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July is here, time for a Jolla Tablet update

July is here and we want to update you on the latest Jolla Tablet developments.

Recent Achievements

Sailfish OS 2.0 is getting closer to desired maturity. We are implementing the final missing features and  performance optimization, and carrying out quality assurance testing around the clock. In addition, we are customizing the Sailfish OS native apps for the Jolla Tablet experience.

Beyond creating the Tablet, we are working on getting it into your hands. This involves implementing a new logistics solution, which goes hand-in-hand with the improvements we are making to our online shop, where you will finalize your contribution. There is still work to be done, more on that soon.

There is good progress on the accessories side. Lastu and Mapbagrag are on schedule, and we are planning to introduce additional accessories to complement your Jolla Tablet experience. We will tell you more about them in upcoming posts on the Jolla Blog!

Challenges and Updates

In a previous update, we mentioned switching to a new display. We and our component supplier are still facing some unexpected challenges with the display change. Our end-July shipping target may be affected by the extra work necessary to complete the display switch. We are monitoring the status daily, and will keep you informed of the situation.

We  have also been sharing related updates on the Jolla Blog with the  ‘Jolla Tablet’ tag, such  as software releases which progress towards Sailfish OS 2.0, our partners in accessories development, and possible  new ambience designs. We will continue to do so, please follow our blog if you haven’t already!

Thank you all for your support, contribution and patience <3



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    For me it’s actually a good thing that shipping gets delayed.
    Here in Italy companies shut down for a few weeks in august and we are supposed to be all on vacation.
    Deliveries can become sort of a nightmare.
    Plus I’m sure Sailfish OS 2.0 will be all the better for the extra time.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Avatar

    Thank you for this ! Better doing it right than improvised …. as long as it won’t become December 😉
    Thumbs up, guys 🙂 !

    • Avatar

      Thanks launchpad, we are doing the best and working very closely with our component supplier to fix the issue.

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        I see Asus is now selling an 8 inch tablet in the US that seems to have the same display spec as the one Jolla tablet before the delay to change it. Asus tablet is called Z580C-B1-BK. Maybe there’s still hope for us that Jolla can get it to work on our tablet.

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    I disagree with the previous comment. Better do it when you say you are going to do it and forget about any other stuff. Helps a little bit out to your credibility… A better display is nice, but is nicer to have the tablet on July 😉

    • Avatar

      There was issues with the last display, that’s why they swapped it out. 😉

      I don’t mind waiting a bit more and have a properly working device. Yes software can be fixed afterwards but the out of the box experience is still important.

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    Can you enlighten us more on the screen issue? Is it due to a implementation problem in the model or are there technical problem in the screen production? At some point a “small” generic update isn’t enough any more to keep people interested.

    And having to push because of the same problem is never a good sign…

    • Avatar

      Hi DDH87 and thanks for your message. We haven’t yet reached the desired quality with our component supplier with this new display. We are doing everything that’s in our hands in order to complete the switch as soon as possible.

  5. Avatar

    I hope you’ll not ship the tablet before mid-August. That would collide with my holiday schedule. I couldn’t stand watching other peoples unboxing videos while I’m still trapped on the beach. 😉

    • Avatar

      You can always cancel your vacation as a true jolla fan and be home when it happens… 😉

      • Avatar

        @prometheus091 sounds like a plan. 🙂

        • Avatar

          Ossi1967 we hope you enjoy your holiday at the beach! Maybe there’s a delivery address where you’re going for vacation? It’s possible to change the shipping address just before delivery. More info:

          Edit: I noticed this is the 100th comment. Just for you Ossi! 🙂

          • Avatar

            @carol thx, I intend to enjoy it. 😉

            I won’t change the address, I guess. If I understand it correctly, nothing will happen as long as I don’t get the so-called “invitation” (which I haven’t received yet) and act upon it, in other words give the final go for shipment. I intend to do this when I’m back home.

    • Avatar

      Well at least your holiday schedule can stand, no hope of getting any shipments before mid-August that’s for sure

  6. Avatar

    The causes for the delays seem to be pretty board changes, and as someone who will go from most of their work being done via Jolla to -all- of their work being done via Jolla when the Tablet comes out, all I have to say is “Do what you gotta do guys”!

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your support wanecc!

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    It was a brave thing to make a major change last minute and at Jolla you must be really busy with last minute things. I really hope you can deliver on time though (for as much of Jolla’s sake as mine) because that’s what you pledged after all to deliver. Keep up the good work.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for the support, we are doing our best 🙂

  8. Avatar

    I am talking to myself: ‘I can wait, I caan wait, I caaan wait.’ But I can’t. In fact I have to wait. Ok, I am waiting.

  9. Avatar

    Thank your for the update! 🙂

  10. Avatar

    I suggest you contact all ‘backers’ about their restrictions on the delivery schedule. Like Ossi1967 I’ll be out a couple of weeks in July and August, and the worst thing I fear is a failed delivery.
    And the worst for you may well be, dealing with all these constrained guys one at a time.
    What about adding an automated way to somehow ‘blank’ some agenda slots when away in our profiles, for instance?

    • Avatar

      Don’t worry Herve5, we will invite each backer by email closer to the delivery to finalize the contribution. If you as a backer are not available that time or in the following weeks, just return later to complete your final order when the time is more suitable. See Q4 in the FAQ:

  11. Avatar

    What is this business about ‘finalising your contribution ‘…I like many many others, fronted you the money to produce this tablet with the understanding we would get a tablet in May, and it seems by the time you do produce it your tablet may well be obsolete. Please quit playing with us and deliver what you agreed. According to my credit card statement my contribution was finalised and spent long, long ago

    • Avatar

      Your contributions was excluding taxes. SO that’s all you have to do to finalize. In the EU there is no import tax from other EU countries. But the item will be shipped from Hong Kong (according too Indigogo). Where I live I have to pay the import tax when it gets delivered. But may very on all countries.

    • Avatar

      Agree with glen8ak, tablet was supposed to be delivered in may and also my credit card says the same plus PDF- what I took when I contributed!! Now, the promised monthly updates, like sailfish, seems to run like: we can´t, we can´t!! Stop this and do what you promised!!

    • Avatar

      Holy words. We had finalized yet our contribution, other way we have bought tablet in 2016 normally without join in this project. Tax or not tax doesn’t matter

    • Avatar

      Would be nice to have an official explanation of this comment and if it’s indeed a case of taxes, a projection of what the cost is going to be for a few example countries.

    • Avatar

      Hi glen8ak and others, it is like DDH87 said: finalizing the order means paying the applicable taxes and customs fees and also importantly confirming your shipping address. You can still change the shipping address at this point within the country you have informed as previously. Please see more details at: – I hope this helps!

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    Well, I would lie if I wouldn’t be disappointed that Jolla schedule another shipping date. Blackberry did the same thing and look where it brought them… I understand that you guys want to present yourself in best way by getting better display, but when someone is beying late too often (for the second time), it clearly shows that they’re disrespectful and they loose credibility very fast… Please don’t disappoint us regarding your shipping schedule…

    • Avatar

      I would like a tablet with a better display even I have to wait a bit longer. But this ONLY works if I/we regularly get updates with a lot of information and reason why I/we have to wait!

      • Avatar

        Hi prometheus091 and raron, thanks for your support and understanding. We fully understand this and are doing our best to keep you up to date!

    • Avatar

      @prometheus091 I find it absolutely astounding that all people care about is whether or not they are going be at home when the delivery man comes. Which day, week, month or year will the delivery man be coming they do not know but they do not care to find out. It is absolutely unacceptable for these guys to just keep moving the dates as they wish. Different excuses all the time, first they wanted to increase the memory then they wanted to change the screen and optimize software and now it is all of the above and the distribution and online shop where will it end?

      • Avatar

        @MoBility IIRC, the only reason ever given for delays was the display problem which caused them to change plans from May/June to July/August.

        • Avatar

          I disagree! Both the hardware and the software were late in May (Sailfish OS 2.0 is still not ready). I even suspect they decided to use the delay due to the software to improve the screen.

        • Avatar

          Pls go back and read updates, the delay update in may was about software optimisation as much as anything else.

          • Avatar

            @MoBility no, it wasn’t. There was an update about the schedule here in April, right? They said then that while software development was progressing, hardware issues would cause a delay and the original Q2-deadline wouldn’t hold. So while the article described their progress on the software side as well, the delay was described as being on the hardware side.

  13. Avatar

    I’m more than a little disappointed this is getting pushed back again, but I understand the technical and logistical differences that something like this can cause. I guess I can wait a little longer to get my Tablet, but as soon as you have an updated shipping window the backers need to be updated. Having some indication of when it will arrive is critical in an endeavour like this, especially if, like above, someone has to arrange for alternate shipping details or pickup plans.

    • Avatar

      Hi Protagonist, we are doing our best to keep you posted by monitoring closely the situation. Regarding the delivery, when we know that we are able to ship, we will invite each backer to finalize the contribution. If you as a backer are not available that time or in the following weeks, just return later to complete your contribution at a better time. You can find more info at

  14. Avatar

    I can wait no problem, make it good not fast!

  15. Avatar

    Why are some people worried about missing their delivery when they do not know even when it will be deliver. It is absolutely unacceptable for these guys to just keep moving delivery date whenever they wish and feel like it.
    Is this some kind of scam from these guys? If this was a pre-order I would have cancelled my order the very first time they went back on their words. Do they think some of us are fools? Excuses upon excuses. I will be absolutely p*** off if they miss the end of July delivery as promise.

    • Avatar

      … oh yes, you sure will 🙂
      note: so maybe next time you think twice about participating in a fundraising venture if you’re not willing to deal with risks involved. Funding a “first one” is not to be mixed up with purchasing as a first customer off-the-shelves 😉

      • Avatar

        Thanks but perhaps your comments should have been a question instead. Just so you know this is my fourth backing both on kickstarter and indiegogo and out of the four backings this is the only one that’s about to be delayed if not already delayed twice. Two have been delivered on time as promised and one was delayed once but after that it was delivered as promised. So I’m not new to this game. One delay is understandable anything beyond that is called taking people for a ride. I understand they are not the first to delay delivery and will certainly not be the last. But when you paint a beautiful picture make sure you sign it so people know who you are or else you will be forgotten in a blink of an eye. What do you think will happen next time jolla come along with another beautifully painted project?

    • Avatar

      Hi MoBility! We understand your frustration and apologize. We are working hard to get the tablet to your hands as fast as we can.

  16. Avatar

    It’s a shame, that after two months of last update you are not able to have a delivery date. A commitment with your customers.

    Jolla must improve, at least, and would be fair to give the option to be claim a refund.

  17. Avatar

    Indiegogo’s biggest project has the potential to being it’s biggest disaster. Disaster to the point of hurting that site and future projects. As a consumer I feel like I’ve been kept in the dark. The other comments on this site are very alarming. I am going to take up my concerns with Indiegogo at this point. You should start putting out weekly updates and start damage control.

    • Avatar

      Hi asdf23, we are sorry if you feel this way. We have been really busy with getting the tablet out, but that is obviously no excuse for not considering our backers enough. At the moment, we are working very closely with our component supplier in order to finalize the tablet and to get our contributors regular updates.

  18. Avatar

    Another potential delay is a pretty big bummer. I understand that you are having problems, and I cannot claim to understand all of intricacies of making something like this work. That being said, as of March 31, 2015 you raised over $2.5 million USD, which is 480% of your original funding goal. With all of this backing, you still have not been able to produce a product on time. Staring down the barrel of another potential set-back, I am both frustrated and confused. I know that I would appreciate more frequent and in depth updates. I know that I would be more willing to give grace if I had more information. In fact, in the last update I found this, “If you’re a Jolla Tablet contributor, you’ll receive an email about the next steps very soon.” That was published April 23, 2015. More than 2 months later we get another update which is still cryptic but promising further updates. Will it be another 2 months before we hear anything more?

    • Avatar

      Thank you for writing, degausser23, and letting us know how you feel. We have been sharing updates in this blog (for example posts tagged with ‘Jolla Tablet’) and intend to continue doing so! The display switch has been more challenging than we thought, which has lead to a lot of extra work. However, as many other things, such as the new logistics system, are already in place, we are confident that we can overcome the issue together with our compontent supplier soon.

  19. Avatar

    thanx for the updated information, im a wee bit disappointed right now but i expect the product to be shipped end of july. Keep us informed.

    • Avatar

      Will do, and thanks for your support viskari!

  20. Avatar

    Can we have a video about the improvement of the tablet and software?

    • Avatar

      Yes, last video was from MWC in Barcelona. Now almost 5 month later a video would be expected. Why no images or video for the backers?

      • Avatar

        You might be getting an update on this next week 😉

        • Avatar

          Thx. Waiting for it. MWC?

  21. Avatar

    Thank you for the update, try and don’t make promises you can’t keep so communicate later then you think if you communicate a new date :P. Also add some 3(.5)g or 4g, that would make everything alright 😉

  22. Avatar

    With all due respect, you guys are building a tablet, nearly from scratch and are working on a major update for your OS. All that, thanks to a more than successful crowdfunding campaign.

    You promised to “Do it together”. You promised to be open.

    And all you have to share with the community is…THIS (“more soon”) ?!

    I’d like to know how you work, what UI/UX/functionnalities changes we can expect, how/why you decided them, even for little details. I’d like to know the daily challenges you’re facing, and how you solved them.

    I don’t care about the delays as long as we can follow your work.

    You know, as long as we are somehow taken aboard the ship.

    • Avatar


      I too have been rather disappointed with the lack of communication about what’s going on with the build & hw adaptation process – perhaps this is my fault and if I’d lurked on IRC I would have picked up more. Unfortunately time is short these days.

      I must admit that the delay announcement closely followed by the hw company spin-off announcement doesn’t fill me with much joy though (the delay on its own I’d not have been too concerned about).

      Can we have some definitive comment and info please Captain & crew?

    • Avatar

      Hi Frzk and all, we have been sharing some details about the Jolla Tablet development process, such as design, accessories, software updates, preparation for the developer program and so on. You can find them on this blog with the tag ‘Jolla Tablet’. We also just shared a post about the tablet backers survey, where we gathered feedback from all of you to improve the Jolla Tablet to your liking. Thanks for following our progress and we will do our best to share even more!

    • Avatar

      We are not censoring comments. When someone comments for the first time, it is flagged for moderation. We approve all of them, except for spam.

  23. Avatar

    I agree with frzk: I don’t mind a delay for real reasons, but since we crowdfunded it, more transparent explanations would be helpful.

    For those who expected a tablet in May and write as if they ordered a finished device, remember, we backers crowdfunded it. Yes, Jolla should have met their schedule, but since they didn’t, more transparent processes and explanations would cover them, in my opinion.

    Take us aboard the ship!

    • Avatar

      +1. When we backed Jolla we knew it was going to be a though and hard road because whe are expecting a GREAT tablet with a UNIQUE OS. If delivery time has delays for technical reasons we can and maybe must understand but be clear and open with your crowdfunders.
      This stamentent has been a poor and imprecise, we expect a clear and accurate communication

      • Avatar

        Hi jollyswan and againza, thank you for the comments. We will try to improve on this and share more info with our backers.

  24. Avatar

    So close, I can hardly wait. I look forward to trying out your Tablet.

  25. Avatar

    I too agree with most of the others about the need for detail on the dev process. I am from India and I sincerely hope that the native apps are also helpful to the Indian environment.

  26. Avatar

    …And don’t forget: more time we spend and more the technical specifications will be overcome!
    Give us a sure date and keep us weekly informed!!!!

  27. Avatar

    I am gonna send the tablet right back after the delivery (if it ever happens) regardless of the cost. No more updates, no more thrust. Perhaps the best option would be to send it straight to Jolla HQ to return $ and keep it for somebody else.

    This is the worst crowdfunding project I have joined in terms of communication/delay vs. $ I have spent.

    Jolla no more.

    • Avatar

      We are sorry you feel this way jberik. We have been doing our best to build the Jolla Tablet from scratch, which has required a lot of work with both hardware and software. In order to overcome the display issue as soon as possible, we are now working very closely with our component supplier and as soon as we know more, we will share the information with you.

  28. Avatar

    no matter for delay. I hope only that with these words “the improvements we are making to our online shop, where you will finalize your contribution” don’t mean that I haven to spend Other money for have my tablet. Or I will be angry

    • Avatar

      Hi michdeskunk, your contribution to Jolla Tablet was made without taxes or customs duties. Finalizing your contribution means paying the applicable taxes and customs fees and confirming the shipping address. Each backer will be invited individually to complete the contribution closer to the delivery. You can see more details at

  29. Avatar

    From indiegogo:
    Indiegogo is not able to guarantee that perks will be delivered or deemed satisfactory. The nature of crowdfunding is such that campaigns on Indiegogo are raising funds for work-in-progress projects, ideas, or causes. Contributing to a campaign and claiming a perk on Indiegogo is not the same as buying something online. Because projects may still be in their early stages, many things can happen between the time the project is raising funds and the expected project release date. While your contribution brings the campaign idea closer to becoming reality, there’s always the chance that a project may end up falling through, and the campaign owner may not be able to offer their contributors the perks they’d originally promised.

    That said, campaign owners are still held by our Terms of Use ( to fulfill perks. If for any reason they’re unable to offer you the perk you claimed, campaign owners are obligated to reach out to their contributors and work out a mutually satisfactory resolution- this resolution could be an alternative perk, a promise to issue the promised perk at a later date if the campaign owner is able to raise additional funds, or a refund. We always recommend opening up a conversation with the campaign owner if you have any question about what will happen to your contribution if the campaign owner is unable to raise the funds they need to complete their project.

  30. Avatar

    Really cannot wait to see Jolla tablet ,do what you’ve promised to us ,or you really disappointed us ,tick tock

    • Avatar

      Quite strong claim there. Have you seen the accounting figures of Jolla Oy?

    • Avatar

      The Indiegogo contributions are not related in any way to the yet-to-be-established new company.

    • Avatar

      I’m disastisifed by the delay and style of communication with Jolla sailers.

      But I’m not worried about it.
      Actually I think it’s a great idea to split H/W & S/W business.
      But why is this information not coming straight from the “horses mouth”?

      I believe my money is safe:
      “Further to the very successful result from the Jolla Tablet campaign, Jolla also recently closed its
      financing round B. After the B round, the company has so far raised 34M€ financing.”

    • Avatar

      I see that they will encounter lawsuit for scamming people. The deal was to deliver hardware and software, not to create other divisions with that money and then prolong delivery date… They raised 480% which would be more than enough to bypass what they called “hardware supply shortage”… I see that more and more users are dissatisfied with their behavior…

      • Avatar

        @prometheus091 You’re making things up. The deal still stands. The only thing is that there’s a delay of probably a month or more, which isn’t all that surprising. (The original Jolla phone was delayed half a year IIRC.) You’re trying to make it look as if they were delaying things deliberately.

        • Avatar

          And yes, I believe that focusing on other things instead of primary goal (delivering the goods) are definitely affecting schedule date that they promised.

        • Avatar

          “The only thing is that there’s a delay of probably a month or more”
          It seems that you are very joyful that this thing is being delayed just because you are going away on holiday, well most of us are not and our joy of holiday was looking forward to receiving and opening that box this July as promised.

      • Avatar

        Did Jolla mention a hardware shortage anywhere before this article?

    • Avatar

      Here is how I see the problem. If a kid asks you for $1 to buy candy and you give the kid $1 for candy he buys candy but if you give him $100 he’s probably not coming back with candy. Indiegogo should have anticipated this sort of situation. To hell with the tablets lets buy a company!

      • Avatar

        Jolla got 2 553 921 USD from IndieGoGo and 34 000 000 EUR from investors. Maybe the funding for new company is not indie dollars?

        I’m not sure if the 2.5M USD is enough to cover all tablet costs.

        • Avatar

          I am sorry, but tablet is produced in China, and if iPhone production cost (including hw parts) are approx 100$ (by their statement), cost of producing Jolla is much less, so yes I believe that it is enough.

          • Avatar

            Actually, it doesn’t work that way. Apple places orders for _enormous_ numbers of units, and therefore their per-unit cost is very low. Jolla has to place orders for very small numbers of units, and therefore their per-unit costs must be much, much higher.

          • Avatar

            That is hardware only? Total costs include software development, testing and others. Jolla Oy have been working a lot to make Sailfish ready for tablets.

          • Avatar

            You really don’t know what you are talking about… First, where did you see that iPhone production costs 100$? It’s at least the double. Then, as Copernicus said, it’s Apple, which means millions on units. I’m pretty sure that what you paid them doesn’t even cover all the production costs.

            And what do you do without the software? Sailors can’t work for free.
            Let’s be clear, they won’t make money by delivering you a high end tablet for your poor 200$.

            So thinking that they could use that money to do other things is just… ridiculous.

    • Avatar

      Hi asdf23 and all, please note that the Indiegogo funds and earlier investments are going into Jolla Tablet development and Sailfish OS R&D. Past contributions are not related in any way to the yet-to-be-established company. Thanks for your understanding!

  31. Avatar

    What evidence are you talking about? There is no new company yet, so we do not know where the funding comes from. The tablet is almost ready by now and it is made by the “old” company.

    • Avatar

      They are not supposed to be planning a company. The money was for a tablet. They took the money reassessed their goals and changed directions without the consent or even notice to the investors. All while promising to be open. They broke the contract with Indiegogo and with the investors.

      • Avatar

        Yes, the indie money was and is for tablet, and tablet is what we get. They got 34 000 000 EUR other money for other purposes.

        At the time we get the tablet there propably is only one company. IndieGoGo rules surely do not prohibit planning the future.

  32. Avatar

    well, focusing on other things instead primary thing is definitely goes to their credibility. As I said before, I would personally be disappointed, but looking other users I can see that they are getting angry every time they hear bad news, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that someone would file the suit.

    • Avatar

      We are, and will be, keeping the focus on the Jolla Tablet until it ships. There is a small group of navigating Sailors seeking and establishing new opportunities and partnerships, however the majority of us, especially the R&D team, stays committed to bringing you the Jolla Tablet. Thanks for staying with us!

  33. Avatar

    Wow, such vile bile directed at Jolla. Delays happen, especially with crowdsourced campaigns. I am firmly in the camp that wants a polished product over a rushed one.

    • Avatar

      Thank you CaptEmulation for believing in us!

    • Avatar


      I can hardly believe some of the negativity that I have read in some of these comments. A few weeks’ delay is hardly unusual in this game. To those of you who think that talking about legal action under these circumstances is somehow reasonable: good luck with your upcoming battles with the biggest names in the business, like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Oracle etc. etc.

      If any of you have any actual evidence (rather than speculation) that Jolla is planning to renege on its commitments to its Indiegogo backers, lets see it. Announcing a restructuring plan in the context of EUR34 million investment funding doesn’t count.

      To Jolla: what you can learn from this is that if you leave people guessing, they will start guessing. Small, frequent announcements are better than long occasional ones. Also, at least some of your buyers have technical knowledge. You might try to find a forum for giving some more detail about what you are up to. Stuff that a knowledgeable user could find out anyway once they have the tablet in their hands would be interesting, and reassure us that things are still moving forwards.

      • Avatar

        Thank you pakman as well for your encouragement and suggestion. We have been sharing different types of tablet progress on the blog as well, like software updates, accessories and design. In addition to the blog, we have, irc, and other social media channels. We are a small team and may not be able to share in all of the channels all the time, but we’re doing our best!

        • Avatar

          Carol Chen / Jolla Team,
          I really think you need to take pakman’s advice to heart. If your team is too small to update all the channels, then maybe just focus on the blog.
          Have all departments put in a small update each week (1 paragraph would be enough) to keep us in the loop.

          I’m a bit bummed that I won’t have the tablet prior to my vacation, which was something I’d really hoped for.
          But I’m more disappointed that you promised to do this together, but then let us float around without any useful updates. The updates, especially this one, are really vague language. Nothing concrete to go on.
          Both in terms of time/dates, but also on what the problems are with the display, what the new display is, WHY it was chosen.
          You got an above-average technically skilled and linux-enthusiasts crowd to back you up. People would be interested in the day-to-day (or week-to-week 😉 ) struggle that comes along with a tablet.

          Personally I held off on buying a nexus tablet for this one, because I was convinced by the “open” and “together” part.
          Both which seem sorely lacking at this point 🙁

          Please fix (while it’s still fixable).

          Kind regards,

          • Avatar


            please don’t miss the July date…vacation is imminent.

  34. Avatar

    Lol. What are you say about? You take AIGO x86 tablet and put SailfishOS on it. Not more. And it has Retina display. What new display you chose? What better then LG’s Retina? Is it Sharp 4k or what?

    July is here, time for update information about tech specs. We spent money for one tablet, but will take another. It is good, if it better.. But we believe in Jolla, in Sailfish, and what we got?

    People powered.. Jolla disappointing..

  35. Avatar

    “Our end-July shipping target may be affected” – when will you inform us if this is the case or not?

    • Avatar

      Hi Mitch, we will inform you if and when the schedule change is confirmed.

  36. Avatar

    Thanks for tour answers. VAT in EU? Is that a thing jolla came up or is this this an official thing? If so, how to calculate?

  37. Avatar

    I didn’t expect on-time shipping since it’s a crowd-funding project, but same as the comments above, kind of angry about this so called “update.” Seriously, I check this blog every two days, and saw this short notice… I am now considering return the Jolla tablet once it’s shipped, but I love the Lastu case…. so quite a dilemma now. C’mon, you can do much more than this, Jolla!

  38. Avatar

    Here is why people are pissed. Right now there is less than a hand full of open source (non-spyware ridden) tablets. That’s what Jolla is promising, along with a promise of being open and since it’s crowd funded we all assume this effort is from the people by the people. But instead we are finding a different story. We’ve been given updates every few months of what they had been doing for the last month. These decisions are handed down to us, there was no involvement nor discussion that we were included on. We find that the details of the delay are sketchy or at least I don’t know where to find them. First it was a hardware change, then software issue, then hardware shortage, and now it’s “great news we have been deciding to split the company up”. This is the culture of this company and can be found demonstrated here – Carol came down from up high and spent 6 hours answering questions only after Indiegogo started asking questions. I expected to be graced with a reply once the first annoyed comment appeared.
    I suggest that instead you spend the 6 hours making calls to China, put your dreams of a new company on hold, and start using this blog with at least weekly posts.

    • Avatar

      I agree, weekly notifications (even if it was some banal thing that you’ve did) would satisfy customers.

    • Avatar

      I’m sorry to say that, but a few people here (and that certainly includes you) come across as drama queens. The tablet is now 11 days late. Spell that out: eleven days. You’re trying to make it look like it was announced for 1995.

      Also, to my humble knowledge, the one and only reason ever given for the delay was the problem with the display. As an early supporter I’ve been following tablet related news as closely as I could, but I must have missed any of the other reasons you enumerate here.

      About openness and communications: What good would a weekly info do as long nothing really changes? I expected updates as soon as the status changed, and I got those. Fine for me. You shouldn’t forget that, as Jolla doesn’t actually produce the hardware in their offices in Finland, it’s very likely that it’s one of their business partners who is responsible for the issue. In this case, it’s just not reasonable to assume one company would give detailed information about the failure of another one. That’s just common sense and probably even part of their treaties.

      • Avatar

        Well, I don’t agree with you. Since Jolla has presented them selves as a true community, this would mean that they are obliged to “communicate” with people more often. I doubt that weekly 15 minutes for writing some article of a progress or any R&D stuff would hurt them, instead this would actually calm people down. As I said before, I am not a drama queen but I would lie if I would say that I wouldn’t be disappointed for being postponed for the third time to enjoy the product that I hold dear. Would you like me to lie instead?

        • Avatar

          “I am not a drama queen”.
          Well, the comments you have made so far tend to make us doubt about that:

          – “They’re using the money to create another company”: mmhh sure, and how do they pay the supplier?
          – “They focus on creating another company instead of delivering the goods”: do you mean that they send the R&D to prepare the legal papers?
          – “an iPhone cost 100$, so the Jolla Tablet cost them much less”: already replied to that.
          – “being postponed for the third time”: err, the second postpone is barely confirmed.

          • Avatar

            Sthocs, let me quote:

            “mmhh sure, and how do they pay the supplier?”

            by gaining 480% crowd funding money, they hell not going to spend all of this on tablet, instead they are using it for other agendas.

            “They focus on creating another company instead of delivering the goods: do you mean that they send the R&D to prepare the legal papers?”

            This is not a science fiction, it is a fact that if you work on several areas, you loose a focus… (or perhaps you didn’t know that???)

            “an iPhone cost 100$, so the Jolla Tablet cost them much less: already replied to that.”

            You should actually learn more thing about economy and not reading some “Forbes magazines” where the managers cry that they are not earning enough money, but loosing it instead… Try to do a little research and see how much they pay for components and manufacturing process in China and be shocked to see how much they earn… The funnies thing is every company for example Sony, they have several divisions, and they set “bar” for their share holders, to get money for year 2015 for example 1.5 billions of dollars, instead they earn 800 millions of dollars. Quote: THEY EARN MONEY ANYWAY, but not what they “predicted”, so due to their greed they start firing people to cut the cost… Or is this also that you didn’t know…?

            “being postponed for the third time: err, the second postpone is barely confirmed.”

            My mistake, second time… So this actually tells lot of about you. Probably you are of those people that like to be late. Well my friend, here is some psychological fact: People that are constantly late are actually showing how disrespectful they are… This would be avoided by being more transparent and communicate with people that actually support them…

            so instead of playing smart, grow up, and leave the insults for younger generations…

            Best regards.

        • Avatar

          @prometheus I have to repeat: The tablet isn’t even 2 weeks late yet. Making such a fuzz about that smells a lot like drama queen, at least according to the definition in my book.

          There’s no evidence to back up your claim that the upcoming re-structuring of the company has anything to do with the shipping schedule. That’s something you made up out of thin air.

          • Avatar

            Two weeks late? 🙂 I’m pretty sure the original target (after the display issue appeared) was just “July”, and there’s still more than two weeks to go before July is over. 😉

            In any case, Jolla isn’t some multi-billion dollar conglomerate, who can afford to test and throw away thousands of different prototype machines. I’m certainly willing to give them the time to get the job done right, rather than try to rush out a device that hasn’t had enough time to get the bugs worked out…

            • Avatar

              @Copernicus Two weeks late based on the original timeline *before* the display problem.

              Remember when the Indiegogo campaign startet they said they’d ship in Q2/2015, which means everything before July 1st would have been perfectly in time. Now they’re two weeks late. So what? Did anyone really, honestly believe it would be a smooth ride with no problems at all?

              • Avatar

                Aha, gotcha. Still, I don’t yet consider this device late myself. 😉 Like you say, sometimes it isn’t a smooth ride…

              • Avatar

                Ossi, I appreciate you are being optimistic but given the display is a major component I suspect that optimising Sailfish’s drivers to work with the device without sucking life out of the battery might be a major task unless it is closely related to the original. I have to assume that the problems in integration were insurmountable because frankly we’re up to our armpits in displays.

                So if we are real lucky this epiphany happened months ago and they really are just a couple of weeks away because otherwise we’re still waiting for alpha hardware to go through soak testing which will take way more that 2 weeks.

                The reality is we don’t know, we don’t know if the original panel was too expensive, power hungry, just plain c**p… and we don’t know why a different panel will solve the problem.

                All I know about hardware issues and crowd-funding is that fixes take forever and unless they have already finished field testing a new display we are not getting it this summer.

          • Avatar

            I am quite bored to quote everyone that is looking at my comments as drama play… As I stated previously, my comment regarding latest news were just giving my opinion and worry that company might fail. Blackberry went in same direction by postponing delivery and look where they are now… Also, I am of those people that like to be on time…, so what is wrong with that? As I said before, I would be disappointed if they postpone again.

            P.S. This is my last comment on that topic, so have yourself a lovely day.

      • Avatar

        Thank god that you are not on the jolla team, just because you are going away on holiday you so wish that this thing is delayed until after your holiday. Good thing you are not on the or else you would’ve put the whole project on hold, then go away on your holiday come back and update your backers “Sorry guys I put the whole on hold just so I can go on holiday but I’m back now to resume again.”

        Why will you called another person “drama queen” for expressing their disappointment?

  39. Avatar

    What kind of presence will you have @MWC? Can’t find anything @

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave. We will make some important announcement in MWV Shanghai, especially about our licensing business progress. Look out for the news next week. Exciting times 🙂

  40. Avatar

    I’m a little disappoint, mainly because I’ve been really looking forward to getting play with sailfish.. the phones aren’t available in Australia and I haven’t wanted to import one.
    Echoing other’s sentiments, it would be nice if there were more frequent updates – because I often reach a point where I think ‘surely I should have heard something by now’ and worry that I’ve missed an update… but on the other hand, I get that projects have setbacks & it’s hard to meet a date you set waaay back when – so I’m happy to wait for now 🙂

  41. Avatar

    Thumbs up for ossi1967’s statements!

    @ Carol:
    Please keep us up to date.
    At least once a week since now 🙂

  42. Avatar

    I hope would reach true world record from battery life with efficient power/software mixture fight all others brand 🙂

  43. Avatar

    Can’t wait for this thing!!!
    But take your time and make it really good.
    As many others said, I also would like to have more status updates.

  44. Avatar

    are there any news regarding this tablet?

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