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Jolla Tablet: differences in old and new hardware

In my previous hardware update I presented some differences between the old and new hardware, and here’s more concrete information about them.

USB port change

One of the most notable changes from a user’s perspective is with the USB port. We changed from USB (Universal Serial Bus) micro-A type (bottom one in the picture) to USB micro-B type (top one in the picture). As stated earlier this change is done to improve the durability, as with a micro-A type port a user cannot see clearly without looking closely which way the cable should be inserted in the socket. The form of the port does not clearly show this. We noted this also in our internal testing where a couple of USB ports were actually broken by our own developers trying to plug the cable the wrong way into the socket. With the micro-B type this can’t happen, since if a user tries to insert the connector the wrong way, the stress goes to the metal ring outside instead of the small plastic clip inside.


Hall sensor

The other recent change is the addition of Hall sensor, which is located at the top right corner, close to the display border and front camera. As it was added on quite late and we did not have time to finalize all the software bits, Β it missed the first software release. However, it will be provided in the first update quite shortly after the initial release. Here is a short clip of this functionality with the upcoming software update, which we are already preparing for you.

Backplate printing

One more change that was made already in the previous build (which we totally forgot to mention) is the backplate printing. Originally the logo was printed in landscape, but after some considerations we realized that it works better in portrait. In the following picture you can also see how the regulatory printing will be done on the back panel.


Murphy’s law at it again!

You know the law right? If something can go wrong, it will. And it happened to us this time! We had everything prepared with our partners, PCB’s were done on schedule, the SMT process was done within the planned time-slot, housing was ready, and the only thing that was missing were the actual displays. Yes, the display that we just changed, and even though the display was ordered on time, we faced a really unexpected incident. The shipment from the supplier’s warehouse to the lamination factory (and through customs) had one very small mistake: there was a typo in the address of the shipment and the automated processes associated with the handling of the shipments did not recognize it properly. Because of this the shipment was returned to the origin, and we had to wait for a new shipment. Can you believe it?!

The shipment of displays was sent again from the warehouse last weekend. We received the displays today, and now we can start the display lamination. To make things slightly more exciting and tight for us, there’s also a public holiday in China from the 3rd to 5th of September to commemorate the end of WWII. But rest assured: we will have the devices assembled with good quality in time for shipping.

Many of you have asked about the shipping schedule. Our operations folks will update this in more detail in another blog post this week, but what I can say now is that the first group of contributors from our Indiegogo campaign will receive invitations to the Jolla shop to place their actual orders within a few days to start the delivery process.

Best Regards and with apologies from our side,


Marko Saukko

Chief Engineer at Jolla since Feb 2012. Maintainer of the Nemo Mobile project, also involved with the Mer Project, with years of experience on hardware adaptation work. Photography and video game enthusiast.


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    First as always πŸ˜‰ Thank you for this blog post. I was just about to call you @jolla and wake you up. Need a weekly blogpost now…its close. soo close. I can almost feel it!

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    … Murphy is always around …

    I just can’t wait to permanently turn of my Android tablet and bring together what belongs together … the Jolla phone and tablet πŸ˜‰

    thanks for your hard work

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    ‘(…) to place their actual orders within a few days to start the delivery process.’

    Will I have it before I start my internships in October. I do hope so. A lot of programs to write. And don’t forget about the playtime. πŸ˜‰

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    I had smartphones before Jolla, but no Tablet so far. I changed my mind because of Jolla and Sailfish OS and contributed with indiegogo. Now I am curious about it…!!! Please send Murphy home and continue with your project! But don’t forget bugs and performances of the Jolla-Phone or even better a new one as well… πŸ™‚

    Thx a lot for the only living European OS!!

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        Do you mean Ubuntu as in β€œUbuntu, the Linux distribution from South *Africa*”?

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          Well, OK, not from South Africa in a literal sense πŸ™‚

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          Mark Shuttleworth is from South Africa but Canonical is base in UK. For me Ubuntu is then English. Distrowatch precises that Ubuntu is form Isle of Man so it from Europe πŸ˜‰

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        Besides iOS, Android, WP or Blackberrys OS, SailfishOS is the only remaining mobile OS, which follows European data security rules and is not effected by US Patriot Act, which allows the US officials to knock on the door of Apple and Co. with a warrant from secret FIS Court and say “Hey guys, give us every data you have, no matter if the servers are in the US, Europe or elsewhere…!” With SailfishOS severs in Europe and European law they have at least to do it in the “hard” way by collecting the data via own NSA-research. A little bit more sweat and not the silver tablet…

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    Thanks for the update! Crossing fingers πŸ˜‰ … I sold my Nexus 7 already more than a month ago so looking forward to my new tablet!…

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    Somebody chain that Murphy to a display lamination assembly line please, I wasn’t waiting for the tablet but feel excited to try it out nevertheless πŸ™‚

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      “BTW how about convincing them to license Sailfish OS / launching a Sailfish(capable) Edition ?”

      I think that’s the whole point of Jolla; they are not a hardware company. They don’t want to be producing phones or tablets; they want to be licensing the OS to all sorts of hardware manufacturers. πŸ™‚ It’s just that you really kind of need some sort of concrete example available to show manufacturers that the OS is a viable choice…

      • Avatar

        … well IMHO Gigaset’s fate – despite of introducing an unconventional UV-sensor and surface conduction – looks like becoming just another droid-phone manufacturer. And they are small :/ …
        Small enough to become convinced πŸ˜‰ – standing out the crowd by offering a Sailfish(-option) on an acceptable decent HW-platform πŸ™‚

        • Avatar

          You know, the funny thing is that I’d bet it’d be easier to convince the bigger manufacturers to try using a unique OS… A small company probably can’t afford to take a risk on a new unproven OS, whereas a larger company could try releasing a couple of Sailfish devices, and still survive if they turn out to be a flop.

          Of course, just being “yet another droid manufacturer” in a world chock-full of droid manufacturers is a risk in and of itself. πŸ˜‰

          • Avatar

            … well Samsung’s wants to get lucky with Tizen they confirmed, MS Nokia rather not …. and the other one wants to sell apples.

            Local HQ-HW manufacturers are interesting and can mitigate risks of acceptance involved. So one smaller, somehow established manufacturer per geographic region could be a promising strategy to move on. Those manufacturers could ship some of their devices both droidal or as a Sailfish device. I think HP once gave you the choice between Windows or Red Hat pre-installed for computer systems.
            Interesting candidates for the European market could be Gigaset, Alcatel or the new Nokia, if there will be one eager to revenge the M/S disaster πŸ˜‰ ….
            In Asia they could try LG or Toshiba if jolla manages to attract more serious attention – by continuing growing out of the usual “can-do-it-too imprisonment”. The other half has ( and hopefully not “had” ) been a refreshing an promising idea to follow more consequently, but has been quite neglected regarding its true potentials ;). Right now I not so eager in willing to further invest in differently colored plastic caps guys ! Unfortunately those home-made-halves such as TOHKBD deserve all respect but cannot come up with marketable quality of make and reliability ( e.g. my “p” and “e” keys have not been working reliably since receiving the KB ).

            Well good luck jolla and don’t forget to understand your strongest potential which lays in continuously and innovatively redefining mobile communications & devices by clever approaches … but also on a “pro-level” regarding quality, reliability and up-to-dateness e.g. USB C !! πŸ˜‰

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              Thanks launchpad and Copernicus for your comments. So, in summary, USB C? πŸ˜‰

              • Avatar

                Well Carol, very sorry for the long story on jolla tech & Sailfish proliferation πŸ˜‰

                In summary:

                β–ͺ a bit more affinity to up-to-dateness in common technical details (USB-C / USB-3.x / LTE )
                β–ͺ definitely more Sailfish licensing or HW-manufacturer cooperations

                β–ͺ and don’t let die out the idea of the original “other half” !
                The potential of device expandability for real advantages in modern digital life on the go – even beyond fun – has not to be neglected / forgotten.

              • Avatar

                Ah, my apologies to be filling up your blog commentary section with all these off-topic musings. πŸ™‚ I guess I’ve been getting a little too comfortable pontificating here lately…

                In summary, give me any device that runs Sailfish! πŸ˜‰ Eventually, the rest of the world will wake up and see the possibilities of this OS…

                • Avatar

                  Hey Copernicus & launchpad, please keep on commenting, whether prolifically or pontifically! I am happy to hear such discussions/feedback (and I know many sailors do too), and we try to give proper consideration to all relevant suggestions. So thanks again!

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    IS THIS FOR REAL?!?!? Finally this will happen SOON. πŸ˜€

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    Thank you for keeping us up to date with all of these hardware blog posts. It’s interesting to see what happens on the manufacturing side of things.

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    Can someone from Jolla confirm that the Lastucase orientation will be so that when you use the stand, the headphone jack will be on top and not bottom?

    • Avatar

      I think you can fit the tablet in the case the way you prefer, since it looks quite symmetrical.

      • Avatar

        Sure, but the speaker and camera holes will match only one way.

  10. Avatar

    Is in the Lastu Case a magnet so that we can use the Hall sensor to switch the display on and off? I can’t remember…

    • Avatar

      Entry3, I got my Lastu Case (welllll befor the tablet), and I can confirm there are no less that four big magnets in it, two on the cover flap and two on the back.
      My concern is, these (strong) magnets seem to be there mostly (only?) to lock the cover when you fold it to the back.
      And along with the case came a paper leaflet with the following warning:
      “This case contains neodymium magnets that may interfere with the mechanical and/or electronic functionality of other devices that are sensitive to megnietic fields.
      The magnets have been placed in areas where it should not interfere with the Jolla Tablet’s functionality if and when the Hall effect sensor is disabled”
      To me this text is either written in very bad english, or it announces that indeed the magnets will bork the tablet’s ability to use magnets to wake and sleep.
      A somewhat positive feature is, of the four magnets the two that are located inside the rigid back cover are basically fixed by what appears to be a strong circular plastic tape, which if critical could easily be peeled off…

    • Avatar

      On the Lastu website it does say that the case will automatically wake/sleep the tablet.

  11. Avatar

    neverending story!

  12. Avatar

    I’m not a tablet backer, but I like that you talk to us. πŸ˜‰

    I’m waiting eagerly for the new update on the phone.

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    Can you please clarify what is meant by the first group of contributors can place their “actual order”?

    Was it not an actual order when we funded the campaign and paid for shipping?

    • Avatar

      No, first You have to pay 63 euro in tax to get this tabLATE. Lol

    • Avatar

      Hi Scishfottman, firstly, thanks for your support! Your contribution during the Indiegogo Campaigns did not include applicable taxes, so it was not complete. In addition, many contributors have given feedback that their address have changed. So we will be sending out invites to our webshop to complete your order. This means confirming shipping address, paying for any outstanding shipping and VAT and related fees, as applicable. You can read more details here.

  14. Avatar

    In terms of actually paying for a tablet, yes, choosing the crowdfunding perk paid for your tablet. However, it’s been almost a year since then; Jolla needs to confirm that they have the appropriate shipping address (especially if contributors have moved), and more importantly, record the order officially for governmental institutions. The tax man must get his cut! πŸ˜‰

    In any case, Jolla has a FAQ available for Indiegogo contributors; the first few questions provide some info on this process:

    • Avatar

      And yeah, once again I’ve managed to not place my reply to @Scishfottman’s post underneath his post. This blog comment system is really starting to get on my nerves… πŸ™‚

      • Avatar

        Thank you Copernicus for your help! I’ll investigate if there’s any way to improve the comment system on our blog. πŸ˜›

        • Avatar

          Thanks! Really, it’s my fault for continuing to write blog responses in the wrong box on the screen. πŸ™‚ But yeah, it is really disheartening to make a mistake and then not be able to go back and fix it. (Especially for folks like me who insist on making the same mistake over and over and over again… πŸ˜‰ )

          • Avatar

            I was also too eager to reply Scishfottman. If I took a moment to scroll down, I’d have seen your reply and could’ve said ‘please see Copernicus’s comment here‘. πŸ™‚ Besides, you’re certainly not the only one who messes up the nesting of responses, so some UX improvements is needed for sure. Once again, please don’t let this stop you from commenting!

            • Avatar

              Oh, no, don’t let my ramblings get in the way of providing an official response to those asking questions! πŸ˜‰ And yeah, regardless of my own fumbling, I’ll probably keep posting no matter what. I do love to hear myself talk. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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    I see you had the device certified by Phoenix Testlab.

  16. Avatar

    Can I have one with the landscape logo ? Looks much better in my opinion.
    I guess you must have made some like this ?

    • Avatar

      Maybe a people powered vote would have been better!

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    Would prefer USB type C; You compared devices such as iPad mini 3, Nexus 9 and Nokia N9, your device is good, except one, in my opinion one of the drawbacks is a small battery in comparison with other devices, but you can say that due to our OS battery consumption is less,but I will say,since Sailfish OS is not a rich array of applications (compared with competitors),but it adds a Java virtual machine, which consumes significantly more battery power because of the specifics of the Java language.
    I will be grateful if my comments will be heard and will be included in the final version of the Jolla tablet (or it would be a version with high capacity battery).
    Thank you.
    P. S. Sorry for my English.

  18. Avatar

    And the most important question…
    When are we going to receive the tablet?
    It’s nice to follow the story…but it’s sad to never have a product:)

  19. Avatar

    Thanks for the update. It’s nice to be kept informed. I’d appreciate a weekly update, no matter how small, just to keep in touch with the story, if nothing else.

    Although I’d have liked a USB C socket, I also appreciate the constraints of being a small company!

    Looking forward to getting my Invitation πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Please, do not use USB-C socket! Everybody use the micro-B socket, everybody have a micro-B cable so if you have to charge the device or copy files from/into it you can easily borrow a cable, and dont have to carry your usb-c cable…

      • Avatar

        +1! Yeah, the USB-C standard has a few features that might come in handy for future machines, but right now, all it really provides is the ability to plug in the cord in either direction. I’ll gladly put the effort into figuring out which way is up, to keep using a less expensive and more common cord that provides the same data throughput…

  20. Avatar

    It’s Friday night, so does it mean we won’t get our “confirmation” email this week, as said before?

    • Avatar

      Well, it says “in the coming days” to be more precise, so it could be early next week I imagine…

    • Avatar

      “Many of you have asked about the shipping schedule. Our operations folks will update this in more detail in another blog post this week,…”

      • Avatar

        Swedish weeks are longer than weeks in other countries. More like close to 3 weeks. πŸ™‚ A september shipping date seems less likely now. πŸ™

  21. Avatar

    I was lucky enough to win your Twitter competition last year to win a Tablet. Obviously the ship date has been revised a few times, I just wondered what the latest estimate is?
    Also, I now hear that there are two versions, would you be able to tell me which one I won?


    • Avatar

      Hi James, I noticed I didn’t address the second part of your question in the twitter reply. You will receive the 32GB version of the Jolla Tablet. Congrats again!

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    Thank you for the intelligent, informative and timely update. I certainly do appreciate (and understand) the details you have provided. I look forward to receiving my Jolla Tablet in the coming weeks.

    Best regards

    • Avatar

      So we got (interesting!) infos about SFOS2.0 in a post this week. But what about the promised post about the tablet? Or can you plz. share any news here? πŸ™‚

  23. Avatar

    Thanks for the update and sharing the details about what went wrong

    > Our operations folks will update this in more detail in another blog post this week

    Well it’s saturday. I guess this will get tricky πŸ˜‰

    • Avatar

      Hi Dulog, we were busy getting the invites ready and doing final testing and tweaking of our webshop, and instead was not able to get the blog post out on time. We will have some updates in the coming week, thanks for your patience!

      • Avatar

        its not lack of time! might be lack of planning, lack of money or lack of something else. but please dont blame the time. how much time do need wright a blog post? after all this time, like 10 months you use time as an excuse becouse you dont have your shippment sruff ready. anyhow…its 1,5 days left…Im sure you can make it !?!?

        • Avatar

          Hi Dave! πŸ™‚ I’ve gotta say, in order to write a blog post describing the shipping schedule, you kind of need to know the shipping schedule. (Either that, or write a blog post saying “We don’t yet know”.)

          They’ve already put forward the info that there was a snag in their manufacturer’s logistics system, that China is celebrating a long holiday weekend, and that they’re still setting up the order system. So, yes, all of these things primarily consume _time_; you can try to throw extra resources at the testing and web shop improvements (although the time it would take to bring new employees up to speed would probably negate any benefit they could provide), and there’s really nothing you can do to fix a missing shipment or bypass a national holiday; these things simply eat up time…

          So yeah, I’d prefer to hear what the schedule will be once things get back on schedule. πŸ˜‰

          • Avatar

            You are such a giver πŸ˜‰ Do you ever question something? Fanboy?

            So there is issues with tablet. fine. the is china holydays.OK. delivery process, webshop improvments for tablet and blog post to communicate the conning weeks…thar cant be a surprise to jolla that they actually need that. yeah yeah, we might get a blogpost next week at least unless jolla forgot to pay for domain or something else.

            • Avatar

              I like it how you always say it how it is. I also agree with you on most of you post!
              Hey Jolla, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

            • Avatar

              “Do you ever question something? Fanboy?”

              Oh, heck yeah, I question stuff. I have plenty of problems with the modern consumer electronics industry; especially with the way that they’ve slowly educated the public to accept their little black boxes without question, that every marketing quarter they’ll get another miraculous little toy that they could never live without. So long as you never look under the cover and see what’s there.

              Dave, what’s happening here is that you’re seeing how sausage is made. Jolla is showing you the effort they are going through to get this designed, built, marketed, and shipped out. Real people do real _work_ to do these things, and real work in the real world doesn’t always go to plan. Mistakes happen, events intrude, and schedules have to be adapted to this.

              On the other hand, they are also showing that it doesn’t require an enormous multinational corporation in order to create a good, usable mobile device. And this, I think, is a lesson that really needs to be taught to the public. (Certainly here in the US, people could use a bit of education about that…)

              I guess what it comes down to: I’m not going to apologize for not condemning Jolla about schedule slippage. At worst, they’ve been overly optimistic. However, they have certainly been doing good _work_, and so long as that continues, yes, I will remain a fanboy. πŸ™‚

              • Avatar

                Lots and lots of good stuff. No doubt.

      • Avatar

        If you couldn’t do a blog post because you were working on the invites and the webshop, where are the invites and the webshop?

        I don’t mind waiting (ok, I do a little), but you keep getting everyone’s hopes up by giving something that sounds like a firm timeframe, and then leaving us hanging.

        I saw this blog post, I followed it for a while, I moved on to something else, then I think “hey, it said a few days” and start wondering if something’s wrong, and maybe I’ve missed out… But then I check back here, and going by the empty threats of legal action, I figure everyone else is waiting for an invite still.

  24. Avatar

    Why use Bluetooth 3.0 and not Bluetooth 4.0?

    • Avatar

      Already figured out why. Sorry πŸ™‚

  25. Avatar

    There are now other tablets on the market that meets or surpasses Jolla tablet specs at a cheaper price. I hope the Sailfish operating system will make the tablet worth the premium. I will keep an open mind and my figures crossed that I made an wise investment into a new company. The “ball is in your court” Jolla.

    • Avatar

      I’m fairly sure that even last year, there were tablets on the market that met or surpassed the Jolla tablet specs. This is a unique tablet being built in low volumes by a tiny company; they just aren’t going to have access to the latest hardware at the best discounts, the way that the big corporations do.

      Personally, I think the hardware is fine! An absolutely gorgeous screen, a decent CPU and plenty of RAM. It’s going to be great to use. But yeah, the reason to be interested in this device is Sailfish, not the hardware. πŸ™‚

      • Avatar

        it wont be an iPad, it wont be a nexus. It wont be a surface. what will it be? only time will tell

      • Avatar

        Once again, the operating system has to justify the premium in the price. No ifs ands or buts.

        • Avatar

          Well, yeah! πŸ™‚ Jolla is a company that produces an OS. It isn’t a hardware company. Beating the specs of the latest iPad or Nexus isn’t the point of their device.

          Man, if you don’t care about the OS, why are you here in the first place? πŸ˜‰ You can easily just grab one of the millions of droids or iPads out there…

          • Avatar

            On what would you run your precious OS if not on HW. Tablet is specifically designed to run the OS, so yes we need HW.

            • Avatar

              Actually, I’m planning on eventually setting up my HTC One M8 with Sailfish. Possibly another Android tablet as well… But yeah, I would like to see more manufacturers selling devices with the OS pre-installed, rather than users having to manually port the OS over by hand. πŸ™‚

  26. Avatar

    Can the Jolla tablet play podcasts (low bitrate mp3s)?

    • Avatar

      The Jolla Phone can, and as popular podcast client gPodder.

      I imagine the tablet will also work

      • Avatar

        I tested with BjΓΆrntrasket and Jolla mediaplayer fails after couple of minutes of playing. It starts skipping and finishes an hour long podcast in a minute. You can test yourself with SecurityNow! podcast

        • Avatar

          alloj, could you try with gPodder and see if the same thing happens?

          • Avatar

            I don’t want to install 3rd party software for basic feature. Is gPodder even native Jolla app? I can try next weekend though when I have access to my paper weight.

            • Avatar

              Well, hang on here — BjΓΆrntrasket is a comprehensive update of Sailfish (it only just became available to early adopters today, so you must be using the developer version). As such, you can expect plenty of bugs to fix. πŸ™‚

              “gPodder” on the other hand, is a very mature app custom-made to retrieve and play podcasts. (And yes, it is in fact a native Jolla app; it was one of the first.) If it can play the podcast, then the Jolla media player needs to be fixed; if it suffers the same error, then some deeper issue needs to be resolved…

              • Avatar

                Oops, got my releases mixed up; you were talking 1.1.7, I was talking 1.1.9. πŸ™‚ So yeah, 1.1.7 should have less bugs than 1.1.9; but in any case, comparing gPodder to the default media player can still be a handy tool to isolate where the fault exists…

                • Avatar

                  I tried gPodder but it requires a feed to subscribe to and as far as I know the lower bitrate podcasts do not have one. So I could not test with gPodder.

                  • Avatar

                    Er, what? I’m not sure how a podcast gets distributed without a feed. πŸ™‚

                    Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a Sailfish device, but if I bring up gPodder on my N900, click on “add new podcast”, select “Search on”, and type in the search term “Steve Gibson”, the Security Now MP3 podcast feed comes up right at the top of the list. It seems to play fine on my device…

                    • Avatar

                      I find the higher bitrate podcast feed. I do not want to listen to the higher bitrate feed, because it takes around five times more space on the device. The lower quality podcasts I used to download from server as mp3 files. I do not think there’s any feed for those.

    • Avatar

      I tested with and Jolla Media Player app and it CAN play low bitrate mp3!

  27. Avatar

    Speaking of good news…;-)
    Anyone got the opt-in SFOS 2.0 ( update today or any news regarding Tablet / inivtation to store? Don’t leave us sailors ***panicmode

    • Avatar

      No, blog post in this blog as far as I can see.

    • Avatar

      Heh. With the leadership change, and the continuing effort to get the tablet distribution up and running, I would imagine Jolla needs to spend the next few days focussed inward, to get themselves back up and on track again. πŸ™‚

      But in any case: First, the last I heard was that the SFOS 2.0 (1.1.9.something) update was planned to be pushed out to early adopters some time this week, but not today. Blog comments near the end of the Sailfish OS summer update blog mention this:

      Second, Sage mentions in this very blog post that logistics got screwed up, keeping their factory from producing tablets before the long holiday weekend. In short, today is the very first day they could possibly start pumping out completed tablets, and there will inevitably be issues when you begin producing such a complex object. At the very least, they can’t do true end-to-end testing of the manufacturing process until they receive samples of the actual final product…

      So yeah, I’d still give them a few days before they could responsibly start sending out invitations. (Personally, I’m still predicting the 11th as a good day for them to start… πŸ™‚ )

      • Avatar

        11 th is a great day to start shpping, but for blog post and invetation mail, tomorrow is the best day.

  28. Avatar

    blog post today or another delay?

    • Avatar

      I am quite sure that it will be another delay since several Jolla members has “left the building” and this has probably left the mark on Jolla…

  29. Avatar

    this is my first comment, and maybe the last one, too.
    Following the discussion about sailfish os since the beginning I more and more lost confidence.
    From a professional point of view, communication in this project is laggy (own commitments are not respected -information asked for is not given).
    Now they have had a very succesfull campaign, in fact Jolla should drawback from hardware manufacturing, and find some manufacturers ( as the one in India) to take care about the hardware and concentrate on the OS part.
    In Europe and especially in Germany a lot off people are concerned about their privacy but, on the other don’t want to restrict themselves too much in usage of tablets and smartphones. And I am sure that many others in the world are thinking the same. Btw a friend has recently bought an ubuntu phone which is compared to my N9 just crappy. I would like to have Sailfish on my OPPO FIND7 also but I’m laking skills and time. I would even pay for it.
    So dear JOLLA keep heading to the difference – and keep it simple, don’t promise if You can’t keep, listen to the community.

    • Avatar

      “I would like to have Sailfish on my OPPO FIND7 also but I’m laking skills and time. I would even pay for it.”

      Community member Nokius has a port for the OPPO FIND5, I would suggesting contacting him in #sailfishos-porters on to see if he has any plans for the FIND7 and how you can help out

  30. Avatar

    After the delays etc.. Is it just me or is this silence a little bit annoying. We were promised an update last week! Have some respect for those who have funded you please. Don’t treat us like mushrooms.

    • Avatar

      @Hugh the tablet is ready for shipping. Has been for a while now. It’s just that each time Dave999 posts one of his rants, they postpone it for another five days. It’s a tradition started by Nokia, and Finns like to stick with traditions.

      • Avatar

        Than no wonder why any of the Scandinavian countries doesn’t like Finns…

      • Avatar

        Perhaps they should look at the Germans. Their discipline, respecting the agreements, respecting time frames, etc, etc…

  31. Avatar

    If they would at least say that there is a delay, no problem, but not knowing if there is something coming or not is just frustrating…

    • Avatar

      Well, I think if you would read the blog entry above, which was written less than a week ago, Sage said that there would be a delay until at least this week, as the logistics hit a snag, and China had a 4-day holiday weekend. Moreover, their current target is “Early September”, and I’m pretty sure it’ll still be early September until at least half of September has passed… πŸ˜‰

      • Avatar

        I think we understand what Sage said.
        I wish to echo Entry3’s point.
        Not knowing is frustrating..!

        Read the blog entry… How about I quote the last paragraph “Many of you have asked about the shipping schedule. Our operations folks will update this in more detail in another blog post this week, but what I can say now is that the first group of contributors from our Indiegogo campaign will receive invitations to the Jolla shop to place their actual orders within a few days to start the delivery process.”

        It says “this week”, we are now well into next week and “few days” is now many days.

        • Avatar

          @Hugh Wait a minute – are we now discussing the schedule for blog posts? Are you being seriuous? Carol even went so far as to write a post about the missing post in which she announced a post, but I get the feeling this is going too far. People at Jolla are professionals who should spend their time delivering the tablet I’m looking forward to. They’re not schoolboys who need to write essays because some frustrated teacher tells them to. If someone wants a new post to comment on every few minutes, facebook is the place to go.

    • Avatar

      @Entry3 the timeframe for sending out invitations was Aug. 28th to Sept. 11th, based on when the development devices were shipped. (That was before anyone mentioned problems about wrong addresses and public holidays and whatnot.) So in my book, there is no reason to ask for an update or even assume there is another delay until Sept. 12th. Given the short intervals between their statements here, I’m pretty sure there will be some kind of information should Sept 11th really pass without invitations being sent.

      • Avatar

        well, that was before jolla hired Murphy. I think, hope and truly believe we will see some jolla movement tommorow. Good things always comes on Wednesday.

        • Avatar

          Yeah, they should definitely fire Murphy… πŸ˜€

  32. Avatar

    The other day I was just looking at a new phone launched on kickstarter (Nextbit Robin) and I really wanted to pledge, but then I thought you know what, at least let’s get your Jolla Tablet first, then rethink about that… πŸ˜€

  33. Avatar

    “Many of you have asked about the shipping schedule. Our operations folks will update this in more detail in another blog post this week, but what I can say now is that the first group of contributors from our Indiegogo campaign will receive invitations to the Jolla shop to place their actual orders within a few days to start the delivery process.
    Best Regards and with apologies from our side,

    He posted this statement on the 2nd of September. Jolla has failed on one half of his statement, they have until tomorrow to at least make good on the other have. Jolla you speak with a Fork Tongue, meaning you can’t be trusted, so sad. What do I tell others who would like to invest in your product? What would you tell them… “Trust us on Monday but not on Tuesday…”. Oh well, Jolla’s name will be found in the startup companies heap who came up short (FAILED). Not because of their product but due to their inability to execute day to day operations. You have to have plans when Murphy’s laws comes, not have excuses.

    • Avatar

      “we were busy getting the invites ready and doing final testing and tweaking of our webshop, and instead was not able to get the blog post out on time. We will have some updates in the coming week, thanks for your patience!”

      Carol posted this statement on the 5th of September, and so explained why there was no new blog entry last Friday.

      You say, “they have until tomorrow to at least make good on the other have”. Let’s see, that would be September 9th. What is that date associated with? I don’t recall any deliverables scheduled for that particular date…

      You say, “What do I tell others who would like to invest in your product?” I sincerely doubt you are a salesman for Jolla. πŸ˜‰ We have now heard your expression of rage (or grief?) over your assessment of Jolla’s current situation. I hope it was cathartic for you to get this all off your chest, but I just don’t see it adding much to the current discussion here…

      • Avatar

        If you going to start putting labels on people then gatekeeper I wasn’t posting this for you

        • Avatar

          Oh, my apologies, I guess I was being Mr. “Fork Tongue” then. πŸ˜‰

  34. Avatar

    the winter is coming…

    • Avatar

      As is the Jolla tablet….

    • Avatar

      Ready to test my Buderus with Jolla tablet.

  35. Avatar

    I come back a bit late on this post, but it’s because I was so surprised I thought it was more or less an invented development episode to fill up the blog.

    Now that it has been quickly followed by the announce of OS version 2.0 I fear things may be even worse: the story of USB micro-A may inded be true.

    This, at a time where *all* small devices in 90% of customer homes are micro-B, for a couple of years, from phones to tablets to powered earphones to GPS to… whatever.
    And, it’s an European standard -a rule.

    Indeed, on first reading I thought the story was about trading the present (micro-B) vs the future (USB-C, which connector is symetric, so the issue of proper orientation just does not exist anymore).

    But no, your post is really about trading a fossil standard against only the present one.

    Well -in that area, at least, it’s difficult to say Jolla/Sailfish are “advanced”.
    As we say in French, this has to be “the exception that confirms the rule” : you couldn’t be first class everywhere…

    • Avatar

      Actually, the official USB standard for USB-OTG specifies that the host device must use a Micro-AB receptacle, in order to be compatible with all Micro-A and Micro-B cords. However, many manufacturers have ignored this (including now Jolla), probably because of the downsides of the Micro-AB receptacle. From the USB OTG Wiki page:

      “In many of the above implementations, the host device has only a micro-B receptacle rather than a micro-AB receptacle. Although non-standard, micro-B to micro-A receptacle adapters are widely available and used in place of the mandated micro-A receptacle on these devices.”


    • Avatar

      OK, after a while and discovering the story about the original design our tablet is derived from, I understand better. We get an existing design, that has been much improved (screen, processor, battery, connector). This wasn’t obvious for me in the beginning…

  36. Avatar

    Silence on the tablet front?

    • Avatar

      Very silent these days! πŸ™ Is there anybody out there at Jolla? Or have you all gone like Marc did?

  37. Avatar

    I can’t believe what I’ve read, partially. People complaining about how they don’t have enough information about every frikin’ step about the production line and every little step etc.

    B**h please. How many other companies do you know gives that much of information about of a products production line and when it gets to consumers? Please be patient, so will be I. Until certain point πŸ™‚

    Think twice. AFAIK this if one of the most open.

  38. Avatar

    What is “within *a few* days”? Some say, “a few” is around three. Some say, it’s between 2 and 10 (have a look at: Nevertheless, it was 10 days ago when you promised, that we will get the chance to complete our orders “within a few days”.

    That means: Again you are late! πŸ™

  39. Avatar

    Do anyone know anything about the tablets? Are we going to get them? I need one and just wondering if I should still wait for my Jolla tablet..

    • Avatar

      SAME here, I just should have bought a Surface 3…

  40. Avatar

    Hey Jolla team, you really have failed your supporters spectacularly. I was a big fan of the original Nokia and didn’t think twice to jump on the opportunity to support your indiegogo campaign. I, along with many fans here, was passionate about this so-called “people’s tablet” but we are no idiots. You can’t treat us like this! First it was May, then June, then August, then…just endlessly pushing things back…do you have no sense of accountability at all? “Can you believe it? There was a typo in the shipping document…blah blah blah.” Really? You had the time to take pre-orders for extra cash but no time to check your typo or write another blog entry to keep everyone informed? I am really starting to see the same pattern here. Nokia at a time was blinded by its own arrogance. Hence the start of the downfall. You bunch are really no different, aren’t you? Open your eyes and look around. You’ve long been left in the dust by the rest of the tablet world. This last bit of goodwill from us is wearing thinner and thinner by the day. I know I am lashing out here. But I think you deserve it.

    • Avatar

      You’ve hit the nail on the head there.

      When this campaign started the proposed Tablet was close to state of the art. By the time its delivered (assuming it is) it’ll be pretty average.

      That’s OK, I can live with that: its primarily the O/S and Software that interests me.

      What I can’t live with is the lack of communication from Jolla. I don’t expect to be informed every time anybody does anything related to the Tablet.
      I DO expect that when deadlines (actual or implied) and\or milestones are missed resulting in more delay and uncertainty for loyal contributors\customers Jolla should communicate an update to us.

      It’s been suggested in these comments that because the Tablet is crowdfunded, and not a “retail product” Jolla is absolved of the responsibility to deliver on its promises. Quite the reverse BECAUSE we are “contributors” we deserve a higher level of service, not a lower one.

      I have been pretty understanding up ’til now, but my patience is running out too.

      • Avatar

        This was posted in another blog post:

        JuhaniLassila on September 14, 2015 at 10:33 am
        Hi prometheus. Apologies if we missed to answer your question – there’s so many of them, and we’re doing our best to handle all of them.
        I can assure you that we’re doing everything we can to have the first tablets shipped asap, and also to communicate about it. We are not hiding or keeping information to ourselves, that you can be sure about! As soon as we have confirmation of factual dates, we will let all of you know. Should not take long.

        • Avatar

          Thanks Doire Abu!

          Sadly the post by Jolla merely reinforces why so many people are so annoyed!
          It’s vague and unhelpful. Basically it says “Calm down dear, everything’s fine”.

          Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.
          Surely they know how many Tablets have been made, or if none, when the 1st batch will be finished, or that there is\isn’t a problem and they have too few\no Tablets to be distributed??

          Surely there’s a delivery date for the batch(es) which they can share??

          We’re all like mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed with sh**
          It’s not good enough for a professional operation..

    • Avatar

      I think we need to stay fair: Building an mobile environment in hardware and software isn’t an easy but complex task. For me it was obvious, that the original schedule will be failed, even I’m still still disappointed that an ex nokia team fails that way.

      What I really hate is the way of communication. Ok everybody stressed for SFOS 2.0, tablet shipping and partners program. Not a problem! But not posting updates during the end of the sprint makes the community realy feel bad. Thats sad, as I expected the opposite with the beginning of the tech and manufacturing posts :-/

      • Avatar

        I can completely understand delays. What is messing with the community is the misinformation we are giving a few days turning into weeks and such.
        One thing that bothers me is that they are running a preorder for the tablet and they haven’t even sent out shipping information for the people from the beginning

  41. Avatar

    No jolla presence at indiegogo. Nothing on toghter.Jolla and nothing here. maybe the money is gone and they can’t afford to ship it?

    • Avatar

      Now I’ve learned, that crowdfunding isn’t buying. That paying isn’t getting. But I’ve learned too late!

      One thing is sure: I will never back a crowdfunding campagne any more.

  42. Avatar

    Start to be really annoying: Bought 8 December with a first estimation for May, and Now 10 Month later still no clues about when it will be delivered.
    There’s blogs articles but no real excuses.
    I’ve not still being invited to join on store …

    Disappointed. Too bad the phone was nice to used.

  43. Avatar

    This is simply unacceptable! It’s mid-Sept and our tablets are nowhere to be seen. I definitely will think twice before supporting any crowd funding projects again. The Jolla team is really abusing our trust.

  44. Avatar

    Maybe, that they are running from Bank to Bank to get a new credit to pay the shipping costs of thousands of tablets?

    I think, that this delay is the end of Jolla, because a lot of people will return their (outdated) tablets – which means, that the have to give a lot of funded cash back…

    • Avatar

      five month delay for a tablet, how long for refund? No. A bird in the hand…

  45. Avatar

    Maybe it is time to start spelling “class action suit”. I want my money back and I want it now!

  46. Avatar

    Backers deserve a honest concrete information regarding the shipping dates for the Jolla Tablets.

    • Avatar

      Well, they are offering preorders and for that they claim end of October.

      Backers however are left in the dark.

      • Avatar

        I don’t another date would help since jolla has given several and we know even less today than ever. What we need is a tablet so we could evaluate and possibly recommend it to others. Right now it’s impossible to recommend jolla to anyone.

  47. Avatar

    To add insult to injury, the Landing Page for now boasts:

    ‘..Jolla Tablet limited batch almost sold out

    “The hardware is solid, but it’s the simplified navigation that stands out the most” – Engadget’

    Lucky Engadget for actually having got their hands on one, for those of us who supported the device they’re rarer than Unicorn horns…

    So, assuming anyone from Jolla actually cares any more, perhaps they could respond to the unease amongst backers and tell us WHAT’S HAPPENING?

    • Avatar

      Thanks for head up! They still had 64bit version left.

  48. Avatar

    On Aug/7 … “Jolla Tablet Developer Loan devices shipped!” so …
    Knows anyone here personally some developer who has it? Or anyone seen The ablet with your own eyes (other than the prototype at MWC)?

  49. Avatar

    I remember Jolla saying that they will release the tablet and Sailfish 2.0 at the same time.

    There was a post on Facebook that I think gives a clue to the delay.

    Ossi Karppinen Does the phone version have the same Android compatibility issues as the tablet or are those strictly hardware related?
    September 9 at 8:27am

    Jolla Hi Ossi, there are some differences in Android compatibility, at the moment the support on the phone is more mature, and we are working on achieving parity.
    1 Β· September 10 at 3:02pm

    And 2.0 for the phone is still in early release, so it’s not yet stable/final release. And there are complaints about the 2.0 on the phone. So the OS for the tablet must not be polished enough for them to want to release it. And they don’t want to send out unfinished tablets and try to sell them at the same time.

    A good guess would be that they will not ship tablets out until the limited batch is sold out at least.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, I kinda doubt that line of reasoning. First, this most recent “limited batch” isn’t going to be shipped until November at the earliest, and after that there’s no guarantee as to when anyone will be able to just purchase a tablet in the store. (And besides, they’ve already widely published the fact that significant updates to the OS will be coming down the pike soon, and even reviewers have been careful to note that they’ve only had access to the pre-release version of the 2.0 OS.) So there’s no immediate need to present an amazing show to consumers.

      Second, they’ve been cutting it really close with the tablet manufacturing. From what it sounds like, they were planning on shipping the tablets to customers on the very day they started producing them in volume from the factory. Most companies would at least wait until they had a little bit of inventory in stock before starting the process of fulfilling customer’s purchases; this allows you to ride out any glitches in manufacturing and logistics. I very much suspect that Jolla has hit one such glitch here (although I really wish they would say _something_ one way or another, this silence is worrisome).

      • Avatar

        @Copernicus – I really admire your patience & forbearance!

        Any or all scenarios from Jolla is broke & out of business through last-minute hardware glitches and\or software problems might, or might not be correct.
        Only Jolla knows the truth and they seem to have taken a vow of silence!

        I’m seriously beginning to regret having supported this. The much-vaunted “difference” between Jolla and other manufacturers seems to be that Jolla cares even less for its customers and supporters than they do.

        Sorry to keep ranting, but I’m really disappointed that what started out so well is turning out to be just another disappointment.

        So one more time: Jolla: If there’s a problem, please let us know, and if not please update the revised delivery schedule (you missed all the others)

        • Avatar

          At least for me, I’ve understood from the beginning that I’m backing a cause, not buying a product. The phone and the tablet are just side-projects for Jolla; their business is in producing and selling Sailfish, not hardware. And I’ve known from the beginning that it’d be a bumpy road anyway, as most folks never see the hard work it takes to design, implement, and manufacture electronic devices; they usually just see the final product sitting in a box on a shelf.

          And yeah, this really is a _cause_ for me. I remember several years back I was discussing the advantages of an N900 with a friend, comparing it to some Android device. I complained that to run the same sort of software on the Android, you’d have to root it. “Well of course I rooted my phone,” he replied; “Doesn’t everybody?” And I realized that, honestly, pretty much everybody I knew who knew anything about mobile devices did that. And I knew that I would have to join that group as well if / when I moved to such a device.

          This is not a world I want to live in — one where you literally have to invalidate the warrantee on your device in order to make it usable. A world where the manufacturer of your hardware is actually fighting to stop you from using it. πŸ™

          Right now, Jolla pretty much comes the closest to both selling you a device and allowing you to use it, rather than just look at it. That’s a goal I’m willing to support.

          • Avatar

            Unfortunately they’ve actually sold me a tablet, and unfortunately only come close to allowing me to use it – for which I’ll actually have to receive it.

            I add my +1 to the myriad request for some information about what’s going on, please.

  50. Avatar

    This isn’t very helpful news, but it’s the most recent communication I’ve received from Jolla since the deadlines that have passed. In response to an email I sent yesterday requesting an update I received the following reply:

    Sep 17, 09:30


    thank you for your message.

    Next we will be sending out invites to our webshop where we will ask that you complete your order. This means confirming shipping address, paying for any outstanding shipping and VAT and related fees, as applicable.

    We aim to start sending invites during September.

    Please follow also our official blog to get all the latest updates (link in the signature).

    Sail on!

    Jolla Customer Care

    From the above “aim” to send invites in September, I’m guessing we’ll see the tablets in the second half of October.
    Still not what we’re all wondering…what’s the cause of this most recent delay?…but it’s more info to speculate on a new delivery timeline.

  51. Avatar

    What’s with the silent treatment? Please don’t give us an update on the last two days of the month that the shipping will be delayed for x amount of weeks or worse, early 2016.

  52. Avatar

    What do we do, guys? We need to unite to have our voice heard. Should we start a petition somewhere to force them to respond or should we all write to Engagdet, MobileSyrup, GSMArena or the likes to expose Jolla? Perhaps if the media start to show interest in this story, Jolla will finally talk?

    • Avatar

      I don’t think that pushing to the media is a good goal.

      BUT: IMHO it’s worth to show that we all are upset and get some visibility. I guess it’s worth to trigger as much channels as we can (here esp. together, fb, twitter where most of us lurk around)

      I start with twitter, plz fav and rt:

      • Avatar

        Good news that your tweet generated a response:

        Juhani Lassila ‏@JuhaniLassila 2h2 hours ago
        @OSMMV @JollaHQ Hi there! We’re just preparing a new update on the tablet, and will share it asap. Sorry for the delay!
        6:47 AM – 18 Sep 2015

        (I’m GMT+1 fwiw in the UK)

      • Avatar

        Thanks for tweeting. I retweeted it and asked them to give specifics.

  53. Avatar

    I fear that the money is already lost. It seems to me, that Jolla isn’t able to get new cash to pay hardware producer and shipment cost.

    The absurd action to collect new preorders without delivering to customers, wich gave their cash a year ago seems like a last try to get cash while the bank doesn’t give further credits.

    Marc Dillon, the one who begged us for our help and cash last year, is already gone. The whole company is quiet – an entire bad picture of an already dead dream!

    • Avatar


      I think you are right.

      I suspect the corporate silence is because they cannot say anything good and they are not yet ready to officially announce the bad news.

      Somewhere in the last day or two, I thought I read they there would be a smaller than originally planned group of invitations sent out to complete the tablet purchase to the early Indiegogo contributors.

      I worry that this may mean the very earliest contributors, who are likely to be friends and family of Jolla employees, will get their tablets and then shortly thereafter, the project will be cancelled for insufficient funds and the remaining Indiegogo contributors will get a partial refund.

      If this is not true. I would expect a quick and vigorous denial of the above by Jolla.

      Will the silence continue?

  54. Avatar

    Maybe JollaPhot is right, maybe not. We’ll hopefully see, if Juahni comes around with some better news.

    I had similiar thoughts concerning the cash situations of Jolla Oy. Therefore I had a look in the finnish trade register. These days Jolla Oy published the balances of 2014 (financial statement). It contains the numbers of 2014, the economic forecasts, refinancing etc. for 2015.

    Why not organize some good information, maybe facts, if you don’t get them elswhere… As I am not a finish speaking guy and google translator gives you just a hint:

    Is there anybody who combines two of the follwing:

    – speaking finish
    – economical knowledge

    to find out what we can expect from Jolla regarding to the financials statements?

    I could share, if she or he shares as well with others here afterwards…

  55. Avatar

    It’s mid September and we are still waiting. I keep postponing buying another tablet, thinking that Jolla comes tomorrow. Jolla team what do you advice?

    • Avatar

      I’m not Jolla, but I can give you a few items to chew over:

      – Jolla has not started shipping tablets yet. Even if they do begin shipping tomorrow, it will take some time for the tablets to arrive at their destination. The tablets will be shipped from somewhere in China, so the time it takes to reach you will be dependent on how long it takes to ship a product from there.

      – The factory Jolla is using is not exclusively dedicated to producing Jolla’s tablets; odds are, they won’t be able to produce all the ordered tablets instantly. Unless you are one of the first campaign backers, you’ll probably have to wait for the factory to get around to building your unit. Jolla’s current estimate of when all 10,000 or so early backer tablets will be complete is the end of October. (I’m not 100% sure they’ll be able to hit that date…)

      In short, if you absolutely must have a tablet tomorrow, you may want to get something else. But if you can wait until the end of October (or earlier, if you’re one of the early backers), you should have a good chance of getting your Jolla tablet.

  56. Avatar

    Thanks Copernicus !

  57. Avatar

    I cannot find the updated blog post. Any news on the delivery?

    • Avatar

      Hi Mirva. We’re getting there any moment now. Final checks going on.

  58. Avatar

    Hey Jolla, it’s not always easy to change the world. Good luck with the tablets. For a “small” company like yours showing the top 3 how mobile devices should work you’re doing a tremendous job. Love Sailfish 2.0!

  59. Avatar

    Thanks for informing about this update. If it concerns to new tablets I’m going to choose Android. Here is a good range

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