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Jolla Tablet Sales Box and Accessories Update

As we’re getting closer to shipping the Jolla Tablets to all our dear Indiegogo contributors, we’d like to update you about what’s coming your way soon.

Sales Box

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the Jolla Tablet sales box, the result of a long journey to create something special. It might sound like a simple task to design a box, but we have been working hard to provide you with something familiar and at the same time something new.

Design & Branding: The Jolla Tablet unboxing experience continues the Jolla design philosophy and theme from the Jolla smartphone, with the Jolla logo on the front and Sailfish OS code on the sales box sleeve. The main difference comes from the relaxed aloe colour which is used as a primary colour theme throughout the sales box.

Usability: You will find a smooth and secure sales box opening mechanism, similar to our first product, which brings out the inner box with a simple push on the Sailfish OS logo. The Jolla Tablet is packed in a protective sleeve with a tab for lifting the tablet effortlessly out of the box and into your hands. There is a Leaflet (unlike the standard ones 🙂 ) and a User Guide included to help you get started. A full User Guide will be made available in our Help Center once the devices start shipping.

Safety & Logistics: As the final step, the sales box has been put through rigorous drop and durability testing, ensuring that the tablet is well-protected during transportation and will arrive safely to your doorstep. In order to secure safe deliveries, all Jolla Tablets (and accessories) will be shipped to all our Indiegogo contributors in custom-made delivery packages.


What’s in your Jolla Tablet sales box:

  • Jolla Tablet in protective sleeve
  • Leaflet, User Guide, Warranty Leaflet
  • Two Jolla stickers in aloe and black
  • USB-cable

Accessories: protective cases

Together with a few world-class partners, we are excited to offer you custom-designed accessories for the Jolla Tablet. If you did not order your own Jolla Tablet case or cover during the Indiegogo campaign, you can still do so as you finalise your Jolla Tablet contribution and order (see details from the Jolla Tablet next steps FAQ).

A Finnish design match: Lastu and Jolla

mapbagrag®: with love from Austria

Additional Accessories

We are also happy to provide you with a selection of must-have Jolla Tablet accessories from our trusted partner Insmat:

  • Screen protector to protect the stunning display
  • Dual-USB 3.1 A travel charger with EU-plug
  • One of the world’s smallest power bank with 9000 mAh capacity

Be sure to look for these accessories when finalising your Jolla Tablet contribution and order!

At Jolla we believe in choice, and reducing the unnecessary. You will find there is no charger in the sales box. We understand that many already have chargers at their home and it’s just a little greener not to include another one. Leaving the charger out also helps keep the sales box dimensions as slim as possible.

We would like to hear your ideas and requests on potential accessories, so please leave a comment below.

Thank you & we wish you a Happy Unboxing Experience!

On behalf of the whole sales box & accessory team,



Sami Maala

Sami Maala

Product Manager at Jolla. Passionate about productisation and providing world class user experience for our customers. Family man, interested in all sorts of gadgets, motorsports and stock markets.


  1. Avatar

    Ahem. After the Jolla phone battery disaster, what about the tablet spare batteries?

      • Avatar

        It actually is, I’m the one who found it out. Many users on TJC confirmed they work.

        • Avatar

          and i thougt i was me 😉

          • Avatar

            You posted two photos and I told you that the Desire was the right one (I am Giacomo Di Giacomo 🙂

    • Avatar

      Tablet batteries are not the same as cellphone batteries. I bet it’s an industry standard softpack LiPo.

      • Avatar

        My concern was just this: will the tablet users suffer the same failure the phone users experienced with spare batteries? Before I consider to purchase a tablet, I want to make sure that spare batteries are available now and on the long term. An official statement would be highly desirable.

    • Avatar

      Is the Tablet battery even user replaceable?

    • Avatar

      I know this is not the place to start a rant and rave, but what “battery disaster”? I’m lucky enough to have had my Jolla since circa Jan ’14 as my main ‘phone and I’m still getting 10/12 hours on the battery. And it’s been in the bath once…..

      • Avatar

        I can confirm the same. Got my own Jolla in late December 2013, and it has definitely been one of the better phones I’ve had when it comes to the battery. It really gets closer to pre-smart-phone era where people compared how many standby hours their phones could do.

        As I often have had wifi and bluetooth turned off, except when I need it, it can easily go 3-5 days before each charging – depending on how busy the phone is with phone calls and SMS/MMSes. Quite recently I got myself a Pebble watch, which requires at least bluetooth to be turned on, so I’m curious how that will impact the battery life. But so far it passed the 2 days mark before I chose to charge it (at 18%).

        Many people tell me constantly it is not needed, but my findings are different. I try to discharge the battery as much as possible before giving it a full charge. Occasionally I also do a complete discharge (the phone turns itself off). I’ve done that with many phones and laptops over many years, and I have always had good results. I have also on a couple of laptops not done this, and the battery performance has dropped significantly within a year.

        But YMMV.

  2. Avatar

    One Quick question (and partially because I’ve forgotten): What’s the USB connection’s current rate? (i.e. Does it support the 2.1 mAH charge rate or some lower rate)

    • Avatar

      Hi hasteur, the tablet has a 4450 mAh battery, and will work with 2.1 A chargers!

  3. Avatar

    Please all jollas. Dont use the Word ‘soon’ you have destroyd the meaning of the word 😀

    Do you have any battery for the phone for sale soon?

    Anyways. Thnx for the blog post. Hope to get something delivered to me sooooon…

    • Avatar

      +1 for the phone battery

    • Avatar

      Look on TJC for a final solution to the Jolla phone battery issue.

      • Avatar

        The question has been up there several times, but no final solution yet offered. Hoping “accessory team” to join TJC for this

    • Avatar

      +1 for the phone battery in Jolla store / elsewhere. Also, we Indian users don’t have the option the buy accessories at all. Hope something is being done to make this available on Snapdeal.

  4. Avatar

    No charger? Wtf is this!! You have to deliver quality! how do you plan to charge it without USB…Buuuuuuuuu! Add one or withdrawal from market!

    • Avatar

      Dave999: Before you fly off the handle read carefully.

      “At Jolla we believe in choice, and reducing the unnecessary. You will find there is no charger in the sales box. We understand that many already have chargers at their home and it’s just a little greener not to include another one.”

      Surely you have a few USB to mini-USB cables at home already. If not pop down to your local tech store and pick one up for under $10 dollars.

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave999, please take a look at “What’s in your Jolla Tablet sales box”, the USB cable is included, just add charger, which you may already have 🙂

      • Avatar

        Yes, I know. You expect/take more and more from the customers and there might be no one left…I think it’s a bad decision. Just saying 😀

        • Avatar

          Hi Dave. 🙂 If you really want, I can dig one of the many USB wall-warts I have here lying in my desk drawer and mail it to you. 🙂 (Although it has a plug for US mains service, dunno if that works for you.)

          Personally, I’m happy with Jolla’s decision. 🙂

          • Avatar

            Thx, it won’t fit.

          • Avatar

            Yes please! I am just not sure what charger I need for the tablet here in the US…

            • Avatar

              Actually, any USB charger should work with the tablet. So far as I know, every USB charger can be used to charge every USB device that has a rechargeable battery; it’s a pretty decent standard. 🙂 And you can find them _everywhere_; my local grocery store has USB chargers hanging on the wall.

              There are some USB chargers that can charge a device more quickly, and the tablet can in fact take advantage of the higher-speed charge; but, standard-speed chargers will work just fine as well.

      • Avatar

        Good move leaving out the charger, have a dozen here already!

        Fantastic looking packaging, such professional presentation all round for small company. Can’t wait to get hands on tablet .

      • Avatar

        Good idea, but since it uses USB OTG, I don’t think it will work with Jolla.

        • Avatar

          Actually, the tablet does indeed have USB OTG. 🙂

          • Avatar

            You are right, I was thinking about using it with the Jolla phone.

      • Avatar

        It is not absolutely true what they say (or what the first animation hints). The input power of the “charger” (these are AC-DC swich mode power supplies) is mostly depend of the output power. If you disconnect the phone (the load) the output power is zero, so the input power is also near zero (yes, there is some losses (what heats the charger) but it is very little).

    • Avatar

      Dave999 agree 100%. What sort of business you running Jolla? Half the worlds population just have chargers lying around?? Really?? 🙂
      Thanks Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo, Nokia etc for not sending me a charger after purchasing your product….I have one or many just sitting in my drawer….somewhere. 🙁 Nope i don’t just going down to the shops to get one so I can use my new Jolla tablet. Sheesh 🙂

      • Avatar

        Or maybe plug it in your laptop or pc. Maybe you already own a phone, you an use the same charger? Or ask a spare one from a colleague or classmate. I understand it’s frustrating not to have yet another charger, but is it really such an issue to whine. If you order quickly you can order one from I have one that costs 3.47$ delivered to home which is working fine.

        • Avatar

          Are you serious?…do you really suggest that I buy a device to plug it into a PC? Bit hard to take it with me! 🙂 Not whining just not the norm.
          Anyway if you have one why do you reply? What does it have to do with you if you have one…or in your words ‘yet’ another one. You should just be waiting for your box.
          PS – By the way asked a colleague and classmate…they don’t have a spare. Thanks for your advice though.

          • Avatar

            You can try to understand the suggestion in a way that makes sense, or in a way that doesn’t.

            I charge my phone at work from my pc if I ran out of charge.

            Also if you expect replies only from people who don’t have a charger you would not get any I suppose.

            I wonder how you are charging your phone. Maybe it charges itself without a charger.

            • Avatar

              So an ipod/iphone usb charger will charge my Jolla tablet? The voltage/amps won’t have any bearing on it at all? Just plug in my cord and all good? 🙂

              • Avatar

                Yes; almost all Apple chargers follow the USB standard, and therefore should work with any USB device. (I think you have to go all the way back to the mid 2000’s, and the first few generations of the iPod, to find an Apple charger not based on USB; their early iPods used a Firewire-based charger.)

                I think your biggest concern these days is more from counterfeit Apple chargers; these fakes can damage whatever devices they charge, Apple or non-Apple…

    • Avatar

      I applaud Jolla for not including a charger in the standard package. The whole idea behind the use of standard USB is that we can easily re-use the ones we already have. There’s an enormous waste of resources every year because OEMs still include unnecessary accessories like the chargers in the package, even though everyone by now has 3-4 lying around.

  5. Avatar

    Excellent news! Sales box looks great!
    😀 😀 😀

  6. Avatar

    I like the idea not adding a USB charger. I already have more I can use.

  7. Avatar

    Do you have some extra devices to order, has someone cancelled their order from Indiegogo? I would like to order one extra if possible.

    • Avatar

      Hi JuVa, we have something planned for that, more details to be shared shortly. Please stay tuned!

      • Avatar

        Great! One tablet is now ordered via Indiegogo, but one more would be nice to add to same delivery!

        • Avatar

          Hi again 🙂 Just to clarify to avoid misunderstanding: if we have the plan in place, it will not make the same shipment as the indiegogo contributions. This is because we will fulfill the indiegogo Jolla Tablet contributions first before considering any potential additional orders. Hope you understand!

      • Avatar

        Fingers crossed! 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Is this the Insmat Powerbank?

    I hope it’s not that expensive if we order through you. At least we could save on shipping 😉 Another thing I’m asking is how will this be achieved? Shipped from two locations?
    Customs for the Tablet but none for the Insmat stuff?

    It would be nice to get some more specifics from you in that regard soon.

    • Sami Maala

      Hi MoritzJT, we are currently finalising the accessory order arrangements and the pricing/other needed details will be informed once everything is ready. The Insmat accessories will be shipped from the same location as the Tablets.

  9. Avatar

    On the question of potential accessories: I’m not sure how useful it would be, but a Jolla-branded capacitive stylus might be kinda cool. 😉 (I know the main UI uses the intuitive finger-swipes for most interaction, but I expect some apps will still benefit from using a stylus…)

    • Sami Maala

      Hi Copernicus, thanks for your suggestion! We’ll take this into account in our planning.

  10. Avatar

    One request for item which _should_ be in that packet to make it more Unlike: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. That’s a MUST thing to have… Please try to have it included in the packet…

    • Avatar

      +1, it would be great

    • Avatar

      +1, I’ve received a really great one to my Acer ATU M3 notebook and it highly contributed to its premium feel and still using it with great pleasure after 3 years!

    • Avatar

      +1,would be very handy.

    • Sami Maala

      Hi simakuutio, thanks for your suggestion! Cleaning cloth will not be included in the Tablet sales box, but we’ll give it a thought in the future planning.

  11. Avatar

    No charger????
    Well you do strive to be different but that’s a bit to far.
    Id rather have a bigger box please. This must be an attempt to cut back on postage.

    • Avatar

      I can only wonder who doesnt have a charger or two that can fit the USB cable delivered with the tablet.

      Even my Jolla phone charger is still in the box unused.

      Ive taken some dozen of old chargers to recycling even..

      • Avatar

        Me. I need one ans assured IT was included. Another thing that is annoying is that USB cables gets shorter. N900 charger cable was great and still is…hope jolla atleast got a long cable.

        • Avatar

          Cables get shorter because this makes charging faster.

        • Avatar

          BTW Dave, your N900 charger will still work great with this tablet (if you haven’t gotten rid of it).

          • Avatar

            Unfortuanatly it do not chargé anymore something broken within it. Same With n9 and jolla adapters. Probobly becouse chargé to many different devices…

            • Avatar

              So how do you recharge them?!

      • Avatar

        It’s a pity that a charger was not included. I live in a household of five, where chargers tend to get proken/disappear 🙂 suprisingly often. So, I have to buy a charger for this device. Quite frustrating. Still, USB-cable included. I have mass of those 😉

        • Avatar

          I have been purchasing dual USB wall chargers from Aliexpress in batches of 5 or more for months. It’s true, they tend to disappear, but at least they work well and cost almost zero.

    • Avatar

      I’ve already go too many chargers!
      I hope that its clear what the correct specification for chargers is made clear,as I’d hate to blow-up my new Tablet by over-charging….

      • Avatar

        You won’t overcharge your tablet. The “charger” is actually just an AC-DC power supply: the actual charger lies inside the device.

  12. Avatar

    Great to hear that you don’t will add a AC adapter/charger to the package. I would not use it anyway. Most the time I charge Phone/laptop and now hoppefully also tablet via powerbank connected to solar charger in my apartment 😀

  13. Avatar

    I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere whether the battery of the Tablet is replaceable and is Jolla (or some other supplier) going to make them available shortly after the device is shipped? Also, it would be good to know is some generic battery ok or maybe we can use similar (same) battery that we have in Jolla Phone?

    In regards to not shipping another charger with the Tablet is IMHO just fine and good decision by Jolla.

    Great to have this Tablet finally and very soon now in our hands, hoping that it’ll be worth all the waiting and support 🙂

    Cheers for now,
    -jukka (owner of the Jolla Phone #39 and the #TOHKBD2 by @dirkvl)

    • Avatar

      No, the tablet battery is not user-replaceable. (Which is the case for the majority of tablets today…) You can see the battery in photos recently submitted to the US FCC for approval. For example:

        • Avatar

          …. well it looks like room for a highly probable and desirable evolution into a tablet 1.1 as soon as demand for the launch product will decay 🙂
          Thanks for figuring this out !
          Instead of opting for the current limited batch offer I’m considering a future 4G/LTE instead 😉

          • Avatar

            ( modest but sufficient 3G of course )

      • Avatar

        Hmmm my comment is awaiting moderation more than 24 hours ago…

        • Avatar

          Hmmmm, I try submit without links.
          I think i found the unpopulated 3G module.
          The pattern is very similar to the FIBOCOM H350 (search it at tme dot eu).

        • Avatar

          Hi raron, I just approved your comment (comments with links are held for moderation). Apologies for the delay as it is the weekend and we sailors are trying to get some rest 🙂

      • Avatar

        Are the two separate oval things connected with wires on photos 3, 4 and 5 loudspeakers? And if so does that mean the tablet is designed to be used mainly in portrait mode as the loudspeakers would be on the same side of the tablet in landscape mode?
        That would be a big disappointment for me as all the old pictures of the tablet (and still most of the pictures at the tablet homepage now) suggest that the tablet will be designed to be used mainly in landscape mode.

    • Sami Maala

      Hi Jukka, as Copernicus already commented, we can confirm that the Tablet battery is non-replaceable by the user.

      • Avatar

        It depends on the user. 😉 (And on his will to invalidate the warranty.)

        • Avatar

          I would appreciate an (official) instruction how to open the tablet and replace the battery with an official buyable replacement battery. Normally the batteries are bad after 1-2 years of use. I don’t want to drop my tablet after that time and produce more electronic waste. I use my smartphone at least for 3 years and there are older ones used in my family we bought rplacement batteries for.

  14. Avatar

    Just one question. Is the provided USB cable version two or three? All I have are USB 2 ports on all my computers. Is this a problem?


    • Avatar

      This should not be a problem; USB 3.0 Type-A plugs and receptacles are designed to be backwards compatible with 2.0 (or older) Type-A plugs and receptacles. Therefore, even if the cord provided by Jolla is USB 3.0, it should be usable with your USB 2 ports. Here’s a link with more info:

    • Sami Maala

      Hi ddavid123, the Jolla Tablet supports USB 2.0, and the USB-cable provided is 2.0 version.

  15. Avatar

    I have so many charger that i really dont need another one. Cant wait to get sailfishos tablet to my hands with lastu case 🙂

  16. Avatar


    I have a question – i missed the indiegogo campaign, but i desire so much to get the tablet so that my Jolla phone doesn’t feel lonely :). Can I still buy it as a common customer from the Jolla online store or it will be only a closed sell only for the contributers?

    • Avatar

      Hi dragomir_tuntev, if you missed the Indiegogo campaigns previously, don’t worry, there are some good news coming soon 🙂

      • Avatar

        Pre-Orders on the Jolla Store?

        Also, I think its time to ban the word ‘soon’ from the Jolla PR Dictionary. Better to remain silent than to give nebulous statements like ‘soon’.

        • Avatar

          Hi r0kk3rz, yes, it’s been announced (to Finnish media) this morning that we will start pre-orders of the Jolla Tablets next week. The time difference between my two replies is about 6 hours, I hope this justified my usage of “soon” in this case 😛

    • Avatar

      Can the perks for a tablet, shipment and 64 GB upgrade be sold? If yes, how is this done?

  17. Avatar

    Hi Jolla, here are some feedbacks from China on and on WeChat:

    冬阳: When will it be available in China? Or when will it be available for normal customer in any other countries?

    ARtemis_dk: Is it appropriate not providing a charger? I really need one.

    高原吴雨飞: I didn’t know that Lastu could be used in this way

    来咯来嘞: Looking for the new version for the phone 😀

    牧牧木: This(the Lastu Case) is really a great design!

    kklep: It(the tablet) looks as fantastic as Surface Pro

  18. Avatar

    A hardware keyboard.
    TOHKBD is what convinced me to buy the jolla phone. If there’s a proper keyboard for the tablet, I’ll buy that one as well.

    Mobile devices without keyboards are just useless.

    • Avatar

      +1 for availability of supported keyboards

    • Sami Maala

      Hi ursg, there are plenty of third party Bluetooth keyboards available that can be used with the Jolla Tablet.

      • Avatar

        Sami, could one of those make it to Jolla Shop?

        • Sami Maala

          Hi Review Jolla, we’ll take this into account in our planning.

  19. Avatar

    Please tell me the “Intel inside” logo isn’t actually on the device 😛

    • Avatar

      I expect it will show on the boot screen, most likely as part of their deal with Intel to get cheap SoCs

      • Avatar

        Oh. My bad. I thought this was the back cover… If it’s on the boot screen then I’m alright with it 😛

    • Sami Maala

      Hi lainwir3d, the “Intel inside” logo is included on back of the sales box, protective sleeve and in the boot-up screen.

      • Avatar

        Alright. Thanks for answering 🙂

  20. Avatar

    Awesome! Can’t wait 🙂

  21. Avatar

    “You will find there is no charger in the sales box. We understand that many already have chargers at their home and it’s just a little greener not to include another one. Leaving the charger out also helps keep the sales box dimensions as slim as possible.”

    Wait what?!?!? USB charging only or to buy charger as additional item? Did I read this correctly?

    • Avatar

      The whole point of the USB charging standard is *not* to have one charger for each device, right?

      • Avatar

        So much rage about this charger thing..

        I love that I’m just getting the cable… if they shipped a wall charger, I can pretty much guarantee it’s not gonna be compatible with my wall socket & I’d have to attach an adaptor to use it anyway.

    • Sami Maala

      Hi prometheus, you can utilise existing USB-chargers you have, or the recommended Insmat USB-charger.

      • Avatar

        @ Sami Maala, sir no disrespect but i think the ” wall charger NOT included thing” is a very disgusting and disturbing rip off! I own a charger but the cable and mini usb are fussed together. And you want us to pay extra money to buy a charger from a merchant you recommend!? NO cool man, i completely agree and relate to promotheus.

        • Avatar

          Not including a charger with an electronic device has to be the most nonsensical decision for any company but especially a new company trying to succeed…and then claim its ‘greener’. Ohhhh boy! 🙂
          And the fact that people can’t get spare parts for the Jolla phone, happily sold by Jolla.
          My goodness where is Jolla heading next??

          PS – If anyone out there does currently have a usb charger, thanks, but we don’t need to know 🙂

          • Avatar

            @plolic That fact that you don’t understand the whole idea behind the USB charging standard doesn’t make Jolla’s decision “nonsensical”. Anyone out there who has bought gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers, music players and thelike during the last 5-6 years will have more than enough of those USB chargers at home. Many of them will end up in a drawer or even get thrown away right after the device was unpacked.

            You don’t want to know that 99% of the households have enough USB chargers to start a business? So why do you insist on telling us that you don’t have one and expect Jolla to give you one for free?

            • Avatar

              @ossi1967 Jolla tablet is crowd funded! Why didn’t Jolla ask the contributors what they thought about this essential part not being included in the box!?

              • Avatar

                @solo_man They didn’t even ask you about the color of the device. Why should they ask about accessories that weren’t part of the crowdfunding in the first place?

                If you think of the history, they even gathered money – my money – for perks that they later chose not to deliver: SDXC-support. I paid for that and won’t get it. Nobody paid for a charger. You’ll get a cable for free, though.

                • Avatar

                  Just becouse you and some others dont need one doesent mean others do. I concur, I think its bad an non professional decision.

                  • Avatar

                    Just because you and some other need one doesn’t mean others would have to pay for it. You keep ignoring the reason for the standard. If you expect each gadget to be shipped with its own charger, what good is a common standard? Last time I bought an MP3-player it didn’t include a charger either, for the same reason.

                    • Avatar

                      Are you honestly defending jolla? would you buy a car with a battery! better yet would you buy a TV without a power cord!? they didn’t need to ask me what color i want my tablet to be, because i already saw the tablet on youtube and like it. Its not fair to us that they just assume/expect everyone should have a charger. maybe this is my 1st electronic ever, maybe i don’t even own a phone, make the box a little bigger or better yet do what Oneplus one did ship the charger in separate box… this is just a way for them to make more money and spend less.

                    • Avatar

                      @solo_man I honestly cannot imagine a household without several chargers these day. This is absurd. If you fell from the sky and have never owned a portable gadet before, you’ll need to buy a charger some day. You can start now.

                      It’s not as if Jolla were the only company to ship their device without chargers. It’s the desired behaviour.

                    • Avatar

                      cant reason With you sorry.

            • Avatar

              ossi1967 i’m offended that you suggest that I don’t understand USB standards. Your insistence to ‘assume’ most people have a charger is staggering. If you have one charger or many chargers please give yourself a pat on the back….you deserve it 🙂 Now just to let you know it’s not your view that we care about because you have one!!
              Next can you name a major successful tablet/phone company that doesn’t include a charger when you buy their device. In other words they leave it up to their purchasing customers to source a charger…perhaps from one of their rivals. Please list.

  22. Avatar

    Is there A possibility to add a screen protector into the indiegogo Jolla Tablet without extra shipping charge?

    • Sami Maala

      Hi Noxmiles, you can purchase the Insmat screen protector without extra shipping charge when finalising your Jolla Tablet contribution.

  23. Avatar

    logitech k480 bluetooth keyboard is a good keybaord for jolla tablet if it work with sailfish os 2.0

    i need a cheap alternative for tablet sleeve.

    • Sami Maala

      Hi unlikeyou, thanks for the proposal! We’ll take this into account in our future planning as well.

      • Avatar

        BTW, if we’re talking Logitech bluetooth keyboards, their high-end K810 / K811 keyboards are very nice as well. 🙂

  24. Avatar

    tell me what to do when tablet battery dies and my warranty is out?

    • Sami Maala

      Hi unlikeyou, that is being looked into and once the Tablet starts shipping we should have more clarity on non-warranty cases in general.

  25. Avatar

    Will the lastu covers be sent out at the same time as the tablet?

    • Avatar

      Mine was sent separately. I received it some days ago, so I have a nice cover now with no tablet inside 😉

    • Sami Maala

      Hi jkearney, the LastuCases will be sent out at the same time as the Tablet if 1) you added it as a perk during the Indiegogo campaign or 2) you purchase the LastuCase when finalising your Tablet contribution.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Sami, I have ordered it as a perk so will be looking forward to its and the tablets arrival 🙂

  26. Avatar

    Hi Jolla, as a suggestion, enclose an offer for cloud storage. uses Owncloud8 server that is base on open source and very secure. A 3 gig account is free. Maybe Jolla can arrange with an offer for 5 gig or greater account free if we use our Jolla tablet.

    • Sami Maala

      Hi heavyt, thanks for your proposal. We’ll take this into account in our future planning.

  27. Avatar

    Just add a free jolla T-shirt in the indiegogo backers boxes before shipping and we will forget about this missing charger thing. Win win 😀

    • Sami Maala

      Hi Dave999, thanks for you idea 🙂

  28. Avatar

    Does the tablet say Design From Finland or Designed in Finland?

    • Sami Maala

      Hi FinnishSushi, on the back of the sales box it is written “Design from Finland”. It is presented also as a “Design from Finland”-mark which has been awarded for Jolla Tablet.

  29. Avatar

    Can we but the Insmat screen guard now? Do you have any plans for tempered glass screen protectors. This would be very useful in keeping the device long lasting.

    • Sami Maala

      Hi rahulrai, we will have only the Insmat screen protector in our offering. But we will take this tempered glass screen protector into account in the future planning.

  30. Avatar

    How will the mapbagrag case be delivered? Together with the tablet or separate? Does the tablet heat up like android devices.

    • Avatar

      Sorry I asked the question earlier & have received a reply.

  31. Avatar

    i wonder if sony z3 tablet compact’s tempered glass screen protect will fit jolla tablet, they look the same size

  32. Avatar

    Interested in Lastu and Jolla protective case.
    Please advise the price & link.

    • Avatar
      Jolla tablet sleeve / protective case is free I suppose. You can also go for the mapbagrag case. I have ordered both of them. I have already received the Lastu Case as I had ordered it separate. Now waiting to fill up the empty space with the tablet.

    • Sami Maala

      Hi Raymondli, here’s the comment from the blog regarding your question: “If you did not order your own Jolla Tablet case or cover during the Indiegogo campaign, you can still do so as you finalise your Jolla Tablet contribution and order (see details from the Jolla Tablet next steps FAQ,”

  33. Avatar

    Thanks for keeping up the flow of information. I’m looking forward to receiving my Tablet even more now……..

  34. Avatar

    When are you guys gonna ship the tablet? It’s been like a couple of months I sold my Nexus 7…

    • Avatar

      In the blog post “Jolla Tablet display and shipping update”, and in various comments elsewhere, Jolla has indicated that the latest estimate of when shipping may begin is somewhere around the end of August to the middle of September. So, as long as no new issues crop up in the final round of testing, it shouldn’t be long before they start sending out the tablets…

      • Avatar

        Luckely for us. Its only two days to end of August 😀

        I think its time to collect the big tax from everyone now before we get another delay. How much tax… 50 EUR? 50USD? £50?

  35. Avatar

    I’m mildly disappointed that I got a lastu case as a perk, because since they’ve been made available outside the campaign there are more options of woods available – it’s like my perk is that I don’t get to choose and everyone else does. Oh well.

    • Avatar

      I know what you mean, although personally I would probably have chosen the one that I am getting anyway. The perk was quite a bit cheaper than ordering one now through the Lastu shop though.

  36. Avatar

    Hi Jolla, Carol….
    To be honest, I have forgotten which accessories I’ve ordered for the Tablet. I think I ordered the Lastuu case.

    I’m assuming the accessories ordered already will be shown when we accept / finalise the order.

    • Avatar

      @piloti, If you access to your Indiegogo account, all your contributions are available in “My contributions”. If you’ve ordered Lastu case, will be displayed in your contributions list.

    • Avatar

      Hi piloti, as carmenfdezb mentioned, you can see all your contributions from your Indiegogo account. In addition, we will also display the items when you finalise the order. Thanks!

  37. Avatar

    Regarding the omission of a charger: I think that most people do have more than enough USB chargers floating around. But especially a tablet with a huge battery needs a high current charger, which not so common, especially for first-time tablet buyers. Normal PC USB ports also do not supply enough current. To deliver the tablet without charger, without asking, leaves a bad impression, especially among those customers which are not hardcore Jolla fans. It should be an option, which can be selected by environmental conscious customers, having already a suitable charger.

    • Avatar

      Actually, a high-current charger should not be necessary; although several different power supply levels have been defined over the years for different versions of the USB standard, compliant USB devices should be backwards-compatible with older standards. In short, older USB chargers or “normal PC USB ports” should certainly be able to charge the tablet (or any other battery-powered USB device); the only advantage a newer USB charger would provide is a faster charge.

      For more info, check the USB Wiki:

    • Avatar

      A charger costs less than 10€, if someone really doesn’t have one… I don’t think this is a real problem… People should also remember Jolla is a small company, selling a good “spec’ed” tablet for an affordable price…

  38. Avatar

    Well I can accept to take care of the charger myself. I am a supporter and see my purchase also as a contribution to the SF project. But as this charger issue caused already some uproar in the fan community, I wonder how “normal” consumers would react to it. Maybe it’s better to include a charger in the normal sales package. I think this is expected.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree! there sure are some company out there that ship their products without chargers but those are MAJOR companies, probably don’t even care about what their consumers think since they don’t have a say in it. But Jolla needed help from us to fulfill their project… they cant afford to do what other people are already doing, if they do then what sets them apart!?

        • Avatar

          I have a question for you folks angry that you won’t be receiving a USB wall-wart in the Jolla tablet package: exactly why is it that you want Jolla to choose a charger for you?

          Jolla is not aiming to be a hardware company. They’ve certainly had to go through major convulsions just to implement this tablet. They are not in a position to design and produce their own customized charger, such as large companies like Apple can do; the best they could possibly do is select a product already on offer from some other company, buy it, and then give it to you. In short, that amount of your IGG contribution would not be going to Jolla.

          I chose to contribute to the IGG campaign because I wanted to have a mobile device running Sailfish. I actually prefer that more of my money goes towards that mobile device running Sailfish, rather than on all the little gee-gaws and extras that could theoretically be crammed into the package… 🙂

          • Avatar

            They can buy chargers from different manufacturers or different types and disassembly and test/examine those. And choose one witch will not catch fire when you left plugged in more than a few hours.
            And buy those form authentic distributor or directly form the manufacturer. If I go to a shop and buy a random charger (or order from the internet) you dont know anything about it.
            (If you search for “fake usb charger” and see the images… I dont think those meet the fundamental safety standards, nothing about requirements of the FCC or CE marking…)

            • Avatar

              Edit: If you go to a shop and buy a random charger (or order from the internet) you dont know anything about it.

            • Avatar

              “They can buy chargers from different manufacturers or different types and disassembly and test/examine those.” Honestly, this is exactly what I DON’T want Jolla to end up doing.

              I want to see Sailfish on mobile devices. I want Jolla to be spending their time implementing Sailfish on mobile devices. I want my money to be spent perfecting Sailfish on mobile devices. Everything else is ultimately just a distraction from this goal…

          • Avatar

            +1. Also the packaging: I know that that has to be well-designed for the market to take you seriously, although personally I would have been happy with bubble wrap and a brown cardboard box 🙂

    • Avatar

      @stefanix one could discuss this issue wrt other brands… with a Jolla tablet, I’d expect most “normal” consumers to be tech enthusiasts who already own at least one mobile phone (and therefore a compatible charger).

      • Avatar

        @ossi1967 you’re such loyal contributor! :). Jolla should let you deal with all the comments.

    • Avatar

      Don’t worry @stefanix you are not going to get your point across to people with simple logic or anything like that  but I’ll try and help you out. A lot of people agree with what you say which is simply that Jolla as a new company starting out should have given people something as simple as an ‘option’ to choose a Jolla charger if they so wish especially when they asked the customers to help them with the IGG campaign by handing over their own money (I was not involved in that campaign by the way). What better way to get free positive feedback from your customers while trying to introduce a new product into a saturated market.
      So with that simple logic here goes.
      80% of users who didn’t ‘fall out of the sky’ and who didn’t ‘whine’ and who are ‘normal’ would be happy choosing ‘no’ to a charger. Correct? Now you see @ossi1967 and @Copernicus just in case you weren’t aware you fall in this category.  Guess what I could be in this category.
      20% of users who are in your words ‘not normal’ etc. would be happy choosing ‘yes’ for a charger. Correct? Now I could be in this category instead for whatever reason I choose. It could be because I don’t have a usb charger or something completely different. I’m not sure which category I’m going to lean towards but I am not going to judge anybody on which one they choose. Fair?
      Are you still with me @ossi1967?  What about @Copernicus? 
      Now I am not too good in maths but I reckon that adds up to 100%. Now I know you are going to pick this to bits so yes as I mentioned you could actually go from the 80% to the 20% and vice versa. What do you know it still adds up to 100%.
      So unfortunately now for Jolla…. it isn’t so much about there being no charger anymore or what decisions that Jolla could have made but it’s now more about @ossi1967, @Copernicus and a couple other moral anti charger trollers who are trying to shove their ‘one sided’ view to the people who would dare to suggest they would like a charger.
      Negative publicity that I’m sure didn’t have to be!

  39. Avatar

    from Lastu:

    “The cover part in that case is made from wood composite and it should look just like in the pictures. There is no uniform black case available. Small dots on cover are piece of pine fabric and you can find them from all of LastuCase for Jolla Tablet products.”

    So it isn’t solid black plastic – it have lots of dot’s – but it is still a good idea!

  40. Avatar

    I have a question about the “protective sleeve” that the tablet is coming in. Is it a permanent solution for protecting the tablet, i.e. made of cloth, leather, hard plastic, or is it packaging that will be thrown away/recycled after taking the tablet out of it?

  41. Avatar

    I disagree with Jolla. You have to put chargher inside. I pay the spedition cost so you haven’t to save space in the box.
    furthermore I sell my Jolla phone and now I haven’t the charger so I need one, I won’t pay for other one. I want my cable with charger please don’t say nosense. We waiting since May for our tablet and you would do your best for us. So I will wait my tablet with my charger. Thanks all

    • Avatar

      @ michdeskunk i feel your pain, was very excited for this tablet but now all i have is bad taste in my mouth! bad move jolla.

      • Avatar

        Man, again, I’ve just gotta ask: what is so special about Jolla going out and buying a charger for you, rather than you going out and buying one for yourself?

        Jolla is not, and in my opinion should not, be in the business of building or marketing USB chargers. Other people can do that. Jolla’s core business is Sailfish. The other stuff they put in the sales box is nice, but ultimately unnecessary to the goal of getting Sailfish onto a mobile device…

        • Avatar

          Which parts of the tablet do you think Jolla build/manufactured!? None! They bought every single part from different manufacturers… Some Companies even provide headphones and cases with their products, in separate boxes if they had to! What is Jolla’s excuse for not providing a charger! We wanna be green and keep the box slim! If this is the only reason I find it unacceptable.

          • Avatar

            @solo_man “being green” sounds like an empty buzzword just like “being unlike”, true. But in this case it does have a meaning, and it is in fact why people don’t want to find yet another charger in each and every box they open:

            These chargers are produced and shipped using valuable ressources… and the only thing consumers do is either leave them in a drawer (at best) or throw them away (usually) right after opening the box. I keep repeating myself, but it’s amazing how many here just ignore that the internet doesn’t have to be write only: To stop all this unnecessary waste of ressources was _the_one_reason_ why governments agreed on forcing the charger standards upon the industry. (Successfully: My MP3 player, my eBook reader and my last phone all came without a charger.)

            If you absolutely refuse to be a responsible citizen and insist on wasting ressources just for fun, go and buy 10 chargers, then throw them away. You’re free to do so unfortunately. But don’t expect others to support this lifestyle.

          • Avatar

            “Which parts of the tablet do you think Jolla build/manufactured!? None! They bought every single part from different manufacturers…”

            BINGO! So, I guess you do understand why Jolla isn’t making any money on these tablets. And so, you must also understand why Jolla has no intention of ever creating another tablet (or another phone for that matter).

            This tablet, and the phone, are demonstrations of Sailfish running on mobile devices. Jolla is trying to sell Sailfish, not sell hardware.

            If you want chargers (or headphones, or cases, or whatever) your best bet is to buy them from a company that exists to manufacture or to resell those items. Forcing Jolla to do that task ends up being a drain on their resources; it distracts from the main goal of creating and marketing Sailfish.

      • Avatar

        I am so thankful that Jolla don’t ship a USB charger. I am so thankful my e-book reader didn’t come with a USB charger. Because I have too many of them already. Heck, I can even charge my USB devices using my flat-panel TV!

        I actually got annoyed when a webshop which had some delivery issues on my order added free of charge a USB charger, just to be nice. Because I have too many of them already. And I got insanely annoyed when I discovered my ASUS Transformer shipped with a special USB charger which requires me to carry their USB charger (which is bigger) and had to bring their special USB cable to be able to charge the device. *That* is worthy a rant, when the design requires special chargers.

        Your rant is here is just completely useless.

        I want Jolla to focus on designing great devices and put the best mobile/tablet OS alternative ever to be found on these devices. The fact that they provide support for standardized USB cables and charges is a very good reason just to choose Jolla over many other devices.

        I don’t recall the crowd funding campaign details now. But if it didn’t mention anything about the charger, it could probably have been a good idea just to say that it will be shipped without a charger as you most likely will have one at home. And that the campaign didn’t mention the charger at all, it also doesn’t mean it will be shipped with one. For me, it is far more important to get my hands on a wonderful tablet – that’s what I expect. I didn’t order a charger.

        We really do not need more charges in our homes. And if one breaks, HURRAY, I can recycle it without any bad feelings. If all my USB charges breaks and have been recycled, it takes me 30 minutes to get a new one and it isn’t even an expensive device. And if that would happen, it would mean all my laptops, my server, my TV and probably a lot of other things with USB connectors would be dead too. It is highly unlikely to ever happen.

        I am utterly grateful that most of the industry have embraced the USB charging standard. And I am really happy to see that Jolla does a sane choice by not shipping a charger.

        To Jolla: THANK YOU!

  42. Avatar

    First of all, congratulations on opening pre-orders for the Jolla Tablet!

    I would love to order one as fast as possible. My only concern is that I wish to order a mapbagrag Jolla Tablet case as well.

    When will it be possible to order this case? And will it be available in the Jolla web shop?

    It would be great if it would be possible to order the tablet along with the case and save shipping costs in the process!

    I would like to thank you very much for your quick reply in advance!

  43. Avatar

    From the “let’s be nice to the environment” perspective it would probably make sense to not ship a cable either. Most people who have a charger probably also have a cable.

    Now, from my own perspective:
    I have quite a few cables already, some that came with telephones and other devices, and some bought for work or the car.
    What I don’t have is a high-output charger. The charger that came with the phone is 1 A, which means I will either have to buy a new charger or accept that it takes twice as long to charge as it would if a charger was shipped.
    If the tablet lasts through the day time is not really an issue, as I normally charge over night anyway (the phone does not always last through the day now, so I don’t always charge it overnight anyway).

    But, I am happy that you are not shipping a charger, because it *is* meaningless that every device is delivered with a charger now that we finally have a fair amount of standardization on this.
    Next up: don’t ship a cable either.

    Now, back to looking forward to receiving that tablet 🙂

  44. Avatar

    Does it have gorilla glass?

  45. Avatar

    Lastu casing a bit disappointing

    I just received it (way before the tablet itself 🙂
    Quite satisfying all in all, but…

    – while the wood parts are really good and very well finished (I have the one with the three different sorts of wood)

    – and the black leather is OK,

    – the positioning of the wooden parts on the leather is very unaccurate, to the extent it’s very visible that they are not parallel.
    I’m considering separating them and reglueing but this is a bit frightening

    – and the plastic part (the very thin casing for the back) is nicely rigid and thin, but not really plain black like in the illustrations.
    Instead, there are very visible marks of the molding process, that are extremely clear on the inside part (which is not a problem), but also outside, resulting in sparse grey dots each cm or so.

    A bit disappointing given the cost represents a serious part of the tablet cost itself…

    • Avatar

      (continueing on the Lastu case)
      Also, it’s not clear from the accompanying text that the magnets on the flaps will comply or not with the tablet detectors. There is a hardly understandable sentence that unfortunately I don’t have while writing this, but that declares something very curious (in awkward english) that could be interpreted as ‘is compatible when the tablet detector is off’…

  46. Avatar

    First and foremost I am interested semi-consumable spare parts for the phone:
    the display
    the plastic frame around the display
    the aluminium frame

    Same goes for the tablet although it is less prone to receive drop damage.

  47. Avatar

    It’s September now and I wonder if any of the contributors has received an email to finalize their orders. What’s the situation with the shipment of the tablets?

    • Avatar

      I have not received any emails as yet…

      • Avatar

        Thanks GlenWalker, I have been wondering about the situation. There hasn’t been any updates for the past .. Whatever and people getting frustrated. Still waiting.

  48. Avatar

    finally it is there. Happy unboxing.

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