders and release bs statements how they had to change the display etc. Seriously at that point normally a company tries to keep the cost at minimum and not change the original design unless it is for cheaper parts. Jolla has only two options either to finalize the tablet orders in full or give full refund or stock to the backers (if a backer so chooses). Anything else happens they should just pack their bags stop. Rule number one in business, don’t screw your customers.

  16. Avatar

    This post talks about the IGG backers, but what about those who pre-ordered a tablet through in August-September?
    I assume I won’t ever see the tablet I paid for, but I would at least expect a full refund.

    • Avatar

      Since they have had serious funding issues and according to them, they are “back at work”, this indicates that they ran out of money before they were able to ship, even the earliest orders, which is what they promised last year at this time. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been scammed. They now have over 2.5 million dollars of IGG funds, not to mention those who bought from their online store and we don’t know how much money that was.
      Last time I buy a crowd funded project and definitely the last time I buy from IGG. Too bad for them.

  17. Avatar

    Happy New Year and thanks for the year 2015! I’m just so happy to read these news 🙂

  18. Avatar

    … “not all” = 10k – 2 x 200 ? or 10k – 200 – 5k ?

    Some targeted wave magnitudes ? Any ?

    • Avatar

      IMHO continuous community / end-user feedback is simply not possible with the absence of real world devices.Tablet delivery realizes positive / advantageous development & engineering feedback for jolla. Think of that.

      also :

  19. Avatar

    Happy Sailing in 2016!

    “..all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet.” So, the tablet is now officially canceled and only a happy few will ever own one. Without the sugarcoating, that’s really sad news.

    It also means that none of the CUSTOMERS who, like me, bought a tablet in the Jolla Store will ever receive it. I pre-ordered and paid mine in August. I’ve been very patient and understanding of the difficulties Jolla has been facing even though, as a customer, I have never received any direct communication from Jolla about any of the delays. And now I have to deduce from an obfuscated blog post that I will never receive my tablet.

    Now that you’ve decided to scrap the tablet project, what is the hold-up? You’re not dealing with unanticipated delays anymore, you (should) know exactly how many people won’t receive a tablet at all.

    “We might even have some positive surprises in stock for you.” “..feel free to speculate!” It seems you still not understand that people are sick and tired of speculating because of Jolla’s poor communication. And now you want the backers to wait for something you MIGHT offer them somewhere in the future instead of the tablet. Good luck convincing them..

    Now, what about your paying customers? No word about/to them. I have been very patient in the hope of receiving a tablet after all but now that you killed that hope, I want clarity, a tablet, my money back or a good alternative, NOW.

    I really wish Jolla and Sailfish the very best. I think Sailfish is a great OS and the world really needs alternatives to Android, iOS and Windows. Please don’t alienate your fan-base. They may be an asset as crucial as Sailfish OS itself. All those negative blog comments aren’t really enticing new sailors to board.. Many have asked before me: Please start communicating clearly.

    Smooth Sailing in 2016!

    • Avatar

      “FD on December 31, 2015 at 5:06 pm
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

      PS: Without a Jolla tablet, the €65 LastuCase that I received 3 months ago is also going to waste..

      • Avatar

        that would be a great deal of a waste of good work and material..

      • Avatar

        How did you already receive your LastuCase? Did you finalize your order through the Jolla Store?

        I paid for the LastuCase perk, and never have heard anything about it. I assumed since Jolla was in (self-imposed) dire financial straights, I would get it when I got my tablet. Since none of that seems to be happening now, is there some chance I can at least receive a refund for my LastuCase which I have never received?

        • Avatar

          See my first post: I’m not a backer but a customer. I pre-ordered and paid the tablet in the Jolla Shop in August. I then ordered a LastuCase from Lastu who delivered promptly. It was all meant as a present for my parents. They have been very happy with their LastuCase for over 3 months now..

        • Avatar

          I bought my LastuCase directly from Lastu. I have adapted it to fit my iPad mini.

          • Avatar

            Thanks for the tip. Is there any double-sided tape required for that?

            • Avatar

              The raised sides (as well as two magnets) on the back panel of the LastuCase do an OK job of holding the iPad mini in place.

              I cut an extra hole at the bottom of the raised sides for the Lightning connector and two more holes at the top for the headphone jack and power button.

              I need to add some magnets to the front cover so that the iPad can detect when the cover is closed. It shouldn’t be hard to slip them between the wood and the leather. Just need to find where to buy very thin magnets.

              • Avatar

                Thanks for the info, sounds like a good save of an expensive case. I really don’t want go to Apple though. If it was just me I’d probably wait for the Ubuntu tablet. How much longer can I keep my parents waiting for their present though..?

                If you’re really brave and skilled you could try to move the magnet that’s already in the cover, although it’s probably glued into a recess in the wood..

                • Avatar

                  A Nexus 7 might fit in the case. It is the same height as an iPad mini, but is maybe a couple cm narrower. Also, I think it has a plastic back, so the magnets on the case won’t hold it on. It is shaped incorrectly for the back to clip on like it does on the Jolla Tablet. Double-sided tape could help here.

      • Avatar

        Indeed wasting my LastuCase is sad. If, as I suspect, I appear to be a late backer (so without a tablet), I’ll come back here to offer it for the cost of sending.

    • Avatar

      How about Jolla buying the Jolla tablets for sale on and delivering them to us?

  20. Avatar

    I would be OK with a free jPhone ll. Whatever you do. Don’t give us a “discount” as only option. Happy to support you as long as you are fair to you supporters.

    • Avatar

      discount? 270$ discount? For what, a phone? Some of us still have 2-3 phones aside, so another phone? For joggling with them or? 😀 No my friend, I would be happy to get my money back, and to use it for buying another bday present that I missed (for second time)…

    • Avatar

      just received the FP2, no need for a phone.. i would like to fill the void that occupies my lastu case – even if it is with obsolete hardware that would be available now for about the money the lastu case did cost..

      • Avatar

        Lucky you! Still have to wait till Februray, I guess. Will you use SFOS (when available) or FPOS?

        • Avatar

          well honestly, i thought about it. but a) sailfish OS does not seem to support camera until now and b) my distrust in this company unfortunately has grown a lot in the last months. i do not want to start whining here this is done enough in this comment section. still, i won’t support this os and company if the mucking continues the way it did in the last months.. :/

      • Avatar

        As concerns Fairphones 2, it’s worth noticing that FP does announces a potential Sailfish port on this model.
        So, one interesting option for ‘late backers’ like me might be to propose a FP2 *with sailfish pre-installed*, for a cost that’d account for (some of) our earlier investment in Jolla.
        Indeed that’d be quite positive to me.
        I currently own a Fairphone 1, and I saw the evolution to FP2 quite negatively (abandoning the root-by-default and doubling the price). But switching to Jolla becomes indeed very tempting…

  21. Avatar

    Thanks for the last blog post of 2015!
    Being part of the small priviledged group that has already received their tablets, this just makes me more confident to keep up creating stuff and apps for Sailfish that run on different archs and display sizes etc.

    Happy, safe and prosperous new year to everyone equitably!

  22. Avatar

    Just keep telling about situation time to time and I belive support from us stay strong through waves (and storms too).

  23. Avatar

    I’d better be getting a tablet. That’s what I paid for.

  24. Avatar

    Happy new year!
    I will be among those in the next batch of tablets with a bit of luck, nice!
    PS! There is a work-a-round for batteries for Jolla phone, works fine for me (read forums).

  25. Avatar

    I still hope to get *the* tablet 🙂

    Another option might be *a* tablet from a different manufacturer, but with SailfishOS… I really want to get my hands on the tablet experience.

    A nice Puzzle/Fairphone (or possibly the Intex phone) with a fully supported SailfishOS would be neat, too, to replace the slightly aged hardware of the first Jolla.

    Of course, depending on the offer, I’d very much be willing to pay a little more than just what I contributed on IGG 😉

    • Avatar

      Me too. I would like … Or I would pay little more to get my preordered tablet 64 Gb + acessories. At maximum +100 euros in order of magnitude.

      Happy New Year All!

      • Avatar

        Dito, and +100 Euro would be my limit, too. I still would like to have my Jolla Tablet, but unfortunately it seems that this is totally out-of-reach since I have pre-ordered it in the Jolla Store.

        BTW: I never have received any e-mail from you after the pre-order, too. IMHO this is far beyond good communication to customers.

  26. Avatar

    Ah… Too bad not all of us will receive the tablet. SFOS 2.0 on this form factor would have been a fantastic experience, I guess. OTOH, it’s not unexpected after all these months.

    I wish you all the best for 2016 – keep surprising me! 🙂

    • Avatar

      @Ossi1967. I wish you a happy new year! you seems to be quality fanboy and jolla need people like you. Yeah, would really liked a tablet with sail. But Noooooooooo…

  27. Avatar

    ” In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet. However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed. We might even have some positive surprises in stock for you. But more on that will follow, feel free to speculate!”

    Fairphone2 + Sailfish would do nicely. Added advantage is it could help with the porting or testing.

  28. Avatar

    So, I will cross fingers to receive the tablet I paid for: improved to 64Gb+Lastu case+shipping included…..but probably this will be smoke again…..
    P.S.: Happy New Year!!!

  29. Avatar

    Happy New Year. Once again promises have come to nothing. If you can’t deliver the tablet the only acceptable alternative is a full refund. Nothing else will do. I hope to get a tablet (I foolishly paid for two) but we’ve had enough surprises so no more please.

  30. Avatar

    Once again Jolla refuses to acknowledge the difference between a “backer” and someone who ordered a product (note: not an idea or an investment) from their store, had money collected up-front, and now will not be receiving the product they ordered. This is not going to be settled by the IGG ToS. This is illegal activity, namely fraud, as well as contract nonfulfillment on the civil side.

    I’m happy however to report that my PayPal dispute was resolved in my favor and I have received my refund. Those of you who have had your money stolen and now have no recourse or remedy, you have my deepest sympathy. I encourage you to contact your own jurisdiction’s commerce authorities so that appropriate legal action can be taken against this ongoing fraud.

    • Avatar

      Each day I believed that Jolla will be fair and they will issue a refund to us who backed them from day one by giving them a good kick start, but in return the joke still goes on. They’ve got their money to continue their business and to return our money, but NOOO, they still take us for a fools. I am actually sick and tired of it, waiting for them to be fair and do a right thing. They screwed me couple of times (not only me, but also rest of the IGG backers and preorder buyers). I wanted to buy their tablet as a b-day present. Give it a go for a few day spin, configure it and pass it to my parents, but they played me couple of times now. I still wait for my money to be issued, so I can use it to buy something else as a b-day present for my brother (in Feb), somehow I still think that joke will be once again on my account. >:(

    • Avatar

      I too opened a dispute and it took me directly to claim, becouse the seller can not be contacted. Great, the money is on the way home.

  31. Avatar

    Although I got a Cube T8 the day before the Jolla salvage was announced, please give me a tablet running SFOS since Android is a PITA and getting worse with each release.

  32. Avatar

    Seems that still not enough money?
    Also seems that there actually is DEMAND for tablet in larger quantities.
    If there is demand,there is sales, there is money , what is the problem?
    On the other hand Jolla is not a “tablet company” Jolla is Sailfish .But Tablet still is needed for keeping sailfish alive and kicking it forward, It seems that the fellow companies which have signed for sailfish are “tenderfoots” or #big promise– no cash” companies , not coming to market with actual products.

    –> Tablets would be a real kick, refund, can not see sailfish printed to refund money…

  33. Avatar

    I was amongst August preorders and since I’m a developer I would love to get the Tablet no matter how much time it takes.

    Happy New Year to you!

    • Avatar

      Same here. I was pretty excited to start developing apps, but the Tablet fiasco dampened my enthusiasm a good bit.

      The simulator and SDK work OK (once I got past some Virtual Box issues). I also have a Nexus 5 running Sailfish OS 2 to test stuff on. I have some iOS apps that I am doing updates to and, after I get them up on the App Store, I will be try porting the apps to Sailfish OS.

  34. Avatar

    Great comedy, just bla bla again. Happy New year.Buy you a new hat;)

  35. Avatar

    I would like a free Fairphone with sail. that would be fair! Damn, I hope that is not the case, Just ordered one.

    • Avatar

      I fear the Fairphone 2 price is quite higher than our investment in the tablet. But indeed a proposal to get a Sailfish-preset Fairphone 2 downpriced from what we already sent would already be interesting.

  36. Avatar

    You really have no pride and no guts what so ever. Just refund us and stop making promises you cannot keep and you do not intend to keep.

    • Avatar

      +1 You my friend said it all..

  37. Avatar

    And you worked hard on the jolla tablet with OUR money, showing a little bit more respect would be appreciated.

  38. Avatar

    ***HAPPY NEW YEAR!***

    “(…)we will be shipping an additional small batch of the Jolla Tablet to early backers during early 2016, targeting to send invitations during January(…)”

    PLEASE, don’t forget to ship the orders that are already finalized! I finalized and payed tax two month ago – and I’m still waiting for my three tablets! 🙁

    So you are still writing things you don’t mean, I fear!

  39. Avatar

    Dear Juhanni,

    First happy new year and great to hear that you survive.

    I understand this as those of us that bought the tablet through the store also will not get it?

    I’d like a clarification on this with us eho bought the tablet soecifically addressed please!

    Have understood that it probabky would come to this but dearly looked forward ti a sailfish tablet for use and development. Such a device has huge development potentiald with the whole linux sw environment there to be spplied.

    Therefore terribly sorry to hear this end of this story. After using basicky most ises iut there I nust say Sailfish has a tremendous potential but for its longterm survival reference devices…. please continue to work on that.

  40. Avatar

    I am a big fan of free/libre software and when reading the Open Letter (, I was indeed surprised to learn that most of the money went to the OS development as I am used to get the OS for free (as free beer).

    Software has a cost and even though I am frustrated in not having get my tablet in time (maybe not at all…), I can understand the OS had to be developed. However, I am not happy knowing that my money when to a private software. Since the community paid for its development, wouldn’t be fair to open source the all OS (not the case apparently:

    And yeah, Happy New Year! 😉

    • Avatar

      I cannot agree more!

  41. Avatar

    Can someone explain me, why all the update perks were tablet related, I mean they didn’t mention software, but at last they spent all money in software instead of what was the purpose of the campaing?

    • Avatar

      The update perks were for a tablet *running Sailfish OS 2.0* – so you can’t complain that they spent money on software development. The software and hardware go hand in hand.

  42. Avatar

    Actually you’ve already given us something. Our contribution has turned into perhaps somewhat of a hardware company and distrust. You’ve lost countless developers and tarnished your name to the point that the future of Jolla is now set and tarnished the name and trust of indiegogo.

  43. Avatar

    Dear folks,

    A Jolla Tablet is a nice addition and completion to the phone. So many of us did either you back up Jolla during the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign End 2014 or did pre-order from your website during summer 2015. People deserve that promises are kept as Trust is here the key point. You should offer us backers (as equal to regular customers) a refund but if I may speculate you will offer us a redeem on the next much more powerful Jolla phone; you might even call it the ‘Jolla Phoenix’.

    I still do believe in the necessity in having an alternative OS to the rest of the world. Privacy (plesse add Slient Circle [yes, they are no for free as Privacy will not be in future], Disconnect search browser, DSecure wireless, Smarter Wi-Fi Manager,Spider Oak, K-9 Mail or Protonmail to your store), electronic waste and programmed obsolescence are other issues to me.

    Best regards, hopefully entered 2016 AD!

  44. Avatar

    After having read this sad excuse for an update, I can only repeat myself: you guys deserve to go out of business, and hopefully none of you will ever be able to find another job again where you have the ability to steal people’s money.
    Man the way you brag about your recent achievements and the solutions up your sleeves for tables backers… you really have no decency at all, don’t you?

    • Avatar

      Sorry boys, but if Jolla get out of business, we lose any alternative to Google and Apple.
      Against this, I’m definitely ready to respend *happily* the same amount of money I already paid.

      I leave it to sillies to endlessly moan and groan about contractual terms.
      By paying Jolla I didn’t pass a contract. I supported the only alternative to G/A. We just do not consider life at the same level.

      Much more critical to me, I’d say, were the last attempts I saw, a couple of months ago, when Sailfish evolved an extra advertisement-related panel in a move obviously headed to getting ad revenues. That, was a pity. A very understandable one in these dire circumstances, but a pity. I hope when the dust settles someone will publish a reasonable trick to kill said panel…

      • Avatar

        > if Jolla get out of business, we lose any alternative to Google and Apple.

        Have you even heard about Ubuntu phone, KDE mobile, Replicant, SHR and all the other (truly) open mobile operating systems?.. Sailfish is just a yet another paid, proprietary, closed-source OS which is not much of an “alternative” to anything. Go ahead and throw away more of your money, but please don’t misinform other people.

        • Avatar

          Not only I heard of them, I own an Openmoko, a device which appeared, what: 6 years before these. But I’m talking of actually workable systems, daily.

  45. Avatar

    I think jolla planning another IGG campaign and we will get a opt-in.

    • Avatar

      IGG should not allow this company to start another campaign, and if this does happen I want an opt-out feature.

      • Avatar

        if they are allowed to create one, I hope many of us will ask for its cancellation.
        I sure will.

  46. Avatar

    Incredible careless greetings, still no plan how to satisfy all your loyal backers.

  47. Avatar

    You mentioned sending invitations in January. But what about us very first IGG supporters that already received an invitation, fulfilled our order, paid for the taxes and accessories – and never received the tablet, instead received an apology that the factory was unable to produce the 32GB version AND that our orders were “top priority and are next in line for dispatch”? Are our orders still top priority and next in line for dispatch? I’m a bit worried as you only mentioned sending apparently new invitations…

  48. Avatar


    Happy new year.
    What about the pre-order? Do you do a difference between contributor and pre-order, because I do.

    Hope we will have some explanation.


  49. Avatar

    For me this topic is out of question: I don’t want the tablet anymore. I want a full refund for my tablet (64GB) including the mapbagrag-bag I ordered.
    And I don’t want a jPhone or anything else.
    I backed up in exchange for a tablet which should be delivered 6 months ago and wasn’t. Nothing else.
    Give the tablet to somebody who wants it. I’m out.

  50. Avatar

    When will we get the option to refund or this hidden solution?

    • Avatar

      I am all ears. I want my money as soon as possible so I can use it for birthday present (the one that I missed two time back in may, and September). I am afraid that I will miss it again due to Jolla’s slow response of issuing a refund. 🙁

  51. Avatar

    I’m starting to loose patience.
    “In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet.”
    That, to me, seems rather arrogant to say. I have no idea of my position in the queue, and you seem to refuse to give any numbers.
    -How many tablets are sent out to backers?
    -How many do you expect, or even guess, to send out?
    (-Where can I find my queue position?)

    I do not own a Jolla phone, and therefore outside the Sailfish family. I thought the OS was a great idea, but after waiting for so long without a device to try it out on, it really hard to stay positive for an operating system that may not even exists for all I’ve seen of it in real life.

    I’ve did feel Sailfish on a tablet was a great idea, and not only ordered one for myself, but for my wife as well. After that, you’ve only hit us with one disappointment after another, and never given any real clues to when, if at all, the devices would be ready. You take our money, and the keep us totally in the dark with only vague reports of problems and delays.

    I don’t really expect to actually get the tablet any longer, and just feel fooled. You laid out the bait, and I was fool enough to believe you. Even if the tablet(s) somewhat against all odds should arrive, the experience of waiting in the dark has already fully killed the enthusiasm and the first experience of Sailfish OS is bound to be a disappointment – not because its bad (I hope), but because the negative feel has had so long time to build up, so no matter how brilliant the OS might be, it can’t any longer make it worth spending that kind of money on, and I will always feel a kind of embarrassment using it. I will definitely not be a device I show around and be a proud owner of.

    In the beginning, vague reports and hidden promises was almost kind of cute. Now it only shows your complete lack of care. If you really do care about your backers, what about trying to show it by giving more hard facts and figures, and actually say what options you think of – even if it should turn out to be above your ability?

    You are so beyond “possible surprises” now…

  52. Avatar

    Happy new year!
    I hope 2016 will carry better winds than the last year did

  53. Avatar

    Please send $400 to every backer

    • Avatar

      I know that you are being sarcastic now, but honestly even if they would do this, I would not take it, I would only accept what is mine and that is 270$ what I’ve paid with my credit card…

    • Avatar

      This is not funny Dave. I do not want $400. I want only my own money that I foolishly gave Jolla.

      • Avatar

        I agree. only my own money, and I am out of here for good.

  54. Avatar

    So in other words those of us who paid for this on preorder are getting bugger all? Best call the credit card company and ask them to cancel this transaction as the goods have not been supplied. Legitimate companies wouldn’t charge until the item has been shipped. Jolla have fraudulently taken my money and broken the contract of supply and purchase of goods and services. I wasn’t an investor I was a purchaser of a finished item that has never appeared. I like many others want a refund immediately.

  55. Avatar

    “In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet” — I think you mean this:

    “In other words, not all of our backers will get a Jolla Tablet”

    Right, Juhani? Hey, this makes a HUGE difference!

    • Avatar

      I guess so. I wanted to mention this, too, but you were first. (I read all the comments and am surprised that you are the first one to point this out…)

      • Avatar

        Juhani, is the “you will not be empty handed” a full refund?

    • Avatar

      I think it is clear already: “we are happy to say that we will be shipping an additional small batch of the Jolla Tablet to early backers during early 2016”

  56. Avatar

    The only news in this blog post is, that now for sure, some people wont get a tablet…

    All other stuff in this post is just disinformation … Guys from Jolla, do you really expect me to trust you any more? You fooled us now several times!

    And no you’re not “as open as you can be”. You must know now how many people will not get their tablet. Why are you not offering refunds already? Then you know how many people do not want to get the tablet anymore. More tablets for the guys who still want to get one.

    Damn i missed one thing… you don’t have money for refund …

    Come up with some real news, but not with this bullshit of telling nothing!

    • Avatar

      +1 please refund money to all backers and dont fooled us. Please inform us how you Will refund money to backers.
      Ps.Jolla team happy new year and be proud and fair to backers…

  57. Avatar

    why don’t you find a way to refund a contributor that does not want the tablet anymore ?!?

  58. Avatar

    Voisiko Jolla kirkoittaa tuosta Tabletin lähetystilanteesta johonkin ihan selvällä suomenkielelläkin? Kaikki ei englannin murretta osaa.

  59. Avatar


    Why do you publish this important news (“all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet”) via this blog, not via e-mail to the individual Indigogo backers directly ?
    If I can’t saw this news through some media by chance, I would not know this important news even now !

    I am waiting for your response.

  60. Avatar

    The fact that the tablet can be purchased from China, yet backers and those who pre-ordered from Jolla cannot take delivery of items already paid for is sickening.

  61. Avatar

    I think people could freely organise some auction where people can sell their tablet subscription to those who want to go for the risk to get one or none. So why people aren’t putting their subscription on ebay and give it a price?

    BTW, a lot of those with loud noises haven’t really understood the difference between prepaid sales and crowdfunding. So for the next time you folks subscribe crowdfunding, note that it means you participate in the risk. Like for that never happened. In fact the crowd acts like a Venture capitalist. And a VC can lose money.

    I think what they do wrong at jolla is that they do not issue the real price tag for the tablet that makes it cost effective. Because they seem to believe that a lot of people would then go for an ipad or other tablet. I think people at jolla are wrong in that respect.

    • Avatar

      Selling subscriptions or contracts on eBay is non-trivial. eBay rules state that the seller is solely responsible for making sure all parts of the contract are followed, and any transfer of ownership of the contract is subject to the rules defined for such a scenario in the original contract text.

      I have no idea what the Jolla Tablet pre-order/funding contract entails, but I’d assume most people don’t embark on auctioning off their orders due to the amount of work involved.

  62. Avatar

    I paid for a Jolla tablet when they first went on sale (i.e a buyer, NOT an investor).

    Tomorrow (Sunday 03.01.2016) I will contact my credit card company with regard to a refund.

    Frankly – I’ve heard enough waffle.
    For me – Jolla has run out of rope.

    • Avatar

      That’s my order canceled (09.00, Monday 04.01.2016)

      Let’s see how long it takes to get my money back.

      I’ll report back.

      • Avatar

        Refund now appears on my Paypal, although not yet forwarded to my credit card (I assume it takes time to clear the refund).

        Lost a tiny bit in shifts in the UK Sterling to Euro exchange rate, I think

  63. Avatar

    “The bad news here is that we are not able to complete the production to fulfill all contributions. In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Table.” Does this mean that not everyone will get a tablet at all, or just in this batch? “However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed.”What, like a Jolla phone? Stickers? What exactly will we receive in stead of our tablets?

    I understand you all have gone though tough times, but you must be more forthcoming about the details! What do you have in mind for the replacement for the tablets? Details! It is ok if you do not know, just say so.

    I am truly sorry for all this! This series of mishaps have been devastating, but not as much as the lack of details pertaining to them! Yes you have said time and time again in many blog posts the tablets will be delayed, but only vaguely. It is like you speak in riddles, only conveying enough truth and details to keep us from dissenting, but not enough to keep us from complaining!

    Jolla is a for profit company developing Sailfish OS, a mostly open source software project and partnerships with OEM’s around the world. That is your niche. How do you think your prospective partners feels about partnering with Jolla when they know you have a history of telling half-truths and obfuscating the rest? Not good!

    I look forward to my new shiny sticker!

  64. Avatar

    But more on that will follow…


    • Avatar

      Honestly, if they would issue a full refund now, the would avoid all that sh*** with angry backers/buyers. People would move on and forget all about it in month or two…, Unfortunately they decided to keep stalling with that money refund, and most of us still have feelings that they are still keep playing jokes on us.

  65. Avatar

    First, i wish you all the best for this year at Jolla and that the journey is going on!!!!
    For my own, i would pay another 150 € to get the tablet i contribute, but on the otherside, i think it’s an investment for the future of sailfish, so if it must be i don’t want a refund as a final decission, but not on an easy way. So, do your best to find a way for all backers!!!!
    I have done my part as to order an second phone to do something against death valley one. And i get it early morning on christmas day 🙂
    and was surprised about the early production date (01.2014 – my first jolla has 12.2014), so i can explain for myself, that there must be many of phones on stock, which should be go on sale too!!! 🙂

    • Avatar

      So you had to pass a series of updates? What version of OS was the phone came?

      • Avatar

        No update were need, it came with Saimaa. (The original seal of the package was cut and there was a new seal.)

  66. Avatar

    “The bad news here is that we are not able to complete the production to fulfill all contributions. In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet.”

    I volunteer to accept a full refund of my contributions for the tablet, RAM upgrade, and lastu case so that your limited supply of hardware can be allocated to any others who still care about this failed project. I’d settle for actually receiving the hardware I signed up for.

  67. Avatar

    My suggestion is that you just pay to prometheus and other frustrated guys to clean up the comment section of every single future blog post. It’s very bad publicity if over half of the comments in official blog are whining about tablet. If you end up with spare tablets after refund, just sell them to people who are willing to pay money for non-android, non-windows, non-apple tablet (preferably one with sailfish 2.0). I for example want one.

    • Avatar

      > half of the comments

      Where did you see a “half”? This Blog had half of enraged comments in September 2014. Now it has ~90% of them and most of remaining 10% are fanboys with koolaid intoxication.

      • Avatar

        Weren’t you able to see which word I used before “half”? I don’t have time nor interest to count all the comments and calculate percenta. And as I’ve owned Jolla phone only for 2 months, I wouldn’t yet call myself a fanboy – just a regular customer who wanted to try something differenent after previous disappointments (Nokia, iphone and android)). Oops, almost did the same mistake as you did and missed the word “most”…

    • Avatar

      I agree. When they issue my refund, I am out of here for good. They can delete all the comments, or do whatever they want. Jolla will not be my problem anymore.

      • Avatar

        Hey, prometheus!

        Did you open the refund dispute? How does it work? Any answer from Jolla? Could you post somewhere your compilation of Jolla’s misinformation you used for that dispute?


  68. Avatar

    What one may see here is one of the big drawbacks of sites like IGG and Kickstarter: Even the fool who ‘invests’ in the most expensive ‘perk’ has less rights than any professional investor. As a compensation for his investment, the latter gets a share of the company, and if things come out as expected, the value of this share will be higher than the initial investment. On the other hand, the IGG supporter will never get more than a product at a discounted price. Therefore, in the end these ‘crowdfunding’ platforms are far more comparable to lotteries than to anything else, and the jolla tablet is a very good example for this principle: I expect that with the inital plans that made up the respective IGG campaign, no professional investor would have committed any financial support – and maybe even worse: What if the investors that came after the IGG ‘fools’ had promised to give money only if Jolla previously had prooven to raise money from other sources (ideally which were not related to real fullfillment pressure)?

  69. Avatar

    LOL, you are kidding? What? You are fuckin’ crazy. Return me ALL my money, bastards

    • Avatar

      it is obvious a non stop joke on IGG backers and preorder buyers…

  70. Avatar

    “In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet. However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed. We might even have some positive surprises in stock for you. But more on that will follow, feel free to speculate!”
    LOL, you’ll never guess what happened, guys! We don’t have the tablets for you. But we have something BETTER! Maybe you should try and guess what it is. Not that we DON’T have a plan on how to make good on this, we totally do, but what do YOU think would be a good thing for us to do. Please, do our work for us in addition to financing us.

    “we are as open as possible in our communications, since we don’t have 100% clarity on all details, and we don’t want to promise things that we can’t keep.”
    Yes, that would be a horrible thing to do to the people who put their trust and money behind you.

    “Of course you can argue that we’ve done that before, but honestly we have always communicated things based on good faith.”
    I’m sure all everyone who backed you wanted was some good faith. Never mind actually delivering anything, as long as you do it in good faith.

    Oh, by the way, now that you’ve managed to “solve the immediate financing struggle” and are again “back in business” (What business is that exactly? Do I have permission to speculate?) you wouldn’t mind backing my crowdfunding project, would you? I’ll promise to always communicate with you in good faith and be as 100% open as possible, and I might deliver something really awesome to you some day. You can send all contributions as BTC to 1LUuEJnYmeM73QMD7ZjzheP1DmVHGiL6M. Thanks in advance!

    • Avatar

      > you wouldn’t mind backing my crowdfunding project, would you? I’ll promise to always communicate with you in good faith and be as 100% open as possible, and I might deliver something really awesome to you some day. You can send all contributions as BTC to 1LUuEJnYmeM73QMD7ZjzheP1DmVHGiL6M. Thanks in advance!

      You are a great Entrepreneur. I already advertised your campaign among my friends. It really has this feel of Antti’s School of Crowdfunding.

  71. Avatar

    Sigh. Another harsh lesson in communication for those willing to learn it. When you have a track record of messing up, you don’t get make cutesy mystery promises. You don’t have social relationship with your customers anymore. You just have annoyed customers.

  72. Avatar

    TabletGate 2016 continues…This Will be epic.

    • Avatar

      Can somebody please explain what the hell is “TabletGate”?..

      • Avatar

        According to “My Opinion” AND “My Gut feel” NOT “Majority opinion”
        1. For Frustrated and Livid Jolla backers – 90% – NOT GATE
        2. For Frustrated, understanding audience – 9.9999% – OR GATE
        3. Me personally – remaining one – NAND GATE
        Now, don’t shoot the messenger.. 😀

        • Avatar

          +1 to your karma for a clever joke.

  73. Avatar

    While I am frustrated with the wait for my tablet, I understand the potential realities for a start up. With something like an indiegogo campaign you always have to understand the possibility of failure–and yes, there has been failure in this campaign. But, I supported the campaign to get a tablet, but also because I believe in the project that is Jolla. I am hoping for more Sailfish products (what I really want is the release of a phone that that works in the US). Keep going.

    • Avatar

      You know, your post “crosses the line twice” and becomes not stupid but hilarious. The only missing thing is some nautical metaphor.

      • Avatar

        Hey SchropfeMich,
        Or you could keep that sort of “thing” to yourself. The only thing missing from your reply is a metaphor for your preforming uncomfortable onanistic acts.
        If you don’t like the project then “leave”.

  74. Avatar

    An Google Nexus 9 tabled would be a nice option as a refound.

  75. Avatar

    By the way
    Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional.”

    A Communications professional??? His English is mediocre and he uses just the right words to piss people off! Hire a real PR guy people and make this guy and Antti Saarnio shut up. They are making things worse.

    • Avatar

      Lassila and Saarnio are OK.

      • Avatar

        Define “OK”, please. For me constantly feeding loyal userbase with lies, obnoxious hypocrisy, and horrible mismanagement are NOT “ok”. Quite the opposite, actually.

    • Avatar

      How possible do you attack a non native English speaker on the fact his English is not perfect? It only shows aggressiveness and doesn’t improve the discussion.

      • Avatar

        Are you kidding or what?.. He is a frigging PR. At the very least he MUST be able to make himself clear (none of that “all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet” pidgin English).

      • Avatar

        Because “. The project altogether had some serious unexpected setbacks in the autumn, and we were forced to postpone the whole project schedule many times – these were communicated in several blog posts along the summer and autumn.”.

        It doesn’t really matter how correct the english is if they’re writing the wrong things. He is a PR guy.

        but unfortunately the PR in this case means misdirections and almost outright lies calibre of communications.

        the tablet money was paid as salaries to the employees. end of story. the only serious setback was that they did not pay the bill to the manufacturer and thus the manufacturer stuck the stuff on taobao.

        so the pr here is to just put a spin on it and to promise vaguely that some people will get tablets. never mind the obligation to honor the preorders or go bankrupt.

      • Avatar

        Oh My God I am going to have a stroke from all the stupidity gathered in these forums. He is claiming to be an INTERNATIONAL PR & Communications PROFESSIONAL. Whether we like it or not English is the de facto international communications language. When one claims to be a professional at something he must be above average, above advanced he must be one of the best so he should know better. Further more if this is your job you must proof read and check what you write. We live in a world that you have so many tools for checking for errors and finding stuff out that a 10 year old with a tablet (obviously not a Jolla tablet, sorry couldn’t resist) can do a better job. So all I can see is a piss-poor job and indifference.
        Also to have a discussion one must respond and provide input. This is not a discussion by their choice.
        To conclude I am not aggressive, I just demand high standards especially when I have paid such a large sum and when I have been deceived.

        • Avatar

          I love when people complain about the English of foreigners since I met many native English-speakers doing more mistakes than what you can read here.

          By the way, what you call bad English is Globish. You have the right not to like it but this is the international English and not the pure English from England.

          • Avatar

            So just because native speakers make mistakes it is OK for a PR professional not to be able to communicate properly? Epic logic failure.
            So in Globish it is “on good faith” and “all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet” means that only some will receive a tablet etc.? Where do they teach Globish maybe they teach your kind of logic too.

  76. Avatar

    “feel free to speculate”
    – you refund us for Kalakukko

    • Avatar


      This actually sounds like a kinda nice option

  77. Avatar

    “feel free to speculate”
    – you refund us for inviting us to dinner your mom

  78. Avatar

    “feel free to speculate”
    – you refund us for customed sticker saying “IGG is not a shop”
    some other else??

    • Avatar

      They will send us vaseline and a rocco siffredi dildo.

      • Avatar

        You guys are awesome. I feel like I’m reading /b/.

        Honestly, I would stop reading this excuse for a blog a long time ago if it wasn’t for the comment section.

        • Avatar

          “Tabletgate” is just a name given to this whole fiasco the word “gate” has been added to controversial events ever since the whole President Nixon Watergate scandal in the USA in the 70’s.

          • Avatar

            Sorry, haha, this was suppose to be under your question about “tabletgate”.

            • Avatar

              Thanks man, I live and learn

  79. Avatar

    I gave up on the Jolla tablet and ended up buying an iPad.

    Say what you will about Apple, at least they pretend to have some respect for us.

  80. Avatar

    A sticker saying “Jolla Tablet… Unlikely” will be nice. I will stick it to my iPad.

    And speculating even more. If the first batch was around 300 units and was called very small then I would say the second batch (which at first belived to be a lion share) is now a small batch, then I would guess no more than 1000 units. So Jolla would be able to ship no more than 1300 units out of 6000. Which is sad because as a 2nd December contributor I will get only the “Unlikeley” sticker.

  81. Avatar

    Hi, thanks for the update. Happy sailing!
    The only thing I was looking for in the tablet was a nice-looking hackable device I could run demos for my customers on. I’m used to show them UI concepts written in QtQuick on an old 10inch PC tablet.

  82. Avatar

    I’m not one of the early backers. I thus expect to be either in the camp which will get a tablet very late, or not at all. That simply will not do. It’s too late already, the product does not have much technical value anymore, it’s nearly obsolete. This is like OpenPandora all over again.

    What is the procedure to get a refund? I see no other solution at this point. I have no interest in some other kind of alternative “reward”, what I need I will buy, it’s extremely unlikely that anything out of the blue would match anything I need.

    So, how do I get a refund?

  83. Avatar

    @Jolla: I hope you understand this will be an extremely bad thing for your community? Contributors will avoid Jolla software and hardware, and may even become anti-fanboys. For instance, at this moment I am considering what to do if I would be one of the people not receiving the tablet. Such as donating Canonical twice the amount of the money I donated to you, to foster Ubuntu Phone software such as Mir…

  84. Avatar

    Hi Jolla,
    why not buying a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2.
    Installing Sailfish on it and send us this pad as replacement for the jolla tablet.
    We are waiting more than a year!
    Happy new year

    • Avatar

      @JuhaniLassila I really don’t mean to be rude – I haven’t spelled it out since @AnttiSaarnios last blog in December but I thought it was a matter of pride to the jollan people ( aka management ) to actually buy out the abandonned lot of 32GB-tablets from Taobao and have them delivered in January to show some respect and commitment. Even from Antti’s pocket.
      From the trolley picture posted on Tabao, at least 21 x 10 tablets are “on stock” and available.
      There are numerous early stage management commitment examples throughout the last 40yrs of IT history … not beginning with Michael Dell and not ending with Steve Job’s 1$-salary …

      I put it as an option there:

      P.S.: Did you notice, this blog lights up like a Christmas tree upon Ctrl-F* “tablet” ?


      *) a well-known standard browser feature still missing by SFOS 2.0. Any plans ? Maybe the TOHKBD guys will be quicker on that 😉 ….

  85. Avatar
    Time is over.

    Anyway I’d prefer to receive the tablet and NOT a refund.
    Obsolete hardware?
    I am using very happily my Jolla Phone that IS REALLY AN OBSOLETE PHONE but still faster than some modern Android OS device.
    So the Tablet Hardware will be ok because it runs Sailfish OS. And I am not looking for any other tablets, I hate Android OS and iOS…becuase the look obsolete and slow to me.

    But please, deliver them to IGG backers and normal customers. Everything will be fine after you deliver them.

  86. Avatar

    Happy New Year! I hope next Year you will do better, because last Year you just made a heap of HJç(*¶è#! Sorry to say that, but what was so difficult to produce a tablet? I could live with a tablet with little mistakes, but i don’t accept that you fooling the community which has supported you! Please give us backers the information whether we get the tablet soon, or just give a full refund. Everthing else is not acceptable and unprofessional.

  87. Avatar

    refund! refund! refund!
    I want a full refund, like many others.

    a sastisfied customer (even potential) is the best commercial,
    a disappointed one is the worst commercial!

    guess which side I am …

  88. Avatar

    Can I now take Option 2? (From November when I tried to get a refund)…

    “Hello and thank you for your message.

    We offer contributors two options:

    Option 1: Our 14-day return policy for the Tablet, meaning that after having received a Tablet, one would have 14 days from that point in which to initiate a return.
    (Read more about the policy here)

    Option 2: We can take note that you would not like to receive the Tablet – effectively putting a “hold” on your Tablet’s shipment. Then, once we have shipped all the tablets, we will get back to you with more info regarding the refund.

    Should you choose option 1, there’s nothing more required from you.

    However, if you choose option 2, please get back to us at your earliest convenience by replying to this message.

    Jolla Customer Care”

    Though I’m thinking the January deliveries may be another “lion’s share” of broken promises.

  89. Avatar

    Sorry to be the one to tell you. Your tablet is MIA!

    • Avatar

      I’d rather say the tablet is KIA.

  90. Avatar

    I believe you mean to say, “not all of our backers will get a Jolla Tablet”. Said the way you wrote it, it makes it sound to native-English speakers like none of the backers will get a Jolla Tablet!

  91. Avatar

    I’m glad for the updated, however I’m deeply disappointed in the statement that you won’t even be trying to make the effort to fully fulfilling even all of the original IndieGoGo pledged tablets. I was going to use the Tablet as a gateway into possibly buying the phone (or future phones) for Sailfish, but sadly I don’t see this happening now because of the broken promise.

    I understood most of the hardware delays, crap happens, especially with smaller companies and manufacturing. The financial troubles, well, that sucked, but OK. But having now said that financially they are out of the woods (for now), but won’t even do a full run to produce all of the tablets that were backed for? Not good enough. And saying “you won’t leave empty handed, we’ll get you something” isn’t good enough for me. Jolla needed to state with some decent specification WHAT the alternative was going to be for me to feel that they are taking care of me. I don’t feel that way.

    So, I guess I’m just going to be sitting here waiting to figure out WTF Jolla is going to do like the rest of you.

    • Avatar

      Exactly. Saying “we’re back in business but we won’t fulfill our promises” is unacceptable. I’ve remained silent so far but this got me extremely disappointed.

      I also understand that unexpected troubles may come in way, causing delays etc. Although having backed a project that got five times more founding than asked for and hearing that the project is in jeopardy due to financial problems…that’s quite surprising.

      I backed the project because I wanted a Sailfish OS powered tablet. I don’t really care about the hardware being “obsolete”. There’s nothing like obsolete. It needs to be fast with the software running on it. As far as this goal can be reached with “obsolete” hardware (and it can for sure, look at the Jolla phone), I don’t care.

      If Jolla cannot deliver a Sailfish OS tablet, that’s very disappointing because that was the very reason for backing this very project. I can live with a refund but it’s really disappointing.

      But the last message from Jolla is not only disappointing. It’s _totally_ unacceptable. One can’t say that they’re okay but they won’t fulfill the promise. If that’s “back in business”, then what business is that?

      • Avatar

        +1. Very disappointing. On recent behaviour, it would appear that Jolla Oy wouldn’t be able to organise a piss-up in a brewery. And please don’t waste time forecasting what’s going to occur in 2016 – resolve the tablet problem now and let individuals know whether they’ll receive one or not. Otherwise you’re just back in the bullshit business Jolla. xxx

      • Avatar

        I will tell you what business they are in, they are in the business of taking the money and run, within the limits of the law.

        • Avatar

          I don’t see them being within the limits of the law…

  92. Avatar

    Jolla should advise each of the backers whether they are amongst the select few that will get a tablet or not as soon as possible, so that one can get one of those tablets sold in China, if still needed.

    If not, a refund should be issued, including the payments for the shipping and the other perks.

  93. Avatar

    Ah nice. Since I am in the end of the tablet queue, could you please give refunds to those who are demanding them, so I move up? =) Thank you! With you till the last moment.

  94. Avatar

    Sooo, Jolla basically tells backers: thanks for dishing out money to support our salaries while we were looking for investments but we won’t back up our end of the deal?
    Oh yes, that will fly well with the thousands of people who will get shafted(probably me included). I am not sure how many US backers they had, but I am willing to bet there are enough to mount a legal grass roots backlash … not to mention the bad PR storm in the social media. It has killed companies before. You do not want to do this, Jolla. Give the people what you promised and what they payed for!

    • Avatar

      Yes. You are a damn right with all your writing.
      There are many people all around the world to support you.

  95. Avatar

    Please, give the detailed information of shipping soon. I am a backer of december 2014, and like to know, if i get a device or not.

    • Avatar

      The good joke is that to get it you will have to pay extra money (VAT) with few chance to get it anyway.
      It is a never ending story.

  96. Avatar

    Hello Jolla,
    First of all I wish you a better year than 2015.
    But back to business: I agree with many comments that this news about the tablet is disappointing. In such circumstances, it is awkward to use a word as speculation EXCEPT if you have an equivalent or better deal for us IGG backers. But I don’t expect that to happen.
    So, what are decent offers to solve this problem?
    Maybe you can offer us a jollaphone for, let’s say, €100,- and return the rest of our money as a refund.
    Another possibility is to buy the jolla tablets at the Chinese site and change the Android for Sailfish.
    A total refund to people who want to opt out would not only be a third option, but a logical and decent thing to do as well.
    I am still curious about Sailfish, so I hope SF2.0 will be send to me on a device anyhow.

    • Avatar

      Hi Jolla,
      I thought I made a pretty common sense comment above… What’s your reason to keep it in moderation?

  97. Avatar

    Good to hear about financing.

    Next comes the Tablet issue.
    I’m personally OK with a limited production + compensation (if good enough) for everyone else … though I highly doubt all backers will feel the same.

    Jolla’s next challenge will definitely be the “The Tablet Issue”.

    Next, their’s still the (IMO even more important) issue with licensing of the OS.

    Nevertheless, congratulations with the financing.

    • Avatar

      “Antti is an emerging market and technology business adventurer, an entrepreneur and a strategist. He’s speciality is to create and grow companies: the bigger the agenda – the better; more impossible – the better.”

      Something like Jolla’s tablet agenda perhaps?

      “Antti’s core skills are in growth company and investment management, business strategies, financial modeling, and management models. His special talent and interest areas include M&A, fund raising (+50MUSD raised), growth company management, and working in emerging markets.”

      I would think it’s essential for your credibility to show now that you’re able to deliver on your promises.

      Maybe you should consider concentrating on Jolla for now instead of embarking on new adventures.

    • Avatar

      “Sami is a passionate entrepreneur and strong visionary on combining modern technologies to innovate and productise market changing ideas to real life commercial products.”

      The Jolla tablet needs you!

    • Avatar

      For F**** sake they cannot do it for them and they want to help others.
      I think it will be something like this:
      Lesson 1) Grab money
      Lesson 2) Run
      Lesson 3) Help others do the same

  98. Avatar

    Let me speculate:

    1) Jolla took our tablet money, spent it happily for all sorts of things except product delivery.
    (this one is rather obvious at this point in time)

    2) Juhani Lassila is actually paid by another company to sabotage the Jolla endeavour. There is clumsy, there is unprofessional and then there is intentional. The wording of these articles are beyond clumsy and unprofessional. Who in their right mind would carefully craft blog posts like this one if it was not to deliberately piss off people. 90% of the text is: “Everything is super duper!”, 10% is: “oh, btw. no tablets, but who cares!” with the added “Feel free to speculate!” – I mean… seriously… “Feel free to speculate!”?! Is that what you tell people after breaking to them that you can’t fulfill your promise to deliver a product because the money they trusted you with evaporated? This master piece of PR communication is a total train wreck and the final keystone in a long history of adding insult to injury. It is the written form of spitting into the faces of your loyal and trusting community members. As said, I refuse to accept that this is happening unintentionally but have to assume sabotage. hey… speculating! right?

    3) Jolla never intended to build and deliver tablets themselves. As they claimed, they are mostly an IP/Software company, they needed the funds to continue lodging in the comfortable offices in Ruoholahti, developing their software with only tangential respect for the community as outlined by not delivering a number of promised and easy-to–deliver but yet undelivered features. e.g. the remaining little bits of SIP integration (mainly audio routing) amongst others. Just have a look at the roadmap. In the meanwhile they were looking for a partner to whom they could license their software and who would in return build and deliver the tablet to Jolla’s fundraising lemmings as part of an IP-licensing deal. This would have been perfect for Jolla as they didn’t need to go through the partially unknown and labor/funding intensive territory of device manufacturing but let a professional IP-licensing client do it. They in return know what they are doing, as they are manufacturing this stuff anyway and would have been blessed with one of the less-crappier user experiences available today. Chances are however that nobody in the target group of device builders really cared about user experiences.

    4) The “positive surprises” will be another insult aimed to kill off the last remaining supporters of the Jolla endeavour. Because if there has been one thing of consistency in the past months: every carefully nursed hope was soon to be disappointed. Sometimes with stoogeries like the mail to backers that there are “great news!!1!!11” which then turned out to offer you to buy a second tablet. *slowclap* So, whatever you imagine how crappy the “positive surprise” will be, prepare to be surprised with an even worse and insulting “compensation”.

    That said… congratulations to adding insult to injury and congratulations for killing “people power”.

    Jolla: Finnish idiom for “That ship has sailed”

  99. Avatar

    Please, send out emails to all contributors, with serial number. I was in first thousand at igg. And some body who bought it after me already got it.
    It looks like you took away my chance to be the first one again… And still don’t know, will i get it or not.

    • Avatar


      I pledged the campaign on its first minute (contributor #32 according to the IGG counter). A lot of people who paid later than me already got the tablet, while I received nothing, not even an explanation what the problem is. Just some vague hint that my problem is that I’m Russian.

      • Avatar

        At least they said they’re strategically serving BIRCS ….

  100. Avatar

    Jolla touts this year as a year of growth, while still not being able to give a definitive answer to the tablet backers. This blog post is all that you have to tell us after your big end-of-year meeting, at which the tablet was priority issue? AYFKM?

    I’ve been patiently waiting for months, and reading each new blog post in which “more info” is promised but none is actually delivered. I’ve written privately to Jolla starting almost two months ago, and I merely received the same form letters in response as some of those posted by others in this forum. And now the new year has dawned with no real news on last year’s MWC tablet of the year…

    So I am adding now my voice to the chorus here. I demand a refund.

    The Chinese (taobao) are still selling the tablets that we paid for (and for a price lower than the backers paid – currently it’s the dollar equivalent of 151.29). This is obviously why many people will not get the tablets for which they paid. Someone else is getting them. And someone else is cutting a profit off of selling them a second time. Don’t give me this crap about IGG not being a store, etc., because the tablets were actually produced and are being sold. IGG may not be a store, but taobao is, and they’re selling the tablets that we paid for via IGG! I’m pretty sure that by any stretching of the terms of use, this is not how IGG is supposed to work.

    Jolla, why can’t you stop these illegal and supposedly unauthorized sales? Is your legal department that weak? If you cannot handle this, which should be a cut and dry ceast-and-desist procedure, how are you going to handle the potential legal challenges that are coming your way?

    As many people as possible should contact IGG with the taobao information, and start looking into legal remedies. One good place to start is here:

    As for Jolla, your “year of growth” might just include “growth” in knowledge of the US court system this year! Feel free to speculate!

    • Avatar

      I very much like your use of the “Feel free to speculate!” catch phrase! Ingenious!

      • Avatar

        Glad you liked it.

        The initial use of that phrase by Juhani left me absolutely floored. Talk about tone-deaf.

  101. Avatar

    Why are you dragging this out? Why would you even want to ship more tablets? They will be a constant drain as far as support goes. Just tell us what the consolation prize is, send it out and move on from this fiasco.

  102. Avatar

    I want red suite Mr CEO used at the release party as compensation. Done deal?

    • Avatar

      Then I want Juhani’s ear-flapped hat

      • Avatar

        Can’t promise you that. But it sounds fair.

        • Avatar

          Ok I book award for best tablet from MWC )))

          • Avatar

            honestly, this whole story didn’t only damage the prestige of jolla and IGG. i will also have a rather bad feeling when i hear “best tablet of MWC by trusted reviews” in future.. 😀

            Hope the compensation we get is something i can stick into the lastu case…. :/ maybe the jolla ebook reader – supported by a crowdfunding campaign to port sailfish os to e-ink displays.. 😀

            • Avatar

              … well, the jolla tablet unfortunately showcased the risks involved with a newcomer. But awards by nature only honor achievement which has been recognized so far 😉 … other than that it would be a posthumous lifetime achievement award.

              • Avatar

                for that comment you will get a chair from jolla office as compensation.

                • Avatar

                  😀 thanks Dave !
                  [ pat on back 😉 ]

                  … actually the concept was convincing and the timing was right – that why many of us embarked. Ex post of course a completely different story. I still don’t know why they pushed out Marc. Maybe he actually felt more commited to serve the backers of the campaign than Intex in the background …

  103. Avatar

    I’m curious, what kind of surprise Jolla will have in stock for me. I speculate, we will get any informations during the next 12 months, latest with the new year’s greetings for 2017…

    Until that, I’m looking at my empty LastuCase, which lies around for about 5 months, and I think, I waste my money for that.

  104. Avatar

    Death of a Tablet:
    Take the remaining tablets, grind them up into dust, put the dust into thousands of tiny urns and send them out to all of us dear supporters. That way we can all mourn the loss… And we’ll all receive some Jolla Tablet. Just don’t breath the dust.

    Death of a Company:
    It’s apparent that no more tablets will be produced. Sadly the only option now is refunds or an alternative device. Even at this point it will be near impossible to regain the trust and goodwill of the community. Nothing hurt you more than your lack of communication. I find it amusing that the about section of states: “Without our community, Jolla would not exist.” Indeed, Jolla’s days are numbered without us. Jolla’s ability to redeem themselves to us is their only savior.

    I wish they will do it. I doubt that they will…

  105. Avatar

    I must have really struck a nerve, because my first ever attempt at a Jolla blog comment has been “awaiting moderation” for almost four hours, while numerous other critical posts have since gone up.

    Keep building good will with your ‘sailors,’ Jolla!

  106. Avatar

    Communication is the key. You should update us daily and reply to all questions in order to keep our trust.
    I am not disappointed because I will probably not get my tablet, but because you are silent for months.
    Probably you want us to forget about you… but be assured we will not, and our lawyers as well.

  107. Avatar

    Jolla won’t publish my comments from yesterday — the first one is over 19 hours old.

  108. Avatar

    Did someone think about doing a Sailfish image on Intel/AMD architecture ? Because if is it working, a sailfish os tablet could be “made” just with a laptop (who has a detachable screen, like an asus transformer) running Linux, no ?

  109. Avatar

    Thank you, Jolla, for finally lifting whatever block you made on my comments for 24 hours. It only took mentioning it on the IGG campaign comments section, and, within a matter of minutes, the comments finally appeared.

    Now, how about that refund?

    • Avatar

      That has nothing to do with the moderation of your comment. The first comment you make here is queued for moderation, also the first comment with link is dealt the same way. I don’t know how much resources they have for moderating the blog, so it might take some time, so tone down and relax – you didn’t poke any nerve.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for explaining the moderation thing.

        With all due respect, though, “tone down and relax”? I waited patiently for months before I decided to join this public discussion, giving the Jolla team the benefit of the doubt throughout all of their bullshine, because I really wanted to believe them. But I finally just had enough of the information-less posts and constantly changing/broken promises, the crapola at SLUSH and self-indulgent tweets like this:

        They can put out absolutely egotistical nonsense like this, but not enough time to give a straight answer to their backers about nearly anything of significance regarding the tablet after all of this time?

        Maybe it was wishful thinking that I had poked a nerve, because sometimes its hard to tell if these people give a damn at all.

  110. Avatar

    After all the negative responses here.
    Sailors, don’t forget that there are fans around that don’t feel that angry with you! Please continue where you are (after a hopefully pleasure short vacation) and get all the promised new devices from different vendors out ASAP. I am looking forward to get an exchange for my now aging Jolla phone.

    Regarding the tablet. (Despite I got it already.) If you need the time to work with device vendors to get new Sailfish OS devices out just drop the work and support for the tablet (SW optimization, etc.). It is doing reasonably fine and I can live with it as it is now.

    But I also think that your next blog post should put an end to the tablet story. Move on. Sail on!

    • Avatar

      …. let’s be clear, there is a difference between negativity, disappointment or disillusion. The latter two are understandable & real concerns in their own right.

      I doubt anyone writing here takes his / her time to jot down notes for the pure joy of bashing.

      Honestly I am not really positive about forking supporters by lottery-resembling criteria of fate into privileged and unprivileged supporters. Imagine alone the fun involved in a user base of 400 vs. 10000.
      Did anyone hear anything about the userbase of the first wave of 250 ? Or the tablet-loan program ? I didn’t receive any answer :

      Any backer – either “early” or “late” deserves the same priviledged treatment, as all backed the project out of the same reasons ending up in showing support to a basically convincing project and privileging jolla and the development of SailfishOS.
      “Late” backers most likely even have to be honored especially for having become late backers at all, as they probably passed through some processes of weighing and growth in conviction which actually converged in favor of jolla’s project. These people probably marked the next generation of seriously Sailfish / jolla interested people since the launch of the jolla phone.
      But that lottery-style attitude shown by the jolla management does not honor this fact in any respect. They seem to be gifted ( hopefully not yet accustomed to ) in distroying quite delicate but vital seeds of trust ( which makes me sad, but not “negative” )

      There always will be a fanboy flexible and indestructible like bamboo under any condition – that’s positive, but you’ll be not able to run a growing & yielding business on him alone. If the “late” 8k supporters turn their backs ( I currently doubt in @AnttiSaarnio’s “lion’s share” ) a not irrelevant share of them will be very likely not be susceptible for jolla again – aside their disillusioned words they will have left for the jolla venture.

      Now some will say – well they simply didn’t get enough fundings by their late financing round to serve a base of supporters at stake … well I think if @AnttiSaarnio wasn’t able to make clear the point of serving & maintaining a 10k community of supporters in a vital growth phase – why would we still be talking with him ? What does he stand for ?

      Having said that – sail on indeed, jolla ! d (o_o) b

      • Avatar

        everytime i post a comment as long as this one i’m doubting if anyone read it 😀 just to let you know: i did! 😀 and i agree! hopefully, they can satisfy all backers including late backers like me.. as often said before, i’d love to show my support for jolla and i’m still hoping they can convince me to do that again.. even though that hope definitely suffered a lot in the last months. If my money goes to waste with the lastu case – even though i don’t want to act like the prima donna – i won’t support jolla software anymore. that’s 100% sure..

        • Avatar

          @joel72 … I appreciate your feedback – took indeed some minutes to writ it up 😉

          Sometimes I wonder why I still care …

          • Avatar


            You still care because you think from the heart.. 🙂

            • Avatar

              checking the blog and the comments section every single day, this reminds me of those desperate love stories everybody knows.. the kind you should end sooner rather than later for your own sanity’s sake.. 🙁 let’s see how happy the ending of this story can be

              • Avatar


                Majority of love stories end in tragedy. The real joy is in pain, not in actual gratification… 😀

      • Avatar

        The only positive outcome will be that business schools will get a very good business case of how a company can fail by destroying their community by mistreating these important stakeholders. Jolla and/or their investor(s) do not see the importance of delivering the tablet. No, we won’t (be able to) sue you, but:
        1) We will never buy your software or your products.
        2) We will support your competitors. For me, Ubuntu will become the one and only alternative to Android and iOS…Sailfish will be no option.

        • Avatar

          It is so frustrating. They told us about “small batches” that they had produced for testing. Then they told about small waves for delivery. And the whole time there have been rounded 3500 tablets already produced?
          It seems that they did not realy want to ship the tablets to us backers.
          The first tablets at taobao came with Android OS on board, but the last ones now seem to have SFOS aboard. Who gave it to the manufacturer and why?
          Many questions and, as usual, no answers from the helm.

          • Avatar

            from all sides i hear – wave wave wave… where are they??
            so and sending in chronologic order. – same question…
            i had been an “early bird” (#98) and i didn’t got any suggestions to confirm the post address.

            a waste of time to wait ghost-tablet.

      • Avatar

        It almost physically hurts me when even such devoted fans as @Launchpad finally give up. I always think about what a great potential this endeavor had, and how brutally everything was driven to grave by Jolla’s inept management.

    • Avatar

      Hi, Marko. Some time ago (late 2014) a need a tablet. First i bought it for my wife (android), and then want to buy my own. When Jolla release IGG company, i was in first thousand. It was normal if i got it in may 2015. After may i wait and believe, wait again, wait.. And if i don’t get my tablet.. I will not believe in Jolla. I spend my money, and it somewhere for an year, and i’m without device i need for an year.

      If i knew this shit, i bought android tablet and put SFOS on it. I think, i can, for an year.

  111. Avatar

    Give me a full refund, please, and I’ll be fine.

  112. Avatar

    You don’t have to send me anything anymore. I would rather have a partial refund on everything I have paid thus far, which even included the additional payment for shipping and the custom case.

  113. Avatar

    Did anyone buy the Jolla Tablet sold in TaoBao?

    • Avatar

      Look for my post “sailorX on December 27, 2015 at 6:07 pm” in the thread before. And I lost money because of the Chinese currency depreciating in the meantime.

      • Avatar

        there is nothing. They delete it..

        • Avatar

          Well, I can see it: Thread: “Jolla i. b. i. b.” (Mr. Saarnio laughing at backers)
          Search (^F) for: sailorX

  114. Avatar

    When I look at the boxes of tablets available for sale in the pictures on the taobao website (posted several weeks ago, it becomes hard to assume that Jolla has been operating in good faith with its backers through all of the past posts and charts regarding special small batches and “waves.”

    “Good faith” is an important term in contract law, though, so it’s interesting that Juhani brings it up in his comment. Sorry, Juhani, it doesn’t seem that many people are buying it. Instead of just talking about good faith, Jolla might actually show it by delivering the tablet or a full refund. Nothing less, after all of this time.

    And please, no “special first small wave” of refunds to “test the refund delivery process,” either. (Why do I have the feeling that I have just ruined the February 2016 blog post cycle?)

  115. Avatar

    Forget about that, the campaign did not work. Im wondering if those on taobao are the original product. So we can get it for a cheaper price now.

  116. Avatar

    There are only 2 acceptable options:
    * Deliver the tablet to *every* backer.
    * A full or partial refund to *every* backer.

    The lottery as proposed by Jolla is bad for:
    1) The investors.
    2) The company.
    3) The backers.

    Will Antti Saarnio be a wise man by reverting the planned lottery to give Jolla a chance to survive? Or will he lead his company to bankrupty by creating 21,637 anti-fanboys (and -girls)?

    • Avatar

      For me a partial refund is definitely not an option. If they can’t pay us back they can always declare bankruptcy and follow the normal procedures. I for one am not willing to participating in any form of charity or financing for the sake of it. They can find suckers elsewhere.

      • Avatar


        Full refund for tablets, cases. shipping.

      • Avatar

        If you pre-ordered the tablet on the shop, I agree on that. If you are talking about the crowdfunding campaign, I don’t. You will get nothing if they declare bankruptcy because they legally do not owe you anything. So, we will be better off with a partial refund if a full refund or the delivery of all tablets is not possible. Otherwise, we all will get nothing.

        Anyhow, the lottery as proposed in this blog post is the worst solution. I assume the investors forced Jolla into this option without realizing what will happen if this strategy is executed. They probably thought this would be the most cost-effective way to resolve the problems. How can they be wrong!

  117. Avatar

    I’ve been a supporter of the Jolla idea since I got to know it. Running my own IT company I understand that things tend to go the wrong way often, so I am not too surprised or disappointed of the unfortunate outcome.

    Sorry guys but the Jolla communication IS a BIG problem. I wouldn’t have expected this message hidden between some lines in new year greetings. Such an information has to be communicated in a clear and direct way to the contributors, preferably from the CEO!

  118. Avatar

    Lastucases are sold by Lastu in interet. I saw the pages. Who does need these except for Taobao buyers?

    Jolla, we need explanations and very soon!!
    What scamming is happening behind curtains at the moment.

    Deliver our tablets! Asap

  119. Avatar

    Poll: what shall we do with the lastu case if we don’t get the tablets? It definitely is not applicable as a flower vase..

    • Avatar

      I remember someone suggested to use it for storing cheddar cheese or salami

  120. Avatar

    Where is prometheus?

      • Avatar

        You already got refund or some surprise?

        • Avatar

          No, I still haven’t got a dime. But hey, karma is a bitch, so they will get what they deserve… It is only matter of a time.

          • Avatar

            Prometheus check my post below

  121. Avatar

    As all the Jolla tablets on the Taobao website seem to be 32gb what’s happened to the 64’s?. If they’re not being flogged off in a Chinese fire sale have they actually been made and if they have can I have mine now not next year!

  122. Avatar

    For all fanboys who really want their Tablet and haven’t noticed previous post .. you can buy your tablets here for a discount $150,–

    Jolla 32GB tablets on Taobao stock : > on stock: 52 > on stock: 689 > on stock: 150 > on stock: 999 > on stock: 1000 > on stock: 150

  123. Avatar

    “some positive surprises in stock” are no stock left. It will be only a “great year for Jolla and Sailfish OS – together”, not for us guys.

    Jolla, please provide us update regarding the tablet project.

    Your are losing us completely!

    • Avatar

      There is no tablet project. They will “deliver” only small batch (even though I doubt because previous “delivery” wasn’t successful. They’ve sent an invitation. People payed tax and they still haven’t got their tablet), and rest of us are waiting for a refund. Anything else would be a clear SCAM from Jolla.

  124. Avatar

    Dear Jolla, you took the money of your supporters, said the tablet is “people powered”, and did not manage to deliver the tablet. You have broken your promises. Now again, you have money, but it will not be used to to fullfill your promises, instead you you don’t give any information, what you are planning. I see no reason why i should trust your company anymore, i would see that as a criminal behaviour.

    • Avatar

      Next weeks blog , blah blah blah , blah blah blah blah , you’re all screwed . The END

      • Avatar

        If it’s closure to this whole thing I’ll take it.

  125. Avatar

    If you look at the Jolla tablet page now, it says:

    “Jolla Tablet sold out
    Missed your chance to get the Jolla Tablet? Be the first to know about availability and other Jolla products!”

    This seems like a perverse joke on all of us.

    Now if you look at the same page via the Wayback Machine, from say, the end of January 2015 (when I gave my support to them), you find goodies such as this:

    “What will we do with your money?

    Our goal is to bring Sailfish OS into the hands of even more users. Every single cent from this campaign will go into producing the tablet, with nothing to spare.”

    Every single cent. That’s a strong statement.

    Now compare that to Antti’s post from 24 November 2015:

    “What happened with the Jolla Tablet project?

    Many of you have been rightfully asking, where did our tablet money go? Below is an analysis of it in a simple graph. Big part of the tablet project went to Sailfish OS software development (more than 50% of project costs). As I have said in earlier blogs, hardware is the easy part, software is the king (and the beast).”

    And then this from 18 December 2015:

    “We receive daily more and more questions about the status of the Jolla Tablet and many people are seemingly frustrated – rightfully so. After I showed the cost breakdown for the Jolla Tablet project in my previous blog post, many have asked that why did we spend a big part of the tablet crowdfunding money on software development and not the tablet itself. To me this question as such does not make sense,(…)”

    • Avatar

      Oh man, if I had knew this before, I would have paid them in cents in stead of dollars! 😉
      Thanks for digging this up, archway

    • Avatar

      I agree. They promised a tablet. Therefore the money we spent in IGG went direct to Jolla Asia Limited and not to Jolla software development in Finland, even the money for the mapbagrag that is produced in Austria.
      They have got the money to produce hardware in Hongkong and not to create software in Finland. It was at least not the decision of us backers to split the company. On what ways the money went from Hongkong to Finland may be a mystery.

    • Avatar

      “Missed your chance to get the Jolla Tablet?”
      as a backer i feel really duped. 🙁

  126. Avatar

    hi guys, good news on the refund front for me. Pursued a refund through PayPal which is how I paid for my preorder. Thought there would be a fight but got my money back, Hooray! While it might not help everyone, give it a try and in the box where it asks for why you are wanting the refund, put a quote in from the blog and the comment that not everyone will be getting a tablet and that you’ve been waiting since the preorder invite in August 2015.

    next question, are these Jolla tablets being sold on the link above genuine Jolla tablets or are they counterfeit? For $165 seems awfully cheap

    • Avatar

      Is this successful if you are a IGG backer from the beginning of 2015?

      • Avatar

        Not sure, I paid for mine on preorder with my credit via PayPal so I am not sure whether it would work the same for IGG payments. You only have 180 days to make a claim.

        • Avatar

          I payed using credit card, not through PayPal… Totally different thing unfortunately.

  127. Avatar

    In case some of you have ordered a Lastu case for the tablet (like me), they have been delivered to Jolla, but Jolla hasn’t paid for them either.

    • Avatar

      So it is “normal” that I have not received mine? Not that I want it, just wondering!

  128. Avatar

    According to one of the contributors @IGG, those tablets on TaoBao, are the ones funde, but they are running Android.

    • Avatar

      So they are legit as far as the actual hardware goes. Running Android? Is there a way to strip it out and load SFO2?

  129. Avatar

    @ b5historyman no idea. I just found out in IGG. Also there is a person filing complains with ic3 against IGG. Is on the campaign page.

  130. Avatar


    Please provide answers to our concerns.

    It is reasonable to assume – and I most certainly do – that you have NOT authorized Taobao to sell tablets that we paid for.

    But the fact that they have been selling Tablets with your name and the Indiegogo campaign information present on their sales page, and doing so now for several weeks, is something that needs to be addressed by you, publicly. If these tablets were funded by your backers, please explain to us what you are doing to stop the sales. If they are not those tablets, make that clear. Silence is not acceptable. Simply saying that you have nothing to do with it is not acceptable. Your name is on the product — a product that very much resembles the one that we paid for (to put it mildly), at a time when you are saying, for the first time, that you can no longer deliver this product to us. If the answer is something as simple as you not being able to pay bills to the manufacturer, so they are selling off the stock that they produced, then you really should do the decent thing and admit that. Just tell us the truth, whatever it is.

    In other words, you owe us some sort of explanation that stops speculation, rather than giving us a literal invitation to speculate.

    No one here (I don’t think, at least) wishes you ill. We are/were your backers! All of us believed in you at some point, and many of us believed in you up until recently (and some still do), maybe even following their hearts instead of listening to what was going on in their heads. To take something as serious as an announcement that not all tablets would be delivered, and tuck that into the middle of a new year’s greeting is just bad business and disrespectful to the community.

    The anger reflected in many posts (certainly in mine) is born out of frustration over being kept in the dark and given piecemeal answers at best after we gave you many extra months of the benefit of the doubt and trusted that you were, as you indicate, acting in good faith.

    Following up your blog post about being back in business with the announcement about the tablets was a bit bizarre and confusing. If you are solvent again, why is the tablet situation suddenly this bad (and still unclear)? Can’t you see why people are having a hard time taking vague promises about not leaving us empty-handed seriously? Why is there no mention of the “refund option” that was alluded to in past posts, and in e-mails to backers in November?

    These are reasonable questions. Please answer them.

    • Avatar

      Backers became beggars.
      @archway Do you really think they are waiting for these questions to answer them now? You(we) will never get an answer. Why? This is their understanding of truth, faith, openness etc.
      because they are UNLIKE!

    • Avatar

      I suppose that the money were spent mostly on Sailfish OS development.
      Some money was transferred as advance payment for Jolla tablet production. So, on this prepayment Jolla is going to deliver some quantity of tablets. That’s it!
      Jolla contributors having chance to get the tablet only trying to buy on taobao for around 200 US dollars without warranty and service, hoping to install Sailfish OS in future!
      Concerning contribution – may be in future we will get some Christmas gift from Jolla.
      That’s sad, but this is reality for now!

    • Avatar

      I agree with you, these are reasonable questions. I keenly hope we will get answers to them. Obviously, it needs to be repeated over and over again, that the way comments like these (reasonable, positive language, fair questions) have been disrespected. Jolla should urgently respond to comments and questions like this which come from their backers, thus, the core group of future supporters – or future displeased dupes.

      • Avatar

        *that the way comments like these have been disrespected damages the Jolla community.

  131. Avatar

    Hi guys. I have some idea to go to Finland and talk with this guys. It’s possible with my free visa.
    So, finnish contributors, why you don’t do it already?

    • Avatar

      Much more effective would be to go to their stand at MWC in Barcelona 22.-25. Feb. and demand some tangible answers. With the press around they might be a bit more cooperative and give figures, facts and dates. I must say the smug smiling portrait of whoever-it-is on the Dec. 18 post does get my goat a bit. At least he is happy ….

      Unfortunately I have to go to another exhibition myself the same week in Nuernberg, so it looks like I won’t make it.

      Just to be clear, this is not a call to be disruptive in an unmannered or unseemly way. Just to be firm and insisting and aware of what is fair and what is not …

    • Avatar

      I meant archway’s post.

  132. Avatar

    This situation is out of their hand. If those tablet sold in Toabao are the Jolla ones, means they dont even have access to the inventory, and the manufacture is selling probably at cost in order to cover what Jolla could not pay. This campaign should be a subject of study in any business’s school, to show what to not do in business. Horrible experience.

    • Avatar

      Well I could expect this from Burkina Fasso, Ethiopia, Chad, Burundi, and rest of countries of undeveloped world, but for Finland this is a shock. In normal situation, if you cannot respect the agreement, you need to return money to all of those that supported or bought the items. Anything else would be a criminal act. But hey, Finland somehow surprised me first by they court with “temporary ban” of creditors, and now by comments: “feel free to speculate”… It is like we are dealing with some primitive tribe country, not democratic, highly developed republic…

    • Avatar

      Even if I would much prefer to have the Jolla design tablet in my hands, if Jolla really can’t access the inventory any more then how about the following suggestion:
      – Jolla specifies one or more standard commercially available tablets (e.g. an Android from Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Gigaset, Samsung, Xoro just to name a few). As reasonably priced and stylish as possible

      – Jolla sends a free SFOS image to any jolla-tablet backer who sends in an ID of such a device that he purchases himself (IMEI number, bluetooth network no., MAC address ….) including full instructions of how to re-flash the device overwriting the original OS.

      • Avatar

        So, your solution would be that I pay for another tablet myself out of pocket, and then they send me an OS image that I need to install myself. Riiiiight. No. I gave them money for a full tablet, so I expect a full tablet, failing that, a refund.

        • Avatar

          More like cutting losses than being a solution. At the moment I have spent just short of EUR200 (I managed to get into the first backers group) and have nothing. Zero. And from the looks of things probably never will.

          Spending EUR400 (2x 200) to have a reasonable tablet which is not Apple/Google/Microsoft is worth it…. for me.

          My initial excitement about Jolla has long since waded. The phone is good but the N9 is still better (except for 4G). Besides, I don’t think Jolla are even interested in EU customers anymore. They are defnitely not showing it. They just seem to want Asia, maybe the remaining BRICs as well. In the end I no longer think they will last. I expect my three Jolla phones will have a longer life than the company itself

          If I could could find a good tablet to install Plasma or even Tizen and knew it would work (Wifi, PIM, Maps, Browser, Email maybe a few other apps) without having to constantly tweek things, I’d be just as happy in the meantime.

  133. Avatar

    I really want to like Jolla. The phone works, the OS is great, but…

    Please please please, stop anti-advertising your OS by not refunding to your backers ASAP!

    The only thing that looks worse than the backers not getting the refund (or Tablet) is the Tablets available at Taobao! If I were you, I would do anything to get them back. Even go to Taobao, order whole batch to Jolla HQ and manually install Sailfish OS to every single one of them and then send them to the remaining backers who still want them.

    And I do understand that there were real issues that caused the original delay.

    Sailfish OS 2.0 is great. Please don’t kill it by not fulfilling your previous promises. Keep sailing.

  134. Avatar

    Im gonna get one of them, for $150.

    • Avatar


      yeah, I was thinking of that myself. EUR150 would be an acceptable risk. But two issues:
      – from the Taobao website, it didn’t seem like they advertise to ship to the EU. Even if they do, you still have to get it through customs yourself probably which can be a big or small problem depending on where you live and what customs officer you have to deal with. Not that I really understand much from their website

      – Jolla probably have some dongle mechanism to make sure no manufacturer can just clone the device from another manufactured one, they eventually want to earn money with each OS. So I would doubt whether you can just clone an SFOS from a phone or whatever on to it. If you don’t have a loadable SFOS image, all you are left with is an Android tablet. And if you are satisfied with that why not just buy a ‘regular’ Android tablet that works. I wouldn’t be. I don’t want Apple or Google or any other system that watches everything I do.

      • Avatar

        I believe that you are incorrect on both counts.

        – (the English-language TaoBao site) allows orders shipped to the EU and recommends using EMS. As far as Customs, it appeared that getting a Tablet through Jolla had similar issues as getting one through TaoBao). Someone has reported a problem shipping to his country (but didn’t mention which country that was) because of the battery. I just got a Li Ion battery for a quadcopter from China and it was packaged strangely because of air freight restrictions on batteries.

        – I am pretty sure that Jolla wants (and needs) to get their software running far and wide. They have to get mindshare and recognition (and now get people to forget the failed IGG Tablet campaign) if they ever want people to pay money for their software. Sailfish OS runs on other hardware. I am using it on a Nexus 5 now. I am about to start trying to get it working (following Jolla’s hardware adaptation development guide) on a Nook HD.

        As far as companies watching everything that you do, perhaps you should readjust your tin foil hat because it is national intelligence agencies that want that info, not companies. Google may watch everything that you do but only in aggregate because that is how hey get paid. Apple gets paid when you buy the hardware and for stuff that you do in aggregate to a lesser degree. They don’t care what you do as an individual because there is no money in it for them.

        • Avatar

          @ tipo158 Great post!

      • Avatar

        Good point of view! Thanks. I can get it ship to HK and then send it from there, Thanks!

    • Avatar


      I think it would be much better to follow up on moshroom’s idea. Jolla buys up the remaining devices and either installs SFOS or issues instructions how to do it.

      Even if it means paying an additional EUR150 or thereabouts, I would do it. The Nokia 2520 (w/Win-8 RT) that I bought for my wife a while back still cost more than 2x EUR150 IIRC.

      Wasn’t there even some talk that Nokia was one of the Jolla investors? I thought I saw some report that Nokia have designed or licenced an Android Tablet? Could Jolla and Nokia not stick 20 or 30 engineers together in an office for a few weeks to do a port of SFOS? I’m sure it would evaluate to another 5K or so devices that they wouldn’t sell otherwise. It might not make them rich but it would help SFOS.

      • Avatar

        @ cfgardiner Honestly I dont trust Jolla. I dont think that is a serious company at all.

  135. Avatar

    warning! warning!
    I speculated very freely.
    And I understood, at last, the surprise: we will receive a box without tablet but …. with the CHARGER!
    We are powered people!

    • Avatar

      Sometimes I think that I am acting as a corrector in this blog. This time I must tell you that your speculation is terribly wrong: On IGG you can find a campaign for a charger (ASMO charger). And when you read the updates of this campaign you will find that it went very much like the tablet: broken promises, time buying, from Finland(!) and also a mutual friend of us involved now (look for the photos). Maybe you(we) receive a different charger …

      • Avatar

        Yes we’ll get THIS charger for free! and i hope a glass shield for tablet.
        Then we’ll get soon:
        1) free charger for tablet
        2) free glass shield for tablet
        3) lastu case for tablet
        4) mapgrage case for tablet
        5) upgrade of tablet memory
        6) shipping fees

        6) no tablet

        I’m really looking forward!

  136. Avatar

    I would be happy with either of two options.
    1 – Give me a Nokia N1 tablet with Sailfish OS on it.
    2 – A workable OS 2 build that I can load to a mid spec Android phone.
    There are plenty of good Android phones to choose from or I could dual boot my Oppo R7 Plus later if I like it.
    Either way I am prepared to pay extra to support Jolla.

  137. Avatar

    Any updates on Jolla tablet project?

  138. Avatar

    It looks pretty clear by now. This was a scam. For all we know it was not intended to be a scam at the start, but at this point I’m not certain even of that. Normally I don’t fall for scams, I’ve almost never lost money on such things, and I’m generally more weary of indiego than of kickstarter – with indiego there are *no guarantees*.
    But in this case I went with it, despite that. Finnish company, came out of the Nokia Maemo/Meego effort etc. etc.

    So in the end it was nothing but a Ponzi scheme. Money was used for something entirely different than tablet production. As was clear for others in November already.

    • Avatar

      wow, he even predicted the bankruptcy… only mistake of the blog post is that he thought they designed the tablet themselves. In fact, they built it for an existing tablet, as suggested, instead of designing one themselves, as pretended.. faugh! and still no news!

  139. Avatar

    I’d like to see these criminal Jolla sailors in jail. They lied and deceived to us. They stole 1000 euros of my hard earned money. They are responsible for a lot of trouble here (birthday & christmas presents).

    Soon I will burn my Jolla phones and put an end to the SailfishOS story.

  140. Avatar

    @ Tor I agreed with you.

  141. Avatar

    It amazes me how stupid they can really be. Do they really think this tabletgate will just blow over? Maybe all over their faces if anything. Time to star #Jollagofuckyourself campaing instead of #IsupportJolla

  142. Avatar

    Most astonishingly they’ve received more funding.
    My immediate reaction is that these backers are gullible idiots, but on reflection I suspect not.

    Having worked in a Venture\Vulture Capital company my guess would be that the deal they have done is VERY specific.
    1) The Tablet is DEAD
    2) The new backer now effectively controls whatever rump of Jolla was left.
    3) The rights to Sailfish O/S are the bait and now largely belong to the new backers.

    I await with bated, but NOT held breath for Jolla to talk their way out of this….

    • Avatar

      I think you’re right. In fact, the tablets went for sale on taobao at about the same time the Dec 18th announcement of funding was released. I’m sure one of the first tasks was informing their ODM that they would be purchasing no more tablets and that prompted the taobao sell-off.

      At this point it’s highly unlikely we will receive refunds or “surprises” on a similar level of value that we contributed to Jolla.

  143. Avatar

    Obviously the project was scrapped. Obviously it was a big scam from the moment we heard about the “screen issues” last year.
    Obviously they are going to make a lame attempt to pacify people with some lame “consolation prize” ( those of you who have the phone might receive a free ” other half” and those of us who couldn’t get the phone will receive a picture of it.
    But I am not sure they (Jolla) realize people are mobilizing behind the scenes. If they screw the backers, many of us will probably fight back. Several other and I will certainly do so, though social media, tech media, and so on. Apparently there are even legal venues, for those who feel cheated enough.
    It is not an issue of the project failing. That I can sympathize with. It is not the monetary loss (although some people are,probably , very angry about that too, since that money buys you an Android tablet more powerful and … real, these days). It’s the constant lies and deceit that ticks me, and many others off.
    Find a resolution Jolla!

    • Avatar

      The only acceptable solution is to issue a refund. People would be at least satisfied, even though we would still have hard time to forget all those lies…

  144. Avatar

    I’m sorry for you but I want to get the fully paied Jolla Pad.
    It looks like you burned the money for developing Sailfish OS 2 instead of simply enlarge the phone to a pad with existing Sailfish OS as I’d want to get.
    In real it is not so much important which kind of hardware I get as long I can use a linux device like with Sailfish os.
    I wonder me also why you made a architecture change which makes all much more complex and must be changed also the os. I saw it to late and I’d never order a pad if I’d seen it before 🙁

    I hope you can distribute the operation system sailfish os also for a good other device so not all of my money is burned and I can use it on another device which have maybe more modern and better hw.

  145. Avatar


    I would like some official Representative of Jolla (e.g. Lassila) to answer the comments under this post, at least the latest ones (by @Tor, @Taatooteetoo and especially @wittgenfrog). Those contain very serious and well-founded accusations and any decent PR manager would immediately answer to them and at least try to disprove them.

    • Avatar

      Replying now would be a major policy change so I think the odds are very much against that happening. It seems clear to me Jolla has decided long ago to use the blog only to disseminate ‘press releases’ and not to bother with the comments anymore.

      I’ve long wondered why Jolla is keeping the comment section open at all, given the negative publicity they are generating here with their inability to use the blog wisely. If Jolla survives this communication debacle at all, anyone interested in Jolla far into the future will be able to find the blog comments about the tablet project. I wonder how many of those would dare to buy anything Jolla after that..

      Is Jolla keeping the comments open just to create the illusion of a community?

      I’ve come to the conclusion that the comment section is here just to bury all the negative feedback. This blog and the comments are only being read by people (backers and buyers) who don’t get information in any other way and who come here day in and day out, for many months already, hoping for another crumb of information. Take this away from us and many of us will take to social media, reaching a much bigger audience. That would be much more damaging for Jolla than some comments tucked away in some blog only read by those directly involved.

    • Avatar

      @SchropfeMich Why should Jolla repeat here in the comments section what was already stated in various blog postings over the last months? The only thing we know about the people you refer to is that they chose not to believe what they’re being told, anyway. It’s a waste of time trying to break into their parallel universe full of conspiracy theories and to argue with them. Constructive discussion has long moved to different places.

    • Avatar

      I think that one will try to disprove something if that thing is not true! When I am accused of something I know is false I will, very adamantly, try to state the facts and disprove the lie.
      Guess what, they haven’t even tried…

  146. Avatar

    Just directly ask Jolla for a refund. But send the request through their customer service page, not here in the blog.

    They handled my refund request very promptly (I pre-ordered in August), it took only a couple of days for the refund to show up on my credit card.

    I’m of course disappointed that they are not able to make the tablets, but I think they handled the refund very professionally. I still wish Jolla well and hope they will succeed with Sailfish.

    • Avatar

      I wrote 24 emails, and they only 4. This was their last one: “Hello,

      you have recently been in contact with us regarding a Tablet refund request. We apologize for the delay in getting back to you. This has been due to the difficult and unclear situation faced by Jolla, which in turn has impacted the Tablet project.

      What we at Service and Support have been advised to share with you is that more information will be forthcoming about the Tablet project’s status after the New Year. Decision-making regarding the Tablet project is a prioritized item on the Jolla Board of Director’s end of year meeting agenda. So, once more is known this will be shared via the Jolla Blog and email.

      Therefore, and in light of the above, no further action is required of you at this point regarding your refund request.

      On a related note, some backers have asked about people who may have already received a refund. To this point, Jolla has only refunded a handful of backers, but this was by mistake at that point. Much of the refunding action was based on the understanding that funding would come in – it did not; mistake made. From here on out our aim is to devise a plan that is fair for all Tablet backers.

      Finally, for any backers who may have previously received information from us regarding refunding options (“Option 1” and “Option 2″), please disregard this previous communication going forward.

      We look forward to resolving this situation with you as soon as we can in early 2016.

      Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
      Jolla Customer Care”

      Refunding to certain people was done by mistake??? And they obviously opted out refund option.

      • Avatar

        please read before arguing – arri write clearly: “(I pre-ordered in August)” – so not a backer but a pre-orderer and so it’s a total different cup of tea!

        by the meantime I’m really bored about all the “bad bad Jolla” posts all over forums and blogs and every time from the same 5 people – hey folks, get a hobby (or netflix) and stop wasting webspace and traffic and time …

        Yes Jolla messed it up, yes there was a lack in communication, yes I want my tablet as everyone else – but stop complaining about the same thing again, again and again – if you want to take them to court do that, if you never want a Jolla product again, don’t order one … get an i…. anything, apple will deliver if you pay the price (money + data + more money 😉 )

        All the best for Jolla, if I receive a tablet it will be a nice surprise an if not … bad luck … shit happens … whatever

        no offense …

          • Avatar

            Hah! cancelled you out 😛

        • Avatar

          Really? Shit happens? individuals and companies should be allowed to lie and deceive? You’re OK with people being used and then pissed on as it appears it has happened in this case?

          • Avatar

            Don’t know why I’m feeding you …
            Your post is exactly what I meant – if you want to act just do it and stop bothering people with your hate postings – everthing what can be written was written about the behaviour of Jolla and the tablet case …

            All I’m asking for is if there is nothing new to tell, then please stop complaining again and again and again … – if you want to keep doing that then register the or start your-personal-Jolla-hate-forum somewhere else …

            If you get some new information about something related to the theme of blog posting then you’re very welcome to spread it here …

            Sorry I’m so sad of scrolling through loads of unuseful postings like yours – no information, no news, no help, unpleasant to read = no use …

            Again no offence …

            • Avatar

              You spend quit a lot of time complaining about people’s complaints. Forums are forums for a reason. There will always be some unhappy people, like myself and many others, in this instance, and there will always be the the little whinny apologists like you. If you are tired of scrolling though pages of the same complaints … you could consider to stop scrolling.
              But if you do scroll, and you do read the complaints and you do reply to them, then you are not tired of them. So quit your whining and let us be angry.

              • Avatar

                Well actually this is not a forum, this is the comment section of a blog entry – but keep on being angry – if it helps you feeling better its at least good for something – every single being should have the right to be happy – live long and prosper

        • Avatar

          You’re so right…. We should stop complaining and forget that Jolla took the money we gave them to develop the tablet and spent it instead in the OS, hoping to sell the OS to some OEM. We should just shut down, and act like compliant little lambs that don’t mind the lies and misdirections that Jolla has been spouting since the most successful IGG campaign ever. We should just stop complaining, as it upsets fanboys like you, right?

        • Avatar

          I’m going to get my popcorn…

        • Avatar

          @elastic Juhani is that you?

          • Avatar

            Bloody hell – I stop feeding the trolls now – that’s ridiculous – sorry for making an excuse for them for producing even more unless data … 😉 – and no, I’m not

            • Avatar

              you made kind of a point there and that’s alright. but i think calling everyone that lets off some steam here a troll is just nonsense. Jolla staff members have posted comments here and some just try to get in contact with them in a reasonable way.. anyways, i agree with you in wishing jolla all the best and i really hope they break the silence (which arises way too often) very soon

              • Avatar

                No we are actually trolls. We don’t have anything smarter to do except hanging whole day by writing sarcastic comments. We are actually doing this not because Jolla screwed us, but because it is fun to waste time hoping that they would do the right thing by ISSUING A F*** REFUND!!!

                • Avatar

                  And you really think that this comment section is the right place to convince them to give you (us, anybody who wants it ..) a refund?

                  OK – so: Hey Jolla send me a tablet or give me a full refund or I … (don’t know I’ll do then – I’m not good in threatening 😉 )

                  So I did you a favor now please do one to me and at least stop shouting and using swearwords – its just unpleasant and needless

                  • Avatar

                    @ elastic Great answer.

      • Avatar

        According to some people in the legal world, the fact they started shipping and then cancelled and then refunded some people and then cancelled that too, sets a precedent that can be used in a legal case against them, both in Us and EU
        I am not sure if I’ll get that far but I just might.

        • Avatar

          If I don’t get a full refund or a tablet, at least I’ll start a complaint with the european ombudsman (
          I wouldn’t mind if they had tried to develop the tablet and failed – that was a risk I was ready to take. But to take the money invested on the tablet, to use it on the OS in order to sell it separately, to lie and hide the facts constantly, that I can’t forgive.

          • Avatar

            Good point. I set a remind with this link for 1st February. Till then I will send a formal letter. If no progress from their side, I will start with complaint.

          • Avatar

            I don’t see why because “The European Ombudsman investigates complaints about maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union.”

    • Avatar

      Wow, transparency, accountability, and near weekly updates (and they delivered!). It was everything that was missing from this campaign…

    • Avatar

      Again, why would we pay for another tablet if we already payed Jolla? Jolla should return our money back and we can move on. They are probably waiting for Intex to release their phones, so they can push this as a “compensation” with probably “free software” from their store. If this is their game, it is totally wrong. Some of us already posses 3 phones, so what am I going to do with another one? REFUND PLEASE!

  147. Avatar

    So, to recap, the Jolla tablet is dead on arrival, no units sold will mean no market for app developers, thus that device becomes a complete waste of resources. Add me on the list for a refund.

    • Avatar

      Breaking news: “They are ignoring possibility of a refund.” Please read my comment above where I got message from Jolla support to disregard their email regarding refund options…

      • Avatar

        I dont think they have the money. They might wait to sell phones in order to cover that debt.

        • Avatar

          Do you think that this should supposed to be our problem or? They’ve tricked us which is criminal act, and they should return our money back.

          • Avatar

            @ prometheus I dont they even care about it. As I said to you in pass,all payments were collected by Jolla Asia Ltd, a corporation in HK, all complains should be filed there.

            • Avatar

              Yeah and Jolla Finland don’t have anything to do with it, right…

              • Avatar

                Yes Jolla Finland, owns that Asia Jolla Ltd, that is how they set up. Big corporation,set subsidiaries in order to avoid being sued. This was well thought since day one. I called the Jolla Asia’s office tow months ago, andI got my refund. And when I told you about it, and try to tell you that was a way to get your money back. This is what you answered me. prometheus on November 4, 2015 at 7:42 pm
                You won’t achieve anything with a fb group, people are too much fed off their behavior, they simply don’t have will to discuss on fb about Jolla. If they doesn’t fulfill their promise I will definitely contact EU consumer regulators, so they will deal with them.

                prometheus on November 4, 2015 at 7:52 pm
                No they won’t. I am quite sure that Chinese didn’t put the product on IGG, nor they started the campaign. Guys from FIN did, and as I recall Jolla is Finish brand:

                prometheus on November 4, 2015 at 7:53 pm
                P.S. EU consumer regulators are more than rigorous towards scammers and frauds, so I don’t think that anyone would be that stupid to do such a thing.

                prometheus on November 4, 2015 at 9:16 pm
                Here you go:
and you can always start a private law suite or collect other people to join your cause (which would be cheaper for you)… Plus, bad advertisement is definitely something that would do the damage… Again, I will wait for their next move… Cheers.

                prometheus on November 4, 2015 at 9:18 pm
                And when I say that EU regulations are strict I really mean it… Here is additional link

  148. Avatar

    I was really expecting an update by this point. Who the sound of burning bridges could be so quiet?

    • Avatar

      Well Juhani is one of them that simply doesn’t give a f*** about backers (obviously by keeping us in the dark, and staying silent), perhaps he should think very hard to switch his carrier such as botanic gardener or similar… And Antti is the one that who plays in his private world with his projects like “Jolla Adventures” instead of making peace with all of us by issuing our money back. For all others: “Stefano Mosconi, Sami Pienimäki, Marc Dillon, Jussi Hurmola”, I hope their carrier will end soon, because they’ve all knew about the situation, so they started to abandoning the ship… People will never forget that. Each day, they are doing more harm to this company and to their own credibility… I don’t know if they realize that…

      • Avatar

        Report all of them to EU consumer regulators or Sue them as you have said before. “Actions speak louder than words”.

        • Avatar

          I did report to OLAF but those are only bureaucratic parasites who addressed me to interpol…

          • Avatar

            @prometheus: They probably printed and framed your mail as the funniest they ever received. Do you even have the slightest idea what OLAF is and hat its responsible for? Certainly not for unhappy consumers who participated in crowd funding. LOL

            • Avatar

              @ ossi1967 Great answer.

              • Avatar

                Maybe you both should take your pants and kiss each other…

                • Avatar

                  @ prometheus grow up.

                • Avatar

                  I got my refund two months ago, and here is what you answered me back then. When I tried to tell you how to get your money back.

                  • Avatar

                    prometheus on November 4, 2015 at 7:42 pm
                    You won’t achieve anything with a fb group, people are too much fed off their behavior, they simply don’t have will to discuss on fb about Jolla. If they doesn’t fulfill their promise I will definitely contact EU consumer regulators, so they will deal with them.

                    prometheus on November 4, 2015 at 7:52 pm
                    No they won’t. I am quite sure that Chinese didn’t put the product on IGG, nor they started the campaign. Guys from FIN did, and as I recall Jolla is Finish brand:

                    prometheus on November 4, 2015 at 7:53 pm
                    P.S. EU consumer regulators are more than rigorous towards scammers and frauds, so I don’t think that anyone would be that stupid to do such a thing.

                    • Avatar

                      Fist comment, yes I believe that fb is not the place for that. And I still believe it… Second comment. That is true. Every decision is made from Jolla Finland, so they are the one responsible for all the mess they’ve created. Third comment. It looks like they are not doing their job…,(bunch of bureaucratic parasites that only collect money from EU, by doing nothing or forwarding people to Interpol), since they’ve forwarded me to Interpol.

  149. Avatar

    Up to July 2015 the following was on the “Jolla Table” Site announced
    “Our goal is to bring Sailfish OS into the hands of even more users. Every single cent from this campaign will go into producing the tablet, with nothing to spare.”. I feel cheated in any case

    • Avatar Why cheated? Not only did every single cent go to the tablet project, even more: Jolla invested quite a lot of additional money ($ 1,5 Million IIRC, don’t want to look it up now) from their regular budget because the crowd funding didn’t cover all of the costs.

      • Avatar

        That is a bullshit. They used money specifically for OS development. Look at the chart for God sake!

        • Avatar

          Please stop replying to this clown. You are pretty much the only man here who still doesn’t ignore him.

          • Avatar

            You are probably right…

        • Avatar

          @prometheus: Two mistakes here:

          First, OS development is part of the tablet production, the one cannot be without the other.

          Second, the chart doesn’t really tell what the money was used for. It contains two pieces of information: the gap between pre-payments (~$2,5M) and costs ((~$4M)) and the split between software and hardware related costs within the tablet project (~50:50). You cannot tell from the chart how the money from pre-payments was split between software and hardware.

          You’re starting to believe the rumors you spread yourself here.

          • Avatar

            I think ScumCoder is right. You have some serious issues. Did you read IGG topic for campaign, or perhaps text “Running SailFish 2.0” not developing SailFish 2.0 OS. Another thing, they could run version 1.1 on tablet, with probably some modifications for screen size, but instead they decided to develop 2.0 version with not only mods for tablet size, but entire new UI, and a gazillion other features that could actually wait… Bottom line, they used money for OS development for Intex and possibly other OEM hw manufacturers so they can strike a deal and make some more money. If you would actually spent some times by reading their topics, perhaps you would abandon your campaign of “defending them” and act as other normal contributors.

            • Avatar

              @prometheus: How they could deliver the tablet with Sailfish 2.0 without actually developing the OS before is beyond me. Also, I’d be interested in the “gazillion other features” they developed “for Intex” (???). Although I use the Jolla Phone as my main phone every day, I must have missed those. It’s the UI that’s different. Also, a lot of what was developed for the tablet accommodates for the fact that there’s no SIM card on this device, no phone functions at all. I hardly believe that Intex benefits from these changes.

              I don’t defend Jolla in general. There’s a number of things they did that really pissed me off – the fact that I most probably won’t get a tablet being only one of them. However, I think it’s more constructive to criticize them for what they really did. You don’t do this. You spread lies, you deceive, you invent a parallel universe that has nothing to do with Jolla or the tablet at all. Normal people, contributors or not, turned away from you in disgust.

                • Avatar


                  I deeply understand everyone here who is frustrated and feels betrayed. But you have to stick to the facts (I have to admit unlike jolla did). Again it’s legit to be pissed of jolla, and to claim refund to close this chapter for oneself. But you dont have to be a fanboy to be still convinced by Sailfish-and I guess most of uns wanted the tab because of SFOS. Therefor I am absolutely happy that a big part of the financing went into the software.

                  • Avatar

                    @Helge: “… that a big part of the financing went into the software.” – We don’t know that. The only source for this information is prometheus. It’s likely that *some* part of the financing went into the software, but we don’t know if it were 10%, 20% or 80%.

                  • Avatar

                    In the open letter to the jolla community, Antti Saarnio wrote “Big part of the tablet project went to Sailfish OS software development (more than 50% of project costs). As I have said in earlier blogs, hardware is the easy part, software is the king (and the beast).” The graph below shows, that the software development costs about 2.2M$ an the prepayments were about 2.7M$. BUT since Jolla invested more money in this Project then we did (why is another question) I wouldn’t say “they burned our money for their software-development”. In the end of the day they spend 50% for hw and 50% for sw development, and I am 100% okay with that. I feel also informed why they had so many problems in getting the sw ready for the tablets, like the new cpu architecture, the differences in getting drivers for “androidsupposed”- hw and stuff.

                    • Avatar

                      @Helge: Oh, I see. You refer to the total cost of the project (which are split 50:50 sw/hw). I thought when you wrote “financing” you would refer to the money gathered by crowdfunding. As this is much less than the total project costs, we don’t know what it was spent on.

                      Yes, those who read and understand are *very* well informed about the project. For others, this blog remains write only, it seems. 🙂

  150. Avatar

    They just dont care. They will post something whenever they want, that is the Jolla’s way.

      • Avatar

        and #unlikeley if talking about #jollatablet

  151. Avatar

    “..all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet.” This makes me angry. If it’s possible to ship a small batch it should be possible to ship them all!

  152. Avatar

    Probably the tablet manufactuer has had enough of Jolla’s BS.
    God knows how much money they owe to them. Probably the tablet manufactuer is just trying to minimize the loss by selling of the tablets in stock.

  153. Avatar

    From the mer meeting on irc today (cybette relaying info from juhani): 14:42:40 Antti Saarnio promised in the previous meeting that the Tablet project would be resolved around New Year?s time, but unfortunately it took a little more time. Now we finally have a resolution agreed and we?re now preparing the practicalities and the communication. An update should be out in a few days (next week).

    So an update next week…

    • Avatar

      With Sailfish 2.0
      It’s getting pretty weird now…

  154. Avatar

    Make sense to sale the tablets there. That is the market where Jolla make the deal with Intex and where Jolla try to grow Sailfish.

    • Avatar

      It only makes sense to the manufacturer of the Jolla tablet. If Jolla (or the company that I gave money to via IGG) were behind this, the board of directors would have gone b*tsh*t crazy.

      • Avatar

        You got it, I just want to be a bit sarcastic;)

  155. Avatar

    16 days and still no update, still no sollution for the IGG backers.

    Still no answers on my direct questions on Twitter.

    Way to go Jolla! You really know how to please the community !

    Only reason why I would buy the Tablet on Taobao is to whipe my ass with it while showing a picture of your Captian mr. Tomi Pienimäki & Antti Saarnio !

  156. Avatar

    lol …i have good news for all who invest money in Jolla tablet fund collection. two days back i wrote an email to Jolla costumer care.

    i wrote
    “Hi jolla team.
    Well this is yogesh from India. I paid $ 224 in Nov 2014 through INDIGOGO site in your brought the ‘Jolla Tablet – world’s first crowd sourced tablet with the promise that ill get the Jolla tablets in May 2015 which you are failed to do so. Well Even after believing on your false promises that you will deliver the tablets in May 2015, Nov 2015, Dec 2015 still not get anything from you. So now my request is to refund my money back with one year interest or else I will sue you guys in court and ill make ensure that ill take help from the media as well.
    My registered Email Id is

    Whati recieved is more surprising

    Jolla (Jolla Service and Support)
    Jan 15, 09:20

    Hello, and thank you for your message.

    We know the campaign has been going on a long time, and as you might know, Jolla has been facing a difficult and unclear situation, which in turn has impacted the Tablet project. Progress has been slowed down and so we haven’t had much news to report. The fate of the project has been uncertain to say the least and we haven’t had visibility on certified facts in a long time. The most recent news can be found in our New Year’s Blog post.

    Currently we are preparing another update to the Jolla Blog, but as we finalize details we don’t at this time have more information for you. We have received your request and acknowledge it, but at this time we regret to inform you there’s no way for us to help you forward.

    Please stay tuned to the Jolla Blog and your contributor email for information on what happens next. We will have help for you at a later time.

    Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

    Jolla Customer Care

    Now you guys understand what will happen to your investment. I will look after to initiate criminal case against them.Any one if has an idea plz let me know

    • Avatar

      @ yogesh FTC in the US. Also there is a guy on IGG that reported to the IC3.

    • Avatar

      I undestand that Jolla Oy will next week tell us here and by email what are the options.

    • Avatar

      A.K.A. you are fucked.
      As you mentioned legal actions there is only one way to go.
      Take action NOW and sue them.

      All BS about we are working on an update for the BLOG …
      With all due respect but how much time does one need to write a BLOG update.

      If it was as simple as a refund for all IGG backers it would be a verry simple update. Every one happy and would accept another month to have the procedure ready (as this would be quite some work).

      But by now one can conclude by the simple fact that we are still waiting on an update that it will not be good news and they are trying to wrap the bad news in as much BS as they can. Just like all the other communications they did so far.

      Hoping on anything else is just false hope, no reason that Jolla now by accident has seen the light and is starting honest communication.

      They told us to be better / more honest than the big companies, but they have proven to be even worse.

      Sorry guys but we are f*cked BIG TIME by these losers.

      • Avatar

        Than, I hope they will end in jail, and Jolla burned to the ground.

  157. Avatar

    The Jolla Smartphone is now powered with Sailfish OS 2.0 – Well, nice the phone users get to use the OS the Tablet backers paid for.

  158. Avatar

    Jolla is a masterclass in how NOT to run a sucessful Business!

    The history of the Tablet fiasco is well-known, but it has recently taken another strange turn.
    The “missing” Tablets, which Jolla couldn’t ship and strongly implied didn’t exist, are now being sold in China, and latterly India.

    The Chinese site had a stock of “10,000”, a number surprisingly similar to the number paid for by IGC contributors.

    I have literally no idea of the truth behind any of this sad story. One thing I DO know for sure is that Jolla have never been straight about this project since the day they collected all our money.
    Jolla have lied and dissembled since May 2015.
    These are mainmly lies of omission – they have provided virtually no concrete information at any time – but they are still lies.

    Of course I wanted to get a Tablet, of course I’m disappointed that that can’t now happen but what really pisses me off is the lack of honesty.

    • Avatar

      I actually don’t want tablet anymore. I am simply sick of mentioning a tablet and Jolla. They’ve burned my entire trust with their behavior… I just want my money back so I can forget this “limbo”, “purgatory” and move on…!

  159. Avatar

    This is very interesting:

    “Updated on:Jan 16, 2016”
    “Release Date: Feb 10, 2016 (Official)”

    The tablet will be released in India? Officially? Why is the information available at but not A mistake? A cruel joke to piss off angry people at the blog comment section? OR a DEVILISH CONSPIRACY!!?

    At least they (somebody somewhere in the irc I think) promised another blog post next week so we don’t have to scroll all that way down anymore ^_^.

    • Avatar

      This stinks to high heaven. If it is Jolla that is selling the tablets in India, why don’t they deliver the tablets to those that have already paid them? Or are they thinking of taking the money and running again?
      If it is not Jolla, then where are the tablets coming from? The unpaid stock in China?

      • Avatar

        My guess would be that some Jolla’s collaborator from India wants to bring the tablet to the Indian market and buys a new batch from the Chinese factory that produced the original 10000. Of course that wouldn’t help those who ordered tablet through Jolla shop or IGG, but maybe Jolla will earn some money from licenses to be able to pay the refund for the angry people (which probably won’t happen, but one can always speculate)…

        Looking forward for the official statement.

    • Avatar

      Buy For

      Stunning display
      Great multitasking experience
      Intuitive Sailfish 2.0 OS
      Powerful battery

      The all new Jolla tab

      WOW!!! I guess someone else is getting what we paid for.
      So crowdfunding is not amazon as we all have learned – obviously crowdfunding is something where you make two groups of people pay for the same product – legitimately leaving those who paid first out in the rain because.. they just contributed to a campaign! they didn’t buy the product! aaand they are not from india nor china. or could anyone explain better? guess i’m just not familiar enough with the subject of crowdfunding.. but it seems to be a very interesting business model!

  160. Avatar

    I dont see no future for Jolla.

    • Avatar

      now? I start believing in them in September when they’ve postpone deliver for the third time. Everything else was only additional drive to be pissed off…

      • Avatar

        Sorry, I meant *stopped*

  161. Avatar

    Minor differences in BT and OS:
    Jolla: Bluetooth 3.0 Sailfish OS 2.0
    india: Bluetooth v4.0 Sailfish OS v2.0
    taobao: Bluetooth Class 4.0 Android 4.4
    Sellers assume that a tablet now must have BT 4.0, but …

  162. Avatar

    Ok, just some speculations for 2016 (you asked for it):

    1) you got the tablet dispute settled, managed to buy the production facility in China and expect the tablet production to be in full swing around spring 2016 (wishful thinking)

    2) based on your success on IGG and MWC 2015 (best tablet) you got great offers from various Android manufactures or even Microsoft or Apple. Though it took some time to work out the details you can confirm the takeover now (likely Microsoft based on your history)

    3) you finally noticed that a truly open mobile platform can only survive if the software and hardware are made available openly under the Linux foundation

    Each one of those might be better than just skipping the tablet project at all imho.


    • Avatar


      I’m not so sure about 3).
      If this was the case or even should be much further.

      IMHO they have both been going around in circles for much too long. Binaries are avalaible but no hardware has emerged beyond the experimental/hobbyist levels. The “Community” itself does not seem enough to guarantee advancement up to a usable product.

      I’d love if somebody corrected me. Either of these systems would interest me after the Jolla tablet desaster.

  163. Avatar

    With the tablet announcement from India and still absolutely nothing being done to compensate the initial contributors, Jolla is now finally stinking from the head, and that means Antti Saarnio, the guy smugly laughing at us all from the Dez. 18 blog entry. Despite the catastrophic performance his self esteem hasn’t been damaged in the least (“I am an entrepreneur and a strategist. I create and grow companies. The bigger the agenda – the better. More impossible – the better. Challenges makes me tick.”)

    For a long time I thought this guy came from Nokia along with the other founders but it looks more like his incubation was at KPMG and Accenture.

    Bloody hell, KPMG and Accenture!! Along with their buddies (Boston, McKinsey, PwC etc.) these are scavenging organisms. Mostly found in the warm and moist biotopes around the anal regions of large corporations. They attach to their host by their tongues. Believe me. I’ve seen them. I spent nearly 25 years in the bowels of a large corporation before I decided it was time to find the nearest exit. The closer I got to the exit the more of them I discovered and the better look I had at their feeding habits!

    These guys don’t give a flying fvck about loyalty, commitment to customers, technology leadership or anythink like that. It’s just about keeping finances flowing so that a certain percentage sticks to their tongues (s. above)

    I now think I understand why the technical evangelist Marc Dillon from the Jolla beginnings has left the company. There was no more room for his view of the world there any more. I did get the impresion he must be completely pissed off now that he seems to be doing something completely different (or maybe he just likes Monty Python).

    Kicking out half the staff fits the scavengers way of thinking as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if the financing round was delayed “by verbal mutual agreement” to increase the pressure here a bit. I don’t think Jolla is really terribly interested in having them back. They have served their purpose. Salfish is as good as ready for market. The best of the kicked-out probably wouldn’t come back anyway.

    The next strategy is to get the licencers in Asia etc. to do the final refinements and pay for the rights do this on top of it all. For raking in the royalties you only need a small staff. And they only have to know how to turn on their mobile phones.

    As regards the other founders, haven’t heard anything from them for ages. I guess Stefano M. is just dreaming and speaking and being a bit less of an entrepeneur at the moment. No idea what Sami P might be up to.

    The bottom line, as early comtributors we just don’t have any bearing any more.

    • Avatar

      This appears to the best analysis about the situation.

  164. Avatar

    I ask me the whole time, if anybody from Jolla read our comments or is this blog only made to throw Jolla’s unusable and meaningless informations to the community while laughing about the naive trust of their contributors while they are destroying our money purpose alien? I’m very disappointed especially about the communication of the head of Jolla in person of Antti Saarnio, but it seems, that we also waste our time in this blog also like we waste our money at Jolla.

    • Avatar

      This blog is a troll tool for jolla employees. So be nice to them and play along. Our many is long gone and so is the tablets.

  165. Avatar

    I see now that I should have seen that coming before buying the tablet. These guys are former Nokia employees, which were paid to leave Nokia (according to wikipedia – If you remember, Nokia had a marketshare in mobile phone market that seemed unbeatable and it was unimaginable that Nokia would loose its leading position. However, they managed to do it. So, we shouldn’t be to surprised to see them go the same road again.

  166. Avatar

    What about a discount on the Fairphone 2 for the backers that won’t get a tablet? Seems reasonable and feasible – cooperate with FP2 folks to give us an option on the FP2 for maybe 200€ instead of 500€. Sailfish preinstalled of course 😉

    • Avatar

      Not for me. I have enough phones already, and after all these months you won’t catch me giving more money to jolla any time soon!

  167. Avatar

    Dear Jolla team, it is great to see you all are doing well now, hopefully you all can continue to be strong and support Sailfish OS as much as we do. Now back to topic, while I am not one of the backer for Jolla Tablet, however based on what you had told us that Sailfish OS is the king and the beast, we still haven’t see any update for the king and the beast. You told us that you had put most the resource to develop the Sailfish OS, however since from last November until now we still haven’t received any update or news regarding the latest update for the OS, hopefully we will received any update or news soon. 😉

  168. Avatar

    Dear Sirs and Ladies,
    so far I have been quietly following this saga (being an IGG backer from day 1). I understand the difficulties of a small startup taking on the Apples, Googles and Samsungs of the world, and fully expect delays, difficulties etc.

    If you have to cancel the tablet project because you need to focus on your licensing deals with your software, so be it. I contributed to the crowdfunding project fully aware of the risks and pitfalls. However, if you cancel hardware deliveries to us contributors while selling officially branded Jolla tablets in other countries, I *do* feel cheated and betrayed (even though I don’t have an enforcable right to receive my tablet).

    In addition, let me say that your communication strategy with your crowdsourcing community and (former) fanbase has, errr…, lots of room for improvement. A full blown survival crisis followed by a vague “new years greeting” followed by *nothing* for three weeks is not the right way to keep your crowdfunders happy while your manufacturer starts selling the tablets in order to receive any compensation for their costs. Get out of your saunas and start to communicate clearly and without ambiguity what’s going to happen, even if that entails that we will not receive anything.Anything is better than your vague promises and hints (“We might even have some positive surprises in stock for you. But more on that will follow, feel free to speculate!” really topped it off and with your permission I will use that quote whenever I want to illustrate on how NOT to run a crowdfunding project)

    • Avatar

      Problem is, spaetz, they literally wrote they would invest every cent in the tablet. Clearly they didn’t and by that did not follow the rules.

      • Avatar

        I disagree. I am sure they invested every cent in tablet and tablet software development. No need to assume malice here. However, the rule that should be followed is that of fairness: If you back and enable the tablet development you should be receiving one if some are manufactured. If those tablets are sold on e.g. the Indian market with Jolla’s official blessing, that would be a breach of trust, in my book. I have given up on the tablet, and that is fine though. I just think that the whole affair is incredibly clumsily handled from a communications perspective.Heck, if you have to fire halve of your people but retain an “International PR & Communications professional” I as a financial investor deserve something better than the occasional new years greeting.
        Jolla should be reducing uncertainty and ambiguity now, not increase it.

        • Avatar

          Hello spaetz, but then they should have written that they would be investing part of the money in the SF2.0 which they did not.
          Moreover, they use the SF 2.0 not for a tablet any longer, solely for phones. This may change in the future, of course, but even then their promise was incorrect to say the least.
          Let me finish with mentioning that I feel sorry for all the employees who had to go, they were not responsible for this failure!

      • Avatar

        @JanW2: “… Clearly they didn’t” – really? How can you tell? That would be new information.

          • Avatar

            @janW2: And on this page you found the information that they did not spend every cent on the tablet? Really? Maybe you have a different browser than I have… LOL

            • Avatar

              Okay you are right about me using a different browser 🙂
              In this link you can find a neat picture and more about the way they invested the IGG money:
              Clearly they used it for software development as well. On itself a good cause, except when you get into troubles financing the tablets.
              To be honest, I do not exclude the possibility that the manufacturer did something that brought Jolla into this quagmire, but then they should have made a better contract. This is speculation, of course.

              • Avatar

                @JanW2: The tablet consists of HW and SW. Putting money into SW development means investing it into the tablet. BTW, the graph on the page you linked to does not show how they invested the money they got from the campaign. It shows the split between hardware and software costs and it makes clear that a huge portion of the total tablet cost needed to be paid for by Jolla, because the crowd funding was simply not enough. You can not tell from this graph, though, if crowdfunding money went into SW or HW development mainly.

          • Avatar

            So did I: “Every single cent from this campaign will go into producing the tablet, with nothing to spare.” Yes, and I told, I believe them they did exactly that and ran out of money (and failed to secure more). They did not fire halve their team for fun and they certainly had nothing to spare.

            What I want to know is if the India sales thingie is official of fake. I were seriously offended if it is official.

            Also, I wanted to give feedback on both the (lacking) quantity and the vagueness of the posts here, not accuse anyone of mishandling funds. I understand that Jolla cannot share financial details and does secret negotiations. But if there is no tablet coming then Jolla should simply tell us and do not believe that a handwavy “However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed.” statement will make people happy.

          • Avatar

            As I understood the offer in the Indian web-shop, the tablets are not available yet (no news to us). If (and thats only my vague speculation) Jolla tries to check out the demand in India it might be likely that they try to get another porductionline. Good for us, even tho it means still more time to wa(i/s)t(e). If there is a Indian guy who wants to earn some money by buying cheap tablets at taobao and sell them elsewhere, then this whole thing seems to be pretty much f***ed up. I hope Jolla is trying to get the tablet on the Indian market, because that way there is a smallest chance I might get one to, but I believe there has never been produced a 64GB tab, nor is there any chance to get another deal with an Chinese manufacture.

            • Avatar

              And by the way, about this whole “our money was spoiled in sw-development”-topic. Did anyone here buy a perk about or preorderd the shiny 1st-2nd-3rd generation display, or the great non-present charger? I by myself wanted SailfishOS on a big screen. I didn’t care that much about the hardware. Of course the OS iterates on the phone too, but there is still tablet-specific work to do like split-screen-capability (even if its not ready yet), the porting of the hw-drivers, the adaption of the different CPU-architecture and tweaking the UI for big screens (For the things I can imagine) And yes we payed for a benefit of Jolla so they can license software to partners who want to build intel-hw or devies with big screens. I think this is the win-win situation crowdfunding is supposed to be. BUT of course they still owe us our win situation and very likely its not that win we all expected. So THIS is the point to be mad at and the communication about this situation.

              • Avatar

                @Helge You’re right. In fact, many of the changes made for SF2 were obviously made with the tablet in mind. Many users aren’t really happy with how these changes affected the phone, many say it became worse. And there’s really a lot of adaptation work in SF2 that will not ever be useful or even visible on phones at all. The real issue now is that from the perspective of a phone user, software-development stalled in the beginning of 2015 an all ressources were used for tablet specific work. And now some trolls complain that those changes were made for the phone…. oh my.

                And of course you’re right, I don’t think that people who followed the communication at the time of the tablet presentation wanted just any tablet with certain hardware specs. The campaign was abaut Sailfish 2 on a new form factor. I don’t need a tablet and I do not intend to buy one in case I won’t get the Jolla tablet – unless a different company licenses Salfish for their tablets. 😉

                • Avatar

                  I hope there was some kind of disillusionment drug you could take to get a grip with reality. No matter what you believe and no matter the angle you look at the situation from, they have lied, breached the terms of use in the IGG campaign and most certainly they, up until now at least, got something for nothing (i.e. our money for no tablet).
                  a)The campaign started on the premise that if they had 380,000 dollars they could deliver a tablet. By their claims more than 4,000,000 dollars, that is million dollars, was NOT enough to make the tablet a reality. So they were off by “ONLY” a factor of at least 10.5. So all that experience in developing software and the phone and in general was good enough for a 90.5% error?? That is criminal by itself.
                  b)The campaign heavily implied that the OS was ready (something that they would be doing anyway for the phone so the cost of developing the 2.0 version of the OS would not belong to the tablet anyway) and in that case a porting cost would be acceptable but then again I would have to refer you to point a. They thought this could be done with 380,000 hardware software and all. Who are they kidding?
                  c) The good old Terms of Use of IGG. In the event of a failed project the campaign manager should communicate in a transparent (fail) and timely (epic fail) manner and should find a mutually agreeable solution (does not compute).
                  d) You are absolutely right that the campaign was about Sailfish 2 on a new form factor, as in “Hey we made a new version of our OS, how would it sound to have a crowdfunding campaign to make it available in a new form factor?” not “shit we cant make this happen maybe we should make a campaign to bale us out and then fuck them over”. I know the truth is somewhere in between but not even a cent of this campaign should be used for any other reason from porting the OS to the tablet form and designing and manufacturing the tablet. The percentage does not matter as you have mentioned in an earlier post. It should be 0%.

                  To sum it up they have been deceiving, unethical and I think out of the confines of the law.

                • Avatar

                  No, just a bottle of beer which dosn’t make me feel disillusioned at all. Please don’t take my acceptance for the money spend in sw-development as an excuse for every mistake jolla has made. By now I am with you that we gave money to this project and are left empty handed. I desperately waited for a tablet and every excuse for hw-problems, delivery-tests, failed financing-rounds made me as mad as you got. So in general I am with you in Point a) without all that calculating stuff. About point b): I didn’t had the impression SFOS2.0 was ready for the Jolla Tablet. Anyway SFOS2.0 is only a name. You cant’t suggest its ready for the tablet when its just arround the corner for the phone. It’s like flashing an Image of Win10 on your Lumia (This isn’t that bad comparison as it seems). Much tablet related work is to do like porting the drivers, tweaking the UI for big screens and additional features (split screen, Alien Dalvik for Intel Architecture…)

                • Avatar

                  …that doesn’t affect the phone sw at all. In fact, the tablet profits from the sw-development done so far for the phone. (And If both would unlikely ever be ready for the market they will profit from each other). To point c): I never read the IGG Terms but I have to absolutely (truely and deeply) agree with you, that not only in the manner of refund but on the whole journey since day one a problem occured, they failed to be transparent and their timemanagement was an epic failure. Both could have been prevented by an open communication. Since you are with me in point d) … oh wait, you aren’t … I still think Jolla wanted to deliver the tablets to us at day one. Not because they like us so much but to get another reference-device in the portfolio. A big Screen with intel hardware widens the scope of Sailfish dramaticaly, so yes their plan was to get in better positions of licensing their software. And I am okay with that, as long as they still write updates for my devices. Well to stay with your metaphor of campain-title, It might should have been named “A tablet for you, a reference device and a better market scope to us, but beware: we never build a tablet before and highly depend on sponsorships.” And yes they’d never reached the goal with this kind of information on top. But these were known facts. (The “trap” pre-order customers got in is another discussion)

                  I sum the story up when it’s over.

    • Avatar

      I agree fully. Jolla will end up in hand books on how not to run a crowd funding project.

  169. Avatar

    Would it be feasible to crowdfound a project to sue jolla and have back our money?

  170. Avatar

    Still no update?????

  171. Avatar

    I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but IMO it would qualify as a positive surprise if the new blog post promised for Monday or Tuesday would actually be there before Wednesday.

  172. Avatar

    Do you consider to give all the backers a new car as compensation? a Tesla would be fine.

    • Avatar

      I’m picturing a Monkeys Paw type or response where you will receive a nice Tesla matchbox car in the mail. lol

    • Avatar

      Only a free Dragon ride would suffice. With Sailfish 3.0 on board, of course 😉

    • Avatar

      Let it go guys, Jolla is dead. We got no tablet for our money, and even worse they killed their community with all the stunts they pulled, or whatever they thought they were doing.

      They said they invested in SF2 instead. Fine. But I can’t even remember when I last saw a phone update and some polishing on the core apps.
      They promised they would reply to in-store comments, but they “forgot” their promise. In the meantime the maps app page is flooded with feature requests and complaints, and the app is barely usable. Frankly I’m sick of it suggesting addresses in the US instead of near me when the phone is not even supposed to work in the US.
      Mail app? Barely usable. No support for alias and I lost the mail I was writing more than once because of silly defects.
      Calculator? Very bare bones, it looks like taken from an old Visual Studio 6 tutorial on Windows. Twitter support? I had to give up on using Twitter altogether. Voice calls or file sending over XMPP? Naught. Embedded support for other chats, like Line or Skype? Nothing. And I won’t even start to talk about the “store”.

      So in short: no tablet, no SF, no more blog posts, no replies to comments. Time to move on to Tizen or whatever else is available out there.

  173. Avatar

    Some thoughts on Jollas’ disaster:

    1. Investors perspective
    2011 – 2014 Jolla was a start-up financing project.
    The project ended in 2014.
    Nearly all money was spent.
    IGG-crowd-funding to get invested money back or at least no new money to this project until the software is ready on the 2.0 level and can be sold (to intex etc.) to make profit out of the investment finally.

    2. Jollas’ perspective
    Missing the milestones within the 2011-2014.
    No additional or countable money (funding) could get raise in 2014, instead a “wise” advise was given from the investors to the founders of Jolla. Start a fundraising activity to get financed by the (stupid-)crowd or someone else.
    Through this financial backing of the crowd-funding action, Jolla did the step to avoid bankruptcy already in the beginning of 2015.

    BACKERS BECAME AN INVESTOR ON JOLLA without any rights or votes, YOU became the desperately needed investment round for Jolla INSTEAD of the INVESTORS !!!!!!
    The investors will get some money back at the end: you, probably
    don´t !

    3. Environment of Mobile Business
    Who is still on the scene of mobile OS in the future? – Apple, Microsoft, Google (all American)
    Who will dominate the mobile OS in the future? – Apple, Google and Microsoft
    If there will be a competitor really strong enough to compete, the new name of it will be Apple, Google, Microsoft.

    4. Politics:
    There is no interest in a none American mobile OS ! Why should it exist?
    And why does Jolla not tell us the investors name? – Just guess ☺
    Why does Jolla not enter the US-market? – Just guess ☺

    What would you do in the situation of Jolla now?
    50% of employees lost.
    Raised money just for (approximately) to finance the company until the deal with another mobile phone manufacturer is made. – After the contract is signed, Jolla will probably have to finance itself out of the profit margin of the contract.
    Is there still money left to refund backers? – Maybe if Jolla would make 3 or 4 contracts but not with a single one.
    Or just let´s see what kind of surprise they can offer to us… : ))))))

  174. Avatar

    Please update the blog with current status of Tablet project.

    Just tell us truth. You already lost our credibility in you!

    You used our money for OS only to be able to sell OEM licenses, is ridiculous.

    • Avatar

      Here is the most honest answer you are going to get: If you want the tablet you have a few options: you can purchase your tablet from some dinky company in India or you can purchase the original tablet (without the Jolla logo) from some dinky company in China. Otherwise you can wait around here to maybe get a $10 off coupon your next Jolla phone (minus the charger). But be warned that community for the OS is small and only getting smaller and the only new apps will be android and semi-working.

  175. Avatar

    Can I have my money back in the hope the BQ Ubuntu tablet isn’t vaporware

  176. Avatar

    Hi everyone. The Jolla Tablet project update is just around the corner, sorry to keep you all waiting. We realize fully the frustration and all, but we really need to figure all the practicalities before we communicate about the process going further. Stay tuned!

    • Avatar

      Pls. consider very carefully what you are writing to us:

      Positive message brings (back) us as a loyal customers to you (50:50).

      Negative message brings you only enemies (100%).

    • Avatar

      “We realize fully the frustration.”

      I really don’t think you do. Why do you think 90% of the blog commenters are pissed off at you guys for the way you’ve been handling this campaign. I was completely on board with Jolla when this whole campaign started, and now I am completely anti-Jolla, and it’s not because I didn’t get a tablet, it’s because of the lack of communication, the seemingly dubious use of our money, and the misleading ad campaign for the tablet that promised hardware development, not OS development. Get your act together guys, a lot of backers are looking to take legal action.

    • Avatar

      Hello Mr. Lassila! can you give us any hint on when to expect an update? I know i cannot guess what types of practicalities you have to sort out still but it if i knew i didn’t have to expect anything before e.g. next wednesday i could at least leave it well alone and wouldn’t feel like i had to read the comments to get further information..

    • Avatar

      Please stop this “just around the corner”, ” soon” ,”feel free to speculate”, bla bla writing! Be precise like “next update will be there at……”! I’m sick of your vague writing!

    • Avatar

      You absolutly do not need all th epracticalities in order to say what you are going to do. I’ll give you some examples:

      EG1: We are going to order another batch of tablets and ship them out! They may or may not be exactly as described but they will run sailfish. We have tenders out to a number of manufacturers and will let you know when we have chosen one

      EG2: We simply cannot produce the tablets at a value which makes sense. With a heavy heart we will cancel the tablet program and will begin issuing refunds to everyone however IGG doesn’t give us the tools for this, and we need to figure out how to handle the fact that IGG took a cut of each contribution.

      EG3: Because we are so sorry we are going to arrange for a traveling circus to visit each backer for a private show. Unfortunately the bearded lady was recently called for jury duty and we don’t know when the tour will be able to start!

      Broad strokes. Doesn’t say when, no logistics, but commits to what you are going to do. Ideally there should be a time frame and other details but maybe that’s not available. You should be able to say why those details aren’t available. This is the communication problem that’s been happening the whole time, no communication with the backers and that’s the source of the loss of trust.

      I’d love to see Jolla succeed in bringing a real alternative and build a following around the brand, but you can’t build it in the way you are going about it.

      • Avatar

        Exactly! I understand that not every detail, especially about financial problems, can be shared publicly. But I strongly believe that this whole situation was preventable.
        EG4: Guys the whole tablet stuff was a lot more expensive than we thought, if you could give us additional 50Eur we can finish this awesome project, sell million devices and might be able to pay back your invest.

        This statement back in may or even in september would had run into open doors, since everyone here still burned for the tablet.

    • Avatar

      I’m looking forward to the tablet update. I don’t know if this translates to an international audience, but the North American reference is “Charlie Brown kicking the football”.

      • Avatar

        if it is somehow equivalent to groundhog day or something like that (+fooling), i think i get it.. also looking forward to the tablet update. also looking forward to the tablet update. also looking forward to the tablet update. 😀

  177. Avatar

    how long?
    a day, a week? or a month?!

  178. Avatar

    till you’ll forget that you lost your money for Jolla tablet.

  179. Avatar

    I’m probably one of the backers who does not get the Jolla tablet.

    I would not mind if I could put Sailfish 2.0 onto a cheap Wi-Fi tablet I buy myself. It would be possible to make a flash image for selected tablets on the market. Recently I bought an Onda V973 tablet. Can I have Sailfish on it?

    • Avatar

      I would advice to try a different OS, Ubuntu touch is a more better option. Even tizen is more open source than SailfishOS, only SDK and some drivers are closed source.

      • Avatar

        @tojocky: Have you tried Ubuntu Touch in practice? Although I will most certainly buy the recently announced BQ tablet out of curiosity, the OS left me unimpressed on my smartphone. They don’t even have a reliable, integrated mail-client, let alone exchange support. I miss a lot of applications that just work on Sailfish because of its Android compatibility layer. My Ubuntu smartphone is an interesting toy at the moment that I keep tinkering with, but I don’t even have a SIM card inserted any more. It’s just not (yet) usable as a main phone, although I see its potential. The less satisfied I was with Ubuntu Touch, the more forgiving I became concerning the many irritating shortcomings of my Jolla phone.

        • Avatar

          @ossi1967: I tried both… indeed, ubuntu has a lot to do…, but is moving faster than SailfishOS now, by porting to new official devices.
          What is the point to develop and support partially closed source source? According to, the main core GUI applications are close source (Calendar, phone, people, messages, Gallery, etc), exact as Google with Android (GAPPS).
          In one day they can start to collect and sell your data even cheaper than google.

          • Avatar

            @tojocky: Yes, Ubuntu is improving and I’m very much looking forward to the day it’s usable as a smartphone. I want choice.

            Until then, there’s Jolla.

            Sailfish for smartphones didn’t develop at all during 2015 because all of their software related effort went into the tablet. While in 2014 there were new performance improvements and features for the phone in each and every update, there were almost none in 2015 as all the development was directed towards the tablet. The gap between Ubuntu and Sailfish shortened in 2015, true. (Maybe the next update for my Ubuntu phone will already be “the one” for me.)

            I’m not sure what to make of the last remark about closed source and Google. Google mines data mainly through the services that people mindlessly use (or should I say: “are used by”?), such as GMail, Google Docs, Google Maps etc. (The people whining about a proprietary gallery or notes application on the phone are sometimes the same who use a GMail account and Facebook… That really doesn’t help their credibility.) – Jolla is far too small to offer such service. The only “trap” I see with Sailfish is the data collected by Here maps.

  180. Avatar

    In Russian there is a saying: “A man said to the man-made”, that is broken, but do what obeschal.I I still will talk about the backwardness and savagery of Russian? !!! Yes Jolla it thrives! It is dishonest, ugly! So much time has passed, some promises, like bullying, decorated with sweet words!

  181. Avatar

    Ok folks, the party is over. Jolla had failed to fullfil the tablet project and the money is lost.

    Nothing less to speculate, nothing less to say. To me Sailfish is dead.

  182. Avatar

    Now, this is a pure speculation, but I will say that there will be no further news regarding the tablet in January 2016.
    Just one more deadline missed…

    It’s becoming hilaroius how they can not get their act together.

  183. Avatar

    Another glorious week has started with no update yea!!!!!!

  184. Avatar

    >We don’t have all pieces of the puzzle figured out >just yet, but a few things are now certain: we are >happy to say that we will be shipping an additional >small batch of the Jolla Tablet to early backers >during early 2016, targeting to send invitations >during January.

    “We don’t have all pieces of puzzle” means litterally” …..i.e. “We don’t have any pieces of puzzles at all”.

    #we will be shipping an additional small batch of the Jolla Tablet to early backers during early 2016, targeting to send invitations during January#

    means litterally …. i.e.

    “It is really small batch in nanoscale. I have not heard anyone who has received invitation.

    Early 2016 were the few hundreds nanoseconds from the 00:00 on on the 1st January. That’s gone.”

    Again, litterally speaken we have lost both our money and the imaginary devices. There is still one

    “Meet the new boss, blame with the old boss” by The Who.

    In the other words; The word “boss” is replaced with the word “company”.

  185. Avatar

    I guess “positive surprises” actually means:
    “a new Jolla OS version! (delivered into early access 19 January)”

    Wow, really positive… NOT.

    Anyway, I am currently looking for a new phone to replace my Jolla phone so I can finally smash it into thousand pieces! Yes, I am going to break it. Jolla has no trust left in my opinion and Sailfish OS is a DEAD plattfrom.

  186. Avatar

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