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Jolla Tablet: frequently asked questions (and answers)

After publishing our most recent blog entries, we’ve received lots of comments and feedback regarding the Jolla Tablet shipping and invitations schedule, accessories, and technical details. As the Jolla Tablets are landing in the hands of some of our contributorswe will summarize in this blog post the most discussed items, and provide more details about them. Thank you for the activity and keep the questions coming!

Jolla Tablet schedule

This has undoubtedly been the topic raising most questions. Many have been asking when will the invitation to complete the order in the Jolla Shop arrive, and when will my tablet ship. Read the latest update from our Captain Antti Saarnio’s blog post.

In Antti’s blog comments the most asked topic has been the sizes of the shipment batches, or ‘waves’ as we call them in the schedule picture. While we have a production plan target, we don’t want to commit to specific figures as we’ve seen how just a handful of issues can negatively affect assembly schedules and yield. We also don’t want to over-promise, but rather do our best to ship as much as possible within wave 2 and then the rest in the final wave. That said, unfortunately, it seems that the lion’s share of deliveries are aimed for shipment start in December.

Process-wise we are sending the invites to complete the orders based on the Indiegogo contributions to backers in groups according to chronological order. The actual order for receiving the devices depends then of course on your activity too, i.e. how quickly you finalize the order in the shop. The devices do not ship before the order confirmation is done in our shop.

Read more about the process in the previous operations blog post


Our eco-conscious community members have spoken, and we’ve heard them. Our decision to leave the charger out of the Jolla Tablet sales box was influenced in part by the feedback from the community, and in part by our design logic where we try to keep things simple and not ship anything within the sales box that will not add value or be used by the Jolla Tablet owners. At the same time we recognize that some of Jolla Tablet owners might not have a charger and we have made it available for purchase at the Pre-order Online Shop when you complete the order for your Indiegogo contribution. Please look for the Accessories product category after logging in to the shop.

As commented in the previous blog post we are providing you with a selection of must-have Jolla Tablet accessories from our trusted partner Insmat, and in this case it is the Dual-USB 3.1 A Travel Charger with EU-plug. This charger meets our recommendation having 2A output, which will provide you the fastest possible charging. Still, all chargers – even 500 mA output – will work too, but the charging time is then longer. You can charge the device with a computer as well, but if the battery has discharged completely, the power output from the PC may not be strong enough to wake up the battery. Thus we recommend using chargers with minimum 2A output.

Be sure to look for this accessory when finalizing your Jolla Tablet contribution and order!

Bluetooth 3.0

There has been questions also regarding the change from previously communicated Bluetooth 4.0 version to 3.0 version. We can confirm that Bluetooth 3.0 is the correct version for Jolla Tablet. This change was needed mainly due to the Bluetooth 4.0 product naming definition, which states that Bluetooth 4.0 is for products that have a BT stack fully supporting BT Low Energy (LE). Currently there are no plans to provide LE support for Jolla Tablet. 

Why not USB Type-C cable?

The main reason for not having the USB Type-C cable is that this option was not available or mature enough when we made the needed Jolla Tablet hardware decisions. In addition, the availability of USB Type-C cables was limited at that time. 

3-finger-volume control

There was a question as well on how to utilize the volume control buttons when the Jolla Tablet is placed in the LastuCase and being charged at the same time (volume buttons facing down). We have a nice solution for this! Just place three of your fingers on the display, and slide down/up to control the volume. Or, you can simply move one finger up/down in this case. Remember also that you can always use the double tap to wake up the device when the display is off, so you don’t need to use the power button here. 


Inserting micro-SD card into the Jolla Tablet

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you how to insert the micro-SD card correctly into the slot.

1. Turn off the device
2. Insert the memory card with metal connectors facing upwards. Push inside until you hear a click sound.
3. Turn on the device
4. See that files show up in their locations. This can take a while if there are many files on the memory card.


Please see more information from the Jolla Tablet User Guide.

Accessory proposals from the sales box & accessory blog post 

Some of the accessory proposals that we are now going to review internally and with our partners:

  • Jolla branded capacitive stylus 
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, and bundled already in the sales box
  • Bluetooth keyboard (different options already proposed) 
  • Tempered glass screen protector 

Please keep proposing new ideas, and remember to have a look at the Insmat screen protector & other accessories when finalizing your Jolla Tablet contribution and order.

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,


Sami Maala

Sami Maala

Product Manager at Jolla. Passionate about productisation and providing world class user experience for our customers. Family man, interested in all sorts of gadgets, motorsports and stock markets.



  1. Avatar

    Thx for the update.

  2. Avatar

    And again nothing about shpping to Russia?

    • Avatar

      Seriously, it ain’t funny anymore, guys.
      Please, answer the question your contributors, your customers actually did ask.
      We don’t care about Jolla branded stylus etc., we want our Jolla tablets.

      What about contributors from Russia?

      • Avatar

        Actually, I do care about the Jolla branded stylus, as I personally asked for it. 🙂 I’ll certainly order one if they do create them…

        • Avatar

          Okay, okay 🙂 It’s not the point I was trying to make 😉
          Let there be stylus, lots of custom cases etc., but the tablet should ship before accessories.

          Ah, incidentally, about other halves for the phone. Years have passed since the phone’s debut, but there are still two (available out of four) halves in the official store (only providing colour variance and nothing else). Not even talking about the Russian version of the store (less than perfect).
          Accessories require either larger market, or the same crowdfunding mechanism to pay for production beforehand.

        • Avatar

          You kinda miss the point… the thing is, useless stuff like “how to adjust volume when the tablet is in the case?” or “how to insert a microSD card?” somehow ended up as FAQ, even though NO ONE asked about it here, and at the same time the sh*tstorm ravaging this blog is left almost untouched. This post essentially gave little to no new information.

          • Avatar

            As I understand it, the fundamental issue behind “the sh*tstorm ravaging this blog” is the unending delay in tablet production. Just what do you want them to do?

            — The root of the delay appears to be that the factory Jolla chose does not seem to have the time / resources to produce the tablets faster. And Jolla does not seem to have the money or leverage needed to get them to focus more of their time on tablet production.

            — Worse, Jolla had previously made very public predictions / deadlines of exactly when tablets would be available. As each of these deadlines have been broken, the ire of backers has increased.

            Jolla has now given an apology and a very vague prediction of future production. But what people really want to know is exactly when they are going to get their tablet. The problem is, this is something that the Jolla folks themselves DO NOT KNOW.

            So yeah, it isn’t that your FAQ hasn’t been answered explicitly in the last two blog entries. It’s just that you don’t like the answer you’ve been given.

  3. Avatar

    cant see how you will manage a big bang delivery in december if you cant do major delivery in november. Im ready to be suprised after 10 delays. thx for the input on related question.

    • Avatar

      Dave999, please stop whinging and just get your money back (I presume you were an indegogo supporter?). Your negativity is dull and boring. The thing is nearly here. Go buy an Android tablet and moan on their forums instead.

      • Avatar

        this is a place to voice your opinions and I appreciate your honesty. Im like the wind and follow the flow 7-8 month with contant delays makes me a bit dissapointed. if the wind change and jolla actually do sosomething that they say, welk…the wind might change

      • Avatar

        I’m pretty sure there will never be a money back option. The whole idea of shipping a tablet to the destination before starting that process is very fishy. They don’t have to offer a refund to indiegogo contributers and likely they won’t.

        • Avatar

          maybe not, but there are other options. free tax for customers, free charger, free holla t-shirts. 50 Euro discounts ob next jPhone. stuff like that would go along way…

      • Avatar

        Part of being open is that people get to express their opinions. This campaign has been run badly to the point that indiegogo has taken notice and will change their policies going forward.

      • Avatar

        Right , Dave just bend over and take it like Taran does Dave . you signed up for an idea , not a product don’t you know , a tablet , my god , never heard of such an idea , will take years to develop . I’ve written off the loss on 3 tablets , will probably return them IF they are ever delivered , old tech now , specs don’t look so good now , did a year ago though .

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for the update. Any specific date from which wave 2 starts?

    • Avatar

      Wave 2 , right , wave goombye to your money . Next month another update , ” blah , blah blah blah , delayed again , blah blah . Outbreak of explosive diarrhea at the factory , 3rd wave of blah blah blah , another month Feb 016 before you’ll get the tablet

  5. Avatar

    Accessories proposal from me

    Affordable and simple gel back case
    Simple Jolla tablet stand
    usb-on the go cable

  6. Avatar

    eco-freindly Community members has and we have heard them.

    Just lame. you took the desicion without asking community to save cost and trying to look like you care about environment. you have to do more for environment to convince me.

    • Avatar

      Come on dude, that’s just cold! I don’t know the true reasons behind Jolla’s decision not to include chargers, but personally I support it with both hands

      • Avatar

        Actually I do agree with Dave999, I can understand that Jolla listened to some of their customers and decided not to include the charger in all packages and be eco-friendly, it’s a good idea, however they recognised that some of their customers do not have any charger or do need one, so Jolla should include the charger in the package for free if the customer needs it and request it instead of SELLING it.

        I know that the charger costs almost nothing, but it is by principle.

        Actually I don’t want one, I have already ordered a magnetic charger specially for the Jolla Tablet to avoid breaking the connector, so I wouldn’t take one event if I could get it for free.

        • Avatar

          Speaking about environment, you do know that Qi charging is RIDICULOUSLY inefficient, right? It wastes, like, 50% of energy.

      • Avatar

        @ScumCoder Maybe this whole charger-thing is a cultural issue… Maybe it all depends on where you live (or grew up) and what you think is the usual way business is done. I’m living in Austria and it happens that almost all electronic gadgets I bought over the last 2 years or so came *without* a charger. Mobile phones, ebook readers, MP3 players,… I’ve never wasted a thought on the topic, maybe other than “Hey, finally the EU promise comes true!” when I unpacked the first phone that didn’t include one.

        Coming from this background, I wasn’t surprised at all that now the next gadget will use the existing charger beside my couch, too. (And the one I keep in my bag for travelling.) It’s just the normal thing to expect and my normal routine with all devices.

        Only after the whole discussion about Jolla not including a charger with the tablet started I read a little about what the larger companies usually include in their sales boxes… and it seems they do make a difference, depending on country and retail-channel. My interpretation is that some markets are used to not “buying the toothpaste and toothbrush as a bundle”, while others are a little behind because consumers haven’t yet realized that chargers are a common standard and they only need one to charge all their devices.

        It would be interesting to know which countries people come from: those who support Jolla’s decision and those who cannot understand it. Maybe there’s a pattern. Just a theory, little evidence to support it.

        • Avatar

          It’s not standard yet in North America. Nintendo went through this trouble with the “new 3ds” which doesn’t include a charger. Its simply something that hasn’t caught on over here yet but is likely something that people are going to have to learn to live with.

        • Avatar

          OK, here’s a data point for your survey. Russia here. The last gadget with a non-standard charging connector that I’ve seen was a Cowon S9 player (about 6 years ago I guess). As for the included chargers, it’s a ~50% distribution; almost all small devices (like BT earphones) come w/o a charger for a LONG time already, but bigger devices (like tablets) usually have an included charger, maybe because they consume more power and the modern “lex non scripta” of a USB charger is only 1 Amp. As the “common standard” power of AC/USB chargers increases to 2-3 Amps, I guess we’ll see more and more high-power devices w/o bundled chargers also.

          • Avatar

            It is not really true what they say, or what the animation shows. The input power of any “charger” (they are AC-DC switching mode power supplies) is mostly depend of the output power. If you disconnect your phone, the input power (except some losses) is nearly zero.

            • Avatar

              I guess they based their “frightening” data on the assumption that people are still using old (transformer) chargers.

              «On a global scale world’s 7 Billion mobile phone chargers waste about two nuclear power plants worth of electricity every year»

              ^^^^ this sounds like complete BS to me. Modern chargers consume almost zero power when they have no load.

            • Avatar

              Australia. Chargers come with everything. Modern switching mode chargers still waste energy when you leave them on with nothing plugged in. It is a total waste (even if small) so please switch it off. In Australia we consume and waste soooo much. No-one cares how much energy costs making Solar panels, only how much they save on the power bill and how much the government rebate pays them. But where I live in Melbourne the power comes from Brown Coal – so if you choose solar panels and equipment made with Green power then you are helping the local environment! It’s a pity most people don’t really think about it.

              • Avatar

                Hey, nobody said that modern chargers shouldn’t be switched off, just that they don’t consume THAT much energy. Personally, I just use things like this


                and simply throw the switch every time I’m done using the device. It’s convenient, and everything always stays switched off unless needed.

      • Avatar

        i mean being a dick

    • Avatar

      10 bucks, that’s what a charger costs…10 bucks… Is it really worth all the drama you’re making out of it?

      • Avatar

        Im not saying its right or wrong. creating back covers and cases, stickers and stuff are nice. but its not to use tablet necessary?

        • Avatar

          Then buy the separate charger that they’ll offer during the order-finalization-process. DONE, next topic, please.

    • Avatar

      I’d like to know what eco-minded members said this. Jolla’s committed to being open right? So there must be a forum with a plethora of users saying “Screw chargers! Jolla is ruining the planet with all of these free accessories!”

      • Avatar

        …and I’d like to shake their hands, because, you know, screw chargers! I’ve got too many of them sitting around right now as it is. 🙂

        • Avatar

          must be all those eco minded people that suggested to use china, the most polluted country in the world. but hey, as long as you dont ship a carger we approve you econess. 😀

          • Avatar

            pakistan is the most polluted country in the world … china is not even in the top 10. if you made this comment a couple of years ago you would of been on the money but china is the fastest country in the world to clean up their act

      • Avatar

        this was probably something discussed when the phone was released, since it too came without a charger

    • Avatar

      I for one couldn’t give a flying f*** whether or not they supply a generic USB charger. I don’t know many tech people who’s house isn’t littered with the things. Additionally the number of different plug types around the world would make it a royal PITA!
      I would however really like one of these new Jolla tablets….

    • Avatar

      I think it’s a great idea to leave those accessories out, and offer them at a fair price at the time of ordering.

      The idea of the USB standard was to reduce waste, but still everyone includes cable and charger. Earphones should also be left out. It’s ridiculous to see how many useless components are added in a box that end up in a drawer or the bin. All those resources spent for nothing.

  7. Avatar

    Thank you for the update.

    Is there a chance to buy these accessories also if one pre-ordered the tablet during August-September from

    (also, the aforementioned shop still says «will start shipping in the end of October.». You may want to change that.)

  8. Avatar

    This was a great reply to the most of the earlier question, nicely put together. Big thanks! I hope contributors in Russia are updated soon as well.

    In the future, communication is hopefully in time (before it’s demanded), comprehensive (to reduce any obvious questions) and constructive (from all parties)

    Happy to carry on sharing your great story! Thanks again!

  9. Avatar

    Bummed out about shipping delays, but resigned to my fate. Good luck.

  10. Avatar

    And again nothing on how big the first wave was,and how big the second one is going to be. One is sure, the first wave were less than 273 tablets.

    I was able to place an order, which was numbered #1400000273. Short after it was put “On Hold”. And since then….nothing happened.

    • Avatar

      However, thanks for the update. It is always better than staying silent 🙂

  11. Avatar

    Thanks for your blogpost and the update. I am a little bit disappointed that you didn’t give us a better hint when one would get an invitation and how big the “waves” will be, but after all the delayes (no matter whose fault they were) I really understand this…

    But really, you can’t post the user guide to the whole community which is desperately waiting to hold the tablet in the hands 😉
    Damn, I want to try it myself instead of staring at the user guide 😉

    • Avatar

      “That said, unfortunately, it seems that the lion’s share of deliveries are aimed for shipment start in December….”

      That’s quite carefully phrased (although maybe its in the translation). If the START of most shipments is an unknown date in December (start, middle, end??) it seems unlikely that we’ll be holding anything much before January 2016; especially if it hits the notoriously dodgy Xmas post!

    • Avatar

      Depends on the point of view to the “Lion’s share” 😀 On the earliest tale, everything is divided into 4 portions for a lion, cow, goat and sheep, and “When it comes to dividing the spoil, the lion says, “I take the first portion because of my title, since I am addressed as king; the second portion you will assign to me, since I’m your partner; then because I am the stronger, the third will follow me; and an accident will happen to anyone who touches the fourth” (wiki)

      But we don’t beleive in that story, do we?

  12. Avatar

    I’m really disappointed, that it is taking this long…I really hope the experience is good when it gets to me. I ordered my tablet on the 21st of November and would really like to have it BEFORE Christmas

  13. Avatar

    Thank you Sami for the update. We need to know who is in each wave (according to Indiegogo backing date). Schedule picture is not enough, too vague.
    Keep in touch with your backers so they don´t leave the boat!

  14. Avatar

    Can we use a 5.3V-2.0A charger, same as Galaxy Note 10.1 or HP TouchPad?

    • Avatar

      From what I can see, the chargers for both of those devices appear to have standard USB ports, and so I would assume are following the USB standard. You can check the manufacturer’s manual to make certain. But yes, any standard USB charger should be able to charge the tablet…

  15. Avatar

    Lion’s share will start in December… Oh, this is rich… What this means? In which month is starting that what you say: “Lions’s share”?

  16. Avatar

    Seriously? I get my tablet 6 month later and should even pay for suitable charger?

    • Avatar

      Fully agree…

      I made pre-order in August, nothing mentioned about no charger will be packed, there is no option I could change my order ATM, too (checked a few minutes ago).

      Not to mention this tablet is not cheap at all and now I have to pay extra to get fully functioning package?!

      C’mon galls, it is really not funny at all…

  17. Avatar

    I received mine today and I have to say it’s worth waiting …
    btw … I really hope you all are soon holding your own Jolla tablet in your hands.

    • Avatar

      @whoami Hi, when did you backed the project?

      • Avatar

        on the 19th … I think I was #171

        • Avatar

          Where can I see my order number? I also contributed by Indiegogo and received email, but I haven’t found order number. Where did you get your order number?

        • Avatar

          thanks, where did you see your order number? i also contributed on 11/19

  18. Avatar

    Will more tablets be made after these pre-ordered batches? If so, any schedule on those? Available only from Jolla shop or also from retailers?

    • Avatar

      +1 for your good question

    • Avatar

      I think this question is putting the cart before the horse we still don’t know when they will finish fulfilling the first day of indiegogo orders. 😉

      • Avatar

        So you think that they have not made any plans yet on whether or not more tablets will be produced?

  19. Avatar

    I don’t get the whining in here at all. Delay yes, many things gone wrong, but tablets are actually shipping. Delay isn’t even so major taking into account the scale of the project. Announcing multiple dates and always slipping has made it perhaps worse than it actually is. Got mine last Friday and it’s good! And waiting doesn’t hurt you that much, it could actually mean few more usable Intel native apps in store when it arrives. Cheers. 🙂

  20. Avatar

    Today my tablet arrived! 🙂 …at my neighbor. And now I need to wait until tomorrow when he comes back! grr

    • Avatar

      In Finland? Was you in first thousand or maybe second?

  21. Avatar

    When did you decide to downgrade from Bluetooth 4.0 to 3.0??? A technology that is 6 years old!
    For me in fact it’s worthless, e.g. using Ninebot One Technology…
    OmG, next bad message, when will this disappointing story come to an end?

    • Avatar

      “Currently there are no plans to provide LE support for Jolla Tablet.”
      Why? Bluez (the linux bluetooth stack) and Qt support BTLE…
      I can read my BTLE temp sensor with command line tools on my PC (desktop linux).

      And why I have to reboot the tablet for insert an SD card? My old Nokia E55 supported it without rebooting. Any (desktop) linux distribution supports it…

    • Avatar

      +1 !

      I expected a more technophile attitude as well …

      • Avatar

        ( maybe the chipset will support it – if HW partially taken over from the aigo-tablet )

      • Avatar

        raron what are you going to use your BTLE for? I don’t know of any use for it?

        As for SD cards – if you want to corrupt the filesystem and lose your data then go ahead and hot swap. I’m sure the operating system software won’t mind too much.

        • Avatar

          LOL, how corrupt filesystem on sd card after UNMOUNT,as required by common sense?

        • Avatar

          We developed a product width BTLE and i had to use an android phone to test, and I have a BTLE temperature sensor (a sample board from an electronic exhibition 😉 )

          With my Nokia E52 the SD card can be unmounted and removed. And I don’t have to reboot it for that, there is an option if I press the power button.

  22. Avatar

    hi again. nice to see that there is otional charger. what is a eu plug? working all over eu? what about us?

    • Avatar

      Optional or additional cost. There is a difference.

      • Avatar

        either way its good with the option atleast.

  23. Avatar

    > Jolla Tablet schedule
    > This has undoubtedly been the topic raising most questions.

    And which you devoted less than 25% of this post to, and offered no new information.

    > Read the latest update from our Captain Antti Saarnio’s blog post.

    So, in the article which is supposed to clarify these things, you link to a post with no details… I sense a circular dependency here.

    > While we have a production plan target,

    Good. Share it now.

    > we don’t want to commit to specific figures as we’ve seen how just a handful of issues can negatively affect assembly schedules and yield.

    Apart from the post months ago about how switching screens delayed the schedule, there have been no further posts on how these “handful of issues” can “affect assembly schedules and yield.”

    Seriously, either come clean with the REAL problems preventing volume production and delivery, or release the REAL schedule and EXPECTED quantities.

    These posts are just a waste of bandwidth. You offer no new information, and instead tell us how to insert an SD card or change the volume? Honestly, this is not something ANYONE has been asking, and will easily be clarified with pictograms on the box/manual.


    • Avatar

      look at the image. next shipment will start 1st of November to mid november. then the rest during 1st od dec to new year.

    • Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Damn Jolla, just damn…

  25. Avatar

    “…Jolla Tablet schedule

    This has undoubtedly been the topic raising most questions….”

    — Actually this has been the only question and consistently asked from the beginning.

    Our eco-conscious community members have spoken… … feedback from the community …keep things simple…”

    –Do the chargers costs more? Because if so not a single person reading this believes you. I’m just going to tell you what every single person here already knows. This is a cost cutting measure. Perhaps if you didn’t spend our money on the hardware spin off company you would have had the funds to spring for the chargers. Let me ask you this, had you bought the Chinese version of the tablet and re-packaged it would the costs been low enough to include the charger?

    • Avatar

      I have a perfectly fine 2A USB charger, and I’m sure a lot of people do. It’s a total waste of resources to include chargers for everyone. That’s the whole point about the industry standard!

  26. Avatar

    Jolla can you point to a single post by anyone (before today obviously) asking you to remove the chargers for environment friendly reasons? I’m having trouble finding then in the vast amounts of openness you have shared here.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for the link @christof_buergi ….

      Quoting from there ( updated February 3rd, 2014 ):
      “To make it clear: I suggest it as an OPTION to chose to get no charger!”

      This option has not been offered. Votes so far: 17

  27. Avatar

    Pheeew… what a dissapointment. I was hoping to get my tablet before Christmas (contirbuted on 02.12.) but if the lion share will be posted in December… no chance.

    How can you run the production and do not know how many tablets you can produce?

    And the charger story… please. Just lime.

    • Avatar

      “How can you run the production and do not know how many tablets you can produce?”

      Well, step one is to order the parts and schedule some time at the factory to put them together. This gives you a maximum number of tablets and a date. However, you then need to get the parts to the factory before the scheduled time (something we have seen does not necessarily happen perfectly), and you need the factory to be ready and running at full capacity at the scheduled time (otherwise some tablets won’t be produced). When the factory is ready, you test and weed out the bad parts, put the tablets together, and then test and weed out ones with manufacturing errors. (And there will _always_ be bad parts and manufacturing errors.) And even after this, Jolla has a separate fulfillment center (where the tablets are individually boxed and shipped), so there is a further step before the tablets reach the customer.

      So yeah, Jolla cannot and should not try to predict exactly how many tablets will be shipped out and when…

  28. Avatar

    IDEA: Making it buyable for everyone in 2016 !
    Or at least: Make it possible to install Sailfish OS 2.0 on other Devices.

    • Avatar

      I don’t expect to see my tablet until 2016 (but, at least I will have my Lastucase). So, those instructions for running SailfishOS on my N9 would be nice.

  29. Avatar

    I got my tablet yesterday (shipped to germany) and not only to mix some positive mind here: IT IS AWESOME! I had contributed minutes after the IGG campaign opened and had order #65 in jolla store.

    Some words for all of you who are waiting eagerly: I can understand your situation but please just let the things play out. I can see that the SW on the tablet is not running super smooth as on the phone. I crashed (homescreen reload) once during the day. So there is still some work for the sailors to do optimizations and bug fixes on the SW side. So maybe those are tackled down until end of the year when most have gotten their tablets.

    Also the jolla store on the tablet looks like an android store with most native apps missing because they need to be recompiled and resubmitted. So only the java stuff was there immediately. It is nice to see the one and other native app appearing again in the store.

    • Avatar

      “most native apps missing because they need to be recompiled and resubmitted”

      The tablets for developers was posted at the beginning of august…

      “the SW on the tablet is not running super smooth”
      “I crashed (homescreen reload) once during the day.” and
      “it is awesome”
      I think these statements are opposites…

      • Avatar

        > The tablets for developers was posted at the beginning of august…

        Yes and no. I guess only devs who are contributing to nemomobile and mer core were selected to get a pre-release tablet. This is SW used at system level in Sailfish OS. So most app devs like me (ownKeepass Password Safe) didn’t get it that early.

        > I think these statements are opposites…

        It does not need to be perfect in the first place. Knowing that it will get better with every release is even more awesome! Come on everything has another side of the coin. Go to Apple or Google and enjoy the perfection and nude your privacy!

        • Avatar

          I choose jolla mostly because of privacy reasons. The android (on a nexus 9) is very slow and unusable, and with iPad you can’t open two different PDFs in the same time…

          I would like to use the jolla tablet at university, but I think I get a degree before the tablet…

  30. Avatar

    I would also like to know:

    1. How many were shipped?
    2. What’s the current component delay?
    3. Has the component delay caused us to be in a holding pattern for the factory to have extra capacity? We are probably at the tail end of a very busy time for most factories in the ramp up to the holiday season.
    4. Since the component supplier has failed to meet their contract and get you supplies on time are you at least getting them at a reduced rate?
    5. Since the delay will obviously affect manufacturing are you ending up paying more for factory time? Did you have to pay for idle time?
    6. What’s the estimated size of batches from this point?

    Creating hardware is well.. hard. But if you are in a situation where you don’t know when they are going to be manufactured then please just say so and lay it out rather than putting a few boxes in a meaningless slide.

  31. Avatar

    Essential viewing for all – here’s a fascinating insight into the difficulties and problems faced when trying to launch a new hardware product as related by the founder of another Finnish startup Solu: . The parallels between Solu and Jolla are obvious (e.g software company doing hardware, Finnovationland etc). Perhaps this will give people a better understanding of the process and make them think twice before making ill-mannered comments 😉

    • Avatar

      I do find extremely interesting the following fact presented in the video: “If the product is good, they’re gonna rip it off and copy it. That’s 100% sure.”

      I believe that is what could have happened to Jolla and the infamous “Aigo” tablet. In China -for the internal market- they don’t care much about performance and quality. Therefore they produce quick, cheap, and sell sell sell. That would explain why the Aigo tablet is on the market since some months. The guys there have the contacts to the component producers, and own the fabric……

      • Avatar

        There’s nothing infamous about the Aigo tablet; Aigo has apparently been a long-time manufacturer of consumer electronics goods in China.

        The Aigo x86 tablet was designed as a fairly low-cost tablet that combined the latest Intel chipset with a retina screen. Jolla probably saw this combination as ideal (given that Intel was subsidizing the use of their processors, and the retina screen showed off Sailfish quite well), and worked with the manufacturer to use that design for their own tablet. But they completely replaced the screen, modified the case, improved the battery, added a handful of sensors, etc. — so the Jolla tablet is really a bit higher-end than the x86, even though they share the same fundamental design.

  32. Avatar

    How is the stretch goal coming along? Ready for december release?

  33. Avatar

    I am sorry guys.

    I have bought 3 Jolla phones.

    I have ordered 3 Jolla Tablets through Indiegogo. I would have ordered up to 10 if they were just “for sale”.

    I have bought and ordered “accessories” for over $400.

    I am still just “a user”. That happened to have bought 5 N900’s when most of you were still Nokia.

    And you are failing me now.

    When am I getting the three Tablets, and the cases for them?

    • Avatar

      solid! may I ask what you do with the 10 tablets? put nine on the wall and make it a 32 inch screen while using the last one to control the screen?

    • Avatar

      I run a small business, I can decide what becomes “company standard”. I like to support Jolla and more environments.

      • Avatar

        respect! maybe I should follow your lead

  34. Avatar

    I must admit something. I saw all kind of incompetence, but this is far the worst. I asked one simple question over jolla support site. “What is my order number”, and gave them all the information. Since they are shipping “as they said” by chronologically order, they should know this by doing one simple SELECT in their database. I got some stupid copy-paste message about chronological shipment of the tablets. I didn’t ask them when it will arrive, but simple order number. Is this so hard for you guys?

    • Avatar

      You may don’t have order number, maybe order number are formed while checking out item after they send invoice to you.

      • Avatar

        If you are shipping something in “chronologically order” as they are claiming they do, they need to know what was order number. This actually shows how competent they are. So simple thing to do. Only 1 minute with SELECT [orderNO_attribute] FROM orderTable WHERE username_attribut = ‘My_Name’, but instead I get this shit:


        thank you for your message.

        We are sending the invites out to contributors in groups according to the chronological order of contributions. Please also note that we are slowly ramping up the deliveries, starting with a smaller group to ensure that everything works as it should, but anticipate future groups to be bigger in size.

        This means that for individual contributors there’s no way to estimate an exact order number in the queue.

        Please bear with us a little longer, and you will receive your invite for arranging the shipment of the Tablet.

        To read all the latest on the Tablet campaign, please stay tuned to the Jolla Blog. For some commonly asked questions and answers, please see our Jolla Tablet Campaign FAQ.

        Thank you again for your contribution!

        Jolla Customer Care”

        • Avatar

          I dont think jolla actully knowns when they can deliver. They have a plan. But had serveras before. So we Will see how many they ship next time. And by that judge how much jolla can deliver. So if they need one month and ship around 300 tablets next batch simular Will happen in december.

          • Avatar

            is there a number of devices sold? I see 20000 backers, but most of them are 25$ contribution… what is the real number of devices?

            • Avatar

              Its somwhere between 7200 and 10000. My guess is 8654. (Including for jolla internal devs.)

              • Avatar

                Now you can find it from file that I downloaded from indiegogo. The only thing it is not formated, but you can use raron script that turns into friendly format. After eliminating contribution that is below 189$ (because those are shippings and other small contribution), you can get approx. number of contributors. If they are sending 300 per month, last one will get tablet by the next year.

              • Avatar

                end of the next year, to be precise

    • Avatar

      You can get (most likely) the chronological list from indiegogo, but only in 10 names per page:
      h t t p s : / / www . indiegogo . com /projects/jolla-tablet-world-s-first-crowdsourced-tablet#/funders

      If you click onto the “Show more” button, an api call go to the:
      h t t p s : / / www . indiegogo . com /private_api/campaigns/jolla-tablet-world-s-first-crowdsourced-tablet/pledges?page=2165
      Where the number at the end is the page id. The 2165 is the last page.

      You can write a small script witch downloads all pages (add delay/sleep between each page!), and extract information from the JSON files.
      I think if you filter out the records with low values in the amount field (below about 150$), you can get a (rough) estimation where are you in the list.

      • Avatar

        raron, thanks for the page count. I don’t deal with web, only desktop programming, so this is bit new to me, but I did create nice basic script that works, or at least it should work: #!/bin/bash
        for i in {1..2165}
        curl “$i” >> test.txt
        sleep 0.5


      • Avatar

        what I noticed with firebug, it calls showMore() javascript function but I haven’t investigate where it points or what URL is it calling… Again, thanks for the tip. 🙂

        • Avatar

          You’re welcome. 🙂
          In Firebug there is a “net panel”; but there is two simple(r) firefox addon:
          Live HTTP Headers and Tamper Data (with this you can edit the request before the browser sends it to the server)

    • Avatar

      Oh dear, I seem to be a lot further down the list than I had thought 🙁
      Contributed on the 19th Nov in the 3rd group ($204) so I knew I was after 2000 but if this list is correct then I’m off down 3800 -> long time to wait!

      They may as well send the lastucase now to give me something to do til then!

      • Avatar

        I will but yesterday I came home very late, and I wrote simple script for getting all contributors, today if I find some time for it, I will format this in readable form, and remove all contributors that are less than 189$ which was the first original price for 32GB. You only need to keep in mind that someone has ordered devices in value of 3500$ so you may assume that they might ordered 15 devices…

          • Avatar

            Oh, not listed 3 batches of 3,499$

              • Avatar

                Hey VlaoMao, is your list in the right chronological order?

                • Avatar

                  Yes, it is on IGG chronological based

          • Avatar

            It is not correct, I cannot find myself in it. And I am quite sure that in raw data I was here.

            • Avatar

              Can i know who you? Its interesting

              • Avatar

                Look one, im update file

            • Avatar

              did you contribute anonymously perhaps?

          • Avatar

            Thanks for this, very helpful. Although I don’t understand why Jolla weren’t able to provide something similar.

            Anyway, unfortunately for me, I’m in the 5000+ area. Maybe I’ll see my tablet in January!

          • Avatar

            Awesome.. Thanks 🙂

          • Avatar

            Whoop whoop, in this new list I’m #2844 – up a whole 1000 places since the first list! Getting closer 🙂

            • Avatar

              I think sequence numbers are not correct. Here are some 189$, 209$, etc. pell-mell.

              • Avatar

                Surely it balances out after a time, most people would go for the cheapest perk first.

      • Avatar

        Hi Raron, sorry for being a grim reaper 😀 , but your script doesn’t work. It obviously deletes something, for example -> ME 🙂 I cannot find myself in contributors list, but in raw data I am definitely in there. It looks like script is deleting some part of data, and it is not fully reliable… 🙁

    • Avatar

      Hey i am 3311. i am so happy.

    • Avatar

      I appreciate the effort but not so much the lack of anonymity. Anyway just posted to say that this data is wrong, my purchase shows only a single purchase of $25 which is not accurate.

      • Avatar

        mine is correct. BTW this is what webpage is showing. I cannot guarantee that data is correct in their DB.

      • Avatar

        you should contribute anonymous . its always an option.

        • Avatar

          So if you contribute anonymous, how would you find which order number you have? I can find my name, and there fore I will see what number on a list I am…

          • Avatar

            I guess you know what time you got the mail from gogo and then you have to search in the list. its about 5-10 min delay of print out on gogo have to search for that…the date,anonymous, an your amount. if you contributed with an odd amount it is easier i guess.

            • Avatar

              unless you also choose to hide your amount…then its null in the list and you are hard to find.

    • Avatar

      Now i am really confused! In this document my intial contribution on Nov 19 is listed with 20$ only which definitely wrong. It should be 219$ (199+20) and as well the order number should be listed. I also received the confirmation mal Nov 19th 2014 10:58am CET.
      Would even expect to have the tablet already in my Hands or at least to have received the Invitation.

      Going to write Zendesk!

      Any Suggestion?

      • Avatar

        it is pointless, they are not doing a sh***

      • Avatar

        If you contributed with the name/nick “vision”, i found you in line 1025 with 219$ (in my reverse order list).

        DO NOT USE the online google docs! It do not load the whole file, only the beginning.
        Download it, and use some good text editor (Kate, Notepad++) to search.

        • Avatar

          I had the feeling that doc was downloaded completely after Scrolling Long enough since I found all contributions for my account “vision”:

          1) Nov. 19th 2014 10:58am CET – Jolla Tablet for Early Sailors – 219$

          2) Dec. 2nd 2014 5:25pm CET – LastuCase for Jolla Tablet – 49 $ ac76eeaba73f1c63b3e7431f2f8b5955.png”,”display_amount”:”$49″,”display_amount_iso_code”:”USD”,”pledge_details_url”:null,”order_id”:null},{“pledger_display_name”:”vision”

          3) Jan. 29 2015 3:27pm CET – 64GB upgrade for early birds – 25 $

          4) Feb. 27 2015 2:32pm CET – mapbagrag® Jolla Tablet Case – 42 $

          And for the initial contribution on Nov. 19 I can see only 20$ which makes me nervous.

          Somehow strange to see the correct entry in your list.

    • Avatar

      What does display_amount”:null,”display_amount_iso_code”:null,”pledge_details_url”:null,”order_id”:null
      mean? The money was taken on my account so what should I conclude from these “null”s?

      • Avatar

        You can choose to contribute anonymously or without displayed amount. (indiegogo -> my contributions)

        • Avatar

          Thank you! I was afraid I had made a mistake ordering the tablet.

    • Avatar

      Thanks very much for this list. You are a star!!!

      I very much agree with your comments about the logical mix-up that Jolla appear to have gotten into over “chronological” distribution. How hard can it be?

      Anyway I managed to extract my own data from the text list using Notepad++, which makes it easy to search & replace, and therefore to insert a return\linefeed before each (“pledger display name”, then find oneself…
      It would be relatively straightforward to generate a CSV or similar to import into a spreadsheet. I’ll have a bash when I’ve got time

      I appear 3 times:
      $25 for 64GB memory perk
      $20 for shipping
      $199 initial contribution

      The initial contribution appears as “11 months ago” which doesn’t really convey a lot of detail!

      I get the feeling (to misquote Stevie Smith) that Jolla are too far out, not sailing, but drowning…

      • Avatar

        Thank raron for sending me a link for pages. I wrote only simple script that downloaded files and concatenated it into one file.

  35. Avatar

    Switch it off to insert an SD card!!

    Please tell me this is a SW limitation that will be fixed in due course?

    After all this is 2016. (when I realistically expect to receive my 19/11/14 order 😉

  36. Avatar

    I think I’ll go into sleep mode and wake up when/if I receive the email from Jolla. I just fear that I’ll have bad dreams about Jolla’s future. 🙁

  37. Avatar

    Hi all from RUSSIA! This is my anger post, and i know, as many others, it changes nothing. But it is hoped that sailors read it and maybe they will be ashamed.

    I ordered tablet in first thousand. You wrote then:
    “The first 1000 to contribute receive a special discount as well as being the first to receive a Jolla Tablet. Please add $20 for shipping. VAT or other applicable taxes may apply (please see FAQ). Available regions: EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, India, China, Hong Kong, Russia.”

    Then you have removed Russia. And at last updates it wasn’t. So, i can understand everything, but what the problem you got with shipping? All my friends orders tablet from china via POSTI FINLAND and got it at russians post offices. They hadn’t problems, hadn’t taxes or something else. Just look at shipping methods at aliexpress.

    So you had problems with display ports – we wait and could understand. You changed display again – ok, we wait and believe. As first thousand, we (i mean 189$ ones) thought, we would get it after developers (second thousand thought so too). And what now? You send tablets, but not in Russia. WTF?! You don’t want send it in Russia? Is it Jolla sanctions to Russia and you decide to become politicians?

    In my order at IGG clearly written – Russia!

    • Avatar

      Ever thought about Russian (certification) authorities being the problem?
      As far as i understand China is completely off then country list due to certification issues- even though HongKong is still on the country list…

      • Avatar

        I seriously doubt that certification is a problem, considering that the tablet doesn’t have a GSM module (which could have been a source of problems).

        • Avatar

          It still is an electronic device (including WLAN, Bluetooth and GPS+GLOSNASS modules), with requires certification in most countries.

          • Avatar

            We don’t know, what is problem. Jolla not say us anything.

            • Avatar

              I don’t need certification. I need tablet ))) I’m waiting for it a year.

  38. Avatar

    just checked the list (thx @people-powered comment section 😉 ) and i guess i’m something like number 6000+ !? daaaamn 🙁 🙁 🙁 wasn’t aware that 10th of february was that late! won’t be until next year that i get the tablet, i guess… saddest part is the indiegogo order confirmation page that says

    “Estimated Delivery Date
    Jun 15, 2015”

    :'( damn you IGG, turning the knife in the jolla tablet wound

  39. Avatar

    Another week passed and no action from jolla. Please givecontributes something “extra” for this SUPER MEGA EPIC MONSTER delay.

  40. Avatar

    Hmm, I ordered on Nov. 22, then upgraded to 64Gb on Jan. 29. I also ordered a mapbagrag case. I wonder if I’ll ever get that… Not that I still care.

  41. Avatar

    I have been following these fora for several months and feel it is time to add my voice. I am a $209 investor and stand at 4110. Honestly, I was quite certain that the original ship date would not be made. That opinion is based on my own experience in the management of large technical projects. No project the size of the Jolla tablet could be completed in seven months. I have recently invested in two other technology kickstarts – Protonmail and Rocketbook. Both of these projects slipped. The differences between them and Jolla are significant. Firstly is communication with investors. Protonmail and Rocketbook were particularly verbose about why delays were occurring. Protonmail was building two secure data centers in Switzerland and Rocketbook was struggling to find a quality of paper that would suit their needs. In addition to their communications generally, both were timely in answering questions I asked. Rocketbook supplied a non-erasable version of their notebook so investors who wished could begin using the Rocketbook app. My sense is that those two groups are still excited about their product whereas Jolla is doggedly trying to get to the finish line. I believe the tablets will eventually be delivered, but there will never be a “Tablet 2”. I also believe the Jolla staff is embarrassed. They are at the mercy of the manufacturers. Can you imagine what a small fraction of one percent their build must represent to the manufacturing plant? What can they tell us? They probably don’t know when they will see the tablets!! I’m sure their egos are bruised and battered. Unlike Protonmail and Rocketbook, it’s out of their control. I am not making excuses for them. Certainly, there were times when I had to go before upper management or clients and give bad news and then get pummeled by them. Welcome to the business world! But sometimes you have to step into the ring and take a beating.

  42. Avatar

    great, I am on position 15K. I can forget about freaking tablet that I would ever receive it… 🙁

    • Avatar

      They have Sold Max 10000 so how you can 15K is beyond me. Basically it doesn’t matter I’d you order first day or last. We are tricked and we can’t do anything about it 😀

      • Avatar

        I said that I am on 15K position I haven’t said that this is my order number. There are lot of others that contributed with 20$, 40$ etc… I ordered on 30th of January, and I agree, we can do nothing to speed things up, but what I can do is:

        1. Never order anything from those guys again, the same way I wouldn’t order Blackberry when they decided to drop support for PB.
        2. Warn others not support company who is obviously not professional (several delays, lack of communication, lousy support that is not giving you straight answer to some simple questions, and for this charade with shipment orders…)

  43. Avatar

    Yes I ordered mid Feb and I am guessing I will not receive the tablet until Spring 16 if lucky. Well I don’t know why Jolla does not refund for opt out via Paypal. I opted out of the Jibo robot which is due summer 16 and Jibo admin refunded immediately via Paypal and this was after the campaign ended.
    I have a feeling that any refund with Jolla is going to be complicated!

  44. Avatar

    Tire of waiting on this device, please go over the refund option, I dont that is fare for us to be waiting for this for a such a long time.

  45. Avatar

    A full year after release…

  46. Avatar

    If this goes over December to 2016, there should be the refund option, this is very strange.

  47. Avatar

    details on refund option please…

  48. Avatar

    Yes please for the ones that we want the refund option, let us go through out the process so we can continue with our life.

    • Avatar

      Lol, you can’t continue your life without those 200$? (which in the end are not lost btw)
      Really guys… xD

      And prometheus which still can’t make the difference between “announcement”, “expected date” and “release”… x)

      • Avatar

        I hate when individuals starts to play smart… Which is obvious that they are not.

          • Avatar

            +1 to what?
            It’s a simple question, to which you can either answer or think about, in order to help you put things into perspective, but +1 kids comments won’t help you 🙂

  49. Avatar

    I think it would be a good thing with refund option available before more shipping so the ones that wants refund don’t stop the customers that wants it. Many people would be removed from queue and speed up the process of delivery.

  50. Avatar

    Thanks to peeps for forming that list. My first contribution number is 750, and I still haven’t got any invite to finish my order. I did upgrade it to 64 gb and get the lastu case.

    It’d be great to know even an estimate where in the numbers are going.. Well, that Rondu guy is under 200..

    • Avatar

      And in tablets only list my number is about 200 smaller..

      • Avatar

        My number in the tablets list is 268, but I have not heard anything from Jolla

        • Avatar

          where you find your number?

          I checked the excel sheets uploaded in few above comments, my name isnt there. Do I need to inform somebody about contribution??

  51. Avatar

    If I dont get My invite this week i think its time to bring in the Shipment-of-fail-images.

    • Avatar

      Why would you expect to get an invite this week? It looks like the next wave of invites won’t go out until November. (And I wouldn’t expect this next wave to have many tablets either, so again only very early contributors are going to get a chance at one…)

      • Avatar

        Yeah, you are right. I think I get mine May2016.


        • Avatar

          damn it. That dident work. If I dont get the tablet before christmas I gonna try another image. Still hope for a few thousend tablets in november

          • Avatar

            The triumph of hope over expectation
            !! 🙂

  52. Avatar (still) says: “The Jolla Tablet pre-ordered during August-September 2015 will start shipping in the end of October.”

    As I have mentioned in a previous comment thread, Jolla should probably update stuff like this on their web site and/or keep customers who pre-ordered tablets via (at least the ones in the EU) up-to-date on when they should expect to receive their tablet and give the option for a refund if they can’t deliver by the end of October. Unlike the IGG funding campaign, EU consumer protection laws should apply to transactions.

    • Avatar

      Very nice initiative. If jolla can’t deliver you build your own. Looks good too.

      • Avatar

        I guess if this guy does an IGG fundraiser he’ll deliver his RaspPi tablet sooner than Jolla >_>

        • Avatar

          YEA, i would easly transfer My funds from jolla to this Guy if he had a igg campaign, if jolla let me do it 😉

    • Avatar

      Unknown. Hurmula was kicked out, the other guy showed up in a pink suit never to be seen again. Rumor say he was CEO for more than a year. Mr D just kicked of the tablet campaign. But as most mangers… Didn’t have the guts to finalize what was started. So what’s left. Well the hard working sailors are still there doing the best to give us the tablet. Thank you. But leadership? Well Dr…still their. And the Italian guy. And since we now have a hw party at jolla, probably some real geeky HW-Dude with glasses. Yes, that’s it!

  53. Avatar

    Well, one is for sure. The guys at the customer service do read the tickets, since a new ticket that I wrote regarding my shop order was merged with an older ticker regarding the Indiegogo order number.

    However I did not get any answer to any of both tickets. One day since the merging and still waiting…..

  54. Avatar

    Oh Jolla!! How I wished to see the day when a blog post would be about scoring points over Android and iOS. Right now sugar coating incompetency seems to be the only purpose of this blog space. And it’s interesting to see that every time a different Jolla employee posts details about the delays. And they’ve stopped replying to the comments on blog posts.
    That’s a subtle way to mitigate the frustration of the ‘contributors’. Or should I say to hide from it!

  55. Avatar

    Every day from dawn ’til night I check my Email, waiting for the invitation to order my tablets. Nothing happens…

    I funded on Nov. 19th 2014, 10:38 a.m., very early. And I feel cheated.

    Shame on you, sailors @JollaHQ

    • Avatar

      Same situation here.

    • Avatar

      same here, waiting for that invite or an email about a refund option

    • Avatar

      Just as an FYI, you shouldn’t expect any new invitations until at least November, given Jolla’s current schedule. (BTW, if you wouldn’t mind scrolling up to the top and actually reading the first few paragraphs of this blog entry, you’ll find where this is mentioned under “Jolla Tablet Schedule”.)

      • Avatar

        If jolla planning to ship tablets 1st -15th of november than invations could be sent any day now.

        • Avatar

          The way they’ve got things set up, it doesn’t make sense to send an invitation out until they are actually ready to ship. (And yeah, I think this is why the first wave was such an issue; the implication was made that shipments would start almost immediately after invitations were replied to, but it instead took more than two weeks. They should have waited until they actually had the tablets in their hands…)

  56. Avatar

    It is possible to refund crowdfunding orders as I got refunded my Jibo robot via paypal. Jibo is not out until July 16. I got refunded in a few days. Jolla could do the same if they wanted to!

    • Avatar

      “You can request a refund up to 60 days after you pay for your item.” Sincerely, PayPal. So I think most of the contributors have missed that window.

  57. Avatar

    Slightly off topic, but I had an interesting thing going on with my Jolla phone coming back from repairs.

    Here you can see the Fedex traxking info –

    It went from Helsinki to Paris, then to Köln, then back to Helsinki until it finally arrived to Tallinn, Estonia today in morning. Now, I live 30 km away from the big city and it has not arrived jet. 30 min to go until 18:00 when they said it will be delivered.

    And I live like 130 km away from the repair shop. Just wonder what will happen if they start to ship tablets with Fedex from Hong Kong 🙂

    • Avatar

      So, please no Fedex when you start to ship my tablet.

  58. Avatar

    The problem isn’t about the delay.
    The problem is about the way, they communicate.

    2 years ago, when I waited for the Jolla Phone to come, it was a totally different situation. The communication was great and although the phone was delayed, too: Everybody was happy to be part of something new to be born.

    Now, the spirit is gone. Everybody feels, that Jolla is already dead. The man who begged us for help a year ago is gone. Every customer is in fear that his money is lost…

    All because of the super-bad commuication. 🙁

    Sorry, it isn’t cool any more to be part of the Sailfish-community…

    • Avatar

      +1 “Now, the spirit is gone. Everybody feels, that Jolla is already dead.”

  59. Avatar

    The Jolla Tablet was never going to be a daily driver for me, more of a curio and if it helped a small company out then great.

    I do hope they will be delivering tablets though because I really would like to give it a try.

    For the people asking for a refund I think you need to resign yourself to the fact the money is gone. You probably will get the tablet you were expecting but you didn’t buy a tablet when you contributed to the campaign, that’s just a perk for if the campaign is successful. Successful doesn’t mean they hit their monetary goal, successful is that the business plan pans out as expected.

    • Avatar

      then why do we have to finalize the purchase in jolla shop, receive recipe .

    • Avatar

      The business plan was that they make a device to show to the (other) HW manufacturers that the sailfish os is grat, but if everyone hates the company i think this business plan will not be successful…

      • Avatar

        On the other hand, it could be a very subtle plot — step one, create an awesome OS that other manufacturers can license. Step two, set up an Indiegogo campaign for a device using this OS, to show everyone just how intensely people want it. Step three, wait forever to deliver this device, to give potential licensees the impression that they could steal away a portion of this customer base if they can quickly license and deliver a competing product… 😉

        • Avatar

          If that’s the case, many here are just a collateral damage… How cool is that!

  60. Avatar

    You blokes are still bitching. Thanks to the guy who provided the IGG.txt contribution list in a format I could follow – well done sir. Last night I found out I am Number 5160 on the list, so I will be waiting for ever, but the tablet will get here eventually – I’m cool with that.

  61. Avatar

    I’m happy for you, but you’re largely missing the point. People are “bitching” mainly about Jolla’s inability to keep us posted about what’s happening.

    Every time I see a new Blog (nearly as rare as Unicorn crap!), I expect to get some firm information. I’m disappointed every time.

    I really don’t understand what issues they could possibly have with logistics, that they need to invoke this ludicrously opaque, slow, process. I’d guess that all the Chinese OEMs – including the one making the Tablet -have, or have access to fulfilment centres which will efficiently send stuff to customers in any part of the world.
    Job done.

    • Avatar

      Ah, the logistics problems Jolla is talking about is not post-production logistics, but rather pre-production logistics. They are not sitting on a pile of already-manufactured tablets and having trouble getting them sent out to users; no, their fulfillment center is sitting empty and waiting for the factory to decide when they can start manufacturing more tablets…

      • Avatar

        That makes it worse! It means that Jolla are being very ‘economical with the truth’ by implying that they have the Tablets, and are trying to distribute them…

        • Avatar

          On a more careful reading of Sami’s post he also maintains a pretty good get-out clause:
          “…While we have a production plan target, we don’t want to commit to specific figures as we’ve seen how just a handful of issues can negatively affect assembly schedules and yield….”

          Which makes it pretty clear they don’t actually have much hardware to ship…..

        • Avatar

          I’m pretty sure that Jolla has never implied that they have tablets. If we look back at the previous tablet-oriented blog entries here,

          – In the “Jolla iteration 4” blog, Jolla admitted that they had switched out the tablet’s display, and that this would cause them to miss their production schedule (and at this point they suggested an “end of July” target for the start of production).

          – In the “July Jolla Tablet Update”, they noted that the display was still causing them troubles, and that the end-of-July target for production would probably have to slip.

          – In the “Jolla Tablet Display and Shipping Update”, they noted that the display was finally solved, but that the date when production would begin would definitely be postponed. At this point, they still hadn’t even done a pre-production / developer machine run, let alone produced any “final version” tablets.

          – In the “Jolla Tablet Hardware Update”, they went into fairly deep detail about the long design process, mainly involving the many changes made with regards to the display. They explicitly mentioned again that they had not even started their pre-production run, a step absolutely required before producing the final device in volume.

          – The August 5th blog, “First Batch of Jolla Tablets Completed”, crowed loudly that they had finally done a pre-production run of tablets. Again, they go into fairly deep detail of just what it takes to move parts around, get time in the factory, and get factory employees up to speed on how to perform the assembly. And, Jolla’s August 7th blog noted that some of these tablets had been shipped to developers for testing. (And yes, time was also required to let this testing go on and collate the results before any final tablets could be manufactured.)

          – The “Jolla Tablet: Differences in Old and New Hardware” blog explicitly describes, at the end, some of the pre-production logistics issues they have been facing (in this case, a set of parts getting lost, causing the factory’s production window to go unused, meaning that no tablets were manufactured). In short, a small logistical mistake caused a fairly large loss in production.

          – And, of course, the recent “Important News from the Helm” entry explicitly states “We have faced numerous challenges, ranging from issues with component deliveries, to component issues with the display, to securing manufacturing time slots from the factory.” In short, the tablets have not been getting manufactured.

          Honestly, I _really_ _really_ can’t understand how you can say that “Jolla is being economical with the truth”. There is no reason at all you need to make a “careful reading” of any of these blog entries; Jolla has been stating for months and months now that they’ve had design and production issues with the tablet…

          • Avatar

            @Copernicus no use arguing with such people. They don’t want to know facts. They only want attention. (I also wonder how they manage to claim that Jolla “doesn’t communicate” when a series of blog posts gives me a very precise impression of what’s happening.)

            • Avatar

              I’m not sure that you know precisely of what’s happening with tablet shipments. They need just to say, how many tablets they have shipped until now and how many tablets they think they can ship in November. This is sufficient at this time.

              • Avatar

                @tuo89527, they’ve already stated that they don’t know how many tablets they think they can ship in November, other than “not many”. Here’s a quote I picked up simply by scrolling up to the top of this page and looking at the blog entry: “unfortunately, it seems that the lion’s share of deliveries are aimed for shipment start in December.”

                BTW, we already know that the first wave of tablet shipments was on the order of 200 tablets, due to the fine work of TMO user Mosen with help from dozens of tablet backers providing their information. Check out Mosen’s tablet spreadsheet:


                • Avatar

                  @Copernicus, Well done thank you!

            • Avatar

              On the contrary I’d absolutely love some facts from Jolla.
              All we’ve had so-far is delays, excuses and vague unquantifiable notions such as a “lion’s share” shipping “beginning” December (which year?). Is it a big lion, a small one, or one in between?

              • Avatar

                I think it’s kinda obvious that it’s a pretty darn big lion. (I mean look, the first wave was ~200 tablets, and in that diagram they’ve drawn the box for the second wave to be the same size as the first one…)

  62. Avatar

    Spot on Copernicus. Logistics has an input and output end. Components in from suppliers, yields of laminated screens etc, production line setups given Jolla tablets are probably made over several production runs, booking that production time against and around other companys pre-booked space and the lead up to Xmas sales all has an effect on final delivery. Jolla wanting only 10,000 tablets but there may be 10 other customers wanting 10 times those production numbers each. I understand the processes involved and am prepared to wait.

    • Avatar

      You are wasting your energy by typing a comment, because they don’t give a f***. If they do, and they appreciate customers, they would admit that no tablets are produced, and that they failed big time. They have collected money to their own private agenda, making business with other companies instead of delivering what they presented. Again, there will always be other brain washed zombies like Sthocs, who will negate all the facts, and defend them…

      • Avatar

        Um, hello? Did you read the previous blog entry, “Important News from the Helm”?

        Just to summarize if you missed it, that was the blog where they admitted that tablets were not being produced, and that they failed big time…

        Man prometheus, you’ve gotta start keeping up with events here. 😉

        • Avatar

          I thought that was “PAST TENSE” – that tablets hadn’t been produced, but I might been lost in translation…

          • Avatar

            Well, yes, it was past tense. 🙂 And then they gave their latest prediction of future production: a handful more tablets will be manufactured by early November, and most of the rest won’t be produced until at least December. (Apparently they not only need more time slots at the factory, they still don’t have a full set of components for all 10000 tablets.)

        • Avatar

          Honestly, this is made in China, and their production levels are quite high, so this bit surprises me a lot.

          • Avatar

            In China there is like 3 large manufacturing companies that do manufacturing for companies like Apple, HTC, Samsung, Asus, Microsoft…etc. That being said, Jolla doesn’t have their own production line, they get to rent one from these companies when the big guys aren’t using them.

        • Avatar

          Nope, he doesn’t read blog entries nor comments, he has shown that many times already, and once again here, by stating that I negate the facts.
          So it’s useless to try explaining him anything.

          • Avatar

            Sthocs, buzz off.

    • Avatar

      Sorry, but it isn’t Jolla’s supporters\customers who seem to be ignorant of “logistics”.

      Jolla should have a pretty good idea of when they can produce\deliver the Tablet. All they need to do is to post this information to us.

      For example:
      We have a production run of [xx] scheduled for: [date]
      Production will take [xxx] days
      You can expect delivery to Europe [xxx] days later
      You can expect delivery to USA [xx] days later . and so-on.

      This information can be caveated with words like “expect” “hope”, “best endeavours” etc.

      The worst that can happen is that they fail to meet these targets, and have to make (yet more) apologies, but to a less frustrated bunch of Supporters!

      • Avatar

        “Jolla should have a pretty good idea of when they can produce\deliver the Tablet.”

        Why in the world would you think that? They could theoretically try to document every plan they’ve had, but as we’ve seen, innumerable events have overturned most of those plans. Scheduled production runs have been rescheduled and re-re-scheduled. Production that “should” take xxx days has instead taken yyy days. Deliveries, which should be fairly predictable in today’s environment, have not (just looking at Mosen’s spreadsheet here).

        Jolla has made fairly detailed predictions of when tablets would be in backer’s hands over and over and over again in the past year. And they’ve gotten burned EVERY SINGLE TIME. I don’t blame them for being shy about making more predictions.

        • Avatar

          Me neither. I dont really care what jolla say anymore. Their info is as useful as My posts. Puré speculation.

        • Avatar

          Sorry, but you’re defending the indefeasible. I used to run a business, I’ve managed large departments and been the Financial Manager of a large College, and the common thread between these is planning. You make a plan, and then you build-in a contingency.

          Helmuth von Moltke’s observation that “ ..plan survives contact with the enemy..” is invariably true, but that’s no excuse for not having a plan!

          I understand that events appear to have conspired to give Jolla problems, but it’s their job to resolve these problems.
          Instead they appear to shrug, say “que sera, sera…”, and eventually admit there’ll be another xx weeks, months … delay.

  63. Avatar

    I think its 50/50 if we actully get a tablet at all given how jolla has excuted this campaign.

  64. Avatar

    I think that in case of “not getting” the tablet, most of the backers would be more than willing to file a lawsuit…, so I highly doubt that they would do something stupid like scamming the people.

  65. Avatar

    After all these delays and lack of communication, it seems than rather logistics troubles they have ran out of money. Maybe they split in 2 companies to protect the software business in case of any collapse of the IGG campaign. Hope not, for all of us that were waiting for something different, people powered.

    • Avatar

      I do not think that it is money issues. I think that it is manufacturing scheduling troubles. If you are a factory that produces and assembles electronic goods then you have all sorts of clients that, most likely, have to book months in advance. So Jolla had some trouble getting components and then replaced a component and missed the block that they had with the manufacturer. Now they have to wail until they can get another full block (in late November). This is, in my opinion, the main reason for the delay.

      As for communication, they certainly could have done better (I would have loved a blog post a week) but if they have nothing to update us on, then why would they post something? There has been a lot of information shared, see the long post by Copernicus above.

  66. Avatar

    when can i buy jolla tablet in india

  67. Avatar

    Another month is over. In a few days we can celebrate the first anniversary of the great 2.500.000$ crowdfooling campagne by Jolla.

    How long we’ll accept them ignoring us?

    • Avatar

      Hey JollaPhot, I don’t know if you noticed, but if you scroll up to the top of this blog and read it (or read the previous blog), you’ll discover that they’ve already finished sending out their first wave of tablets, and that their second wave starts in early November. Therefore, there’s really nothing to talk about until, well, early November…

      • Avatar

        For a shipment start in early November I was expecting an invite in October (I contributed on Nov 19 11:00 CET). Especially considering the long lead times they took for the first wave. Still hoping it will come in the next day or 2!

        • Avatar

          At this point, I’m fairly certain that Jolla will avoid sending any invites out until they are _absolutely_, _positively_, 100% sure that they actually have the tablets in their hands and ready to ship. 🙂 Otherwise, they’re just setting themselves up for more pain…

          • Avatar

            Jolla still haven’t completed the first wave. All with 32GB still got nothing. we need atleast 1000-3000 tablets in november wave to be able to handle the last 7000-9000 tablets in december.

            • Avatar

              Everything is dependent on the rate of production. Who knows what the factory is capable of handling? Finishing the entire Indiegogo run by some time in December may be wishful thinking (certainly, they haven’t shown themselves capable of large volumes of production up to now). Then again, maybe they’ll be able to produce all 10000 in a week, once they’ve got all the parts.

              I have to say, though, that this may be another symptom of using crowdfunding to produce a product. Normally, one either stockpiles a certain amount of a product ahead of launching it, or only sells individual units as they become available. This “order thousands in advance” model has to put a lot of strain on a manufacturing model that’s not designed to queue up customers in this manner…

  68. Avatar

    I was invited to complete my order and did so on 14th of October. Payed another 40€. They claimed 10 business days to process. Till today, I got no update.

    I love you guys, but it hurts.

    • Avatar

      Same here. I considered a couple of days if you should just forget about the whole thing, but eventually I sent my 25% VAT.
      It is about 3 weeks ago and I have not heard anything since then.

  69. Avatar

    @Turbinenreiter why another 40€, if you dont mind asking you.

    • Avatar

      Isn’t that the preferred situation? I’m pretty sure Jolla never intended to be a hardware provider in the first place…

      • Avatar

        preferred? not for me.. 😀

      • Avatar

        No, and they didnt intend to Run a CF either becouse they running like an Nokia organization. Guess to many employees from Nokia…to slow and stuck in the past. Brave, but slow…

  70. Avatar

    @jolla. November is here. Where is the invites? The tablet? Expect to see it in My mailbox tomorrow.

    Please dont push me towards the cancellation option. Im on the edge of the cliff 😉

    • Avatar

      Yes, november again! Did you remember the dream we all had, one year ago? The dream of a free & open tablet? All that is free & open now, is the inbox of my email-account (awaiting ‘invitation’)… 🙁

      • Avatar

        Not to be a spoilsport… But, given that Jolla only managed to fit something like 200 tablets into the October “wave”, and that they’ve drawn the November wave to be the same size as the October one on that chart, and that they’ve mentioned that the lion’s share of tablets will arrive in December, I’d have to say that folks should not be getting their hopes up about November. I’d love to be proven wrong, but my guess is that there’s still something keeping the tablet from being produced in volume, and it wasn’t something they could fix in the last couple of weeks of October…

  71. Avatar

    Has anyone, return their tablet for a refund? If so what was Jolla response??

    I would like to cancel or return my tablet if it comes. Will then wait to see what be comes of this company.

    • Avatar

      The problem with that is. You have to get it first 😀

      Not sure if jolla will return the tax and shipping costs.

      • Avatar

        That’s not much of a price to pay. Better than nothing at all.

  72. Avatar

    I won’t keep asking as a beggar when you deliver the tablet that should have been delivered 6 months ago.

    Asking has obviously no use, you don’t even dignify contributors with a real honest answer. I don’t know the reason for that, and I don’t care. I care even less for apologies, I am not a sentimental sissy. What I care about are facts, and there’s very little to discuss in these regards.

    I won’t go bankrupt for ~220 euros, can you say the same, if all the tablet contributors stop backing you?

    BTW, the “Frequently Asked Questions” were different. what we have here are QWHYA “Questions We Hoped You Asked”

    • Avatar

      @gitanovic: FAQs only make sense if you know answers to the questions. Some people here keep asking questions that, from what we’ve learned, Jolla just cannot answer at the time being. (Like “When will my tablet ship?”) Complaining that these questions are not being answered seems a little strange to me.

      • Avatar

        To me seems a little strange that I should have got a product 6 months ago, and the company that did not deliver is not even trying to answer question in these regards.

        Imagine what would happen, for example, to Amazon in such a scenario.

        How can Jolla afford to have such bad AD?

        • Avatar

          @gitanovic: Again, the concept that you “should have git a product” is wrong. You supported an idea, you didn’t buy a product.

          Also, everything there’s an answer for has been answered. Let’s make this clear: You don’t want any “answers” to so-called “questions”. You want V.I.P. treatment and receive a tablet today, even though it’s not your turn. Well, you can keep complaining until December, it won’t change a thing.

  73. Avatar

    “I won’t go bankrupt for ~220 euros, can you say the same, if all the tablet contributors stop backing you?”

    Well, actually, they wouldn’t. I don’t think 220k euros would keep the lights on for very long at Jolla, even if it were all spent on their operating expenses. However, I suspect they’re already in a hole w.r.t. the tablet; the cost of such a device produced at low volumes, plus the man-hours spent tweaking the hardware, and the man-hours spent tweaking the software, and the added cost of this unusual high-end display, makes me believe they’re shelling out quite a bit more than 220 per tablet themselves.

    They’d probably save money if they threw in the towel right now…

    • Avatar

      And again, I didn’t hit the “reply” button. Sorry about that, meant to reply to gitanovic.

      • Avatar

        “I won’t go bankrupt for ~220 euros, can you say the same, if all the tablet contributors stop backing you?”

        Copernicus, of course they won’t go bankrupt if they loose 220euros, probably not even 220k.

        But the indiegogo campaign raised 2.5M and should have been a showcase for the company.

        The showcase went awry: for example I was interested, but waiting 6 months, made this interest grow cold, and the excuses and apologies, during this time actually removed all the trust I may have had in the company. I am not pissed, it is not worth. I may even say I am happy, I learned a valuable (and expensive) lesson.

        But I am giving some feedback, to the company, if this is for them worth anything, I am doing them a favor, not the other way around. I actually am not even sure I will ever receive a tablet, but in such a case, I am willing to spend at least an equivalent amount of money to file a class action against them in the case anybody will take charge of organizing one.

        So instead of apologizing, I think they should start giving straight answers, with figures, and what looks like a real schedule, not talks like “the lion share” and other similar bull-krap, they had to deliver 10000 tablets 6 months ago, and *looks like* they delivered only 200 last month, and all we get is this kind of answers.

        What kind of advertisement does this give to the company?
        And the people who backed the projects are the technology enthusiasts that will buy products with their technology. If the same people don’t trust them, they will go bankrupt, unless they are receiving funds from elsewhere.

        • Avatar

          Of course the class action option is in case I *don’t* receive the tablet

        • Avatar

          “But the indiegogo campaign raised 2.5M.”

          Ah, sorry, I was off by one digit on the campaign total. But my estimation still stands — Jolla is not making a profit off the tablet, and never stood to make a profit in the first place.

          But the tablet has already done its job; it gained Jolla heaps and bounds of publicity last year, and now Jolla has started to pull in licensees for Sailfish.

          “I am doing them a favor … I am willing to spend at least an equivalent amount of money to file a class action against them”

          Oh my, how wondrously generous of you.

          • Avatar

            Well, I payed 220+ euros and got nothing in return so far.

            If this is the final situation, I am willing to spend some money to make the thing straight, probably not nice, but I am not willing to let this go, if I can do anything.

            I never said I am generous, I may be to my friends and my family, not to strangers sitting thousands of Km away from me.
            I said that the feedback is a favor, since I am spending some (more) of my time to chase them.

  74. Avatar

    A lawsuit would just be a waste of more money. Let it go.

    Jolla has lost trust and tarnished their brand by not communicating and you’ve all learned a valuable lesson about crowdfunding.

    I mean, it won’t have apps anyway so it was never going to be a serious alternative to Google/Apple anyway and you likely would going to need one of those other tablets. So why so upset?

    • Avatar

      NO! Class action lawsuit should not be dismiss as an option (if it comes to that…I hope not)to make us whole. A monetary penalty will remind the Jolla officials what can happen to them or their company if they are found negligent in their actions and decisions in the future.

  75. Avatar

    obstacleman is right

    • Avatar

      No he is not! I haven’t send my money to somebody that is trying to scam people. November is here, there are no invitations. Let me remind you that Jolla is Finish company and that Finland is in EU so it is obliged to follow EU regulations, or they will feel the consequence.

  76. Avatar

    The side of the company that launched this IGG is in HK, consumer’s laws are different there, this was a $220 learning experience. I had funded some other projects in kickstarter and I got my money back no question ask. With IGG is different.

    • Avatar

      IGG campaign, I meant to say.

    • Avatar

      Company is not HK (Chinese), it is in Finland, and therefore they are obliged by EU law, so no need to argue with that. Even though if it is Chinese company, they also need to oblige Chinese law, and I am quite sure that fraud and scam is criminal act…

  77. Avatar

    I’ve decided to write-off my “contribution” to Jolla.
    I expect I’ll receive some form of Tablet, sooner or later, but in terms of being INVOLVED as a “supporter”, not customer I’ve had enough.

    I realise that I’m partially to blame. I was enthused by Jolla’s mantra of being People Powered, and the opportunity to operate outside the iOS\Android hegemony. Clearly my expectations of being part of a “Community” exceed what Jolla can deliver

    Sadly my enthusiasm has been drained by Jolla’s consistent inability to communicate with me as an Adult.
    Instead there has been a dearth of real information, but a succession of excuses and patronising assurances that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, everything’s going well.

    Whatever happens now I’ve ordered a Surface 4 Pro as my mainstream device. I’ll buy a cheap Android Tablet for the various projects requiring Android compatibility that I’d earmarked to Jolla Tablet for.

    I’m sadder, but not really any wiser…..

  78. Avatar

    Hey Jolla team! A very simple (1 dollar) question of early november: in which step we are for each wave?
    Second wave shipping:
    1) Production
    2) Packaging
    3) Delivery to fulfillment center
    Final wave shipping:
    1) Component orders
    2) Component delivery
    3) Production
    4) Packaging
    5) Delivery to fulfillment center
    (p.s. it isn’t a rhetorical question!)

  79. Avatar

    @prometheus, Im not arguing, I’m happy that we can all say our points of views. We all victims of this campaign, I’m a EU citizen, I know how the consumer’s law are here, however the affiliate company that set the campaign up on IGG, is from HK. If you have the receipt of your CC with the charges, you will see a +852, HK phone number. I tried to call there and none one answers.

    • Avatar

      You may be right, but all board members are Finish, and live in Finland, and I am also an EU citizen and quite informed about our consumers rights. Yes, the simplest way is to cancel and get refund. What frustrate us is the “playing stupid” act from all Jolla members. They don’t share any information except, we are near, we are close, we are sailing, soon, apologize for delay, yada yada yada… We have ordered tablet, and Jolla raised more than 400% of their initial requirements, so instead of being grateful for that, they are holding us as a fools. Posting some silly Power Point graph of “release wave” is the dumbest idea. It doesn’t show anything. You don’t have any quantity information, nor we have any idea when will anyone get tablet that they’ve promised over IGG campaign. I was reading some stupid posts about how IGG campaign can be failure, yes but then issue full refund without waiting for delivery and tax payment…

      • Avatar

        @prometheus: Two things: First, the article about the three waves gave a pretty clear information on when to expect shipment: In December. If you cannot read this, it’s not Jolla’s fault. Let’s state clearly that it’s not Jolla who’s “playing stupid” here.

        Second, the lawyer in me (I am a lawyer, at least that’s what I studied) questions the reference to “consumer rights” in this context. That would imply that you are what the law defines as a consumer – a private person who bought something from a company. That’s what crowdfunding at least *tries* not to be: a purchase. It would be interesting to go to court over this question and see what judges say, because this could in fact be qualified as evasion.

        • Avatar

          Fist of all, three wave didn’t explain a sh*** at least what it concern other contributers. Instead of pissing me off with your acting, please read all other comments “how many users got the idea when they will get their tablets”.

          By your comments I can conclude: As a lawyer, you are a joke and so is your diploma. In case you haven’t read the IGG:

          total funds raised
          Original campaign was 480% funded on December 9, 2014 (YES YOU ARE READING RIGHT – 2014)

          Available regions: USA, Canada, Australia, EU, Norway, Switzerland, India, Hong Kong.


          They’ve collected money for what? opening another company? did anyone support this? hardly unlikely.

          They presented a tablet and that what attracted so many contributors, now they done everything except delivering the product…
          Estimated delivery has been changed several times, so yes it would be interesting what judges would say about that. Perhaps you might not be in EU, but if you were or if you are really a lawyer than I would strongly suggest to read the rules.

          P.S. if you are writing your comments only to making me mad, I am going to say: GROW UP!

        • Avatar

          My apology for calling you a joke, it was rude and impolite. Usually I do like to argue with you over blog, but you really strike my nerve. Just one thing. Why are you trying to convince us that everything is fine and it is normal? What do you get from that? Many of us are furious because of their behavior, silence treatment, unprofessional behavior. They’ve managed to piss people off. I was enthusiast in the beginning because I wanted to have something new instead of Apple crap and Google trojan devices… When I heard that they would release this in May, I said cool, finally long waiting device will be finally here. then it all started. they moved schedule to 30th of August with apology and excuses. I said OK, it happens. Then they said October will be the starting ground for releasing the tablets (of course, only few people got their invitation and I haven’t read that they all received it), Now it is November, and by their graph second wave. Not one member has got their invitation… Do you see the pattern? so my question is for you: WHY DO YOU DEFEND THEM ALL THE TIME? we are not blind or stupid. they’ve done the damage to the company and they will feel the consequence for that. I wanted to buy their phone, but after fiasco F*** NO. and what I can read from other comments, many more will follow my example.

          • Avatar

            @prometheus I highly appreciate this reply of yours. Thanks.

            I’m not trying to convince anyone that *everything* is fine and normal. Quite on the contrary:

            I was disappointed when I learned in Nov. 2014 that Jolla didn’t introduce a new product that I could order right away, but “only” a crowdfunding campaign that might or might not lead to real tablet some day. I was disappointed to hear that the “expected delivery” was in Q2/2015, because I had hoped for Jan/Feb 2015. I was furious when they cancelled SDXC-support although I had paid for it on Indiegogo and the goal was reached. I was less disappointed (but a little) when it became clear that they’d miss their first deadline: my birthday is in June and it would have been a nice present for myself; on the other hand, a delay of 1-2 months is always expected with such projects (the phone was 6 months late), so at least it wasn’t a surprise. I was very disappointed to see August pass without a release, became happy when I got the invitation mail in September – only to be disappointed yet again to learn that only the 64GB models were shipped. (I had ordered 32GB.)

            So yes, I’ve been disappointed a lot during this journey and I’m far from claiming that everything’s OK.

            However, as I said, it was clear to me that the original timeline was bound to be missed. That’s a law of nature. Also, I found Jollas communication very clear and more than sufficient: There was roughly 1 tablet-related blog post every 2 weeks since April (at least that’s when I started counting), and whenever something changed in the timeline, I felt well informed. I knew what happened and why and what they had planned next.

            What I absolutely cannot understand is two things:

            a) People saying they’re not informed. I have no secret knowledge from behind closed doors, everything I know I know from this blog – and I feel I know everything there is to know at the moment. Sure, circumstances change and what was written in July isn’t necessarily true in November… But that doesn’t mean there was any information held back in July.

            b) People directly or indirectly accusing Jolla of being dishonest, of intentionally betraying their backers. It’s obvious how proud they were of their product and how much they wanted it to be in peoples’ hands as soon as possible. Now claiming it’s all a scam is just evil. The whole project was too big for them and got out of their hands. Well, that happens. We’re a company of 10.000 employees and I’m currently working on a project that was supposed to launch in 2013. It’s just not right to assume bad intentions if something like this happens.

            So yes, I understand people being angry because they haven’t yet received their tablets. I don’t understand those who think that writing angry posts here twice a day will change anything about the situation. And finally I have no respect towards those who imply that Jolla does all of this intentionally and could have delivered earlier if they’d only wanted to. That’s close to being a criminal offence.

            • Avatar

              a.: There was a lot of simple questions here witch aren’t answered. I don’t know why I have to wait, is the production of 2. wave tablets started? It is done? How many tablets do they produce? (They have to know these, or they call the factory: please produce a few tablets for us, but we can’t say how many we need…)

              b.: We know the jolla tablet is too similar to the Aigo x86. Yes, i know different OS and different display etc, so the “designed in finland”…
              “how much they wanted it to be in peoples’ hands as soon as possible” at least they said that. I do not say it is not true, but I think if they want that they could answer the questions, and make the customers/backers more happy. If they say, they only get access to the factory in december I understand that they can’t ship the tablets before. And it sound more authentic/trustworthy/real/concrete (sorry I dont know the best expression).
              If I get exact data I know what I can expect, but if I get only the “we do the best we can”, I can’t figure out what will be happen.

              • Avatar

                “They have to know these, or they call the factory”

                Nope. They knew back in August exactly how many tablets they wanted the factory to make, they ordered the factory to make that many tablets, and they ordered sufficient numbers of components for those tablets. So what happened? (a) Logistics snafu — ordered parts got sent to wrong location. (b) Timeslot snafu — replacement parts did reach the factory, but factory had already moved on to producing a different product. (c) Rescheduling snafu — before more tablets could be produced, Chinese Golden Week hit to slow things down even more.

                So yes, you can order the factory to produce X number of tablets, and you can give the factory parts for X number of tablets, but you can never be certain that the result will be anything like X number of tablets. 🙁

                “We know the jolla tablet is too similar to the Aigo x86.”

                What do you mean? Jolla went shopping for a tablet, looked at the choices, and liked what they saw in the Aigo x86. So, they asked the company that produces the Aigo x86 to build a custom-made version of the device for them (sporting Jolla trim, adding the now infamous fully-laminated display, and tweaking the device in a variety of other ways). Of course it looks like the x86, it _should_ look like the x86. (I kind of wish it actually was the x86, it’d probably be a lot less hassle for them to produce if there weren’t so many modifications…)

            • Avatar

              So how do you justifying their additional time for investing some of that money into creating additional company, or dealing with external hw manufacturers like Intex instead putting all the effort into building the tablets. If the problem is in the lack of components, man I would do what ever is necessary to find additional suppliers to finish what I started… Doing something aside is while making apology and telling that they are doing everything is definitely disrespecting the backers… I believed in Jolla, but now, their word simply doesn’t worth a thing. As I said before, I appreciate people that are strict and work as a swiss clock. Making little deviation is fine and understandable, but their fiasco is something that shouldn’t be tolerated. There is a webarchive and you can find how many times they postpone the delivery…

              • Avatar

                “So how do you justifying their additional time for investing some of that money into…”

                You actually think they’ve got indiegogo money left over after this tablet fiasco? 😮 One thing I can say for sure, given the low volume of the device, the custom components being ordered for it, and the amount of man-hours spent designing and now manufacturing the thing, they are spending way, way more per unit than they are receiving from the sales price. There is absolutely no way Jolla is making a profit off of this thing; not unless they started reaching iPad-level sales volumes could they manage that…

                • Avatar

                  “You actually think they’ve got indiegogo money left over after this tablet fiasco?”

                  Yep, he does, he confirmed that a while ago, which explains his absurds comments.

              • Avatar

                Actually, companies do various things as part of the initiative to bring something to fruition. So let us give the benefit of doubt to them. My only complaint is that they should have done the groundwork prior to seeking funding. Since they already have a device in the market, one would have assumed they have these parameters worked out. So many delays could probably have been avoided, had the ducks been set in a row prior to pulling the trigger.

                Then again, it is a sizable initiative, things may go a little off. Let us hope this comes to a close soon.

              • Avatar

                @prometheus: So your assumption is that they in fact *could* do something to deliver the tablets faster (or rather: could have done it), but instead chose not to. That is was a deliberate choice. That someone at the top decided: “Hey, why not enjoy the stink of a decent shitstorm and hold back the tablets as long as we possibly can.”

                If this is really what you believe, you have to ask yourself if it’s only remotely logical.

            • Avatar

              +1 Thank you Ossi1967, I agree completely with this overview of the current situation!

            • Avatar

              You do a great job of justifying Jolla’s many shortcomings, but ultimately you’re simply defending the indefeasible.

              You might be happy with the “communication” from Jolla, but many more are not.

              We can all accept that Projects get delayed. I recall very little criticism when the 1st & 2nd delays were grudgingly acknowledged by Jolla. On the contrary most people were sympathetic.

              What is galling is that the ONLY information we have from Jolla is that the infamously vague “Lion’s share” of Tablets are expected to be starting despatch in “December”. That’s a 31 day window, and it’s still only an expectation.

              Why do they have this expectation, rather than one that Tablets will start to ship in January, February or March? Please share the reasoning, or is it a secret?

              One has to assume some rational process has determined this prediction, so what is it?

              • Avatar

                @wittgenfrog: You’re losing me on this one. What exactly is it you’re asking? Why would they say tablets will ship in February if they expect them to ship in December? Or is it the word “expectation” you don’t understand? It’s what you use when you talk about your assumptions of the future, based on what you currently know. I expect to travel back home on Sunday (I have the train ticket and arranged my schedules), but there’s no way I could say I *will* travel back home on sunday. Or are you unsatisfied because Jolla doesn’t tell you the exact number of tablets shipped in December? That would mean they’d know how many can be shipped in November… which obviously they can’t. (They didn’t even know how many the Chinese would ship in October, otherwise they’d have sent less invites on Sept. 22nd.) As with Prometheus (are you the same person with a different nickname), you basic misconception seems to be that Jolla is in the drivers seat and could tell you exactly whose tablet leaves the factory on what date. They just aren’t, because they missed their original milestones with their Chinese partners. Now all they can do is wait and hope that at least some devices are produced to fill otherwise empty time slots.

                • Avatar

                  Yes ossi1967, how did you guess? Actually all people that are complaining regarding Jolla’s fiasco with tablets are actually me…, I have created hundred of accounts just to jerk you all…

        • Avatar

          They used the IGG campaign as a preorder page. If I remember correctly, there was perks only for tablets, none for support the idea or anything like that.

          • Avatar

            You are absolutely right. BTW.I choose tablet first because of hw specs. I didn’t even knew what sailfish OS looks like, but intel cpu, density of display, back then 2GB of ram (which in 2014 not many tablets had) I choose Jolla Tablet. Sailfish was only a bonus…

          • Avatar

            You are incorrect, while there are no perks listed on IGG that are not tablet related now, there were at the beginning (in November of last year). You can also look at the contribution history and see other amounts than the price of the tablet or shipping.

    • Avatar

      We all wasted 6 months waiting for tablet that is not near of release date. Someone has concluded that this is because they don’t have components or perhaps human power to assembly everything, OK if that so than SAY IT LOUD: Tablets will not be delivered in 2015, nor in next 6 months, we failed as a company. OR our HK partners have scammed us regarding components, money whatever and we need to sue them to fix the problems that they’ve caused… Staying silent is irritating and childish. Waiting for problem to go away is not a solution.

      • Avatar


        According to the schedule image, the should manufacture the 3. wave now, and the production of the 2. wave should have done…

        • Avatar

          Hmm they use the term “final wave”. The Third Wave was a social experiment…

        • Avatar

          “According to the schedule image, the should manufacture the 3. wave now, and the production of the 2. wave should have done…”

          However, according to this blog entry, “We also don’t want to over-promise, but rather do our best to ship as much as possible within wave 2 and then the rest in the final wave. That said, unfortunately, it seems that the lion’s share of deliveries are aimed for shipment start in December.”

          So yeah, the November wave is pretty much just the remnants of whatever production they were able to squeeze into the factory’s schedule in October using the parts they had left on hand. They won’t be able to do a real volume of production until at least some time later this month…

  80. Avatar

    @prometheus I just called HK, I got my called answered, thanks god. I was told that they will look for my contribution and they will issue a full refund.

    • Avatar

      Whoa, now THAT sounds serious! Please keep us informed about your progress with the refund!

      P.S. please use the ‘reply’ button on the right of the post you wish to reply, the ‘@’ symbol does not work here

      • Avatar

        I have news, have an email where I can reach you at?

        • Avatar

          Just post them here or at TJC 🙂

    • Avatar

      BTW issuing a refund means that they don’t have tablets at all… Thanks for sharing this information.

      • Avatar

        You could, if you really wanted to, read the blog entry above that notes that there really won’t be tablets in any volume until at least December. The fact that there are no tablets right now is OLD NEWS…

        • Avatar

          And there is ossi1967 to say that we are all delusional… we cannot read their comments how they are blessing us with invitations in the three wave delivery…. F*** trolls!

          • Avatar

            @prometheus What’s your problem now? Copernicus’s comment is 100% accurate. What point didn’t you understand?

            • Avatar

              My problem is people that is not fulfilling their obligations. Look, as soon as I get full refund without paying the tax (which I obviously don’t want to pay for something that I haven’t got in the first place) or a tablet that should be in my hands 6 months ago, I will stop posting my disaffection towards Jolla.

              • Avatar

                @prometheus I have news for you.

  81. Avatar

    Guys n Gals,
    It has been almost a year since we all contributed. Tablets are with a minuscule fraction of the population. I know there had been some challenges and I am appreciative of the fact that Jolla is doing all anyone can do at this point to reach it to us asap.

    But as a system, this has shaken my faith in crowdsourcing. I can understand 6 months of wait time – a year makes it kinda make you lose interest in the object. I know the option for full refund is touted as a big deal by many on this forum, but we put our faith in Jolla to deliver this tablet and pledged this amount – not with the hope of lending interest free credit to strangers for a year – people who are venting are generally frustrated – well, call it interest for lending the money and stop getting all hot-under-the-collar on them.

    How radical this tablet and the OS is going to be is to be seen – if it was worth the extended wait. Can some privileged soul who got hold of the tablet post an unbiased review ?

    I, for one, henceforth, WILL NOT support any other crowdsourcing ventures if there is no fixed timeline committed and where a refund is sought post the committed timeline for non-delivery of the item, it is paid with interest beginning the day of pledge.

    • Avatar

      That’s very close to how I feel too.

      I want to believe in their good faith, but *I* have to draw a line somewhere, since jolla keeps moving the one they draw.

      Apologies can be accepted once, maybe twice, but after a while they loose any credibility.

      As a side note, if I didn’t order this tablet I would be now a bit happier, since I would have bough another device from a retailer: I hate this limbo feeling.

      • Avatar

        Well, if anything, it is close now looks like – at least some have gotten it. We all supported this to encourage something different and novel. We don’t have access to the jolla phone Stateside. I am curious to see a different line of thought implemented.

        Let’s hope our ‘limbo’ state comes to an end soon 🙂

    • Avatar

      …That’s why I don’t contribute to the PuzzlePhone Project. Jolla was my first crowdsourcing experience. And I learned, that funding is not buying. That paying is not getting.

      Those guys at PuzzlePhone can blame their compatriots at JollaHQ for not reaching their goal.

      • Avatar

        Agreed, once is enough for me too.

    • Avatar

      Some time after contributing to the Jolla project I read an article in Computerworld by a guy who had a soft sport for crowdfunding. He just couldn’t stop joining when he saw something nice.
      His experience though was not encouraging though. If he at all got the products he invested in it was with considerable delays.
      That was the first warning for me I think, and now I know he was right.

  82. Avatar

    Does anyone have a set of nice hi-res screenshots of the tablet they can post – or Jolla themselves may post on their website?

    • Avatar

      Jolla folks,
      Please can you post a set of nice screenshots of the tablet, running Sailfish, menus, options etc.

  83. Avatar

    Maybe i should call HK too, not to cancel My tablet but to make sure jollas dont order lobster and stuff everyday on our expense. Since no tablets are produced? What are day doing instead? Split screen, netflix app, chromecast support, copy and past or anything else we need.

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave! Hey, by the way, did you see the Sailfish 2.0 blog entry?

      Looks like the folks at Jolla have, while the tablet is still in limbo, been able to push out a complete overhaul of the Sailfish OS, along with the longest changelog of OS updates in the company’s history to date:

      And, funny thing, I hear they’re also working with Intex to port Sailfish to one (or more) of their upcoming cell phones. And that they’re in discussions with Fairphone about getting Sailfish onto the Fairphone 2. And, of course, they did just push out an update to the SDK with support for the latest Sailfish features.

      So yeah, they’ve just been sitting back and twiddling their fingers while waiting for the tablet to appear…

      • Avatar

        Well. So the stretch goal is done? If not way?

      • Avatar

        They’re relatively communicative about all the things you mention. It’s only about the Tablets that they remain so tight-lipped.

        I’m not that happy that they’ve clearly prioritised all that stuff over and above manufacturing & shipping the Tablets.

        Their 1st priority should be ensuring that their supporters get the Tablets we have been promised, or at the very least get a serious estimate of when we’ll get them.

      • Avatar

        …And? We didn’t sign up for all those things we signed up for a TABLET.

        A salesman sells you an item but when it comes time to pick it up he starts showing you all of his plans for tomorrow and how many others are waiting to be part of his dream.

        “Show me the money” or my tablet. 🙂

        • Avatar

          I got only $198 refund, minus paypal’s fees, of $220 original payment.

    • Avatar

      @ Dave999 I have news.

  84. Avatar

    Just pre-ordered Lumia 550 over (It’s supposed to be Jolla phone, but due to their fiasco, I have learned the lesson). Even though privacy would be a shit with M$, at least they will deliver the phone (much before Jolla delivers our tablets).

      • Avatar

        What number did you called iin HK?

        • Avatar

          Joint my group, Im pretty sure they gonna close my account here

      • Avatar

        So you actually gave them 20$ for their incompetence? This epilogue is getting better and better…

  85. Avatar

    Joint my group, Im pretty sure they gonna close my account here.

    • Avatar

      You won’t achieve anything with a fb group, people are too much fed off their behavior, they simply don’t have will to discuss on fb about Jolla. If they doesn’t fulfill their promise I will definitely contact EU consumer regulators, so they will deal with them.

  86. Avatar

    @prometheus is ok, at least, I wanna help as much as I can. As I said before the payments where collected by a coorporation that is in Hong Kong, you can see it on your statement or look at here too,

    • Avatar

      OK, but again, guys from Jolla are from Finland, so they are also considered as countable, so we shell see their next move…

  87. Avatar

    @prometheus if I go to the consumer affairs office in Spain, EU, they will laugh at me to be honest.

    • Avatar

      No they won’t. I am quite sure that Chinese didn’t put the product on IGG, nor they started the campaign. Guys from FIN did, and as I recall Jolla is Finish brand:

    • Avatar

      P.S. EU consumer regulators are more than rigorous towards scammers and frauds, so I don’t think that anyone would be that stupid to do such a thing.

      • Avatar

        In Spain nobody cares about consumers, I can give plenty of examples, I got scam on Paypal once, when I went to the police station, they told me that by make a false report I can go to jail, when I was the victim. Im a US citizen as well, and things like this, $200, you either resolve with the credit card in 90 days or you write off it.

  88. Avatar

    Ok no problem, Good luck to prometheus.

  89. Avatar

    Love the november wave. simply amazing. When Will jolla step up and cover the tax?

  90. Avatar

    I haven’t been keeping track of this site in the past week or so. Have they started shipping the “second wave”?

    • Avatar

      The do not finished the first wave yet:
      “I got the invitation mail in September – only to be disappointed yet again to learn that only the 64GB models were shipped. (I had ordered 32GB.)”
      ( ossi1967 on November 3, 2015 at 6:45 pm )

      • Avatar

        Technically, that means that yes, they have long since finished the first wave. All the tablets they managed to produce back in September have been shipped. Yes, some of the folks who received invitations for that wave did not receive a tablet, due to the continuing failure to successfully manufacture tablets.

        But no, the “second wave” hasn’t started shipping yet, assuming that there will even be a second wave (I’m not sure just how many tablets were produced in October, if any).

        The acid test will be in December, when it seems Jolla expects that actual production in volume will finally be occurring…

        • Avatar

          Yep, since they have had 6 month so far and manged to produced around 263 tablets so far I wouldn’t count in any tablets in Dec.

          • Avatar

            Than next thing what we should do is to sue their asses for jerking us all those months.

            • Avatar

              Why sue? It will only cost you money and you get nothing back.

              I think is more fun to make jokes about jolla. It’s more effective payback 😉

              • Avatar

                Like: what camapign was most successful…Ubuntu edge or jolla tablet? Ubuntu since they did everything they said while jolla did nothing that they said.

                • Avatar


                  This is actually pretty funny

                  • Avatar

                    I got more. If jolla tablet was a game…It would be Duke nukem forever!

                    • Avatar

                      Hey, at least DNF *was* released eventually and it was even decent (IMHO)

                • Avatar

                  Btw, Ubuntu Edge was kick ass phone, but price was the one to blame, and people simply didn’t want to give that kind of a money. Ubuntu as phone OS also lacked applications, so that was additional reason.

              • Avatar

                Not quite, when you win the case, you have right for compensation… Yes, it costs, but only to that particular person who loses the case…

                • Avatar

                  So if the jolla don’t have the money? The best you can get is the parts of 8000 tablets dumped in your garden 😀

  91. Avatar

    OK Dave999, let’s laugh.
    Looking for a gamechanger I was burned twice.
    First with the HP Touchpad (former Palm) which I BOUGHT in pre-sale for US$499, 2 months after launching it was on firesale for US$99. Fortunately HP, who had big bucks, gave me back US$400. It was a good tablet with a great OS, I still have it but there are no new apps.
    Expecting again a good tablet with a great OS, I CROWDFUNDED the 64GB Jolla Tablet with the Latsu case for US$279, I don´t know if I am going to receive the tablet, my money back or neither.
    So folks, which is my choice for not getting burned again!!!:D

    • Avatar

      Never buy a half baked bread or start a business, make enough money so you can afford to do it once every day. gL

      • Avatar

        Good conclusion. The biggest downfall is that no one in this world have honor and dignity. No one are standing by their word. They promise something and next day turn for 180°

        • Avatar

          I am not just talking about Jolla, but many others. For example, Blackberry has failed and went almost bankrupt. They sold BB playbook (a totally good hardware), but their OS was crap. Then they decided to create new OS which was being a huge RAM hog, and they let support for that tablet go. The biggest issue is they didn’t unlocked bootloader so others could install ported android or whatever system that community would build. The reason for that is they used TI (Texas Instruments chip) which was not programmable. Instead of cutting clean and being honest, they stayed silent (just like Jolla), and look where it brought them (stock were dropped to 7$, and still it is falling)…

        • Avatar

          Smart people, learn from somebodies mistake, but only stupid learn it on their own.

          • Avatar

            Don’t want to look like mr. Smarty Pants, but the original saying goes like “wise people learn from other’s mistakes, clever people learn from their own, and stupid don’t learn at all”

            • Avatar

              With great tablets comes great responsibility.

  92. Avatar

    Nice planning buy jolla again. The 15 days of second wave have been awesome so far. Keep up the second wave.

    • Avatar

      What second wave? People from the “first wave” haven’t got their tablets either. At least what some of them said in previous posts.

      • Avatar

        yes, what second wave? I was in the first group to buy. I paid the import tax a month ago, and since I have heard nothing!

        • Avatar

          Probably drunken Fins spent your money on Koskenkorva or Finlandia Vodka. 😀

          • Avatar

            The second wave is going on right now.

    • Avatar

      Well, sure, but remember this was a prediction by someone at Jolla as to when tablets would be shipped. So far, their predictions have been 100% wrong, and I’m sure they didn’t want to break that perfect streak. 😉 (But yeah, I certainly hope they’ll break their losing streak someday…)

      • Avatar

        Yeah. Maybe jolla planning a surprise at one year anniversary of wait…we will see.

        • Avatar

          I don’t recall that today is April fools day…

  93. Avatar

    Russians, hi again. As i can understand, they cancel support Russia at igg because contract. It owned by vvpgroup (buyon, n-store, etc.). So, please read what service we will have when got tablets ( – good example). It will be no service. So maybe Jolla not to blame for the delays in the delivery of Russia.

    • Avatar

      I don’t care that I’ll have no service, I have never needed one (have about a dozen phones, the oldest is SonyEricsson T100 – all are still working). What I care about is communication. I am used to work with partners who, when there is a problem with my contract of delivery, call/send me an e-mail to explain the reasons. It’s a normal thing to do and to expect in the world of business.

    • Avatar

      And i not understand, question in zendesk about shipping to russia still unanswered now.

  94. Avatar

    So tomorrow Where going into the final week of the second wave of jollas schedule. It has been a major success so far and jolla keeping their track record …

    Anyhow, jolla should have more info now Then planning the Waves so an update would be nice. Why no invites, why no tablets? Any ETA when tablet vill hit the assembly line. Stretch goal info? How many tablets are they waiting for before sending invite? Jolla still needs 14 days to complete shopping after tax or the estimate faster through put now?

    • Avatar

      I admire your optimism… 🙂

      • Avatar

        yep, Im Optimist Dave from the autobots. Hiding amoung you, watching, waiting…

    • Avatar

      and no december wave

      • Avatar

        Maybe “Wave” was the wrong terminology. Maybe it should have been “squirt” or “piddle”. 😉

        In all seriousness, if they don’t have hard numbers for what will be produced in November and a date for when those will be completed; I can’t imagine there will be a shipment in December.

        I know this kind of talk doesn’t help anything but it’s a measure of how excited I was to try out Sailfish on a tablet because I care about privacy and security. I’d like to hook it up to my vpn and leverage my owncloud server, email server, and other services I run myself. I would continue using my PlayBook / Touchpad but those tablets are getting long in the tooth and I don’t really want to use android/iOS because I’m not a fan of the way Google/Apple capture your data.

        Honestly the best mobile OS out there now (disregarding apps, just the OS) in my opinion is Blackberry OS 10 and that’s because of the way it operates with gestures and multitasking and protects your Privacy. There’s no chance these days of BlackBerry creating another tablet.
        And my other great love in the mobile OS space, WebOS is never coming back either.

        Even if the Jolla tablet doesn’t end up fulfilling my needs and joins my Playbook, Touchpad, n810, n900, n9, Pre3 and Jolla Phone (doesn’t support my carrier). I will still enjoy using it and seeing what I can get it to do.

  95. Avatar

    Almost middle of November and still no news…

    • Avatar

      The delay is disappointing but I feel even more let down by the lack of communication. The last update on shipping was nearly a month ago and that contained very little information.

      First I was hoping to have it in time for summer, then September, then Christmas. Now I’m just hoping I get it at all. We really need an update to steady the ship!

  96. Avatar

    From my perspective, it does not matter when or even if I get the tablet. Because even though it will arrive on Christmas, so it will be obsolete piece of iron for me. 🙁 I was looking forward for the modern tablet with good equipment and a perfect OS (all for a good price). But the world of mobile devices run so fast …

    • Avatar

      Wow. Do you honestly throw away all your electronic devices every twelve months? That’s amazing…

      • Avatar

        what he wanted to say is he wanted to play with tablet 6 months ago, and now he simply lost his thrill. Somebody mentioned how Jolla members are reading all the comments from this blog, so my question is how do they comment all the dissatisfaction of Jolla backers, since we are still waiting for a tablet that should be in our hands 6 months ago…? No comments on this thread or any other. Twitter is also abandoned. Do you guys/girls even care?

        • Avatar

          @prometheus: What kind of “comment” do you expect? Something along the lines of “Yes, you’re right, we’ve missed more than one deadline and the tablet is late. Thanks for telling us.”? What kind of useful “comment” could there possibly be other than “we understand and share your frustration and you’ll get your money back if you want”? (Which is what they said.)

          • Avatar

            Free tax? Or a discount on their next phone. An invitation to jolla office or a chocolate-bar.

          • Avatar

            I’d like them to share their trials and tribulations.

            Maybe you find no value in a post talking about how difficult it is to get factory time when you are only constructing 10k units but I think there are a lot of people who would be interested and who would appreciate any communication.

            Communication is key to relationship building and the 10k contributers are the most likely source of future revenue. Gaining new customers is hard, losing existing customers is easy so you should always try to have a good relationship with your existing customers. (I really hate using the name ‘customer’ as relates to a crowd funding project..)

            The existing customers are the ones who are going to be buying apps or accessories and even doing word of mouth marketing to their contacts.

            If Jolla wants to be a ‘together’ company then they have to make people think they really are doing things together not go into silent mode.

            They probably bit off more than they can chew. There is no way they are making a profit on the tablet contributions by the time you factor in engineer salaries, benefits, operations, factory costs, component costs, shipping, certifications, etc, etc, etc.

            Those are all great topics to discuss on the blog to make people understand exactly how hard it is to bring a hardware product into the world. I think they’d build a lot of good will by being open about these things.

          • Avatar

            > What kind of useful “comment” could there possibly be other than “we understand and share your frustration and you’ll get your money back if you want”?

            Come on Ossi, you of all people ought to know the answer to that question. Just look at the Fairphone blog. They provide brief, yet 100% concrete information about what exactly goes under the hood. About what it actually takes to create a smartphone from scratch. About the troubles they run into, and how they overcome them. No blathering whatsoever. It is fun to read, it is educational, it shows people where exactly their money go, it creates a healthy relationship between the company and customers built on mutual trust. *THIS* is what is called “transparency” and “openness”.

      • Avatar

        @Copernicus No, I really do not (I am still use the jolla mobile as primary phone since Jan/’14). I just compare offers now and 12M ago when the tablet was introduced. Try it and you will see how the Jolla tablet is able to compete in present or when will be available.

        • Avatar

          So, if the hardware is all you care about, why bother posting here? Just go ahead and get one of these other offers now, and take your refund on the Jolla when it becomes available. Problem solved.

          • Avatar

            Oh no. With this approach, we could all quit here. I just complained that’s what seemed a great thing (before a year), is not anymore. How Jolla wants to get new customers (except enthusiasts) when will selling the tablet, which is a year or more old model? The SFOS is great but not all !!! IMHO the one of reason why the Jolla mobile is not so expanded is HW (HW vs. price). May be my considerations are not intelligible here, because of my english – sorry for it.
            I think the all what most of people here wants to say is:

            1. Jolla, start communicate
            2. Do not tell us fairy tales, but say the true story (facts)
            3. Most people here accept this

            Because no one says it’s easy to throw to launch a new tablet and we understand fact that there may be unforeseen obstacles and circumstances.

    • Avatar

      Strangely, I concur with Copernicus. IMHO all those talks about how fast electronics become outdated are 100% BS. I still use my awesome N95 which allows me to do pretty much everything I can do on any modern smartphone.

      The only reason to use more powerful hardware in smartphones is to allow less skilled programmers join the industry, so that their crapcode which wouldn’t run 5 years ago will at leat somehow work on a modern one. This is why we have a calendar app which takes 40-50 MiB of RAM and does less than a Symbian one which took 800 KiB.

    • Avatar

      Dude copied my questions from above. I feel flattered.

      • Avatar

        Sorry, the topic is too long to read all comments…

    • Avatar

      I think I’d prefer a count up clock from the original shipping date.

      • Avatar

        We have the “Total WAIT :P” column in the Mosen’s Google Sheet.

        Right now for most people it says 356.

      • Avatar

        +1 … but it is funny. 🙂

  97. Avatar

    my ipad2 is almost dead. it’ll be so much fun living a tablet-free life!

  98. Avatar

    Community manager???

    • Avatar

      there is a community manager? LMAO 😀

  99. Avatar

    Everybody on this thread should STFU. If you are into predictability of purchase then you shouldn’t have used Indiegogo, it’s not a shop. Crowdfunding isn’t new and you should know by now that often projects don’t go as planned and often even canceled. This is 2015, stop being so damn naive. If you excitement for the tablet has waned it’s only your problem. Also, you shouldn’t have invested into anything that is as tiny and independent as Jolla. Thirdly I hope some of you spammers have better things to do in life than complain on here every single day.

    • Avatar

      Hi ivanp

      Thanks for telling us its “not a shop”. Lucky someone with your obviously superior intellect is around to help us out.

      I’ve no intention whatsoever to STFU!
      If you don’t like what we “spammers” – people who’ve paid Jolla (not indiegogo) hundreds of Dollars – say, then go somewhere else and insult people.

      Clearly you couldn’t be arsed to actually read most of the posts. These are mainly not “complaining” about Jolla’s near total failure to deliver any hardware, but about their inability to tell us WTF is going-on.

      Surely even your average (or above-average) thrusting young Finnish Corporate Exec can find the odd 10 minutes a fortnight (or better week) to do a progress report? I assume that someone at Jolla actually knows what’s happening (there’s things called Computers, and Software which REALLY help with this!), so why not pass on the good or bad news.

      Jolla may not be a “shop”, but it is a business and it has taken money for a product. All we want to know is what’s going on…..

      • Avatar

        They didn’t take money for a product. They took money as an indicator of support for them to build a product. You didn’t buy a tablet, but in order to thank you for your contribution you are supposed to get a tablet if the endeavor you contributed to succeeds.

        At least that’s how crowdfunding works in principle. Mostly crowdfunding is used as a pre-order where the device might never appear.

  100. Avatar

    Dear Captain, any news on the second wave?
    We’re loosing credibility in your company and promises.

    it is better to tell truth rather than keep contributors in dark.

    i really appreciate on an update. Even if the project failed, is a better news than nothing.

    • Avatar

      Not gonna happen…

    • Avatar

      This is hilarious. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

  101. Avatar

    How do i know to which wave i belong?

  102. Avatar

    why did you delete my comment,
    I am sure you will delete this one as well.
    But I still demand an answer, it that why there are no comments since the 23rd?
    You guys have been deleting anything you don’t like.
    I didn’t attack the company I just asked a simple question, has anyone received their tablet. I have yet to see a post about someone actually receiving their tablet and since they should be been shipping already I was starting to wonder.
    if someone had said I got my tablet and its great that would look good for you guys, so it means either you haven’t shipped them yet, or you have and response has not been good.
    Since everyone generally agrees that the tablet is awesome I don’t that is the reason.


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