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New Sailfish X support for Xperia XA2 variants and free trial  

Along with releasing Sailfish 3 to all Sailfish users today, we also introduce Sailfish X support for all Sony Xperia XA2 models, and a free trial license option. This means that now you can download and install free of charge a Sailfish X trial version for your preferred Xperia XA2 device. The full software package will be available later this year. As the trial version is free so it naturally comes with limited functions, please see the table below:


When available, you can easily purchase and install the Android app support and other commercial components on top of the Sailfish X Free trial version. Later this year we will also release the official public beta for the Gemini PDA. We are also looking together with our community into supporting the new  CosmoCommunicator  from Planet Computers.

For our current Sailfish X customers we will offer a discount when purchasing the new license for the Xperia XA2 product range devices. More details to follow on this!

Sailfish X for Sony Xperia XA2 variants

As said already earlier, the Sony Xperia XA2 devices are great hardware additions to the Sailfish X program, and we’re happy to announce we’ll start the support for all the product variants from the very beginning – including all single and dual SIM models. Here are all the variants you can choose from: Xperia XA2, Xperia XA2 Plus, Xperia XA2 Ultra.


Sailfish X Free trial can now be downloaded and installed free of charge from the Jolla Shop.

Get Sailfish X Free now
Read more about Sailfish X

Sailfish 3 Day event live stream
On November 8, starting at 5pm, Jolla arranges a Sailfish 3 event in Helsinki, and there is a live stream available. Watch it here.

We hope you enjoy Sailfish X on the new device additions!


Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

Manages projects at Jolla HQ. Likes gadgets, travel to warm places and spicy food.



  1. Downloading… I am very excited to meddle around with my first SFOS phone. Thank you Jolla crew.

  2. Oh, no!
    Why hurry so much to meet the deadline of November 8, and finally roll out an unfinished version without Android support. How come will I flash my XA2 to Sailfish X and stay without essential Android apps?
    That’s a disappointment…

    • Or is it just a clever move to get users acquainted to native apps only. When Dalvik is added, users won’t need it anymore due to all the great new apps which will be launched soon… :-P

      • I thought so too.
        For me, Android is not important. Only one thing. Whatsapp. It’s important coz it’s work related. I had no problem to pay 75€ if they would support native app supporters and I also donated or payed for good apps. But I need a daily driver without limitations.

  3. Not yet fully available? Seriously?
    I only have one phone at the moment. My xa2 plus. I can’t give up a phone with all functionalities just to flash a half working Sailfish. Sorry guys but that’s disappointing me :(

  4. Is full version for Xperia X also unavailable now? I believe it was available before…

    • Hi Alex. It is still available, we may not have had it in the shop at the moment you commented, but it is now there.

    • Ran into the same and could not find a dedicated XA2 Ultra driver. I used XZ3 which is a bit newer and it worked for me. Have it running now with SFOS 3.

    • You can actually use the provided Xperia X driver and it works with no issues. Follow the instructions closely and you will be absolutely fine!

  5. Thanks! Could you please clarify the license status of Sailfish X for Xperia X and XA2?
    E.g. assuming I have a Sailfish X license for Xperia X and I decide to upgrade my hardware to the XA2, can I use my existing license?

    • It is said in the blog text already:
      “For our current Sailfish X customers we will offer a discount when purchasing the new license for the Xperia XA2 product range devices. More details to follow on this!”

    • Hi bonanza, I also have a Sailfish X license. In the shop I “ordered” an additional “Sailfish X Free” for 0,00 € which gave me access to the downloads for the new devices.
      As Jolla stated, there will be an additional fee when upgrading your “Free” license ffor the new devices to a full version.
      The diferences are listed if you follow the “Get Sailfish X Free now” link above.

  6. Thanks for releasing this, looking forward to the following versions! Could you please clarify what will happen with existing Sailfish X license for Xperia X device holders? I would like to keep my Xperia X device (currently on instead of getting an XA2, does that mean that I have to renew the license to get access to 3.x releases from now on?

    • They answered this in the live stream on you tube: the license is per device and will last until the device is supported. So if you keep your Xperia X you will not have to pay anymore. However updated support to android 8 will start on Xa2 and from there they will adapt the new layer to older models, like X. This means you will need to wait a bit longer…

  7. Any news about extending Sailfish X programs to other regions? India was on the list for Q3

    • More on that to follow! We are still looking to expanding the availability!

  8. What about release for India? Can anyone provide concrete information please? Somewhere read that Jolla had plans to launch sfos3 in India and Turkey in Q3,when will it be launch?

    • Correct folks. Jolla team announced that they will launch the same this year but so far no updates.
      I am an Intex Aquafish user, recently no os updates receiving and now no updates about the new launch for India. India is an emerging market for mobile, not sure why Jolla not concentrating on the same.

      So now I am doubt about going forward with Sailfish mobile.

  9. I exchanged my tablet refund for two Sailfish X vouchers but I only used one. Can I use the other to purchase Sailfish for XA2?

    • Yes of course you can do that!

  10. I’m usually not one of the complainers and I appreciate the lack of reactions I’m getting must be because Jolla doesn’t have anything to say about this, but I feel it’s really important:

    1. could you prioritise voice chat over XMPP, Tox, anything? it’s a phone and being able to talk over it (other than GSM calls) is kinda the primary function, plus this has been requested since the beginning
    2. GPG support in emails, can it be done? what’s preventing it from being implemented? this is also a very very old request
    3. bring back offline maps in modRana, or add offline map support in any other maps app: this is very important when I’m abroad and I don’t have an internet connection. I don’t care who broke the feature (Jolla or modRana developer), you guys are just blaming each other but please take a step back and bring offline maps back to us.
    4. paid apps in the store, or any other incentive to stop the beta quality abandonware trend going on in the store (see twitter app, file manager app, ebay app, emulators, unit converter, jTox…)

    • on 3: PureMaps from the repository (via Storeman) with OSM Scout Server is a smooth solution for offline maps.

    • OSM is exactly the bit that doesn’t work anymore. I say modRana because that’s the client app but it’s really one of the OSM dependencies that broke (I forgot which exactly).

      I also refuse to install stuff from unofficial repositories. I spend my time messing around with computers at work and at home and at least my phone I want it to just work.
      Not just that, I’d also have to do the same on my sister’s phone, so it’s extra work for me and it makes SF look like a nerdy hard-to-use phone to her. It’s definitely not me who has to work around this problem, or if I must, then my “workaround” would be to just get LineageOS or CopperheadOS and move on.

      • Just buy a iPhone, and move on. Or just install Storeman and use it to install perfecty fine apps like OSM scout server and Pure Maps. Or use andoid apps like here maps.

      • just tested the storeman app. works flawless for me.
        you only need to go to the command line once to install storeman and all the apps (i tested puremaps and some others) you can just install from storeman. Everything whent really smooth;-)

      • The problem *is* osm scout server. I like modRana so I don’t need to replace that. The app store has nothing to do with this.

        • app store is relevant to the problem :

          – Jolla official store has some restrictions (e.g.: against background daemons, which could affect OSM)
          – Jolla takes some time to admit apps into the official store, whereas openrepos (and stores that access it like Storeman) is managed by the respective apps’ authors. (Rinigus made an update to the mapboxgl component used to display maps withtin the past day or so, it might still be missing from the official store)

      • “It just works” has an Apple flavour phrase…

      • You dont say, sailfish seems nerdy hard to use phone for Your sister ? I’ve got my mother a xperia with sailfish and it is Her daily driver, also a first smartphond ever ! She doesn’t complain also She didnt say anything that would suggest that Sailfish is hard to use. So maybe You make it hard for You and Your sister … Yes SFOS have some downs but android or ios isnt really an option, isnt ?

    • regarding 3: also Navit provides offline maps and navigation

    • Halftrail is in the official store, has supported offline maps for years and still does. Maybe it’s not the most feature-packed solution out there, but the ability to check both street and public transport maps offline while knowing your position has saved my life (and pocket) several times all over the world

    • I can’t find Navit in the store.

      I could find halftrail, and literally the first commit you see (so the latest one) says that offline maps don’t work. Comment is 16 months old. I sense another beta-quality abandonware there.

      DrYak sure I could start installing stuff from openrepos, after all what could possibly go wrong, right? If that’s the suggested way then Jolla could say that, but they kept silent
      The really annoying part, at least for me, is that they made those “necessary breaking changes” and broke one of the maybe 5 apps the whose development is not abandoned. When asked they just go like “meh yeah blame the developer”. The developer’s comments are in the Jolla store, and TL;DR “yeah blame Jolla”.
      So let’s say I go down the path of adding this extra store, fine I could probably do that. What if something goes wrong? What if something goes wrong on my sister’s phone? Not now, but maybe during the next update or something?
      Sorry but I stand by my position that this is not a proper solution, this is a hack to get something that I already had from the beginning.

      Leaving that aside, what about my other points?

      Come on, it’s not like I’m asking to get World of Warcraft ported over or something, I think I’m raising some reasonable points here.

      • > What could possibly go wrong :

        Openrepos (accessed with e.g.: Storeman or used to be with Warehouse, or even simply with the command line using either `zypper` or `pkcon`) and the opensources 3rd party software which are released through the official Jolla store are basically the same. They are done by the same authors.

        Rinigus both wrote the version you get from openrepos or from the official store.

        The only limitation is that for the few software that has a background daemon mode an alternative different RPM is uploaded on Jolla Store with the background mode disabled.
        ( ^- that’s the case with OSM)

        Also like I said, the repositories on openrepos are uploaded immediately by the authors, whereas Jolla receive their RPMs, evaluates them, and eventually provides them.
        ( ^- unless the author is fed up or not interested, or Jolla decides to block the app, in which case the official store will stay with an oudated or missing app)

        It’s basically the same as in Ubuntu between official packages in the main Ubuntu and Debian repos, and 3rd party repos from PPA.
        Or between official Fedora or CentOS packages and the once from COPR. Or the base repository of openSuSE Tumbleweed and various projects and personnal repos on OpenBuildSystem.

        If you want “as fast as posssible” (or need the background daemon), you’d better fetch them directly from the author.
        Otherwise be ready to wait a week or so until the packages find their way in the official store (and you don’t mind the missing background functionality).

        In a time of big changes like a big upgrade, it *will* take some time.

        But for basic stuff like apps, not much will go wrong. Either the app works, or not. That’s it. Not much risks (as long as you trust the author).
        (Patches are another matter altogether)

        > Your sis’ phone :

        Keep in mind that Sailfish is still in development and by a somewhat small-ish startup.
        Things are evolving, things are sometime breaking.
        Being on the bleeding edge of development require to accept that sometime you’ll need to hack your way around problems.

        If you want the most hassle-free experience, you could seriously opt for yomark’s proposition and consider getting her an iPhone – which has a giant corporation with tons of resources behind it, and who focus among other on its “It Just Works” motto, while keeping everything inside a single centralized official store on which they (in theory) have a thigh control. (a.k.a.. a Walled garden)

        Or you could pick an alternative (mostly android apps under alien-dalvik). Or be ready to teach her to hack a bit and/or be ready to help her.

        Besides, Jolla *knows* about openrepos and takes into account went they publish recommendations (see remarks about disabling patches and uninstalling apps that touch too deeply under the hood).

        There is rarely anything happening when you install apps from 3rd party repos (as long as you trust the authors). Worse case: after a sailfish upgrade the apps simply doesn’t work (due to changes) or gets evicted (due to missing dependencies.

        (Again, that’s for apps. Pattches are an entirely different can of worms, not for the faint heart)

        > navit

        …is also only released on openrepos. You’d need StoreMan or something along these lines (`zypper`).


        But overall I don’t agree with you about 3rd party repos being “a hack”. Maybe it’s my background of being a long time Linux user, but I find it perfectly acceptable.

        Also it uses the same packaging system as the base system and the official store (RPMs) and thus upgrade systems cant take them into account (the dependency solver is aware of them), as opposed to the “downloading crap from all over the net and double clicking on their `setup.exe`” giant shitshow that goes with Microsoft Windows.

  11. Just got crazy as i realized there is an rsync client installed :-D I’m atm syncing my Music collection on my NAS with my Phone… without an PC in between o_O Oh man, you guys makes me happy :-D i hope the full package comes more like end of November than end of December :-)

  12. Hello i have flash the XA2 4113, Sony Screen Bootloop. I need Help.

    • There has been an issue with the flashing script, please wait until we upload a new image so you can reflash your device again. If you can’t do it, please write to our customer service. Thanks!

      • Great!
        Thanks for the support of uploading a new image!
        When you do, will you provide specific instructions about all steps how to reflash the device (for the most common case of phone stuck with SONY logo)? I mean i have no idea how to start when “reflashing” a device;) Sony logo there but i will not know if i should aim for this blue led fastoot mode again and so on…. And i know you are really good with detailled instructions! The ones of “how to install Sailfish” are great for beginners thank you again!

  13. in my order this file is for the Xperia XA2 H4113



    I had Android 8.0 on it

  14. Hi!
    Great work!
    Just one thing, in the instructions to download the fastboot driver for the newly released XA2, your instuction named “2.1 Download the Xperia™ X fastboot drivers from Sony’s website” is bringing to the download of the Xperia X driver and not the XA2 driver……
    Any suggestions on changing that (i guess those files aren’t suitable for the xa2…)

    • You can use the same drivers. They’re working as they should

    • Yes, the same drivers can be used, as Sony’s website does not have a dedicated driver for XA2 devices. But the same driver is fine!

  15. Thank you! One more question, there are 2 IMEIs on the xa2 double sim…do we need to unlock both imei?

    • Nope. Just use one of them. The i in IMEI stands for identification. Sony will exactly know the device when you give them one of the two

  16. Thanks a lot again.
    One more thing, i cant manage to get the correct command to open the bootloader (windows 10)…
    Is this sentence correct(according to to Jolla, step 4.7 refering to a Sonny page) “fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x” ? and “your unlock code” is the only words that has to be changed?

  17. This is the correct sentence?
    ./fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x################ using the ####unlock code

  18. So when you say later this year you do mean in 2018?
    What arrangements will there be to pay for Sailfish X 3.0 with my Tablet refund please?

    • Yes, 2018!

      About the latter question: Please write to our customer service when you are going to purchase the license and they will deduct it from your refund:

  19. Well, I managed to flash my XA2 but it is stuck on white screen with black Sony text. I have restarted but system does not go beyond this screen. Any ideas what to do next?

    • First I flashed in Win 10 and now I flashed again in Linux but I still get stucked.

      • That issue will be fixed soon. We are working on the error and will upload a new image on the shop in a bit, then you can reflash the device and all will be good. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

        • Great James, thanks a lot!
          One question: when you say “you can reflash the device” you mean taking the Xperia stuck with “sony” screen, switching it off, and then coming back to the 6.1 step of the “Installing Sailfish X on XA2 using Windows” (if you have windows of course)? thats how “reflash” works? 6.1 step can be proceeded even directly on the stucked device without intermediary steps?

  20. Jolla pulled out the XA2 zip file from the website.

  21. Exactly same issue for my phone (xa2 4113 double sim)… Stuck on white screen with black Sony text

    • Yep, I have the same model.

  22. I tried Resetting phone to factory settings in Recovery Mode but that did not help…

    • I have the same problem with my H3113, but recover software (Android) via Emma software and now work.

    • Before phone stuck on white screen with black SONY logo and LED flashing white. You too?

  23. I reset my Sony Xperia X, than restart, but Android support is gone. No possibility for installing Android Marketplace on Sony 5121, very sad.

    • Have you logged into your Jolla account?

      • Before I updete my Xperia X, I reset it to factory settings. I wanted to start sailfish from the beginning but without flashing the phone.
        I entered my account with password…
        When the start up menue comes to the point “do you want to use Android Apps?” it skipped to the next step asking me what kind of native Jolla Apps I want to download. So I was not able to chose Android support.

        • The skipping of the Aliendalvik Support is automatically, there was no option to choose it. I tried it several times.
          Before I reset my Xperia X the Android support worked fine with Sailfish

  24. Hmm. Now (after third flashing)I get a red text that says my device is corrupt and will not boot. Well, small setback, I will stop trying now and will try to find a solution later.

    • Yes, thanks for your comment! We are fixing the error as we speak and a new image will be up and running soon. Just reflash the device with the new image on the shop when it is available and you are good to go.

  25. In flashing-README.txt file in Troubleshootig section:

    “Q: My Xperia™ shows only Sony logo when it is booting up, what to do?
    A: You should reflash the device with the instructions above. Verify that you
    have the correct Vendor binary image from Sony.”

    I checked file control sum and everythikg is OK.

  26. So, I rolled back to Android OS by using Emma software and after that I re-flashed to Sailfish OS 3 and now it works. This time I used Win 7 computer. This is strange… This time I made sure that USB debugging was on and I think that previous times I should have checked that USB debugging is on before the last part of the flashing process, maybe, I am not a software developer. Anyway, good night for now:)

  27. First of all, thanks for releasing Sailfish 3 for my old Jolla phone. Still using it as my daily driver and I’m updating it right now. :)

    In other news: I now have a XA2 but I’m severely disappointed that you did not manage to release the fully supported version on this day. You promised to release SFOS for the XA2 today and I did not expect a ‘free trial’ version but a really solid and fully fleshed out release. I will wait and hope that you release the ‘real deal’ in only a few days. A lot of us were hoping that November 8th would be the day we will get a new fully supported Sailfish phone. As it stands right now, we still have to wait longer. (And to be quite honest: A release in the last week of December would be a real disappointment…)

    Sorry to be so harsh but this is not what I expected from you. Best wishes

    • dont be so hard to them… i know how it is to make a piece of software… it’s not easy. the only thing i would complain is that they talk like a big old player. For example i missed in the announcement of sfos3 that there wouldn’t be all the features that was mentioned at the beginning.
      Or that the xa2 will first not be fully supported…

    • Lucky you. I downloaded Sailfish on my Jolla 1, but during installation the device crashed. I wonder why, is it because I have it also on my XperiaX?

  28. 在中国都无法购买你们的系统……

  29. Just for some clarification it will be only the XA2 getting the updated Android support right away, not the Sony Xperia X?

    • When the commertial image is available for purchase, it is going to come with the Android 8.1. As for Xperia X, we will have to evaluate the feasability of it before making a decision.

      • (I know you get this question 6 times out of 5, but…)

        Any news on the XA2 image progress?

        No matter the situation, thanks for the already great support for the folks that got their XA2s up and running!

        Eagerly waiting to flash my XA2. ;)

      • Hi James! I want clarify that do I need to flash new Sailfish OS image to my XA2 when the commercial features are ready? Or can I just purchase the license and then install features from the Jolla app store? I have the Trial version installed on my device.

      • I would like to know that do I need to flash new Sailfish X image after commercial features are ready? Or can I just download features from Jolla store after I have purchased the lisence. Currently I am running Trial version on XA2.

  30. Thank for update Looking forward to have BTLE for my Xperia X. I bought already a brand new smart watch. I couldn’t wait for anymore the hypotethical SFOS one. Sorry, that train passed allready.

    • Regarding smartwatches :

      keep in mind that currently, the alien-dalvik layer cannot access low-level direct bluetooth stuff.

      If the watch and corresponding app use something standard and high-level (e.g.: they simply need to see each other on the same Wifi network, or they both need to sync the same cloud server), it’s going to work.
      If the app needs to directly control low-level Bluetooth (or direct USB-on-the-Go) in order to communicate with some special protocol with the watch, it’s not going to work.

      In you case, the watch has its own 4G connection, so it’s probably communicating via some cloud server, so it’s going to work.

      • It’s Tizen. Perhaps basic notifications via BT are working. Thus porting is needed. Until that e-sim is in use.

  31. any news about sailfish 3 on feature phones – like jio/nokia phones

    please talk with XIAOMi to bring sailfishX to their phones

  32. xa2还不能刷机,什么时候可以购买安卓支持?中国版的旗鱼系统呢?为什么在中国不能直接购买,不是要为中国人开发适合我们使用的系统吗?为什么不考虑支持国产手机?

  33. I love it! It’s even more responsive and intuitive than before, and the new ambiances are simply beautiful.

    Any news on an officially-supported tablet through the Sony Open Devices Programme or otherwise?

    • Yeah, how about officially supporting the Sony Z3 Compact Tablet!?

      I would buy one, and would flash SFOS to it, but as long as Jolla is not officially supporting it and things as camera and video playback are not working, it is not really an option. But a Sailfish OS Tablet would be awesome as a vision, i would just love it :)

  34. At the moment I am using SFOS in my XA2 as a daily driver (I have a backup device for my mobile banking needs etc. tho) and the system has been stable and I like it very much. BUT, there is always a but. Seems like Microsofts emails are running very well but Googles emails are being losing connection to native email app (Ihave alloved “less secure apps” in my Gmail accounts to use them) and I do not want to do a full integration with Google so I have gmails under “general email” setting, maybe I have to mess around with Googles settins some more. Any possibility to get Alien Dalvik installed to XA2 right now? Any suggestions how and what third party repo is possible to install to XA2 which is the safest to use? Maybe this post does not belong here and I should check the other forums, so…

    Anyhow, I want to say that I am not disappointed or anything, I am glad that I was able finally to get my hands on SFOS. Actually my whole family and friends were interested in this simple to use and smooth fresh looking mobile experience.There is still many fixes to make but lets wait and see when the whole rom is out but I can see myself using SFOS for a long time.

    • Would it be possible to make a little sum-up:

      1. Camera quality vs android ?
      2. Whatsapp & telegram support ?
      3. Which proper web browser ?
      4. Which android version support (if any?) ?

      I’m considering getting “back” to sailfish with a XA2 Ultra but the version on the tablet (the 64GB #collector) leaves me a bit speechless regarding the functionalities.

      Thanks a bunch :)

      • At this moment I am using XA2 SFOS 3 that has been taken down from the store so…

  35. Very nice, Jolla!
    Ok we will need to wait December in order to have a full Sailfish OS onboard, but I remember it was so last year with Xperia X, and Sailfish X.

    Looking at the specs, the Xperia XA2 and XA2 plus are the best choices for me. Maybe will update (and transfer again!) my actual Sailfish X license.

    • @minojolla-Xperia XA2 device family will require a different Sailfish X license. Lincenses bought for Xperia X are not valid and will not be transferred to XA2 devices, unfortunately.

      • Can you clarify: if I own a Sailfish X license but never used it on any device, can I then use it on an XA2?

      • Yes I know.
        Read carefully, somewhere is stated that there will be a discount price, or a integration price for users that own a Sailfish X license.

        Just need to wait the landing page from Jolla.

    • Hi, if you already have a Sailfish X in use on your Xperia X, you would need to purchase a new license for your new, upgraded device. Sailfish X licenses are per device, not per account.

      • If Sailfish X licenses are per device, does that mean that we can easily resell our XA2 with SFOS on them?

      • Damn I already sold my Xperia X, but the license is (also) linked to my account Jolla.

        I am still viable for that “reduced price” for Sailfish X licensed?

        Obviously, I didn’t sold my account with my old phone.
        The new user so will have to buy a new one! ;-)

      • Hi James,
        the Sailfish X license of my Xperia X is tied to my device and the account of the preowner. This is what Jolla Care wrote me. I bought it second hand.
        That’s why it is not possible for me to activate Android Support anymore after softwarereset on this device.
        Strange policy.

        • if you bought a license, just ask to move to a new IMEI.
          It will take some days.

          • The Jolla Care told me to buy a new license.
            But now I managed to flash my Xperia X with my Sailfish Software I bought last year paid with my tabletrefund.
            And: Still NO Androidsupport

  36. Hello Mr. Noori,

    when can you expect a download for the H4113 again? It is a pity that it is so wrong, I hope it will be done soon. Can you already give details?

  37. My Xperia X went bust few weeks ago :( is it possible to transfer the license to XA2, or do I have to get another X?

  38. Any update on the XA2 image?

  39. The downloads for the XA2 family of devices are back online! :)

    Thank you for whatever it was you had to fix!

  40. I just flashed my Xa2 with todays build.., booting up first time, seems ok, touchscreen is working until third introduction screen when the touch screen becomes unresponsive, there is no way to come out of it exept reboot and same thing happens again. Cant skip introduction either. Any suggestions? Reflash?

    • Yep, reflash will be your best bet.

  41. Thank you for the Sailfish X Free Trial Version which I have downloaded onto my SONY XA2 dual SIM phone.

    Two minor glitches in the process:

    1) On my Ubuntu-derivative Linux PC, I had to run fastboot with sudo, otherwise it would not find the phone.

    2) After flashing, when first being powered up, what looked like semi-random noise appeared on the screen before going into the first set-up routine. I suspect it was meant to be a blank screen, or a Sailfish/Jolla logo, but either way it detracted from experience of starting the system. It is probably cosmetic only, but these things count for some people.

    Looking forward to the commercial version, mainly for the predictive text input, and the software updates.

    Thank you again.


    • I also had the noise screen on my first bootup with SFOS on the XA2. It never occurred again, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

  42. Just waiting for the full version SFOS 3 XA2, and hopefully it’s good!
    Tired of Android.
    Greetz sailors.

  43. What about the partnership with Intex? Is it still alive? Will new phones with SFOS3 be launched by Intex?

  44. Jolla is in silent mode?

  45. Have installed the trial version on XA2. I am exited. How or when can I install/bye the full version?

    • How: Just upgrade from your trial version once the full (paid) version is released.

      When: We don’t know for sure yet. Knowing Jolla, I would expect middle of December but I have no idea either. We all hope they release it sooner than later but we simply don’t know.

  46. How is the camera performing in XA2??

    • Having used the XA2 with stock Android for about 2 weeks, I think I can say that SFOS camera quality isn’t much worse (if at all) than with Android. The autofocus is a bit slower, I would say. But that’s about it. The camera makes really good pictures in day light and decent/mid-range pictures in darker environments. Video quality is great in my opinion.

      • How about the finger print reader!? For me these two are the most important ones.

        • I don’t know any specifics but for the Sony Xperia X they have added the fingerprint sensor compatibility in a later patch. I expect the same to happen with XA2. However, we don’t know when.

      • Does the camera app support 4K videos like the XA2 does under Android?

  47. when the sailfish x available for outside Uerope?

  48. sailfish x available for sony xperiax a1 plus ?

  49. SFOS3 works fine on Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra. Camera does nice pics and vids. The unlock-process for the XA2 ultra was done quick.

  50. Hi there sailors, are u like me waiting for an update regarding the release of the full SFOS 3?
    Again Jolla is not communicating with there community/fans/users regarding more info.
    Hopefully the full version comes out soon!

    • Yep, just like you. XA2 plus up and running with SFOS 3, cannot see my whatsapp messages because o android support yet. The rest of the OS seems a bit unpolished too, things still to do. Hope we get a paid patch before Christmas.


  52. Yes same thoughts here, its already early December, so the update or full release should be here asap!

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