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Sailfish OS 2.2.0 is now available for Jolla devices & Sailfish X

One of the biggest and most feature packed Sailfish OS updates is now available on Jolla devices and Sailfish X! This update’s name is Mouhijoki, which is a river in Finland with roots from the lake Mouhijärvi. Mouhijoki is only 11,5 km long. It runs through farming field sceneries, with occasional cottages and saunas in Pirkanmaa area close to the city of Tampere.

Release highlights

Mouhijoki introduces new features and design improvements throughout the whole OS. Starting from the gallery and the camera app where you can find refined way of viewing pictures and videos, to the newly added emoji keyboard. We have updated Android support to Jolla C and Sailfish X, alongside a more reliable VPN and MDM support. A more feature-packed Email app is also added to the bunch with improvements to attachment downloads and more. Remorse timers can be swiped away to commit immediately. This update also includes a few Sailfish X exclusive features detailed below.

Gallery and Camera app

Simple and easy to use user interface has always been one of our top selling points with Sailfish OS. This has been apparent throughout every update where we have deployed improvements to make the user experience more pleasant. For this update, we have radically improved how our gallery app views photos and videos with a better and more intuitive “single item view” which we have applied also to our camera roll and MMS viewer view. You can swipe up or down to dismiss it after entering the view. The gallery can now show TIFF files alongside the previously supported formats too.


Another handy item is our brand new emoji keyboard built into the OS. This feature is activated by going to the Settings app | Text input | Keyboards, and just sellecting “Emoji Beta”.



Sailfish X exclusive features

Sailfish X has been one of our priorities for the past year, and it continues to be that way with features being added after each update. This time, not only we have improved Sailfish X with numerous bug fixes, we have added support for Sailfish X exclusive features and we’re pleased to announce full support for the dual-SIM version of the Sony Xperia (Model F5122). Another important fix is the improved autofocus capabilities for the camera which results in clearer pictures. Last but definitely not least, we have now enabled fingerprint unlock on Xperia X which allows you to unlock your smartphone much faster. You will soon be able to download the official image from our store after the Mouhijoki update gets released to the masses.



Bug fixes

Making Sailfish OS as bug-free as possible with the help of our precious community has been our mission for the past few years. This update follows the same principle and fixes bugs, both found internally and reported by the community on TJC, to Mouhijoki. Bugs such as time rounding on stop timer, message notification loop , flashing screen while on a phone call, Gstreamer buffering issues, Xperia X camera focus issue and many more, are now fixed or improved upon for better usability of Sailfish OS.

This was only the tip of the update-berg, as there are a ton of more features and improvements in this nearly 400MB software package.You can visit TJC to read the whole release notes with full details about what has been improved, fixed or added to Sailfish OS.

You can also follow our detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device here. Images of Mouhijoki for Sony Xperia X (F5121 & F5122) are now separately available to download through our webshop, for those beginning from scratch.

Big thanks to the Sailfish community for their continued support both in social media and on TJC for reporting bugs and suggesting new features. A special thanks goes again to Jolla engineers that work tirelessly for each software release so that our community can have the smoothest experience on their devices!



James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    …now about that refund!

    Only kidding! 😀

    Thanks for the update James. I’m kinda keen to get my hands on a working device with SFOS.

    I’m pretty tempted to opt for a Xperia F5121 OR 5122 but have no idea as to how complete these are in terms of bug fixes and there doesnt appear to be anything yet concrete about the Xperia XA2 which i’d prefer to get my hands on.

    Is there an official list of outstanding bugs for the F5121/5122?

    Also, what would be the plan about rectifying these issues prior to launching the XA2? (i.e. will the XA2 have the same bugs as the F5121/5122?)

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    • Avatar


      Your are welcome!
      It’d be great if you had the Xperia X in hand, either model would work similarly.

      There are bugs left to be debugged, as it is the case with every single OS out there, but the only “list” you can find out there is TJC and a quick glance over related tags regarding Xperia X, Sailfish X and bugs. You should get a pretty good idea of what’s going on in those terms. But overall it works perfectly fine as my, and many other’s daily driver.

      About the XA2, that’s a whole new animal and a different hardware so “issues” with it are different as well. Let’s wait for a proper update blog post on that front as it should be time for that pretty soon 🙂


      • Avatar

        Sorry, not available in your country??

  2. Avatar

    F5121 experience has been production quality in every way. It’s been a daily driver for me for 3 months or so now. Fingerprint unlock is absolutely fantastic.

    • Avatar

      So, you managed to get the fingerprint unlock to work? Trying to register my fingerprint doesn’t seem to do anything at all.

      • Avatar

        Ok, took quite a few tries and weird rubbing over the sensor, but now it works. Let’s see how practical that turns out to be.

        Thanks for the update anyway.

    • Avatar

      thanks for your reply

      what about the bluetooth issue & camera auto focus?

      has that been resolved?

      • Avatar

        @braapbraap: it is stated in the blog post actually. The camera autofocus works much better than before now. Some Bluetooth issues are fixed and some are not.


    • Avatar

      That’s amazing to hear. It is always a pleasure to see community members with Sailfish X as their daily driver. Thanks for your feedback!


  3. Avatar

    Progress is good. But I simply can’t use this Sailfish X until it can handle group texts/MMS. I know it’s “a USA thing”, but it’s required here. Pretty please?

    • Avatar

      Hi Seth,

      Very unfortunate to hear that Sailfish X is unusable for you at the moment. We will consider adding that feature but it all depends on the popularity of it and if our paying customers request it. It goes beyond just adding a feature and it definitely takes a lot of resources which we already lack. But let’s see how it goes!


      • Avatar

        I’d vote for group texts. It’s a very useful feature I have used in the past on the Nokia E7. I find it especially useful sending out mass emails to family members.

        Also calling groups would be handy too. This is a handy way to control who can call you, e.g. on weekends or after work by having it set as part of an Ambience or as it was on the E7 a Profile.

        • Avatar

          Its a very great idea.

      • Avatar

        > but it all depends on the popularity of it and if our paying customers request it

        Have you considered some form of bounty?
        So that for (some relatively small) features that might not be popular among your inverstors (the poster above mentioned his request is popular in the US only, so definitely not something that Russian or Indian investors would interested in paying for), end users could band together and chip in ?

        (Here: maybe if all interested US users did chip in together, they could pay for the necessary dev time ?)

      • Avatar

        Thank You. It is great to hear from Jolla that you will consider adding group SMS/MMS feature. We have constantly asked for this in the and received no response from Jolla.

        Group SMS/MMS usage has been increased recently because the messaging is getting fragmented between many proprietary solutions like WhatsApp, Duo, Signal, etc. SMS/MMS is the least common denominator and be sure the all recipients receive the message. Another reason is that iOS and Android seems to be supporting it very well.

        I have been a Sailfish OS user since Jolla 1 and since the increase of group SMS usage, I have been forced to keep my Jolla 1, Nexus 5 and Sony Xperia X in the draw. I update them and test them every time there is a Sailfish OS upgrade.

        I would also request to allow Android apps like Signal to handle SMS/MMS. Signal handles Group SMS/MMS very well.

        Anxiously waiting for you to release this very important feature so I can go back to using my favorite OS Sailfish.

        Thanks Again
        Aby Thomas

  4. Avatar

    Very nice.
    This update is refreshing the Xperia X with the fingerprint support.

    I should be careful on update jolla phone 1? It’s now affordable and flawess. The update run well on the original jolla device?

    Thanks, I suppose yes because this is not Apple 😉

    • Avatar

      I am installing now on prerelease…

    • Avatar


      You are perfectly safe to install this on the Jolla 1. Just be careful with your storage. Check if you have a few gigabytes free before installing otherwise there is a chance of your device bricking because of the lack of storage.

      Also another tips is to do a factory reset if possible once in a while to refresh the BTRFS on your phone.

      • Avatar

        Nice solid update.
        The camera gained a good ‘tap-to-focus’ function, I feel it’s near to an iphone 6 now.
        I noticed that during video recording, there is a fixed focus; it would be perfect to have with the same ‘tap-to-focus’…

        As a designer I would have put the ‘fingerprint’ icon positioned in the right center vertically, to confirm that the impression was accepted. Finesse.

      • Avatar

        Doing factory resets to refresh the BTRFS seems like overkill.

        Doing a re-balancing would be much more appropriate (at least with users comforttttttable with BTRFS).

  5. Avatar

    “Design improvements”?

    Generally an application’s or operating system’s UI isn’t all that important to me (a lot of people make a fuss about it). I’m not the one to say that “If you don’t do the UI my way, I’ll quit using your product” or such.

    But let me at least state I’m disappointed with the new UI of the image viewer. One might argue that the original UI had room for improvement, but it wasn’t bad, quite on the contrary. It was efficient, robust, easy to use in all situations.

    Instead of fine tuning it, you threw it away and created a 1:1 copy of a boring Android app. (With some bizarre details, like closing the image with both swipe down and the [X])

    This is not an improvement IMHO. It’s more of a “We have to change something and we don’t know what to do so we just copy what the others do.” It’s a change, but its not an improvement. 🙁

    • Avatar

      Sorry to hear that you think so, Ossi.

      This is a design feature that helps the user blend in with Sailfish OS as we have received numerous feedback about the previous view being confusing for some.

      Having more options to dismiss the picture should not be such a bad thing though 😉

      Again, every design improvement has people expressing different ideas about it, and this is no exception.


      • Avatar

        As Ossi, I wouldn’t label it “improvement”, “change” is more suitable to describe it. Anyway if you could have not make the earlier UI work without turning it into android, it makes some questions about everything else that we consider to be the “sailfish way”. I think UI/UX ease of use for noobs is not where it should be heading, but effectiveness when you learned it.

        Sorry but I just can’t see past the [x]…

  6. Avatar

    great work on the update! really happy with the snappiness being back and really the small things are key… the subtle audio notification while listening to music or podcasts is a great feature that I missed and so happy to see it :).

    • Avatar

      Thanks a lot for you comment!

      It has indeed refreshed the devices! And I also appreciate that exact feature. Very subtle, but it is all in the details right? 😉

  7. Avatar

    Cheers to james and tean amazing job once again so convenient to use fingerprint sensor cant wait to see whats next!!!

    • Avatar

      Agree, the fingerprint unlock is very useful.

  8. Avatar


    • Avatar

      Emoji working great for me. Imoji is like an additional language layout. After activation in the settings-> Input -> Keyboards, long press on Space bar and choose Emoji. Than you can use it.

    • Avatar

      At least something seems to be wrong with your keyboard since you are writing in capitals. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Caloma.

      ExPlit had a great explanation about how to use the emoji keyboard.

      About the Bluetooth, it does work, but may still have some connectivity issues with different hardware. We haven’t said that Bluetooth is completely supported 😉 it has however been improved.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for update! Emoji input support is good news. I would like to have more different kind of emojis.

    • Avatar

      Caps lock appears to be broken too for this unlucky user.

  9. Avatar

    Big thanks for Jolla for this Update! 2.2 solved many bugs for me, tha nasty Contacts App Crash bug is solved, as soon as Black screen of death is not coming anymore. Xperia X is also my daily driver since beginning and i’m very happy with it. Of course it has some bugs here and there, Fingerprint could unlock the Phone from the “Display-Off” Position, not only from Lockscreen. So you need to press the power button and than hold you finger to unlock it. It should unlock in One Touch 🙂

    Also Bluetooth Headset Problems is a Task, which need to be solved. If i pick up Phone call on BT, first i don’t hear anything, only if i switch to telephone speaker and than again back to BT – it starts working.

    SIP is something what we discussed a lot during Berlin MeetUp. It would be very cool if this feature will find its way to Sailfish.

    Thanks and keep on Sailing!
    I will support you everywhere i can!

    • Avatar

      Thanks Explit for your feedback!

      That is not a bad idea for the FP scanner. I am unsure if there is a hardware limitation preventing it from happening or is it just a simple software tweak that could enable it. I’ll definitely ask around for that one!

      And yes BT still has its issues. We are improving it after each update. Hopefully it’ll be much better and more usable soon.

      SIP is definitely in consideration! 😉


      • Avatar

        SIP: that would be definitely welcome.

        Specially since some service-providers are starting to support SIP over Wifi as an alternative – see “Wifi Calling” (for bad reception zone, like in building that have local Wifi AP but aren’t very permeable to 3G/4G ; for cheaper solution than roaming over 3G/4G from abroad, etc.)

        My provider does, and it would be great for me to setup this kind SIP fallback.

  10. Avatar


    • Avatar

      Keep Calm. Sailfish X will be supported. For XA – wait until its more clear

    • Avatar

      I firmly believe that people love to provide information to people asking so kindly. Not.

      Guys, let’s cool it. Problems are neither analyzed nor solved by outrage and capital letters.

    • Avatar

      Are you Donald Trump or does the latest Sailfish update have a bug that forces you to write in capital letters? Both would be a pitty indeed!

    • Avatar

      Your Xperia will continue working and will get support after the XA2 image is released. No need to worry. More information on the XA2 support follows later in another blog post.

    • Avatar

      Jolla has never dropped support for a phone yet – even the original Jolla phone from 2013 is still supported. So I don’t think there’s any need to worry about the Xperia X. In fact Jolla support seems to be longer than the standard for Android or iOS.

  11. Avatar

    Thanks for the update, are there any news about maybe supporting the Xperia X Compact as well?

    • Avatar

      You’re welcome! Thanks to the restless sailors working nonstop on it 😉

      About the compact version, there is not a big chance that it’ll happen unfortunately. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for future Xperia compact phones!

      • Avatar

        Just curious: is there a reason, why you don’t see a big chance for the X compact? AFAIK the community build is already very good and it does seem to be only a small step. I can’t see a valid reason to stop here. Can you please explain?

        • Avatar

          X and XC almost the same device. Why you just throwing away new potential users? Community build on XC is awesome. Please make it official .

          • Avatar

            The devices being “almost” the same makes all the difference in the world. It’s not about just having a port ready. There is a ton of stuff that goes into commercially selling a piece of software (or any product for that matter) and we would like to move forward in the product chain, and have better, more up to date devices available for the future.

            • Avatar

              Perfectly fine on one hand but slightly confusing, why you choose the Xperia X Dual Sim over Compact. There was the Dual Sim Aqua Fish available already but no compact device like the Xperia X Compact. It seems as if the demand for a compact device is higher than for dual sim (at least so it seems on TJC). The next product chain, the XA does not offer a compact version either, so the Xperia X Compact will probably stay a valid choice for quite some people for at least let’s guess 2 to 3 years.

              • Avatar

                Totally agree on that point. Using the compact is far more convenient for me than the bigger versions and I have the feeling many others think alike. Please make the official support possible. From my uneducated perspective it seems as most of the work was already done with providing the community build.

              • Avatar

                ‘…why you choose the Xperia X Dual Sim over Compact’


                Come on guys, not everyone wants to carry those TVs in their pockets. I was really hoping to get Sailfish on my F5321 🙁

      • Avatar

        Chiming in, could you please reveal, what obstacles blocks support for XC?
        Community port with fixes listed in TJC annoucement thread is on par with official Sailfish X, , sans OTA updates.
        Port seems quite popular and possibly could be even more, assuming for some people it is important to have officially supported device (for AD/ exchange, XT9, regular updates etc…)
        Is it matter of another device you’d have to test before OS updates release?

      • Avatar

        v2.2 it’s great step, but X_Compact, not X is a my device for every day.
        Jolla, please maybe not v2.2, but v3 for X_Compact…

  12. Avatar

    After uppdate xperia no weather and when a message arrives it sounds but shows nowhere. Have to open app.And emoj sent from android shows as sqare.Anyone else ??

    • Avatar

      Strange after one hour all is there but cannot install Marine Traffic

      • Avatar

        Uppdate….via Apptoide it worked. Over Out.

        • Avatar

          Great that it finally worked out!

  13. Avatar

    Great Update so far!

    Install worked like a charm. I miss one or two (4 exactly) patches. But it is usually a matter of days until some nice people update their software for the new OS.
    The emoji Keyboard is very nice, Gallery is ok and a Sailfish Device is the only device on which I would use a fingerprint scanner on.

    Great work!
    Thank you!

    • Avatar

      One done, three left to go.

      That is really amazing. Launcher combined patch is already updated.

    • Avatar

      Thank you!

      Yes, our community is pretty fast at updating those patches! Hopefully you’ll have all of your needed ones working in no time.


  14. Avatar

    Thanx for the update crew!

    • Avatar

      We hope you enjoy it!

  15. Avatar

    I thought it was time give the refund blog post some love, I was wrong. Hope someone is happy with a new update of gui.

  16. Avatar

    Thanks for the update, will try soon. If thr camera focus works now that would be a huge step. Apart from small bugs there is one big issue left: NFC.

    • Avatar

      The camera focus definitely works much better than before. It was a simple trick to get it working properly. We disabled the continuous autofocus and it did the trick. Let us know how it feels!

      • Avatar

        I think it will be reactivated in the video side of the camera app

  17. Avatar

    I know u guys were privious Nokia. Atleast u can make it possible that Nokia can use sailfish os on their upcoming feature phone…if possible new Nokia N9…both companies are at same place right…try to make it

    • Avatar

      We are always open for business, and we always want to have new partners in the company. Nokia is no exception either!

  18. Avatar

    Thanks for the upgrade! I am very happy! The only missing feature on the XPERIA X is the double tap. Hope this will be coming in the next release. The team has solved bigger issues I’m sure! Keep up the good work!

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately I have to inform you that double-tap to unlock is a hardware limited feature that we can’t do much about…

      • Avatar

        James, could you please explain this a bit more?
        I mean there is a fix existing in the TJC community. Are there any disadvantages in using? For me it look like this fix works fine since I use it right from the beginning at my Xperia.

        • Avatar

          Is it a fix, where the screen stays on, you you can double tap? Is it not killing your battery?

          I had the same kind of fix applied on my Nexus 5 and the battery performance was really-really poor.

        • Avatar

          what about consuption? You see dropping in autonomy?

          • Avatar

            That was my thought too and logically there is additional consumption.
            The only question is how much in comparison to other things.
            For example if I’m using my phone less the battery is going 3 days and more, so I think it can’t be that much.

      • Avatar

        What a pity; if, from what I read, it is a consumption issue,it could just have a setting to use it or not.
        Thank you!

  19. Avatar

    Congrats for the OS update. I will try it soon.

    only 2 short questions:
    1) Is the issue with the poor sound quality over plugged headphones fixed? Since the latest update there are a lot of distortion particular in quiet passages.
    2) As for the picture above. Do I really need to hold my phone up-side-down during the finger print sensor configuration process? 😉

    Keep on sailing!

    • Avatar

      No, the horrible sound quality on the Xperia X hasn’t been fixed yet. I would hope somebody from Jolla or Sony Open Devices would have a look because I know the phone sounded pretty good on Android before I flashed it. Not sure if it is a kernel issue, something with audio configuration or perhaps power saving settings.

      Come on Jolla, at least acknowledge the bug…

      • Avatar

        You just made think, I should not by an expensive Sony device, if this solution still has these kind of bugs.

        And I cannot buy Jolla devices anymore. Intex is a no go. The overall picture is not good. 🙁

        • Avatar

          To be fair, I’m happy with Sailfish on Xperia X, both the device and the OS are stable and look good. It just so happens I use my phone mostly for listening to music and there really is a nasty bug with the wired sound. Ironically, I haven’t had any problems with bluetooth at all, and it sounds a lot better than the distorted sound of regular wired headphones.

          Shouldn’t the hardware layer use pretty much the same drivers as the device tree used in Android? Because those did sound good…

  20. Avatar

    My Jolla offers the update to me even though I can’t remember to opt-in for early access releases – what’s happening there? The update probably didn’t make it from “early access” to “publicly available” in just one day. 😉

    Did my opt-in setting somehow change, or is there a problem with update distribution?

    • Avatar

      The update is actually available for everybody (EA was last week).
      It seems that this blog post was originally written for the early access and that only a paragraph was added at the end for the general availability, but without re-reading the whole post, which makes it sound quite weird indeed.

  21. Avatar

    Hi Guys! 🙂

    Great news, I am new to Jolla, I have it installed on my Nexus 5 to test it and it feels like a good old Nokia Symbian phone. Kinda fell in love with it! And I found some apps in the Jolla Store, which I used on my 701 before!!! Unbelievable! 😀

    Now, you mentioned the Xperia XA2. Which version will be supported (Dual or Simple SIM)? I intend to buy one. Also can you please share which other phones will be supported?

    Thanks and keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Avatar


      Thanks for your comment. The XA2 details have not been fully disclosed yet. We will have a blog post regarding that here, pretty soon.

  22. Avatar

    Would be nice to have a pully menu instead of these buttons in galery view. Or, as an alternative there should be a way to show pictures to others – probably children – without being able to delete / share etc.

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar


    • Avatar

      Never witnessed anything such with my Xperia X F5121 with any of the SFOS software versions. Battery keeps on going for long periods.
      (I bought the phone 07/2017)

    • Avatar

      (BTW: I think your “caps-lock” key is stuck 😉 )

      Check with an app such as “Crest” if there isn’t a background process that keeps eating CPU cycle (stuck at 100% cpu for long periods of time)

      Most of the time, it comes from Android application in the background.
      (A restart of Alien-dalvik might help. The best strategy is to block them from starting automatically in “Settings->App->{the app stuck at 100%} )

      Sometime it’s the contactsd acting badly.
      Look at the forum for people having their contacts SQLite file taking up abnormal space.
      (Usual fix is to shut down contactsd, backup and delete away the old SQLite, restart contactsd, and start a new sync to repopulate the database).
      (Removing your Google account, killing the contacts database as above, and re-adding the Google account might help too)

  25. Avatar

    Plz give release sailfish os 2.2.0 on Intex Aquafish we are waiting from india.

    • Avatar

      Hi, AquaFish is a product from Intex corp. Intex is our partner and as a partner they should do their own testings before releasing the software to their device. Please be patient and stay tuned from Intex’ side.

      • Avatar

        recived the notification “Intex Aqua Fish is a discontinued model.
        No software upgrade is available “

    • Avatar

      Go down the terminal route with version –dup. I did it on day one. Works fine

      • Avatar

        Just like that ? I’ve tried it just now and doesnt work for me. version –dup only updated some apps.

        • Avatar

          ssu re 2.2.0 version –dup
          WARNING: ssu.ini does not seem to be writable. Setting values might not work.

          • Avatar

            Hey Joao, do it like this:


            ssu re

            version –dup


            • Avatar

              Thanks Rogger it worked.

  26. Avatar

    Good job, when will be done graphic installer?

    • Avatar

      Thanks! We are working on that with full speed. It’ll be available to you pretty soon.

      • Avatar

        I’m glad to hear it… I am waiting Excitedly.

  27. Avatar

    Great news for the update !

    Did upgrade my Jolla 1 (i keep around for testing) with the EA, upgrading now my daily driver Xperia X with the official release.

    Speaking of upgrades: are there some approximate time frame for Sailfish 3 ?

    (roughly. I know it’s a big update and lot still needs to be done, so you can’t probably pin-point an exact release date. I was more asking to know how the things are going on in general).

    • Avatar

      And can we still wait some software update before the 3.0? 🙂

      • Avatar

        As mentioned here “” the rollout for SFOS 3 is starting in Q3 I wouldn’t expect another update before. And Q3 is startin in July already… so we are not far away anymore ;).

      • Avatar

        There will actually be 2 more major updates before Sailfish 3 hits your devices.

        • Avatar

          Cool, looking forward.
          Thanks to all the Jolla crew for your hard work on keep the OS alive !

    • Avatar

      And Sailfish 3 is coming to Xperia phones too? (Maybe dum question, but maybe worth to ask 🙂

      • Avatar

        Jolla has always tried (and up to now succeeded) to release updates for *all* of their own devices and products.

        Xperia X will definitely get Sailfish X 3. (and according to IRC discussions, that’s when we could be seeing the kernel 4.4 that Sony has provided for Xperia X getting deployed on Sailfish)

        Jolla 1 is the only where I wouldn’t be 100% perfectly sure and would like confirmation from Jolla’s devs:
        Does that device have enough CPU and flash space for SF3 ?
        (Current communication from Jolla seems to show that they currently plan a Jolla 1 release too, so that would point to the hardware still being able to handle it. To be confirmed officially…)

        That would show Jolla beating Apple (usually only the last few models get updates) and the various Android manufacturer (who generally completely ignore whenever Google relaeses a new version, prefering to force you buy a newer model if you want a newer version)

        The only not sure area is non-Jolla products (e.g: the Intex Aquafish unlike the Jolla C isn’t directly handled by Jolla themselves, but by Intex. It depends on Intex to actually forward the Jolla C upgrades to their phones)
        But that won’t prevent community efforts to port it.

        The only thing that could have expired by then is you 1 year “Premium Care service”. But your access to Sailfish X should remain.
        (Personally, I wouldn’t mind repaying a new “Premium Care” package, if only to subsidize further Sailfish deveopment).

        • Avatar

          Sounds good thank you! 🙂
          And the big question: only Xperia XA2 will be officially supported or the XA2 Ultra version too? 🙂

    • Avatar

      Regarding the Sailfish 3 timeframe, we will update you in a separate blog post when we have more solid info in place 🙂

      • Avatar


        And hopes for the newer 4.4 Linux kernel on Sailfish X on Sony Xperia X (F5121) ?

  28. Avatar

    Nice update, keep them comming 🙂

    • Avatar

      Cheers! Thanks for reading!

  29. Avatar

    Good evening,

    I have a question, which devices (except sony Xperia X) but from this company support SailfishOS at this moment?

  30. Avatar

    What about refund today?

    • Avatar

      What refund are people talking about?

      • Avatar

        The one that will cover the guaranteed jolla tablet.

      • Avatar

        @cefre00 There was a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a Sailfish driven tablet. Unfortunately the project didn’t go well and only a few tablets could be delivered, the rest is lost somewhere in Asia. – A few participants of this crowd funding campaign didn’t understand the difference between a webshop and crowdfunding and now believe they are entitled to get their money back. To make things worse, Jolla already paid 50% of this so-called “refund” (which it is not) to crowdfunders, making them believe even more that it’s only a normal “money back”-issue as in an online shop.

        The bottom line is: If you don’t know what crowdfunding is and if you don’t have extra money to spare, leave it be. Don’t participate.

        • Avatar

          Still spewing the same old smoke and mirrors FUD, I see.

          • Avatar

            He’s quite right, it’s you who’s been spreading crap about your egocentric point of view.

            • Avatar

              Egocentric? You’re the one enjoying what my money paid for and telling me to shut up and I’m the egocentric one?
              You’re as full of crap as your alias ossi.

      • Avatar

        There was a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo for a Jolla Tablet, that was at the time (December 2014) the highest funded ever. Jolla took the money, kept making promises, and spent the money developing a new version of sailfish to sell to OEMs instead of paying the suppliers for the hardware. Apparently, Jolla was expecting for a funding that failed, to be able to afford the hardware promised to the backers. After that, some backers got tablets (like the notorious troll ossi), but most got burned.
        The noise raised by the backers over this clear misuse and misappropriation of funds forced jolla to promise a two parts refund, which for most backers never passed from the first half. The second has been given as a lottery, with two rounds reimbursing less than 200 of the original 21 633.
        Trolls keep claiming that people don’t understand crownfunding, which has absolutely nothing to do with the main issue – misappropriation of funds.
        The bottom line is – don’t believe trolls, and if you believe a company has misappropriated funds, act at once, agree with other injured parties to do a combined law suit, don’t accept partial refunds and vague promises.

        • Avatar

          jbernardo: Again, you spread lies that are criminal offences.

          There was no “misappropriation of funds”. *All* the money from the crowdfunding went into the tablet project (which had included the new user interface from the start) but only covered about 50% of the project’s costs. The figures are online here on this blog somewhere for everyone to see.

          • Avatar

            You’re the one lying and have been proved as a liar time and time again. Criminal offences? Only in your deluded imagination, the only thing that is a crime here is your constant trolling.
            Most of the money from the crowdfunding was taken from the tablet project and used in OS changes to make it saleable to OEMs. The campaign, even if it has been edited by Jolla since 2014, still strongly suggests that Sailfish 2.0 was ready and all that was being developed was the hardware. We now know that it was a lie, that the money went into Sailfish 2.0. And that is where your figure of “50%” comes from – the money spent on the OS passed by far the 50%. Even with the “screen excuse”.
            So please, stop lying. And stop insulting our intelligence.

            • Avatar

              @jbernardo: Publicly spreading lies about a “misuse and misappropriation of funds” is a criminal offence.

              You claim that most of the money from the crowdfunding was taken from the tablet project and used in OS changes to make it saleable to OEMs. This is a lie. The income from the crowdfunding didn’t even cover the cost of the tablet project, there was nothing to be “taken away”. What do you think you can take away when the whole thing cost about $4 million and the crowdfunding raised about $2.5 million? Do you think they spent their losses?

              What was ready and what wasn’t at the time of the crowdfunding campaign is irrelevant. (And I don’t know.) What’s relevant is what was paid for and what wasn’t. The tablet project, hardware and software, cost more than 4 million dollars. The crowdfunding campaign failed to raise the financial ressources (and wasn’t intended to). Jolla had planned to pay for the rest… but eventually couldn’t as their investors pulled the plug. It cannot be all that hard to understand if you’re able to digest figures.

              • Avatar

                It doesn’t matter how many times you lie and accuse others of doing it. The campaign page is for a tablet, and strongly suggests the OS was ready. And that is relevant. The campaign never listed developing the OS as a target or a risk. I (and I guess most backers) would never had invested our money in that case. The 2.5million were more than enough for the hardware, IF they hadn’t been spent making the OS attractive to OEMs. And that is all there is to it, no matter how you lie and spin about it.

        • Avatar

          One thing is the “grab the money and run” kickstarter scheme, quite another is when a project fails. This has been explained to you over and over.

          A project might fail for several reasons, including mis-allocation of funds. I guess Jolla was thinking to give priority to software first, since phone users would benefit as well and because they needed to adapt the software to the new tablet hardware anyways. There were also some stretch goals which clearly involved tablet-specific UI changes. In the end, the tablet became a reality, so this is definitely not a grab-the-money scheme. Due to subsequent funding issues and some parts going out of production the project failed. Sorry, that’s reality.

          If anything, I would say that the main problem was an engineering one, as they opted for some parts that quickly became obsolete. How were they planning to mass-produce more tablets for non-backers in the future?

          So stop being an idiot and accept that you made a mistake by putting your money on a project that you believed would succeed, because that’s entirely your fault. No one forced you to.

          • Avatar

            First, go call idiot to someone else. You and your fellow trolls love being rude and abusive to swindled backers, smugly enjoying the new features OUR money paid.
            Second, as has been explained time and time again to you and other trolls, one thing is a project failing. A second is asking money for a project and spending it in another (even if related)

            • Avatar

              We don’t love being rude, we’re rather sick tired of the dozen of you obsessing over this refund thing on every single blog post, when you’ve been told countless times what’s going to happen.
              And no, there was no money spent on “unrelated” stuff. Money flows into the business from several sources, it gets allocated to various parts and then teams start working. They thought they’d get funding later for the factories and they didn’t. Things went wrong, end of the story. It’s not like backers money (mine too) was marked and could only be given to someone soldering wires on a breadboard. It’ *you* who don’t understand, and you keep making a show of it.

              • Avatar

                You are sick tired? I bet I am more tired of lies and half-truths since I invested my hard earned money in a tablet.
                And I am even more tired of fanbois enjoying what I (and all the other backers) paid for and then telling us to shut up. You want us to shut up? End this joke of a lottery that has paid less than 1% of the backers, and give us our money back.
                Things didn’t work out? Jolla bet our money on getting OEMs to buy the OS, when all they had to do was to deliver the tablet. They wanted to gamble money, they should have used their own. Or made an honest crowdfunding, instead of offering a tablet, offering a raffle ticket.

                • Avatar

                  @jbernardo: “I invested my hard earned money” is a very euphemistic ay of saying “I gambled and I lost, unfortunately I couldn’t afford it in the first place.” That’s really your problem, nobody else’s.

                  “… and give us our money back.” – It’s no longer your money. You gambled, you lost. It’s gone. What you want is Jolla to give you *their* money.

                  • Avatar

                    You really don’t quit… I invested money in a project to build a tablet. If that is a gamble, then every investment is a gamble. Stop repeating the same old tired canard.
                    It is my money. I didn’t “gamble and lost”. I invested it in a project to build a tablet, and it was spent making an OS attractive to OEMs. It was used for a different end than that it should have been. End of story, it doesn’t matter how many times you repeat the insulting and completely idiotic “you gambled” ramble.

                    • Avatar

                      > then every investment is a gamble.

                      YES! You finally got it!! Omg I almost can’t believe you actually understood!

      • Avatar

        Wow, now I see, thank you for explaining, quite detailed. 😀

        I am sorry for those who lost money, but funding projects is always kind of gamble. Fortunately backing games work out better most of the time.

        The only reason I am here and getting to know Jolla and Sailfish better is that I was and I am a huge Nokia fan (old Nokia with Symbian, Maemo and Meego). I tried out Sailfish on my old Nexus 5, of course it is not realiable to use on a daily basis but decided to “OK, lets buy Jolla!”

        However, after reading all the comments here I am no longer convinced I should buy a Sony device and buy Sailfish X. Those bugs people mention, while not getting addressed, the version number advances is not a good sign in my opinion. Though I am not a dev but reading and learning a lot on this field. Maybe I’ll wait until people here clarify what to expect from 3.0 and which devices are to be supported.

        But reading a lot of this broke project and Jolla’s plans, I think once they make some money from their partners maybe they will get on track again. 🙂

        • Avatar

          As you can see the environment is quite bad around here, there’s a minority of very vocal complainers here who are doing an excellent job at keeping everyone else away from this blog. I usually comment on Diaspora, the tone is much better over there and I invite you to join us over there for the future 🙂

          Either way, my personal experience with Jolla is very good. I’ve had a Jolla 1 as my only phone for the past 4 or 5 years, battery life is not great at this point but it’s working great for me. I’m planning to get a new device with SFOS again later this year, when they announce the new supported models.

          My gf’s got the XperiaX, she was skeptical as she liked LineageOS and stuff but as her old phone died off she decided to try SFOS and she quite likes it. She regularly uses her bluetooth headphones, she can connect to our bluetooth speakers, transfer files with Linux laptops… the one problem is that some memory cards don’t seem to be recognised on her phone. Also, apparently they *must* be formatted as ext4 and not btrfs for some reason, but that’s no such big deal.

          Between the two of us, I can’t say we’ve experienced any major problem.

          • Avatar

            Thank you for this. Maybe a little bit earlier I would consider buying one Xperia X, but now its in older device. I would definitely not buy the XA2 series, I don’t like how Sony differentiated the two phones (the Ultra and basic).

            I’ll wait a little bit more as Jolla promised something in Q3. Lets see, what they got for us.

        • Avatar

          cefre00: It’s a good decision to wait. Sailfish is nowhere near where Symbian and Maemo already were. (And to be honest I don’t expect this to change with Sailfish 3.) I recommend Sailfish only to people who really need some of its features you won’t find on Android/iOS.

  31. Avatar

    I cannot find how I send MMS any more.

  32. Avatar

    @jbernardo: I’m not happy about the tablet issue as well, but do you think that anybody at Jolla is? Wrong decisions were made and bad luck followed. It was a disaster affecting Jolla’s reputation significantly. I think that if Jolla could undo it, they would right now without hesitation. They paid quite a price and are still paying. Why don’t you try to look at the bigger picture? We need Jolla because we need Sailfish OS. That’s it… Help them to grow and support further crowd fundings if you can. Don’t let them down just yet. I also think that all tablet backers will ultimately get their money back. It’s simply part of getting the trust of the community back, right?

    • Avatar

      @sonox: thank you for your comment. The worst of all of this is that I was all for Jolla. As a long time Nokia fan,I was hoping they managed to survive the Elopicide and bring us a deserving successor to Maemo. I funded the tablet mostly because of that, of believing in their project. But the constant half-truths and evasions during the tablet fiasco, the lack of Jolla devices, and now the constant attacks and ignorance from Ossi and his gang have all but soured me towards anything Jolla related. Now I just want my refund and to be out of here for good.

  33. Avatar

    This tablet thing is a real fiasko.
    Ossi and his gang got it as i remember. If not true, say how it is. Some very few got the tablet anyway.
    They can say whatever to others. Now some very few have got the whole refund, how many? This is not nice business.
    The boss said then, you surely got it.
    And was it really so, that those tablets were on sale in chinese ebay market.
    Were the money used for software development instead of making this tablet for them who used their money on it? And now it is not our money anymore. How confused the whole project.
    Am i right or am i not. Please tell the truth, how these things are, what i have thought. Maybe im wrong and beg my pardon. But perkele tell the truth!

  34. Avatar

    *you surely will get it

  35. Avatar

    Hi there James.

    It will be soon a year from the last refund. It was said back then that “if the financial situation permits” more refunds will come. By the looks of it, the financial situation hasn’t been that good. And I hate to say it but my prediction back then looks to be true – it takes ages.

    You also promised that the communication with the backers will improve – show it to us. Give us some info about refund. Is there a hope for the next 100?

  36. Avatar

    AlienDalvik version, why not upgrade 7.0 directly?

  37. Avatar

    Hello Mr.noori i m syed khaja, i m using intex aqua fish when u launch latest sailfish version in our device. I m wait for that, and we need some features for our sailfish os, we need without sim internet sharing option, why u inbuild for dolby music effect in our sailfish, u jus inbuilt a dolby lots of member’s and fan following for our os, and we mostly needed for Otg support. Ji i m waiting for our latest os, pls launch soon.
    thank u,

    • Avatar

      Hello Syed Khaja,
      Mr Noori has already replied on this very post to your question.

      Hi, AquaFish is a product from Intex corp. Intex is our partner and as a partner they should do their own testings before “

      • Avatar

        the testing is very long time when they launching that os 2.2.0 for Intex aqua Fish

  38. Avatar

    I have the original Jolla, the intex, the xperia x and now the xperia x double sim.

    As a developer I would like to see more critical apps natively running, but I can’t really complain I myself have not yet collaborated any apps of my own.

    Outside of that I am loving every minute with my sailfish cheers from Costa Rica.

    One question is sailfish or will it be installable on the nokia banana? 8110 4g? I want to go back to physical keyboards, smaller screens, more battery and less time staring at my phone.

  39. Avatar

    its almost end of june, so when the sailfish x software can be buy around the world?

    • Avatar

      Arifjolla I don’t know if I’ll get burnt but I was waiting on the same announcement and tried to purchase it from my country (Costa Rica) and was able to it even though we’re not in Europe 🙂 and I did not use a VPN so maybe you can just try and buy it and see what happens
      (If any jolla mod is reading, my first license was bought in Switzerland just in case!)

      • Avatar

        so you allready buy it and install it?

  40. Avatar

    any news on when we get to share pictures again?
    cannot even send a picture via mms…

  41. Avatar

    I tried the (bought) Version for the xperia x due i was realy excited about it because i used to have one of the jolla phones till 2016. Altough the OS really made it’s progess i had to switch back to android. Mainly because of the enormously poor photo quality (low resolution and distorted images) the poor support for hands-free (No contact access) and no whatsapp notifications when the device is not in use.
    Hopefully those basic features will work propperly in one of the upcomming versions so i can start using sf os for every day use.

  42. Avatar

    Hi all, sorry to bother you Jolla again, any news update tablet refund?
    At least, I would like to know if I have mis-received your email … because I would like to have my money back or something equal value.
    Best Regards

  43. Avatar

    Terve Noori, please do not forget the hammerhead device Nexus 5 (and Nexus 4) I flashed it for many friends and they like it…! Kiitos palion for your work!

    • Avatar


      That device is unfortunately outdated and we have never officially supported it. I hope the community provides updates for it.

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