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Tablet refunds: Second phase paid out

Greetings to all Jolla Tablet backers

We started to pay the second batch of our refund program to the randomly selected backers using MySQL mathematical functions yesterday, after solving the problems that delayed the transaction.

As of today, 8th of November 2017, 83 of the backers who chose to receive their money will receive a PayPal notification following the transfer of the funds.

Sailfish X vouchers

As communicated on previous blog post, backers could choose an option to receive a voucher valued at €49.90 in order to purchase a Sailfish X license using their remaining refund. As of the publishing date of this blog post, we have over 800 of backers choosing the mentioned option.

We will do our best to avoid such issues and delays for the following phases as they are frustrating as it gets for both parties.

James, on behalf of the refund team

James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Speaking of people acquiring Sailfish X : could you also include the total number of downloads ?
    (Both people buying it with voucher and regular customers) If it’s not a business secret, that is.

    It would be interesting to know how many of use there are. (Bonus point if you can compare to the evolution of Jolla 1 user base back then).

    • I know that that number is not precise but the download-count of the “Predective text input” app for Sailfish X is at 1000+.

      As the user is prompted if they want it at install and I don’t see any reason not to install it I think that’s at least somewhat representative of the total number of sales.

    • Hi!

      Thanks for commenting.
      We currently are not going to release any numbers regarding Sailfish X sales, as they are still increasing every day. It isn’t really comparable to Jolla 1 sales since this is a software that you flash on your device and Jolla 1 was a hardware with Sailfish OS installed on it already.

      • Well James, no data on todays sales?
        Yesterdays numbers will do.
        The title: PAID OFF.
        Announcement: 83 backers compensated.
        What went wrong: the language or the math?

        • oh well, my wishful thinking.
          Took PAID OUT for PAID OFF.
          So what percentage of the backers are refunded by yesterday:)?

  2. Diden’t win!

    Maybe next month.

    800 backers should speed up refund game. Maybe increase to 300 next month?

    • Let’s hope for that Dave! We would love to be able to pay everyone at the same time and honestly be done with the refunds. But the reality is that we need to keep our accounting in check as well. Let’s see how many we will have the capacity to refund during next month… Fingers crossed.

      • This month you mean? Or did you skip one month?

        • Well, we never said that we will do this each month. We said that we will do it each month that we have the financial possibility of doing so. It is yet to be confirmed which months we will choose to do the next round.

          • That’s why I was asking. :) Have you consider the Christmas edition sailfish update?

  3. So 83 out of the 100 backers for this round chose to just take the money rather than donate it or trade it for credit? Not sure what I was expecting, but judging by this it does seem like the vast majority of backers are more interested in getting their money back than keeping Jolla afloat. The number of people who have expressed interest in trading in their second refund for credit isn’t that impressive either considering the fact that the tablet had more than 21.000 backers (thou not all of them were for a whole device and this includes the 661 people who actually got their tablet).

    So if this sample is representative of the backers as a whole, we can expect the usual suspect to continue spamming the Jolla blog comments section for a long while…

    Still, let’s hope this will continue to demonstrate to people that Jolla is not simply some fly-by-night operation.

    • Asking for the money is not the same thing as want to see Jolla gone. Many of these Jolla supporters are likely to buy something from Jolla again.

      Without refund I doubt many would buy something again.

      • Right. I wanted the tablet as my first Sailfish Device – we all know the rest if the Story. So I got a Jolla C instead, an now I’m waiting for a YouYota Sailfish Tablet from this summers Indiegogo campaign. Taking the refund has nothing in common with a disbelieve in Jollas Future; but Sailfish X is so far no option, so I even didn’t take a voucher for that (don’t need to buy another mobile phone when I have two working ones).

    • On the upside, so far roughly 30% have been either donating or not reacting at all which is not the worst stats we could have ;) But thank you for your comment and understanding, L_A_G. And one detail here: the backers are not 21000! They are a bit over 7000. The amount of pledges are over 21000 which comes from the 7000+ backers that we had.

      Yes, this isn’t an overnight operation at all. It’s far from that! We are doing our best to balance everything and pay as much refunds as our accounting sheets allow us to do. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything moves upwards so we can increase this [roughly] 100 refunds per batch number.

    • For myself it’s just getting my money back. I’m no more interested in any kind in jolla inc. Neither their gadgets, nor the sailfish platform at all …

  4. As of 5/11/2017 I emailed Jala in Bolivia. Their AcciONE P with Sailfish OS loaded is apparently available for sale. 5″ FHD (1080 x 1920) screen, Snapdragon 430, 3Gb / 32Gb, 2250 mAh battery for US$199 + shipping and their frequencies are a perfect match for Australian bands. I viewed unboxing videos but everything is in Spanish as is Jala’s main site. The phone looks like an iPhone 5 SE but with slightly smaller top and bottom bezels. If I get a reply I will get one – maybe two. Will keep you informed. Not holding my breathe but might get lucky.
    ps – I’m still waiting for the other half of my tablet refund but I’m not concerned.

    • Oh alright, that’s great to hear! Let us know how it went and if you got the devices or not. It’d be an interesting story.

      Hopefully you will receive your other half of refund very soon as well. Fingers crossed!

  5. wow!!! after 3 years!!! gr8 job!!!

    still waiting for my refund!!!

  6. Seeing as how I haven’t received any emails since the first refund. I hope I can get the second half soon.

  7. Correction US$249 + shipping

    • Keep the updates coming please

      I might be interested in this!

  8. still waiting for my refund. I’ve received a mail last month to choose… Nothing happened as usual. Always promises…

  9. Excellent news. I’m fortunate enough to be able to use the refund to pay for Sailfish X, which is working really well – thanks Jolla! There are a couple of oddities, but I’m sure they’ll be sorted out in time. Far better than having to move to Android, as my original white phone was nearly dead. Onwards and upwards!
    A question then: Sony make tablets. Is there a plan to offer Sailfish on one of them?

  10. Jala Accione P phone (they call it DRIVE P phone in Bolivia) is available in DumbDroid, but in Sailfish OS – not available till Jan. 2018. I will wait.
    Got info from various local News outlets. I phoned them but girl at front desk did not did not understand my English – then 2IC (male) had the same problem. I’m Australian, might be different if I was from Queensland. Growing pains I guess.

    • Noice!

      Keep the updates coming man, appreciated

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