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Sailfish OS summer update Björnträsket is here!

The Sailfish OS summer update Björnträsket is now available for all Jolla and Sailfish OS users! A few weeks ago this update was made available as an early access release for more advanced users. If you’re interested in joining this group, read more here.

Note: Before the update, please make sure your Jolla account registration is active from Settings -> Accounts. If it shows that you are not signed in, kindly re-login.

With this update, we introduce settings for every Android app installed on your device, accessible via Settings > Apps. You should also see improvements with the WLAN disconnection issues in Android apps. In addition to the enhancements in Android support, we have more new and improved features in Sailfish OS as follows.

What’s new in Björnträsket:

  • Accounts: UI option added in CardDAV account setup to allow setting the addressbook path directly during account creation
  • Android Support:
    – Application specific settings for all installed Android apps in Settings > Apps, which allow force stopping of an app, clearing the cache (temporary data) and clearing all app data. There’s also an option for letting the background services of an Android app start when turning the phone on
    – Having the option to run Android applications on background enables receiving notifications for Android messaging apps even when the app is closed. Our article about setting up WhatsApp demonstrates the usage of this feature
    – Option to start and stop all Android apps easily and to allow Android apps to access your contacts on the phone – see Settings > System > Android support
  • Email: Emails with calendar invitations are displayed with a calendar icon, and upon opening them, the calendar app will offer to import the events to user’s calendar
  • Keyboard: Possibility to choose different keyboard layouts for Bluetooth keyboards if paired with one for different languages via Settings > System > Text input > Active layout
  • OS Updates: Before downloading this update, your device will first check the filesystem for problems and fix them if necessary. For this to succeed there has to be a fair amount of empty memory space
  • Development: New gcc 4.8 based tool chain is used on SailfishOS platform from this release onwards, bringing C++11, among other things

Highlights of improvements:

  • Android: Better WLAN connection handling for Android apps
  • Bluetooth audio: Hands-Free Profile (HFP) implementation is more robust now, and update to PulseAudio 6.0 also improved HFP and HSP profiles
  • OS updates:
    – Minimum of 50% charge level in the battery required or else the OS install will not start – and we recommend always connecting the charger before doing an OS update!
    – Downloading an OS update in the background is possible now – you may continue to install or uninstall apps while the download is ongoing

For release notes and more detailed changelog, please see this TJC post.

Our next software update will include the highly awaited Sailfish OS 2.0 user interface. Stay tuned to hear more about it.

We hope you enjoy the Björnträsket update!

PS: If you haven’t noticed it already, the Jolla Tablet is now available for pre-order in our online shop.


Carol Chen

Community Chief at Jolla. Globe (and star) trekker. Ardent about open source and open communication. Makes decent music with timpani, drums, piano, and vocal cords.


  1. Avatar

    Every time I read this article, I use translation software to translate it into Chinese,too tired…

  2. Avatar

    Any plans to get proper support for sd cards, especially in Android apps.

  3. Avatar

    … everyone waiting for “the big one”, Sailfish OS 2.0 😉

    Thanks for Android Controls, which could be enhanced one day being applicable individually for each Android app differently if required … i also appreciate calender invitations are finally supported 🙂

    • Avatar

      So, Launchpad, you mean that the sentence ‘Application specific settings for all installed Android apps in Settings > Apps, which allow force stopping of an app…’ means one only can control all android apps at a time?
      (Sorry to ask this: not having a Jolla phone I just wait for the tablet, so I cannot try…)

      • Avatar

        Hi Hervé and launchpad, the Android controls are application specific. You can specify different settings for different Android apps. There are also some settings that apply across all Android apps. Please see the section “Android Support” in this article for more details, including screenshots!

  4. Avatar

    Just out of curiosity: Does the updated tool chain improve anything in existing applications or the OS as such (like making it faster, requiring less RAM, whatever)? Or was it only a necessary step to keep up with the rest of the world that won’t affect user experience much?

    • Avatar

      Only if binaries are recompiled would it make a difference. C++11 can improve memory usage(RVO) especially for badly(passing args by value) written apps which is now the standard thanks to RVO. It will bring more benefits in the future when apps will be written in the C++11 standard.

      • Avatar

        It’s not only about switching to C++11. The compiler gets better every update at optimizing output binaries. But binaries indeed need to be recompiled.

    • Avatar

      All binaries were recompiled with thumb2/neon enabled by default for ARM compilation, while x86 got raised to i686 level.

  5. Avatar

    Great, I do not much use android, but the controls are great. No adverse effects noticed so far.

  6. Avatar

    Looks good so far 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Hi everyone!

    I really need your help..

    I have a Nokia N9 and I am wondering whether is possible to install Sailfish OS on this device and how can I do it..

    I really appreciate any advice on this…


  8. Avatar

    Installation was smooth.
    I still feel the RAM usage is hit and miss but i am monitoring using a lovely tool available in the store.
    Still disappointed with the Wifi and Mobile data switching, especially when going in and out of range. A bit hit and miss. Am having to go manually switch it on and off occasionally.
    Seldom – as with previous updates – am having to reboot the phone to resolve memory or connectivity issues.

    Is any one else having these issues.

    • Avatar

      Hi the_owl_eye, could you check if the issues you’re facing have also been reported by others, and if not perhaps you can add it to TJC for us to take a closer look? Thanks!

  9. Avatar

    Update went smoothly OK, but then I noticed I no longer can not install or remove any Jolla Store or Harbour apps, which basically renders the phone as semi-useless. All installed apps work though…

    • Avatar

      Hi juhlii, we were having some server replication issues earlier on, as mentioned in this TJC post, however that has already been resolved. Can you please try to reboot the phone, and also delete/re-add your Jolla account, to see if that helps?

      • Avatar

        Hi Carol,
        Rebooting had no effect. I did not try deleting/re-adding my Jolla account since the problem existed also with Openrepos. So I did a factory reset, got most of my data back from backups and reinstalled all apps I had before.

  10. Avatar

    Hi everyone, on my phone is still version I tried to download 1.1.7 with “check for updates” (settings/system/sailfish OS updates), but my phone is “up to date”. I have also rebooted the phone and deleted/re-added my Jolla account, but without success (no update available). What can I do? Thank you very much.

    • Avatar

      @udo The 1.1.7 is not yet publicly available for all. You need to enable “early access” from if you wish to be able to update your device already.

  11. Avatar

    When will the update be available?

    • Avatar

      Hi wisdomlight, we’re still trying to fix one critical issue, and we’re rolling the update out gradually. Please see this TJC post for more details.

      • Avatar

        Hi Carol thanks for your reply. appreciat it.
        I just want to say that one of the reason why I am waiting in anticipation for an update is becasue my phone is becoming slower and slower.
        take long time to boot and to start applications.

        I hope the next update will make my phone healthy again.

        • Avatar

          I hope so too! In the meantime, have you tried these tips to see if they might help?

  12. Avatar

    Hi Carol, it now a month later. Could you maybe add one or two lines at the end of your post on which bugs need to be squeezed and when you think the update will be released? Im now frequently checking for updates on monday-wednesday, without luck 🙁 Or are you going to skip this release and focus on 2.0? Guess that might make more sense at this point? Everyone is hoping on 2.0 I assume….

    • Avatar

      Hi Indenial, there’s an issue about updates sometimes taking hours which we haven’t found the root cause for. So to be cautious, we are rolling out the update very gradually. Please see this TJC post for more details. Thanks for your patience!

  13. Avatar

    Hi Carol,

    For some reason after the latest version of Björnträsket I seem to experience a lot more random reboots than with the previous versions. Usually these appear when I’m trying to use some Android app, but once the phone hang and rebooted when someone tried to call me. The screen stayed black and the phone was ringing and then it rebooted. I wish I could downgrade, since now the phone feels a lot more unstable than before.

    • Avatar

      same problem here, lots of random reboots 🙁

      • Avatar

        Look on and search for the random reboot issue. It’s probably not related to the software update, but rather to the battery cinnection. Last I saw, there’s an easy fix.

        • Avatar

          Hi juhlii and fstrahlm, as damien pointed out, it is probably not related to the Björnträsket update. Please take a look at the suggestions here, and if you are still having problems, kindly contact Jolla support.

  14. Avatar

    Thank you Carol for the blog+post and extra plus to you for answers on users follow-up questions. What’s up with the tablet. I’m ready to receive the invitation mail tomorrow at 6:00 PM GMT. Feel free to send it.

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave999, we just published a new blog post that addresses the tablet delivery schedule towards the end.

      (Edit: I see you have read and commented already!)

  15. Avatar

    Hello, after a smooth installation of the update, I still cannot receive notifications for Telegram on my Jolla. Also were all the apps in the’My Apps’ list of the Jolla Store gone.Had to deinstall all these apps and reinstall them, in order to get the list back.

    • Avatar

      Hi KJ, please re-install Telegram (and reboot your device for good measure). Let us know if that helps in getting notifications for Telegram!

  16. Avatar

    I am not able to update the latest SW, I get not enough memory despite that I have more 3GB free space….
    Any hint?

    • Avatar

      Hi AMir, kindly take a look at this article for some suggestions. Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Hi jollakooth, it could be from a different release candidate. These articles are prepared in advance of the official release. However, the content should be the same.

  17. Avatar

    My only question is as follows: an earlier blog post ( said in a few weeks from that time (July 16) early access users will get the 2.0 update. About that time I recieved the update for Björnträsket, since then 2-3 more of this Björnträsket update came, but no sign of 2.0. So the question is: When will we be able to use Sailfish 2.0? And when will you be honest and not tell us “2-3 weeks” or “soon” in posts and destroy all the hope we have after the 2-3 weeks?

    • Avatar

      Hi galaibence, we apologize for the wait. There were some issues in Björnträsket which took longer than anticipated to resolve before we could release it to everyone. Previous estimated schedule for Sailfish OS 2.0 was dependent on the release of Björnträsket.

      Early access for Sailfish OS 2.0 (the next update) will be rolling out in a few days (sometime next week). Please stay tuned!

  18. Avatar

    Before this update my Chrome app (44.0.2403.133) from Aptoide shop worked perfectly without any other google app installation and steps “how to make google apps work” but after yesterday evening Sailfish update on my Jolla it only show starting page and nothing else works 🙁

    PS! Jolla and Sailfish Rule 😉 Great work!

    • Avatar

      Hi tammekaz, we are aware of the issue. The fix in Android runtime will be available in the next update, which should be released to early access users in a few days. Thanks for your patience and support!

      • Avatar

        Thank you for the info and it is good to know it is in progress 🙂 For just info: chrome is the browser i use for gmail because i do not want any mail aps and in chrome gmail looks like in pc but other internet browsing sailfishis native brauser is the best 😀

        • Avatar

          Nice to hear the feedback and info. Thanks again tammekaz!

  19. Avatar

    I updated my device to when it was available for early birds.

    Since then I can’t upgrade it only tells me “waiting for connection” and after a minute it tells me there is no update.

    I guess I have to contact zendesk if I can’t find a solution at TMO or Jolla together.

    • Avatar

      Hi mike7b4, can you please try signing out of your Jolla account, logging back in, and then check for updates again? If that doesn’t work, kindly contact Jolla support. Thanks!

  20. Avatar

    I have the exact same issue as galaibence: Google Chrome only shows a white page wherever I try to go on the web. It worked perfectly before the update to Björnträsket.

    • Avatar

      Hi lilleman, do you mean same issue as tammekaz? 🙂 As mentioned above, the change in Android runtime to fix this issue is coming to the next update. Please hang on for a bit, and perhaps try our native browser in the meantime?

    • Avatar

      Hi jollakooth, the next update will be released to early access users in a few days (sometime next week, we did not specifically mention Monday 🙂 ). Please stay tuned!

  21. Avatar

    ok, now it would be nice if I could buy a Jolla Phone again… 🙁

  22. Avatar

    Hello Carol,

    I did as you suggested. Now I only get a red band on the top of my Jolla as notification. No sounds. Is this it?

  23. Avatar

    The red band disappears immediately after the notification is send, so it is useless.

  24. Avatar

    Hello Carol,
    Today I installed ‘Android Notifications’from OpenRepos, made by Coderus. Now I get sounds and icons as notifications for Telegram. Happy again.

    • Avatar

      Hi KJ, perhaps it’s specific to Telegram, but I’m getting sounds and icons notification for other Android apps on my device. Nevertheless, I’m glad you found a solution! Thanks for the feedback!

  25. Avatar

    the best sailfish version. I love sailfish 1 UI

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